Sweet Sixteen: Delaware Governor Signs Medical Marijuana Bill Into Law

Earlier this morning Delaware Governor Jack Markell signed legislation to make the “First State” the sixteenth to approve the physician supervised use of medical marijuana. This measure will allow qualifying patients to possess up to 6 ounces of usable marijuana acquired from any of three state-supervised distribution centers. Qualifying conditions for the program include cancer, HIV/AIDS, multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Alzheimer’s disease and post-traumatic stress disorder. Full text of the bill can be read here.
NORML would like to thank all of the activists who contacted their State Senators and Representatives in support of this important legislation. The law must now undergo a one year regulatory and licensing process before the state’s three dispensaries begin operation. We will be sure to keep you posted on Delaware’s medical marijuana program as it develops.

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  1. Eyes wide open , anyone? Thank GOD for DELAWARE!!! See( Nike ) was right. Just do it !

  2. Eyes wide open , anyone? Thank GOD for DELAWARE!!! See( Nike ) was right. Just do it ! The up hill battle feels like a down hill battle now.

  3. Of course here comes Pharma & Alcohol to tell them ” it’s all about the ” Children ” crap .
    Well, did you know that in thirteen States the leading cause of death is prescription medications & Florida is # 1 in prescription overdoses resulting in death ? Of course, Alcohol has always been a leader in deaths, addiction and health problems but they tell you it’s all about Marijuana and the harm it’s doing to kids .

  4. is this really a reason to celebrate..it’s truly a step backwards..sure you will get medicine..but you will also be making dispenseries, doctors and certified growers.LOTS of cash, and well thats a good thing for them..look at what happened in california, prop19..it would of passed if the growers dispenseries and mmj doctors wouldn’t of dumped so much of their cash into voting no..not to mention the alcohol producers and distributers and sports complexs’ with their millions, another state getting medical marijuana is NOT a good thing..i have followed the rules of society, paid my taxes, and basically all i want is to use weed without any strings attached, here’s the deal take a vote for legalization, and do not allow alcohol pushers, mmj doctors dispensery owners or employees, or their growers to vote..it’s a conflict of interest, i would bet my life it would be legal real quick..why do you have to be sick to enjoy what mother nature supplys? what a fucked up ass backwards society, do some thinking..full legalization..no random test..no medical excuse’s

  5. What this article doesn’t tell you is the EPIC FAIL in the law that doesn’t allow GYO ( that’s Grow Your Own ). How can this even be considered a WIN ? Whoever worked on this dropped the ball…sigh

  6. An open dialogue is good – but – it is what it is – talk. On the other hand – research is “fact” that you can talk about with certainty. Without the scientific research/evidence talk is cheap – and – is subject to false perception.
    Can you answer these three simple questions?
    1. Why does the government deny scientific research/evidence?
    2. Why does the government over-look the obvious – that cannabis is a wonder drug?
    3. Why is government pulling every dirty trick in the book, spending precious resources and manpower, and disseminating false and misleading information [propaganda].

  7. I commend the governor for being signing this bill. Not only will it save lifes, it will also bring reveue to delware. Now we just need full legliazation.

  8. FINALLY! Now, to have it legalized in ALL states. PERIOD. Bye-bye drug lords!!! Bye-bye violence!!! Mexico would like this, too. they’re suffering from the drug dealers’ wars, too. When is the U.S. going to get smart and just legalize the stuff???

  9. Wonder how many more need to be added to the 16 before they consider rescheduling it?
    Insert sarcasm: Because it has, “no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States” right?

  10. This would be great if it would happen in Texas cause I suffer from PTSD and it works like TNT. Keep up the good work normal one day I will be free of this prosecution and process of elimination.

  11. thats awesome norml im glad delware legalized medical marijuana-norml i like to say too that even though spice has gotten off the market that its still being sold there is so many different compounds you can smoke to get you high and you can change the compound even though dea banned the 5 chemicals
    the government will never win
    i like to say too norml and the citizens of the country to help get prop 19 passed it will be going on the ballot again in 2012 so lets try not to get the same results to a compared 46 percent yes to 52 percent no(i think it more of money battle from the last comments i left)
    i am proud person im in the military and hope to move to california when i get out and know that our founding fathers george washington, benjamin franklin, thomas jefferson all grew hemp and would be proud

  12. you have to look at the big picture. you(we) are 1 step closer to making it completely legal.

  13. I am Soooooo sick of the medical marijuana movement.
    The more we establish Marijuana as a controlled pharm drug for patients with bullshit diagnosis (> 85% are between 18-27yrs old and cancerless) the more we diminish our stance on the true objective: The total and complete legalization of the friggin plant.
    I love NORML but every time Ive come to this web site over the last year all I see is Medical Marijuana this and that. The only glimps into the NORML of old lately was the ” Truth enforcement ” blurb.
    Honestly NORML were are you heading with this full on embracement of medical marijuana. You must see that as soon as the pharm companies get in on the action any chance we had in getting marijuana legalized is over…completely done! Please prove me wrong; what other outcome could there possible be once marijuana is a CAT PHARM? Oh and when is Vicodone going to become legal.
    So now you have citizens in 16 states making permenent entries in their medical records that they are actively comsuming a FED illegal substance. Hows that going to turn out for them in the long run NORML? Not to mention a great majority of the Medical Marijuana patient population are simply lying to gain access to Pot. As a matter of fact there are links on NORML web site that lead to other sites which have videos demonstrating what to say at the Doctors office to assure you get the Pot Script. Hows does that legitimize this movement?
    At the end of the day marijuana should be legal and without any stipulations for use. Get back on track NORML because the way I see it right now your on the opposing team – 40 years or not.
    So NORML explain to me how making Marijuana a PHARM will lead to legalization…How?
    [Editor’s note: The ‘new’ NORML is the same as the ‘old’ one…are you aware that NORML started the legal struggle to reschedule cannabis as a medicine in 1972? NORML’s efforts are embodied in it’s name–‘National Organization for the REFORM of Marijuana Laws’, be them legalization, decriminalization, medicalization and industrial hemp.
    What benefit to legalization does medicalization provide?
    When NORML began the moral imperative to allow patients to access cannabis products less than 18% of Americans supported legalization. Today, with over 100 million Americans living in the 16 states with legal protections for qualified patients, the national average now for legalization is over 45%. Lastly, with hundreds of millions of dollars of medical cannabis being safely and effectively sold in over 2,000 dispensaries in the country every month, the body politic is observing that cannabis can be sold and generate needed taxes with no great social harms or problems.
    Some could argue cogently…if it had not been for medicalizing cannabis, there would be little support today for full legalization.]

  14. “What this article doesn’t tell you is the EPIC FAIL in the law that doesn’t allow GYO ( that’s Grow Your Own ). How can this even be considered a WIN ? Whoever worked on this dropped the ball…sigh” Go reread the article.

  15. wow,
    talk about synchronicity!
    i am a resident of NJ.
    curious about the state MMJ laws,
    i checked through NORML
    and realize i will never qualify for a pot script.
    i also began to wonder if nation wide MMJ laws,
    woukd fatefully sustain prohibition indefinitely…
    start organizing some freakin parades!
    Where is the American Marc Emery?
    You have a strong team,
    help us to collaborate better!

  16. One more thing, next time something as game changing as Prop 19 shows up, we need to not only support it, but follow the money and expose hypocrites in the MMJ industry that campaign against it to keep their premiums high. I’m all for MMJ and the associated industry, but we also need to “police” our own to avoid the full legalization message from being subverted.
    As most studies show the biggest gap in support is age based, but the older generation is dying and support will continue to grow. At this time, it’s only a matter of time. We must not grow weary. We must not grow complacent. We must fight every battle and every victory is one step closer to truly winning the War.
    Make no mistake this is a war. “Drug War” is the proper term. This war has casualties in last 25 years no less than 100 people have lost their lives needlessly in this war on both sides. Even a cop killed by a dealer trying to preserve his freedom and livelihood is a needless life lost. No drug raids = no cops killed in drug raids. (At least, 31 officers have been hurt or killed in drug raids in the last 25 years. Source: CATO Institute, a conservative group that advocates legalization and ending police abuse.)
    P.S. I post a map from there site about botched raids on the life for pot blog entry comments.

  17. Please keep in mind that the MOST important thing in this whole debate is getting the Medicine to the people who need it and unless GYO is added how many people, poor, live too far away and such wont have access ?? What this article doesn’t tell you is the EPIC FAIL in the law that doesn’t allow GYO ( that’s Grow Your Own ). How can this even be considered a WIN ? Whoever worked on this dropped the ball…sigh

  18. “You can’t legislate human nature.” We want what we can’t have – forbidden fruit. That’s why I hate the way I love. When the government “tells you” what you can or can’t put in your body – mind over body [matter]occurs and government increasingly becomes a distant memory.

  19. @Editor in response to 21:
    I understand what Aging Hippy is saying, as this has been my frustration lately as well. There is all this focus on ‘Medical’ and not the more ‘fundamental rights’ based discussion for the rest of us.
    I also understand your stance that public acceptance is ultimately what will influence politicians.
    While Medical Marijuana has broken the taboo of speaking about cannabis for sick people, it is, in my opinion, detracting from the better argument that we have sovereign rights over our own bodies, sick and well.
    While it appears you disagree, we humbly ask that you use your pulpit to spread freedom for all who seek life, liberty and happiness, not just the sick.~

  20. Congratulations Delaware! Sixteen and counting… This is another small step in the right direction. But it is a long way from where we ought to be, namely “full legalization”. I find the lack of a “grow your own” clause to be quite disappointing, since many people are unable to afford the ridiculous prices on medical marijuana.
    Many disabled people, like myself, live entirely on a monthly disability check with no other income. I find that my glaucoma, arthritis, chronic back pain, psoriasis and IBS require a minimum of 1 and 1/2 ounces of cannabis per month in order to keep symptoms under control… more if the potency is not top shelf.
    At the current prices I encounter, after basic life expenses, and I do mean BASIC, I can only afford maybe a half ounce per month. That small amount leaves me in some pain, with my glaucoma somewhat out of control. I watched my Grandfather go blind from glaucoma, then watched my Dad fight it with surgery after surgery, finally requiring cadaver lenses implanted in his eyes. I don’t want to go blind. I don’t want multiple surgeries… and I don’t want to live in pain.
    Prescription glaucoma meds do nothing for me, including Marinol. My osteo Doctor would prescribe pain killers for me in a New York minute but I have seen what those can do to people. Addiction to the pain killers can happen almost overnight and ruin your life; I absolutely don’t want that. I am appalled that my Doctor can prescribe those pain killers but can’t prescribe a much safer and more effective natural plant. It just doesn’t make sense!
    Here in Texas, I find that a large number of people are so uninformed, misinformed and prejudiced against marijuana that any meaningful steps toward legalization seem very far away. These are people who will immediately walk away if you mention medical uses of marijuana… or worse, become hysterical and violent. I recently had a large, ugly cowboy threaten to “whoop my —” just for wearing a NORML button on my lapel in a restaurant. I’m talking about extreme prejudice here.
    Seeing a marijuana leaf affects them about the same as a Mexico bull seeing a red cape.
    I feel sorry for these people because they have been completely brainwashed by Big Brother. They just “KNOW” that they are right. During the last few years, I have heard a couple of these people say that they thought all marijuana smokers should be lined up against a wall and shot… and they would volunteer for firing squad duty!
    I recently put my new NORML bumper sticker on my truck and almost immediately, the city police began to follow me around San Angelo, just looking for any excuse to pull me over. I’m a good driver; I’m not holding, and my truck is legal but still it is nerve racking to be followed so closely around town. So far, I’ve not given them any reason to pull me over.
    When I write to my state representatives concerning the need for marijuana law reform and especially for medical marijuana legalization, I invariably encounter a brick wall. Any favorable bills presented in legislature may never get out of committee. It’s a discouraging situation but we must not give up; we must stand up for our freedom and continue to expound upon the virtues of marijuana and hemp.
    Well, it appears that I’ve gotten kind of carried away here. As you can see, I have become quite passionate for marijuana legalization. I hope that you will join me and let’s put an end to “Reefer Madness”, once and for all. Thank you. Johnny Hickman (aka Clodhopper)

  21. Evolution of thinking.
    Our minds need to evolve in a serious way – but – we need to evolve with a strong foundation. That foundation is the truth. We need to be supported by the truth – not untruths – as it is now. The truth is found in the science and religion – therefore – it should be found in the law.
    Nothing has escaped us.
    We Genesists will survive as a particular people and Faith – as brethren. Our minds are the best weapons we possess. Our minds will defend us against evil – from a government gone mad. You have to get everyone together at once – doin’ the same thing. The Genesist Faith does just exactly that – but – we only need one messenger to deliver the message.

  22. Congratulations to all Delaware Genesist Colonies and Governor Jack Markell. That’s courage under fire.
    “I strongly object you honor”
    I object to the lie offered as evidence [false evidence] before this court and to the American people.” We would submit however – to lay aside all knowledge of cannabis – and – place our full trust belief in the brutal truth, and conclusion of science. On this religion and science agree- and – believe that the law should too.

  23. Joke of the town? Maryjand got a token, too bad it’s going to cost them . When we talked about tax,regulated and legal, that’s the point – legal. Not ( at your own risk hope you’re safe ) token. Trying to make a buck and keep feds happy. You will make more money with it legal. As for the feds,their only as tough as we let them be.

  24. Joke of the town? Maryjand got a token, too bad it’s going to cost them . When we talked about tax,regulated and legal, that’s the point – legal. Not ( at your own risk hope you’re safe ) token. Trying to make a buck and keep feds happy. You will make more money with it legal. As for the feds,their only as tough as we let them be. The State of Maryland has put it on the PEOPLE !

  25. Green for green. Which one is more addictive – marijuana or money? both are a necessity!

  26. Why haven’t I seen any news coverage on it. Norml needs to start up a nationwide newspaper (printed on hemp paper of course)that will cover some true news for a change instead of all the corporate same ole drivel news that’s being fed to us. This could be a new revenue stream for the org. Maybe a weekly to start.

  27. A plant of renown – out of God’s nature – given to us by God, as Sacrament – honored in our Faith, and in our Communion with our Source. Genesists shall, in good conscience, and with equal passion – defend our Faith and Sacrament.

  28. lol
    a local dude (staten island, ny) spent his retirement nest-egg of 140k to post signs about judgment-day.
    his signs are all over the city!
    please do something like this guy.
    i remember when you had the bloomberg ad in the times.

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