Daily Caller: "Is The DEA Legalizing THC?"

Reporter Mike Riggs at The Daily Caller has an important story online today revealing how U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration officials are making plans to reschedule natural THC under federal law.
Under the plan, THC derived from the marijuana plant would be classified as a Schedule III controlled substance, while the plant itself would remain classified as a Schedule I illegal drug. Sound fishy? It is.
As a DEA spokesperson quoted in the story explains, “THC, natural or synthetic, remains a schedule I controlled substance. Under the proposed rule, in those instances in the future where FDA might approve a generic version of Marinol, that version of the drug will be in the same schedule as the brand name version of the drug, regardless of whether the THC used in the generic version was synthesized by man or derived from the cannabis plant.”
So, in other words, if a pharmaceutical product contains THC extracted from the marijuana plant, that would be a legal commodity. But if you or I possessed THC extracted from the marijuana plant, that an remains illegal commodity.
Wait, it gets even more absurd.
Since the cannabis plant itself will remain illegal under federal law, then from whom precisely could Big Pharma legally obtain their soon-to-be legal THC extracts? There’s only one answer: The federal government’s lone legally licensed marijuana cultivator, The University of Mississippi at Oxford, which already has the licensing agreements with the pharmaceutical industry in hand.
Riggs writes:

In other words, THC in plant form or as an extract, will still be illegal. What won’t be illegal is if a pharmaceutical company buys THC from a government-licensed provider, puts it in a pill, receives the DEA’s stamp of approval, and sells it a price that will likely be far higher than the price of marijuana.
Armentano said such circular reasoning is a product of decades of hostility towards marijuana research.
“This is the insane rationale necessary for banning medical marijuana,” he said. “Take away the prohibition and the political elements, and you would never have the stretching of logic necessary to pass organic THC but only if it mimics Marinol.”

Expect the DEA’s ‘stretching of logic’ to become even more absurd in the future.
You can read the entire Daily Caller story, “Is the DEA legalizing THC?,” here.

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  1. Here goes the government again telling us there is no such thing as medical marijuana and then pretty much patenting it. Thanks again the great, rational, logical US Gov’t. BC here I come!

  2. “How would this affect states that have marijuana decriminalized or that have medical marijuana legal?”
    If mainstream medicine had a ‘medical marijuana’ product that could easily fill in the gaps in the eyes of the public, then there would be little need for ‘crude’ medical marijuana buds to be sold at the neighborhood dispensary. The success of medical cannabis today plays largely on the fact that mainstream medicine does not have anything to compete with it.
    Here is the competition. But instead of free market, we get it shoved down our throats by crafty laws that benefit, not the health of the American people, but rather the pocketbooks of an irrational few.

  3. Umm… @ #1 THC is not a man-made substance – it is in the cannabis plant. So no, you did not get that straight. Marinol is synthetic. The point to understand with this issue is that the DEA and BigPharma are getting together to make THC legal basically only if it is in the hands of BigPharma companies and products by getting the illegal cannabis extract from the feds – because for some reason the feds can violate their own laws. So cannabis plant is illegal – except for the feds, and the THC the feds get from the cannabis plant is illegal – except when the feds let BigPharma buy it.
    But to me, they are just shooting themselves in the foot. This just means that the feds/DEA are admitting cannabis has medicinal value(because THC is a part of the cannabis plant – DUH!), and that they want to be the only ones with access to it and regulation of it. Once all the states politicians realize what is going on, their tune will change and they will suddenly be for legalization so states can make the money and not just the feds. The plant itself will need to be re-classified, because the synthetic stuff does not cut it.

  4. The only thing i can say about this is it truly is sad. I hope this coming election season at least one state some how passes full legalization or before we know it prohibitionist will be using the excuse we have medical THC we dont need the plant. The we are back to its bad because they say so /sigh.

  5. Take note of whats going on in Egypt. It is long past time we took to the streets to get our country back!

  6. an article citing an article with no references written on the internet is commented on by fifty-five people up at arms. no one knows the exact truth. fifty-five plus people view the situation indignantly, yet no one questions the origins or lack of references for the source material.
    perhaps this question is rhetorical, however, does repeated exposure to THC effect critical thinking skills? or do the people who question the authenticity of these claims know better than i and leave the scene without questions? will i ever come back to this site to see you comments? time? what is time?
    [Paul Armentano responds: The DEA publicly announced their plans in the Federal Register in November:
    “SUMMARY: This proposed rule is issued by the Deputy Administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to modify the listing of the Marinol® formulation in schedule III so that certain generic drug products are also included in that listing. … This proposed action expands the schedule III listing to include formulations having naturally-derived dronabinol and products encapsulated in hard gelatin capsules. This would have the effect of transferring the FDA- approved versions of such generic Marinol® products from schedule I to schedule III.”
    The public comment period on this proposal ended on January 3.
    Four separate companies have requested DEA make this change.
    During the Craker v DEA hearings, it was testified to the fact that that the government’s pot farm at UMISS had licensing agreements with Mallinckrodt Baker to provide extracted plant THC for the purpose of a generic ‘Marinol’ product. I was there, and reported on the testimony at that time.
    The Daily Caller story is fact, not fiction.
    Any other questions?]

  7. Never mind how many deaths are caused by alcohol, tobacco, or even caffeine every year; we the government must ensure that the people of our country stay as dumb and clueless as possible. If they begin thinking for themselves, it could pose a threat for a seat in government. Well, how do we stop the people for thinking for themselves? Outlaw marijuana of course. But leave the others legal, because they kill people.

  8. One word “Money or Power” you pick.
    If the government thinks they can hold a plant hostage, from the American people that has been proven for medical abilities to help people with a wide range of health problems. Then sell it at the top dollar for their own gain, they will soon learn people will revolt and another war will begin “The Green War” it’s just a matter of time.

  9. DEA: Keep treating us like we’re stupid and don’t know whats going on, and we’ll keep fighting to legalize a natural plant that can potentially cure and/or treat various forms of cancer. Let’s see who wins.

  10. It’s very common for substances to be illegal for the man in the street, but legal for prescribed medical purposes.
    Examples include morphine, heroin (prescribed under the name “diamorphine”), methadone, amphetamine, GHB, MDMA, Ketamine and anabolic steroids.
    Regardless what people think of total legalization, we should be glad that they’re not ignoring medical benefits for the sake of maintaining an unrelated recreational drug policy.

  11. This is the same BS as all the new medical marijuana bills on the east coast as the state can only supply cannabis to the medical community. It’s all about the money. Will the Feds bust the State dispensaries as they are not following federal regulations and will be growing plants? I don’t think so. The US can only make money on its citizens as the free fall continues. It’s time all the heads got together and took this shit to Washington like the Egyptians, but only Washington, not like the little BS global marijuana marches in all the little podunk towns, which makes the cause look so weak. But will anyone go? I don’t think so. That is how much control they have over this community and YOU!!!

  12. We the people need to stand in revolt to this proposal. Its hypocritical and insane. This is a god given herb for christs sake. REVOLUTION—-> FREE THE WEED, CANNAPEACE

  13. this is what happens when you put a lie on top of a lie. JUST START TELLING THE TRUTH – 9 other countrys, 3 of them are americas greatest allie, say it does have medical value. Thousands of sick Americans say it does have medical value, The Fedral U.S. govt says No it does not have medical value. cannabis is not a health issue as much as a credibility issue. We as Americans have a govt that is not telling us the truth, and we jail our citezens over it. We as Americans are a inch better than NAZI germany. Lets get better & start telling the truth on everything

  14. PEOPLE !!!! were talking about the illegal law on pot it self, WE need to start there ,make the GOV. tell the truth about why its illegal, OTHER then a LIE, STAY focused on the point. Free all pot prisoners and let them work and TAX them not supporting them locked up in jail. attack the illegal law it self, stop saying make it legal!!!!!! its the other way around THEY need to come up with facts not LIES to make it illegal

  15. The government is doing illegal things to an illegal plant. Under Federal Law the University of Mississippi is the only place that can grow marijuana, this is a monopoly. If University of Mississippi makes contracts with Big Pharma they control the entire market, for the Federal Government not to break the law they need to either
    1. Legalize Marijuana to prevent the Monopoly
    2. Make it illegal for University of Mississippi to harvest.

    QUESTION: If the whole plant natural cannabinoid extract THC is moved to schedule III – and becomes immediately federally legal [which it already is] – who stands to be the biggest loser?
    ANSWER: The pharmaceutical companies.
    QUESTION: What will be the effect on medicine?
    ANSWER: As a federally legal drug – doctors will be able to write a prescription instead of a recommendation.
    QUESTION: Where would we get the prescription filled?
    ANSWER: At the pharmacy, where it would be controlled under pharmaceutical laws.
    QUESTION: What’s the logical advantage:
    ANSWER: Far better for pharmacy to pay taxes on its profits, than pay-offs to keep it illegal.
    QUESTION: Has the DEA [or any other governmental body] ever given a fraction of an inch on its use – and why now?
    ANSWER: No on its use – in fact – no to the point of violence and tyranny. Now – because pharmacy is threatened by legalization of cannabis. A great percentage of their products will be useless.
    QUESTION: What’s the conclusion?
    ANSWER/QUESTION: Talk about conspiracy – just how obvious is it? – who controls the government, makes the rules, and “muscles in” on natures business and our Constitutional rights? Think about it – pharmacy will finally have a product with real medicinal efficacy and no adverse side effects. Won’t that be a pleasure – to see cannabis advertised on T.V.- before your doctor prescribes it – [which is another demonstration of pharmacies immense power]?
    Recommendation: It’s time to take them down. Expose them for the evil that they are, and put the “bad genie” back in the bottle.

  17. wow this is rl a shame you know we all sit here behind a computer and shout to the world what we want to happen when was the last time we ever held a protest to show the govrnment we want change come on people actions speak louder than words rather than bitch on NORML lets get up and do somethign about it and now is the time to start because now we want change.

  18. Most of you posters should think about this. THC will be rescheduled to #3. That is a good thing. If enough people use medical THC it will become much more common and they will never be able to stop people from using THC as medicine. I know marijuana should not be illegal. I know pharmeceutical companies will profit unjustly. When enough people realize that marijuana has medical uses and they are not criminals …attitudes will change. Marijuana laws will change it’s only a matter of time. This is only one battle in the effort to change the laws. Schedule 3 for THC is a good thing. It recognizes the obvious. Marijuana. The only thing bad about marijuana is the law. Change the law! ….To the poster that thinks more people will drive while high …look out for the damn alcoholics they are the ones that are going to kill you. Most people smoke a joint at home after work to relax. Then they watch TV and eat a snack. They might even listen to music or get on the internet. Marijuana is illegal because of big money interests and prejudice.

  19. I am a major supporter of Norml, but we need to understand that this is a step in the right direction. For the people who need THC for medicine, this is a big deal. Also, with the DEA stating the chief chemical in cannabis is being rescheduled to a controlled substance, its only a matter of time before medicinal marijuana is more widely accepted. Change can not come over night. We need to take the good with the bad.
    [Paul Armentano responds: I agree with you that any regulatory move by the DEA that could have the effect of facilitating greater research and development of natural cannabis-based medicines is a step in the right direction. But the political and semantic tightrope the DEA is attempting to navigate in order to do so while at the same time maintaining criminal prohibition over the natural plant (and its consumers) is untenable.]

  20. Has anyone yet to give a valid example of how thc is dangerous???????????????? Why is it esier to O.D. on water, and there is no regulations on that???
    I am a full blooded American through and through, but if you treat me like a terrorist, I will act as so…”In any civilized society, it is every citizen’s responsibility to obey just laws. But at the same time, it is every citizen’s responsibility to disobey unjust laws.” – Martin Luther King Jr.
    This plant was consumed long before our country was founded, and will continue to be consumed long after its demise..
    wait, wait, I thought of one negative aspect of MJ…It’s a gateway drug right?! YES!! Because in fifth grade our D.A.R.E. instructor told us Marijuana, Crack, Meth, and Heroin are all vary poisonious drugs…class 1 narcotics…well after someone smokes a joint and realizes they didn’t go raping someone…They realize, “hey ive been lied to, ill try those other ones they told me about”…next thing you know they are shooting up heroin in the highschool bathroom…
    Im only 28 but I learned at a young age, one lie, needs a bigger lie to survive…
    The truth shall set us free!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. So, how is this going to effect my closet grow? I’m pretty sure the government is going to do what ever the hell they want! I love these reports on NORML that stirs shit up and pisses everyone off. I also can’t wait to hear about crooks breaking in to pharmacies just to get their hands on pot in pill form! The comments that mention “Egypt” and “Revolution” make me laugh pretty hard. Really? Will government listen if we all gathered on Capital Hill smoking pot, demanding that pot be legalized? Don’t think so. We’ll be laughed at! The government WILL NEVER LISTEN!!! Just get use to it.

  22. in my estimation, and after several years of academic research and writing, i’m confident in saying this is the overarching reason cannabis has been illegal since 1937…once upon a time most of the major pharmaceutical companies made cannabis medicines…but the medicines were unstable and more difficult to make given that cannabis loses its potency over time and because it is not water soluble…now, nearly 75 years later and after the medical cannabis community has done much of the research, the pharma industry is poised to swoop in and take over…sadly, i predict it will eventually be treated like opium…the drugs are legal (vicoden, tylenol #3, etc) but the plant isn’t, i mean its not as if anyone is growing their own…

  23. Awesome! I love it! This is probably one of the best things the Marijuana Legalization Movement could hope for! As it stands now about 70% of the U.S. supports Medical Marijuana despite the DEA claiming Cannabis has No Medical Value. Apparently the DEA thinks they can drop that number by now saying “Cannabis has no medical benefits, unless you buy it from us.” Tea Party Supporters will oppose this, Libertarians will oppose this, democrats will mostly oppose this, the only people that would support it are the drug war prohibitionists. If this passed as law it could only help the cause of Full Legalization of Cannabis. Imagine this being taken to court, can anyone say multiple constitutional violations? This is also the same outdated mindset we continue to see from politicians. They still have not grasped the power and influence of the internet, people are not as ignorant or gullible as they used to be. This is a good sign they are getting even more desperate regarding the topic of Cannabis for Medical use. Thank you DEA!

  24. waiting for change, the answer to youre quetion will the govt. listen if we gather at the capital and smoke is no they will not. weve been doing that as long as i can remember on the 4th of july every year. im from the d.c. area. It makes no diffrance

  25. Hey #20 Nate you are a tool. Weed has medicinal value, and the pot heads are smoking now anyway, and do work and live their lives. All your comments are just fallacies, look up what that means. You are making predictions based on your own biases. People smoke pot now, and none of the things you say happen with regularity. You are a fool, probably some dumb cop that has a brain that is too small to think for itself.

  26. i dont get it doesnt make sense to make marijuana illegal except just the bud if you extract from the plant its the same thing the only reason is the plant itself can make so make products even though so many products are already made anyway you can on amazon order hemp protentien, lotion, soap, and so much other shit
    and for spice its the same thing at least now they can spray the incense with thc chemcials that is extracted but regardless anyway its a win/win situation anyway for both sides

  27. The whole plant material [the plant] is legal to Qualified Patients in Compassionate Use States. Qualified Patients can grow it, touch it, and smoke it. So! its a matter of state sovereignty over the Federal Supremacy Clause.

  28. Its not just the THC that makes MMJ the beneficial “drug” that it is. They need to take the cannabinoids into consideration. The combo of the CBD’s and CBN’s along with the THC are what comprise the medical benefits of Marijuana…hence the reason their beloved Marinol doesnt work like they want.

  29. I love how they made Dronabinol as a Schedule 3 drug. By definition it would need to be more physically and psychologically addicting than benzodiazepines and long-acting barbiturates (all Schedule 4 drugs), which of course it’s not. Another reason it’s ridiculous is that there is no demand whatsoever for Dronabinol on the streets. Why? Because it’s not as effective as smoked marijuana medicinally or as an intoxicant, plus it has a far longer onset of action. Synthetic THC will quietly creep down the schedules as other drugs have in the past (like loperamide, which is now the over-the-counter drug Imodium). And as it does, people will begin to see that its level of potential harm, relative to pharmaceuticals commonly prescribed by their doctors, is extremely low.

  30. this is great-now we can partake of the illegal stuff while procuring a script for the legal stuff and blow through the mans worthless drug tests.oh gee, got it in my system…got a script for that. plus,nate,your arguement is without merit. pot generally doesnt cause car accidents. lazy, fat slob is a stereotype. had a job for 30 plus years. top producer-top yeilds. rarely miss work. never impaired driving or working. shove your lies. promotes peace and relaxation to get through this stressful life. god bless all.

  31. The federal government has historically clearly been deceptive and dishonest regarding the public-policy issue of marijuana. Their true motives are ill-gained profit and power, against the will and at the expense of the tax-paying populace. As the Lord is my holy witness and in the name of Jesus Christ, I admonish the demons driving the misguided Prohibitionists’ actions back into the depths of darkness from which they have slithered.

  32. Ronald Reagan was too liberal when he said “sometimes government is the problem”. I would say government is “always” the problem. This case regarding marijuana is just another example of that truth. The Republican Party was created to end slavery, and it is slavery for government to hold a person’s hand by telling them exactly how to live from cradle to grave. We the people have the ability to make our own decisions and live with the consequences, which are usually not as bad as when government decides for you as a slave master.
    The Anonymous General Manager of Political Entertainment,
    The Rated Republican Superstar

  33. Fuck the DEA, fuck big Pharma. Im sick of their hypocrasy, sick of their empire rule. I will not buy cannabis from government or pharm just so they can profit off of me.
    What is needed here in the US is some Egyptian treatment of our government. No more arguing. no more ‘legislating’. Stop the hypocrasy,corruption ,lying. No more spending our childrens future away for empire, no more taxing the people into poverty, no more profiting from our suffering.
    Egypt has proven the power of the people is great indeed.

  34. #76 , you go ahead and lay down , be a good slave to this EMPIRE. The rest of us will just walk over you. This isnt just about pot ….its about ending tyrannical rule of government around the world.

  35. The Reformation
    When you extract THC from the whole plant material, you’re left with hemp. Hemp, in any form, is legal, so let’s put hemp aside. “It’s legal!” – and – is the most complete nutritious food known to man. “Manna – Food from God.”
    THC is as federally legal as any drug [case in point – Merinol], chemical THC, sesame oil, in a gel capsule.
    Two legals, does not an illegal make. So! We demand that government explain their logic – because – it evades understanding and there’s not an ounce of even reasonable logic here – it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. “IT’S SENSELESS AND MINDLESS.” What does make sense is the Controlled Substance Act [If cannabis has current medical use or efficacy, and a low potential for abuse, “it must” be removed from schedule I]. That’s federal law. If government is attempting to change the Controlled Substance Act, which wouldn’t surprise us in the least, let them now speak, or for ever more stick their head in the toilet, and flush it. Flush that fecal matter in their brain down the drain.
    Here is some logic that does make sense. Their [Big Pharma] synthetic doesn’t work. It can’t be synthesized. That’s God’s non-competition clause. Because Big Pharma is too greedy to give up or get out of the emerging cannabis market – they muscle their way in and kick everyone else out. Because they do this with the help of government – makes it the most corrupt coup ever witnessed in America. Even greater than 1937 & 1974, and that’s saying something.
    The question is – “What are We the People going to do about it?” It’s up to us. The Robber Barons and Carpet Baggers are our enemies – and – they have guns that are pointed directly at us – bang! bang! The answer is – forthcoming.
    Genesis – San Diego, Ca. Colony

  36. #89 Nick I hear you. I agree with what you are saying except for one thing. Pot isn’t toxic, therefore we’re not intoxicated by it nor can we be. Half the human brain is made up with cannibinoid receptors. I hear you and agree with you on all other points.

  37. #95 – If you really want to make change, and get things moving on hemp and marijuana, then how about a boycott?? Only use recycled paper, and natural hemp products (if you can find it) for things like tiolet paper.
    Trying protests here like those in the middle east won’t work. At least not now, or in the same way. They all had a common cause and suffered a hell of alot more oppression than we do – at least it appears that way. I agree that big government is all over the world, and it is tyrannical. However, like I said, there is no common cause for people to go to the streets over in the U.S. Marijuana certainly would not draw enough people to make change. People have too much to lose here to protest in the streets for days or weeks…maybe if the un-employment rate gets bad enough the people here will fall under the anti-government cause together. Remember, egypt had to be basically shut-down for weeks and protesters went with little food and water, and many were beaten. Demographics in eqypt are different – big portion of population of 16-30 year old males. Not here though, and thats the age group and gender that made up the bulk of the protests – and that would be who would make up protests of that nature here as well.

  38. #20/@ Nate:Now that your LE job is over if I was you I’d look into MMJ. It’s really a nice way to retire having a garden and good weed to chill on. Nate, don’t fucking knock it until you give it a ride. It doesn’t rot your liver like booze and if you don’t like smoke you can vape it. There is no hangover and BTW I lost 35 lb. after I got my card! I really think someone has told you some lies along the way. Before you bash something please try and learn about it. This is why we are not going away. Nate, you and the rest of the American people have been scammed. Wake up!

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