Weed The People: Cannabis and The Constitution

Update: Inexplicably, the Republican leadership chose to CENSOR reading the 18th Amendment today. Ugh.

Today, as first act for the Republican led 112th Congress, the new majority is going to read the United States Constitution out loud.
Oh, the irony.
If there is real reverence for the document (notably the original copies of the document in the late 1700s were scribed onto paper made from hemp…a staple commercial crop during America’s Revolutionary period cultivated by many of the US Constitution’s original signers…an agricultural product banned by US federal governments for the last 74 years) by those who read the document and sit in rapture listening to the words, then it should be clear to all in the Congress this morning that Cannabis Prohibition is unconstitutional.
Where in the Constitution does the federal government derive the power and authority to ban and criminalize such a utilitarian and life-enhancing plant species as cannabis?
The oft-lamented by conservatives Commerce Clause? This is where the liberals in Franklin Roosevelt’s administration justified the federal government’s prohibition of cannabis in 1937. Both liberal and conservative governments have argued strenuously, and successfully, in federal courts that Cannabis Prohibition is lawful and sanctioned under the US Constitution’s Commerce Clause.

Further, and most importantly, today’s Congress, notably the new Constitution-loving majority, should listen carefully today when the reading turns to the 1919 18th Amendment (which created Alcohol Prohibition) and the 1933 21st Amendment (which, of course, repealed Alcohol Prohibition, which, like Cannabis Prohibition, was a complete failure that created more problems than it solved and unnecessarily conveyed policing powers from the states and cities to the federal government).
Unless the new majority supports the continued use of the Commerce Clause to justify federal intervention into state sovereignty, for them to adhere and respect the U.S. Constitution (which each member of Congress swears to uphold), they need to pass a constitutional amendment post haste that prohibits the cannabis plant and criminalizes its use, rather than rely on what many Americans consider a legislative fiat by the Congress that created and has fostered Cannabis Prohibition for over eight decades.
Indeed new majority (and minority) in Congress, read and respect the U.S. Constitution!

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  1. TO
    Genisis The Faith
    Where are you, brother. I have had some roadblocks on in my life’s path, but I got through it like any soldier of the faith is expected to. I hope this finds you well. Look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Bar-T Lake Co. Tn Colony

  2. We are a country that’s “suppose” to believe in GOD, and trust HIS CREATION and HIS WORDS. We’ll support this belief by writing and reciting, “In GOD We Trust”, “GOD Bless America” and “One Nation Under GOD”, just to mention a few of our proclamations.
    Then tell me please, why in GOD’s name do we turn around and treat THE ALMIGHTY like some type of drug cartel, for creating and spreading Marijuana upon this great earth. When GOD gives it to us, we are gifted and granted with the right to, examine it, partake of it, and educate about it, regardless of any man’s law or dangers envolved.
    In otherwords…water can drown a baby, and fire can destroy a town, but because they are from “GOD” we must learn and teach that, “It Will, Shall and Must Have Power and Purpose. GOD BLESS!

  3. #103 – GOD? If this God really exists, what makes you think it would give a damn about the human race? Seriously, if any being is actually capable of creating everything in the known universe and beyond, why us? If there is such a being, I think this being would probably consider us to be a failed experiment and focus on superior races that exist throughout the cosmos. There is no room in my thinking for this God! We are on our own here on this small insignificant world. It is utterly ridiculous that any Govt organization (that shares this small planet with the rest of us) would keep the population from one of the thousands of plants that are on it. Surely if there is a God somewhere out there that actually cares about what goes on here, it would have put a stop to this madness by now…
    The human race is fatally flawed. We’re destroying this world in many ways and we’re not going anywhere else any time soon if ever. Do you really think a God would care about such a race?

  4. #104 – I read and acknowledge your opinion about God and what I have written. I used the title God to make a point about our country’s so-called beliefs. However I personally believe, from my own experience, that “Life is a Love Story”, between CREATOR and CREATION, The LOVE and The BELOVED. Furthermore I believe the size, or outer appearance of a thing can be an illusion, a temporary state of existence, (ask the tiny seed about it’s death for the mighty oak tree). The outer shell of everything must fade away, including Old Religious and Constitutional laws. It’s like we must forget in-order to enjoy remembering.
    Think of it like a surprise party, at first you feel forgotten, upset, and disappointed thinking, “no one cares about me/us. However in the end, it all makes sense, so be patient, look for clues, cause it ain’t over.

  5. @102 – That’s a very interesting way of looking at things! I believe it is a near certainty that there are entities in this universe and beyond that are vastly superior to us humans. What we see and percieve is only a small part of what is; and indeed might be all that we are allowed to! I have a real problem with the major religions of the world however teaching their followers that their way is right and everyone else is wrong. Their god is the real god and the others are false… I still find it unfathomable that any intelligent person could have any faith in the Catholic Church considering their past use of torture, terrorism, and most recently having their nasty little child molestation secrets revealed! Surely, if there is a God watching and caring for us, it would have destroyed this church long ago… Unless of course, it finds it amusing!

  6. So Don, are you saying that you believe these superior entities, are more capable of becoming aware of their power and potential than we humans? Are you also stating that we humans lack self-awareness and we will never be conscience enough to appreciated all the unbounded intelligence, seen or unseened? Because in a relative experience there must be opposites in-order to know and understand “Who You Are an Who You Are Not”. Now I like to think of God as The Superior Force, The No-Thing that becomes Every-Thing and exits No-Where yet Every-Where. Everything evolves out of this energy, yes even death, war, abuse, religion, and constituations, why…because all there ever was and ever will be is CREATIVE FORCE, that will always and in all ways transform, however it will never turn on itself (why would it).

  7. @107 – I guess what I’m saying is that I don’t have a very good opinion of the human race in general and that surely there are other beings out there that are more intelligent and more moral than we are – as a race of beings. After all, the lengths our Govt has gone to to keep cannabis away from the population speaks volumes about our species ignorance and lack or morality!
    I also think it is unlikely that any of these superior beings are even aware of us on this small planet unless they placed us here and now observe us using technologies we can’t fathom.

  8. Well Don, if you have to guess at what you’re saying, then what am I to do with it? Your opinion of the human race must include you and your’s as being less intelligent, and less moral. You need to stop setting your sights so low and broaden the scope of your horizon.
    The old government is a dying yet evolving system. In fact, the people in Arizona have changed so much that they voted to make medical marijuana accessible to patients. And as far as superior, intelligent life forms go, it can be found everywhere. Inside your very own body there exist worlds within worlds, even in a tiny drop of your blood, superior, powerful and intelligent life can be found. NO-THING becomes ANYTHING, and ONE is the total sum of EVERYTHING.

  9. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if they held a war, and everybody sat down and rolled a fattie? I think that, not only should marijuana be fully legalized; I think it should be made mandatory. If we all partook of the Holy Sacrament, the world would be a more mellow place. Just think of the increased revenue of super markets and food joints…
    Be patriotic: smoke homegrown!!!

  10. Amerikans are a gullable bunch of doo gooder christian assholes and that’s what is wrong here. Sheep are easy to control and it’s been going on for over 200 years.

  11. Sinclair Lewis in the early 1900’s said “When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross”. When I learned this I was shocked because it’s just what I’ve been saying for most of my life. Patriotic christian trash are what we have to deal with and this is where the battle lines should be positioned except that most of Amerikans are whimpy christians and they hate to be criticized in any way at all. This is the problem.

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