NatGeo Revisits Marijuana On Sunday Night At 8PM

You may remember Drugs, Inc. from last year, in which the intricate global chain of supply and demand of drugs such as marijuana and cocaine were chronicled. As a follow-up to those four-episodes, National Geographic Channel will be airing Drugged, a three-part series over two nights that investigates the effects of drugs on the human brain and body:
DRUGGED: High on Marijuana
In the last year, 28 million Americans have rolled a joint, smoked a pipe, sparked up a bong or eaten a pot brownie. Now, follow an entire marijuana high in an adult from start to finish, beginning with the inhalation of cannabis smoke. Using vivid CGI, see how the chemicals slip through a stoned subject’s membranes lining the lungs and into the bloodstream, then on to the heart, up the spine and into the brain. Find out why users get red eyes and the so-called munchies, and explore the difference in the body when cannabis is eaten rather than smoked. We’ll see what role genetics might play in a person’s response to cannabis, take a look at the mysteries of why a high sometimes turns to a low and learn more from the forefront of current marijuana research.
“How Marijuana Works” – What exactly happens to your body when you smoke marijuana?

Most medicines that doctors prescribe, there’s a lot of side effects, there’s a lot of risk and you have to balance out the risk benefit ratio, but with Cannabis it’s very much non-toxic. — Dr. Julie Holland, Author, The Pot Book

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  1. Looking on my channel guide I noticed that an episode of Explorer is coming on at 7PM on Sunday and that too is about our favorite plant.

  2. At Least it show’s that these people are not the Phyco People that the Media is trying to portray us being. We need to get a Documentry about the average Stoner and how productive, and Peaceful we are. Put a human face to us. All of us not just the Patient’s. And how Law enforcement dehumanize us with their Swat teams.

  3. We need to stand up and speak out, not only the pot smokers, but the innocent just as much!!!!! Go to and vote on the Should Marijuana be legalized debate, in your local area. You can vote only once, and its USA wide. Lets boost the numbers so high, that President Obama HAS TO LISTEN!
    Currently, my city is leading the comments….. here is a link….
    SO far….. 48,269 people support legalization, and only 11,539 oppose. With 6,916 cities reporting.

  4. As far as documentaries about marijuana go, National Geographic is fairer and more accurate than Horizon, which tends to over-dramatize. I hope more people tune into this show than tuned into Horizon’s Prohibition propaganda.

  5. haha how many cases of bronchitis? It’s amazing how people still cant spell even though…you’re currently on the internet….anyways, ive smoked since i was 16 and have never once had bronchitis, although when i was in high school kids got it all the time….although i remember non smokers getting it more often….maybe people just happen to get sick and we should quit living by the creedo of correlation=causation.

  6. I wonder what the side affects include? no headache, no stomach ache, no aches or pains. In 20 years of daily smoking, the only side affect that i have discovered are the police, arrest, lose of job/career, fine, imprisonment and a crimminal record.

  7. I am willing to bet that NatGeo will NOT air the fact that the government lied, I am willing to bet that the Constructive Fraud of the Government is never address. They like everyone else is a fraid of the bully we call the American Government. I am sure the Bully on the block will make sure that NatGeo dosen’t talk about the Constructive Fraud issue that the government has placed unlawfully upon the People. No I know they will not qaddress the crimes of the Government, why, because this no longer the land of the free, it is the land of the enslaved. And those good slaves at NatGeo will not tell the truth for faer of the master, like the rest of us, they too must face the bully each day. Sure wish NatGeo would tell the truth and help the people out from under the bully’s tumb. It would it be nice tomorrow morning if each of us could awake and go about our liberty without fear of the bully stealing our lunch money, breaking our spirit, beating on us, and denying us our constitutional rights of which so many have died for. Enough is enough, time to assert our liberty and freedom upon the government employees. Time to nullify their foolish unlawful behaviior. Time to stop the criminal government from destorying this country any further. Time to step up, get loud, and refuse to comply with an unlawful government. Time to boycott, time to sit in, time to smoke in, time to flood the Courts with paperwork. Time to stop these criminals. The government swore an oath to protect the constitution of these United States, time to hold them to it.

  8. Thank you. I hope there is a contrast with someone misbehaving under the influence from alcohol, depicting alcohol worse than cannabis, which it is.

  9. I am 56 years old. I have smoked cannabis regularly since the age of thirteen. I slowed down when my 2 sons were growing up but I never stopped completely. I never thought or felt that it was bad for me because it never stopped me from doing anything I felt like doing. I own a small business that has provided regular work to 7 people for the last 20 years. Just before Christmas, a close friend was diagnosed with cancer and my sister-in-law was diagnosed with MS. I went on the internet to look up these 2 diseases and found the curing possibilities of cannabis. I invite any doctor, researcher, etc., to use me as a guinea pig. Check me out and look at my medical history. We need to prove ASAP that this stuff is safe and even good for humans.

  10. I wonder if that was misleading editing by NatGeo: the bit where one guy coughs & the other guy laughs… maybe he was laughing at a comment or joke, but it was edited to make it seem otherwise. Anyway, that clip seemed to be rather honest about the benefits of cannabis; the biological detail of the animated video is excellent! -really inspiring work. To be clear though, as was mentioned, smoking is dangerous. Smoking cannabis clearly influences cancer; vaporisation & eating/tinctures are safe methods (when used responsibly).

  11. While I think this program will be an advantage to those who are misinformed about marijuana smoking, I am also concerned with the casual grouping of marijuana with other drugs in the program/website (ecstasy, and cocaine). Marijuana’s worst effects are nothing compared to the ill effects of ecstasy and cocaine, but it would be nice if they clearly distinguished marijuana from the other drugs. We need to separate marijuana from drugs just like we do alcohol. Especially around 2012 election time. That will be one of our biggest challenges, and most important. That said, I can’t wait to see a nice scientific show!

  12. i hope the nation will watch this. what i noticed is how natgeo has all good things to say about marijuana and its legalization, at the sametime debunk its bad rumors while, once again, have nothin good to say about cocaine, heroin, alcohol,cigarettes, and prescribed drugs. so marijuana = good things and other drugs = bad things. legalize

  13. It’s going to shake the BIG PHARMA INDUSTRY and the FDA approved drugs in their tracks like a roaring train with no engineer. WOOOOH! WOOOOH! It’s time for the FEDERAL GOVVERNMENT to admit that they are in denial and to quit spewing lies and end MARIJUANA PROHIBITION. The natural medicine outweighs the synthetic and lets not forget the drug cartels hardcore street drugs. Let us not forget the idiots that use their garbage and sell it for they are the ones that will screw up their health, life span and violence created for drugs that are not fit for human consumption. No wonder we have all these DRACONIAN DRUG LAWS-LOSS OF FREEDOM and the CONSTITUTION going down the tubes. Still waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel. I hope NatGEO does’nt turn this program into a wolf wearing sheeps clothing.

  14. This one will make you laugh. Its a quote i pulled from an article regarding JWH chemicals (the cannibinomemtics):
    Onslow County Sheriff Ed Brown said he applauded the DEA’s actions.
    “I think it’s about time to do something with this drug,” he said. “Why isn’t there a law that bans any drug or substance that alters the mind or changes the nature of a person?”
    LOLOLOLOL what century is this guy from. Anyway, enjoy the amusement. The effects they want to ban JWH for? Basically, it gets people high safely. Anyone who panics on it is doing just that, because it IS very powerful.

  15. I have been suffering with sleeping/stress/anxiety disorder for years, during this time doctors feed pill after pill to try and fix this problem. The last sleeping medication they put me on sposta be the best you could get prescribed, don’t get me wrong it knocked me out but I never felt well rested and other side effects were awful, and stress/anxiety would get worse and worse with the erratic sleep I did have. Till I said enough was enough and I decided to smoke marijuana. To this day I smoke a small amount after a days work and relax doing the normal run of the mill chores at home. When I would go to sleep and wake up REFRESHED well RESTED with no stress/anxiety AND NO SIDE EFFECTS.
    This is a no brainier, make it legal!!!

  16. Dibz thanks for the spell check but it was not an answer. Still don’t know after. The data failed to show an association between long-term marijuana smoking and airflow obstruction (emphysema), as measured by airway hyperreactivity, forced expiratory volume (FEV), and other measures, investigators reported. Short-term use of cannabis was associated with bronchodilation.
    Investigators did find that long-term marijuana smoking was associated with an increased risk of certain respiratory complications — including cough, bronchitis, phlegm, and wheezing. Most of these complications persisted even after researchers adjusted for tobacco smoking.
    So I guess the answer is no.

  17. “The Reformation”
    Genesis I:29,30,31
    CDXX Communion Reveival
    There are two types of people – those who “know” the value of cannabis, and those who “don’t know” the value of cannabis. Those who know, also “believe.” As soon as someone “Wants to believe,” they stop thinking, and start acting. It’s now a matter of conviction. You’re trying to get around that pair of red tail lights in front of you. It’s no longer a matter of preference [and] conviction, it’s now a matter of preference [or] conviction. Conviction is proptected by law. Conviction is to be made a serious matter. Conviction based on conscience. There’s a huge difference between “blind faith” and “confident faith.” Confidence, faith, conviction, and commitment will win out in the end. “There’s nothing more powerful than an idea that’s time has come.”

  18. I’m a 54 yr. old woman that has been smoking since the age of 17 I used to smoke for recreation now I smoke because of cronic pain, I’m disabled and it helps me more then narcotics. from Kansas but considering moving to a medical state that allows personal comsumption. Please legalize!

  19. Coincidence? What also happened on this date (today)…. 1920 Prohibition began as the 18th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution took effect.

  20. This show isn’t listed on my guide for tonight and I can’t find it on the channel’s site either. Is it only airing in America?

  21. That NatGeo ‘drugged’ show is reefer madness nonsense: in the first few minutes it falsely said, “cannabis hijacks the brain like a terrorist”. That is despicable & that conservative channel deserves no support for that kind of falsehood promotion.

  22. Just watched it. The program was very disappointing. Although there were some very good points made at the beginning by the doctor and author of The Pot Book. Overall, there was negative unproven data, such as long term damage from pot smoke, which has not been proven, since no such study has been allowed in our great country. Also, the architect who blaims marijuana for everything bad that happened to him with tears in his eyes was pathetic. Why did he marry a woman that did not want him to smoke, kind of like a man that marries a woman who is fat and finds fat people disgusting.

  23. I watched the program twice, and thought it was good until they got to the end of the program. They guy that was crying because marijuana ruins relationships because his wife or gf did not want him smoking. That is just something they do not have in common. That happens when couples disagree, but don’t blame pot !!!!

  24. Did they mention the fact that marijuana is a gateway to other drugs? And did they mention those other drugs are farther down on the schedule, so logically marijuana leads kids to safer drugs and so it’s good that it’s a gateway drug!

  25. Did they mention that the government claims marijuana has no medicinal value while simultaneously holding several medical patents themselve on marijuana?

  26. Did they mention that nobody has ever been able to find a lethal dose for marijuana? Unlike alcohol, nicotine, sugar, oxygen and water!

  27. Is it just me, or does it appear that this was some what anti pot? They seemed to use a lower end dispensuaries, and said the the word “prescription” in a questionable way.

  28. Its hard for me to get up and get around Im glad for and alike mail order marijuana service they offer amazing budder which is exactly what I need and exotic strains for the taste buds.

  29. Thought they used a lot of poor word choices that sub concisely will affect the audience in a negative manner. I think while they had some positive points and views of view but anyone against the drug will walk away as they did before they watched it. Could have been better but I hope it gets people talking about it.

  30. What a terrible program this was. Sure there was some interesting information on how THC travels through the body, but the reefer madness BS about marijuana acting like an “herbal terrorist” “hijacking” the brain’s functions was so wrong and biased to make the entire piece seem like a federally-funded scare campaign.
    I wonder if they got ONDCP funds for the production?
    And there was nothing mentioned about how THC nourishes cells and protects them from cancer and other degenerative syndromes.

  31. I watched. It was full of contradiction and misinformation.
    No one in a MMJ state gets a prescription for pot, its a recommendation.
    They spend time explaining that thc doesn’t break down in water, so it must be cooked in oil or fat….then in the next segment claim that bong water filters out thc from a bong hit, requiring you to smoke more.
    They completely ignored Dr. Tashkins research of 30yrs for the govnmt, while makin claims of higher rates of cancer causing chemicals in cannabis over tobacco.
    They showed a woman who gets a little crazy on “street weed” with a thc level of 7% and a cbd level of .4%….then took her to a lab and had her inhale fake weed chemicals that would equal 100% thc and NO cbd, and amazingly were able to make some scientific correlation that pot will make you crazy.
    This was an hour of new reefer madness, filled with contradictions, false science and propaganda, designed to help reinforce the fear and ignorance of drug war zealots, and designed to push you towards a pharma and govt controlled cannabis future.
    I think Paul or Russ should make a “breakdown” video/blog about this one, and all the others that exist.
    It might make producers of future documentaries check and double check their work before publishing it, and slow down the amount of misinformation being disseminated by our govt.

  32. Call me a kook or ignorant but I believe I know and believe the truth. It’s about a lot more than a buzz. Marijuana is the lie to hide the hemp. I would like to know and hear How hemp laws are not treason against the Republic? Seeing where the country is now.Cannabis like DUH. Oh ya the show sucked. Too bias.

  33. Good job Stonedkidney on critiquing the program! And,I agree with Clint that the government may have funded this program, or perhaps pharma?

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