America's Drug Czar: Programmed To Oppose Popular Drug Policy Reforms

Predictably. Reflexively. Mandated by law.
So the current U.S. drug czar, Gil Kerlikowske*, in true Pavlovian style, reacted negatively to the umpteenth commission report issued last week opining that 1) the war on some drugs has totally failed to achieve any of its stated goals, 2) policy reforms based on public health–not arrest and incarcerate–models are most effective, 3) the war on some drugs wastes preciously needed tax dollars, military expenditures, destabilize international borders and cause havoc in the banking and financial industries and 4) that legalization should readily be on the table, notably legalizing cannabis.
As if a bell rang, the U.S. drug czar’s office dutifully rolled out a brief and defensive commentary published in The Hill (a virtually DC-only publication for inside-the- beltway-types) that touches upon the Obama administration’s only-slightly-different-from-previous-drug czars’-approach-to-maintaining-the-status quo…
*Mr. Kerlikowske is likely going to be resigning soon as drug czar (which is understandable as it is one of the most thankless bureaucratic positions in Washington, D.C. as a job with a prescription for failure) to become the next police chief of Chicago

Drug policies must be rooted in science
By Gil Kerlikowske
Last week, the Global Commission on Drug Policy issued a report calling for the decriminalization of illicit drugs based on the notion that global efforts to reduce drug use have been a failure. Certainly, given the stature of the Commission and the long-term challenge of drug policies both nationally and internationally, the Commission’s message may appear compelling at first. But there are serious flaws with both the report’s conclusion and its proposed remedy.
We agree with the Commission that balanced drug control efforts are necessary, which is why this administration’s National Drug Control Policy is a marked departure from past strategies. We support diverting non-violent offenders into treatment instead of jail by encouraging alternatives to incarceration. And as a former police chief, I and my colleagues know that we cannot arrest our way out of the drug problem. As I’ve often stated before, drug use should be addressed as a public health problem because we know drug addiction is a disease that can be successfully prevented and treated. Legalizing illicit drugs increase drug use and the need for drug treatment, while also making it more difficult to keep our communities healthy and safe.
Our National Drug Control Strategy is science-based. And science shows that illegal drug use is associated with specialty treatment admissions, fatal drugged driving accidents, mental illness, and emergency room admissions. Illicit drug use has huge costs to our society, outside of just criminal justice costs.
A recent report by the Department of Justice’s National Drug Intelligence Center about the economic impact of illicit drug use indicates that the costs of illicit drug use on health care and productivity alone, are over $80 billion. Making illicit drugs legal would not reduce any of these factors. Nor is drug use a victimless crime. Just last month, during a visit to the Pediatric Interim Care Center in Kent, Washington, I saw firsthand the tragic impact drug use has on newborn babies.

In addition, despite the Commission’s assertions, efforts to reduce drug use over the last several decades have, in fact, achieved success. Overall drug use in the United States is half of what it was thirty years ago, cocaine production in Colombia has dropped by almost two-thirds, and the very same U.N. World Drug Report cited by the Commission concluded that, “Demand for cocaine in the U.S. has been in long-term decline.”
This administration’s efforts to reduce drug use are not born out of a culture war or drug war mentality, but rather out of the recognition that drug use strains our economy, public health, and public safety. The President’s inaugural National Drug Control Strategy – released one year ago – focuses on both the public health and public safety aspects of drug use and addiction. It focuses on addiction as a disease and on the importance of preventing drug use, as well as providing treatment to those who need it, including those who are involved in the criminal justice system. For the first time, it emphasizes support for millions of individuals who are in recovery from drug addiction.
And the United States is not alone. Our international partners across the globe – including Mexico’s President Calderon, Colombia’s President Santos, and Costa Rica’s President Miranda – have all clearly stated their opposition to drug legalization.
It is, of course, tempting to opt for seemingly easy answers to the world’s drug problems. They appear intractable at times. But we have made real progress and the steps we take in the future must be rooted in science and evidence-based policies that will make our communities healthier and safer.
Gil Kerlikowske is the director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy.

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  1. But we have made real progress and the steps we take in the future must be rooted in science and evidence-based policies that will make our communities healthier and safer.
    How much more science would they like before they legalize ?

  2. It is very hypocritical when the normal citizen gets busted for pot and goes to jail for whatever amount of time and yet, a celebrity can get caught for the same amount in cocaine (a far more dangerous drug) and do no time at all. Grow up Washington.

  3. You morons supported Obama. Ron Paul would have pardoned and let out all the non-violent drug offenders out of prison.

  4. The quoted material is formatted incorrectly. Half of the commentary is visibly quoted as appropriate, but the second half is not, leading to the impression that it’s your own commentary following his, which leads to a very strange sort of cognitive dissonance until one realizes your mistake.

  5. “A recent report by the Department of Justice’s National Drug Intelligence Center about the economic impact of illicit drug use indicates that the costs of illicit drug use on health care and productivity alone, are over $80 billion. ”
    Anyone have any information on this alleged report? I would really like to see how they came up with that figure.
    Agreed, there is no question that SOME drugs cause major societal and individualistic problems.
    Cannabis however, is not being distinguished as a much different and much safer substance. We must urge this distinction. It is paramount for the movement.
    People need to also remember that the DEA’s opinion is merely just that, their opinion. When our opinion outweighs their opinion, who are they to hold more power in legislation than the voice of the people?
    SPEAK UP. End the Prohibition of the Cannabis plant!

  6. it always amazes me that the government make the public health argument when defending their reasoning for not legalizing marijuana. The fact is the largest drain on on our health care come from a “legal weed” that has been proven to kill. cigarettes have been proven time and time again to cause some many different health problems, but yet they remain legal. Then we have the other legal drug alcohol. This legal drug causes many different health problems along with collateral damage in that drunks tend to drive and as we all know it is never the drunk driver that gets hurt or killed. The number one reason these things are not illegal is because they bring in more in tax dollars then they cost. It is hypocrisy at it’s highest level for the government to say they are doing this to protect us.

  7. I typed out about 5 paragraphs before realizing it didn’t even matter, they’re not listening to us. I forgive ignorance, but with all the solid, SCIENCE BASED PROOF that is out there, this is just plain malicious, you can plainly see they’re full of shit, but backing down now seems dogmatic, almost as if they admit a mistake on this one thing and the entire universe will implode. The government is no deity, you’re not god, you’re allowed to take in new information and reform your opinions. But you won’t. Why would you? After all, you have the money, the power, and the position. All us lowly fucks have is truth and right.

  8. marijuana is not a drug! hard drugs are bad for the human body and the health system etc…but marijuana is not. marijuana is virtually non-toxic. it has anti tumor affects, anti inflamitory…etc….there are no deaths attributed to marijuana, people who go to the e-room for weed are idiots. legalize marijuana and take the money you save from ending that war and apply it to the war on real drugs like cocaine meth heroin bath salts etc…you know, the drugs that actually hurt people.

  9. It sounds like the drugs Gil Kerlikowske is talking about in the last paragraph are a bit harder than marijuana. And has he even looked at the statistics that state drug use actually decreases when it is legalised, like in amsterdam?

  10. “Our National Drug Control Strategy is science-based.”
    No, Mr. Drug Czar – our drug control strategies are rooted in superstition & xenophobia – fear and ignorance, same as it ever was. And a huge dollop of bureaucratic stalling, given that the mandated task is to prevent, in all ways possible, the discussion from moving forward. This situation holds, after 70+ years, because the office of drug control policy is legally prohibited from exploring research that might possibly reflect favorably on socially useful attributes of the proscribed drugs.
    IF our policies were science-based, we would be allowing the full range of researches, rather than preventing, obfuscating, harassing & bamboozling. If our policies were science-based, we would know more about the “association” between, say, MJ and onset of psychosis. We would understand and provide for the % of the population at risk, and would be aware of the genetic markers that signal this potential. If our drug policies were science-based, we would be farther along the path of understanding how the ratio of the various cannabinoids within the MJ flower impacts efficacy in relieving particular symptoms. If our policies were science based, the Know-Nothing Neanderthals in state legislatures across the country would be less comfortable imposing their ignorance as policy.
    If our drug policies were science-based, we would be realizing progress on our progress, instead of stuck inside a dialog that advances naught, niggling over nanograms.

  11. We leave out one big fact. The societal problems caused by illegal drug use are far less than the societal problems caused by the war on drugs. In addition the largest problem related to drugs in our society are the deaths caused by the legal use and illegal use of prescription drugs. But since that might make the pharmacutical companies look bad, we don’t talk about it. Deaths from marijuana use=0
    Deaths from prescription drugs=20,000/per yr. and climbing.

  12. the hard drug use has not declined because of the war on drugs. it is my personal beliefe that hard drug use synthesised drug use has declined because of the availability of marijuana. Marijuana is natural it has no harmful chemicals added to it it is not cooked or made it just grows and i think people are starting to relise the the plant matter wen smoked eaten or in any other way consumed gives them the euphoric responce they take the harmful drugs for with one difference marijuana wont kill you

  13. Jesus said to do unto others as we would have them to do unto us. None of us would want our child thrown in jail with the sexual predators over marijuana. None of us would want to see an older family member’s home confiscated and sold by the police for growing a couple of marijuana plants for their aches and pains. It’s time to stop putting our own family members in jail over marijuana.
    Next step: How about $100 for a permit to grow a dozen plants? We can use the money for our schools, and it will put the drug gangs out of business for good!

  14. I have an idea maybe we will just let them think it was THIER idea. I mean no one like to look the fool SO we can start saying that BECAUSE of the tierles work of the drug czar he has now delivered us (the US) into a new era of SENCABLE drug policy. YEAH for the government and the CzaR!!!!!

  15. *Mr. Kerlikowske is likely going to be resigning soon as drug czar – which is understandable – as it is one of the most thankless bureaucratic positions in Washington, D.C. as a job with a prescription for failure.”
    This is so understandable! Look at the act(s) he had to follow. The guy has “always” favored Harm Reduction and science based realities [admired for that]- but – has never endorsed total legalization. Following him from Seattle – I personally defended him against early attacks in that area – and – I agree that hard drugs – illicit drugs – excluding cannabis – are truly a severe health issue. It’s just to bad that his job “mandated lying” to the American People. Well! lie he did – and – that makes him guilty.
    What I’m so over-joyed about is his position on “Scientific Conclusion.” Lord! how long have we Genesists been mandating that? Maybe his stance will finally reach the resistors and start a firestorm of public demand for Scientific Research and Scientific Conclusion…Lord – let’s hope so. We need to help move that objective forward. with zeal.
    On the other hand – is it just another piece of the over-all puzzle – to free natural THC, and put it in the hands of Big Pharma?

  16. Dear Whomever,
    You cannot have it both ways—On the one hand we have the FDA extolling the virtues of exogenous cannabinoids in the packet inserts of Marinol Capsules, descibing the human endocannabinoid system & how well Marinol (a synthetically-produced THC molecule) treats digestive disorders in particular.
    On the other hand, we have the FDA blandly reasserting the utter lack of medical utility of the cannabis plant (with its naturally-produced THC molecule), with such a dangerous liability for abuse, that it must remain listed as a Schedule One controlled substance…Yet Marinol, with the very same THC molecule as the plant’s own, is listed as a Schedule Three controlled substance, with a low enough abuse profile, that it’s listed BELOW the Schedule Two list of addictive opiate medications.
    This is simply unacceptable national policy, it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Cannabis-based THC should be listed as a schedule three substance just like Marinol, because THC is THC is THC, whether humans build it up atom by atom or the plant does, it makes no difference…other than the fact that genuine THC from the plant actually WORKS, as opposed to the near placebo effect of synthetic THC.
    Paul J. Doke

  17. I can’t think of any reason to even have a drug czar,or any czar for this goverment,they are a waste of money. The War on Marihuana should be over, after 70 years and this goverment still knows nothing and the goverment still dosen’t get it.It is your fault that kids want to try it, you make such a big deal over its, no wonder kids want to try it.You think these kids are stupid ,making a big thing over marihuana is a joke and they laugh at that.
    When will this country learn. This czar crap started with that Bush jr, he is the one that needed all these czars for everything and this is what we are stuck with. I vote all czars out of office!!!!!

  18. Bullcrap on top of BS.Make our communities safe?Legalizing cannabis would allow more manpower and dollars to get rid of hard drugs which are the real menace.Common sense is sorely lacking and it is time the USA did something intelligent for it’s citizens.Spending dollars to keep hemp seeds out of bird seed isn’t one of them…duH!

  19. Yawn indeed. Pull the string on anyone from any drug agency with an acronym and guess the drivel. My favorite drinking game. Like when the American Medical Association asked them to remove marijuana from schedule one, way back in 2006, who would have guessed ? I still don’t know if no answer is the answer, or this is just a long pause (I know we’re used to getting nothing from our leaders but this is killing our country folks,one innocent person or pet at a time).

  20. Marijuana the exceptional plant
    Drug use is dangerous, can lead to broken homes, broken dreams, increased crime, eventually death
    Democrats are the party of protecting civil liberties, if no one gets hurt, it’s no ones business
    Republicans are the party of protecting Constitutional rights and small Goverment. Goverment that governs the least governs best. Get the Goverment off your back, let the states decide, quit trying to run people’s lives.
    The 4th Amendment protects the people from unreasonalby search and seizure. No searches without valid warrents. You are to be free in your person and your home.
    No violations of liberty without due process. Suspects are deemed innocent until judged guilty by a jury of their peers.
    A citizen of the United States can not be compelled to testify in court against ones legal spouse
    The People have the right to petition the Goverment for redress of grievances. Don’t break the law, change the law.
    In our democracy people vote on their own best interest. Gun owners don’t vote for gun controllers,
    Enviromenstalists don’t vote for polluters, Wall street does not vote for more regulation, Republicans don’t vote for taxers and pro-choice doesn’t vote pro life and vise versa. The system works.

  21. and what dose this say about marijuana???? are they ready to say cannabis is ok?

  22. I’m not saying it’s okay to be violent towards a prohibitionist… but if one is crossing the street and you “forget” to hit the brakes nothing of value will be lost.

  23. How the Hell does he know that legalization won’t work if we do not try it? It seems to be working in countries that have tried it and what about before prohibition? We didn’t have this problem. Remember prohibition was because of Big Parma and rich families like the DuPont’s not because of drug use and crime. Prohibition is the Root cause for the violence we now have and also the cause for all these new designer drugs that are now out on the streets. This is all about the Feds continuing to keep hole of this big money making machine!

  24. He’s full of crap. Why doesn’t he just tell the truth and say “Momma Big Prison and Papa Big Pharmaceutical will ground me and not let us play with our Xbox for a month if I take away their riches.”

  25. What do you say when our leaders cannot accept reason and logic? All hope seems lost with such blatant disregard for strong evidence suggesting change for the advantage of the people. Thank goodness for organizations like NORML; there are seeds of hope, and they will remain as long as this organization exists.

  26. I agree for the most part but Marijuana should not and can not be included in the illicit drug category! It needs to be classified in a similar manner to alcohol…

  27. Thank you, Mr. Kerlikowske, for being game enough to put a number on it– “…the costs of illicit drug use on health care and productivity alone, are over $80 billion.” (Presumably per year.) Oh yes, somewhere I read the cost of $igarette addiction to the US economy is $193 billion– or was it $200 billion per year. Apparently that isn’t grouped under “illicit”.
    Now, just to keep things simple, what if we keep things as they are– including your emphasis on support for individuals in recovery, etc.– with only two (2) changes: (a) legalize and decontrol just cannabis, not “drugs”, and (b) remove VAPORIZERS and ONE-HITTERS (which can be used to achieve harm reduction with BOTH cannabis and tobacco) from the blame/shame category of “DRUG PARAPHERNALIA”.
    Think– if 45,000,000 tobacco-using Americans now facing a 45% chance of premature death from $igarette-smoking-related diseases could switch to e-cigarette, vaporizer, single-toke utensils made for pennies in your own garage, etc. without fear of being accused of using something “illicit” (cannabis)– what would happen to that $200-billion figure (and the 440,000-deaths-per-year figure)?
    By the way it hasn’t escaped my notice that many young people today have found the portable phone to be a nice fondleable replacement for a pack of $igarettes in your pocket. How about developing a new industry to market a portable phone with two little cylindrical holes, one for the e-cigarette and one for the “bat”-style one-hitter?

  28. Gil Kerlikowske is trying so hard not to sound like a chump but it’s his job. Being a Drug Czar really sucks.

  29. Based on science? You mean junk science. How does a senior citizen smoking pot create health problems for newborn babies 1000’s of miles away?

  30. wow….. “addiction is a disease that can be successfully prevented and treated”
    i cant believe people are still so naively calling addiction a disease this isn’t the 1500’s people! the world is round get over it!
    physical, chemical dependance is one thing but most addictions are 100% mental and therefore not any disease i’m familiar with now i’m not a doctor but maybe i should be considering i know that when someone says they are powerless to fight their “disease” they are making an excuse to not fight it mentally whether by choice or under the direct control of groups like AA. wake up and smell the truth my friends we are being lied to about everything down to the mental and physical capabilities of the human mind and body gives yourselves more credit! u are not powerless actually quite the opposite! don’t let other people tell u how to live your life though that the constitution had something to say about that…. oh wait current american leaders shit on constitution and they will continue to until we stand up and fight STAND UP AND FIGHT!

  31. Too many of us Ameicans don’t give a fuck what Gil says.
    Gil goes to Washington. Gil goes to Chicago.
    Yeah well, remember those Frankie Goes to Hollywood shirts.
    Nobody gives a fuck what Frankie says.
    Nobody gives a fuck what Gil says.

  32. when he says “Legalizing illicit drugs increase drug use and the need for drug treatment, while also making it more difficult to keep our communities healthy and safe”. By that same logic shouldn’t the raid and shut down Mcdonalds and save all the morbidly obese from their eating addiction exploited by their pusher Ronald Mcdonald.
    Gil Kerlikowske can no more prevent cannabis related harm from blanket prohibition than Kathleen Sebelius could stop an out of control eater from having two Mcmuffins for breakfast and thankfully they dont see that as their role. Where is the consistency of political conviction?
    government needs to get out of our biznitch.

  33. What a load of nonsense. There is so much wrong with this mans response that I am embarrassed for him.
    The serious flaws that Mr. Kerlikowske speaks of is not with the Global Commission on Drug Policy issued report, it is the idea that non violent individuals should be rounded up by like hard core criminals and given the option of imprisonment or rehabilitation for behavior that he and a bunch of other bureaucratic prima donnas don’t approve of; sound familiar? Think Germany, Nazi, Cambodia, The Killing Field and reunification!
    Our National Drug Control Strategy is not science-based; because our DEA refuses to let independent organizations perform truly science-based studies, for fear that the outcomes won’t agree with the crap our government has been spewing over the last 70 plus years. I am sure that illegal drug use is associated with specialty treatment admissions, fatal drugged driving accidents, mental illness, and emergency room admissions; but so are legal drug use, job stress, economic pressures, and mental strain on families with non-violent relatives tossed into the criminal justice system, and the weather. (He must think we are idiots)
    I wonder if Mr. Kerlikowske’s firsthand experience with the tragic impact drug use has on newborn babies had anything to do with alcohol, tobacco, or pharmaceuticals? What about the tragic impact on the families of innocent law bidding citizens who are injured or gunned down by paramilitary police officers at the wrong address?
    Our countries basic beliefs are rooted in the ideas of civil disobedience against unjust laws. Wake up Mr. Kerlikowske, we are tired of your bureaucratic elitist B.S.

  34. He said they have achieved success in efforts to reduce drug use. 40,000 people killed in Mexico and the head of the dea said that was success also.

  35. The USA locks up more people than anybody else on the planet. We are certainly winning the drug war. (Extreme sarcasm.) The only thing wrong with marijuana is the law. Change the law! Legalize already…decriminalize some of the harder drugs. Lock up Meth addicts.

  36. I think you left some of gil’s info unquoted so it kinda looks like you wrote it, which was confusing at first.
    “A recent report by the Department of Justice’s National Drug Intelligence Center about the economic impact of illicit drug use indicates that the costs of illicit drug use on health care and productivity alone, are over $80 billion.”
    I’d love to see how they came up with that number… I’ve got a feeling it could be very creative.

  37. “Illicit drug use has huge costs to our society, outside of just criminal justice costs.”
    yes, illicit drug use does this.
    so, why is it illicit?

  38. Honestly, I’m sick and tired of the same old rhetoric from these politicians. The answer is right in front of them, but they obviously will never acknowledge it; nor probably will they ever change. Do what you want America, just leave me and the pot the hell alone.

  39. After being in pain for so many years due to several physical ailments that are incurable and unfortuately progressively destructive to my body, I do not understand why medicinal marijuana is not legal in every state. I’m over 60 years old and can handle myself quite well if I’m NOT in pain all the time. One would believe that by the year 2011, the government would stop trying to run our lives and let us choose the safest and most effective way to manage our pain. Yes, I say safest, because the prescriptions I take everyday have horrible side effects such as loosing my hair, gaining weight, destroying my liver and kidneys and other necessary organs. The anti-inflamatory/pain killer I had been functioning on for 6 years, ended up causing a heart attack. Since I am not able to continue use of that drug (the only one that worked in stopping pain) I have tried over 30 pain blocking pills that either do not work or cause my mind to feel “foggy”. They also make me sleepy, and cause stomach pains along with a long list of horrible side effects. I’m sure if these law makers could experience the pain and discomfort of my ailments for a few years, they would make marijuana legal. It could also be safely controled and not “laced” with dangerous cancer causing drug. Please reconsider for those of us who are adult enough to control our drugs in a secure setting!

  40. Gil Kerlikowski has a red nose. That may be a symptom of some medical condition he has but one of the most common causes of red nose is alcoholism. And look at the public figures who wear this embarrassing confession on their faces like Bill Clinton, Robert Gates and others. Why not make up a list of the sad clown, red nose alcoholics in public office, paying particular attention to the hypocrites who vocally support prohibition.

  41. “Our National Drug Control Strategy is science-based. And science shows that illegal drug use is associated with specialty treatment admissions, fatal drugged driving accidents, mental illness, and emergency room admissions. Illicit drug use has huge costs to our society, outside of just criminal justice costs.”
    “Our National alcohol Control Strategy is science-based. And science shows that alcohol use is associated with specialty treatment admissions, fatal drunk driving accidents, mental illness, and emergency room admissions. Alcohol use has huge costs to our society, outside of just criminal justice costs.”
    Funny how life works

  42. Did anyone else notice the omission of the words “cannabis” or “marijuana” in the czars statement? There is a reason for that… Government is well aware that the general population is catching on to the generations of brainwashing, and the end is near. They want the public to keep thinking that MJ or cannabis is a “drug” just like heroin or meth. The problem that I see is that the public seems to ignore the constant bombardment of television commercials courtesy of big pharma, promoting their deadly side-effect “drugs”. These pharmaceutical potions (drugs) are capable of doing more damage to your body than any cannabis plant could ever accomplish, yet years of mind conditioning has taught the sheeple to just lie down & take it…

  43. This is one day before the Wire creators responded to his request for another season and/or movie; David Simon replied:
    “The Attorney-General’s kind remarks are noted and appreciated,” he wrote. “I’ve spoken to Ed Burns and we are prepared to go to work on season six of The Wire if the Department of Justice is equally ready to reconsider and address its continuing prosecution of our misguided, destructive and dehumanising drug prohibition.”
    Someone who venomously opposes new drug policy enjoying a show about the damages of drug prohibition? What, is The Wire porn for this sociopath?

  44. “…and productivity alone” – How productive is someone sitting behind bars?
    “Making illicit drugs legal would not reduce any of these factors.” – Your proof? The studies show otherwise, and you only have to look at places with decrim in place.
    “Nor is drug use a victimless crime. Just last month, during a visit to the Pediatric Interim Care Center in Kent, Washington, I saw firsthand the tragic impact drug use has on newborn babies.” – This is true of IRRESPONSIBLE adult use, not RESPONSIBLE adult use of any substance. Too much Aspirin will kill you and you baby, but I don’t see a push to outlaw it…
    Sensible laws are laws that prevent OTHERS from harm due to IRRESPONSIBLE use such as Drugged Driving. When those kind of policies are properly implemented they can reduce fatalities and accidents. Finally, in her statement unlike the report see is classifying ALL “illicit” drug use in one category. Does anyone believe Cannabis should be in the same category as opium, cocaine, heroine, etc…? Study, after study, and even direct observation in places that have decriminalized Cannabis have show decriminalization actually decreases overall use and especially use of illicit drugs as people are less likely to come into contact with the criminal element “pushing” you through the criminal gateway and that is the only gateway effect. Legalization removes the “Criminal Gateway” as that is the only “gateway effect”. If you force citizens to commit illegal acts then they are no longer going to care about other laws. I’ve never meet an illegal (pot included) drug dealer that cared about following gun laws or…. But dispensaries tend to go out of their way to go above and beyond what is required by law…
    It’s just like if a witness is on the stand in court and lies. The whole testimony gets thrown out. Why? If you lie once you’ll do it again. The public is hearing the truth and the prosecution has lost the case in the court of public opinion. Kind hard if the prosecution(the FED) calls himself to the stand and lies and gets his own testimony thrown out to win the case…
    “90% of the problem is prohibition related and not use related.” – Former two-term N.M. Governor Gary Johnson – It stands on it’s own.

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