Poll: Eighty Five Percent Of Grandparents Favor Marijuana Legalization

85% of Grandparent Respondents Favor Marijuana Legalization, According to GRAND Magazine Reader Poll
Online Magazine for Grandparents Releases Response Results to Op-Ed Question Posed in its March/April Issue

St. Petersburg, FL. (PRWEB) May 26, 2011
Attitudes about the criminalization of marijuana may be changing among the elders of our society, as the more than 70 million of the baby boomer generation, one to widely experiment with recreational drug use, have and will become grandparents.
GRAND Magazine, the online magazine for today’s grandparents, released today results from their poll question which appeared in the March/April issue. It asked readers if it was time to legalize marijuana. 85% responded that they agreed it was.
The reader respondents who are pot proponents argued in their responses that it is hypocritical to outlaw pot when cigarettes, alcohol and fat-laden foods are legal but account for so many health issues among our population. They point out that marijuana is used to treat medical symptoms such as pain and nausea, and that in some states it is legal for shops to dispense medical marijuana. The billions that are spent in the U.S. on policing and courts related to this issue could be spent on better schools or infrastructure.
Grandparents who are part of the baby boomer generation (those born from 1946 to 1964)(1) have a unique perspective on marijuana, having come of age during a time when pot use became mainstream. 21st century grandparents are a group with a significant influence on the country’s youth as they are the primary caregivers for more than 6 million children(2). In fact, approximately 75 percent of all non-parental care of children is provided by a grandparent(3), representing a large shift in family dynamics. Now it seems that as they guide and influence new generations, they view marijuana use increasingly as a harmless indulgence rather than a gateway to a lifetime of drug abuse.
Among the reader response comments were:
“I am a grandparent strongly in favor of decriminalization. I would much rather my grandkids smoke pot than use cigarettes or alcohol. I expect I will need cannabis for my health soon and don’t want (it) to be illegal. The whole charade needs to stop; we are blowing far too much money on the drug war and have no positive results to show for it. The whole approach is counterproductive,” said D.W., Guysville, OH.
“I am a grandparent of a 17 year-old granddaughter who has been struggling with drug addiction since she was 14 years old. I believe that marijuana is a gateway drug and it has always been her reluctance to give up pot that has brought her back again and again to more dangerous drugs. I understand that the same arguments that have been used for years with the responsible adult consumption of alcohol apply to responsible adult use of pot. … I would vote against legal sale of marijuana…,” said A.C.
To read additional reader responses, click here (http://www.grandmagazine.com/article.asp?id=485)
The link to the page in the GRAND magazine March/April online edition op-ed reader poll that asks, ‘Is it time to legalize marijuana?’ is: http://www.nxtbook.com/nxtbooks/grand/20110304_v3/index.php#/51/OnePage
GRAND Magazine
GRAND magazine is an online bi-monthly magazine that serves the more than 70 million U.S. grandparent market. It is delivered exclusively in digital format. It is published by GRAND Media, LLC, which was established in 2004. For more information about GRAND magazine visit: http://www.GRANDmagazine.com.
1. U.S. Census Bureau
2. American Community Survey, 2007, U.S. Census Bureau
3. State Fact Sheet for Grandparents and Other Relatives Raising Children, 2007, AARP Foundation, Brookdale Foundation Group, Casey Family Programs, Child Welfare League of America, Children’s Defense Fund, and Generations United
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  1. Marihuana is NOT a gateway!!!. I could be cigaretts,alcohol, perscription drugs!Marihuana has NEVER killed any one, unlike the other three and that is a short list,meth. A.C. knows nothing about marihuana, unless it is given to you by some one that laced it with PCP.That is when marihuana is deadly. Other wise it is a safe product. It has to be used responsably, and not with alcohol or any other substance, those will kill you!!

  2. This cracks me Up, the reason being i talk to my Grandmom (she’s 83) all the time about legalization. She thinks all drugs should be legalized. And to see she’s not the only one that wants drugs legalized is awesome.

  3. This is great. It means that grandparents and future grandparents are much more informed and in greater numbers.

  4. time to strike whial the iron is hot, wich is not often in my home state of fl.. What can i do to get the ball rolling?

  5. There are becoming less and less “Norma Bates” trying to protect her grandchildren.

  6. 85% sounds about right. It’s the old people’s friend. My generation was taught to shut up – don’t breath a word about it. They’re probably the other 15%. I really get a laugh out of some of these young posters who say – it’s the old fucks that keep it illegal.
    Prove to me what a dangerous substance it is. My eyes and ears are as wide open as my mind. I am a sponge for any and all evidence you may present – but – do it to a candid audience – please!

  7. I feel sad for A.C. and hope her grand-daughter gets the help she needs. As a man who has helped family members overcome addiction, I know the pain addiction can bring to families. On her view of MJ legality, I would ask her one question and one question only about that, but I will get to that later.
    Marijuana is a gateway drug. Users of marijuana are more likely statistically to try other drugs during their lifetime. This part is fact.
    What they don’t say is people who drink alcohol are more likely to smoke cigarettes and vice-verso. They are similarly(or at least were) marketed and generally sold at the same locations. This environment makes them a gateway to each other.
    Due to marijuana’s illegal status being the same as cocaine, heroin and other highly toxic and addictive drugs. They get marketed, sold together as well. I’ve never once been offered a line of coke or any other illegal substance at the same place I’ve been to buy alcohol and cigarettes. I have been offered coke, ecstasy(MDMA), shrooms, and a variety of pills buy my only choice point-of-purchase(PoP) for marijuana(MJ), a street dealer(I go through a friend who grows herself to avoid questions of additives, avoid other drugs and safety concerns). This logic would seem to dictate says if you change the PoP then you change the gateway, but the gateway will still exist. People who smoke cigarettes, but avoid MJ due to legality, may likely pick up smoking it and quit cigs(which would be a healthy choice for them) or possibly and more likely do both, but would it remove the gateway to hard or “more dangerous” drugs?
    My honest answer for A.C. and her grand-daughter is sadly, “No.” Being her grand-daughter’s age with alcohol, cigs, and even if it happens, legalized marijuana out of her reach, she would still go to illicit sources that peddle other drugs, but for future teenagers with a much smaller black market for MJ (There would still be some selling illegal from small home grows, etc…) due to dropping prices from legal competition, it wouldn’t be nearly as lucrative. As large scale illegal sales would be less prevalent, along with the criminal activity associated with it and with commonplace discussion, she might never have tried it at all. While what I said was true in the short term(yes, moonshiners are still around, but few and far between and most won’t sell to kids these days), but long term it becomes much like prohibition of alcohol’s aftermath. As legit competition springs forward, prices go down and quality goes up (Amsterdam has seen an overall rise in average THC content over the year, not due to new “super weed”, but because competition foster quality and potency is what is demanded), streets sales like the speak-easy’s and moonshiner’s of the day will dwindle.
    My Question:
    Where would you rather she get it, a legal commercial producer with quality controls(most teens that drink drink the same alcohol as adults, just finding someone to buy it for them) or a street dealer that can add anything they want to it(with her known past, I wouldn’t put a past a dealer that deals to teens to added “something extra” and more addictive to keep her coming back)?
    The flip-side and where we need help on the issue. Illegal is a gateway to illegal. Most dealers started as users. How do we fix the gateway problem where kids are concerned and limit their access to all drugs while giving responsible adults the choice to choose what they put in their bodies?
    As hopefully soon be parent(me and my wife have tried for 7 years and will be seeing a fertility specialist in July), this is an issue that concerns me even as a supporter of legalization.
    I think the best answer is open and honest family discussion without demonization of the child, but sadly many parents will fail. Have you ever tried talking with a ardent non-smoking, non-drinking parent about legal drugs? Until I was of age, I was never able to have a meaningful discussion with my parents, but learned by others mistakes thankfully. I would propose adding drug awareness (covering medicine, alcohol, cigs, and illegal drugs) to public school health class rooms starting at about junior high(12-14 year old) level, but parental talks should start way before that.

  8. She goes running for the shelter of a mother’s little helper
    And it helps her on her way, gets her through her busy day

  9. This is my personal history and why I became an activist even before I ever smoked(other than a single contact high).
    My Personal Story:
    My first into to pot was when I was 8 years old and my brother(20 at the time) shared a joint with my sister(18 then). I had no idea what a “roach” was then and thought they were smoking a bug and my only thought was, “Ewww…”
    My second intro, I was 13 and was with my brother at a friend of his and was told explicitly that it was a, “Don’t think about asking now, but when your 18 I’ll smoke your first joint with you.”
    By this time, I had been through D.A.R.E. and been indoctrinated with horrors of drugs, a tour of a jail(which was high-lighted as a bad consequence of pot usage as they had an undercover(pretending to be an inmate) tell us he was in jail for pot to scare us(fear works well on a child’s undeveloped mind). It worked and I now considered my brother’s actions wrong as, I knew about his first arrest a year earlier and how it hurt him and my family. Yet, here I was with him smoking in front of me at age 13. Now confronted with what I was told was wrong, I had a choice. Stay silent or call him out.
    Being a “good” kid I called him out. I said, “Didn’t you already get arrested for that? You know mom cried when that happened.” He only answered, “Yep.” and took another hit of the joint being passed around. Then I asked the obvious follow-up question, “Then why are you still doing it?” He finished holding the hit and said, “Now your starting to ask better questions. It’s simple. I don’t agree with the law.” So I asked the most obvious question again,”Why not?”(He smiled then and now I know it’s because he knew the questions I was going to ask even before I did). His answer was confusing to me, “I enjoy it and it hasn’t caused me any harm. You remember visiting me in the hospital as a kid?” I said, “Yes.” He said, “I was there because I almost died.” I said, “I know that. Was it weed that put you there?” He laughed and said “No, I got poisoned.” I was now puzzled as to why he was telling me this if he wanted me to approve of him smoking. I asked, “By what?” He said, beer. He then informed me he had been smoking MJ since I was only 6 and at times smoked until he passed out. Then I as I started to have to wool pulled back from my eyes he asked a question I couldn’t answer. “Why when alcohol almost killed me, but I’ve literally smoked as much as I could until I passed with no lasting side-effect other than being stoned still then next day is alcohol legal and weed isn’t, why is that?” I answered, “Because it’s bad for you.” He then asked. “Then why is alcohol legal?”
    I having just studied the CotUS and it’s amendments along with a small prohibition discussion in class smiled answered, “That’s easy. Way back in the day when they outlawed it, people who enjoyed it starting making it illegally and a eventually high amounts of crime a gangs took over. They made it legal to stop the crime since they couldn’t stop people from drinking.” He smiled a huge toothy grin and said, “So why is it any different for me?” I said, “I dunno.”
    Then he began a proponent speech to me about the various things other than smoking it could be used for like hemp fiber, oil, etc… After he was done I said, “Wow, they never told us that in school.” Next he said, “Bet they also didn’t tell that while extremely deadly, heroin has been used a pain killer for a long time.” Again I was stunned and for the first time felt, my mom, my school, the police, and all thing I had been told in the past could be wrong. I said, “They should make it legal. Then you wouldn’t have gotten arrested right?” His one word answer was, “Exactly.” I didn’t question his use then and my opinion had turned.
    When, we left the next morning, after watching him learn, “Lean on me” on his keyboard by ear and singing along and ending up with a slight contact high. The prior night made me think, “What was so wrong with it?” I didn’t hurt me, it didn’t kill me, I enjoyed the feeling, but decided myself to be drug free until 18 in order to avoid trouble(I was always the DD in high school which got me invited to a lot of parties I otherwise would have gotten shunned from).
    (Note: While those may not have the exact conversation words we had it was the events of the night to my best recollection from 18 years ago.)
    This was my introduction, after that I began doing independent research in libraries, asking teachers questions, and learning…
    Fast forward, I’m now 15 and hear my brother and his newly pregnant live-in girl is about to leave him. I’m there when they have one of their final arguments. He storm’s off. Concerned, I asked her what’s wrong. She says he’s going to be a dad and he won’t stop doing the drugs. I said, “But weed isn’t bad.” Then I got the bombshell, “Not weed the other stuff.” Shocked I said, “What other stuff?” She said coke. I was shocked someone as intelligent as my brother would do that. Later found out it started by his pot dealer getting him addicted by lacing the weed he bought. Then offering he got offered a “Freebie” after his dealer told him about why the weed seemed better than elsewhere he got it. Also found out the argument was because of, “rent money” spent on drugs.
    It had become a gateway drug for him. With proper controls through legalization in place, this story while it has a happy ending would’ve been way different. It took nearly a year and the loss of his rights as a father for him to finally seek help. After being forced to voluntarily sign away rights and allow his daughter to be adopted by his ex’s new finance, he finally saw he needed help. By this point he felt hopeless. It wasn’t just herb and coke. He was using alcohol, cigs, herb, coke, shrooms, pills, and even recently started heroin. I was there when he signed the paperwork. Then next day, I approached him and asked as I had been doing since I found out 10 months earlier, if he was ready for help. It was the second time I’ve seen him cry(the being the night before) and he said through the tears, “Please, help me.” Luckily the heroin usage was small time, but I made him a deal(probably not the best route looking back now) that I would get his weed for him if he would quit the other stuff cold turkey. He said I couldn’t do that and knew I was a good kid. What he didn’t know was my best friend in high school kept a small 4 plant hydroponic garden for personal use. I never used and he was shocked when I ask to buy some. He offered to smoke with me excited as I had been refusing for over a year and he’d given up on it. Nope, it’s not for me. He asked, if I wanted to deal? He was seemingly puzzled as he never dealt not to bring attention to himself(He did later get busted with some on campus and shortly there after parents found his garden and his social life ended for most of his Junior year while he was on Juvenile probation) I said, nope. I explained my promise and got about an ounce of what I was told was some good hydro that should have sold for 4X what I payed. He wished me luck. I went back to my brother and showed it to him. Then we approached my mom and asked if he could stay with us for a week or two. He had no job(recently fired). After the first night, the next morning my mom asked me why I didn’t come to diner. I told her the truth and that he was trying to get clean(conveniently forgetting to tell her about his, “prize” I got him that I stashed back at the friend’s house I got it from). She being a concerned parent said “Ok, but if he leaves the house he’s not coming back.”(I realize she was trying to protect me from the same problem I was helping him with). A stayed with him day and night trying to keep him distracted with talk and games, the windows were permanently shut and we where in a second story apartment. He did at one point try to sneak out in a moment of weakness, but I set a make shift alarm he set off when opening the bedroom door(I made sure he was always asleep first). Two weeks, later he left to go stay with a friend(I never did give him the prize until 10 years later… lol). He was off the harder stuff, but MJ continued to cause him prohibition related issues and further his governmental mistrust(He’s had run-ins with bad cops and due to his legalization stance has always been paranoid of anything government related). Got caught in a raid once. Over all busted 4 times for weed in Texas(1 was Juvenile, 1 dropped(illegal search and seizure), the other two probation(6Mo. then 2 Yrs.) and fines($500 then $1000) and not once rehab….) 10 years later, and after having become a smoker myself (First joint at 20 with him, and becoming a regular smoker at 24, btw I’m 31 now) I had to finish what I didn’t the first time. Teaching him RESPONSIBLE ADULT USE and that if it was affecting his life via arrest, job loss, etc… He had a problem(Same goes for any drug with the addition of health). I quit smoking with him then. (Me 25, him 37), I didn’t smoke again for a year and a half and him for 3 years while he got his life in order. Today we are both occasional smokers and he now has a good paying career(5 years same profession w/2 companies and a recent promotion) I helped him get after proving he could change his act and be responsible, a GF of 5 years and a great looking future. His daughter and he also now have a relation ship after she sought him out at 13Yrs old. He was open honest and frank about his past and asked forgiveness. It took 13 years and me setting a example for him(I think the fact, I had a wife, New car, house being built, and my bills were paid made him a bit jealous that I had that and still smoked).
    About me:
    As I said, I’m 31. Served in the USMC. First smoked at 20 yrs old(only once with my brother on a month’s leave to ensure I was clean before returning to duty in the USMC and leaving for Okinawa), and have been an on and off(I quit when I have to to avoid life complications like a quitting a month before a job application, and recently while planning a family, etc…) smoker since 24 (7 Yrs.) even grown my own until my work schedule got to busy prevented proper care(just enough for personal use). Never one drug related charge except, “Making alcohol available to a minor”. At 22(not long after my service), I gave alcohol to an 18 year old friend who just returned from boot camp. I represented myself. Had my friend as a witness and was convicted after the arresting officer lied(small town reputational vendetta against my family, most LEO are honest hard working citizens and he was fired for misconduct later after I campaigned to end the police corruption and overthrow the popular 10+ year incumbent sheriff which was my first true political activism after his challenger help me get a job after my service while still on probation). After being convicted, I asked to make a statement before sentencing, he said okay and I said with a big smile and a few claps in the court room, “Old enough to die, Old enough to drink. Thank you.” He said he understood my position, but the law says otherwise and gave me 6Mo. probation and CS in lieu of a fine.
    My name is Charles Lupton. I live in Texas. If any LEO wants to stop by feel free. My house has nothing to hide and neither do I. I haven’t smoked in several months and got rid of my paraphernalia in prep to start a family. Honesty is my policy. If you don’t want an honest answer, don’t ask me. (My wife even avoids certain questions if she isn’t sure she was the truth.)

  10. One last thing. Sorry my story was so long, but I doubt it’s and uncommon one.
    (One moral I hope you got was, “You can’t help someone unless they want it, but when they asked you should be prepared to do anything you can to help your loved one.”)

  11. So what’s le3ft? What sector is now less than 85% in favor? Oh yeah! Silly me! It’s the politicians and corporations. They are the ones leading the “overall majority of the population” that believes we shouldn’t legalize! Grrrr!

  12. The only reason Marijuana is a “gateway” drug is BECAUSE it’s illegal. People looking for pot, wouldn’t come into contact with hard drugs if they didn’t have to go through the same dealers to get it. If you could buy pot in a liquor store, the clerk isn’t going to ask you if you want some CRACK with that. Politicians and their braiwashed followers are SO dumb, LOL.

  13. the older the a person gets hopefulley the wiser they get. I, love to talk to the older people. they have been around and know alot more then a young person.

  14. Look its the grandparents that voted in the policy makers of the nixon era..they started all this bullshit they chose the path of least resistance..watched reefer madness too many times..blamed it on the mexican’s in the meantime promoted the pharm companies..all of societies ills should be blamed on the old people…they set it up for todays millionaires who are so tight fisted they wont let the cash-cows go..they own the tv stations, pharm companys tobacco companies, alcohol producers, and distributors, sports teams, etc..it’s all on the backs of the dollar..so in short unless all goverment is brought down..death of millions ..it will never change..wish there was a easier way but there isnt..and on top of that there are people (and you know who you are) that think that medical MJ is a good thing..dumbasses..look at big pharm..look at what they have done with society..do you think it’s a good idea to make doctors and growers rich? Same thing happens..MONEY..MJ will never be legal as long as there’s a dollar value attached and some fuck goverment dirtbag has paperwork on it..quit your damn whining and do something about it instead of sitting in front of your computer bitching to NORML..you can bet your ass if it ever does become legal norml will stand in line for their bundle of cash!!

  15. http://www.garyjohnson2012.com/
    VOTE you STONERS for GARY JOHNSON if you want marijuana legalized. As he states on the dreaded Fox news at the link above. Hey he is a Rep but he seems like he has no problem bucking the system.
    Good video

  16. Yes, grandparents will change their mind about the “evil” pot. I had my gpts watch “The Union” and other movies listed on CannabisTV.org, and they are now full supporters of legalization, and even voice to me their own disgust with the wasted resources spent on the prohibition. They are also sickened by the recent events of Marine Jose Guerena, who was killed by SWAT in his own home for a drug raid that resulted in ZERO drugs being found. Keep up the fight people.

  17. Cannabis is not a gateway drug. If someone laces it with something else, how does that have anything to do with the price of rice in china? And a drug dealer who has both weed and another drug is a product of prohibition itself not any gateway.
    THAT is how propaganda is spread. One little speck of a truth surrounded by a ton of garbage! Please don’t spread FUD Chuck.
    “There is no inherit psychopharmacological property of the drug which pushes a person toward another drug. Prohibition is more of a gateway drug than marijuana itself.”
    Dr. Lester Grinspoon ~ Associate Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School

  18. I am a old man, married to the same woman for over 40 years. I served my country, we go to church, help the poor and we never took a dime from anyone to raise our sons. We also have five grand children and a great grand child on the way.
    I smoke cannabis once in a while because it sure does help with those aches and pains that all of you are going to get eventually. I am retired and the only person who knows that I have smoked cannabis is my wife. My only other vices are cognac and a quality cigar.
    My wife told me she can’t wait to retire so she can share some cannabis with me. What is the problem??? Really what is the problem???. Not a DAMN thing.
    We did our part, we contributed to society, worked hard, paid plenty of taxes and then some, voted and volunteered.
    Can the government please allow adults to be adults. Can they just make it legal so my wife and I can sit on the porch, smoke some cannabis in our twilight years without the fear of being body slammed by the police. I think I am old enough and wise enough to decide for myself.

  19. This article doesn’t surprise me at all. I’m a grandparent and most of my friends are. We all like to get high and we all want it legalized!!!

  20. 25. Jeff
    I’m a grand parent of 3. I guess that makes me chronologically old. I would only like to say two things for you’re consideration – “When you get to where you’re going – you will be where we old folks have gone.” We old folks have, some times painfully, learned over the years to be tolerant of youths exuberance – and – remember that we were young and full of piss and vinegar too – but – keep in mind that – “Opinions are like assholes – everyone has got one – and – they all stink.” Nevertheless – we old folks once fought to our death to protect your right to express your opinion without getting your ass whipped and your head blown off. Jeff – if you don’t think that 85% is a big enough margin to gain your respect – well! – a few years added to your life might help you make it to your inevitable old age. I say this to you, not in anger, but as someone that has kids and grand kids your age – and – I never laid a hand on any of them to gain their ears or their respect. Good for me – right!

  21. 25. Jeff P.S.
    I am a typical old fuck on the computer – make that 3 GREAT GRAND KIDS.

  22. Further writings from the darker side
    Subject: Re: Yo Rod – you did write this(was: sign the petition)
    From: Rod
    Newsgroups: alt.christnet.christianlife
    On 5/27/2011 9:54 PM, seeker wrote:
    > On May 27, 4:30 pm, Rod wrote:
    >> On 5/27/2011 11:41 AM, seeker wrote:
    >>> On May 25, 3:22 pm, Rod wrote:
    >>>> On 5/25/2011 12:28 PM, Nicodemus wrote:
    >>>>> http://www.avaaz.org/en/end_the_war_on_drugs/?vl
    >>>>> In days, we could finally see the beginning of the end of the
    >>>>> war on drugs . This expensive war has completely failed to curb the plague
    >>>>> of drug addiction, while costing countless lives, devastating communities,
    >>>>> and funneling trillions of dollars into violent organized crime networks.
    >>>>> Experts all agree that the most sensible policy is to regulate, but
    >>>>> politicians are afraid to touch the issue. In days, a global commission
    >>>>> including former heads of state and foreign policy chiefs of the UN, EU,
    >>>>> US, Brazil, Mexico and more will break the taboo and publicly call for new
    >>>>> approaches including decriminalization and regulation of drugs.
    >>>> This same approach has been used with alcohol, tobacco and firearms,
    >>>> and it DOES NOT WORK! The ONLY solution to these problems is the same
    >>>> solution that bleeding heart liberals haven’t the intestinal fortitude
    >>>> to use. Kill the drug lords and dealers, FORCE the supply to DRY UP
    >>>> and you FORCE the junkies to sober up or DIE. Drug dealers kill people
    >>>> in more than one way; they SHOULD get what is coming to THEM…NOT
    >>>> simply a slap on the wrist.
    >>>> Use the US military, ROUT them out and KILL EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM,
    >>>> NO MERCY.
    >>> Uh Rod, I find your idea to be offensive on many different levels.
    >> Good.
    > So I did not lie. Very good. You may apologize for falsely accusing
    > me.
    Pucker up and kiss my ass…

  23. Further along
    Subject: Re: Yo Rod – you did write this(was: sign the petition)
    From: seeker
    Newsgroups: alt.christnet.christianlife
    On May 28, 10:58 am, Rod wrote:
    > On 5/27/2011 9:54 PM, seeker wrote:
    > > On May 27, 4:30 pm, Rod  wrote:
    > >> On 5/27/2011 11:41 AM, seeker wrote:
    > >>> On May 25, 3:22 pm, Rod    wrote:
    > >>>> On 5/25/2011 12:28 PM, Nicodemus wrote:
    > >>>>>http://www.avaaz.org/en/end_the_war_on_drugs/?vl
    > >>>>> In days, we could finally see the beginning of the end of the
    > >>>>> war on drugs . This expensive war has completely failed to curb the
    > >>>>> of drug addiction, while costing countless lives, devastating commu
    > >>>>> and funneling trillions of dollars into violent organized crime net
    > >>>>> Experts all agree that the most sensible policy is to regulate, but
    > >>>>> politicians are afraid to touch the issue. In days, a global commis
    > >>>>> including former heads of state and foreign policy chiefs of the UN
    , EU,
    > >>>>> US, Brazil, Mexico and more will break the taboo and publicly call
    for new
    > >>>>> approaches including decriminalization and regulation of drugs.
    > >>>>      This same approach has been used with alcohol, tobacco an
    d firearms,
    > >>>>      and it DOES NOT WORK! The ONLY solution to these problems
    is the same
    > >>>>      solution that bleeding heart liberals haven’t the intesti
    nal fortitude
    > >>>>      to use. Kill the drug lords and dealers, FORCE the supply
    to DRY UP
    > >>>>      and you FORCE the junkies to sober up or DIE. Drug dealer
    s kill people
    > >>>>      in more than one way; they SHOULD get what is coming to T
    > >>>>      simply a slap on the wrist.
    > >>>>      Use the US military, ROUT them out and KILL EVERY LAST ON
    E OF THEM,
    > >>>>      NO MERCY.
    > >>> Uh Rod, I find your idea to be offensive on many different levels.
    > >>     Good.
    > > So I did not lie.  Very good.  You may apologize for falsely accusi
    > > me.
    >    Pucker up and […]
    Of course you don’t have the guts to do the right thing. If you had
    then you would have done the right thing days ago. Doing the right
    thing would not get you into all these messes.

  24. Where are you this day?
    Have you wondered
    In my thoughts and deepest dreams Cannabis restores my faith that beyond this nightmare my only soul may deliver ‘the message to the stars and into Eternity

  25. @25 – I understand your frustration, but this election cycle we have a change for real change. I don’t think NORML will be standing in line. I think they will begin to look more globally(but we have clean our own house first) and watching like hawks to make sure we keep the liberties we’re in this fight for.
    @26 – It’s not about bucking the system it’s about speaking the truth(I guess that is bucking the system in politics). If there was no candidate for legalization (saying Gary was against it and Ron wasn’t running, etc..) I’d still vote for Gary on his cost benefit analysis of government alone. (He cut government growth in half as N.M. Governor and shank it by 1200 employees with not one person laid-off)
    @29 – Congrats on your beautiful family. You have a key role in your family. When the elders in a family speak the younger generation listens. I suggest you go to Gary Johnson’s campaign site. Look him over on all the issues and I’m sure you could convince anyone in your family he would be great for the country. Look at his record for N.M. especially. Then encourage them to register and vote in the primary for your state.
    Gary Johnson can get the job done and with the nomination I know he can win against Obama. I honestly think he is the only candidate that could take back Cali. for the Republican party and make 2012 an easy win for the Republicans. I know National NORML, Ca-NORML, and the Prop 19 political machine would be out in full force in the general there in the West. Not to mention very likely taking N.M. and likely Colorado as well. I believe he has the broadest appeal of any candidate right now. He would be a partisan favorite in Red states and able to take much of the Blue from Obama as well. He is the Democrats worst nightmare a fiscal conservative(which will sure up the Republican base) and a social liberal(which takes Independent and Democrat votes).
    Gary Johnson 2012!

    Genesists, emphatically, will not “accept the fact” that government, refuses [emphasis on refuses] to allow, or accept, as the truth:
    1. Scientific Research [from all sources of science].
    2. Rational Scientific Evaluation [past and present].
    3. Scientific Conclusion [the truth].
    unless – they are, with intent and malice of forethought, concealing the truth from the American people . “The truth is in the science.” The American people should be “mandating” Scientific Conclusion. On the other hand – it seems that no matter what the people mandate – the government is going smash the will of the people with their iron fist and killer robots [case in point – the “murder” of Jose Guerena “in front of his wife and child]. If you don’t believe that we are now an oppressed people under lock down – I can only use the Ostrich, with its head buried in the sand, as an example – but – point out that its tail feathers are completely exposed [bang! bang! you shot me dead!]. Is this what Americans are all about?

  27. Please do not forget to take time out of your day today to remember the sacrifices of those before for the liberties we hold dear. The includes all those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice whether military or not in the name of freedom.
    We will NOT forget! We will NOT relent! You WILL be remembered!

  28. I had a great conversation with my grandmother this weekend. She believes it should be legal also. In fact, she was already informed about some of the atrocities going on, like the young man that was shot over 70 times by the DEA.
    My mother still supports criminalization, but she did start thinking about it when I turned from pot to miscegenation laws and she was forced to say that it would be morally wrong for whites and blacks to couple just simply because it was against the law.
    All you have to do is talk to your parents/grandparents. They’re the people most likely to listen anyway.

  29. For All Of Those who blame ‘POT’ as their Gateway drug it only poses the question for me, HOW WERE YOU REALLY RAISED??? I am 36yrs. old and have been smoking half my life. Yes that’s right people 18yrs. I drink here and there, but actually had a huge problem with alcohol at one time. And I NEVER EVER TRIED ANY OTHER FORMS OF INEBRIATIONS. Just never felt the need to. I have had friends up and down the charts with their choices from pill popping to snorting to even doping it. IT WAS NOT FOR ME. So peer pressure never consumed me. This is the God’s honest truth. People and their loved one’s should stop being so quick to blame controlled substances for their demise. Mostly it is lifestyle and your own weakness. Plain and simple. LEGALIZE IT!!!! PLEASE!!!!

  30. And what really bothers me the most is the fact that anyone would even compare Marijuana to any other ‘DRUG’ known to man. It’s ridiculous. EXTREMELY RIDICULOUS I will add.But it sounds good and is more TABOO than the several drugs (alcohol included)that are KILLING PEOPLE day in and day out. WHERE DOES THAT MAKES SENSE AT????

  31. By our actions – we shall be known.
    If we want “change – real change” – not just a bunch of fantasy crap – we must first enlighten ourselves. We must seek the truth and find it – then pass it on to others – as we pay it forward – so to speak. Today would be a good day to memorialize Jose Guerena.

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