President Obama's Response To YouTube Drug War Questions

President Obama responded to the most popular question (or, the eighty most popular questions) on’s “Ask Obama” forum regarding the debate on drug legalization in America.  Despite being the most popular question and gaining four times the support of any other non-drug war question, the YouTube moderator didn’t ask the question until #15.  The President’s response is a lot of platitudes about treatment, reducing demand, and reallocating resources, despite the Obama administration’s budget that puts twice the resources toward law enforcement than to treatment. At its core, however, it retains the premise that responsible adult marijuana consumers must be persuaded by our government, through drug tests, drug courts, forced rehab, and incarceration, into not consuming cannabis.
President Obama’s Drug War Answer
Mr. President, we’re never going to stop smoking marijuana. Never. American demand for cannabis is here to stay. You can let criminals control that market or you can do the sensible thing and begin regulating it.

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  1. Russ Belville – NORML
    At CDXX Communion, and sleeping on your comment, of “religious opinion” I have come to this conclusion:
    “Everybody is entitled to my opinion.”
    Anyone who shares the Faiths opinion are welcomed, and can be heard at:

  2. #141 Someone is getting a fat pocket keeping it illegal.Otherwise it would be legal but legal or not im not quiting smoking 420 errr day, an Gary johnson 2012 he wont Bullshit us, from what ive googled about him n seen.

  3. Well… Willie Nelson taking out Barry-ack …and putting it to song….
    appropriate, I think
    or we could get David Allen Coe and be mean about it

  4. Why the fuck do we even have re-Elections! UGH! Lets just get one term presidents for 7 year terms. This “re-election” bs is that: Bullshit.

  5. nothing but propagandic gibberish. treatment,programs, some other nonsense. that was the biggest bunch of crap the talking head has come up with. the muslim with no birth certificate has spoken. apparently he was programmed for the question from the LEAP guy. I am sick of our government,they dont listen to the people ! we need to ramp up the movement with more calls to elected officias and donate to norml and MPP.

  6. America,the land of corruption,half truths,and slathering propaganda. that what happens when you get a muslim with no balls or birth certificate.

  7. It’s too late for this time (I feel bad), but what about our next opportunity.
    Maybe we should start talking about what our next question/comment should be.
    I suggest we try for a very specific idea, that would require a small governmental change and encourage a direct answer.
    For instance, asking Obama if it isn’t time to examine why cannabis is a schedule 1 drug.
    Is there a way we can organize to get a focused question asked and what would be a good question?

  8. Obama is a master of propaganda. He didnt even address cannabis specifically. He just lumped it into the evil category of “drugs.” What a phony. Paul/Nader 2012!!!!

  9. Come one people!! The question that was aked to Obama was about legalizing ALL drugs! WTF, let’s use our heads and focus on strictly Marijuana Legalization. By focusing on legalizing all drugs we have lost this fight before we have begun. Baby steps people, baby steps!
    [Paul Armentano responds: As I noted previously, the question the moderator posed to the President was asked by LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition), not NORML. LEAP’s focus is on all illicit drugs, unlike NORML’s focus which is cannabis specific. NORML would have preferred that the question chosen was one focused specifically on cannabis, but that was not the case. The question chosen was, in fact, the most popular question of the poll.]

  10. Trying to get a politician to talk about marijuana legalization is like a parent talking to your children about sex. some people have a very hard time with these subjects. we need to keep the subject on the front page. talk about marijuana everyplace and opportunity you have in a public place.., ask the question to people you see. “If marijuana was legal tomorrow when you saw the news would you run out to smoke it?” most people who answer would probably say no. ask the question and keep asking like when you were a kid and were told no all the time, you kept asking. smoke ’em if you got ’em.
    like the freak bros used to say ” Dope will get you through times of no money better than money will get you thru times of no dope”.

  11. “The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.”
    — Dante Alighieri (Inferno)
    Maybe we need to get t-shirts with the above printed on them? Subtle, yet it shows we are educated. The quote doesn’t just apply to this cause, and I think people would be more willing to wear it without fear. When someone asks about the quote, we can choose to educated them.
    We need to educate people to win them over.

  12. President Obama on Thursday called drug legalization “an entirely legitimate topic for debate,” but quickly added “I am not in favor of legalization.” my response is simply, Put Up or Shut Up Mr. President! The debate you claim is “an entirely legitimate topic for debate,” is long over due. We the People have been a…sking this Government to give us this debate and debate this issue like reasonable human beings. The government’s response has “shocked the sense of fair play,” they have openly lied and mis-informed the general public for since 1937. Mr. President we want this debate! We dare you to set this in motion and since you clearly stated, “not in favor of legalization”, you and your party should put up or shut up and defend Prohibition. We the People will bring it on, set the ground, we’ll debate who ever you send. All we ask is that it be live and transparent to the public.

  13. Cannabis should be made legal, this country is going to hell in a handbasket and cannabis would save our country. This greedy goverment will not allow us to smoke what we want, yet they smoke ciggarttes and drink themsevles to death. WE WANT A CHOICE!!!

  14. In this twisted country, the fed would rather Dr’s put patients on Narcotics for pain relief, and have us become addicted in the true sense of the word — than to allow us to grow our own medicine in the form of a weed that has been around … AND WILL CONTINUE TO BE AROUND … for thousands of years – and that’s just the Medical Marijuana side of the coin – They would ALSO PREFER THAT PEOPLE DRINK ALCOHOL, BECAUSE IS NUMBS YOUR SENSES, MAKES YOU A PASSIVE COMPLIANT GOV PANSIE – RATHER THAN ALLOW Marijuana to become legal BECAUSE IT OPENS YOUR MIND and allows you to see the OBVIOUS CORRUPTION within the US Government framework – it’s time that FOR THE PEOPLE and BY THE PEOPLE ACTUALLY MEANT JUST THAT – IF THE PEOPLE WANT POT, THEY WILL HAVE IT ONE WAY OR ANOTHER, SO WHY NOT JUST MAKE IT LEGAL FOR ADULTS, GET THE REVENUES RATHER THAN THE MULE JOCKEYS IN MEXICO ????????? OR IS THE ALCOHOL INDUSTRY GOING TO LOSE TOO MUCH MONEY IF THAT HAPPENS?
    Hell, their customers die either behind the wheel or in the hospital any way – so what’s the difference… rednecks should stop drinking, and start puffin or eating weed any way …

  15. To Holly…potheads don’t quit smoking because they don’t believe in allowing their freedom to be infringed upon by unjust, nonsensical laws. Would you be willing to give up something you enjoy if the government made it illegal for no good reason? You can’t OD on pot. It isn’t carcinogenic. It doesn’t lead to dangerous driving. It doesn’t rot the liver. It’s a form of life. In all honesty, the government doesn’t have much right to criminalize it. Your argument about not being able to trust “criminals” who get paid on “weight” is actually on argument in favor of legalization, as that would do a lot to remove the criminal element. That said, most pot dealers are decent, perfectly normal human beings who actually can be trusted.

  16. I completely agree with Kat. I honestly believe President Obama favors decriminalization. One reason I believe this is because he advocated for it before he became President. However, as others have said, he is a politician. Well, not only a politician…he is now the President of the United States.
    He can’t talk like a former Senator from Chicago, he has too much on the line (such as 2012). I firmly believe that this is the best answer we were going to get from a President that is up for re-election in two years.
    If you are looking for real “change” in our nation’s drug policies, it isn’t going to be in his first term, and if he isn’t elected for a second term, it DEFINITELY isn’t going to come from a Republican White House (HINT: Obama WILL be the front-runner for the Democratic Party in 2012).
    So lighten up and smoke a joint, because we know he supports decriminalization, but it’s just not going to happen within his first term, plain and simple. Will it happen in his second term (if he makes it there)? I cannot say for sure, but the chances are MUCH higher (no pun intended).
    Lastly, he called for a debate on the issue and said it was a legitimate topic to discuss and the mainstream media went crazy. Guess what the mainstream media is best at? Reaching millions of eyeballs and persuading people to think a certain way. Times are changing, believe me. As I said, chill out and smoke a joint because this isn’t going to happen overnight. The LAST thing you should do is give up because you can’t read between the lines and/or because you want change to happen overnight. It doesn’t work that way (unfortunately).

  17. I propose a new question for our president.
    Mr Obama, in your recent ask Obama forum you responded to a question about our nations drug policy and marijuana prohibition with “We have to think more of drugs as a public health problem, like smoking, drunk driving, wearing seat belts.” I couldn’t help but notice you compared the negatives of marijuana use with that of alcohol and tobacco. Since alcohol and tobacco use are both “health problems” like marijuana use, don’t you think our government should take a hard look at the scheduling and prohibition of alcohol and tobacco.
    I would love to see the backpedaling that would come from that question.

  18. #139 Travis.
    Let’s be smart? Sorry buddy, but smart isn’t voting for politicians who might do something their 2nd term, but letting them conduct their 1st term NOT in the best interest of the republic, but in the best interest of their reelection bid.
    Unacceptable. YOU need to smarten up.

  19. I wonder where you find yourself in Life
    I noticed President Obama was wearing nice shoes, who made them shoes?

  20. His response this year was better in that he admitted it was a legitimate topic to debate…
    But his ‘Answer’ was horribly weak and referred to the=at LEAP member’s question which was about ALL drugs, and we know damn well neither he or anyone else is going to go for that just yet.
    IF ever, despite the annoying little detail/reality = that we’ll likely never completely eliminate the demand for any drug – unless we legalize, regulate a Drug that is “Universally Acknowledged/Accepted” to be – without any doubt BETTER (& cheaper,etc.) than a particular drug…
    Even then we might eliminate the demand for a drug to almost zero – only to find some people wanting to use the older/inferior drug, due to some sense of nostalgia OR maybe a desire to indulge in a reminiscent experience.
    And the president’s popularity was back above 50% (even with all the “economic uncertainty”, and whatnot and he had to go and ‘piss in the Wheaties'(so to speak) of his liberal/libertarian base & youth supporters… AGAIN!
    Talk about ‘WTF moments, What the heck is he thinking? /e headdesk, /e headdesk, /e headdesk

  21. I knew he was going to respond like this. I’m especially frustrated with his 2-faced views on medical pot. 1 of the reasons I voted for him was BECAUSE he claimed he was interested in looking at, and paying attention to, the medical science being done throughout the world, (with the exception of the U.S.) on pot.
    And I was hopeful when he instructed our AG, Eric Holder, to stop persecuting-and-prosecuting medical marijuana patients, physicians, and providers, who were compliant with their respective state med pot programs.
    But, for some reason the President’s and Mr. Holder’s words have fallen on deaf ears — the DEA raids have continued here in California, with the Feds wasting their time and our tax dollars, pursuing these cases in court, which, BTW, generally end up being dismissed, thrown out of court, or ruling AGAINST the Feds!
    It was too bad that the question was for ALL drugs, and not more specific to marijuana. Legalization of all drugs is way too scary for the mass populace, and I doubt if that will EVER happen in this country (unlike Portugal, where any-and-all “drugs” are legal, and they truly DO spend their dollars treating drug abuse as a health problem, NOT a law-and-order problem).
    I’m a 61-yr old Californian, who’s smoked pot daily since 1967, and been a pot advocate for over 40 years — I have a med pot scrip, and I grow my own medicine, along with hundreds of other people in my region. I advocated for, but never really believed, I’d see legalization in my lifetime… I thought Obama would be the one to fix this mess…
    I’ve made excuses for him, like the fact that he has to work with both sides of the aisle, trying not to piss off anyone in particular, but his “non” actions, and his choice of policy-and-personnel have ended my thoughts that he’ll be the “President of change” I was hoping he’d be. His words at YouTube were the same tired, stale, rhetoric we’ve been hearing for years — it almost hurt to hear him talk like that (I had such faith in him to do the right thing…). He seemed almost oblivious to the expensive, bloated, and non-winnable War on Drugs. Disappointed? Yes. Defeated? NO!
    I’ll continue my pot advocacy, as well as my political advocacy. And I agree with those who think Ron Paul is too old for the next election. We need someone a bit younger, someone Obama’s age — the younger segment of the Baby Boomers (b. 1946-1964). Pay attention to what’s going on, stay engaged in the political process, and keep speaking your “voice.”
    Stay High and Peace!

  22. @158 jackattack: You’re completely rediculous! If I were President and you dared to say such things to me, not only would I keep it illegal just to spite you, I’d be sure one of my swat teams visited you ASAP!
    Like it or not, President Obama may just be our best chance to finally get cannabis decriminalized. I have to agree with other commenters that voting in a republican to replace him (Gary Johnson being the one exception that I’m aware of) is probably not a good thing for our cause!

  23. Obama’s response makes one point clear: NOW is the time to start the campaign for Nader. If the tens of millions of legalization advocates in the US give their support to Nader, there’s no way we could continue to be ignored by Democrats and Republicans. STOP VOTING FOR PARTIES THAT DON’T SUPPORT LEGALIZATION. If we all do this, then the Democrats will have to address this issue seriously, as we will be taking away a serious popular base from them. The more support Nader gets, the more support is drawn from both parties who have always said “I’d vote for Nader, but he’d never win.” We can make the change if we act NOW.
    [Editor’s note: Nader? Others suggest Ron Paul? Get real…these presidential wannabee failures are both too old and not electable by either party, or the general public.]

  24. #171 (Brian)
    With all due respect, this is American Politics and this is how it is. It isn’t going to change and it’s not just President Obama.
    I agree with Travis. It seems a lot of people are used to instant gratification. I want it, I get it…NOW. Trust me, I used to think this way too (and I am not trying to say this is your position), but in general…the world just doesn’t work that way (not in most instances anyway). Too many “pro-Cannabis activists” expect things to happen overnight, and then when they don’t, they whine and give up. As I said before, that’s the last thing that needs to happen, or change will take even longer.
    Why don’t you ask NORML how long they’ve been fighting this fight? They never gave up in the midst of many disappointments, but look at what they/we are achieving now. If you go back ten years, it’d be a whole different story.
    Thanks NORML! We couldn’t have done it without you!
    In conclusion, change is generally a slow process. ESPECIALLY when we are talking about the War on Drugs. So if you aren’t in it for the long run, I can only expect you to be disappointed.

  25. Unfortunately Obama is the same corporate fascist status quo supporter as Bush with a little more health care thrown in, same wars.

  26. I can understand the disappointment with Obama, but I also agree with those who are pointing out that there are very powerful forces that need to be overcome. Obama has said it’s worth debating. Get your chops up and start debating. It’s not so much Obama that stands in our way, but the people who want users put in jail. Obama’s approach is definately a baby step to where we want to be. If anyone thinks getting rid of Obama will help legalization, they’re kidding themselves.
    Don’t forget, we’re still considered to be on the fringe, but we’re making inroads into the mainstream, where everything seems to be decided, like it or not.

  27. The word that comes out his mouth TRANSPARENCY dealing with the masses of people in our country could be tossed around as CIVILIAN TRANSPARENCY or the POLITICAL TRANSPARENCY. The latter TRANSPARENCY is what he is dealing with POLITICAL . He is the BIG CHEESE of the political side while the question came about marijuana, all he did was just blow smoke up our asses instead of a laugh. I hope it was some good bud. He is under the control of the PROHIBITIONISTS.

  28. Response to editor’s note, comment #176
    Such fatalist attitudes from a group seeking reform makes me feel pessimistic about any advocacy movement seeking to overturn the status quo. Lack of support behind a single candidate to unify the legalization movement is one of the reasons for its failure to produce non-incremental change so far. If this note speaks on behalf of the philosophy of NORML as a whole, then I question the ability for this leading group to coordinate the different strains of this movement into coherent action. Coordination is key, and attacking the issue purely from a legislative angle is misguided.
    Why isn’t there more communication across all groups? Why can’t you turn away from traditional partisan politics and embrace a third party candidate? This is how political lines are redrawn, debate becomes public, and change takes place.
    On an unrelated note, why is this issue only being attacked from a legislative angle? Why is there no support for district level court cases to try the validity of criminalization on fourth amendment grounds?; similar to Roe v. Wade, Lawrence v. Texas, etc. No attempt thus far has been made to question the state’s interest in trumping the individual’s interest concerning marijuana use.
    Maybe Nader is old (but i wouldn’t go as far as “unelectable”). But younger generations have not been able to put forth new independent candidates who exist outside of the traditional two party system. If not Nader, then there needs to be a discussion now, of who.
    [Editor’s note: Has a single issue candidate ever become president? Why would any mature and/or sane person vote for a single-issue candidate for president when presidents are responsible for hundreds of important issues–most self-evidently more important than reforming cannabis laws.
    NORML is realistic, are you? NORML is grounded in day-n-day out politics in all 50 states and DC, are you?
    If you think that Ralph Nader, who is the bane of mainstream Democrats for cutting into Gore’s vote count in 2000 (swinging the election for Bush), and is hated by Republican voters in general can be elected president, you’re not tethered to today’s politics (did you notice the results of the last election? Ralph Nader?).
    You can be unrealistic and overly idealistic, if that works for you, but, after 40 years, NORML does not suffer fools about what is politically achievable and what is not regarding cannabis law reform.
    NORML has never been partisan. There have been numerous constitutional and class action lawsuit challenges since 1970, some launched by NORML, others by the ACLU.
    Who are potential presidential candidates that support cannabis law reform? Currently, the only candidate is Gary Johnson. Will NORML support his political aspirations? It already has. Will the organization support other candidates who’re viable that favor reform? Yes.]

  29. Man this Lemon Skunk from Oregon is tight. Well cut, cured. I dare you to grind it and roll it, not gonna happen…thank god i got it, all this shit is hard to deal with

  30. Everyone needs to send the cost of one sack to NORML, cash is king. Save your seeds, hide your weed.

  31. Let me Reiterate….
    This was expected. He will NOT get my vote. If we are tired of the LEFT and the RIGHT as Americans.. Then don’t vote for them. Simple. Find Candidates that fit your beliefs and views. Time for REAL CHANGE.

  32. A man can pick up a gun and shoot someone over seas, but a man cant pick up a pipe and light it up to relieve his stress to relieve pain to relieve whatever ales them, with something green in it. Nixon and every other president after him has been nothing but a thorn in every caring Americans balls. The fact that Obama stated he dosen’t support that already throws that dipshit off my democratic vote, and I’m pretty sure if he keeps up his blasphemy of lies and broken promises to every american that he wont be looking at a second term he’s broke trust with me and I’m sure he’s broke trust with a lot more people than just myself. How can you fix a 4.3 trillion dollar debt when you’re sending innocent people to jail for a plant that grows from the ground. Yet alcohol is one of the most if not the most deadliest drug of all. How about Obama open his damn eyes to the world more than just medicare, etc. There’s no room for a guy who has yet to make me smile since being elected and put in office as our President. But instead he wants to allow alcohol to still be around and legal as ever, to pierce the lips of everyone even under 21 years old and they dont know what harm it does. I think he needs a reeducation on the benefits, the structure, the legitimate facts on why marijuana should be legal. Kentucky’s big law enforcement guy is nothing but a prude guy who can’t open his eyes to the real world but would rather cut down the green to fill his pockets, AS LONG AS HE GETS HIS PAYCHECK. God bless all the ignorant people who get severely mad about marijuana when they dont know anything about it. Yet people go to schools preaching how it harms you, how it “kills” you. Well in my defense life kills you, once your born your dead, end of story. Who is a guy with a badge to tell someone they cant enjoy themselves. Yes restrictions should be implemented but not prosecution over smoking something that gets you buzzed for 30mins-a couple hours. I think Obama needs to watch the whole Penn & Teller: War on Drugs Bullshit. They have their facts straight and so should president Obama, I mean if a Harvard Medical Doctor could make his sons last couple of years better because he wasn’t taking bullshit medication that didn’t have any working elements to it or make him nauseated constantly, but when his son smoked nothing pained him he wasn’t throwing up anymore. Where’s the harm in that, where’s the so called “kill” in that where’s anything remotely bad in that. Exactly, to make someones life more miserable they keep it under being illegal thanks to the Lumber Companies (dont say you dont), Doctors (some support it, most would rather have their patients die so they can make their money through half ass medications). They want us dead and they dont even care. How is that for such a nice nation. Once was Free But now we couldn’t even define the word freedom anymore. Ever since the war on drugs started this nation has indeed been screwed royally, and we cant do much about it because we have people paying people under the table we have people so blind on the subject, we have so many people that just dont know the actual facts about something so helpful so useful that we have been able to make hemp-o-line, that can power cars. But no we got to run the world dry on everything. Congrats President Obama, I hope you read this, you have successfully lost my vote and pissed a bunch of people off because of your statement and proceedings on trying to avoid talking about that subject. You are indeed blind to the subject. *PENN & TELL: WAR ON DRUGS*

  33. @ 142 You are a bit out of touch. Don’t comment on things you yourself claim that you haven’t experienced. Not all cannabis smokers are addicts, most of them are not! Use reason please! If you chewed gum everyday for 10 years, you’d be “psychologically” addicted to that too. Humans are habit forming creatures about almost everything we do.
    You talk about a natural high…please…you don’t think cannabis users work out, play sports, play on professional sports teams? You think we live in a bubble? We have experienced natural highs. We have all lived life, just like you. You sit there in judgement, telling us what to try so we won’t smoke anymore, and that we are addicts. Get off your high horse, and stop listening to lies about cannabis users not being normal people. We are normal just like everyone else, with hopes, dreams, plans for the future, carreers and jobs. Your comment is insulting and reeks of ignorance.
    And yes we know what is in cannabis, its a dried plant. It would be a waste of money and no one would buy from the person who would mess with the buds.I have never seen someone who deals cannabis carry a gun or try to do anything that would harm a buyer. Maybe some do, but I haven’t seen it. You don’t buy broken up plant, you buy buds that are intact so you know nothing has been added for weight. I mean common, don’t take about a world and lifestyle you obviously haven’t seen.

  34. I have an idea!
    Build a website for the sole purpose of Politicians past histories, who contributes money to them and if they are for or against things like marijuana but never mention their political party affiliation, ever.
    We would be able to “weed” out the undesirables without having to listen to their campaign lies.
    And in just a few election cycles, we could put the fear of us back into politics.
    It would force Politicians to be transparent and not hide behind party politics.
    Can’t anyone out there do this?
    Come on, brainiacs get it together!
    I give you the sword, now use it!!!

  35. Gather and March at local town halls, county courthouses, and State Capitols 420. Don’t quit make sure everyone votes for a more pointed q about marijuana next time. Learn from it and carry on accordingly.

  36. We the citizens of this country need to contact both state and federally elected leaders on this subject. Senator Patrick Leahy(D-Vermont) is the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, which is where S.Bill 714 proposed by Jim Webb(D-Virginia),is at(as far as I know). This bill re-examines the Criminal Justice System, including laws reguarding Marijuana. There are elected officials in both the House and Senate who want the laws on marijuana changed(in favor of making marijuana legal). Hell even Evangelical Pat Robertson sees nothing wrong with someone posessing a few ounces. When someone who is as far right as Pat Robertson is, it is in our favor. If bill S.714 passes the House and Senate, I can almost assure people President Obama would sign it into law.

  37. What would likely happen if he said what we all want to hear. There would be a defening Republican backlash and persicuting pot smokers would once again be job #1. Congress makes the laws not the President. If Obama’s for it the Republicans are going to be against it. That’s not an insult, the Republicans unlike the Democrats understand what being the opposition means. Do you really want to get ALL the politico’s (Rep and Dem) attention. Change the slogan on the poster from YES WE CANNABIS, to RE-ELECTION IS NOT IM MY VOCABULARY.

  38. There’s not a damned thing wrong with our system of government – it’s the people “in it” that’s the problem. If we elect idiots – we get an idiotic government. So! – if we are going to cast blame – let’s cast blame where it belongs. “We met the enemy – and the enemy was us.” While we are at it – we can get real! “We live by the Golden Rule – He who has the gold rules.” He who makes the gold ain’t going to give the income up. Don’t you think that they are making the money as illegally as anyone.”
    Argue if you will – but – there are as many Republicans that toke as Democrats, as many religious as non-religious, as many adults as kids, and most likely, as many politicians as the public. So! who is kidding who? Ya! we have a terrible habit of kidding ourselves – but – WTF we can do something about that immediately.

  39. In Obama’s memoir, Dreams of My Father, he alludes to the fact that he smoked pot when he was growing up in Hawaii. His hypocrisy on this issue is jaw-dropping. I also agree with an earlier post to the effect that we should be clear we are talking only about cannabis being legalized, not cocaine and all the rest. At the federal level, the number one issue should be removing cannabis from the list of Schedule 1 narcotics. Does anyone know what’s going on with Rep. Barney Frank’s bill to accomplish this? How can we start a major push for this? With budgetary issues so prominent, it should not be difficult to pose the argument that the current monomaniacal law enforcement approach is too costly. What about a major campaign? Events in several cities, a news conference in D.C., distinguished spokespersons like Ms. Druyan and so forth.

  40. @190- Its called… google any name of politician gov, house, senate, etc followed by “on the issues and you will get a record of all issues from abortion to drug reform. The site even gives a NORML rating for some politicians on drug reform. It lists the party affiliated, but I have not idea why you think that shouldn’t be listed. Here is Obama’s for example…

  41. 1. BECAUSE they are fighting a ‘war’ against drugs AND DRUG USERS, (citizens) we have EVERY RIGHT TO FIGHT BACK, IN SELF DEFENCE. IMHO, we will win only AFTER we start shooting back IN SELF DEFENCE.
    wasn’t it JOHN F KENEDY who said; (aprox.) “if you prevent peacefull change, you guarantee violent change.” ?
    2. soon the USA will look like egypt does now, if the gov’t. keeps violating the will of the people.
    3. @ #52 and #161; legalization of ONLY cannabis, versus legalization of All Drugs.
    legalization of ONLY cannabis;
    (A) will not work, (see amsterdam, there’s still plenty of ‘hard drug’ dealers and plenty of addicts stealing / doing prostitution)
    (B) will not keep canabis-only people safe from pigs; (if they smell pot, they can stop you, and search you for other drugs, beat you for non- conpliance, plant evidence, etc.), and
    (C) will not stop the ever-growing police state, which is the REAL THREAT to ‘the american way of life’, NOT ‘ARABS and MUSLIMS’, half way around the world.
    (D) is totally rediculus; you are going to demand that the gov’t gives back SOME SMALL FRACTION of your constitutional rights that they should never have STOLEN in the first place ?? why fight for a fraction ??
    (E) the fact that the ‘legalization of all-drugs question’ was the most popular question of the poll, shows we are READY FOR IT, NOW, AND NO BABY STEPS ARE NEEDED !!
    that’s why prop 19 failed, rediculus BABY STEPS, and over-regulation, instead of FULL legalization !!
    alcohol was NOT legalized by BABY STEPS !!

  42. I’m affraid violance is the only answer. Controlled violance like in Egypt. The only thing a bully understands is a good ass whipping. Talking does no good at all. We need serious demonstrations to show the ass holes we mean buisness. Wish it wasn’t like that but that’s life in a democracy, believe it or not. I’m 52 and history proves it.
    [Editor’s note: Violence is NEVER the answer to solve a public policy problem.
    The ‘bully’ is us in that ‘we the people’ continue to elect anti-Cannabis candidates. Rather than be violent and cede the high moral ground to the government, reformers en mass need to get involved in their liberation by being actively involved in local, state and federal politics. When citizens elect pro-reform candidates, reforms generally happen soon after–all without raising a fist in anger and committing war against one’s brothers in arms.
    Power to the peaceful.]

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