NORML Truth Squad Car On Patrol In Dallas

From NORML Daily Stash’s Russ Belville:

I’m always thrilled when I get word from one of our local NORML chapters about their new creative projects to capture the public imagination.  This latest treat from Dallas/Fort Worth NORML, however, is one of my favorites.
It’s the “Truth Enforcement Vehicle”, a former police car bought at auction.  DFW NORML replaced the red’n’blue lights with green LEDs and christened it vehicle #420 (of course).
David Sloane, Esq., public information officer for DFW NORML, tells us about the reaction from the public and from the police.

David’s been forwarding us progress reports on the Truth Enforcement Vehicle and in response, NORML Founder Keith Stroup warned that such a brazen appropriation of police imagery might bring with it some extra attention from cops, so be very careful to obey the law and not allow contraband in the car.  Sure enough, Papa NORML knows best, judging by today’s report from David:

Well, Keith Stroup’s crystal ball seems to be in fine working order.  I just got stopped in 420 TRUTH CAR on Loop 820.  I was driving under the speed limit and a FTW PD traffic unit working stationary radar on the shoulder started kicking up dirt and gravel coming onto the freeway before I even past him.  (Indicating to me they’ve been watching for that car.)

Then he noticed an old City of FTW vehicle inventory sticker on the dash.  “371… was that a traffic unit?”  I said no it was a Low-Jack car… but I re-numbered it to 420.  He kinda chuckled again and said he noticed and something to the effect of everyone’s entitled to their own opinion.   Then he asked if he could get some pictures!  I told him sure and turned the light bar back on for him.  He pulled out his phone and began snapping away.  (I got a shot of him… gettin a shot of me… attached!)
We exchanged cordial adieus and I was on my way. He wasn’t menacing or harassing at all.  I think they are just curious.   I’m sure those pics got the FTW-PD most-forwarded award for the afternoon shift!  Now just three more shifts to go!  LOL!

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  1. You’ve got an amen on this one. We’ve talked about “Counter-enforcement” for some time. If being a vigilante is what it takes to bring justice into the light – amen brother! It’s better than violence from either camp. Let’s see how the fuzz likes it for a change. This is thrilling.

  2. surprisingly maybe they was once a True american. And inhaled the truth and not the lies in which the cannabis band wagon has been Rollin on for years now. You say most forwarded Picture in shift history. Well I say he sent it out to all the friends, that thought OMG. he’s a cop now. Don’t talk to him, or tell him NOTHING while we’re at the bar… oh look. He sent me a picture. OMG! HE’s NOT A BAD COP! he’s an AMERICAN!! WOOO here comes the truth

  3. i love the “truth car”, i live around dallas, where can it be found? every city needs one, or two, or…… keep it up NORML

  4. This is the favorite post I’ve ever read on NORML. Made me smile. I think the “truth enforcement” car is a stroke of genius. There should be one in every city!

  5. i live in ft. worth texas and to see the truth car driving around really made me appreciate my following behind the cannabis movement in my time and age and hopefully sometime my children will be able to legally get marijuana in texas at some point and time

  6. NORML keep it up! That’s awesome and amazing of such a positive reaction from one of Dallas’ finest.

  7. Great job DFW NORMAL! Enforce the truth! It is overkill and morally bankrupt to arrest nonviolent adults for making a safer health choice, cannabis or marijuana, compared to other medicinal/social drugs. The people believe in self-government and self-medication.

  8. Great Job guys. Please keep up the good work and let people know the truth.
    – Paul, Dallas.

  9. I must have a bad attitude; this didn’t make me smile. It made me frown when I hear how the cop giggles and takes pics.
    They think we are clowns. They are not taking us seriously.
    Every cop learns over years, on the streets, that cannabis doesn’t do to people what alcohol does, yet they refuse to grab their balls and say “this is wrong”. I’m not talking about LEAP. I mean guys in their blue suits on duty saying “this is BS, I refuse to arrest anyone for a harmless plant”.
    This story is sad not funny.
    Question to norml staff: What are you doing to get someone like Carter (who was elected on a decrim platform) to change things? We need someone who isn’t a “crazy longhair hippy pothead” and everyone at NORML has already been ‘labeled’. We need someone who is going to be taken seriously, since we are a funny group of ‘druggies’ to the president at his online town halls.
    There has to be one person out there with the credibility to change a few minds…
    As depressed as I sound I do think we are closer then ever. If we could get all the medical people and the full legalization people to WORK TOGETHER! Like Montel Williams, he is hurting every bit as much as helping. Cannabis isn’t a gift on earth for him and sick people. It’s for all to CHOOSE to use, for the betterment of society.
    The money spent on that car could have purchased a billboard to educate instead of a car to giggle at.

  10. This is a stroke of genius! The “Truth” car is basically a mobile billboard, with bright green lights, and the recognizable shape of a police vehicle. Great job DFW NORML!

  11. Whatever it takes to get the message out, or rather you preferred to be ignored.

  12. Wow. Great job DFW NORML! I am definitely showing this to my step-dad (he’s a police officer). I think this car is an excellent symbol and I am even more pleased to hear the story about the officer pulling you over simply for a photo-op. In a way.. I think this car shows that the police aren’t the bad guys here. Everyone just needs to see the truth.

  13. 420 Truth Enforcement Vehicle, PRICELESS!!!
    (A mathematical-instance where 420 is GREATER THAN 714!!!) ).

  14. “Action speaks louder than words.”
    This is what we call “action” – “Nothing happens unless we make it happen – and – we can make anything happen.” Genesists have absolutely no intentions whatsoever of bowing or bending to the enemy’s whip. I personally would just as soon throw red paint on them and piss on their grave. Instead – I have every intention of sending them packing. I, with exuberant action, intend to give their little act directions down the road.
    This whole charade is like shit on the bottom of our shoes. This fiasco is like our front yard is mined with steaming little nuggets of shit for us to navigate around. The DEA – what can I say? “The braves are off the reservation, and are taking scalps. They’ll certainly prove equal to the task. It’s time to circle the wagons. This vigilance is definitely in their face and up their nose. The 7 western states need to follow Texas lead here. I hope they are both a response team and provide information to the public. They’ve proven to be a physical presence for sure.


  16. Why don’t you put these in every norml chapter after one of those oh so helpful conferences where you get together and hug each other. Peace!

  17. love it!! I freak out everytime a see an old cop car. this one will make me change lanes without a signaling for sure.
    I wondering how long until they pull him over for “impersenating a cop, or some law about the bar lights. In vermont, yellow was construction, red fire/EMT and blue was cops. that was passed by a state rep who wanted to know who was up a head along the roade when he drove home drunk from session each night. That is all changed. he confessed after is DUI hearing to his law. What would Green lights mean?”

  18. Now NORML if you only wont bend when pressure from the suits comes down on you. Lately, the NORML monement has catered far too much to the Medical Marijuana movement publically and not the full on legalization on marijuana.
    Nice to see you acting a little more like the NORML I used to be a member of.
    Hope you continue on with the same tenacitiy from this day forth. Great Idea BTW
    [Editor’s note: You must be confusing NORML with ASA (a medical cannabis only organization) and/or MPP (which effectively has morphed into medical cannabis industry lobby group NCIA). NORML is and has always been a 100% legalization organization that represents consumer–not producer–interests since 1970.]

  19. RE # 28 Mark,
    In some states, green denotes a fire chief, funeral-escort, EMT or private security-guard vehicle.
    (Don’t know what the lighting “color-code” specific to Texas or Dallas / Fort Worth IS, though…).

  20. Good to see the police just know it is a protest against that specific law and no disrespect to any officers.

  21. I work in the business selling used cop cars. Crown vics, caprices, impalas. they are powerful and fun to drive. ha. love this. we got all that cop equipment I take out of them. I’ve found a lot of narcotics hidden in them over the years. lol anywhere theres a crack i’ll likely find crack. ha

  22. I like it. I tried to post at 4:20, but it looks like I missed it by a couple minutes. Oh well, another 11 hours 58 or so to try

  23. someone needs to come up with an acronym for TRUTH
    like “Tax and Regulate the Use of THc” or something like that…

  24. If anybody wants one of these in their town just go out and buy and old “bubble” paint it accordingly and drive it around town, We have a “bubble” and are planning on making it a 420 car 🙂 Thanks for the idea NORML!
    P.s. We also have a mystery machine driving around town with people dressed exactly like the scooby-doo gang, creepy and cool at the same time lol.

  25. while there is drunk drivers and all other kind of crimes going on, the police have nothing better to do then take pictures of peaceful people. isn’t that a waste of tax payers money?

  26. You want to make everyone squirm? Just let everyone, from law enforcement to the President, know that – “We are watching them like hawks.” A million eyes are poised on their every move. Every wrong move they make will be written across the sky for the whole world to see. The next time they even look cross eyed at a dog/animal, PETA will be called to action, and they will have the full force of 3,141 Genesist Colonies to back them up 100%.

  27. Hey, we are in the middle of a war here in Montana. Any comrades out there willing to support us? We’re setting prescedence here and this is the challenge we’ve been waiting for. Montana gets it straight- other states will have an easier time legalizing. Then on to the Federal level for full legalization..

  28. Now, make the interior out of hemp modify it to run off of hemp oil and etc.

  29. This is a great idea! I have so much admiration for those fighting this battle in places like Texas – it can be dangerous. Can’t wait for future updates – maybe a TV show? “Car 420, Where Are You” Way to go!

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