Obama Administration Steps Up Its Rhetoric In Medical Marijuana States

The Obama administration’s position on medical marijuana, circa 2009 (via the Ogden memo to all United States attorneys):
“The prosecution of significant traffickers of illegal drugs, including marijuana, and the disruption of illegal drug manufacturing and trafficking networks continues to be a core priority in the Department’s efforts against narcotics and dangerous drugs, and the Department’s investigative and prosecutorial resources should be directed towards these objectives. As a general matter, pursuit of these priorities should not focus federal resources in your States on individuals whose actions are in clear and unambiguous compliance with existing state laws providing for the medical use of marijuana.”
The Obama administration’s position on medical marijuana, circa 2011 (via the May 2, 2011 letter sent from the office of the United States Attorney, District of Arizona, to the Arizona Department of Health Services re: the implementation of the voter-approved Medical Marijuana Program):
“The United States Attorneys Office … will vigorously prosecute individuals and organizations that participate in the unlawful manufacturing, distribution and marketing activity involving marijuana, even if such activities are permitted under state law.”
A lot can change in two years — including the administration’s attitude toward the state-authorized use and distribution of cannabis for medical purposes.
In April, NORML blogged about the U.S. Department of Justice, particularly U.S. Attorneys Jenny Durkan of Seattle and Michael Ormsby of Spokane, threatening “civil and criminal legal remedies” (read: sanctions) against Washington state citizens, including state employees, who assist with or engage in the production or distribution of medical cannabis, “even if such activities are permitted under state law.” The U.S. Attorneys’ threats came in response to an inquiry from Gov. Chris Gregoire, a Democrat, who most likely was seeking ‘political cover’ so that she could publicly ‘justify’ her veto of legislation (SB 5073) that sought to license and regulate the dispensing of medical cannabis to qualified persons, and would have enacted additional legal protections for patients who voluntarily participated in a statewide registry. The threats worked; Gov. Gregoire cited them in her veto statement Friday.
In fact, the threats worked so well, that in recent days U.S. Attorneys in other states with active medical marijuana programs have begun issuing similar menacing statements.
Last week in Colorado, where state regulators have licensed over 800 state-licensed medical cannabis dispensaries, U.S. Attorney John Walsh sent a letter to the state’s Attorney General alleging that the federal Justice Department will “vigorously” prosecute individuals or organizations engaged in “unlawful manufacturing and distribution activity involving marijuana, even if such activities are permitted under state law.” A spokesman for Walsh’s office adds, “In the eye of the federal government, there’s only one type of marijuana. And marijuana is a Schedule I controlled [federally prohibited] substance.”
Arizona U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke fired off a similarly worded letter this week to Will Humble, the director of the state Department of Health Services, which is overseeing the implementation of Proposition 203. Under the law, which was approved by voters last fall and was enacted on April 15, the state must register qualified patients who have a doctor’s recommendation for cannabis and also license dispensaries to provide it to them. However, according to Burke, said dispensaries that are compliant with the state’s law will “not [be] protect[ed] from [federal] criminal prosecution, asset forfeiture, and other civil penalties.”
Finally, in Rhode Island, Gov. Lincoln Chafee announced this week that he is suspending the state’s nascent medical marijuana distribution program, set to begin this June. In March, the representatives from the Rhode Island Department of Health selected three applicants to operate the state’s first-ever, government licensed medical cannabis dispensaries. (The dispensaries program was initially approved by lawmakers in 2009, but the winning applicants were not decided upon until two years later.) Predictably, Chafee’s abrupt change of heart came after receiving a hand-delivered letter from U.S. Attorney Peter F. Neronha Friday threatening to prosecute civilly and/or criminally those involved in the dispensary program.
So what’s the impetus for the Obama administration’s sudden decision to play rhetorical hard ball? NORML Outreach Coordinator and podcaster Russ Belville speculates:

“Mr. Obama’s … true intention is to stifle the development of any viable legal cannabis distribution industry. By sending threat letters to Rhode Island and Arizona, states that have created clear and unambiguous laws for medical cannabis providers to follow, it is obvious that Mr. Obama isn’t opposed to medical cannabis, per se, but terribly opposed to medical cannabusiness.
Belville adds: “If (medical cannabusiness) establish (themselves), people will become accustomed to safe, secure, well-run businesses that deliver consistent, reliable, tested cannabis products. They’ll appreciate the way these places revitalize sagging economies, provide jobs, and contribute taxes to budget-starved localities. They’ll realize all the scaremongering by the government about what would happen if marijuana was legal, even for sick people, was hysterical propaganda. [And] they’ll begin to wonder why we don’t just legalize cannabis for everyone, create more jobs, raise more revenue, and use these established businesses as the distribution points.”

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  1. I’ve noticed 2 names being thrown out for the 2012 presidential run: Gary Johnson and Ron Paul. It would be best if they would team up on this, but first someone has to win the republican nomination. If some of us are 4 one and some for the other, there will be a split of support and neither would be likely to prevail. If we are serious about backing a pro mj candidate, then we have to agree on a criteria.
    It would seem we need to support the one that most vocally and effectively supports our position, AND commits to an action he can actually accomplish. So…we should support the candidate who publicly promises to reschedule mj to schedule 2…he can say that will allow science and the medical community the opportunity to utilize it for medicinal reasons regardless of the argument for recreational use.
    If 70% or more believe it should be allowed for at least the sick, and if the mj support community truly sticks together, how could that candidate not have a good shot. Even if we can get our republican candidate to take the nomination, the democrate nominee would not be able to avoid debating the issue.

  2. Obama showed a lot of hutzpah hunting down and executing Bin Laden.
    I wonder if Obama will ever have the courage to end this war directed at his own race, his own people?

  3. Gary Johnson will be at the South Carolina Republican debate tonight which will be televised. WATCH IT!

  4. Research – Studies – Reprts
    Whenever prohibs get contrary results from any Report they have commissioned – they can’t accept the truth, and bury the evidence. When you keep doing the same thing over, and over, and over, without results – it’s obsession. We have an “Obsessed Government” – and – the definition of a prohib – “One who is obsessed with denying Genesists our Faith and our Sacrament.” As God is my witness – the first thing I learned was – “Never start a sentence with a – NO. DEMAND RESEARCH! DEMAND SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE! DEMAND THE TRUTH!

  5. I’ve spent some time working in and around grow-ops in northern California and I can say for sure that money is the number one motivation of most of the people I met growing. There are a few idealists here and there who either truly believe in MMJ or the ending of prohibition for one reason or another. There is also a whole group who is against the ending of prohibition for one reason, greed, and I can saw that personally I came across more people who fit in the latter group.
    Greed drives these peoples motivations past patient rights, or as I believe something that is a basic human right. These people rely on prohibition to keep people scared of growing, keep the market down. Yet the market is already so flooded with these overgrown gardens (also a product of greed) that its becoming near impossible for even the greedy to make money anymore. People are getting stupid at this point and I’m not saying that government intervention is necessary but something is going to collapse in this ‘industry’ soon and Obama is obviously catching on to the coming collapse.

  6. I told you before you had to come up with a plan to no longer make cannabis illegal, passing that power to the individual states. It could be a rider. Afterward, it will still be illegal in some states. I told you that you had to solicit regional, state and federal legalization proposals. Now, you have to actually get the lawyers to write the legislation for this. Most legislators do not want more work to do, and they simply won’t do what they’re elected to do, with some exceptions to those politicians who have helped out in the past. So far, I hear talk only about full legalization at the state level. A rider that cannabis legalization is as of now a matter for the states. That way, states can cash in, while others just sit back and watch. Maybe they will jump on the band wagen. If you can get Pennsylvania to jump on the band wagen, it means nobody’s afraid of the big bad wolf. Or at least nobody cares.

  7. James @ 46 says: “Joel, if you think Republicans are going to legalize cannabis are sadly mistaken.”
    I’m talking about presidential primaries.
    If you want viable activism: then get rid of the most hard core narrow minded idiots by making them lose the primaries or else they will be on the November 2012 ballot, and most likely win.
    The republican presidential primaries are going to be extremely important because many candidates are running. This gives Gary Johnson and Ron Paul a better chance.
    Do you understand what I am saying?

  8. I’m not so sure that discouraging cannabusiness is such a bad thing. Turns out that medical dispensaries, once established, oppose legalization out of self-interest. They even worked towards defeating the legalization initiative in California. They’re traitors. So maybe medical marijuana is just a temporary tactic that should be pushed in order to promote discussion and awareness, but abandoned in the long run, in favor of lifting state sanctions against marijuana in general. If enough states make pot a non-crime, then there will be significant impetus for federal legalization. But medical cannabis is just a dead end, one that the cannabusinesses will work to maintain, even at the cost of tons of people going to jail. I don’t feel sorry for the traitors that work against legalization.

  9. What’s Wrong With “Our” Piggy-Headed Politicians? Obama?
    (Sorry, that might be construed as a rhetorical question.)
    The Problems:
    The USA economy (okay, World economy) is in a shambles and teetering on the edge of slipping into a real world-wide depression. The USA’s only exports of note are (1) high technology jobs to elsewhere, (2) cultural “art” courtesy of Hollywood (largely unequivocal propaganda) which draws foreign audiences like a train wreck, (3) munitions of war, and (4) synthetic collateralized debt, whose demand in the marketplace has dropped off, not surprisingly.
    The Decline of Empire:
    The USA’s overseas mercantile colonial empire is rapidly drawing to a close, as it must because there is no way to adequately fund “a hole in the ocean you pour your treasure into” — it’s unsustainable insanity. With the decline in empire will come a decline in the demand for the USA’s munitions of war — it follows as logically and surely as night follows day.
    As the number of engineers and scientists graduating from USA universities continues to decline, as it will without meaningful work in this country also declines, the “shine” of USA technological capability will tarnish as well. There are only so many jobs, industries, and technologies left and available to export into “thriving” foreign markets. With peak oil, peak natural resources, and peak population, those “thriving” foreign markets are ephemeral, and cannot last.
    The False Hope:
    The only “bright spot” in the USA economy is the financial sector, artificially propped up by ridiculously low interest rates which channel all free capital into what is now the investment of last resort — with the Wall Street Mobsters. Investors would find a better regulated gamble and better “house odds” at a Los Vegas casino. “Our” private for-profit Central Bank, the Federal Reserve, has been busy behind the scenes and virtually unregulated, dumping taxpayer-derived “printing press” money into select crony corporations and investment houses on Wall Street. It’s a thoroughly “rigged game”, waiting to give unsuspecting investors their next “haircut” or “shearing”.
    A New Stimulus Program:
    The USA needs new jobs, and new industries, badly. Channeling the industrial capabilities of the Military Industrial Complex into new green energy and green technology jobs takes time, but it must be done. JFK did that successfully with the NASA Space Program and the “race” to the Moon. It can, and must be done again. The U3 unemployment rate is officially at 8.9%, which is a total fantasy that every politician under-stands. The real unemployment rate is closer to 23%, accounting for the U3 “statistics”, the U6 numbers which include those no longer collecting unemployment insurance, and those who work 1 or more part-time jobs that would prefer full-time employment. Total economic collapse is imminent if this country’s fiscal status quo continues much longer. Slashing the economic and social safety nets established by FDR is not the answer. Beating swords into plowshares, redirecting resources from implements of war and perpetual warfare into public infrastructure and industries that support green technology and post-peak oil is the answer — it creates a sustainable economy and jobs for We the People. That’s the “A” and the “C” of our current economic crisis — what’s missing is the bridge “B” between “A” and “C”.
    The Immediate Goal: Finding That Bridge To Sustainable Growth:
    There is only one job stimulus program that would work immediately and:
    (1) create many 100,000’s more jobs than it would displace,
    (2) would spawn many new industries out of thin air,
    (3) would be capable of generating 10’s of Billions USD in new tax receipts within a couple of years,
    (4) right a long-standing social injustice,
    (5) save taxpayer funds through budget reductions instead of job stimulus funding,
    (6) would make heroes of the politicians that enable it,
    (7) could be legislated, passed, and in force within 30 days, and
    (8) would provide the economic stimulus “bridge” to sustainable growth.
    The Solution:
    That stimulus program is ending the War on Drugs, all drugs, and ending the Prohibition against cannabis and industrial hemp. Re-legalization of all drugs, including especially marijuana — legal like beer and wine, taxed and regulated. There is already one country, Switzerland, that has turned what was incorrectly classified as a criminal problem and turned it into a medical problem, quite successfully. The website , Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, has much of the data and the answers. The rest of the data and answers can be found at http://www.jackherer.com, and http://www.norml.org.

  10. The harassment from U.S. Attorneys will not stop until the prohibition law is off the books.

  11. Obama’s decision will be looked back on by historians in one of two ways:
    1. The point at which Americans finally got the courage to demand their inalienable God-given right to freedom of body and began to roll back the intolerable police state.
    2. The point at which all hope was lost and America chose a path that would eventually lead to death camps and a genocidal attempt to exterminate all cannabis users.
    If we don’t win here, NORML and all other drug reform organization might as well close their doors. Even the hardest of hard-core prohibitionists now recognizes that the country is at the end of its financial ability to imprison any more people and “new approaches” must be taken to solve the “problem.”
    Since they can’t afford to cram any more people into their gulags, there are only two possible alternatives: full legalization or death camps. If they can’t incarcerate us all, the next logical step is to just gas us all. It’s what the drug warriors have really wanted all along: the “final solution” to the “drug problem.”
    The drug warriors hate us and they want us to suffer, end of story. They will never be willing to negotiate with us; they see us the same way Nazis saw Jews. Good-faith attempts to talk, reason and legislate our way to freedom haven’t gotten us far, and we’re now losing all the progress that was made. We were fools to think we could trust Obama to keep his promise of not interfering with state mmj laws.
    We were suckered and it won’t happen again. These people are indescribably cruel and petty, lacking even the basics of normal moral functioning. They will never, EVER stop trying to cause us harm until we are all dead.
    The time has come for MASS protests on a scale not seen since the ’60’s. The only thing left to do is park ourselves on the steps of the capitol and refuse to leave until our demand for the immediate, full-scale, national legalization of cannabis is heeded unconditionally.
    So sick of talk; please either set us free NOW or just go on and warm up the ovens.
    [Editor’s note: Ovens? Death camps? Can you be more hyperbolic and over-the-top in your rhetoric?]

  12. My heart feels like lead as I say that I have to agree with Turtle and Igor. Our ‘industry’ is cannabalizing itself. We’re all patients, yet the dispensaries are trying and succeeding in freezing out the patient providers even while allopathic medicine, 21 years after the discovery of the endo-cannabinoid system, continue to turn a blind eye to its benefits. And yes, there are a whole lot of poorly-motivated jerks growing. There are also a bunch of great folks growing certified medicine who can’t find a legal home for it because the dispensaries prefer to continually tell us to either call or ‘come back’ in a week or two.
    It’s beginning to look like we’re as savagely hypocritical as ‘they’ are. Stop, breathe and take a hit. Repeat. How about if we ask cannabis how to best proceed from here?

  13. Obama is a massive hypocrite. I didn’t vote for him last time, and won’t next time either. Most of his policies are as bad or worse than that moron George Bush. Let’s see, he renewed the Patriot Act, increased Federal governments power, allows the un-Constitutional prohibition policy that has been proven to be a complete failure on every level by every possible measure, and continues to allow the prosecution of law abiding citizens who choose to use cannabis, a substance scientifically proven to be safer than alcohol, tobacco, or even caffeine.
    Obama, the hypocritical jackass, claimed his administrations policies would be based on “scientific facts, not religious beliefs or political ideologies.” He’s a blatant liar, as bad as Clinton and both Bush’s. Screw him, I’ll do what my state (and 14 other states) allows me to do. They’ll have to kill me to stop me, that’s the only way it’s going to happen. In the mean time, I and millions of other cannabis activists will continue to fight against the fear and propaganda campaign orchestrated by the Obama administration. On a side note, with bin Laden dead, Obama now has an obligation to END THE WARS and get our troops back home. With tornadoes, floods, and all that’s going on in the USA right now, we need our troops here, not in a desert half way around the globe. CannabisTV.org

  14. Obama’s adminastation needs the war against marijuana.They need the cartels, no matter what the the cost to the people of mexico. They severaly damaged the mexican economy with NAFTA. Now there is significant amout of investments, people,equipment,helicopters etc.. By legalizing marijuana their budgets would disapear, a lot of poeple would lose their jobs. By raiding states whose voters have marijuana laws of their own, they then force you to go to the black market, usualy supplied by the cartels, Thus completeing the circle. Now no matter what your poseition on the law, the goverment now can consider anybody a potental criminal.You can be detained,scanned even searched because of probabal caue.

  15. This is all about Sativex. The law has been changed partly because Marinol is going generic, and they have now changed the wording to include whole plant based products. It is controlled by Bayer in some countries, but something else here and Canada. They clone the plant to assure control and uniformity. It’s a spray you spray in your mouth. Legal in Canada, UK, Germany, and has been in trials in US since 2006 or so. This will be a prescription product. It will be prescribed by doctors and bought in pharmacies. There will be no generic for years. On the bright side insurance will have to pay for it. On the down side it will be expensive. That is what’s behind the whole argument by FDA that they can’t approve a smoked medicine, though they know the plant can be vaporized or eaten. Sativex has been well tolerated by patients, even when compared to narcotics, which patients were able to continue during the studies. Sounds to me like it is about to be approved by the FDA and there will be no need for medical marijuana. No more problem for the gov. On the other hand, it proves the plant used as a whole is safe and effective. But you know how it goes. Big pharma is going to win. In the process they get rid of any need for medical marijuana, anyone but the company growing it, so everybody else goes to jail. Lot’s easier for the police. If you have a prescription for a little green bottle of Sativex, you are good to go.If you have the plant, you are under arrest. Wait and see. I hope I’m wrong, but that is how they solved the problem in the UK, and probably how they will solve it here. look it up. Geez, at this point I don’t care. I just want to be out of pain, for the sick to be able to eat, and the people going blind to be able to see. Now, if they will just make the oil for cancer. I’m tired of waiting. Just freaking make it available here already. This would be nationwide. Still stupid, because people could easily grow their own cheaply if it were legal. But then who gets rich that way? *sigh* I don’t care anymore. Just give sick people the freaking medicine.

  16. Next Sunday May 8, 2011, Mexican citizens will march to demand the end to the “War on Drugs” and the removal of all government officials responsible for more than 35,000 deaths and the increase of insecurity and corruption.
    Oscar Mondragón (@Omondra) calls on those that are not able to attend the protests to put a white flag outside their house or car and wear white clothes in solidarity with the national protest.

  17. Why does Obama keep LYING to the American People, Making promises he does not keep?
    What is he Scared Of?
    Can’t wait to Vote him out of office!
    Legalize IT!
    Tax IT!
    Cure sick People with IT!
    Create Jobs with IT!
    Make Bio-Fuel’s with IT!
    Save DeForestation with IT!
    Go Green!
    Oh We’re Not Gonna Take It
    no, We Ain’t Gonna Take It
    oh We’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore
    we’ve Got The Right To Choose And
    there Ain’t No Way We’ll Lose It
    this Is Our Life, This Is Our Song
    we’ll Fight The Powers That Be Just
    don’t Pick Our Destiny ’cause
    you Don’t Know Us, You Don’t Belong
    oh We’re Not Gonna Take It
    no, We Ain’t Gonna Take It
    oh We’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore
    oh You’re So Condescending
    your Gall Is Never Ending
    we Don’t Want Nothin’, Not A Thing From You
    your Life Is Trite And Jaded
    boring And Confiscated
    if That’s Your Best, Your Best Won’t Do
    we’re Right/yeah
    we’re Free/yeah
    we’ll Fight/yeah
    you’ll See/yeah
    oh We’re Not Gonna Take It
    no, We Ain’t Gonna Take It
    oh We’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore
    oh We’re Not Gonna Take It
    no, We Ain’t Gonna Take It
    oh We’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore
    no Way!
    we’re Right/yeah
    we’re Free/yeah
    we’ll Fight/yeah
    you’ll See/yeah
    we’re Not Gonna Take It
    no, We Ain’t Gonna Take It
    we’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore
    we’re Not Gonna Take It, No!
    no, We Ain’t Gonna Take It
    we’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore
    just You Try And Make Us
    we’re Not Gonna Take It
    come On
    no, We Ain’t Gonna Take It
    you’re All Worthless And Weak
    we’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore
    now Drop And Give Me Twenty
    we’re Not Gonna Take It
    oh Crinch Pin
    no, We Ain’t Gonna Take It
    oh You And Your Uniform
    we’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore

  18. The use of cannabis doesn’t concern the non using population and putting it in ballots is out of logic… We are in the 21 st century and the rights of the man cannot be decided at will but others who have no idea or are not concerned personally… Such a hidden fashism..
    I was very touched by the earhtquake-like message of mr Chris number 13.. He is so right.. You didnt raise me.. mind your business and let me live.. I dont belong to you. How come that uncle Jack or Tom and anty Mary or Dora from around the corner neibors will decide with a …vote !! if I will be cured naturally or in the hands of the big Pharma.. What do they know ?? Do I decide for instance if they should drink coffee ?? Do I judge them for that habit and ask the police to get them to jail because I dont like this speedy juice and I concider that kids shouldnt drink?? actually this is my oppinion but I do not impose it to the others… How stupid punk I would look if I imposed it… How come they interfeer in my life ??
    And by the way remember they say : I was sad that I had no shoes until I met someone without legs.. Remember : you have not full freedom but us here in Ellas (Greece) we have nothing but only extream poisoned grass from the Balkans…!! as if they hate us the forbid with horror laws anything local and pure and the market if full with extreamly poisoned grass.. If you smoke you cough all night to die.. If you buy it you have it there but if you smoke it you are not high but you nearly die !!!! and they all know that, our streets are full of junkies that die with balkan heroin .. (the same mafia that kills the people with the dirty heroin is playing with the dirty grass too.. Its normal as the two are concidered ..drugs !!! ).. So many people smoke and they all poisonne themselves right now.. I know that and that makes me crazy to see my compatriots destroy so sevearly their health under these politicians that will not care.. So guys there is worse and for me their is worse too.. In Malaysia for instance they kill for some grass.. Who will sreem fror these criminals ???? what about the malaysian people ??

  19. Less than 1% of marijuana consumers get involved with the reform of the laws? That kinda says it all kids. With all the positives about cannabis/hemp known and less than 1% batting in your corner, how can we win? No real positive change for cannabis till more folks get off the couch and bark up a song here.

  20. “A Very Sad American” ; you are NOT over the top. I think you bring up a good point. Americans still can’t imagine such a police state – they refuse to believe it could happen here.
    As for only 1% of cannabis users getting involved with reform, that’s not surprising, but it is OUTRAGEOUS.
    I used to be one of those 1% until I got busted, when I realized that up until that point I was nothing more than a hypocrite. I wanted my weed, I wanted it legal, but I wouldn’t get off my ass to do anything about it.

    Forget about cannabis – put it completely out of your mind – like it doesn’t exist – it’s not even a figment of your imagination.
    Now! What is the federalists doing?
    They are “intentionally,” with malice of forethought, violating our Constitution – plain and simple! They are breaking [thrashing] the laws they are sworn to uphold. They are taking a dump on We the People with a great deal of pleasure – and – the more we squirm the more pleasure they receive. The question is this: Do we want freedom – or – do we want what prohibs pleasingly give us – NOTHING! – or – if any – a hind tit, and a sack of shit? It’s all about freedom. They have a Patriot Act – so! – “let’s be Patriots!” As Louie from the Clark/Nevada Colony says – “Trow dem bums out!”

  22. You can’t imagine how mad I am. I have defended that lier so many times, and it aint easy in a small Texas town. I am 53 and thought by now it would be legal. I’m so full of HATE I don’t even know myself. Maybe we do need a revolution. I’m at wits ends. Somebody better run against him in the primarys. I’ll never vote republican but I just might not vote for the first time in my life. It just feels hopeless and being disabled I was thinking of moving to a med pot state. Now what? What can we do about it?

  23. I just now sent a msg to the Democratic party that i will not vote down the dem ticket as i have for the last 30 years. I am sick of these idiots driving voters away over stupidity! We need a tool here that gives us a way to see how some of these issues are being voted on?? I feel there are enough of us IF we had lists of how OUR state legislators voted and responded to them in our own emails … we could turn this around quickly with that tool! We stand United, We stand Strong!

  24. Voting time will be here soon. Its time to start talking to everybody about ending prohibition. On voting day if their are empty seats in your car, fill them. Take or drag as many people you can to the voting station. If you really want change take at least one other person with you. Make this someone who probably wouldn’t go. Help a handicaped person get there easier. The more the marrier. Numbers are how things get changed. Yes I Cannabis ! Yes We Cnnabis !!

  25. It’s so simple. Here’s how.
    1st: you get the citizens united.
    2nd: we demand this simple definition of marijuana,
    which actually shows respect for our Constitution.
    16. The term ‘marijuana’ means all parts
    of the smoke produced by the combustion
    of the plant Cannabis sativa L.

  26. The Mexicans will fill The streets, Americans should learn how to vote.
    Free Cannabis

  27. yes..alot can change in two years.. namely 63 house seats that have gone to conservative repugnicans..who are in a position to hold the budget and the economy hostage if o’bumble doesnt agree to some painful political concessions such as medical marijuana…
    for example..the house repugs could refuse to raise the debt limit unless o’bumble agrees to go after the medical marijuana industry…and o’bumble simply does not consider medical marijuana to be worth that price…indeed..the consequences of not raising the debt limit include a hard-right administration being elected in 2012..since o’bumble would necessarily be blamed…

  28. I wonder why no threatening letters are being sent to California? Maybe because Obama desperately needs this state in 2012? I no longer care if this Administration is more lax on Medical Cannabis, they have crossed the line. If they are going to continue to stifle any legitimate business ventures that would help sick and dying patients access Medical Cannabis LEGALLY, then they only way to make them listen is at the polls. They are clearly giving into special interests where it is still easy to do so (NOT California). If we continue to allow them to do this, nothing will ever change. I urge every one to send out an E-mail (or two) and LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD. If they don’t want to listen, fine…let us all speak VOLUMES at the polls.

  29. In a split moment I see President Obamas face and I wonder what has hell and eternity wrought in my only mind and soul

  30. On This Day
    May It be described in the Scriptures of Planet Earth
    Free Human Beings Demand Justice

  31. I am not going to go through all the reasons to decriminilize or legilize. I have already read them many times. Here and before here. It has been said. It`s been told, time and time again.
    If Obama backs off of what he said, OUT the door dude. Say one thing one day and just the oppisite the next day. Not in my book!
    I have epilepsy. It would be nice to know I wasn`t Going to have a seizure.

  32. genesis 29 30 read it.i have multiple sclorosis and its live by mans law and die or live by gods law and live.so why should we worry about u.s.debt and jobs, when our president sends our money in foreign lands to help rebuild.he will not get my vote as he did not in the beginning.i promise not to inhale.i will buy a vaporizor.if it was his family or the rest of the goverment dont you think things would be different? not dying if i can help it.it helps with pain appetite anxiety .thought when i received disability i could get something to help that was natural;come together lets mAke this work.supposed to be our country the one we die for thats trying to kill us.4

  33. I have lost hope. If someone like obama turns their back on this issue, that means no President will ever stop prohibition.
    They are all rotten bastards. Obama, all of them. This will always be a police state.

  34. “I’ll never vote republican but I just might not vote for the first time in my life. It just feels hopeless and being disabled I was thinking of moving to a med pot state. Now what? What can we do about it?”
    Hey friend, if you can do it move to a medical pot state. All this rhetoric is not going to stop a movement; legal marijuana is getting bigger everyday and prohibition is losing devils. So it is important that marijuana people vote with their feet and pocketbooks. Economic can bring down prohibition!

  35. Remember when NORML use to stand for something ?
    1) For Legalization
    2) For Freedom
    3) For Right to self govern
    4) For the constitution
    Remember NORML before the caved into this DEAD END Medical Marijuana movement.
    Moderator: post this you most likely wont, but I say the above words with fondness and sadness. I truly hope you return one day to the NORML I once new. The NORML I can trust.
    [Editor’s note: Um….you must be an idiot to believe that NORML is not a LEGALIZATION organization…you must have NORML confused with ASA or the NCIA–who, unlike NORML, only support patient access. NORML has supported legalization, decriminalization, medicalization and industrial hemp for 40 years.]

  36. This is so simple….Obama has set himself up to be the PRIME EXAMPLE of what happens when you LIE to get the vote of the YOUTH to carry you into office…it was young people who put him in, and it will be young people who MAKE DAMN SURE he is a one term president…and the same should go for the rest of the chickenshit politicians who crap their pants when they get a “handwritten letter” from a Us ADA….if they dont have the BALLS to FIRST AND FOREMOST protect the soveriegnty of their own STATE, then how the hell are they supposed to be able to represent the people OF THAT STATE before the rest of the (so called) Union?
    Lets just pretend that marijuana is cotton, and we’re ALL SLAVES this time…then we can have a civil war that starts off on the right foot, instead of the anarchy thats coming….

  37. This guy lied his way into office; like the rest of them I should add. Who’s really surprised? Marijuana is gaining a lot of support now a days, especially when it comes down to medical marijuana. The criminals are getting scared and the CIA doesn’t want to lose their top market. Demand more transparency in government and then everyones life will be a hell of a lot better!

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