Why Are The Feds Still Meddling With States' Medical Marijuana Laws?

It was just three years ago when President Obama (then candidate Obama) famously pledged to no longer use federal “Justice Department resources to try to circumvent state laws” regulating the physician authorized use of medical cannabis. And it was in the fall of 2009 that the administration issued the Ogden memorandum to federal prosecutors directing them to not “focus federal resources … on individuals whose actions are in clear and unambiguous compliance with existing state laws providing for the medical use of marijuana.”
Yet in recent days the administration has seen fit to interject itself in the ongoing legislative debate to establish and regulate medical marijuana dispensaries in Washington state. Last week, on the eve of a final House vote regarding Senate Bill 5073, the U.S. attorney for Eastern Washington issued a statement warning landlords that they could face forfeiture of their properties if they rent to licensed medical marijuana facilities. Undeterred, the House passed SB 5073 (the Senate had previously passed an earlier version of the bill), setting up a potential showdown between lawmakers and Democrat Gov. Chris Gregoire.
In an April 14, 2011 letter to Gov. Gregoire from the U.S. Department of Justice, U.S. Attorneys Jenny Durkan of Seattle and Michael Ormsby of Spokane wrote, “[W]e maintain the authority to enforce the Controlled Substances Act vigorously against individuals and manufacturing and distribution activity involving marijuana, even if such activities are permitted under state law.”
The letter continues: “The Washington legislative proposals will create a licensing scheme that permits large-scale marijuana cultivation and distribution. This would authorize conduct contrary to federal law. … Accordingly, the Department [of Justice] could consider civil and criminal legal remedies who set up marijuana growing facilities … or who knowingly facilitate the actions of the licensees. … [S]tate employees who conducted activities mandated by the Washington legislative proposals would not be immune from liability under the Controlled Substances Act.”
Predictably, Gov. Gregoire is now shying away from the proposal. As reported by the Seattle Times, the Governor stated “In light of the Department of Justice’s guidance, it is clear that I cannot sign a bill that authorizes our state employees to license marijuana dispensaries when the department would prosecute those involved.” The Times noted that Gregoire “pledged to work with lawmakers on a new proposal.”
Is the Governor using the Feds’ letter as political cover to denounce a measure that she never intended to sign in the first place? Maybe. But the bigger picture is that the federal officials still seem content to selectively interject in the state lawmaking process as it pertains to the medical access to marijuana.
Will the Feds most recent threats have a potential chilling effect on pending legislation in Delaware, Illinois, and Vermont — additional states where lawmakers recently voted in favor of establishing similar state-licensed medical marijuana dispensaries? And what, if anything, do these threats imply for states like Colorado, Maine, New Mexico, and Rhode Island where such facilities have already been authorized by the state? Time will tell, but at present time it’s not looking good.
‘Change we can believe in?’ Not when it comes to medical marijuana policy.

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  1. Jesus said to do unto others as we would have them do unto us. None of us would want our child thrown in jail with the sexual predators over a little marijuana. It’s time to let ordinary Americans grow a little marijuana in their own back yards.

  2. This is just the tip of the iceburg,as far as the Feds are concerned.
    I hope this isn’t off-topic but has anyone here heard of the bill S-510
    that regulates(prohibits) Growing- Trading and Saving vegetable seed’s
    for home gardening?..”.This tyrannical law puts all food production (yes, even food produced in your own garden) under the authority of the Department of Homeland Security. Yep — the very same people running the TSA and its naked body scanner / passenger groping programs”.This law would also give the U.S. government the power to arrest any backyard food producer as a felon (a “smuggler”) for merely growing lettuce and selling it at a local farmer’s market.
    I’ts not just Cannabis anymore kids -They Want Absolute Control Over our Food Supply -This law passed the senate in december 2010 i beleive-scary stuff!

  3. Just seems to me that if the DEA was defunded some of our social ills would be solved. Currently the budget for the DEA is over 2 billion dollars and a staff of almost 11,000. Get rid of the DEA and farm them out to Iraq and Afghanistan where they can help rebuild the infrastructure or just provide support services. This is a rogue agency that is just sucking our coffers dry. In 1972 when this agency was created their budget was 65.2 million and they had a staff of 2,775. Strewn in their path of the 40 year failed war on Marijuana is a very sad history of Richard Nixon and his completely whacked world view towards protestors and the peace movement.

  4. Reform our prison system by dismantling the DEA and turning them into guards of violent criminals. Let all the pot smokers and non violent offenders go free. Then they’ll have something constructive to do instead of picking on pussies who refuse to fight back with guns and bloodshed, just like the DEA does.

  5. 53. Windy – I didn’t laugh – I cried inside [then] became outraged.
    Then will you hear me now?
    Genesists are not tin foil hat wearing weirdos who think we need rights and freedom. Genesists are steel battle helmet patriots who [have] rights and freedoms, and [will] defend those rights and freedoms with our lives, and to our death. “We are American Genesists.”
    The Democrats and Liberals want big government and big laws – the Republicans and Conservatives want limited government and big laws. Either way – we’re plagued with “Big Laws” – and – reject the statement as to who is going to stay out of our lives – that’s non-sense and fantasy. Reality indicates that we have the necessary ingredients brewing for a civil war – and – by the sound of the jungle drums and the sight of smoke signals – we’re about to have one. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to circle the wagons.
    The questions we should ask ourselves are:
    1. If S510 – FDA Food Safety Modernization Act requires those who “grow and share” food to be regarded as “Community Supported Agricultural Suppliers” – how does that effect cannabis collective and coops?
    2. How does S510 fit into “No Home Grow” legislation being pushed in all 50 states?
    3. How does the 02.01.11 DOJ Memo piece fit into this puzzle?
    4. How does the DEA-FDA rescheduling of whole plant material extracts to schedule III fit the puzzle?
    5. How does this effect importing hemp seeds from Canada [ask Mark Emery]?
    6. How is this all being orchestrated?
    It’s almost impossible to read this bill with any dignity – but – I will say this – there are some “political wizards” working on this – and – may I add that Dingall is without a doubt a complete and total – “Dingallberry.”

  6. You know, this could be countered pretty easily. Similarly to the couple of states which have made laws to protect mmj patients from discrimination in the workplace etc., the lawmakers in Washington could pass an addendum to the bill protecting any person, state employee or otherwise, who facilitates the acquisition of a license or activities pertaining thereto from federal prosecution. Make it a felony punishable by 10 years in a maximum security state prison for any federal employee to enforce the Controlled Substances Act as it pertains to cannabis in contravention of state mmj laws. If such a law was actually enforced, I’ll bet the federal enforcers would stop screwing with that state pretty quick.

  7. The best solution to this ridiculous stand-off between laws that do more harm than good and freedom is to get I-1149 on the ballot and then pass it, it takes away ALL penalties for cannabis, completely, then people can grow/buy/sell/transport/use it for medicine without any hassles from State government.
    As for the federal government, refer back to my first statement in this thread. Obviously, the federal government has no authorized Constitutional power to interfere in State laws, nor to demand State officials enforce federal laws. The only power it has in these circumstances is the power of fear in the people and State officials. Throw off that fear and stand up for your Rights, tell the federal government to go suck an egg.

  8. Washington State should not back down. Nor should any other state that is considering adopting medical marijuana laws. Let them come in and bust dispensaries. Put it on State, local, and national news. The Federal government has fought medical marijuana all along. When a few states legalized it for medicine the world did not fall apart. People realized it is medicine. Now the Feds know they have to stop any more states from becoming medically marijuana friendly. The lies about no medical marijuana use have been found out to be LIES. When all or most of the Fifty States legalized Medical Marijuana the Federal government will have to change the scheduling of marijuana. Marijuana is a benign herb. The laws against marijuana are more harmful than the plant itself. It’s way past time to change the unjust marijuana laws. Contact your Senators, Representatives, The AMA, The President. Tell them what you think and that you vote and you will not vote for anyone that is anti marijuana….at least for medical and spiritual purposes. Stand up now or just let the situation revert back to the way it was under Nixon. I recently e-mailed the Govenor of Montanna Thanking him for his wise position on medical marijuana. Get active. The Feds are running scared and are showing their true bully boy status.

  9. I had a nice long post and it dissappeared. When the majority of States change the law to allow medical marijuana the Federal government will have no choice but to change the wrongful scheduling of marijuana. The current laws are based on lies, racism, and favortism to big buisiness and corporations. Now that some states have medical marijuana laws on the books and the world has not fallen apart they are coming down hard on any new states. This needs to be in the National, State, and Local News. Where is it? It’s hidden away. Mail all of your representatives and tell them that you vote and that medical marijuana should be legalized. I just e-mailed Montanna’s Govenor thanking him on his stand for medical marijuana. You have got to Thank them when they are good and chastize them and vote them out when they don’t follow your wishes. We need non violent peaceful disobedience and the attitude that we are not going to take it anymore. The last prohibition was overcome when we had a great Depression. We’re in another one and we need to get out of this prohibition. They won’t tell us we are in a Deprssion beause they lie about the unemployment numbers. They lie about the infation numbers. They lie about SAFE, CLEAN, CHEAP NUCLER ENERGY. They lie about marijuana. They lie about the reasons for going to war. They lie about the debts we owe. They lie, lie, lie….. It’s past time that they were called out on their lying. Write them, call them, e-mail them.

  10. you people have to start realizing that you do not live in a free country anymore. We live in a fascist state: a merger between corporate power and the federal government. Since Bush convinced the people to give up so many freedoms, we have been living midway between democracy and dictatorship. Obama recently decided he was going to IGNORE part of the budget plan agreed on by Congress. Despite the fact that Congress decided he was no longer aloud to pay his “Czars,” he signed a statement saying that he plans to ignore that order. That is not in any way acceptable. We need a revolution. They are controlling everything, and the presidential administration will not willingly give up that power.

  11. “You prohibitionist weasel! – and – you may, if you so choose, take this personally. You dirty rotten no good skunk. You’ve spit on my country, raped my Constitution, shot my dog, and stole my Bible – but – you didn’t get my soul – and – that will become your worst nightmare. That’s not a threat – that’s a promise – MF. Perhaps by now – everyone is aware of how much I personally disfavor prohibitionists – and – make no bones about it whatsoever. I don’t “hate” them [hate is not in my vocabulary – hate will destroy me – not them] – but – I passionately “dislike them immensely.”
    Prohibs live with their misery because they’re so terrified of change, and the unknown associated with it. If they would just surrender to common sense and reason, and “let it be,” they might come to know the truth – but – no! they’re not interested in the truth – they’re not familiar with the truth – their only interested in their own misguided opinion, supplemented by their arrogance. Cannabis may be a foreign concept to them – but – I wonder how they feel about being deceived – and – being relieved of their liberty. Right! “Deceived and Relieved.”
    Prohibs simply can’t master their minds. Their inflexible [stubborn] thoughts keep getting in the way. Prohibs are truly caught in the middle of their own level of awareness – tormented – they can’t cross over the line – either way. They have no Equilibrium of the Soul. They let their bad thoughts kick ass on their good thoughts. This occurs when they try to “think for others” – and – “insist that their thoughts are the only thoughts suitable for all of humanity.” They let evil rush in, and prejudice pave the path to the truth. Who in the hell needs that – except those in hell – under the control of Satin? I sure as hell personally don’t – and – I’m sworn to defeat their arrogance until I hear them scream – “Uncle, uncle, uncle – I give up!” – I promise!

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  13. Will they ever stop the lies and deception? Our tax dollars at work? What will happen when they run out of dummys to believe their horseshit?

  14. complete legalization is the only answer, now, fight for it. it’s the only way to be rid of lawyers and politicians. then, and only then will we be able to grow fields of industrial marijuana, saving you from big lumber, big cotton, big chemical, and big oil. then grow your own medical marijuana and save your family from big pharmacy. they recognized marijuana as their enemy 100 years ago, with all its healing properties for so many medical issues, and cancer. a cure for cancer in a plant anyone can grow, for pennies. big pharmacy is willing to spend millions for propaganda to scare people, and if that doesn’t work, put them in jail. complete legalization is the only answer, or we will never be rid of the lawyers and politicians, and the taxes.

  15. The 21ST CENTURY INQUISITORS have a blank check when it comes to MARIJUANA PROHIBITION. As long as the cash comes rollin in for their budget, the FANTASY of winning the DRUG WAR is real to them. State by state the changes are coming into view as the NEW MOTHER NATURE is inching its way at the wall of MARIJUANA PROHIBITION and the FEDS are trying to restructure deviant applications of a law of their own. THE CONSTITUTION is going KAPUT in the name of FEDERALISM or just plain old BIG BROTHER and TOTALITARIANISM and the ORWELLIAN MENTALITY. DON’T THINK-DON’T FEEL-DON’T DREAM-JUST DO AS WE SAY and ingest drugs that are FDA approved and created by BIG PHARMA. Fifty states with fifty different views creates chaos and the WALL OF MARIJUANA PROHIBITION is starting to weaken, but the BARBARIANS ARE AT THE GATE as long as their are tax dollars siphon off the budget. In a few more years add another TRILLION DOLLARS the FEDS will blow for control of the masses and their TOTALITARIAN DREAM OF A NEW WORLD ORDER.

  16. The Johnny Appleseed strategy might be nice.
    If it was as widespread as dandelion’s….good luck feds.
    But, I fear they will get around that too, but just making any % of it in your blood stream an offense.

  17. This is simply backlash that is far overdue and may times told to be coming. We had the same thing happen in the 70s when we all thought it was almost over yet the doors shut closed very hard. But this is also the time for the judicial system to step in and start throwing cases in front of judges and juries and thats where laws can be made and or saved. Just like the FL judgement about the door to door drug dog sniffing and how that may change how police can treat citizens.
    All I can say is we need to weather this storm of backlash and use it to swell our numbers to then win this fight once and for all. Just remember no matter what state your in the Federal government has turned you into a criminal and will come get you if they choose, with that we are all the same even in KY where we have NO medical marijuana laws on the books. SO we all have to keep fighting because we are all criminals in there eyes!

  18. Sunday 04.17.11 CDXX Communion.
    Then will you hear me now?
    Genesists didn’t come to town on a horse! We know that NORML allows us to air our grievances, share our opinions, and provide us with information we need to draw our own conclusions. It also allows us our
    anger. Ya know! – when I’m pissed off [which is an every day occurrence with prohibs] – I don’t hold that anger inside and let it eat me up – “I vent – I let it out” – and – NORML provides that outlet/forum. Hell! NORML is good therapy. Maybe they ought to get a couple of hundred bucks an hour like other shrinks do. It may even surprise you to know that NORML has its own opinion, regardless of the facts they present [I’ve had many of their opinions thrown at me – message received]. We are all human, and thank God we act like humans. So! for all the other things I’m thankful for today in CDXX Communion – I want to thank NORML. They’ve certainly been patient with Genesists for a long time now – in our joy, and in our anger, but mostly allowing us to reach our brethren who fight for the right to our Sacrament. I hope we Genesists, through the “Reformation” of our brethren, have been as good for NORML as NORML has been to us.
    Have a great CDXX Communion

  19. I don’t understand, the Fed’s keep saying that they are going to waltz right in a throw all us us in jail. What the hell happened to our elected officials! The Fed’s DO NOT have jurisdiction inside ANY state borders! Read the law!!!!!

  20. “Well, it does,” he said, “but what of it?”
    “This,” said I, “that they will have to employ
    many of those drugs [pharmakeuein]
    of which we were speaking.
    We thought that an inferior physician sufficed
    for bodies that do not need drugs but yield
    to diet and regimen.
    But when it is necessary to prescribe drugs
    we know that a more enterprising and venturesome physician is required.”
    “True; but what is the pertinency?”
    “This,” said I: “it seems likely that our rulers
    will have to make considerable use
    of falsehood and deception.”
    [459c] The Republic, Plato

  21. 74. Buggsy13420666
    If things keep going the way they are going now – My Evil Brother will depress our currency until the coffee can we put our cash in will be worth more than the cash we put in it. We will all live in shanties, and stand in long lines for a loaf of bread. This is what government will provide us “for the privilege of saving our asses” from the Great Satin. “The middle class is/will be a credit card – until it’s maxed out [then] cut, cut, snip, snip – bye bye middle class. The middle class will be in the bankruptcy courts like everyone else [and] our country.” Someone is pretentious as hell and needs to get real! However – if you have a family trust [in] My Evil Brother’s bank, and are living off your trust allowance for life, you’ll be O.K. At least you’ll be able to jet set around the world during the season. Don’t forget the Deb’s Ball next month. I say – Carlton – golf Tuesday at the club. – and – Buffy – bring some bud – my stash is gone. What’s wrong with this picture?
    Have a great CDXX Communion

    Boy! We sure could use a “Home Run” now!
    April 20, 2100 @ 4:20 p.m.
    Let’s put it over the fence!

  23. Thee Bud Guru, I and many others have been trying to get that message out, but it seems some people (so-called “important” people/politicians/pundits, and even just everyday citizens like you and me) are absolutely immune to the truth, I’m thinking their brains don’t even recognize there are letters on the page, let alone words, when they see truthful statements about the limited powers of the federal government, they go willfully blind; and I am pretty damn certain they do not hear those words when spoken aloud, so they go willfully deaf, too.

  24. The line in the sand all those special drug cops are worried about their pay checks, if cannabis becomes the accepted high, what will happen to all those proud drug cops?
    It is time for a real change, forget about Obama he is a loser.
    Gather close and choose well

  25. As far as I can understand, there are only be 5 ways to correct this recurring problem of government failing to comply with the will of the people — sending emails, snail-mail letters, and phone calls aren’t getting their attention:
    (1) vote all these politicians out of office — even better, recall them (asap) if your State has such a legal process;
    (2) regardless of threats, keep passing State MMJ, decriminalization, and/or re-legalization legislation;
    (3) massive coordinated protests in the streets all across the country, as a matter of non-violent civil disobedience;
    (4) repeal prohibition by way of jury nullification, or if busted request a jury trial — prospective jurors will have to lie to get on the jury;
    OR (5) revolution, real honest-to-goodness blood-in-the-streets hang-the-fascists-from-lampposts revolution.
    Our Federal government and their lackeys at the State and Local level have overturned nearly 1,000 years of established common English law, beginning with the Magna Carta — that’s what civil asset forfeiture is, illegal. They have used the prohibition of an innocent plant to persecute minorities, stripping them of their rights and freedom. They have used the War on Drugs to prop up favored corporations fiscally, over the rights of citizens to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”.
    At nearly every turn, “our” government lies to We the People, whether it’s lies about cannabis, the inflation and unemployment rates, WMDs as a rationale for illegal immoral unjustified foreign military adventures, or about who caused the contrived economic collapse and why the perpetrators aren’t being prosecuted (some of them are in Obama’s Cabinet). One more “little white lie” from our Drug Czar or our President hardly seems worth getting upset about – it’s Their SOP, and it’s FUBAR.
    Except that it is our tax dollars and our seized assets that are funding the very jack-booted goose-stepping fascists that are shooting us in our homes, throwing us in prison for a plant, with the ever-increasing power of the Police State. It’s time to do … something — take your pick of (1) through (5) above …

  26. P.S. to 82
    Damn – it’s Y2K11 not 2100. What a dummy I am! My only excuse is that “There are no excuses.”

  27. The federal government is the criminal here…they don’t want marijuana legal because they have so many federal postal workers dealing pot to everyone under video survellance and police protection….why do think the price is so high? the government scoundrals do not want to allow marijuana to be legalized or decriminalized because that would cut into the profits of all their littLe and big government scroundrels moonlighting career. Uncle sam is running the cartels and the military is right in the middle of it also. Our government is the biggest bunch of liars. We all know that….It’s time to impeach the government as a whole and take back our rights , freedoms and liberties. This government is the equivalent of political corruption and government scoundralism.
    We the people are tired of this OPPRESSION…and it’s past time “We The People SHOULD STAND UP AND BE HEARD.
    LEGALIZE MARIJUANA and open up the industry and provide jobs for americans, tax and regulate before this country goes down the funnel any farther before it’s too late.
    April 20th @ 4:20 o’clock.
    JUST DO IT!!!
    YES WE CAN!! 4/20/2011 AT 4:20 O’CLOCK NATIONWIDE!

    4/20/2011 AT 4:20
    Yes we can!!
    Leave work early that day,
    Your damn boss is only trying to squeeze you out of more labor anyway and if you have anyone associated with the government in any way whatsoever that works where you do, your employer will probably give the croonies that bonus for YOUR hard work anyway. I slaved for too many years as a dedicated employee, to only see a couple of ex-military scumbags that sat around on their asses, tring to do as little work as they could possibly get by with and playing computer games and bullshitting on the telephone more than anything, and they get frequent bonuses. I got one small bonus per year for all my hard work, extra effort and dedication.
    If you ever feel that is probably happening to you at your place of employment..then it probably is happening.
    I don’t know about you the people, but I’m tired of the abuse.

  29. You really think that Pres. Obama was just going to sign an Executive Order legalizing cannabis? Please. The negative comments made against Pres. Obama are unfortunate, and reflect ignorance of those making them. Until the Congress and White House pass and sign a federal law legalizing and regulating cannabis, there will always be a conflict between federal and state laws. Instead of just toking, complaining and blogging, try actually contacting your state representative and hold an adult conversation with them. That is where it starts. I would be curious to know how many people who post on here actually get involved with their local and state politics. Do you know who represents your district in congress? Have you ever lobbied them for legalization of cannabis? That is where it starts. So don’t sit and complain about a President that was handed a bad economy and debt. Too many people expected too much out of President Obama. True Change comes from the ground up, Not from Washington D.C. Call your local leaders, attend a town hall meeting. Write to your congressmen and women. With continued efforts and making the case for legalization, it may happen. Until then, quit with the ignorant comments, it only lends crediblity to those that are against legalization.

  30. Remember Egypt, Syria, Tunisia and Lybia…..
    It’s that time people.
    4/20/2011 AT 4:20 O’CLOCK
    Of course we all know of some government bastards and government scoundrals that need to be ousted!!
    Just like the people of Egypt, etc, etc.

  31. Obama can write memos till he is “Dem. Donkey Blue” in the face. We all know Michele Lionfart runs her department “Her way”. So much for having a strong Prez!!!

  32. Because They CAN!
    The Amazing Reality behind “Recreational Legalization” and the Stunningly SHRILL Shrieking INSISTENCE by the Equally Stunningly Naive Cubicle Left (As opposed to the REAL Left) that “PRIVATIZATION = LEGALIZATION”..is..”IS”..the Entire “REASON” ..”Why”..the Federal Government Can..Will and IS JUSTIFIED in Continuing to Attack.
    I left ALL Support for “Nroml” when they decided to “Support” the Truly Diabolical PRIVATIZATION of the Medicinal Cannabis Movement via “Prop19”.
    Richard Lee is simply a “Rip-Off”.
    I realize this is “Too Much Freedom Of Expression” for the Cubicle Left “Moderators” but..its the TRUTH.
    Medicinal Cannabis WORKS!
    Its ALREADY “Legal” and ALREADY Generating BILLIONS in Taxes of every Description.
    By Rabidly Supporting the “Control” by literally a HANDFULL of Individuals to the Exclusion of EVERYONE ELSE..well..thats PUSHY.
    And the Feds? They ALREADY WON!
    They Won in the SCOTUS.
    They HAve the “Right” to REGULATE under Interstate Commerce Clause.
    In a Literally “UNIQUE” moment of again..UNIQUE Understanding the Feds “ALLOW” the Medicinal States to ALLOW COTTAGE INDUSTRY to Flourish.
    But..the Rich and the Connected just REFUSED to “SHARE”.
    And look around.
    No Sooner did the GREEDY come out to Create the “Walmart of Weed” scenario..then the Feds began PUSHING BACK HARD.
    For me..as a Native of the Emerald Triangle..for me..the Son of the “Father Of Underground Comix” I grew up IN Marijuana Culture.
    To Watch a handful of bureaucrats Hand over TOTAL CONTROL of a Currently PUBLIC RESOURCE..and Simultaneously DECAPITATE the RURAL LEFT..is Truly an Abject Lesson in the POWER OF GREED and the Ease with which even the “Left” can simply “DISMISS” their entire “Ideology” in the Face of “Allot Of Money”.
    Fact is..”Recreational Legalization” is a MYTH.
    Simply Put:
    It will NEVER happen.
    This is the Reality behind SO much of the LOSS of Support for “Legalization”. The Simple “OBVIOUSNESS” of the GREED that is in fact the Motivating Factor for Everyone from “Norml” to the Local “City Council” members in Oakland Promised what amount to BRIBES to “Hand Over TOTAL Control To A Few People”.
    I realize many of you are the same people who now support “Humanitarian Bombing” in Libya..but you see..just because YOU can Rationalize and Deny REALITY..doesn’t make it a “Selling Point” for everyone else.
    We SEE THROUGH the Blatant Hypocrisy and the GREED.
    You have CRIPPLED the Rural Left in your Race to PRIVATIZE marijuana Production.
    You have DESTROYED the LAST..Post Logging..Post Fishing..Post Housing COTTAGE INDUSTRY in Rural California.
    You CANNOT..”REPLACE” Hundreds of Thousands of INDEPENDENT “Volunteers” Growing in their Basements with a FRACTION of their Numbers in “Corporate Style Grows” and..COME OUT AHEAD!
    Thats a TAX BURDEN..not a TAX “BENEFIT”.
    Your Naivete and TOTAL lack of “Street Smarts”..is the Ultimate and FINAL “Reason Why” this will..in ANY EVENT..be a FAILURE.
    Oh..Hey..I BELIEVE you’ll succeed in handing TOTAL CONTROL to a FEW PEOPLE..yes..I think you will “SUCCEED”.
    But the “Success” will last ONLY as long as it takes for the FIRST LAWSUITS to come along..and for the “PONY-TAIL DRUG WAR”..or DRUG WAR 2.0..to RUIN the “Local Economies” that are RIGHT NOW totally Dependent upon INDEPENDENT MARIJUANA CULTIVATION.
    As these “policy Makers” whoa re oh-so-coincidentally ALWAYS “part Of A Collective”..oops..CARTEL..making the “NEW RULES”..and demanding as they are in Humboldt County that for EXAMPLE..”Growers VOLUNTARILY Surrender their 4th and 5th amendment rights and allow ‘Inspections’..” I mean WHAT?
    If “Men With Guns” could not Compel us to “Surrender”..what makes you think Utter Naivete and ‘Good Intentions’ will work?
    IT WON’T!
    In fact the “Invisible CRASH” is ongoing at this very moment..as the Economy COLLAPSES as a DIRECT RESULT of CONSOLIDATED GREED.
    Yeah..”Norml” is so far off that what I hear these days is UNIVERSAL CONTEMPT for the “Group” from the very people who used to be brave supporters.
    Greed is TRANSPARENT!
    Wake Up.
    If you continue to Push for PRIVATIZATION and camouflage it as “Legalization” the Fds WILL NOT ACCEPT that. Its PUSHY and Greedy and ULTIMATELY? TOTALLY UNNECESSARY.
    But…I realize this is your “Job”..being a “Policy Group”..it does not matter if the “Policy Works”..that is NOT the “Idea”.
    So..Break the Current System even though it WORKS.
    Yeah..make certain a FEW people have TOTAL CONTROL..I mean that doesn’t even WORK ON “PAPER”..let alone in “REALITY”.
    But again..we now live with a Cubicle Left ENSCONCED in Denial and Rationalization.
    Claiming to Despise Torture and War yet FINANCING it!
    Yeah..Live The Lie..that’ll “Work”!
    No..it WON’T!
    Now..go ahead and Censor me..its not as if we “Want” all the “Voices”..that would be “Counter-Productive” to the LIE!
    [Russ responds: THANK you for your “comment”..we are VERY interested in your “opinions” and hope you will SPEND MORE of your time Composing Anti-“norml” “comments” on the “norml” BLOG sometime soon..it means you’re not EMBARRASSING the rest of us in “public” somewhere..]

  33. Windy 34,53,61 84
    Congressman Dingallberry is a Monsanto stooge/puppet. Monsanto produces GMO seeds. No more organic seeds – no more organic food! S510 obstructs organic seed. “Cannabis is an organic seed.” The Bill has a “Right to Inspect Clause.” The feds “inspecting your home grow” – wouldn’t that create an interesting outcome. The pieces of the zigsaw puzzle are starting to fall into place. Every angle is being covered. It seems – there is an orchestrated network developing, and everybody is playing their part. “No home grow” legislation is being pushed in all 50 – even Compassionate Use states, the feds are cracking down on state sovereignty with “federal law” and the Government Supremacy Clause. They’re nipping every bud off – soon nothing will remain – and – we will have nothing! They can even control the hemp market.
    Have a great Communion

  34. 93. KJ
    There’s nothing at all “unfortunate” about the negative comments made against Obama. I don’t even know what they were – nor do I care. “This was the way individuals felt,” and I’m sure, still do. You “CAN” criticize any one in this country. The comments may very well reflect ignorance – but – it sure feels good to get that ignorance off one’s chest – especially when that ignorance is true. Especially when the names and the incidents have been changed to protect the guilty. Yes – you feel strongly about Obama – but – do you really think he was flack free.
    As far as state sovereignty is concerned The Constitution and the Supreme Court recognize state sovereignty – and – there is no conflicting interests. The state has the sovereign right to control substances within that state. The state will not enforce federal law.
    Your absolutely right! – the best place to start is with one’s state representative – and – that’s exactly where we intend to be 4-20 @4:20. Hope to see you there.

  35. #93 KJ,
    I have been lobbying my so-called “representatives”, at both State and federal levels, on this issue for more than 35 years. They seldom respond, and the few responses have always been pretty much “thanks, but kiss off, we aren’t changing anything” couched in politically neutral phrasing.
    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result, well I think a lot of us who’ve been insane concerning this issue have suddenly become very sane and have realized we need to do something drastically different, something more, because contacting the sold out ****** is government hasn’t worked in the past, isn’t working now, and will never work in the future. If nothing else, that fact is eminently clear.
    So what do we do, well there are the 5 things David762 suggested, and there is one more, the individual States must repeal all criminal and civil penalties associated with any aspect of the cannabis trade for anyone 18 or older, just as WA’s I-1149 will do. Each State has its own methods of getting a law passed, but State citizens need to force the issue in States that have the initiative process, as WA does. Once a sufficient number of States have done this, the federal law will have to change, it’s one of the Constitutionally legal ways to change the federal government.
    And someone up the line is correct, the federal government does NOT have the necessary (legitimate) Constitutional power to get itself involved in ANY way in State laws, nor may it force the States to enforce its laws within the boundaries of the State.
    The drug czar visiting various States which are considering MMJ and legalization, and lobbying the media, any member of the State government, or the citizens in groups is absolutely unconstitutional, and he should be booed every time he tries this in future. And citizens of States where this has occurred should bring lawsuits against the czar, the ONDCP, and the administration for that breach of the Constitution (which is a legal and binding contract between the People, the States, and the federal government).

  36. ARE YOU READY!!! – TOMORROW IS 4-20 @ 4:20
    But – before we go – here’s a direct criticism of prohibitionists:
    This government is huge and powerful. It not only controls itself – but – influences many other countries in the world. This government makes laws to control itself and its citizenry – and – maintains a military and police state to protect itself. This government has developed a huge propaganda machine to manipulate and ward off anything that opposes its laws and opinions – and – are quite proficient and effective at “spinning” its agenda. “This government protects government” – with no concern for protecting its citizens – only controlling them.
    So! here’s the bottom line. Although prohibs have all this power behind them, they are, each one of them, still only one individual -“one little fish” in a sea of fishes – and – they can be caught – and – caught they are going to be in the next election. If they don’t believe this – they can “Take a poll!” We are electorially trolling for them – chumming the waters with bait – take the hook little fishie – come on, splash so we can see ya – you’re going to be lunch in the upcoming elections – “The real meal deal.”
    We’re comin’ to ask you one question – and – we’re going to get a simple “yes or no” answer. “Are you – or – are you not a prohibitionist?” The bird is your hands.

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