Montana Senate resuscitates medical marijuana repeal bill 29-21

(NBC Montana) HELENA, Mont. — Senators endorsed a bill repealing medical marijuana shortly after 6 p.m. Thursday by a vote of 29-21. It needs one more, mostly procedural, vote to clear the chamber.
The Senate began arguing the repeal after a last minute push got HB 161 to the Senate floor by a one-vote margin.
Democrats say Republicans are going against what the public wants, but Republicans say what’s going on in Montana now isn’t what 62 percent of the voters approved several years ago.

It looks like Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer may be all that stands between 28,000 patients returning to criminal status and protecting them from arrest. Call the governor and prevent the first ever marijuana reform state loss in forty years of drug war.
Governor Brian D. Schweitzer
Office of the Governor
Montana State Capitol Bldg.
P.O. Box 200801
Helena MT 59620-0801
(406) 444-3111, FAX (406) 444-5529

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  1. It will be a terrible and inhumane action if Gov. Schweitzer allows this bill to become law. It will take 26,000 Montana citizens who are suffering from a variety of chronic and possibly fatal diseases and make them into criminals. They have had some relief from their diseases for several years and now they will be thrown back into the abyss of pain, nausea, and depression that they lived with before. If there are problems with the system, fix them. Do not destroy the entire system and destroy your own citizens. Please veto SB423.

  2. Thats Awesome, one more step toward freedom. Thank you Governor Schweitzer. You are a gentleman and schollar and you are now a HERO to 26,000 Montana Citizens.
    Peace in Wisdom

  3. Sandy, did you read my comment from April 7? I am talking about this exact type of event, where people come to voice their opinion and suddenly start acting strange or change their oppinion suddenly. This is exactly the type of behavior and activity that is cause for people to get scanned for implants. What you noticed is directly related to mind control experimentation that is taking place currently. See the links in my comment and write me on YouTube and Ill will send you the video evidence that this technology exists and how it works.
    Peace in Wisdom

  4. @104 Kevin: I appreciate your provocative thoughts about mind control conspiracy, I would add THE mind control conspiracy, there is ONE that outweighs all others and it is the conspiracy to recruit millions more youngsters (900,000 a year, USA alone) into hot burning overdose nicotine $igarette addiction (more on that in my post #38 above).
    Don’t be too panicky about sudden changes of opinion which can be for worse or better depending on the subtleties. Presently there is lots of positive change underway due to LEAP* Memory (long-harbored ideas and hopes “leaping” from the Dynamic Unconscious into “here and now” conscious domain, like “pop-ups” on your compfputer) and Cannabis itself is a major factor in releasing them.
    *Long-term Episodic Associative Performance Memory
    Consider the $lavery of nicotine addiction. The Companies have spent a $trillion over the decades on hatefearteasing oops sorry advertising to train a typical pack-a-day “smoker” to:
    * Light up 20 different 700-mg. drug dossge units (i.e. cigarettes) daily, and
    * Inhale therefrom nearly two hundred (200) “puffs” (each a further separate drug dose) daily, of a drug cocktail including addictive nicotine, necrotic carbon monoxide, 421 other combustion toxins etc. etc.
    Is there on the planet any more spectacular achievement of mind control than that?
    Whereas, in the Cannabis Conservative Era dawning, herbal vapor users– any species– will make a separate conscious decision about each and every 25-mg. (40 per gram) SINGLE TOKE.
    PS: did you know (a) Norman Mailer said Lee Harvey Oswald was the only (1) American in Minsk in 1959; (b) Marina and Lee lived in a stalinesque apartment building overlooking a park and the City Opera; (c) Marina said (1964) Lee’s favorite opera was “THE QUEEN OF SPADES”, op. 68, by Pyotr Ilyitch Tchaikovsky; (d) In 1963 United Artists made a movie starring a guy named Lawrence Harvey (who played the gunman), entitled, “THE MAN SHOOTERIN’ KENNEDYDEAD”; (e) the plot involved a mind control technique centering on a card trick involving the QUEEN OF DIAMONDS; (f) the last words in the movie are spoken by the character played by “Light Up a Lucky, It’s Light-Up Time” Frank Sinatra (who had introduced his “friend” Kennedy to Judith Campbell Exner and Sam Giancana, but that’s a different movie).
    After “they” so contrived to gruesomely kill a President whose name sounded like “Joint Of Cannabis”, cannabis is still illegal a half century later (the Power of PR) and the nicotine tobacckgo oligarchy still controls 1.2 billion mindrobotized puffsuckers worldwide.

  5. I appreciate your insight maxwood, however I am privy to a vast amount of information that validates the complete necessity to make people aware of the Brain Scan Chip Implants as they are currently, readily being implanted by the Military Industrial Complex and Secret Intelligence Agencies without anyone being aware of it. Also they are being used regularly to change people’s oppinion about legalization. We are talking about an attempt to gain complete control over people and their opinions and thoughts.
    I can send you information about how someone is trying to sneak a Bill into Legislation to allow them to continue implanting people and to use this system to direct them and their actions. This is a reality and it is the latest step to increase the effectiveness of the ELF transmissions that currently are being used in an attempt to control the Masses.
    This information must be shared. People must wake up to the extent that these Corrupt Organizations and Societies will goto to ensure their control.
    In time others will come forward as I have to expose these methods and wake people up. But like William Cooper and Phil Schneider and Edgar Fouche, Someone must take the forfront of this information sharing and So I take these steps to share this information.
    Again, feel free to ask me for evidence that this is happening and video documentation that these devices have been developed and are currently being used against all of Humanity already at:
    As Always, Do Not Panic, but be aware so you will not become a victim
    Peace in Wisdom my friends

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