Marijuana Legalization Question Again Tops Obama Twitter Townhall

Update: SF Weekly reviews cannabis consumers’ concerns getting dissed by Twitter and Obama…
For the third consecutive time in his presidency, when the Obama Administration goes out to the general public seeking input and questions about the economy or government policies the number one topic of concern for the public: ending Cannabis Prohibition and finally re-legalizing the herb!
From the Raw Story:

“Would you consider legalizing marijuana to increase revenue and save tax dollars by freeing up crowded prisons, court rooms?” was retweeted 4911 times, according to the analytics service. A question about letting the Bush tax cuts expire came in second place, with only 1800 retweets.
Although marijuana legalization was an overwhelmingly popular question with Twitter users, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, who moderated the online town hall, focused on questions pertaining to the economy, education and space exploration.
“#AskObama why they will answer Rep. Boehner’s question, but won’t talk about #CannabisJobs! Legalize it, start a new job creating industry,” the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws complained in  tweet, which was itself retweeted more than 100 times.”
A analytic site, TwitSpout, compiled some fun stats about the tweets from the townhall in general here.

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  1. He was too busy trying to be the first president to “Live Tweet” then to be the first president to do anything smart and discuss legalizing cannabis.

  2. If President Obama won’t do what’s right and legalize Cannabiswe fire him. I am about to be going to Court in Kitsap County for Felony Posession of Marijuana, I just got my doctor’s note. So I hope they don’t lock me up. I will be making a blog during my case.

  3. i hate his stupid lying face
    RON PAUL for president someone who is not obama!
    An American not globalist.

  4. How is legalizing marijuana not pertinent to the economy? I mean lets face it, not all of us can grow our medicine and have to go to a collective to buy it. The same holds true for complete legalization. People arent going to go out and spend thousands on an indoor grow setup just so they can grow in their apartments. they are going to go to the station on the corner and get a pack of weedies or whatever the marijuana cigarettes would be called. if anything it would boost the economy and save millions of wasted dollars from illegitimate incarcerations.

  5. Obmama may not be answering or speaking out about the public’s cries but Gov. Gary Johnson is!
    Gary Johnson 2012! He has gone so far to say he would pardon all non-violent drug offenders on national TV on Stossel. He’s talked about this issue on at least three separate times nationally looked at sources(Hannity on Fox News, Colbert on the comedy channel, and now on CNN). Read the article. He pardoned a woman in New Mexico for prescription drugs. He worked on decriminalization there. Has openly admitted to MMJ use after a bad accident! He doesn’t say one thing and do another. Honest and consistent.
    Look at the talk page on his Wikipedia page… Zero scandal in office. They hated him on both sides of the aisle, but the people in N.M. loved him.(The ONLY GOP candidate with positive ratings in his home state) Ignore the (R), he is the people’s president!

  6. don’t you get it.obama and his administration are not listening to the people,they are not for the people,and probably believe they are not by the people. they go as far as stateing they don’t need congressional approval for anything they deside to do,he is the most dangerous president we have ever had.he thinks he’s a king, not president and believes he’s above the law.and so far has proven his case.congress fears him to the point that they wont challenge him on what do we do?

  7. The only reason I can honestly imagine that Mr. Prez is unwilling to confront the issue is because he is already, by extension of the people who pull his strings, in the pocket of Big Biz and is not permitted by his “Benefactors” to do anything about it. Too many pockets are being padded in the White house and the rest of D.c. It’s not in their personal interests to make the change. What do they care they are already rich and have high profile enough jobs were they can do all the drugs and never have to worry about the rest of us. Just another example of the gap between the Rich few and the poor masses.

  8. Question: Who signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 – H.R. 1308?
    The purpose of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 – H.R. 1308 is to guarantee its application in “all cases” where free exercise of religion is substantially burdened – and – to provide a claim or defense to persons whose religious exercise is substantially burdened by government.
    Answer: Bill Clinton
    The Establishment Clause in the First Amendment of the Constitution worked fine until someone muddied the waters with Prior Competing Governmental Interests – and – Compelling Justification. I wonder who did that?

  9. Jack Dorsey, nerd, and now pussy-asshole extraordinaire, must have been briefed in advance, as he asked questions that had already been announced and addressed days in advance already by surrogates.
    No progess Obama = Nobama.
    Really, Obama. Like nobody would notice. Well, we noticed.
    Next time you and Boehner, you know, your smoking buddy, are firing up a cigarette or firing up a joint, stop thinking about just yourselves for a change and do something for everyone else!
    Get that Dorsey bastard on tv or in an interview to spill the beans as to how he chose the questions, to tell what he was briefed, and most of all why the fuck he didn’t ask about legalization.
    Piss me the fuck off!

  10. I think the best question was, when you visits George Soros’ secret volcanic island lair, does he allow you to feed the laser sharks?
    Now on a serious note, how can you have a town hall meeting where you select the questions you are going to be asked. Even worse, have someone ask a question that you told them to ask. Why didn’t he answer the question based on the highest number?
    I think Obama is a coward for not answering the number one asked question.

  11. For the people, by the people. I guess the people only means those with a lot of money, power, and a penis.

  12. tell them and remind them that the draft for the declaration of independence was wrote on hemp paper. idk y but someone has made cannabis and it shoud be legalized just like alchohol this is coming from a fifteen year old boy and has never used weed or pot but strongly beleves in legalizing it because someone someday will try it almost all of my school has admitted to trying it once or twice???? just LEGALIZE!!! it would make so many more people happy! and it would give peoplein pain something to use when their doctors tell thm they cant have any meds because of allergys what happens then ?? live the rest of your life in agonizing pain and die unhappy????? wtf!

  13. Well you know its kinda like this. If you’ve ever watched the sticky cam show that NORML does with that Winnie Guy with the headband. Have you ever taken note of the online sticky cam audience? Well let me just say its a pretty scary group. If they are a true representation of this segment of society then its no wonder the Obama administration feels no need to answer the marijuana question.
    Now Im not saying thats right; if “the people” demand an explaination/answer from their government they better Darn well answer regardless of the first impression or apparent economic demographic or insane choice of hairstyles(still a lot of mullets out there).
    So at the end of the day it should not matter what you look like or how you even hold yourself if your asking a legit question.

  14. I personally believe that mr. obama is saving the legalization of the greatest plant known to mankind for his second term and will announce it during the 2012 campaign. He is too smart to not notice what cannabis would do for this economy, and for the world. the US must get past this stupid war on drugs and come to the realization that as long as there is a demand for it u cant stop it

  15. If we we’re to legalize marijuana, it would boost the american economy by a substantial amount. Crime will be reduced, money would be double what it is now, more jobs will be available to the people, and marijuana is better for you than alcohol and tobacco COMBINED. I am not american but I can say that if you were to legalize marijuana, it would be the smartest thing that the government has done in the past decade. I highly recommend legalizing marijuana. It’s for the best

  16. We were laughed at by Obama for hiding behind our computers in this request for legalizing MJ. Now, let’s get the last laugh and Vote for Ron Paul who will take us all the way to freedom hill legaizing MJ! Otherwise, you’ll have to fight a real war with real guns and soldiers to make the point of freedom and you’d rather hide behind your computer than fight, wouldn’t you ladies and gentlemen? Ron Paul 2012!

  17. What a bummer, I will probably not vote for Mr. Obama this time around either, but that leaves pretty slim pickings, maybe Ron Paul, but not convinced. I hope some of the folks that imagine legalization in 5 years are correct, even with all the voices and evidence, justice for Cannabis is moving very slow, in spite of being beneficial to the economy, healthcare, and the environment. I will fight on.

  18. Obama is an economic moron. Instead of embracing the legal marijuana entrepreneurs, and getting residual benefits throughout the economy, he is stamping out the legal money. Honestly, does this guy protect the criminal drug lords or something?

  19. The American Idol President has been a complete sham and fraud. Anybody running for office IS being hired by US, the PEOPLE. Do your homework the next time, listen and research who you are hiring. Be proactive with your Senators and Representitives, don’t allow them to skirt your issue, as most of them will do if you have a compelling arguement. One of my Senators is famous for that. (Sen. Murray), who does not support repeal of the CSA of 1970. Find out their views on States Rights. Lastly, don’t give up, they are counting on you to do that!

  20. Marijuana prohibition is the poster child for all the liberties we’ve lost in my lifetime.
    I want my liberties back! I’ve joined the Ron Paul Revolution. Don’t accept substitutes who say they want to fight for your liberties. Support the man who’s voted that way for 30 years.

  21. I like how “marijuana” and “bbq” are the same size in the topic cloud for the TwitSpout link.
    Luckily on a serious note- “legalization” was bigger than both of them.

  22. Well, Obama just said he’s willing to make major cuts to Social Security and Medicare to “balance the budget” and/or “deal with the deficit”. Well, you know what the whole “budget/deficit” scare is? A scare tactic to get people to accept getting screwed out of what’s theirs. Just like the whole “(Insert Hated Nation Here) has weapons of mass destruction” scare was designed to get us to go along with the Iraq War which was already being planned prior to 9/11. Our government operates on fear—as does any police state.
    So, can it be any wonder why Obama is not going to legalize cannabis? Or call off the dogs at DEA from hounding medical cannabis? Yes, in the middle of the “budget/deficit” scare, Obama suddenly “found” the money to bomb Libya and Yemen. No one bothered to ask, “Hey, where did THAT money come from, being that cruise missiles don’t come from the .99 Cent Store?!” People need to think of every cruise missile launched at Libya as one public school closed in America and about a hundred poor teens going to jail because they never got a decent education.
    Obama is a liar, as are they all. Our country is ruled and we are subjects. We are no longer citizens. A citizen is a person who can refuse a search that has no warrant. A subject must submit instantly to any search or be beaten or perhaps shot—as routinely happens these days in America. The British Army and British Crown Authorities in 1700s America never did half of the outrages our police do now. And the shit they did do, there wasn’t an actual law saying they couldn’t (i.e. the Fourth Amendment.) Hindsight is 20/20 and I tend to think we would have been better off sticking with the Crown.

  23. Quoting #5 – Dane:
    “How is legalizing marijuana not pertinent to the economy? I mean lets face it, not all of us can grow our medicine and have to go to a collective to buy it. The same holds true for complete legalization. People arent going to go out and spend thousands on an indoor grow setup just so they can grow in their apartments. they are going to go to the station on the corner and get a pack of weedies or whatever the marijuana cigarettes would be called. if anything it would boost the economy and save millions of wasted dollars from illegitimate incarcerations.”
    I was originally going to post to state the exact same thing, but he/she??? stated it well. I do have to say that most people will just go get it from the local cafe/headshop/distillery or whatever it will be called, but people like me will grow, and there will be many others who will too, but that will just create variety and possibly potency (if people can learn to grow without having to worry about being harassed/busted).
    Yet… a largely overlooked fact escapes all of this legalize marijuana hype… hemp.
    Hemp is an amazing crop and can produce many products while replenishing the soil instead of depleting it. Hemp is the real reason that marijuana was made illegal in the first place because it was what interfered the most with DuPont (the company) expansion. Harry J. Anslinger was affiliated through DuPont and marijuana was hemp’s scapegoat. I could go on and on and on and on, but I hope that Ron Paul runs for president this coming election, as he is a visionary and should have been the one to run last election… But we will see if America has learned its lesson with that one…

  24. While I don’t expect him to be so bold before the 2012 election to voice support for marijuana legalization, this is a great opportunity for him to show support for decriminalization and medical marijuana. He needs to get over the fear of being labeled a “flip flopper” and have the courage to say “I changed my mind”. He needs to do the same thing regarding gay marriage, I feel.

  25. If Obama, Bush Jr or Clinton had been caught smoking when they were young, they may never have been lawyers, and forget political office!
    I hope his daughters get caught smoking pot one day in some horrendous county. Then they ask him why he didn’t CHANGE it when he had the power!

  26. Listen to the people Obama. This issue is not going away. When they protested alcohol prohibition they carried signs that said; “We want beer”. Well, we want weed. Get over it and get it passed. Legal as beer!

  27. There are those who are violating God’s intellectual property. If anyone is going to lay claim to his Sacrament – it’s going to be him. I think there’s a patent violation in there somewhere.

  28. Like most Washington politicians, Obama has been bought by big pharma and is acting in their interest alone. Some of us remember when pharmaceutical firms could not advertise their “products” on television. Now, every time I turn on the TV, I see random clips of worry-free actors, doing all sorts of fun things, while the viewer is warned about a slew of side effects ranging from diarrhea to death. That’s enough to make me sick. How about we disallow these big pharma ads until marijuana is decriminalized! Don’t vote for big pharma anymore. Vote for freedom!

  29. They want to have a war on drugs and not listen to us………Then fine….Lets give them a war…..I’m tired of this….

  30. To begin with no president is going to legalize this drug i don’t care what you think and dream of. No president will legalize this drug.The only time they will do that is when both side of both house’s all say its time to legalize it will it happen. But first u need voter, And let face it pot heads don’t vote.And if they or not pot heads. But smoke very little. They still don’t vote. I am not saying all pot heads don’t vote are if u do this drug at all u don’t vote. I vote But i seam to be the only ones that do vote.

  31. Obama is going to ignore cannabis questions until the election where he will use it as a ploy to receive more votes. You know like he did last time.
    Don’t fall for it, and don’t vote for him because he’ll obviously extend the drug war.

  32. Vote Obama out of office. He has failed to deliver on his early statement, “We need to rethink and decriminalize our marijuana laws.”

    Ron Paul or Gary Johnson for 2012 (if they get enough votes in the primaries).

  33. This cause seeks to assemble all peoples, from all 50 states. All races, all religions, all political stripes; all social classes…etc, to assemble on August 1, 2011, to lawfully protest and non-violently disobey the Federal Government. On Aug 1, 2011 at 5am Eastern Time (4C, 3M, 2W) to silently assemble outside the nearest Federal Building to challenge the legality of cannabis laws.

  34. Mr. Obama if you keep this up you will make Republicans out of us all! I’m already on the Republican band-wagon because of you and my wasted vote! I used to laugh at Ron Paul and other Republicans, but now you have made me a strong supporter of Ron Paul and Gary Johnson. Good job, keep it up moron

  35. LI,
    Great post above! I too hope one of his daughters gets caught smoking a joint in some back-wood, hick county that throws the book at her to get a little national attention. At that point, I hope someone in the media has the cojones to ask Barry: “so now that your daughter’s adult life is compromised and the world of her potential dramatically reduced, do you think maybe you should have listened to the public and taken a stand on such draconian measures?”

  36. PEOPLE !!!! were talking about the illegal law on pot it self, WE need to start there ,make the GOV. tell the truth about why its illegal, OTHER then a LIE and CONTRABUTIONS … Free all pot prisoners and let them work and TAX them not supporting them locked up in jail. attack the illegal law it self, stop saying make it legal!!!!!! its the other way around THEY need to come up with facts not LIES to make it illegal

  37. Screw twitter. Its obvious that they were controlled.
    Truth n honesty have long left the media.
    Thanks to this internet were we can all express.
    All of us MJ lovers really need to unite.
    Norml is Great but we need to form a national
    coalilition to somehow boycott n support our interests.
    Or am I just dreaming of freedom?

  38. TO: #35 Rob Howell, From The Tennessee Activist, “Well now, you must be a Certified Genious! Tell me something, if you knew troops were being organized to fight Pot Prohibition, WOULD YOU GO TO WAR?” I’m an old man, I can do that but I nothing to live for so I would gladly die for the cause of MJ Freedoms. HONOR, DIGNITY and LOYALTY to the death, I will fight this war on our Freedoms! Since there’s no Militia Head Quarters then it starts right here with me. Who’s with me? Contact to join: (Yes I’m perfectly Sober and I’m not even High, I’m the Fed’s worst nightmare.)
    See you on the front lines!

  39. If I read this Cannabis Culture article correctly, the California wine industry is $33 billion and the California cannabis industry is $17 billion. Furthermore, it states that the wine industry impacts 820,00 jobs nationwide and 330,000 in California. So can we expect a legal cannabis industry that is regulated like wine and tobacco to impact California with half the wine jobs, i.e. 165,000 jobs or so. Likewise, can we extrapolate the nationwide impact of legal cannabis to be half of the 820,000 jobs, i.e. 410,000 jobs? That would be 4510,000 jobs that we don’t have and sure as hell could use!

  40. Instead of calling it, Obama Twitter Townhall, it’s “Obama Twitter Downfall”.
    Obama can’t afford to expose his honesty and his true opinions before the re-election; he has other things to worry about. Such as, the day after the November 2012 election.

  41. “Genesists will act on the facts presented to us.”
    For this reason – we mandate Scientific Conclusion. We feel that the truth exists, either way, in science – not depending on which microscope one looks through – but – by a preponderance of evidence presented by all sources of science. We’re confident that this will prevail on the merits alone.
    Genesits are tired of feeling like a chess piece on the Kings playing board. We are not your pawns. Neither are we your castle fortress, knights in defense, your faith, or each other. There are no Kings in America. Your throne means absolutely nothing – and – we are unmindful of your dictates the prohibit our Faith and denies our Sacrament.

  42. The audacity of the government to outlaw a god given herb (mj and hemp) that has so much potential just fries the mind. Its the definition of insanity. When will this be enough already and when will the bs stop??????????

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