Tuesday Dr. Oz asks "Medical Marijuana: Is it Time to Make it Legal?"

Tue, Mar 29, Dr. Oz show asks "Medical Marijuana: Is it Time to Make it Legal?" (click image for promo video, available to Mar 30, 2011)
On Tuesday’s edition of The Dr. Oz Show NORML Executive Director Allen St. Pierre appears along with Montel Williams and Dr. Donald Abrams, as well as an audience loaded with NORML activists from around the Tri-State area.
The show, “Medical Marijuana: Is it Time to Make it Legal?” also brings in former ONDCP staffer Andrea Barthwell (now a consultant for a firm she created called EMGlobal Public Health) and audience members from a heroin rehab center to examine the issue of medical marijuana.
Because, after all, medical marijuana could lead to heroin addiction (*face palm*).
Click the image to visit the Dr. Oz website and watch the promotional video – you’ll hear St. Pierre telling Barthwell “you’re wrong!” and you” hear Williams respond with righteous indignation in support of medical marijuana.  (That video will be gone by Wednesday.)  Check the Dr. Oz website or your local listings to find if and when the Dr. Oz show airs in your area.

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  1. I truly didn’t expect any less from Andrea Barthwell – but then – look where she got her training. Maybe I need an attitude adjustment – that is – to laugh prohibs out of town [instead of] run them out of town on a rail. You know – a kind of Reefer Madness chuckle. Then again – I kind of like a difference of opinion. Someone has to be wrong.

  2. All I can say is “WOW”! People yelling about medical marijuana in the trailer made this whole issue very exciting for me.

  3. It is really sad and a HUGE wake-up-call that many people simply lack education or have been brainwashed to such a high degree.
    I don’t know about others, but I was coming out of the seat a few times. dam stress,, where is that bong, don’t tell me it won’t work for this or that,, BS.
    Besides, it’s like anything else in life, we DO have a choice and a brain to help us make that choice.
    @Allen St. Pierre, This stuff must be difficult to handle, but you keep your cool, and you have the facts ready.

  4. WONDERFUL episode!!! Go to Dr. Oz’s website and see clips for medical marijuana! http://www.doctoroz.com/
    On another note, the National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) website states that, “The potential benefits of medicinal Cannabis for people living with cancer include antiemetic effects, appetite stimulation, pain relief, and improved sleep. In the practice of integrative oncology, the health care provider may recommend medicinal Cannabis not only for symptom management but also for its possible direct antitumor effect.” The NCI website further states that, “Cannabis has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years prior to its current status as an illegal substance.”
    The NCI is a part of the National Institutes of Health, which is a division of the U.S. Government’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), which calls marijuana a dangerous drug with no medical value!
    WAIT A MINUTE!!!! Is it LEGAL or ILLEGAL??? The NCI says, …”the health care provider may recommend medicinal Cannabis…”! If I’m charged with illegal possession, then do I have a DEFENSE in COURT for LEGAL possession?!??!! A U.S. Government document specifically states that my oncologist may recommend medicinal Cannabis!!! And in one sentence they refer to it as medicinal, while next door in their buddy’s office they call it a “dangerous drug with no medical value”.
    I’m confused, folks. Should somebody just take it out there in broad daylight, get thrown in the slammer, then take it to the Supreme Court and sue their asses?…

  5. wow that trailer was sick….. awesome . do you know how many Dr. Oz viewers there are in the country ? ALOT! i hope this opens up so many eyes. i wrote to the DR.Oz show months ago askin to do a show on medical marijuana. i was sooooo happy to this . very pleased.

  6. I was on the show today answering addiction questions..the sentence that they edited out of my reply was “since the first recorded use of marijuana in 2525 BC not one person has died from it” I am quite saddened that they edited that out as the entire place got on thier feet and applauded..the editing process is an eye opener!!

  7. thank you dr. oz! we need more of this on the air, across the entire nation. please do it again, and this time make the prohibitionists have to have proven medical facts instead of propaganda and lies for big pharmacy and big brother.

  8. God created marijuana and saw that it was good : Genesis Ch. 1 v 11- 12 and 29. What more do we need? Could this be why the’re so against it?

  9. To # 15:
    be careful what you ask for. Dr. Oz is as brainwashed about cannabis addiction as Gil Kerlikowski. I think it SUCKS that he is able to spew that kind of bullshit and I think Montel needs to be a litle less politically correct and just come out for full out legalization. FUCK the restrictions.

  10. What a joke… I watched this program just now and it was propoganda galor as always.
    Why do they invite these people who are lieing in the first place? The liers didn’t give us a voice for 70 years so why is anyone giving them a damn voice now?
    These medical marijuana people are bashing full legalization over and over.
    They are all missing the most powerful argument of all:
    “It’s my body”
    What a let down… I was so excited for this show. Bah I am soo damn mad IRL now. It’s like I live in a nuthouse and can’t get anyone to listen to me and let me out! HAMBURGER!

  11. Montel did well, Barthwell was a witch! Her answer to the question of why are cigarettes legal, while marijuana is not, was classic prohibitionist propaganda, “they just are” she said over, and over. The only killer weed is tobacco, which is heavily taxed while it kills. I was disappointed with Dr. Oz, he had a 2 faced approach to the issue. He was clearly “for” Montels’ need for medical marijuana, yet he was against the medical marijuana dispensary report from California!
    Which is it Dr. Oz, if you are in favor of Montels’ use of medical marijuana, he needs to BUY it somewhere! Oh, but he can’t in New Jersey which HAS a medical marijuana law giving the patients the right to use it, but NO WAY to GET IT! Wait, that IS Dr. Ozs’ position, let patients have the right, but NOT a place to buy it!
    Honestly, this show gave me hope when I turned it on, then sucked all of the fun out of the topic after it was over…

  12. I honestly think that marijuana is not legal because the Government can not completely control people growing it. The average person can’t grow tobacco, the average person can’t brew alcohol, but the average person can grow marijuana. In my opinion alcohol is like liquid crack cocaine, and every individual 21 years and older can walk into any liquor store and buy it without any restrictions. I also believe that legal marijuana would have people rethink all of the other prescribed medicine and the BIG drug companies would loose a great deal of profit. There should be no restrictions on marijuana outside of a legal age. The whole idea of making it illegal is a obvious greed driven argument from greedy people/companies who would like to control every single part of human life.The very people arguing against legal marijuana are the same people who have a cocktail and a smoke to relax.

  13. I saw it and it was hell watching it. Placing marijuana on the Controlled Substance Act of 1970 have caused so much trouble.
    Just legalize it.

  14. This almost made me a Dr. Oz fan. I thought it was pretty unbiased overall. However, one major turn off was how Montel consistently backed up his claims by citing research and findings, but Dr. Oz never once asked a prohibitionist to back up their claims. Streaming from the prohibitionist’s mouths, completely unchecked, was the same old rhetoric without any scientific claims.
    Then, near the end when Dr. Oz was making his closing comments, he referred to cannabis as “very addictive” which ran against the grain of the entire show. Up until that point the discussion was all about how it is less addictive. It was a very unclear wrap.
    I guess on the positive side, the issue is finally getting real mainstream attention.

  15. Funny – it looked like there was the shortest of clips from the “Reefer Madness” movie. Overall that was a great show. I’ve never seen Dr. Oz before. Cannabem liberemus!

  16. 22. Bobby D.Denning
    Have we heard from but another Genesist.
    Yes! it very well may be why they’re against it. Religious use is fought on a federal level with the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Compelling Justification, Prior Competing Governmental Interest, and Government Supremacy Clause are their unconstitutional attack on Sacraments. Let’s go to federal court and discuss it – shall we!

  17. Norml was well represented by Al. He almost sounded too smart. Too bad they didn’t let him say a few more words
    WAKE UP everyone let’s all get on Oz website and request another
    Full show to further the truth. I’m sure the viewership was higher
    For this show than most. I’ve always liked his show and now more.

  18. Thank you Dr.Oz for doing such an honest show. My Dr. suggested Medical Marijuana for me but told me I’d need to go to a Dr. that specialized in writing recommendations out of fear that he would be ostracized by the other Dr’s in his office. He did copy the papers out of my medical files for me that prove my need for medical marijuana.

  19. i wanted to punch that guy with his “documents.” and hes trying to make it seem that tabacco is safer than cannabis. overall good show all the people against MMA looked like heartless A$$#@!&$

  20. i aplaud montel for standing up for legalizaton but the government will never let it pass because there are not enough people who will follow this i’ve pretty much given up. they say youth this youth that the youth do what they want you can’t stop it they do the same with alcohol and tobacco. if they would just look at themselfs when they where young they did the same thing. all we can do is make them aware of any risks and hope they make the right choice. if the us government had thier way alcohol and tobacco would be illegal too and give it time they will try. i’ve given up on the system and so i will take my risks and stay under the radar.

  21. That women in red I didn’t catch her name was absolutely a disgrace to her colleagues and everyone related to her profession and obviously doesn’t seem to understand what American freedom is about.
    I want to thank you St. Allen Piere, for your standing up and pointing out the facts to some of the non-sense the doctor in red was saying about use going up in California,because of Medical Merijuana.
    I also want to understand why one of the people in the audience was saying, the young man in a grey shirt claiming to be in the medical field as well. He says the research says there isn’t enough reserach yet, I think hes horribly ignorant and needs to broaden his horizens.
    Hasn’t the past 50 years of increasing marijuana use since the 60’s shown that the pot-smokers haven’t been directly hurt and damaged peoples lives? What happens now is if you get people who buy from random sources that either pressure you into taking something else or can be violent if not just un-settling. Atleast you would never want to bring your baby there. But before that bag is sold there is a lot of violence and / or danger that is associated with it, weather that means getting kicked out of your house and losing financial aid for school, to getting physical with someone trying to steal your product or exploit you.
    I just wish the government could understand better what is above.
    Anyways if this doesn’t make much sense then I blame the vicoden I’m taking due to my wisdom teeth taken out this morning. I am 22 years old and I have to say that along with this pill that I feel like im killing my liver with helps, marijuana has helped ease the pain and helped me eat my soft foods and drink alot today which is very hard to do, I know people do get sick and also have a very hard time eating the day of, which makes them even sicker. I just wish my dentist could prescribe me some sort of edibles because I have had a great day with lots of good healthy food to heal.
    I am tired of the people that say it must be illegal because they have no clue about the reality, if they do I would like to hear it and would like to point out everything they missed when growing up.
    I thought common sense was natural in people when I was young.

  22. It seems like the everyday American citizen is for legalizing marijuana, the only people against it all seem to be pushing an agenda for major companies who stand to loose major money, these companies want to sale you their drug, have you addicted to their products that cause multiple side effects, the thought of that really upsets me. I am convinced that when it all boils down, this is a matter of CONTROL, MONEY, and POWER, if they really cared about the peoples health or they cared about the youth, alcohol, and tobacco would be totally against the law. I would rather run into a stoner verses a drunk any day of the week. The people with closed eyes allow the media and government to CONTROL their every thought. Why is it hard to see that all of these other products which are government approved are way more harmful to the human body. I am not saying that weed is for everybody, but if this is not about CONTROL, then what is the BIG deal? I hate to hate people but that idiot who attempted to attack Montel with his folder full of one sided facts, and then could not give a direct answer to Dr, Oz question, is the perfect example of a intelligent FOOL who’s eye are completely shut on the real issue. I hope he was just looking for some camera time.

  23. This Weekend is Hash Bash in Ann Arbor, Michigan and I cannot wait .. I am a Medical Marijuana Patient but I feel everyone should have the right to this Plant that God Put on this show. I also want to make a comment about the show. Love Montel and I feel the Norml organization did a great job but I would love to start out with the “Truth” also.. why was it make Illegal? Because of Lies, it makes you go crazy and kill people, darkies will think there as good as whities, Why would the Government Grow it if it’s so bad for you? and also bring out why does Big PHARMA want to copy the Plant itself it it’s so bad for you.. I want Legalization for all..

  24. Why do they even bring in the most hardcore prohibitionists?
    It’s about 1 thing for them. Money. It’s too bad that even a physician such as the great Dr. Oz can’t recognize this or he can and just still insists on bringing a damn sado-moralist scumbag like that in that would rather see people dead that high.
    Fuck you, Andrea Barfwell.

  25. It appeared that the audience was stacked by government plants. Or should I rephrase that to “people that depend on weed being illegal for a paycheck” plants? These vampires that use prohibition to make a living don’t have the power to understand or believe anything to the contrary. Stick a g-note up your ass and see how well you reason. I don’t excuse them or despise them any less for it though.
    Montel looked like he was going to puke with all the paycheck ignorance going down on that show. As I look back at it I think the prohibitionist resembled “tea party” folks. My wife whom is a non-user after watching said “I won’t ever watch Oz again” as his closing remarks showed his biases.
    And not showing that cannabis is nontoxic was a major disinformation scam. Shame on them.

  26. typo: I feel everyone should have the right to this plant that God Put on this earth. God Planted it here , so he wanted it here in the first place…

  27. I was upset with Dr. Oz’s take he was very biased against medical marijuana. And they allowed many more people to speak against it then for it. I just found myself screaming at the TV. I don’t like the format of this show since any idiot holding papers can stand on a soap box and spread lies. He honestly talked about the Gateway Theory what the hell. He damned the whole thing and as usual science and studies were ignored due to people yelling over the evidence.

  28. 40, 41, 42. Brethren of the Genesist Faith New Zeland.
    The 6 to 6 = 0 standoff vote in Montana was not as disheartening as the statewide raids conducted by the DEA. We do have a Constitution here – even though certain elements of government are hell bent on trashing it [ya! good luck with that]. But – you can rely on the fact – that we are Americans – and – when you push an American into a corner – you can bet your ass we are going to come out fighting. Hope is eternal…4-20 @ 4:20 is 21 days away.
    Have a great CDXX Communion.

  29. -Medical Marijuana should be legal. Prescription drugs are more dangerous among younger people then weed. There are 18 year olds in Ocala Florida who are prescribed and addicted to prescription drugs roxy oxys ambion zanex and many many other prescription drugs, some of them are addicted to the drugs that are suppose to help you not be addicted such as subboxin and methadone. I understand that if marijuana were to be legalized it would pull our economy out of debt and more then likely to drop crime rate. And our jails would not be overflowing. Marijuana is a cure all but its not for everyone,cancer patients who are overwhelmed with prescription drugs find salvation in marijuana. Ive read many articles that show studys of weed doubles new brain cellgrowth, and in some cases it can speed up your metabolism, It is ideal for people who have anxiety and deppresion. Im not saying to legalize it for everyone, but i am saying medical marijuana should be legalized and i think there should be further studys to prove that it is in no way shape or form harmful to your health. And that our goverment and the fda should be more focused on the prescription drugs then anything else right now,I am 21 years old and for the past 4 years I have lost many friends and seen many peoples lives fall apart from use of prescription drugs. Access to these drugs are easier then getting marijuana. And more kids are on them.

  30. It’s high time NORML started threatening lawsuits.
    Federal law states that cannabis and cannabinoids are classified in Schedule I with drugs that have “no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States and a lack of accepted safety for use under medical supervision.”
    How can it be possible that DHHS was assigned US Patent No. 6,630,507 entitled “Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants” in 2003, AND the National Cancer Institute makes clear there are MANY accepted medical uses, yet such exculpatory evidence is suppressed at trial?
    Hint: It’s a felony to suppress exculpatory evidence at trial. Millions have been arrested since 2003. Demand reparations!
    [Editor’s note: Lawsuits? You mean like NORML vs DEA 1972-1994? Been there, done that. You mean Gettman, NORML, et al…doing that now, 1998-?. There is no actionable cause by reformers for a federal lawsuit over US Patent No. 6,630,507. If you think otherwise, go file a lawsuit as you’re free to do so.]

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