Latest DOJ Memo Emphasizes Why We Must Pass HR 2306, The Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act Of 2011

On Wednesday the Obama administration for the second time in two years issued a Department of Justice memorandum regarding the state-sanctioned use and production of medical cannabis. However, unlike the release of the 2009 ‘Ogden memo,’ which the administration promoted with great fanfare, the issuance of this week’s ‘Cole memorandum’ is strategically being downplayed by the Justice Department.
As for the content of the memo, which you can read in full here, it’s hardly surprising — particularly in light of the administration’s recent, and highly public threats to lawmakers in states wishing to enact medical marijuana laws or expand upon their existing programs.
Perhaps most notably, the memorandum states that the recent flurry of intimidating US Attorney letters to state lawmakers are ‘entirely consistent’ with the Obama administration’s position. In other words, the administration is now on record in support of claims made by US Attorneys in Rhode Island, Washington, and other states alleging that state employees could be targeted and federally prosecuted for simply registering and licensing medical cannabis patients or providers — a position that is even more extreme than that of the previous administration. (Notably to date, however, no state employee — or for that matter, no state sanctioned dispensary operator — has ever been prosecuted by the federal government.)
The memo goes on to state that the federal government distinguishes between individual medical cannabis patients and third party providers, indicating that it is a poor use of federal resources (rather than a poor use of judgment) to target the former, while indicating that the latter are fair game for federal prosecution. It states:

“A number of states have enacted some form of legislation relating to the medical use of marijuana. Accordingly the Ogden memo reiterated to you that prosecution of significant traffickers in illegal drugs, including marijuana, remains a core priority, but advised that it is likely not an efficient use of federal resources to focus enforcement efforts on individuals with cancer or other serious illnesses who use marijuana as part of a recommended treatment regimen consistent with applicable state law, or their caregivers. The term “caregiver” as used in the memorandum meant just that: individuals providing care to individuals with cancer or other serious illnesses, not commercial operations cultivating, selling or distributing marijuana.”

Finally, the memo acknowledges that there has been an increase in the number of states that have either enacted or are considering enacting state laws allowing for the licensed production and distribution of cannabis to authorized patients. (To date, such state-licensed dispensaries are up and running in Colorado, New Mexico, and Maine; laws permitting such facilities are on the books in Arizona, Delaware, the District of Columbia, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Vermont.) Clearly, the federal government is not at all pleased with this progress.

The Odgen Memorandum was never intended to shield such activities from federal enforcement action and prosecution, even where those activities purport to comply with state law. Persons who are in the business of cultivating. selling, or distributing marijuana, and those who knowingly facilitate such activities, are in violation of the Controlled Substances Act, regardless of state law. Consistent with the resource constraints and the discretion you may exercise in your district, such persons are subject to federal enforcement action, including potential prosecution. State laws or local ordinances are not a defense to civil enforcement of federal law with respect to such conduct, including enforcement of the CSA. Those who engage in transactions involving the proceeds of such activity may also be in violation of federal money laundering statutes and other federal financing laws.”

Regardless of how one wishes to interpret the latest memo from the DOJ, one thing is clear. States will never truly enjoy the freedom to experiment with alternative marijuana policies until the federal government is compelled to get out of their way. Only the passage of HR 2306, the ‘Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2011,’ can make that happen.
House Bill 2306 mimics changes enacted by Congress that repealed the federal prohibition of alcohol by removing the federal government’s power to prosecute minor marijuana offenders. It would eliminate the existing conflict between federal law and the laws of those sixteen states that already allow for the limited use of marijuana under a physicians’ supervision. Further, it would permit state governments that wish to fully legalize and regulate the responsible use, possession, production, and intrastate distribution of marijuana for all adults to be free to do so without federal interference.
State lawmakers should be free to explore alternate marijuana policies — including medicalization, decriminalization, and/or legalization — without being held hostage to archaic federal prohibition or the whims of the Department of Justice. Contact your member of Congress and urge him or her to vote ‘yes’ on HR 2306.

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  1. Of course Obama’s “change” campaign theme was largely bullshit. What will he say this time around, something like, “Really, I mean it this time?” We now know that he is a prohibitionist, plain and simple. His vow to use science to set social policy was a lie. We also know that he is quite willing to use federal power to suppress the will of the people. He is also willing to continue using our tax dollars against us, even as the country nears bankruptcy. The sad thing is that the release of this memo will get very little play in the mainstream media and anyone raising this issue will be told that the country has much more pressing problems to deal with. So we continue to ruin lives and waste billions of dollars to pursue a policy that can’t be defended on any scientific or moral grounds. There is no rational way to defend our federal government’s prohibition of marijuana, let alone its pursuing and prosecuting those following their state’s laws regarding medical marijuana. It will be interesting to see if the DEA launches major raids of clinics now. Such a move would get press coverage and could only turn many young voters off to Obama. I hope young people aren’t fooled by his attempts to appeal to them in other ways, like using Twitter. Look at what he is actually doing, not what he is saying. Is what he is doing in your best interest? If not, don’t support him. It’s pretty simple. I know he won’t see any contributions from me this time around.

  2. Max Lyubinsky:
    You make very good points (that most don’t want to hear).
    I find it funny in a supposed “christian nation” greed and screwing the little guy are looked at as good traits (for businessmen). I don’t seem to get that from the Bible’s Jesus; who hung with the dregs and outcasts of society.
    37. you make an interesting argument there… indeed, I have read, the US AG Holder has delegated his rescheduling authority to the head of the DEA. That really is a conflict and should be looked at. The details are the only chance we have to win imo.
    38 put the right pressure on the right person (like someone who knows some dirt on the guy blocking it from committee nudges him)…. never say never! /doh I just said never… bah
    I’m so fed up with this country and it’s inability to see what is morally correct. I wonder if the only answer is to have all 50 states leave the union and reform with a new constitution. We’d still be the USA, but this federal government needs to go, it no longer represents ‘we the people’. We could get rid of the electoral college, and many other mistakes while doing so. Hey I wonder if we could stick the old feds with the debt bill hehe.

  3. A few days back, NPR (Nice Polite Rightwingers) radio had a call-in segment about medical marijuana. The subject was actually “Has medical marijuana made law enforcement officers’ jobs more difficult?” And they wanted the callers to be cops. Oh, the poor babies! Their so-called “job” might be harder. Boo-hoo! Cry me a river. Asking the police to be the call-in voices for this is like being in 1943 and asking the commandant of Auschwitz what he thought of Himmler’s Final Solution. Or asking the Gestapo how difficult it was to find assimilated Jews. The radio show smacked of absurdity. Especially when it’s as simple as showing a card. That is much easier than finding out whether a firearm is legal which requires a lot of investigation. And illegal firearms are a pretty big problem in the U.S. and even the pro-gun people will relucantly admit that.
    The other thing was, you had cops on this show basically questioning whether or not many people really “needed” medical marijuana because they “looked” healthy. Excuse me, since when are cops doctors? Since when is a cop qualified to render a medical diagnosis? People with severe PTSD or Anxiety Panic Disorder do NOT “look” sick. And both conditions can cause severe nausea and wasting. Also, there are people in late-stage Hepatitus C who do not “look” sick. This is a dangerous slippery slope where cops get to decide who “look” healthy and who doesn’t. Again, this smells suspiciously like the Gestapo deciding who “looks” Jewish. Actually, it’s more like the Third Reich policy of gassing all the mentally ill and terminally ill except in reverse. In this case, it’s more like the police trying to cull the ones who don’t “look” sick. One cop made the remark about having a “prescription” for marijuana. This proved police ignorance. There are no “prescriptions” for medical marijuana. Prescription legality flows from the hand of the Reich Ministry of Medicine (aka the DEA and FDA) and marijuana is not under the aegis of “drugs” for which a prescription can be legally written.
    One cop did say he thought there is a legitimate need for medical marijuana but it’s being abused. Ok, well, where is the outcry over the abuse of prescription drugs like oxycontin, hydrocodone, xanax, morphine, and others? Doctors hand out those prescriptions with relative ease. “My foot hurts…” and bingo! Here’s the Magic Piece of Paper for hydrocodone. But no one wants to address that. Too many lobbyists in Big Pharma will see that never happens. And if everyone who has died from prescription medicines stood up today, it would look like an army.


  5. Trogo: Don’t be to hard on your Gov. Ours here in Wa. St. just gutted the mmj law here. Cities are pulling permits etc. A huge step backwards. Ahhhhh hope n change, gotta love it

  6. HERE AGAIN THE SAD PART IS.!!! How can the police surround ur house with gun’s out scaring ur family my 2 little boy’s still remember the day and they were only 3 and 4…And the police had the wrong address well my backyard was a mtn..So i had 24 3 inch tall plants back there..Well it was a felony warrant for this girl i don’nt even front and back door was prosedure..But i told them they were at the wrong address and the numbers on my house proved this but they continued looking around..Took my plants told me to have a nice day no arrest..Then 2 weeks later i call them tell them i want this over with where do we go from here cause i have never been in trouble in my life not even a dmv ticket in 16 yr’s they called me down tn.. try to get me to tell them 3 names and it all would go away well i did not have 3 names and if i did i would not tell them..They even planted a xanx barr on top of my washing machine i did not even kno what a xanx…think about it if i even knew what a xanx was would i leave it to where my kids could get to it hell no..Was then told if i did not sign this paper stating all plants were mine they would also charge my wife and i would have2 hire two attorneys due to conflict of interest and they would call dss on me too..The court system i found out was a joke..but no joke to me..AT THAT TIME I HAD A GREAT JOB MAKING 60’000 A YR..NOW I CAN’T SWEEP THE FLOOR AT MCDONALDS…THIS FELONY HAS RUINED MY LIFE MANUFACTURING.EVERY LIBERTY RIGHT I HAD WAS JUST RUN OVER WHAT CAN 1 DO NOW..I JUST THINK OF THE TROOPS DYING FOR OUR FREEDOMS BUT WHEN U GET SURROUNDED AND ALL UR RIGHTS ARE STOMPED ON WHAT RIGHTS ARE THEY DYING FOR…IM NOT SAYING WHAT I DONE WAS RIGHT I KNO I WAS WRONG BUT THEY SHLD NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO TREAT ME LIKE THIS..WHERE DID OUR LIBERTIES GO..AND MY BACK IS A BIRTH DEFECT..I SHOWED THEM MY HUGE HUMP ON MY BACK TOLD THEM I JUST DID NOT WANT PAIN PILL ROW..PLEASE DON’T RUIN MY LIFE UR AT THE WRONG HOUSE..NOPE. SO NOW I TAKE 240 OXYCODONE 15’S A MONTH THERE’S GOT TO BE SOMETHING I CAN DO..TO GET RID OF THIS FELONY.. UNDER MY RIGHT’S ETC…AND THE SAD PART IS IM NOW ADDICTTED TO THE PILLS AND THE WEED DID A MUCH BETTER JOB..And i also learned don’t tell people what meds ur on my god my house has been broke into 2 times trying to steal my i think were fighting the wrong war…Sad cause my boy’s have their lifetime hunting and fishing liense guess daddy can carry a stick and string..IT;S NOT ABOUT WHAT’S RIGHT OR WRONG.. IT WAS ABOUT MY RIGHT’S..I HAD NONE AND MY ATTORNEY DID NOTHING AND I PAID THAT SNAKE 2500 BUCK’S

  7. skunkyfingers: The democrats controled both houses and the presidency for two years and they did nothing. It’s Obama’s DOJ that is threatening the mmj states, my st. of wa. just gutted it’s mmj law because of Obama’s DOJ. I’m voting libertarian in 2012. How bout you? Neither party is going to give until the million of us take our votes elseware.

  8. Conclusion ; More mass genocide throughout the Western Hemisphere .
    With marijuana sold openly at retail stores throughout California, some advocates, pot growers and even city officials believed authorized commercial cultivation could be next. But the Obama administration dashed that notion this week, making clear it will not allow such operations.
    In a letter sent Wednesday to federal prosecutors, Deputy Atty. Gen. James M. Cole noted that some cities and states have considered plans for “multiple large-scale, privately-operated industrial marijuana cultivation centers” and wrote that the administration’s hands-off policy on medical marijuana patients was “never intended to shield such activities from federal enforcement action and prosecution, even where those activities purport to comply with state law.”
    Across the country, proposals to bring marijuana cultivation into the open have drawn warnings from federal prosecutors. But it was Oakland’s vision of four enormous enterprises with astounding revenue projections that started the federal pushback against the thriving and increasingly bold marijuana industry.
    “Unfortunately, this is a step backward,” said Joe Elford, chief counsel for Americans for Safe Access. “We kind of regard this as kind of the equivalent of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell.’ Obama made certain campaign promises, and he’s not carrying through on them.”
    Elford said the letter could embolden prosecutors in California to take on dispensaries — and lead prosecutors elsewhere to take steps to derail medical marijuana distribution systems set up by the states. “I would be hearing, ‘If you get too big, we may well put a target on your back,’ ” he said

  9. If you don’t like what we to in, California, Mr. President then get California out of America and see how long your Country will last .

  10. Prop 19 in California was not a failure, we got 47 % of the vote, not enough to win, but every politician in the country took notice. Like Obama they would rather not deal with it. It’s up to us to make them. The day we vote like the gun crowd does is the day we buy weed at the Liquor store. That’s not always going to be an easy vote. We may all have to cross party lines from time to time.

  11. Florida Gov. Rick Scott signed a law requiring drug tests for adult welfare recipients.STORY HIGHLIGHTS
    Gov. Rick Scott says the measure saves tax dollars and provides “incentive to not use drugs”
    Democrats slammed the law, saying the tests “represent an … illegal invasion of personal privacy”
    Controversy arose over Scott’s past association with a company that did drug testing
    (CNN) — A controversial law requiring adults applying for welfare assistance to undergo drug screening has gone into effect in Florida.
    Saying it is “unfair for Florida taxpayers to subsidize drug addiction,” Gov. Rick Scott signed the legislation in June.
    “It’s the right thing for taxpayers,” Scott said after signing the measure. “It’s the right thing for citizens of this state that need public assistance. We don’t want to waste tax dollars. And also, we want to give people an incentive to not use drugs.”
    Under the law, which went into effect on Friday, the Florida Department of Children and Family Services will be required to conduct the drug tests on adults applying to the federal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program.
    The aid recipients would be responsible for the cost of the screening, which they would recoup in their assistance if they qualify.
    Those who fail the required drug testing may designate another individual to receive the benefits on behalf of their children.
    Shortly after the bill was signed, five Democrats from the state’s congressional delegation issued a joint statement attacking the legislation, one calling it “downright unconstitutional.”
    How many Children will be pushed into the Streets,hungry…. Mr.
    sick bastard ? And how many drugs to you take at your age ?

  12. You know we all all just preaching to the choir. We are caught between a rock and a hard place. There are so many tokers in America, but we can’t come out without being arrested, and maybe losing our jobs. Maybe we need to take that risk. But we need to be heard. I contribute to NORML and write my representatives. But that doesn’t seem to be enough. We need a “Stonewall Inn” moment.

  13. We need to get even more organized with people that support our cause and keep pressing the issue. Don’t ever let up. I’m happy to see how many people have flooded Lamar Smith with complaints. Need to keep that up.

  14. The HR 2306 is the old fundamental spirit that made this country great. It’s time that the federal government should let go of the cannabis issue and to remove marijuana from the Controlled Substance Act of 1970.
    This is a very import law.
    For the sake of this country please pass HR 2306.

  15. I was warning of this along with the DANGERS of putting on a (your medical recorded) legal document that you are in violation of a federal law thus potentially causing great danger to the Medical Marijuana patient (BS) user later in life….ones economic furture.
    Ive also warned NORML that they are potential causing great harm to their followers by so blindly promoting Medical marijuana as a legit/alternate way to aquire and smoke weed.

  16. Drug laws remain one of the federal government’s most powerful tools for social control. The federal government can silence anyone, at anytime, as long as they claim the victim had illegal drugs. It doesn’t even matter if you had drugs or not. There is a stinking, rotten brotherhood of certain powerful Congressmen who will do everything in their power to prevent legalization. If they can be rooted out… we have a better chance at winning.

  17. 51 jayman
    Obama is a puppet with all of his strings attached – but – aren’t we all puppets in one way or another. The American public is a puppet without strings – but – still bends to the master’s whip. It will take free Americans to lead the way – but – there’s danger in that with the puppet master pulling the strings on the DOJ and DEA. CHARGE!!!

  18. 61. More corruption by America’s politicians.
    Ask Scott what “perks” the drug companies and labs are giving him under the table [then] check his books for medicare/medicade charges and reimbursements. I believe the word is collusion. He just thinks his shit will fool everyone – but – like all super shiters he will out-smart himself – in fact – he already has.

  19. I don’t smoke pot myself but I don’t see what the big deal is. If they drug tested at every company how long do you think it would be before they did not have enough people to keep business going?
    I say screw them. Get high. Quit your job. Stop paying your bills. If the majority did this what could they do about it? Nothing. Walk away and let their pathetic society grind to a frigging halt.
    America is nothing more than a police state masquerading as a free society.
    Of course Obamas position *is* necessary. He is fighting a war against states trying to enforce the concept of States Rights. We fought the Civil War over States Rights.
    At the end of the day the States don’t have any rights that the Fed does not approve of. Legally States can not pass a law making legal a drug the Fed says is illegal. Anyone who believes otherwise is sorely mistaken and obviously has no clue as to this country’s history or how the law works.
    Sadly you will have to either get the legislation passed or go to war with the United States. Those are pretty much your two choices.
    As idiotic as it is Pot *is* an illegal drug. War is not a sane option and legislation will never be passed unless you do some radical protesting and serious lobbying.
    Good luck!

  20. This site needs to get on the ball and identify congressman/women who would at least be open to an argument rather then the generic “contact your congressman” my congressman is a religous “conservative” prohibitionist moron who would never sign on to this.

  21. Whenever your local newspaper reports a Cannabis bust, or that the local police caught drug money going south to Mexico, or that an 18 wheeler was pulled over and found to have a ton or two of Cannabis express your opinion about anything related to the matter. Either by letter to the editor or by using the comment section of their on-line newspaper.
    Maybe there ought to be a web-site notifiying the “choir” that such and such newspaper somewhere in America has given an opportunity to express an opinion about anything Cannabis.
    The prohibitionist supporters cannot defend themselves being indoctrinated by 70 years of propaganda.
    Brandon Jenkins (#24) reported receiving an e-mail from his Congressman. To quote from the e-mail.”marijuana derived from the hemp plant Cannabis Sativa, is the most widely used illicit substance in the world, According to the United Nations”.
    Was it not Harry Anslinger who went before the United Nations and poison the well? Did not America go before the United Nation with its prohibitionist mindset?

  22. I agree with 75. We’ve tried logic, reason and flat out begging for 40 years and gotten very, very little to show for it. Republican congress critters are asgainst MJ reform cause they know Republican tokers will vote for them anyway. Democrats are against legalization because 1. Their spineless invertabrates. 2. They get the defacto toker vote by being not quite as bad by a razor thin margin. Prohibition works like a mutha^$#@$@ for them. And if their children get busted, no problem, all charges dropped. Remember that old bumper sticker no Grass, no @%#, no free ride. Well congressmen have a saying as well, no money, no votes, no Grass. The day we have the discipline of the NRA or AARP is the day you buy pot at the liquor store. Until then pass the bong and happy begging.

  23. Isn’t it obvious it’s the Federal Politicians hanging on to thier addiction of the money generated by drug activities. They want you to get busted so they can fine you and make money. A lot of Federal Jobs are on the line if legalized MJ comes to pass. A lot money is not going to make it to politicians and again I’m saying it’s the Feds who are addicted to the money they’ve been making from all those poor souls who get busted. You’d have to have the biggest boycot in American History to change the Federal Laws but just give it some time. Obama not doing anything for anyone while he’s on vacation at the White House having a good ole time with our money.

  24. Has anyone ever been told – “Why don’t you just leave man – nobody likes you anyway?” So! why doesn’t everyone [and I mean everyone] send this message to their prohib representative – “It is with great pleasure that I ask you – do the right thing – resign – your services are no longer accepted or required.” Unless they’re in a box with a bunch of other rocks – “they’ll get the message.”

  25. Hello America, and happy independence day. Independant from what? You have to becareful of what you say, you are being told what to eat or not to eat, if you smoke tabacco, the taxes are outragious. They want to tell you what light bulbs to use. I could go on and on. We are not a free country anymore. America has turned into one group against the other group. We are not individuals anymore.The war on drugs continues and will for many, many years. This is because we have a two party system that is corrupted and disfunctional. I will not support this insanity anymore. My vote in 2012 and beyond is going Libertarian.

  26. HR2306 is not going to come to a vote. Judiciary Committee chairman Lamar Smith has said that the bill will not even be considered in committee.
    Asking your Representative to vote for the bill is useless. Instead, ask him to sign on as a co-sponsor of the bill. THat’s the only chance he will have to show support.

  27. Obama is not to blame for this war on drugs its the Nixon and Reagan GOP trash! obama is not the first to lie remember bush had to cheat to win! in 2012 Vote Marijuana party NOT DEMOCRAT OR REPUBLICAN! the two popular parties have proven time and time again they will not work for us lets fire them!!

  28. All politicians need to be contacted as this site has been asking us to do. They do cultivate relationships with politicians who will make an argument in favor of legalizing cannabis. Unfortunately, there is not enough money flowing into the pro-cannabis PACs to fund pro-cannabis candidates to run against them or to target prohibitionist lawmakers for rebuttals or smear campaigns.

  29. 84. The Oracle
    “smear campaigns.”
    Would you say that – “What’s good for the goose – is good for the gander?” Everyone has bones in the closet – we’re human – we makes mistakes. I wonder how these prohibs would feel – if – “Every single American” posted those prohib bones for the world to see – plus – look for new ones?” I showed you mine – now you show me yours – dirty underwear for dirty underwear!” What if the American public [every citizen] became the paparazzi of dirty underwear?
    A politician is a politician – six of one – half a dozen of another – one’s no better than the other! So – my vote goes the one who votes for repeal of cannabis prohibition – it’s that simple. I certainly couldn’t do any worse than I did the last time.

  30. That is the whole purpose of Lamar Smith is to make the Controlled Substance Act of 1970 untouchable. It will make it through, and the real fear is that it will also show the public who is voting against it before the November 2012 election. Organized crime may risk losing some congressional power.
    HR 2306 will make things right whether it wins or looses. I say, “Bring it on!”
    From #82
    [Rick Says:
    July 4th, 2011 at 1:43 pm
    HR2306 is not going to come to a vote. Judiciary Committee chairman Lamar Smith has said that the bill will not even be considered in committee.]

  31. This subject is’nt getting much attention in the media, at all! What do we have to do to get this noticed? We must spread the word. The issue is being blocked from the publics view by other topics and issues. Im not saying there arent any other more important things goin on in the world but this isnt being given a chance in the public media. SPREAD THE WORD PEOPLE

  32. obama is a fraud. boot him out of office. vote! Ron paul or gary Johnson. I never thought I would vote republican. but the president ran on a fraudulent platform. Prohibition has been a total failure.

  33. @24 Brandon – Your experience parallels mine. It seems that they prefer to stick with outdated propaganda instead of risking getting into a debate. Once you start trying to reason with them or try to give them reasons to change their mind, they just clam up and you don’t hear from them again. That may be because the actual lawmaker is not ever reading your message. A staffer reads it, ever so briefly, and then sends a prepared response… That’s about as far as it ever gets based on my experience. The vast majority of my mailings have got no response at all.

  34. @84 TheOracle – Isn’t it truly sad that the richest organizations in the world readily donate whatever it takes to get their way. Money is what has been keeping prohibition in place; some of it is taxpayer money (like the $$$ going to the DEA for example)… From a financial point of view that is nearly impossible to compete with…

  35. 87. Drew
    You’re absolutely right. Before we had all this technology – we had jungle drums and smoke signals. “WORD OF MOUTH” used to be, and still is, the best and most effective form of advertising. Bring it back – “The underground telegraph.”

  36. P.S. to 87. Drew
    Who in the hell believes we ask we ask government for something. Hell no – we tell them – we don’t ask them – and – they better do what we tell them – or – out the door they go. You want proof – just wait until 2012. “I quote the Donald – you’re fired.”

  37. @38-Skunkyfingers has a point that I hate but he’s right. I’ve been railing against Obama since his “chuckle” heard around the pot community. He’s a piece of shit that I’ll hold my nose and vote for and I hate that bastard for it. But those repukes are so far off the map again I am forced to support the lesser of two evils. Paul doesn’t have a chance so the choice will not be hard. Newt ain’t got a chance either but just knowing how that Nazi thinks is enough to make me vote demo again. Sad and I feel “dirty”. 🙁

  38. Item 1
    If only the wheels of the court system could be slowed down and clogged up even more at the current level of cannabis prosecutions.
    How can you slow down the system even more?
    If jurors could bring forth more jury nullification verdicts, if you can hold out that long under pressure.
    What about if you can’t, then just say so and prevent yourself from getting selected while you’re still in the jury pool. When the judge interviews you, make sure you mention you’re opposed to cannabis arrests, you know without any violence or co-mingling of other non-cananbis crime(s).
    Item 2
    So Congress is planning on a chop-and-extend-and-postpone approach to raising the federal debt ceiling. McCain was mentioned in the news as talking about revenue raisers. Does that mean tax increases, no taxes but budget reductions, (a) new tax(es)or some combination? Marijuana legalization had better come on the agenda and move across everybody’s desks, and they had better cut off the sandbag marked “cannabis prohibition.” All your hot air hasn’t gotten the balloon to go any higher, just like the U.S. economy so you’d better lighten the budget burdens. I’d say legalization of pot/freeing pot from federal jurisdiction should get voted off first. It’s low-hanging fruit, so go for the easy pickings. Easy government revenues from people who really really really want to pay taxes get permits, so they can stop looking over their shoulders.
    Make the money-grab!

  39. I have lost respect for anything this government does. They are all lackey lickey morons. Its time for violence.

  40. #68
    I totally agree with you True American. I do not understand this fasination that NORML has with medical marijuana but to that note they really cant claim victory in anything else.
    Professionals that do not see marijuana as an evil are still not likely to go the Medical Marijuana route due to the possible ramifications that will most likely insue in one way or another.
    Prop 19 was just plain silly “IE able to grow a 10’x10′ pot garden” Im sure there would be no fence hopping by teenager….right?
    I am however excited about the washington movement; from what I have read so far it seems more fleshed out and mature in its requests.
    [Editor’s note: NORML…the National Organization for the REFORM of Marijuana Laws, is neither fascinated or fixated on medical cannabis laws. For 40 years NORML has worked for recreational, medical and industrial hemp reforms.
    Is there anything in the words ‘reform’ and ‘marijuana’ that is all that confusing? Speaking of confused…you must be confusing NORML with ASA (a medical mj only group), and DPA/MPP…who, apparently in your view, are obsessed with passing medical cannabis laws since they (not NORML) were the conduits for passing ALL of the medical cannabis laws to date. Not NORML, again, ironically, because it is blamed for being too into legalization…]

  41. Editor…Post #97. NORML reform is what you are for and I agree with that. Perhaps it’s time for a group that wants total LEGALIZATION. I am tired of reform, decriminalization, being a crimnal for possessing a HERB! Re Legalize cannabis.
    [Editor’s note: Since 1970 NORML has led the way for LEGALIZATION…There are already 20-30 other chartered drug policy reform groups in America who support legalization (except for the medical cannabis and hemp only groups…ie, ASA or VoteHemp. They claim to only support a narrow range of support).
    Is there a need for another cannabis legalization group?]

  42. What happened to the Tea Pot Party. Where’s the Smokehouse Republicans. OK I made up that last one, but I think it’s still a good idea. Since a lot of us are not going to be able to cross party lines (haven’t yet anyway) why not have two parties one right, one left. Not as good as a united voting bloc but maybe the best we can do. Point is if an election is 49% Dem vs 49% Rep vs 2% pro pot, guess who’s no longer the whipping boy. 16 months and counting, or try more begging, either one.

  43. As long as our tax dollars go to the 21 ST CENTURY INQUISITORS the DEA (DEAD END ATROCITIES), they will always get a blank check for services of the drug war that we do not render. The drug war is not about drugs but the erosion of our Constitutional rights. All the drug war is doing is creating UNICORNS and keeping the FEDS jobs on a battle they will never win. How many people who work for these police state agencies are standing in the unemployment line? 0. There is no more will of the people but the will of the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT who want to control of what we ingest, think and pretty soon what we dream. THE BIG BROTHER TECHNOLOGY is there created by our tax dollars and big corporations who control the other half. MARIJUANA PROHIBITION needs to repealed state by state and or on a Federal level. When will the insanity end? When one half is in jail and other half watching them. Who is watching the other half? Only in AMERIKA! LAND OF THE FREE, HOME OF THE BRAVE AND HOME OF THE WORLDS BIGGEST PRISION POPULATION.

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