Florida Governor Rick Scott To The State's Poor: I Want Your Urine!

By Kellen Russoniello, George Washington Law School student, NORML legal intern

Update: June 19, 2011…Florida Governor Scott Backs Down, Suspends His Executive Order For A Massive State Drug Testing Scheme

On May 31, 2011, unpopular Florida Governor Rick Scott signed a bill that mandates all those seeking public assistance through the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (commonly known as welfare) to pass a drug screen. Those that fail the test will not be eligible for benefits for one year. The law will become effective on July 1.
Furthermore, the law requires those seeking assistance to pay for the cost of the screening. The expense can be recovered if the applicant qualifies for benefits. If you fail the test though, tough luck: your money belongs to the state. Those who are denied may designate another person to receive the benefits on behalf of their children, but they must also pass a drug test.
In justifying his signature, Governor Scott stated that it is “unfair for Florida taxpayers to subsidize drug addiction.” So instead of supporting effective treatment and prevention, the law will implement a costly and ineffective means to try and deter drug use. Not to mention the law is most likely completely unconstitutional.
A Michigan law similar to this one was struck down in 2000 and affirmed in 2003 by the 6th Circuit. Michigan lawmakers had enacted a law allowing for suspicion-less searches of welfare recipients. A class action lawsuit was brought by applicants alleging that these drug tests violated the Fourth Amendment. The applicants won.
Although the Supreme Court has recognized certain situations in which a suspicion-less drug test is allowed (including testing railroad employees, customs agents whose line of work causes them to be directly involved with drug interdiction, and high school athletes and other students involved in extracurricular activities), the testing under the Florida law does not seem to further a special need of the government which outweighs the privacy interest of the individual. In order to demonstrate this special need, the state generally must show that public safety is in jeopardy. The Michigan government made the argument that drug use put children at the risk of abuse and neglect, but this argument was rejected by the district court. (It could be argued that the denial of benefits is more detrimental to public safety than not testing potential recipients). Testing welfare recipients for drug metabolites does nothing to further public safety, and therefore the government will most likely fail to meet the strict test set forth by the Supreme Court.
Those convicted of drug trafficking charges are already ineligible to receive welfare. Even if you can justify this by saying that they cause harm to communities, this new law places the focus on users. Legal challenges are expected and should come down in favor of the applicants, although with the Supreme Court’s recent Fourth Amendment jurisprudence, if the case were to rise that high there may be cause for concern.
*          *          *
Editor’s note: 1) Isn’t it interesting how elected politicians like Rick Scott (often with no legislative hearings at all) are so quick to want to control the living habits of poor citizens who receive state funding, but they never insist on drug testing requirements to issue state funding and grants to rich land developers, corporations, business executives, professional sports team owners or religious leaders–just the poor?
2) Looks like Governor Scott may have more than ideological reasons to push the state of Florida into using taxpayers’ money on massive drug testing programs for welfare recipients and state employees…as reported in the Palm Beach Post in March:

“Floridians deserve to know that those in public service, whose salaries are paid with taxpayer dollars, are part of a drug-free workplace,” Scott said in a statement. “Just as it is appropriate to screen those seeking taxpayer assistance, it is also appropriate to screen government employees.”
Until last week, Scott’s communications office in Tallahassee had ignored repeated requests for comment on the potential for a conflict of interest. On Friday, as national media began to call as well, the office issued this response:
Any perception that the governor’s business interests pose a conflict of interest with his health policies are “baseless and incorrect,” said Scott’s deputy communications director, Brian Hughes.
Privately, one Scott official acknowledged that every time the governor discusses health policy, his urgent care business would be “the elephant in the room.”
Shortly before he was inaugurated, Scott’s lawyers met with attorneys at the Florida Commission on Ethics. Subsequently, they moved his Solantic holdings into a revocable trust in his wife’s name, making her the controlling investor in the privately held company. No public records were created from the ethics meeting.
During the election campaign, he had estimated the worth of his Solantic holdings at $62 million. Jacksonville-based Solantic has 32 clinics statewide, including two in Palm Beach County, and plans rapid growth and an eventual initial public offering, according to company documents.
Suffolk University Law Professor Marc Rodwin, author of several books on conflicts of interest in medicine, said the movement of Scott’s ownership to his wife’s trust was insufficient to eliminate the ethical issues.
“He owned the company and transferred it into his wife’s name,” Rodwin said. “It’s a conflict of interest.”

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  1. OK, I am sure everyone here to some capacity has had to give a urine sample to at least a doctor, but has anyone talked about how perverse that is?!
    I feel sorry for you if you get off on that $hit!

  2. Hey if the government isn’t going to feed their kids, all they need to do a sharpen a screwdriver and wait by an ATM machine somewhere. Laws like this are stupid, and I have said so every time someone has asked. It really shows you that the vast majority of politicians don’t understand the dynamics of people that are on welfare.
    “Oh, well the government cut me off so I guess I have to go get a job”. Really? Is the government really so simplistic? Morons are running our country.
    The only thing this will do is take nonviolent criminals and turn them into violent criminals. Somebody should check and see if the governor owns stock in the prison industrial complex.

  3. I could care less about this law… I am fortunate in that I make a good living with a career sans drug exams (one of the benefits of earning a good education). No, I’m not from wealth, I’m just almost finished paying off my student loans from college (around $100,000 total paid). People need to make good decisions much earlier than the 30 days it’ll take to get clean to pass these tests. I smoke, I’m a supporter of NORML, but I could care less if crack heads, meth heads and dope heads have a harder time getting my tax money. There are many in financial crisis, but if you can’t pass the test, you need to reevaluate your way of living… Maybe that’s why many of the people are on welfare in the first place.
    [Editor’s note: OK…maybe you missed the points about 1) mass drug testing being unconstitutional, 2) Governor Scott steering state business to his own company, and 3) the duplicity of making poor people who get a few nickles from the state (which they may well be entitled to as previously employed/taxed workers who paid into the welfare system) when the state pays out millions to non-drug tested corporation heads, sport team owners, contractors, etc…no one at NORML cares that you’re too rich NOT to be subject to forced government drug testing to eat, for housing or health.
    Would you have passed Gov. Scott’s drug test when you were on the public dole as a college student sucking up thousands annually in taxpayer subsidized loans?
    Could you?
    Maybe you have more in common with poor people than you think!]

  4. Meh I agree with almost every post on Norml, but I kind of think this is a somewhat good thing. I don’t think this is a deterant as much as it is a tool to make sure the people who are getting(essentially) free money, aren’t using it to buy drugs. Nothing in my opinion is wrong with that. People who are in those situations should not be using that money to buy cannabis. They should be looking for a job to be able to buy their own cannabis with their earned wages. I am not even an assisted living advocate anyway, I believe it’s unconstitutional for taxpayers to give poor free cash. I also don’t agree that it is for the safety of the state, it is just being fiscally responsible. Why give free money to people if they aren’t going to use it for the things that matter while you are on welfare, like bills, food, ect.. Although failing a drug test does not prove you are using the money for drugs it is a strong indicator that you might. And as far as the breach of civil liberties goes, if you are using a government program to receive free money then you are giving the government the right to breach civil liberties because you cannot live your life without the help from “big brother”. You don’t want your rights violated, then get a job and contribute to society, or don’t ask for free money. Even though I refer to welfare money as “free” it truly is not, we the taxpayers are the ones picking up the tab and it’s not even an option. Not trying to be rude or unsympathetic but this is just my humble opinion.
    [Editor’s note: Thanks for your extreme anti-collectivism views…which do not at all address the three major points raised about selective drug testing of certain, but not all recipients of taxpayer monies, the larger constitutional questions and the self-enriching of the Scotts by pushing state money towards their private bank roll.
    “Although failing a drug test does not prove you are using the money for drugs it is a strong indicator that you might. And as far as the breach of civil liberties goes, if you are using a government program to receive free money then you are giving the government the right to breach civil liberties because you cannot live your life without the help from “big brother””
    If you really believe this than you should be subject to a drug test (and other govt abuses) right now for using the Internet, driving down a highway, answering a phone, depositing a check, etc…all of these modes of commerce are subsidized by the taxpayer.
    Do you REALLY believe that any person who receives ANY govt support and subsidy should be abused by the govt at will or do you just hate poor people too? Why not recognize the bigger concerns raised, which is not ‘welfare’ in general?]

  5. really? how about random drug tests including testing for alcohol abuse for elected government officials. you are given the privilage of representing THE PEOPLE (you know, your employer) and we need to be sure you’re not a crackheadalcoholic. it’s always the little guy (aka the poor) who take a stick up the ass. boo on you, jerk.

  6. Isn’t this great a Governor of Florida wasnts your urine. Life is hard enough and then have the goverment butting in all the time.These elected officals, think they can do ,what ever they feel like and have no legislative hearing at all. Now, isn’t this a great country!

  7. I think id purposely Shit in a cup for them , u wanna see my pee ,here test my SHIT!!!!

  8. I can not wait until the supreme court strikes down this horrible law that this greedy short sighted cruel man has signed. We all know that given notice anyone can pass a drug test but the ones it will catch will be the marijuana users, and many of those need it for pain. How nice of governor Scott to tell them suffer in pain or starve on the street. What wonderful choices, I’d like to see someone give him those options, but he has no concept of reality or how hard it really is for some people. I hope the ACLU is victorious quickly so that his company does not profit one cent off this bill.

  9. Why is addiction always brought up? Assuming that drug-users are automatically addicts is idiotic.

  10. i suppose all these “drug screens” will have to go through his 32 statewide clinics.. impeach the SOB!

  11. It looks like a conflict of interest to me. Instead of drug screens why don’t we legalize marijuana and create more good paying jobs?

  12. Back in 1999-2001, the Florida Department of Children & Families (DCF) conducted a pilot program in Jacksonville which tested 8,797 welfare recipients/applications and found 335 drug users, at a cost of $2.7 million. That is $8,059.00 to find one druggie.
    According to the US Depart. of Health & Human Services, the average household size for TANF families is 2.8 people, which translates into one mother and two children. The benefits are calculated by the number of children and the maximum benefit amount for two children, in Florida, is $303 per month. That, naturally, is the maximum amount and probably not the amount that people actually receive on average. So, that is $3,636 for a full year.
    The math is completely underwater. It will cost $4,400 more in testing than any savings. Not to mention raping people up the ass out of privacy.

  13. While there are many good points in this article, I have to agree with Florida on this one. If you are receiving welfare, then how do you afford to pay for extracurricular activities like drugs?
    Anyone collecting welfare who fails a drug test shouldn’t be facing criminal charges for their drug use, they just shouldn’t be able to receive welfare monies that ultimately go towards further drug use. And if you pass the test, then the cost of the test should be reimbursed to the welfare recipient.
    Welfare comes from the backs of taxpayers, many of which had to pass a drug test in order to become employed in the first place. What incentive is there for someone who would fail a drug test to get a job when they can collect benefits from the state and continue to use drugs.
    I and others I know use marijuana recreationally, but we are productive members of society with a job and pay our taxes. That is a benefit we have because we can afford it. If I was collecting a welfare check from the state, how can I possibly justify the expense of paying for & using marijuana at the same time?
    While I disagree with random drug testing and violations of the 4th Amendment, we’re not talking about criminal prosecution here, just the receiving of taxpayer funds to supplement one’s income. Many people have fallen on hard times at one point (or more) in their lives, but if you really look at the people who have their hand out for government assistance, they need to get their lives back on track and drug use generally does not lend itself to that path.
    This issue is a delicate one, where we need to balance a line between welfare abuse that costs taxpayers (at a time when state budgets are in peril) and helping people who really need assistance and wish to better their lives so that they can sustain themselves on their own.
    [Editor’s note: Wow…why would you want to cede so much power to the government when it provides subsidies? Are you OK with the govt drug testing medicare recipients? How about all auto drivers? How about every college/high school student where public funds are used? How about Internet users, since this very medium is subsidized by the govt?
    What kind of scary precedent do you want to set here.
    You’re into freedom, right?
    Why do you wrongly assume that welfare recipients use any or all of their subsidy on drug use? Isn’t this a vicious and untrue stereotype? Are you OK with the govt developing ‘tests’ and enforcement policies to determine other ways that subsidy recipients don’t spend money the way you approve? Doritos? Candy bars? Video games? Fancy clothes? Do you approve of the govt spending even more taxpayer money drug testing citizens for no cause what so ever other than your paranoid fears that poor people will just ‘get high’ with ‘your’ money?
    Are you aware that some poor people today were working people yesterday (or decades ago like your parents and grandparents) and they paid tens of thousands of dollars into the social security/welfare system? Why shouldn’t they get some of the money back when needed via welfare? Isn’t that why the system exists in the first place?
    You clearly missed the larger legal and policy points and appear blurred–like others who regrettably hate the poor–by your perceived elitism and wont to demonstrate it.]

  14. CDXX Communion of 06.07.11
    Well! all I can say is – Florida voters and the rest of the country clearly knew of Scott’s questionable dealings – but – they voted him into office anyway. He is well knowledgeable about pharmaceuticals. “How dumb does a rock have to get – to be a rock?” It pains me, on behalf of Floridian Genesists, to say Floridians got what they paid for,
    As far as Scott’s statement that it is “unfair for Florida taxpayers to subsidize drug addiction.” O.K.!!! Put up or shut up!!! It’s up to Scott – to prove that cannabis is – “addictive.” Addiction as a psychological disorder – yes – but – as an addictive substance – it ain’t gonna happen – “It is not addictive” – and – is proven by “Scientific Conclusion” – The last conclusion before God’s. Faith and Science agree on this – and – the law is mandated to follow and protect. FLAG…Yet – another piece of the “Big Puzzle.” THC has been legal since dronabinol [a chemically synthetic substance] – but – because the whole plant material is illegal – you know – that God thing – “Don’t touch my herb – or you shall die!” In other words – “You can have the orange juice – but – you can’t touch the orange.”
    While he’s at it – Scott should also prove to us that he didn’t violate the Constitution – in more than one way. “How many does it take to make a conspiracy?
    Floridian Genesists will listen – Scott. Just don’t come in with an attitude or “we” Floridian Genesists will “delete” your ass – and – “restrict your access.” You – Scott – should get yourself straight and – “Get It” – that the poor aren’t the only section of society that uses Manna. A lot of those who voted for you are Genesists. To us it’s a matter of protecting our flock.
    Florida Colonies – Have a great CDXX Communion.

  15. This is the most bullshit fucking thing i’ve ever heard about the legality of drugs (today anyway) and it really shows how stupid and fucked up this country has gotten

  16. What I find unacceptable other than the civil rights violations, conflict of interest and class bigotry is that the applicant has to pay for the drug test. If they are applying for assistance, how can they afford the test? If they can’t take the test because they cant pay for it, are they assumed guilty?
    Rick Scott is a fascist prick.

  17. Who voted for this dumbass, and why?
    I agree with the guy at the top of the page, the people that voted for this guy needs to be on the lookout whey they go to get money from the ATM, because they are going to feed their children one way or another. This Governor either owns stock in drug testing or has some kind of ties to drug testing. This is not about saving the tax payer, this is something else. Somebody needs to look into this..

  18. Just shows how long Florida will have to wait for any Cannabis freedom with jerks like this getting elected, more taxpayer wasted funds on this one, this guy is a crook and should be impeached.

  19. I staggers me how many people support this! One of the most common talking points I hear by these people is “Well, y’know, if I gots to a drug test fer’ MY job, I reckon y’all should have to take one, too!” [Poor grammar added to further express my annoyance.]
    And, I just want to take a short length of 2×4 and smack these people upside the head until I jostle their brain loose from whatever is up there constricting its blood flow! THERE SHOULDN’T BE DRUG TESTING FOR JOBS, EITHER! Instead of dragging others down, too, why not demand your OWN rights be upheld?
    But for some reason this is part of the ass-backward priorities and vision of equality this country is infected with. Whenever Americans see anyone enjoying greater social benefits, or greater worker’s rights, etc., the response is never (or least not nearly often enough) “I want what they have! We work just as hard, we deserve these same benefits!” Instead, it’s “Let’s take it away from them, so they’re just like us!”
    I’ve said many times that I’m sure we’ll get our priorities and values straight someday, the future WILL be a better place and I’m hoping it will happen when I’m still young (but I’m 28 now and it’s worse than ever). It’s the intervening years, however, that scare the hell out of me.

  20. this is a prime example of a politician using his influence to do what is best for his pocketbook while taking advantage of his political power to pursue his own agenda. no need to worry about getting re-elected when you can retire with millions in the bank. those are your tax dollars he just robbed you of, and its all for the benefit of the children. what a gagger.

  21. Wow….where’s my comment…..do we not post comments that disagree with your views unless you have something witty or negative to say in response?
    [Russ responds: I’m confused. If “we’re” posting comments, why do you have something against posting your own comments? I can speak for my side of the transaction – I don’t spend all day waiting for the next comment from John to appear so I can moderate it instantly enough that John won’t think I’m discarding John’s disagreeable comments because I can’t find anything witty or negative to say, which, as this rejoinder demonstrates, I rarely experience.]

  22. This law targets marijuana users due to the 30 positive. Coke, meth and the harder more destructive drugs clear your system within 7-10 days mostly. This means that you cannot smoke pot but you can smoke crack and jyst wait three days until your month test.

  23. Dear Govenor Rick Scott of the great state of Florida. We would like to cordially invite you to participate in the upcoming 2012 Repubublican debates to be held in New Hampshire on June 13 2011. Your proven commitment to small Government and Individual Liberties are a hallmark of the Republican party. Please try to attend. P,S, Would you consider relocating to Conneticut to run against that Socialistic, enemy of freedom Dannel Malloy. Let’s take our county back.

  24. You can’t take a person’s bodily fluids without his or her permission – but – you don’t get the relief if you can’t pee. Catch 22.

  25. I hope people in my state are satisfied with giving that greedy mannequin criminal their freedom.
    This article was sad even without mentioning Rick Scott’s past.
    “Scott was best known as a record-setting fraudster whose bilking of Medicare reached cartoon-villain proportions: under his stewardship Columbia/Hospital Corporation of America pleaded guilty to 14 felonies and was forced to pay a $2 billion fraud settlement, the largest in the history of the United States.”

  26. You do know this is the same guy who’s popularity in Florida was 36% just a month ago due to his “i’m the boss attitude”,and his proposed spending cuts,he is probably trying to up his percentage points by the tough on drug bit.

  27. #20,Atlanta ,Tea party voted him in, along with a lot of other governors,they used the Fear factor by promising to cut spending,I “fear’his time as Governor will be 1 term.

  28. Rick Scott, an indited CRIMINAL who won office purely because of money is going to drive the crime rate though the fucking roof. What a fucking moron. I piss on him and his entire family.

  29. I do not know how the American people came to the notion that it was O.K. for anyone to demand a piss test? I don’t care who its for,Employer,Doctor,Government, School or whoever.What I put in my body is my damn business and no-one elses.Until I cause an accident,or injure someone,or try to sue you for an accident where I was injured and I “may” have caused myself because I “may” have been on drugs,I don’t think anyone has the right to know or even ask.It won’t be long before they will keep track of what kinds of foods you buy with your food stamp card,and if you aren’t buying what they consider “healthy” they will take that away also.Maybe they will have manditory cholesterol screenings and such for medicare and medicaid,If you haven’t eaten right and gotten the right amount of exercise you get no insurance.The whole concept is rediculous.And some day I hope the American people will finally decide enough is enough and take America back….Remember”WE THE PEOPLE”…”FOR THE PEOPLE”

  30. Has money and political clout and a business to fall back on and the ORWELLIAN MENTALITY to boot. It just shows you how being greedy and how Florida created their own welfare state and start going over the edge of peoples Constitutional rights. It’s just like back in the SEVENTIES when drug testing labs were created and who do you think that got into the business were the politicians. Just another way to control the welfare population. Piss in a cup and you may or may not get rewarded to almost become a ward of the state for public assistance WHO drug tests the the politicians on a state and federal level? Just as I thought, ZERO. The same people who don’t want us to consume marijuana and keep the PROHIBITION going. Make marijuana legal and watch the welfare numbers go down by creating jobs and more new tax dollars for the FEDS to blow. When they give billions to other countries and can’t even take care of our own is a shame, it’s like MONEY FOR NOTHING AND CHECKS FOR FREE. The system we have for CHECKS AND BALANCES is a failure just like THE DRUG WAR. THE 21ST CENTURY INQUISITION GOES ON!

  31. Holy Smokes. Besides find MJ in your system, we found nicotine, alcohol, fatty foods, and carrots. No help for you. Suffer kids, because we don’t like you.
    This is crap.
    The Rev.sLeezy

  32. I hate to be gross, but I will this one time.
    I think the wana-be Governor Scott should be forced to drink every ounce of piss “he” wants to collect after the testing is done.
    This Scott guy is some kind of perverted freak.

  33. Lets get a truckload of piss for everyone of scott’s clinics and have it delivered flash flood style to make sure it breaches every room in every clinic.Sounds like a wonderful idea to me…

  34. Wow this is great! I’ve been dying for some state legislature to pass something like this for a long time! I mean really, how great is it going to be that people who can’t piss clean enough to get welfare, will be forced to try and find a job in a market dominated by companies that test your urine? I LOVE IT! Too cool!
    When is this thing going to be implemented? The sooner it can be enforced the better!

  35. Thanks to Rick Scott and his accomplices, Florida has become yet another state that I would not even consider going to! Not for any reason including Disneyworld. Oklahoma is another hell hole as far as marijuana law is concerned; but there’s nothing there that would make me want to go there anyway… Surely testing the urine of poor people for such reasons has got to be unconstitutional. If not, our Constitution needs an amendment! Rick Scott should be thrown into the street on his ugly butt for this outrage.

  36. Norml and to all,
    Why are people being told that this is a bad law? yes, it is unconstitutional, but so is mandated laws on purchasing a government run Health care system. So are rules and regulations on guns. ANY LAW that makes ANY PERSON feel as a slave, a prisoner, is unconstitutional. I dont personally agree with the tests being done in Florida, I live in Missouri, where Meth is being made in almost every other house anymore. Do you know what meth does? Have you seen a house explode with children in it? Seen burning children come out on your neighbors yard, crying, screaming, begging for help, AND THEIR FUCKING WELFARE ABUSING, METH MAKING, NOT GOOD FOR ANYTHING parents, arent home, because they are out making deals on the streets.
    I understand Unconstitutional. I understand that in wide view, ANY DRUG SCREEN IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL, but until you have seen white trash, black trash, green trash, just plain trash, that go around fucking people just to make kids, and then not giving a fuck about their kids, killing their kids, then you do not have any reason to be telling everyone the same bit that this bill is bulllshit.
    Did anyone say anything when I was being taught Christianity? I am not Christian, and take a firm stance against it. I dont walk around telling everyone, FUCK YOUR GOD, hell, Jesse “the body” Ventura was a great leader, he wasnt re=elected because he isnt Christian. This IS unconstitutional. National Prayer day, UNCONSTITUTIONAL. The President of the USA, Obama, I dont like him, but he is being made to prove just “how” christian he is….UNCONSTITUTIONAL.
    If you are going to bitch about unconstitutional, you cant pick and chooose your battles. You cant say your for marijuana legalization, but still for gun control. You cant say your against porn, but your for prayer in school. You cant say you are for freedom of speech, then turn around and slap your child for saying a cuss word. GET A CLUE PEOPLE.

  37. Alcohol,the real gateway drug,For sure I know alot more people who are addicted to the drug alcohol than any other drug,,But, I am getting off subject.
    It seems like most politions become politions only to fatten there own pocket books.How many have passed laws that help drug companys,only to go to work for them after office,or pass laws for oil companys then go to work for them,Or,pass a law where peole have to use their companys product.

  38. 1st yes I am a cannabis user. BUT
    I’m probably going to get hated on but I’m all for drug testing welfare applicants. For the simple fact if they can afford to by dope then by God they can afford to feed their kids.
    I grew up in a very poor community with a lot of families on welfare and a good 75% of them took that monthly check went out bought 1 batch of groceries and blew the rest on drugs. Yeah the kids got food but on the other hand their parents were to cracked out to cook for the kids all thanks to our tax dollars. I for one am sick and tired of paying for other peoples drug habits…….
    [Russ responds: I don’t believe your statistic. Poor people do not use drugs more than average. Most poor people don’t use drugs, unless you’re talking about the ones spending welfare money on alcohol and tobacco as well. And even if you’re right, your solution is to take even that 1 batch of groceries from 75% of the kids in your neighborhood?
    The problem with your “if they can afford to buy drugs” argument is that it becomes very easy to extend that to buying alcohol, cigarettes, fast food, movie tickets, Doritos-instead-of-soup and at what point are you comfortable with that degree of government interference in people’s lives? Now, remember that a single accident, disaster, or layoff can make you a poor person that needs welfare in an instant and you’re a cannabis user who’ll pee hot for a month…
    Again, you’ve bought the myth that “your” tax dollars buy their drugs. In that case, your tax dollars bought crops that were never planted to benefit a welfare farmer. Your tax dollars bought roads that the Walton family uses far more than you do, yet they pay much less proportion of their wealth in taxes than you do. Your tax dollars paid for an SEC that let Wall Street loot your 401k. Your tax dollars bought some military gadget we don’t need in order to protect jobs in some Senator’s state. Do some poor people make really bad decisions, some because of drug addictions? Sure. So do some really wealthy people, and their bad decisions ruin the lives of thousands.
    Remember when we used to talk about poverty in America? When King, Johnson, and Kennedy would talk about poor people and helping them achieve the American Dream, help them find those bootstraps and start pulling up? Now politicians can’t even utter the word; they speak only about the “middle class”. We in the middle have been successfully conditioned to think the demise of our status is attributable to those below us rather than those above us. Class warfare, you say? Hell, yes, considering their side started it sometime around Reagan’s inauguration, it’s about time we start describing it accurately. Warren Buffet has, and he’s among the winners.]

  39. Parents, Your children do drugs because they know you are a sell-out. You gave them up for drug testing and that shows your child how you care less about them than you care about someone elses OPINION.

  40. How about a person that is on Social Security because of injuries and can’t work anymore? Should they also have to get tested if they get Medicaid or heating assistance?

  41. I live in Florida. I used to be a complete alcoholic waste. I quit drinking on oct. 15, 2006. I could have never done it without weed. Well, due to really, really bad legal advise I’m currently struggling to get a drivers lisence. I haven’t smoked this year because of the lisence thing. I used to have a decent job & was enrolled in school. I am now unemployed & can’t afford school. I smile every time a cop is murdered. I distrust & have extreme anger towards law enforcement. Any suicidal people need to seriously consider killing a few cops, judges, or politicians if they have made your life miserable. Pigs & politicians do WHATEVER THEY WANT! I face arrest for a possessing a plant that cures multiple diseases & cancer. Luckily, in Florida, it is super easy to buy guns. Legally. Don’t forget: AIM FOR THE HEAD (or dick). Most pigs are too fat to harm even without the bullet proof vest.
    [Editor’s note: As bad as Cannabis Prohibition laws are–and they’re super bad–don’t publish posts to NORML’s page encouraging citizens to shoot law enforcement. Period.]

  42. Fuck NORML!!! and all you fags agreeing with them. It’s so fucked up and u sheep dont get it. It’s beyond fucked up to think that the money that comes out of my paycheck (For Welfare)goes to someone who couldnt pass a piss test. BUT YET TO MAKE THAT FUCKING MONEY THIS GUY HERE, HAD TO PASS A DRUG TEST??????? There getting FREE FUCKING $$$$!!!!!
    [Russ responds: Where some editors delete a comment like this one, I like posting them. I had thought of a pithy reply, such as “Good thing for this guy here his job didn’t depend on passing a spelling test,” or calling out his homophobia by asking why he’s calling us British cigarettes, but I decided that just posting his willful abuse of punctuation marks and hateful shouting would best illustrate the kind of intolerance that leads to bad laws like drug testing for welfare.]

  43. Sounds reasonable. Lets treat a Health care problem by denying health care(because I would consider living health care…).

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