Arizona Gov. Brewer seeks federal shutdown of state medical marijuana program

Funny how when it’s immigration, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer claims states rights and opposes federal interference, but when it’s the state voting for medical marijuana, she invites federal interference.

(East Valley Tribune) Saying she fears people could wind up in legal trouble, Gov. Jan Brewer on Tuesday ordered the state attorney general to get a federal court to rule whether Arizona can implement its medical marijuana law.
[S]he said a letter from Dennis Burke, the U.S. Attorney for Arizona, to her state health chief appeared to be a warning that anyone involved — from patients and dispensary operators to landlords and even state health officials — could wind up being prosecuted by his office.

Boo!  The scare letter tactic seems to be working.  Rhode Island balked, Washington balked, now Arizona.  Despite the fact that this medical marijuana has been federally illegal the whole time and New Mexico and Colorado have been licensing dispensaries for years with no federal interference

“I believe in the will of the people,” Brewer said, even though she personally opposed the initiative. “Unfortunately, with this piece of legislation, there are some pretty serious consequences if we don’t get them resolved,” she continued. “And I, as governor, am not willing to put those people at risk.”

Bull.  You opposed the initiative and you’re using the empty threat from a US Attorney to provide the cover for you to overturn what was only 50.13% of the people’s will.

Despite that, the state will continue issuing “qualified patient” cards to anyone who produces the required doctor’s certification that they have a medical condition which can be treated with marijuana.
Gubernatorial press aide Matthew Benson said the state really has no choice: The initiative approved in November says if the state does not accept applications, then anyone who has the doctor’s recommendation is automatically considered to have been issued a card.

That’s some pretty clever language drafting there.  I have to give props to the folks at MPP who came up with that one.  If you don’t get a card 45 days after turning in your recommendation, that recommendation is your valid card. Either the state controls who is a legal medical marijuana patient or thousands of doctors will.  You’d think if the governor wanted to have some control over this, she wouldn’t try to stop issuing the cards.

About 4,000 Arizonans already are certified under state law to be able to purchase up to 2 1/2 ounces of marijuana every two weeks.

That’s a pretty rapid growth curve!  Remember, this initiative wasn’t even officially passed until December and the online-only registration system opened up just six weeks ago.

[Brewer] wants to know whether state officials who issue dispensary licenses can be prosecuted because they are “facilitating” the distribution of marijuana. And Brewer said she fears that the state Department of Public Safety could lose federal grants by refusing as a matter of policy to arrest those caught with the drug simply because they are complying with state law.

Now you’re really reaching, Governor.  You can’t name any one of the now 16 medical marijuana states over the past fourteen years that has lost a single federal grant for not locking up patients.
As for the dispensary licenses?  Remember how much I complained about the “25-mile halo rule”?  This was a part of MPP’s language that said you could only grow your own medical marijuana if you lived more than 25 miles from a dispensary.  Well, if Brewer gets the answer we know she’ll get, which is “hell, yes, the feds could go after state employees”, and she directs the state to issue no dispensary licenses, that means all those current 4,000 patients can grow their own dozen cannabis plants.  That could be over 30,000 patients within a year growing over 400,000 cannabis plants all over Arizona.
Again, you’d think if the governor wanted to have some control over this, she’d implement the law, issue dispensary licenses, and keep the vast majority of cultivation in licensed, inspected, secure locations.

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  1. Wayside’s post in dead-on accurate. I’m no fan of Brewer’s, but this isn’t about her. It’s about the Obama administration. It’s about Obama appointing Michelle Leonhart to head the DEA, so she can continue the harassment and intimidation of the medical cannabis community that she carried out under Bush. The only real difference I see between Obama and Bush on this issue is that Obama and his people are trying to create the perception that they are on the side of medical cannabis states while working hard to undermine us. I’m shocked that people still think Obama is on the side of science-based social policy instead of raw government power over the personal lives of citizens. Obama is either a rabid prohibitionist or he goes all weak in the knees when he comes up against the prison industrial complex that the DEA is an important part of. Does it really matter which one it is? The result is the same.

  2. Reading recent articles and back-tracking by the DEA.
    In the case of the DEA the letter says, “Yes, we can”, but it never says, “Yes, we will”. Nice politicking on their part.
    In Brewer’s defense, as Governor she is obligated to look out for the people of her state including Government employees. After seeing the jack-booted techniques of the DEA, I’d be worried to even as a MJ/MMJ supporter myself. I would be trying to force an answer from the Fed as well. My next action(and hers) would depend on that answer. If she use a, “No.” answer to try to shuffle the people’s will, then I say, vote her out. If she uses it as a means to stand up for state’s and individual’s rights even though she is against this particular issue herself… Well that is a rare quality in politics and I would personally drive to AZ to campaign for her re-election even if I don’t agree with her policies.
    My opinion on Brewer is, “Time will tell all.” I’m waiting to see where this goes and her response to what is likely to be the answer she is likely expecting from the Fed.

  3. 45. Wayside
    Brewer is the governor of a sovereign state. She knows exactly what she can or can’t do [No clarification needed]. If brewer is waiting for clarification from the feds – I’m sure she received her copy of the DOJ Memo 02.09.11. If Brewer is protecting the sovereign state of Arizona, Arizona Genesists, and its sovereign rights – I will give her credit and apologize for anything negative I may have said against her – but – for now – there’s plenty of crow flying around, and I don’t smell pie crust baking – so – I don’t expect I’ll be eating crow any time soon. All the governor has to do is prove herself – because – she is shaming herself right now. Babe Ruth once said – “You can change jeers to cheers – all you have to do is “produce.” Well! Start producing Gov.

  4. Hey Manford Man (re 36 & 37),
    Thanks for the greetings. I agree with ya. It’s ridiculous. I keep telling people our govt isn’t as bad as “real” dictatorships–then we see this sort of crap. It’s gettin’ real hard to defend these fools. The GOP, the Dems, most of ’em.
    I’ve been sending a few emails to my Sens–keep getting the usual replies. Most of ’em seem to be afraid–they’re more concerned about their keeping their cozy positions than serving the people.
    And our media . . . I won’t open THAT can of worms right now, too disgusted.
    Anyway, best wishes, Manford, & thanks again for the greeting.

  5. @WhiteRabbit – I’d suggest you make sure they are all registered and vote for either Gary Johnson(social liberal) or Ron Paul(more socially conservative) in your state’s GOP primary. They can’t win without the nomination. Time to be active is now!!
    P.S. Smaller voting pools in a primary means each vote counts.

  6. This is such a hypocritical move on her part. Also note that as of tonight NBC news I believe, AZ HAS STOPPED issuing cards to people. I’m also concerned with 2 things. The first Being what happens to other states laws when the feds are forced into changing theirs? CA better watch out! The second being, since our state “AZ” is completely broke, how many millions of dollars is this going to cost us as tax payers? Instead of the state making money off this new law, they’ve found a way to make it cost us yet again. Thanks Brewer way to help the people out!

  7. Gov. Jan Brewer 05.24.11
    To: Arizonans
    The U.S. Attorney for Arizona said – “The federal government considers marijuana a controlled substance. Arizonans deserve clarity on an issue with such dire implications.
    The Genesist Faith 05.27.11
    To: Jan Brewer.
    “May God have mercy on your soul.”
    To: Arizona killer robots.
    “You murdered Jose Guerno – you deserve “no mercy.” You’ve disgraced Qualified Immunity and the badge you wear. May you wear the badge of your disgrace on the bosom of your souls. I’ve seen your face – and – it’s too much for me today.
    To: My brethren Genesists
    “Lift your heads and let it out.”
    It seems – the trade mark of their absolute arrogance – is their murder of Jose Guerno [perhaps a message – if so – message received]. Their history of killing the family dog in these raids was probably “Gateway Killings” to now killing humans. There will come a time – evidentially now – when words become babble and you’re pissin’ in the wind. We the people are paying the price [death] for governments bad deeds. They’re squeezing every last drop of “tolerance” out of us – leaving us nowhere to go but – well!- use your imagination. It’s time – to get it all out into the light – let the light reveal the truth and the flaws. It’s time – for government to write – “I will not kill American citizens” 500 times on the blackboard. This is just a gentle reminder – but – the killer robots that murdered Jose Guerno should be saying “The Lords Prayer” – and – should be asking God for his forgiveness – for they are the evil in the valley of death. They should be using cannabis they “thought” Jose had – to help them sleep at night – because – “I don’t know how they can sleep at night with Jose’s murder on their conscience.” Yes I do – “They have no conscience – and – they have 60 bullets to prove it.”

  8. 56. Longtime Puffer
    Once upon a time – you and I played “ping pong” with politics. The thing that impressed me most was that – “We got pass the politics and stood on common ground – arm in arm.” Politics are for politicians. We being neither – can see, with open eyes, from the outside looking in, the mendacity of it all. It’s my greatest hope that all Americans get past the politics, and focus on the prize i.e. our freedom. Puff – I say this with certainty – “It has nothing to do with anything but domination by a few or by many – and – the mendacity is running ramped.” So! Here’s my comment to government – “You can fool some of the people all of the time – all of the people some of the time – but – they need an attitude adjustment if they think they can fool all of the people all of the time – or – Puff and I any time.
    Have a great CDXX Communion Puff.

  9. Well, out here in Cali. it’s the same thing as usual . In fact our marijuana laws seem to be getting even loser than ever . I never worry about where my next batch of medicine comes from & i know our local Police don’t really care how much pot you smoke . I never hide it . In fact there’s a bag of weed sitting on the table in my living room and if the Police came knocking on my door, i would invite them in and keep my weed in plain sight . The attitute out here is………….big deal, so you smoke Pot ? What else is new . The enforcement is more after the drunks than anyone else .

  10. ……………by the way, that doesn’t mean you still won’t get busted for possession, though & selling pot can still get you time in the slammer but i do nothing illegal so i never have to worry .

  11. Plato once gave the analogy of the cave. We’re seated in a cave watching a shadow puppet show projected onto the wall, with our back turned to the real show and this is what we consider “reality.” It is ignorance that keeps us from seeing the reality that is really behind us.
    Prohibition is a scheme. It is as destructive to this country’s future as the military industrial complex invading and occupying, warring against countries for profit, money.
    People assume that prohibition is just some minor law, a somewhat acceptable compromise of our rights as human beings, responsible adults, in the name of public safety. In reality, prohibition *is* one of the major social problems facing this country if you realize how pervasively destructive and pernicious it is to the common welfare.
    People confuse our government (Executive Legislative Judicial) with the people in office, elected and appointed individuals, people like us. They use misinformation and disinformation to create a facade of concern about our best interests are or should be. It’s a giant Protestant, puritanical hypocrisy to encourage binge drinking at 21 but to keep Cannabis illegal with absurdly harsh penalties for use.
    Let the punishment fit the crime. Cannabis use is no crime at all.
    The reality is prohibition is an unjust and paternalistic law that pretends to protect us when it directly contradicts our best interests and creates far more problems that it claims to solve.
    Cannabis has been shown to create new brain cells and activates parts of the human brain and prefrontal cortex that would otherwise go unused. Cannabis is medicine for multiple ailments, without the potentially lethal side effects of “legal” medicine. Cannabis has been shown to suppress cancer and tumor growth. Cannabis makes activities and experiences more enjoyable, makes the stressed and angry, docile. Cannabis was critical to human survival and that’s why we humans carried it to every corner of the globe.
    Prohibition exists to generate money for the prison industry, for Big Pharma and Petro and chemical industries. It continues to perpetuate inequities among social classes by being clearly racist in the “justice” system. Justice is not the same thing as fairness. Justice in this country is something that is paid for, bought and sold. Fairness is something that even chimpanzees have been shown to understand.
    Prohibition is unfair and destructive. Prohibition is unjust, arbitrary, and paternalistic. Prohibition is immoral because it clearly serves the financial interests of the few and selectively discriminates against certain social classes and racial groups.
    An unjust law is no law at all; prohibition defies the spirit of the law. It is a travesty of public policy. That is why people simply ignore that “law.” Prohibition is an ineffective, dishonest waste of tax revenues and public resources, while teaching people disdain for law enforcement and the law itself. This, while legal and potentially lethal “medicines” (even Tylenol) saturate the market.
    Prohibition is one of this country’s biggest problems, so pervasive that people can no longer see how much misery it creates. And this is no foreign enemy or environmental force we cannot control, it is public policy that can be changed in a day. Fifty-one senators could vote and eliminate the stupidity. Unfortunately, public officials are mostly corrupt and self-enriching megalomaniacs and when they enter office they enter a system that trains them to maintain the status quo.

  12. Anyone on Facebook, be very vigilant about any person/group named “Cannabiz” or even “Arizona Cannabiz”. It’s believed, with some degree of affirmation, they are the “Feds”. They have very particular similarities throughout the different state pages. This just goes to show that they won’t be backing down. Those 3 federal med pot bills just introduced will probably see an early demise, but that doesn’t mean we should give up! We must go harder, and speak LOUDER!

  13. I live in Arizona and am a person approved by State of Arizona for medical cannabis. This is not the first time Governor Brewer has played games with the medical care for sick people. She is currently trying to drop thousands of people from a health care program for poor people called Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (Arizona AHCCCS.) This was something else the people of this state voted for that she doesn’t like (costs “too much money”—money she’d rather hand out to rich Republican cronies in the form of tax breaks.) She is also fighting the federal government for her “right” to drop Arizonans from Medicare. Funny how she’s willing to fight the feds when it comes to harrassing Hispanics (SB1070) or deny poor people medical care, but when it comes to fighting the feds on medical cannabis, suddenly she’s worried about what the feds think.
    Make no mistake, Brewer is a not our friend. As I said, I live in this state. This is a governor who uses any and all tools to enforce her agenda, which is creating a de facto police state here. She recently signed a law stating she can authorize a “state militia” outside of the National Guard for “emergencies”. In other words, she can raise her own private army. And we’ve seen how well personal militias behave in the Middle East, haven’t we?
    Get the protest signs ready. We’re going to need them.

  14. Hey Manford Man, re 61,
    Thanks again, and well-said. I don’t trust most of ’em. This situation where we allow lobbyists to dictate our laws and regulations is sickening. It’s a system created to please the highest bidder–and they’re the ones with all the dough. But I honestly believe that justice will in the end prevail.
    So here’s a Memorial Day puff to you, Manford Man, to everybody else on these boards, and especially to the voters in CA and Colo. and Mass. and the other states who are trying to get MJ legalization on the next ballot.

  15. Seems to me his lady is a controling hyprocritical dictator. Brewer can not choose state laws over one issue because she agrees with the states immigration laws and then turn around and choose Federal law because she agrees with the federal marijuana. Its either State law over rides federal or federal over rides state and it looks like she is only choosing which one sides with her ideals. So by her doing this it seems like she wants it her way only which could be dictatorship, or a hypocrite by choosing state over federal one time and then saying yes to federal law another. Brewer is just looking for a way to get what SHE wants! She should be kicked from office and let the citizens of the state truly decide whtat laws go into and elect somebody that will listen.

  16. I am relatively new to this state “6 years”, but from what I’ve seen in that past few years of living here the former statement is 100% true, and it makes me sick. It all comes down to their personal agenda and greed. They seriously don’t care who they have to step on to get what they want! Maybe they should worry about the thousands of Hispanics that are paying for other peoples identities and social security numbers to gain benefits from the AHCCCS system and not so much the people that actually need it for their health care.

  17. I want to make this as perfectly clear as I can possibly make it – and – I seek the support of the American people – Genesist or not.
    “Anyone – and – I mean any single person – who sacrifices their state sovereignty to the feds is a traitor to his or her state – and – his or her country – if they have the audacity to call either state or country “theirs.” I said what I meant – and – I meant what I said. All I can say other than that is _ “She sure can fuck up a beautiful day. Oh ya! we’re still waiting on the truth of her cover up of the murder of Jose Guerena. We should never let her tap dance her way out of that disgrace – never, ever, ever, never. Let her take herself down with her own despicable self.

  18. Governor Jan Brewer’s private army:
    Now, does this sound like a sane governor, I ask you? Yeah, we’ve seen how well private armies worked in post-2003 Iraq, Afghanistan, and 1990s Bosnia, why not bring that fine tradition home to America!
    But wait! There’s more! Jan Brewer really cares about peoples’ health care! Really, she does! Why, just read this!:
    Governor Brewer is our own major disaster in Arizona. This governor was not originally elected by the people. She was Secretary of State here and became governor when our elected governor Janet Napolitano left to join the Obama Administration. In 2010, she was elected, mostly by pandering to the majority right-wingers here who approved of her very gun-friendly policies. See, she’s afraid of people getting medical cannabis, but she isn’t afraid of everyone being allowed to carry a concealed firearm with zero training and no permit required. Yes, she signed that into law.
    Governor Brewer has been caught in outright laws before. Once, in defense of the very police state-esque law SB1070, she claimed decapitated bodies had been found inside Arizona—the results of executions by drug cartels. When someone (I think he was a cop) pointed out that hadn’t happened, she claimed she never said that. Until someone rolled the tape at the press conference where she said it. When some Jewish activists pointed out that SB1070 had some similarities to things the Nazis had done, she claimed her father helped liberate the Nazi concentration camps. Until it was revealed that her father never served during World War Two and, thus, was never there. She took some flak again from some Jewish groups, but like all bad press on Brewer, it was quickly swept under the rug and hushed up.
    Brewer is lying again in regards to the medical marijuana law. Brewer opposed this law. And since absolute power absolutely corrupts the already corrupted, Brewer is used to getting what she wants no matter whose throat she has to cram it down. She’s looking to garner a fig leaf from the feds by which she can overturn the medical marijuana law. Seeing Obama’s dismal performance on this issue, the feds just might give it to her. The best outcome is if they refuse to hear the case and tell Brewer to go away.
    This state is full of supposed “states rights” activists, but they’re mostly social conservatives. They believe in “states rights” when it comes to their guns and money. But when it comes to cannabis, abortion, or gay marriage, they’re mostly in favor of the feds enforcing tyrannical laws at the point of a bayonet. People think Arizona is “sticking it to the feds” but they’re not. They’re in a pissing match over power—that’s all. Arizona is not saying the feds have too much power, they’re saying the feds don’t use enough power in regards to the border. Anyone who supports Brewer needs to wake up and realize this.

  19. what a joke… I dont have the time to write all of the bullshit that I believe is nothing but…. I just wish people would get their heads out of their asses and wake the fuck up!! just let people live… if they are not fuckin with you then back the hell up!! worry bout your damn self and your kids!! maybe they won’t smoke dope if so! so sick of it!!!!

  20. I see a positive edge to this. She is pressuring the federal government to evaluate it’s role in state rights. If it steps in it risks angering a lot of people and whoever backs the initiative would have a shadow over them. If the government is capable (and I have full faith in the progress our union) it will recognize the growing trend and remember the diversity of states and their ideas of freedom. Then the leadership of Arizona will have to answer to the people.

  21. I hear A.C.L.U is help defending in court
    and a few other groups. Article is in the ‘Phx. New Times’ .

  22. It’s grossly apparent that – it’s government’s intent and purpose to win a victory over the desire and intentions of We the People. However – it’s also grossly apparent that We the People are intent to tell government to “FUCK OFF” – and – “That’s the way it is in the big city.” Is our arrogance equal to theirs? You bet your ass it is!

  23. Here’s a bit on Ms. Brewer from Wikipedia:
    “The Brewer administration has also been investigated by KPHO for hiring Chuck Coughlin and Paul Senseman, both lobbyists for Corrections Corporation of America, as a policy advisor and communications director.[39] Although Coughlin continues work as both a lobbyist and policy advisor, Senseman no longer does work for CCA. CCA operates six private, for-profit prisons in Arizona.[40] ”
    Here’s the KPHO story, including a description of tens of thousands of dollars in campaign money from Corrections Corporation.
    So Ms. Brewer is working to keep marijuana illegal and is at the same time hiring staff from a very large, for-profit prison corporation and taking campaign money from them? The AZ campaign finance site is at but it’s not working for me; can anybody go in and see how much Ms. Brewer has taken from the prison industry? Is that really the government that we want… run by the prison companies?

  24. The State of Arizona already handicapped our medical marijuana law by passing HB 2541. This established a database whereby employers can register and see everyone’s name that has a medical marijuana card. That way, they can see if their employees have them and invent a reason to fire them. Thought your medical records were private? Nope! For everyone that thinks Brewer is pressuring the feds on states’ rights, I hate to break this to ya, but it ain’t so. Brewer is trying to gut this law—already has to some extent, since MMJ patients are now “outed” to their employers—by stalling the dispensaries though the wishy-washy crap she knows she’ll get from the feds.
    Do I blame Obama? Of course! The guy is a liar. But I blame Brewer more. I live here in this ersatz police state. I know what Brewer is capable of.

  25. Correction: The employer registry of HB 2541 only allows them to view individual cardholders when the ID card number is provided. In other words, to see if, after a random drug test, the employee is, in fact, legally allowed to use cannabis. (THEN they’ll fire the employee, LOL!) But it allows an employer to fire an employee just for “good faith” (i.e. without solid proof) that the employee was impaired by ANY substance. Yeah, all the boozers, prescription drug users, OTC cough medicine users, and insomniacs thought they were safe and only the “potheads” were going to be busted. Surprise, surprise! Absolute power affects everyone absolutely.

  26. 1. There used to be – and – may still exist – “Black Listing Laws.” And – what happened to Doctor/Patient confidentiality?
    2. If any one thinks they are building prisons to hold cannabis users – guess again. They’re building prisons to hold political prisoners – and – the pot users are “just paying the rent” until everyone is branded an enemy of the state. They’re also building “Residences” for families regarded as the “enemy.”
    3. Does anybody play chess. What’s their next move – and – what’s your next move [x5]?
    I love my country, my constitution, and any one who supports both. I love my government – but – not the faction that has high jacked both. I guess I will be the first one to admit that I am an enemy of the present state of affairs.
    Manford Mantis
    Genesis – San Diego Colony.

  27. This mornings news said that Governor Jan Brewer wants to know if they are breaking any federal laws by creating the medicinal marijuana law? There was also a story about a guy who has spent over $400K investing into a dispensary, that now won’t be opening. I can’t wait to see how many law suits will open up against the state of AZ for violating some sort of law? I think that they may have opened up a whole can of worms that they really shouldn’t be messing with!

  28. Well, the first petition was denied today for a dispensary permit, and they immediately filed suit against the state. Worms + Can= Opened!

  29. Are you aware the DEA just licensed 55 pharmaceutical companies to grow pot? MSN money is running a story (“Could legal pot give Big Pharma a much-needed high?”) that,
    “Just last week, the Drug Enforcement Administration said 55 unnamed companies have been granted licenses to grow cannabis in the United States. Observers say the pharmaceutical companies need the pot farms to cultivate weed so they can produce a generic version of the THC pill Marinol, which is marketed by Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (WPI ), and at least one other cannabis-based pill for a wide variety of new uses.
    But to grow pot and put organic THC and CBD in pills, the DEA to would need to move organic THC down from Schedule I to the far less restrictive Schedule III, where synthetic THC Marinol currently resides. That’s exactly what drug companies have requested. And by all indications, their wish is likely to be granted.”
    In other words, if big corporations grow dope with the government and put it in a pill, it’s medicine. But if you grow it at home or at a dispensary and then put it in a vaporizer, it’s a felony. If they suspect you, they break down your door shoot you 20 times and accuse you of being a drug dealer as happened to a Marine veteran in Tucson recently.
    [Paul Armentano responds: The source of this story were some purposely misleading e-mails sent to David Downs at the East Bay Express by DEA. There may be several licensed entities to produce generic formulations of Marinol (Valeant Pharmaceuticals and Par Pharmaceuticals already have these), but there is only ONE single licensed manufacturer (ElSohly/UMISS) that may legally produce cannabis. DEA’s Michelle Leonhart actually confirmed that there’s only one federal grow license (Elsohly’s), and that there can be only one federal grow license, when she on behalf of DEA rejected the Judge Bittner’s decision in Craker v DEA in 2009. Leonhart wrote, “I have determined that Respondent’s proposed registration is inconsistent with United States obligations under the Single Convention and with the public interest. … Respondent’s … goal of ending the Federal Government’s monopoly on the wholesale distribution of marijuana can not be squared with the requirement under the Convention that there be precisely such a monopoly.”

  30. “I have determined that Respondent’s proposed registration is inconsistent with United States obligations under the Single Convention and with the public interest. … Respondent’s … goal of ending the Federal Government’s monopoly on the wholesale distribution of marijuana can not be squared with the requirement under the Convention that there be precisely such a monopoly.”
    The American people have unanimously determined that Michelle Leonhart is inconsistent with the public interest and defiant with the will of the people. Leonhart knows absolutely nothing about public interest. Had her re-appointment been voted on by the people – she would have been down the road – baggage in hand. She should know that her opinion reflected in her statement is as about as worthless as tits on a bull. What does the Single Convention Rule have to do with state sovereignty laws. Sovereign states do not abide by United Nations laws anymore than they do with federal law. They do, happily however, abide by “our” Constitutional obligation, which allows for state control of substances. California, for instance, has told the feds they “will not” enforce federal law.

  31. Remember to get off the couch and show up at the polls. Use the Donalds famous words YOUR FIRED! We
    have spoken its time to go forward. We are the people
    and we do have the power to move forward. You’re going
    to have to decide weather we want to support the U.S.
    or Mexico. People have been using herb in this country
    for centuries. Who is the governement who thinks that
    is can control mans desire to change his or her state of mind

  32. Hmmmm….the “public interest”. So, we can’t afford Medicare and Social Security obligations—they’re not “entitlements”, they’re obligations—towards the people who pay and have paid into them. But we can afford this insane “War on Drugs”. We can afford the billions down various ratholes in enforcement, incarceration, and all the other wastes of money. Wow. Where exactly is the public’s “interest” in that? Funny how when it comes to doing something for the people, the feds whine that they don’t have any money. But if it’s war or police power, suddenly, they find the money. Probably because they’re using the money that’s supposed to go for Medicare and Social Security!

  33. 86. Max Lyubinsky
    If everybody that has raided social security – would pay it back – I don’t think Soc. Sec. would be in any trouble. We should find out who still owes Soc. Sec and turn them over to a collection agency for immediate payment in full. Pay – or – dig a hole!

  34. I’m not seeing the hypocrisy between the two issues mentioned. In the first issue, she’d love federal clarification but knows it’ll never come because no one wants to piss off the Latina demographic. In the second issue, she can expect a timely federal clarification. So she acted for the people’s interest in the first issue, and feels she’s still acting for the people’s interest in getting the answer of legality before they get in trouble.

  35. Another instance where the government feels that they and their underlings are the chosen ones. She would put thousands of medical patients at imminent risk so not to risk any government worker no matter how little it is. I bet she could find volunteers to distribute the medical cards.

  36. I think every single dispensary owner needs to file suit against the state! Maybe then they won’t kick this to the back burner and drag their feet on the issue. So far I’ve seen three other states pass this law and already have opened stores. AZ has a tendency to keep passing things, then making up ways to slow it down or stop it before it comes into law. They should’ve figured these issues out prior to passing it, not waiting till it’s already a law! I feel sorry for the people trying to open stores and are stuck paying the bills with no income!

  37. I am retired and live in a non med state. I looked hard at Arizona as a place to live. The cost of living is more affordable for seniors. There are good medical facilities in metro areas and the weather is good. Florida has become hostile to seniors and cannabis users. The first thing that disturbed me about Arizona was the number of dispensaries and the 25 mile halo. If there is a dispensary in each town with sufficient facilities for seniors the only areas where you can legally cultivate your own medicine will be in open desert far from doctors and basic needs.
    Seniors are the fastest growing part of the population that can benefit most from Medical Cannabis. But Arizona will force them to purchase Cannabis from dispensaries that they will not be able to afford on a restricted income. Thus with that one provision Arizona has become hostile to seniors, the disabled and others that cant work because of their illnesses. Now with the governor doing what she is doing I and thousands of other seniors have to look elsewhere for affordable homes where we are free to cultivate our own medicines.

  38. “I believe in the will of the people,” Brewer said, even though she personally opposed the initiative. “Unfortunately, with this piece of legislation, there are some pretty serious consequences if we don’t get them resolved,” she continued. “And I, as governor, am not willing to put those people at risk.”
    Instead, our governor’s actions encourage Rogue Vigilantes on the Police Force in Gilbert to roust medical marijuana patients and to attack compassion centers. They killed a war hero in Tucson because they suspected he had marijuana and money only to find neither. Our governor is a vicious, vindictive old woman that goes out of her way to deceive others. She is addicted to attacks on those less fortunate than herself to try to divert attention from her failure to remedy the real problems of our state such as falling real estate prices and the lack of jobs.
    If the rest of the voters in Arizona cannot see through this woman’s words to her real intent that is revealed in her actions then I suppose we deserve a governor like this. She prefers half full strip malls that might house dispensaries and apparently does not need the millions of tax dollars that are generated in surrounding states by dispensaries. I expect that next she will attack those on medicaid and that she will go after old people as neither of these groups is very good at protecting themselves. UNTIL DISPENSARIES ARE LICENSED, DO NOT COME TO THE VOTERS IN ARIZONA TO ASK FOR TAX INCREASES!

  39. Your absolutely correct C Lloyd! I my self am disabled and have actually considered moving across the river to CA. California has it’s own share of issues in this matter. When it comes to benefits, and medical needs they are a little more willing to help people.
    Dave K, it’s funny you mentioned the medicaid here in AZ. I just heard on the news the other day that they are actually trying to put a halt on new applications for Ahcccs “medicaid”. Not only that but if your on it already, and get canceled for some reason “which happens”, Your done, you will no longer be allowed to reapply. I myself am disgusted with the way things are going here in AZ.

  40. This Governor is about as bright as a 5 watt light bulb. The People of Arizona have twice oked Medical Marijauna and yet the Governor and the state authorities have turned over heaven and earth to void the Law. And you really think you have Freedom here?
    Freedome stops the instant the will of the People is voided by anyone……………………

  41. Well this is how I see it. I am disabled, I have PTSD have been seeing Doctors since 1989. I am tired and in pain 24/7, my mind is driveing me nutts and the Govener whats to stop the law. Well in the long run she will loose. Now for the good stuff so there will be no dispensairies, means more people grow there owen and more comes up from Mexico, people will go back on pills and OD alot to make the pain go away (I know I have been there) so no law more police busting people for pot and the states pay the bill for people in jill. So people that don’t grow by it off the street and no tax money for the state. So no law no legail pot more crime people getting killed from the pot comming up from Mexico. People suffer or do it anyway. So no law the govenor wins becuse for real she dose not like it and the state spends more money on the police tring to stop people from doing pot. So get real govenor.

  42. The governor stated that she was too busy campaigning for reelection to properly “fight” this battle. So.. the voters DID reelect her. They also passed their safe access legislation. I am fine with Governor Brewer calling the voters stupid for passing the MMJ legislation. That’s her opinion. Does she believe the same morons who voted for medical marijuana are enlightened constituents when choosing their leaders?
    Governors are paid to execute the laws the voters pass. If Queen Brewer can’t handle that simple responsibility, maybe it’s time for her to abdicate her throne.

  43. In Arizona we have a habit of electing people who really should not be in public office. We have indicted two recent governors and removed them from office. We also have a history of others in state government overturning the will of the people through the actions of the legislature. We had to pass a voter initiative after we passed the first medical marijuana initiative to prevent our legislature from continuing to overturn voter initiatives.
    Our second medical marijuana initiative was overturned by the courts since it required a doctor’s “prescription” rather than a “recommendation.”
    I’d like to suggest to the people of Arizona that it is unfortunate but that we need to pass a voter initiative that makes it a felony for any state official, including the governor and the attorney general to fail to inact any voter passed initiative in our state. If the state of Arizona can indict and give adults a felony record for small amounts of marijuana I do not think that anything less than a felony would convey the strong conviction that our laws eminate from the people and that an individual or small group of individuals cannot overturn the will of the people by a whim or concern of what might happen.

  44. I was going to retire here ( slightly east of the border ) but I am sad to report that I believe I MUST get back across the border to CA. Felonies for marijuana? Are you effin’ kidding me? This area has the worst primary educational scores, the highest unemployment rate, and the least tolerance in the United States. Jeez! Here is a revolutionary business model.. Treat the FEW citizens who vote and pay tax here just a BIT better than terrorists! Leave us alone and spend my taxes fixing ANYTHING really broken.

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