Drug Czar Blames Rising Teen Pot Use On Medical Cannabis Laws Rather Than On His Own Failed Policies

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Since 1975 the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor has been tracking students self-reported use of cannabis and other intoxicants, and every year their use of these substances trends either up or down from the prior survey. Predictably, when self-reported use goes down, drug war lackeys like Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske claim that drug prohibition is working. Conversely, when use trends upward — as it did this past year — drug warriors respond by pointing the blame at everyone else.

White House Drug Czar: Teen Marijuana Use on the Rise
via ABC News

Teenagers are beginning to think of marijuana as medicine, and more and more young people are toking up as a result, White House drug czar Gil Kerlikowske argues upon the release of a major survey on teenage drug use.

The 2010 Monitoring the Future Survey queried 50,000 eighth, 10th and 12th graders about their use of, and attitudes toward, illicit drugs.

The Office of National Drug Control Policy survey found that daily pot use among high school seniors is at 6.1 percent, its highest point since the early 1980s. In the past month, 21.4 percent of 12th graders said they had used marijuana, continuing an upward tick that began in the middle of the decade. Monthly, more seniors now smoke pot than cigarettes, a phenomenon not seen in nearly three decades.

It’s the decreasing perception of the harm of marijuana that is leading to increased pot use, according to the drug czar.

“If young people don’t really perceive that [marijuana] is dangerous or of any concern, it usually means there’ll be an uptick in the number of kids who are using. And sure enough, in 2009, that’s exactly what we did see,” Kerlikowske told ABC News Radio.

“We have been telling young people, particularly for the past couple years, that marijuana is medicine,” the former Seattle police chief argued. “So it shouldn’t be a great surprise to us that young people are now misperceiving the dangers or the risks around marijuana.”

On the other hand, he said, a broad understanding of the harms of tobacco and alcohol has led to lower cigarette smoking and binge drinking in teens. Regular cigarette smoking continues its decline, and binge drinking (five or more drinks at one sitting) among high school seniors is down from 25.2 percent to 23.2 percent. Tougher enforcement has also contributed to these declines, Kerlikowske said.

“We know that through education and enforcement, something can be done. But I think we should also be very concerned about these marijuana numbers, particularly among these very young people,” Kerlikowske said.

Okay, let me get this straight: California enacted legislation legalizing the physician-supervised use of medical marijuana in 1996 — some fourteen years ago — thus kicking off the national debate that is still taking place today. Between 1996 and 2005, nine additional states enacted similar laws (Alaska, 1999; Colorado, 2000; Hawaii, 2000; Maine, 1999; Montana, 2004; Nevada, 2000; Oregon, 1998; Vermont, 2004; Washington, 1998). Yet, the Drug Czar claims to the national media that this discussion has only been taking place in earnest for “the past couple years”?! Does he really think the public is that stupid?!

Further, the Czar is well aware that throughout this period of time, youth-reported use of marijuana declined across the nation — including in the very same states that enacted medical cannabis access. NORML Advisory Board member Mitch Earleywine co-authored a comprehensive review of this data here, concluding: “More than a decade after the passage of the nation’s first state medical marijuana law, California’s Prop. 215, a considerable body of data shows that no state with a medical marijuana law has experienced an increase in youth marijuana use since its law’s enactment. All states have reported overall decreases – exceeding 50% in some age groups – strongly suggesting that the enactment of state medical marijuana laws does not increase marijuana use.”

Investigators at the Texas A&M Health Science Center also assessed whether the passage of medical cannabis laws encourages greater recreational use. They too found, definitively, that it does not. “Our results indicate that the introduction of medical cannabis laws was not associated with an increase in cannabis use among either arrestees or emergency department patients in cities and metropolitan areas located in four states in the USA (California, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington). … Consistent with other studies of the liberalization of cannabis laws, medical cannabis laws do not appear to increase use of the drug.

As this government map (Marijuana Use in Past Year among Persons Age 12 or Older) so keenly illustrates, marijuana use rates as a percentage of the overall population vary only slightly among states, despite states having remarkably varying degrees of marijuana enforcement and punishments. In fact, several states with the most lenient laws regarding marijuana possession — such as Nebraska (possession of up to one ounce is a civil citation) and Mississippi (possession of up to 30 grams is a summons) — report having some of the lowest rates of marijuana use, while several states that maintain strict penalties for personal users (e.g., Rhode Island) report comparatively high levels of use. The Drug Czar is aware of this of course, yet he is forbidden by his office from ever acknowledging it publicly.

But wait, it gets even sillier. One statistic gleaned from the Monitoring the Future study that was not emphasized by the Drug Czar (for obvious reasons) was that more than eight out of ten 12th graders report that marijuana is “fairly easy” or “very easy” to geta percentage that has remained constant for three and a half decades! So much for the notion that criminal prohibition is limiting youth marijuana access. It never has and it never will. On the other hand, Kerlikwoske concedes that the legalization, regulation, and the imposition of age restrictions on alcohol and cigarettes is associated with a reduction in teens use of those drugs. Nevertheless, the Czar irrationally brags that, when it comes to cannabis, those words are not even in his vocabulary. Seriously.

Finally, as to the Czar’s notion that teens are ‘misperceiving’ (a term that was apparently made up by Kerlikowske) the harms of marijuana compared to cigarettes and alcohol, let’s get real. Cigarette smoke is far more dangerous to humans than cannabis smoke, the latter of which has been shown to have an inverse relationship with incidences of certain types of cancer, even when consumed long-term. Further, unlike alcohol, marijuana is incapable of causing lethal overdose, is relatively nontoxic to healthy cells and organs, and its use is not typically associated with violent, aggressive, or reckless behavior. That’s why, according to the latest Rasmussen poll, fewer than one in five Americans nationwide now believe that consuming marijuana is more dangerous than drinking alcohol, and by a nearly two-to-one majority, respondents agree that marijuana is far less dangerous than smoking cigarettes. In short, the public has gotten it right even though their government keeps getting it wrong.

As for the Drug Czar and his mindless rhetoric, never forget the words of novelist Upton Sinclair, “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.” In reality, Kerlikowske is not nearly as stupid as his sound bytes imply; he just assumes that you are.

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  1. What do you expect? You tell teenagers that cannabis is not good for you and of course they , do not beleive you adults. As soon as you say don’t, that is when they will try anything, it is that word “don’t” . As soon as that word is said they will.I was a teenager once and i know, that as soon as that word was said, you will!!

  2. If the government would spend as much on education as it does on law enforcement on this issue, America would be way ahead of other nations on workforce capability. As it is now, China will be the forerunner in innovation technologies for the future. America’s future is bleak.

  3. there is no legal age limit
    every school has drug dealers (who are the kids themselves)
    it is 10 times easier to get a gram than it is to go through the hassle of trying to find someone to buy you alcohol.
    on top of that, these kids going to drug dealers to get their weed are going to be offered harder stuff.
    medical marijuana isn’t what we smoke on the streets.
    kids cannot get it.

    trying to claim that it is the cause of rising drug use among teens is not only totally ridiculous
    but it also requires you to completely ignore all of the proof that prohibition causes drug use to be higher.
    look at alcohol prohibition back in the day.
    kids were all drinking, organized crime spawned out of it, and when it was legalized the amount of users dropped drastically over time.
    this is so stupid I can’t even take it.

  4. This is EXACTLY what they want, they are lying their asses off because there’s people out there that still believes in the government, a lot of people, and sooner or later they will turn the ignorant people against cannabis users, this is one of the first steps, blame MMJ for use rise. Then they will go all out against legalization advocates and jail every single one of us, they started with Marc Emery, get ready, the totalitarian tip-top is advancing faster and faster.

  5. Holy Smokes. I wonder what Wikileaks has on the DEA political factos that are made and kept secret? Secrets to keep the DEA industrial complex well oiled and complacent with the status quo. Blessings to all. Merry Christmas. Jesus is the reason for the season.

    Rev. sLeezy

  6. So if the ‘youth’ is being fooled into the idea that there is medical marijuana, what is happening to 1/3 of our elderly citizens – those who now use cannabis instead of prescription pain-killers (often written by a normal California MD/DO instead of an an outside clinic)?

    Is everyone being fooled, or are we finally getting over being fooled.

  7. Here in America, a white sports coat and a pink carnation, when young love, @53

    The Grey fedora, the same hat that Capone wore, it reminds me of my dead father, and all who emulated that dress style, and how they accepted and allowed, voted to allow so much police in The United States.

    Stalin was a very lost sick soul, took the Russians so long to figure it out, Nixon Is Dead making mulch

    In the meantime so many fat and hungry lawyers, judges decide, what part of the hind of the taxpayer is tastier.

  8. The drug czar should make reparations to all of the people he has harmed in order to set his soul right. Until he corrects his mistakes, his soul remains in jeopardy, and he cannot know happiness.

  9. REALLY! They make the F#cking report every f*ing year!
    It really never changes, they make the same dam statements every annum all around the same time. Anyone want to make a chart or mathmatic equaision?!

    Im 100% positive that there is a Pattern that can be charted and measured. If that can be accomplished these false statements can be anticipated and counter argued before they come out!

    If anyone can do this, maybe a cannabis minded mathamatitian, somone could prove once and for all that the Drug Employment Agency is not only misleading but also expose them as the lazy, yellow journalist, scumbags that they are.

  10. War of the Weeds. guess who’s gonna win lol
    Mankind so arrogant, always think he can govern the laws of nature. Why is this douchenozzle allowed to speak for anyone? Its cuz WE pay him, so Slash govt. spending by slashing the DEA. Easy.
    Seriously guys n’ gals, smoke weed everyday & help overgrow this planet ;D

  11. Sounds like it is saving lives and livers from tobacco and alcohol.

    Question: Why does no one bring up the abuse and dangers of valuum, xanax, vicodin, adderall etc etc?? I’m sure teen use in all of those has soared far more in recent years compared to marijuana but this abuse is ok somehow? What’s the difference between smoking or popping a pill to relax or kill the pain?

  12. marijuana is not a drug! people who havent tried it can say all they want until they actually try it, it helps out a lot in everyday life. the side affects from marijuana are nowhere near as bad as the side affects from crack, coke, or even beer.

  13. This is great news! Now, there are more intelligent young people to increase the numbers for legalization.

  14. teen cannabis use is on the increase, fantastic, and why not? would you rather your kids getting smashed of whiskey and rum?

    the truth is all over the internet, cannabis is safer than alcohol, so why is it illegal? why?

  15. He’s on DOPE and DOGFOOD teenagers are not going to the street dealers for medical cannabis. And they sure as hell can’t get into the dispensary’s.But it’s easy for them to get into mom and dads medicine cabnet,or take a drink.GET HIM OUT OF OFFICE.

  16. Mabuda: EXACTLY! I was a wee lad in 2nd grade when I learned about the revolutionary war in social studies, and then later when i heard about the ‘drug czar’ position i was INSULTED beyond belief! I thought “has everyone gone crazy?! this is a US government position? What about our democracy that we just studied last year?!?”

  17. Our neighbors in Jamaica are considering the cannabis issue, I noticed that religious sacrament part, well written and thought out, here in America, The Land Of The Lost, The Land Of The Lost Corrupted Souls.

    Only In America, you can plea-bargain your sentence, reminds me of some old catholic practice that failed, social progress eventually realized that so many of our brothers, sisters, children are in shackles, here in this modern century.

  18. This is how our Drug Czar took care of business here in Seattle before he was promoted to his current position.


    Police have been criticized for the way they handled the riot early Feb. 28 that left one man dead and 71 others injured. Damage to Pioneer Square businesses and buildings totaled $200,000, the neighborhood’s community council says.
    Concerned citizens and the Police Officers Guild, representing rank-and-file officers, have questioned why riot police were held back when roving bands of young men assaulted people in the crowd, including 20-year-old Kristopher Kime of Auburn. He died later that night of injuries suffered when he was savagely kicked and beaten, apparently for trying to rescue a woman from being trampled.
    Seattle Police Guild Votes No Confidence in Chief
    About 88 percent of some 1,000 Seattle Police Officers Guild members have voted no confidence in Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske in balloting triggered by the public discipline of a patrolman and simmering ire over last year’s Mardi Gras rioting, several sources familiar with the vote said today.

  19. Dear Gilly, One question. What drug [ given a choice]would you rather have your child take to extreme use Alcohol or cannabis. Hint. One is extremely poisonous. Hint first letter A. Get it.

  20. I”m here to disagree with Newnam Police Officer Donna Snane not being availble her whole lifetime after she gives a churchcop speech when a private I calls the Newnan Police Department. Her timing is the right to not want a reverse redneck cocaine bust and then make the wrong hot ranch hot because, her and her sister don’nt listen to Cyporess Hill 3 a take down should of happened in 2002 a stupid democrat don’t belive a snitch narc should of got action with a beeper code and let a libertarian informer go. Stupid bitches and there irate ex boyfriends are ass holes anti weed fanatics to too much extreme. The key to the cocaine bust going down the right way was’nt a million small time crooks acting like paranoid lynch mob relocaters. Public Safety’s double standard is bullshit. Civil service being bullshit about legitimate alibis is also there smart but bulcrap whites that that won’t acknowledge by being a bad neoghbor they botch things up even worse. Furthermore much civil service operations are’nt classified..

  21. Sherrif and deputies is an azzhole mother f#cker satanist about an interview way way back then his self an insult to Ron Paul contibutors in this country. Used to want work at jail is one scenario issue but, increasing violent crime is uncalled for and that’s exactly what the Republican Party Sherriff was doing without even acknowledging an application reciept that don’t make up the harm factor caused by democrats outside the right wrong faction outside the traditional democratic methods or the help of a different faction of democrats after there better than people your own age but, not as advantaged in the ways I once had a need for.

  22. George Washington grew hemp and wrote the Articles of Confederation. Why is it orientals do not want to cooroberate with caucasians about the articles of confederation anymore? People that want to turn people in to constable but, then not have them have a way to stay one are what I’m fed up with. Constables are not Police Officers but, sometimes they could be.

  23. This study is more about alcohol use than marijuana. But from the reporting that is hard to discern.

    The study is saying that if you put 100 high school students (grades 8-12) in a room, 6 of those students use marijuana regularly. Last year it would have been 5 students. That averages to one student per grade level. Some of that same group would be also using alcohol, tobacco, and drugs as well.

    On the other hand, in a group if 100 seniors, 23 students would have engaged in binge drinking! (Last year that group would have had 25 students.) In 2010, the 30-day alcohol use prevalence for grades 10-12, was 26.8 percent down from in 28.4 percent in 2009.

    Alcohol is the most dangerous substance abused by youth–hands down. The survey reflects that teens are perceiving the risks of alcohol use while at the same time seeing marijuana use as less risky than they have been led to believe.

    The report states, “One possible explanation for the resurgence in marijuana use is that in recent years fewer teens report seeing much danger associated with its use, even with regular use. Possibly as a result, fewer teens have shown disapproval of marijuana use over the past two or three years.” This is a mandate for accurate, realistic, objective information to be presented to students so that they can make informed decisions.

    However, the use of any substances is illegal by youth and for good reason. The use of alcohol and/or marijuana is an adult decision. And the surest way of preventing teen alcohol, marijuana, and drug use is raising youth who exercise good decision making skills.

    “It’s really no surprise that more American teenagers are using marijuana and continue to say it’s easy to get. Our government has spent decades refusing to regulate marijuana in order to keep it out of the hands of drug dealers who aren’t required to check customer ID and have no qualms about selling marijuana to young people,” said Rob Kampia, executive director of the Marijuana Policy Project.

    “The continued decline in teen tobacco use is proof that sensible regulations, coupled with honest, and science-based public education can be effective in keeping substances away from young people. It’s time we acknowledge that our current marijuana laws have utterly failed to accomplish one of their primary objectives – to keep marijuana away from young people – and do the right thing by regulating marijuana, bringing its sale under the rule of law, and working to reduce the unfettered access to marijuana our broken laws have given teenagers.”

    Amen to that. Legalize-Tax-Regulate, the answer to “Will someone please think of the children!”

  24. When I was a lad, I smoked some tobacco and I hated it, I drank some alcohol and I hated it, I smoked some MJ and I loved it.

  25. There is no antidote for THE PINOCCHIO SYNDROME. When you have the ORWELLIAN MENTALITY you’ll say anything to protect MARIJUANA PROHIBITION and thats when our government is in DENIAL. Now it’s the TEENAGE WASTELAND SYNDROME. And by the way THERE IS MORE ENFORCEMENT THEN EDUCATION. The educated are the UNICORNS.

  26. I read this. I would like to know what the goverment is hiding if cannabis bad for you prove it. twentyfive years of using it hasn’t done no harm to myself or anybody i know .

  27. If Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske is at all intelligent and not continually under the influence of some combination of OTC and prescription drugs (or self-medicates with alcohol), he has to feel conflicted at some point in his daily endeavors at the behest of the fascist enablers and their crony corporatist masters in their persecution of marijuana, medical or otherwise.

    Even when considered only as an intoxicant like alcohol, cannabis does not cause any of the cancers, sclerosis of the liver, brain lesions or nerve damage, or heightened criminally aggressive behavior that alcohol does. How many generations of Americans have a drink or two at the end of their workday as a means of unwinding, relieving stress, and relaxing, also known as “self-medicating”? Yet, when taken to excess alcohol is a deadly poison that kills many Americans every year. How many deaths can be attributed directly to consuming an excess of cannabis — truthfully can anyone name even one instance?

    Medically speaking, lets compare the difference between a poisonous “witches brew” of prescription drugs and their herbal substitutes based upon cannabis. Many prescription drugs are addictive, are extremely dangerous to the life and well-being of the “consumer” when combined, and have obvious issues of impairment when operating motor vehicles or heavy equipment. Yet scientific studies both old and new show no such dangers from the consumption of cannabis — not one instance of death can be directly attributed to consuming cannabis, let alone to excess. Neither driving nor operating heavy equipment has been proven to be particularly problematic for consumers of cannabis, given some measure of acclimation and waiting a few hours before proceeding.

    It would appear that the greatest problems with the cultural and moral acceptance of cannabis as both a medicine and a “recreational” drug are anecdotal non-scientific multi-generational lies and propaganda originating with the government itself. Mr. Kerlikowske, repeating the same bald-faced government sanctioned lies does not make them true, but they do almost incalculable damage to the already tarnished reputation of the government. And the threat (and use) of deadly force and undemocratic processes against civilians using cannabis will eventually inspire a counter-response of unpredictable magnitude. Only the assertion that a response will occur is predictable.

  28. Ok so really the thing is that the government wants us to be stupid… they want us die’n from alcohol and ciggarets (population control)they would rather kill americans and keep us stupid and fucked up so we keep paying for there luxary and big houses. marijuana frees the mind, body and spirit. thats not what they want, they want us to fear them as if they were god, i fear only one person and that is god… arrest me and put me away for 20 for a plant i dont care. ill never fear you and you can never take this plant from us nor our dignity.

  29. Tell a lie long enough and it some how becomes truth. This disinformation has smoke screened the truth. To all that commented on cannabis they are public officials are unchallenged and will continue with this injustice.

  30. He doesn’t care, he’s just happy for a stable job that lets him provide for his family.

    Says something to the public when *he* can show his face to the public and actually read these scripts with a straight face.

  31. He’s just going along with the DEA mission statement in order to get along with the DC echo chamber.

    No matter who is sitting in the hot seat, you know, is filling that paid position, he or she never going to come out and say, like hey, medical marijuana is great and it’s causing minors’ recreational use to go down. It’s been going up and down over the decades. Up at times when the American people feel they can trust their government the least, are in a national funk, and goes down when times are good. Makes sense that in times are good, good economy, materialism makes people happy, you know, affording more of what material things they want, that’s there be less of a non-violent, no hangover cannabis use. Responsible use the evening before is better than going to work with a hangover. I mean the correct and responsible use isn’t going to affect productivity as bad as an alcohol hangover.

    When usage goes down, they say it’s because what they’re doing is working, and when it goes up it’s the legalizers’ fault and the prohibitionists need more money. It’s their fault that the black market doesn’t ask for identification. Duh!

    No states with medical marijuana laws are even thinking about making it illegal again. They are making money. Even if it doesn’t cover all their deficits, it’s money they didn’t have before. Duh!

    More states are jumping on the medical marijuana money train.

    Keep driving the economy into the ground.

    The prohibitionists will keep driving the economy into the ground, and they don’t have any other new products and new sources of revenue in the pipeline to create jobs, jobs that pay well, jobs that will let Americans afford more of the things they want.

    Stop sticking your noses in the air. Get out among the people more. Just because Washington is awash in money–prohibitionist lobby money–you know, that ain’t makin’ any jobs out in Anywhere, USA.

    I told you before.
    Hold regional conferences on the northwest, west coasst, upper midwest, lower midwest/southwest, southeast, midatlantic, northeast, you know, on how to legalize it at the state level in accord with bordering states, as well as papers and presentations on how to legislate at the federal level, you know, listen to different plans and revenue stream estimates and then just freakin’ pick one. Feds first, just pick one that will basically let the states legalize and regulate it locally. Try waiting to see which the many states choose as the state-level legalization plan they want/like/think they can get through and consult with a delegation to the Feds to tell them exactly what the hell you want them to do at the federal level that all the states can live with.

    Just freakin’ do it!

    I’m looking for conference announcements that will lead to progress. I want to see the national television and Associate Press carrying legalization forward.

  32. Holy Smokes. I see in todays paper that this year alone, 2010, over 12,000 people in Mexico have died in the Drug War. Imagine if that was here across the Rio Grande. It would be in the news every minute. 30,000 plus dead since 2006. End it now.


  33. The first day you walk into psychology 101: “Correlation does not imply causation.” Possibly the drug czar should go back to school.

  34. It is time for us to act, using all peaceful means to overcome this great injustice. We must teach the citizen population that they have control. That our Jury of Peers have the last say, they can nullify the law as a juryer. The Courts do not want the people to know that the power is in the people and we must act and act now.
    Your liberty lies in your hearts people, not in the courts, not in the congress, not with our executive branch, no the true power lies in the liberty of us, we the people, and we must act in defense of our liberty and freedom. We can do this, it is simple, yet we say nothing to each other about it. Jury Nullification of the Law, Send the king a clear notice that we are not going to take this anymore. Peacefully nullify the law in each cannabis case in this Nation will stop the unwanted and injustice of this government. We as the people of this Nation can choose not to act upon the law but ignor it completely. Teach Jury Nullication to everyone and anyone, talk about it openly, apply in the courts and be the Law of the Land and not sheep. Let us put an end to the denial of our liberty in this matter, we have the keys we need only to appy them upon the cannabis laws and shut these government folks down. Spread the words, Jury Nullification and teach the rights of a jury to everyone. Liberty will live on if we act upon it, if not no court, no congress, no president can ever bring it back. It lies in each of us on this planet, time to take charge of our liberty and freedom. Time to life back into the Bill of Rights.

  35. Kids have been trying and using the bud, alcohol, and tobacco since as far back as I, or anybody else, can remember – and – I’m 72 years old. Hell – that’s the nature of the beast – experimentation. We learn by experience. You show me a kid that denies that, and I’ll show you an adult [presumably so] that’s delusional – or at least – lying their ass off to protect their parental reality. Facing reality is just not in their make up. Blaming everything else is. Blame! Blame! Blame! Pitiful isn’t it? Defying human nature is like trying to push the water back up stream, or pushing on a rope – but – they keep trying to prohibit [legislate] human nature. What hypocrites.

  36. Honestly? Wow!

    This guy really needs to be voted out of office.

    Ignorance like this is why saddens me. I know we’ve made significant improvements with regards to the laws that have just recently loosened up. Unfortunately, it’s leaders like these that will continue to prevent the connection between our citizens’ needs and our governments ability to tend to our needs.

    I for one would love to know how we can kick this man out of office… honestly.

  37. “In a move designed to reduce the dockets in Criminal District Court and give police more time to deal with major crimes, the New Orleans City Council voted unanimously Thursday to designate marijuana possession and three other relatively minor crimes as municipal offenses, giving police the option to issue a summons rather than make an arrest, reports Bruce Eggler at The New Orleans Times-Picayune.”

    “?If you get picked up for marijuana possession or prostitution in New Orleans, police no longer have to arrest you and take you to jail.”


    N.J. doctor supplied steroids to hundreds of law enforcement officers, firefighters..


    “A seven-month Star-Ledger investigation drawing on prescription records, court documents and detailed interviews with the physician’s employees shows Colao ran a thriving illegal drug enterprise that supplied anabolic steroids and human growth hormone to hundreds of law enforcement officers and firefighters throughout New Jersey.”

    I also say end the drug war, end this costly, useless abuse on the citizenry.

  38. 96 Ruben M.

    The Drug Czar is not elected – he’s appointed – as is Michele Leonart of the DEA. As Czar of the ONDCP he is required, by law, to lie his ass off. It all sounds like Russia – doesn’t it?

  39. One might consider this as an ignormous request [an enormously ignorant thought, act or suggestion] – but – ask any doctor what would happen if the Endocannabis System was surgically removed from the human body. Then understand that the Endocannabis System needs cannabis. They go together like a horse and a carriage.

  40. marijuana prohibition is a gateway law. if a state uses marijuana prohibition it opens the door for more dangerous and constitutionally negligent laws, like search and seizure, wire tapping, workplace drug testing, etc.

    Further, the effects of marijuana prohibition on developing law enforcers has shown to result in delusions of power, racial profiling, and loss of memory and cognitive function which results in forgetting or failing to understand the rationale behind the priorities of law enforcement.

    As such, the use of marijuana prohibition should be considered a drain on law enforcement and thus all of society.

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