Connecticut: Marijuana Decriminalization Measure Is Now Law

Democratic Gov. Dan Malloy signed legislation into law on Thursday, June 30 ‘decriminalizing’ the possession of small, personal use amounts of marijuana by adults. The new law, Senate Bill 1014, took effect on Friday, July 1.
Senate Bill 1014 reduces the penalties for the adult possession of up to one-half ounce of marijuana from a criminal misdemeanor (formerly punishable by one year in jail and a $1,000 fine) to a non-criminal infraction, punishable by a $150 fine, no arrest or jail time, and no criminal record. The new law similarly reduces penalties for the possession of marijuana paraphernalia.
Connecticut’s new law is similar to the existing ‘decriminalization’ laws in California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nebraska, New York, and Oregon where private, non-medical possession of marijuana is treated as a civil, non-criminal offense.
Five additional states — Minnesota, Mississippi, Nevada, North Carolina, and Ohio — treat marijuana possession offenses as a fine-only misdemeanor offense. Alaska law imposes no criminal or civil penalty for the private possession of small amounts of marijuana by adults.
Lawmakers in California and Kentucky previously enacted laws this year reducing penalties for marijuana possession.
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  1. You know, I have a funky feeling that either South Carolina is going to be last in joining this movement to decriminalize marijuana or they’re just going complete turn the other way because of all the conservatives that live here and been feeding the crap that weed is bad and very harmful to the body…bull shit (pardon my french) there’s more good than bad that comes from cannabis and hemp is one of them. That’s all I’m going ti say because I’ll go in this huge rant and that usually take about 5-10 minutes of reading. Lol

  2. I have to dissagree with something here. I live in North Carolina and getting caught with any amount of pot is not treated as a “fine-only” offense. A gram of pot will get you 18 months probation plus fines and fees! Fine only offense…yeah…right.
    [Paul Armentano responds: Under North Carolina law, first offense minor marijuana possession charges are suspended, leaving the penalty of a fine ($200) but no jail time. But because the offense is classified as a criminal misdemeanor rather than a civil infraction, there is still the possibility of probation and a criminal record. This is why the post above distinguishes between states that treat possession as a fine-only infraction (like CT) versus and fine-only misdemeanor offense (like NC).]

  3. Michigan will be the last state to join this movement. Even though our economy here is in the tank and jobs continue to leave the state, with none coming in to replace them.

  4. This is positive gain. Rome was not built in a day and while all States could use revenue currently uncounted being transacted within their borders, only a bit more than a handful have taken steps to decriminalize and nobody has moved towards outright legalization. I think that with continued support of HR2603 we will be able to get a loud enough message out that will keep legislation coming both Federally and State-wide addressing marijuana as a vital source of medicine and new industry. We’ll get there, NORML. Thanks for fighting the good fight with us.

  5. Can we now please update the State Law page for CT on this website? I’ve been refreshing it almost on a daily basis to see the change. Also need to update the State Law map. Peace & Pot. -Pete.

  6. I’m happy for the states that have now experienced decriminalization. Can’t say I’m not envious as I live in PA and don’t see it happening any time soon which is very sad. It seems like all the states around us are being progressive while we fall behind (except Philadelphia…they need to make those procedures state wide). Non Violent folks are still get locked up and their record destroyed in most states which is horrible. I’d love to move out PA but I’m stuck here. Been contacting and voicing my opinion but PA lawmakers seem determined to brush all cannabis related bills aside without the decency of a hearing. Recent polls show 80% of PA residents are accepting of medical marijuana yet nothing is being done by our representatives. I hope to high heaven they all get elected out of office next time around and will do all I can to educate folks on these type of issues.

  7. Thank God!!!
    Whats up with Georgia. Lets get some NEW MJ laws!!Make Gerogia the next target.

  8. Daylan: Kansas will be the last state to do something constructive about cannabis. Remember in Kansas you have to set your clocks back fifty years. Connecticut….Great for you! It’s good to see another state enact a fairly decent decriminalization law. Hip Hip Hooray! We should all celebrate small victories.

  9. Sorry fellow tokers in the South ……….your States may never catch up with California . Hang in there . Maybe in a hundred years .

  10. Cmon Georgia if you wont decriminalize it can you at least let us buy beer on sunday? Gimme something or ill just have to pack up and move back to FL

  11. NOW THAT’S PROGRESS!!! State by State—-ONE by ONE!!! 2012 could be the tipping point. BUT— If we elect a President that attacks Medical Marijuana full throttle, then 2012 will mean NOTHING no matter how many States pass Marijuana laws.

  12. 07.05.11 Today’s CDXX Communion.
    People do things until they – “can’t take it” anymore!
    They just say “fuck it.” I’m mad as hell – and – I’m not going to “take it” anymore. “Let the masses eat crow at every meal” – we get it. “Sit down – shut up – and – pay attention” – we get it. Ya! – we get it – right in the ass – we get it.
    “People do things until the ‘can’t take it’ anymore!” anymore.

  13. I agree wit the sout Carolina guy because they just made tatoos legal the last few years so indeed probably the last for every thing also gratz conn.

  14. When is Maryland going to join this list? One of Maryland’s nicknnames is “The Free State”. It got it because it fought against alcohol prohibition. (No joke). So be true to your heritage.

  15. I’ve lived in Connecticut my whole life. I was arrest for possession of a few grams of Marijuana in 2009. This news brings a tear to my eye. I would like to applaud those who helped bring this Bill to life. Specifically, the members of UConn’s SSDP chapter. They have worked tirelessly over the past few years to get this measure passed. They have been denied in the past, but never gave up, always continuing to fight for a cause that they believe in. Thank you.

  16. That’s awesome for Connecticut! I agree with everyone else. We should celebrate each states advances as if they were our own and who knows maybe it will be one day…
    I live in Northern Virginia so even though the nations capital has a medical marijuana program and is so close to us there seems to be no way for Virginia to get any legislation through. Every single time I see MMJ or decriminalization bills are up for discussion they are always side-barred or skipped. We need to spread the word and start holding these politicians accountable.
    I tell my Dad that because of the illegality the amount that is able to be purchased can only be smoked because it’s so minuscule. This is unless I want to be out my medicine all in one go which isn’t smart. The prohibition is creating more problems than people see and it’s up to us to tell people.
    Well there you go, there’s a rant for you! 🙂

  17. up until now we in CT had the misdemeanor charge like most of the states that after the 70s experimented with “decrim” a lot of young and naive people here assumed we were already where we are at now, not realizing true decrim means no arrest. We are on the verge of a big squeeze here, most of New England is evolving and the west coast is blowing up too.
    The best argument states must keep in this battle is this quote from the declaration of independence to validate the patriotism of there actions.
    (in regards to King George III) He has forbidden his Governors to pass Laws of immediate and pressing importance, unless suspended in their operation till his Assent should be obtained; and when so suspended, he has utterly neglected to attend to them.

  18. Congratulations Connecticut. I love people who think for themselves. We use to do that in the South as well but no longer. The governments in South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi are all pretty much a bunch of butt lickers today. They would rather control the blacks and hispanics using these laws than to do whats right for the state or the people.
    Still just a bunch of redneck pinheads run these states. There is a way to change that though, vote the good ol boys out and put people in office that are far younger and more vibrant than what we see in the political arena today. Vote em out, all of them.

  19. I live in Houston , Texas… can anyone tell me if any movement has been going on here in Texas?

  20. I just hope I am alive when you can roam the streets of the U.S.A smoking weed as if it were a cig in these days hahah

  21. that is awesome folks…i envy the hell out of you states who are warming up to positive change regarding cannabis laws. now, what about drug testing in those states? is the present from of hair sample/urine still upheld or are we gonna start talking about saliva testing. because without that change, many still have no choice but to abstain if they want a paycheck……come on folks…what can we do? oh, and…hands down…florida will be the friggen last state if it considers it at all….im locked out of my own shed to keep a job….peace to you all…huff a little for me….

  22. Well, the Mormon fascists in Idaho and Utah will never allow it to be legal here. Hell, I live in the second largest city in Idaho (Idaho Falls), and they just got around to letting the bars sell booze on Sundays.
    These clowns make the town in “Footloose” look like Las Vegas. So sad…all because of the Mormon majority forcing their will upon others…sieg heil.

  23. Can anyone name that strain of ganja pictured above? Blueberry… Circle gets the Square!!
    Way to go Connecticut! you’ve just kicked Bill Bennett in the balls!!!! Hooray!!!!!

  24. Def. not blueberry-BTW what about salvia? I hear it is now illegal but cannot find the info. on its status? Any info would be appreciated. Remember to carry an unambiguous 13 grams or less on you since the decrim. charge is LESS than a half ounce! I also believe some police will continue to try and use drug-freezone+DUI laws to try+screw people over. This law also leaves a huge gap between the affluent suburbs + the ghetto-a half ounce of high-grade bud can bring up to three hundred in ct.: a half-ounce of ghetto schwag can be had for forty dollars. But still an important first step. Maybe ct. cops will actually be forced to do their jobs stopping violent crime if they can’t waste time+resources busting kids smoking pot…Arrest+incarceration is the true gateway to becoming a criminal-not smoking a plant like some politicians will have us believe. And now we’ll be able to prove it here.

  25. What do you mean M.Sebastion Patrick? Def,not blueberry, you’re full of shit! I’ve expierenced Blueberry, and I’m here to tell you that is Defenitely Blueberry. What the Hell you been smok’in? Obviously not Blueberry. Blueberry is defenitely some fantastic smoke…

  26. Well the last time I visited the sacred seed shop in toronto-DJ shorts original blueberry was one of the strains we had picked from the catalog-all phenotypes grew out w/ a lovey lavender hue throughout the bud+flower:but NO calyxes were pure purple-I’m full of knowledge not insults and will teach all who listen as we all must do to end the insanity of marijuana prohibition in our great nation.

  27. In Missouri it is still a felony for a married couple in the privacy of their bedroom to engage in many consentual sex acts. Cannabis decriminalization in this state? I’m surprised they don’t still practice slavery and burn witches at the stake.

  28. You ever been popped in iowa? this shithole will never accept change or become open minded.

  29. Hey Missouri , don’t be shy and step up to the plate . The SHOW-ME STATE needs to show-up for it’s turn and help it’s people as well. COMPASSION!!!!! PLUS REVENUE FOR OUR MISSOURI. A WIN – WIN SITUATION!!!!!

  30. Let out all the marijuana people out and give them a $100,000 each from pain and or suffering. This will kill prohibition country wide. Their achillies heel is MONEY.

  31. i live in ohio and have done plenty of time in jail for roach size amounts of weeed, so don,t think so on just a fine.

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