Montana Senate resuscitates medical marijuana repeal bill 29-21

(NBC Montana) HELENA, Mont. — Senators endorsed a bill repealing medical marijuana shortly after 6 p.m. Thursday by a vote of 29-21. It needs one more, mostly procedural, vote to clear the chamber.
The Senate began arguing the repeal after a last minute push got HB 161 to the Senate floor by a one-vote margin.
Democrats say Republicans are going against what the public wants, but Republicans say what’s going on in Montana now isn’t what 62 percent of the voters approved several years ago.

It looks like Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer may be all that stands between 28,000 patients returning to criminal status and protecting them from arrest. Call the governor and prevent the first ever marijuana reform state loss in forty years of drug war.
Governor Brian D. Schweitzer
Office of the Governor
Montana State Capitol Bldg.
P.O. Box 200801
Helena MT 59620-0801
(406) 444-3111, FAX (406) 444-5529

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  1. So, the Democrats say Republicans are going against what the public wants, but Republicans say what’s going on in Montana now isn’t what 62 percent of the voters approved several years ago.
    Well then, how about giving the voters what the approved several years ago? How about that???
    GOD Damn these simple-minded politicians!!!
    Montana’s need to throw them into the street where they would do more good for the state than they are currently doing!

  2. Boycott Montana if they vote to repeal the MMJ laws.
    I am a Republican, but me and my family are going to vote against all Republicans that will not stand up for the repeal of the prohibition of marijuana.
    We will vote against every Republican that continues to stand in the way of marijuana being available to adults,
    and patients.
    These Republicans are refusing to represent the will of the people who want to use marijuana, which is safer than alcohol, and most prescription medications.

  3. “The Reformation”
    Genesis I:29,30,31
    They [prohibs] have declared war against our “Sacrament.” They [prohibs] – then – have declared war against our Faith – which of course – they [prohibs] regard as “Fantacy’s Fairy Tales” – and – of no concern or consequence to them [dismissed]. We – then – are soldiers of the Faith. It was not like we had a choice. Prohibited from our Sacrament – the only choice we could make – is to “defend” our Faith – which is to say – “defend” our freedom. Our allegiance is to our self, our God, our country, our Constitution – its liberties and its rights. We of “individual free spirit” will “defend” our free spirited soul – which includes the Spirit of God, and our individual eternal spirit self – two spirits in one soul – “Logos Nous.” We are each and all prepared to “defend” our Faith.

  4. vote the governor out,and all his buds
    then start over
    and give him a piss test on the way out,if he fails,no fing pension,I bet he is dirtier than dirt.just like that vegas prosecutor,they all all dirty.bastards!

  5. The Sign Says, I pray for those lost souls, in some forgotten place in this universe, you have used your talent to build more and bigger prisons, imagine what The Stars see Planet Earth, is it a prison planet, is it a healthy dot in this universe

  6. I seriously wish our legislators would quit practicing medicine without a license. If I told their physician(s) what they could or could not prescribe for them, I’d be put in jail for fraud.
    Of course, this is just my opinion; I could be wrong.

  7. It is absolutely ludicrous that there is even any discussion about this subject.
    It is the individual’s right to make his/her own choice as to what they do and as long as they are not harming anyone else or other’s property then what is the problem.
    Everyone has forgotten that they have their own right to choose! No one is forced to go to a bar and drink, jsut because someone said it’s ok doesn’t mean you have to do it right?! Apparently we didn’t jump off of the proverbial bridge like everyone else so when are you going to quit letting someone else decide what’s right for YOU!!

  8. Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer
    Dont make decisions for adult Montana people.
    The same people who voted you in to office are the
    people that have voted in medical marijuana sir.
    Shall the people repeal your seat in our office sir?
    I am 50yrs old and sure as hell know what I need
    better than anyone. Please contact me and explain
    why I belong in jail because as an adult I choose
    to smoke medical marijuana for what ever reason I see
    fit.I am sorry my pain has caused you so much
    trouble sir. My doctor always offers me some narcotic
    drugs that he feels will help me with my pain yet when
    I suggest medical marijuana he tells me that may very
    well help but he really dosent want to be involved
    with that. He does not want to be knowen as one of
    those kind of doctors or have thoes kind of people
    comming to his office. This is my long time family
    doctor,two sons and a wife. Being very honest about it
    It really is time for a change sir. At this moment
    I am not sure where the changes is needed the most.
    I think it is in the way people have been lied to
    about medical marijuana since the 30s. Or maybe sir,
    the change needs to made in your office. I belive your
    a good man sir,I hope you do the right thing and stop
    this repeal. Because sir,I am also a good man. I try
    very hard each and every day to do the right things,
    cherrish family and neighbors as well.I work hard,pay
    my taxes,try to make the world a better place.
    Enough said,I shouldent have to be here wasting my
    time to begin with. All you have to do is your job sir
    the people of this fine state have spoken you sir
    need to listen,ty

  9. When it’s time to vote during election time we need to make a few demands and exceptions because if they want my vote they must be totally in favor of marijuana . And since some are in favor of it , they will get my vote. If we all do this it will eliminate all the mule heads that are against it. Making things better for us. No marijuana no vote. I’ts one way to overhaul the govt. No bud no vote. We should be able to see who is who by now.

  10. I came down with pancreatitis. within 3 months, I lost 30lbs. doctors said i would eventually die from pancreatic cancer. I refused to beleive. With eating large amounts of cannabis extract, I have reversed this disease. My GI specialist said there isn’t any damage left on the pancreas at all. I was hooked to taking 80 milligrams of percacet a day, which almost killed me detoxing off of those. I now have cured 3 cases of skin cancer and am working on an internal case right now. this is truly God’s gift to us.If you are religious at all, look up Gen1:11. it’s in the beginning. look further into the bible and you will see that the lord gave us an herb that will kill all known diseases to man. Let’s get out of bed with the AMA and let the herb set us free.

  11. The difference between governance and ignorance these days is there isn’t any. At least not yet!

  12. If this passes what can activists do? I have some real dirty deeds up my sleeve which I will not mention online. This will send me into Kamikaze Martyr mode.

  13. Montana, is be a place where Freedom High Mountains have chosen freedom, that place where I could look out above the tree line, where wild flowers grazed endlessly in the Sun, in some secret place in my mind I remembered the sword in my hand, I remembered who gave me The Sword, Jesus died on such a filthy death+cross
    Free Cannabis
    Free People Gather, here in America there are many who bring boughs of flowers and prepare
    Stay In The Light

  14. 4-20 @ 4:20 [mark minus 17 days].
    We the People of the United States of America – “MUST” stand against federal aggression as a “UNITED FRONT” – 3141. “Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God.” The government is using its police power to deny us our Sacrament and medicine, not to mention our Constitutional right. This is the political straw that broke the camels back. Here are a few reasons why we “MUST” act against government’s horrific crimes against humanity:
    Willful violation of the First Amendment of the Constitution.
    Willful violation of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. (H.R. 1308).
    Abusive Governmental Authority.
    Unlawful Political Influence.
    Fabrication of False Information.
    Breach of Public Trust and Confidence.
    Intentional Obstruction of a Physician/Patient Relationship.
    Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress.
    Malicious Prosecution and Abusive Process.
    I’d like to say – we Genesists cannot stand up [any higher] for our beliefs than we do – at this very moment. I’d like to say that with dignity and honor – which we have given our selves. I’d like to say that – and I do. I don’t say that because of cannabis – I say that because we are American patriots. We believe in God and country, life and liberty. We believe in our Constitution – and have sworn allegiance to protect it at all costs – with our lives if need be. I’d like to say – we haven’t identified the enemy – but we have. Government has proven, to We the People, once and for all, that they don’t care what we have to say – we’re immaterial and expendable. The less they listen – the less they hear. Governement is the epitome of “Talk to the hand.” We have met the enemy – and – if we do nothing – the enemy is us. For those of us who do “STAND AS A UNITED FRONT” we trust our selves implicitly.

  15. This is why you don’t vote Republican. Anyone who thinks both parties are equally in contempt should look at this vote in the state legislature almost ever Republican voted for repeal and almost every Democrats voted against.

  16. State Rep. Hale (R-MT) apparently thinks DUI laws are to harsh but getting rid of Medical marijuana a okay.

  17. This is lunacy.
    If MM is repealed or severely restricted, I will lose my job, my medicine, and all of my love and respect for this state.
    I will go on unemployment and suck every last nickel I can from Montana, and then I will move–to someplace that doesn’t cram pseudo-morality or “special interest” agendas down the throats of the MAJORITY.
    Heaven forbid poor people are able to grow their own medicine!
    FUCK-YOU montana REPUBLICANS. I’ll pay my taxes elsewhere.

  18. Again our government is letting its people down. We are (suppose) to be a free country. Its seems only the rich and almighty have a say to what is good for us. I myself suffer from arthritis, continual back pain and restless leg syndrome. Now, I don’t like to complain much, but, if the governor would like to walk a day in my shoes and deal with the pain and depression that go with it because you can’t hardly get around like you use to…so be it have a good time, Enjoy yourself Mr. Govenor, Mr. Contanse Pain Never goes away.

  19. My biggest disappointment is in Christians, the Sensenbrieners, all those big names who practice the religion of Christ, they gather in churches all over in this USA, and yet this world is torn, Newt and Hillary, do you wonder, what does Hillary believe?
    Obama wants to try again, what and where does Obama want to be and where does he want to lead us?
    Free Cannabis

  20. Another disappointment is to to see Scottish bagpipers marching along with the police, such alliances are made in disgrace, what do you bring to Eternity?
    In my time, as another witness who carefully guards +the treasures I carry To GOD
    Rest well and dream well

  21. It doesnt matter how many of these communist GOP bastards vote against medical marijuanaa. Cannabis will out live every FUCKING republican in office.

  22. The Gov wont sign it, I know his sister and have seen him talk in support of medical marijuana. I know he will not sign this bill, no way.

  23. 82 Brent in KY
    If he talks “in support” of medical cannabis – why won’t he sign it?

  24. I live here, I hope its repealed.28k Montana residents don’t need a green card. I hate pot shops on every corner. Green cards are way to easy to get. Doctors office connected to a Pot shop….really? I watch ppl walk into the shop. Walk out, jump in a car with friends and light up…. this not what the bill was for. So repeal….revise, edit and send it through again.

  25. I can’t believe that so many people believe we actually live in a “free” country…Yup free where we hold 25% of the worlds prison population, where we have the greatest # of our own citizens % wise in prison than any other so called Westernized country. Where here in Missouri, where a vote for the end of “Puppy Mills” that passed is as I write being overturned by the big $ cattlemen associations, even though the peoples vote won it. So what do our votes even mean? Apparently the peoples choice does not matter in this country. We as a whole are so stupid. I just opened an email saying we should “take back the country” 1) by closing the border 2) The Costitution, and the Bill of Rights, and in the next breath….3) make mandatory drug testing for recipients of Welfare/Food Stamps….Now how is drug testing constitutional? The same people (other than us) that scream about our rights being lost, are the ones causing the loss in the first place! Pisses me the hell off! Nina here in rural (Bible thumping) Missouri, the last state that will pass reasonable Cannabis laws more than likely.

  26. Maybe its time we started throwing these neocons in a cage for manslaughter. I mean, for real, these pricks KNOW now that cannabinoids kill cancer, and yet, these pretentious cock suckers think they have the right to force their indoctrination upon us, but OHHHHHHHHHH IF TOBACCO OR ALCOHOL COMES TO QUESTION THESE SHIT EATING NEOCONS TAKE ALL KINDS OF MONEY FROM PHILIP MORRIS, RJ REYNOLDS, BUSCH, BUDWEISER, ETC.

  27. politicianscan’t be trusted they say one thing and do another this is sopposed to be a free country and it’s not i see it every day with things other than marijuana they want to raise tax on anything that is deemed bad for you or make it illegal all together they aren’t any better than these other countries with dictators theres just more of them i don’t think the government needs reformed it needs completely striped and remodeled with people who actully do what they say.

  28. I am pro-weed rights! Stay out of my garden…..Your damn right! It kills and slows the growth of cancer including brain for Lord’s sake. Eat the Oil my friends. Lets start curing ourselves and our loved ones.

  29. #86@Darrel– good to see you are angry and excited– and aware of the lobby money from Alc, Bacco and pHARTMa; #73@unbeLIEvable and #70@Chris mention Rpublicans, who get twice as much tobacco money as Democrats; now I want you all to note that the lynchpin holding that entire system together is the hot burning overdose $IGARETTE format which RAISES THE MONEY (a pack-a-day habit is OVER $3650/yr. in NYC).
    The pseudo-Cons, clutching their tobacco money, may anxiously surmise that cannabis teaches its informed expert users (anyone) TRUE conservatism– Physician Do no Harm; First Conserve Human Life; Miniaturize Dosage– and that the foremost Dosage on the scene that screams to be miniaturized is the secret sacred 700-mg. $igarette (and/or “joint”). That’s why they oppose cannabis.
    If cannabis legalization frees up cannabis users to use Vaporizer, 25-mg. One-hitter or cannabinoid E-cig OPENLY WITH IMPUNITY, this presently still quasi-illegal Conservative Dosage Policy will soon spill over among the 45 million (USA) nicotine addicts, the genocidal Hot Burning #igarette will vanish from the market, addicts will be spending less than a tenth of what they now spend on the tobacco, and this will CUT OFF THE MONEY available for that “Industry” to make payments to Republicans and to the swarms of clever well-dressed lobbyists in the offices of Republican legislators.
    So consider getting into the business of making and marketing Conservative Dosage Management Utensils in Montana, Missouri or wherever you are; and share your learning about the work by signing in with a username and adding text or pictures to or re-editing vital articles such as “Make Smoke Pipes From Everyday Objects”.

  30. So 62% of a populace wants to medicate….. or sees no problem with it. Not a single overdose in the history of mankind…. WTF is the problem ?
    Pretty obvious to me – Politics & hidden agendas. It’s just POT for Christ’s sake ! You would think citizens are stealing from their government or something truly criminal ! A little reefer never hurt anyone folks.

  31. (*&)(%*&#(&$)(@#*&$)(@#*$&)(*&# (*#$&)(*#&$)(@*&$ $#(*@&)(*(@*#$&(* !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. i sure hope the people will start to wake up and see what our elected officails are doing. the will of the people my ass. these thiefs will only do what big money is telling them to do . and lets not forget about the d.e.a. and them wanting to continue to get billions of tax payer dollars so they can wage a war no one wants. its a shame that in this country where the will of the people is to allow marijuana to be legally used. is ignored by our politicians and our goverment is willing to hurt hundred of thousands with felony record just so they can keep stuffing there pockets with campaign money , we the people really need to look and some goverment reform. like how about a third party that is of the people , by the people and nothing but the people

  33. 84.kenley Says:
    April 5th, 2011 at 11:12 am
    I live here, I hope its repealed.28k Montana residents don’t need a green card. I hate pot shops on every corner. Green cards are way to easy to get. Doctors office connected to a Pot shop….really? I watch ppl walk into the shop. Walk out, jump in a car with friends and light up…. this not what the bill was for. So repeal….revise, edit and send it through again.
    —C’mon, who is anyone on this forum or anywhere else for that matter to claim they know that 28k Montana citizens don’t need a green card…
    I beg to differ, because we all know that even ONE single patient without a card is a criminal in the eyes of the law. So actually, until the laws change each and every one of those 28,000 people need a green card or they go to jail for seeking relief….How dare they feel like crap when they wake up each and every day……
    It really is hard to accept that there are people out there like “kenley” to crusade against a safe and natural alternative. So concerned about how we trat our pain. At some point you would think that they would have been told in life to “worry about yourself and wish everyone else well”. What if 280,000 Montanan’s choose this medicine? who are you or anyone else to say that it is wrong? The People voted for this option and that is EXACTLY what it is, another option.
    As far as cannabis caravans go or whatever you might call them…How would the average Montana Citizen go about getting a recommendation for MMJ? I am sure you cannot get you’re own family MDto make the recommendation, because he or she has not had freedom to make those recommendations without upsetting the uninformed.
    Does the State provide a list of Doctors who recommend? I doubt it. I’m sure that you have a better idea about how to help these people. Oh yeah, you posted it. Take it away…….
    It is the ignorant (no insult intended, merely a fact) of Society who still think they should have a say in my health care. My Doctor has figured it out..

  34. ONLY 14 DAYS UNTIL 4-20 @ 4:20
    In the meantime – Montana needs our support – and – they need it now. If we can’t produce results in Montana – what kind of results do we expect nationwide. Let Schweitzer know how the nation feels about his decision.
    Montana citizens – let him know that his affirmative decision is a bid for his re-election – and – his negative decision will cause the 62% in favor of medical cannabis to go south on him. The bird is in his hands.

  35. i don’t even support m.m program. but i support their right to freedom of choice. its a sad day in america when a hand full of politicions can overturn the will of the people. so much for land of the free.

  36. What are the politicians going to do when Montana citizens react with a statewide legalization initiative? Republicans would probably just find a way to strip Citizens of their right to voter initiatives (we could call it “Scott Walkering” the people if you like LOL)
    Leave them patient alone Governor, their lives suck bad enough without being made into criminals for seeking relief. Not one of them is going to cause any harm while they sit in their living room and just wait for the burning in their back to stop.

  37. Have Faith that this can be fixed. We the People of America need to stand together against the Tyrants that are the Pharmaceutical, Oil, Secret Intelligence Organizations within the Government. I have been sharing some vital information with people to help to wake them up. It has come to my attention and has been proven time and time again that these Corrupt Entities and Elite are using the lowest form of attack ever. They are using Electronic Technology Attack Methods against the people to change their minds about issues just like this. It is an open attack against the people using Torture and down right Mind Control. Proof can be found at
    This site was put together by a Lawfirm that is fighting for Americans in every state to prevent open torture of Citizens. I encourage everyone to visit the website and see the video in the middle of the page and read the info. I am trying to show people that this form of attack is being used against anyone that goes against these Corrupt Industry Leaders and Legalization of Hemp is one of those things the Pharmaceutical Industry doesn’t want to happen.
    Educate your family, friends, and local State Representative about this form of electronic attack. Also you can visit my YouTube channel and ask me how this technology can be used to control people and I will be happy to explain and give you video examples of its use. Visit
    Peace in Wisdom

  38. the Montana Republican’s have apparently designated Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer as their “scapegoat”. talk about being between a rock and a hard spot….
    i will definitely be watchin’ the fireworks on this one.

  39. Something went wrong when the new people showed up?Some one complained then another then another …and people being like sheep others followed and before you know it board people with nothing better to do or talk about fell back on years and years of negative propaganda they had all been raised with,plus pharma and tobacco and alcohol all fear competition and so they add their complaints …its like the school teacher dose’nt know how to tell the little students or even the teens the truth with out making those who have been lieing all these years out to be liers ..and before you know it every bodies got a complaint..This is why truth is so important and dishonesty is such a disaster.Even now remember,no mater how much you lie, the truth will eventually prevail.It may take a while and you can lock people up by the millions which we have done, but this will not keep the truth from coming forward.You can not lock a persons mind up only his body.The truth will eventually be recognized and told,No matter how much you torture the people,they will find out the truth.

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