Ending Federal Prohibition Update: Sign Our Petition to Representatives Smith and Upton

It has been a few weeks since a bipartisan coalition of legislators introduced HR 2306, the Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2011, into the House of Representatives. This legislation would prohibit the federal government from prosecuting adults who use or possess personal use amounts of marijuana by removing the plant and its primary psychoactive constituent, THC, from the five schedules of the United States Controlled Substances Act of 1970. Similar to the ending of alcohol prohibition, the federal government would get out of the business of arresting responsible marijuana smokers and allow states to set their own policies.
HR 2306 was assigned to both the House Judiciary Committee and the House Committee on Energy and Commerce. The bill currently sits in legislative purgatory and how long it will stay there is entirely dependent on two men. The chairmen of these two committees have thus far refused to schedule the bill for a hearing. Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX), who chairs the Judiciary Committee, has made it clear he has no intentions of hearing the bill. Rep. Fred Upton (R-MI), who chairs the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, has yet to take a strong public stance.
Stand up for states’ rights and civil liberties by joining NORML in telling these two elected officials that we believe HR 2306 is sound public policy that deserves discussion.
Click here to sign our petition and tell Representatives Smith and Upton to schedule HR 2306 for a hearing!
In better news, we are pleased to announce that HR 2306 now has a new co-sponsor! Rep. Jim McDermott (D-WA) has contacted Barney Frank’s office and declared his intention to co-sponsor this legislation. He explained his support in a letter to a constituent:

Thank you for contacting me about repealing the federal laws prohibiting the possession of marijuana. I appreciate you taking the time to write, and I welcome this opportunity to respond.
I have contacted Representative Barney Frank’s office and requested to be added as a co-sponsor of H.R. 2306, the Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2011. I share your concern about the problems associated with marijuana in regards to enforcing drug laws, creating a black market for illegal drugs, and punishing drug users who need treatment. Federal law enforcement should concentrate its efforts on measures that truly protect the public, and I do not believe that prosecuting those found in possession of small amounts of marijuana should be a federal priority.
Law enforcement agents are forced to operate under scarce resources and I believe it is irresponsible to spend those resources prosecuting the personal use of marijuana. Far more pressing problems demand attention. I think marijuana use for non-medical reasons is a bad idea, and I would discourage anyone from using it, but I don’t believe making it a crime has been a useful or just policy.
If you are interested in following a particular piece of legislation through the legislative process, the website hosted by the Library of Congress at http://thomas.loc.gov is extremely helpful. It provides a wealth of information about legislation under consideration in the current Congress as well as bills introduced in earlier sessions. The site is called Thomas to honor President Thomas Jefferson and his belief in public access to the workings of government.
Again, thank you for contacting me. I welcome your views, and look forward to hearing from you in the future.

You can keep up to date on HR 2306 by visiting its Facebook page. If you haven’t done so already, be sure to visit NORML’s Take Action Center and contact your elected officials and encourage them to support HR 2306.

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  1. I am so discouraged that a new co-sponsor of this bill still says that using Cannabis for recreation is a bad idea. Even those who agree Prohibition is bad are blinded by the propaganda they have been hit over the head with for years.
    When will I be a human and not a pothead? Everyone who drinks isn’t a drunk, why can’t I get that same consideration? So much disinformation out there…

  2. They’re moving to stall, neglect attention and anything else to make this bill fail. Enough talk………..

  3. Sadly, it seems HR 2306 may never see the light of day as long as these two men can determine its fate. Upton has had a strong record of being hard on drugs. It is strange that he is remaining quiet.

  4. to whom it may concern:the war on drugs (pot) is nothing more than a way for our goverment to make money.busting people and putting them in jail is not the answer!

  5. Please listen to your constituents, the majority of the American citizens want major federal drug reform. This is the first step, and it is inevitable. Prove that you are a leader, not a follower

  6. This is long over due and every thinking person knows it. Just legalize it already. We are not going away and we are not going to stop using hemp products and marijuana!

  7. We the People have more reasons to change the Congress with no votes to the elected who have denied us and defied us to work to change our Nation to be in line with our Supreme Law, the Constitution. All who have pledged their allegiance to Grover Norquist must be removed from office. Prohibition programs always fail to do anything beyond making money for the few who prohibit the many.

  8. How crappy is it when you have to leave a decision that MILLIONS of people approve of up to two idiots in congress??? Why does our democracy sometimes sound like a dictatorship?

  9. So Mr Smith does not make it easy!!! Drop an email to him expressing his need to review HR 2306. In order to get the luxury of sending him an email you need to have a zip code in his district HMMMM. Well here ya go! It’s for a lil motel in Kerrville Tx. 1804 Sidney Baker St. 78028-2644. Got to love the internet!!!!!

  10. Please end prohibition on cannabis. Reschedule it to a class 2 or 3 narcotic. Do something, but end this pathetic, money wasting “war on drugs”. Realize the tax revenue. Realize the decrease in expenses. Realize the ACTUAL CONTROL YOU WILL HAVE as the Supreme Law of the Land if you end prohibition and tax it. More money in your pockets, government officials! Plus, it will help eliminate the drug problem with have with Mexico. We are their primary customers. Legalize it here, and we will oontrol our own supply and won’t need theirs any longer!

  11. @ PbN2Au – we are a republic, not a democracy. Please look at the Articles of the Constitution and also the Declaration of Independence. “A republic if you can keep it” quoted by Benjamin Franklin. When we gained our independence we had just broken free from absolute tyranny. The last thing our framers wanted was mob rule. Our framers were scared at the thought of a democracy. We are not a democracy. Isn’t it a shame however that “3rd” world countries are now democracys, one step above a republic?

  12. Fight organize crime in the federal government and restore the power of the states.
    Bring on the HR 2306!

  13. Since when is this a communist country?
    There is a large abundance of people in this country that demand to be heard.
    Anyone who tries to stop them from being heard are breaking our constitutional rights.
    Let the bill be heard.

  14. The research has proven that marijuana is safer than both cigarettes & alcohol. People do not die from marijuana use as they do from alcohol & cigarettes. Additionally, if you were to ask anyone in recovery from addiction they would probably tell you that alcohol or cigarettes were their gateway drug, not marijuana. It is also proven that there are medicinal qualities in marijuana that do not have the side effects of prescription drugs.

  15. have u ever heard of anyone over dosing on this stuff no dont think so so just leaglize it alcohol kills more ppl than this shit does


  17. Please, for the sake of this country’s economy, just legalize cannabis! Legalize it, tax it, benefit from the multitudes of uses for cannabis. It’s not that we want to “get high” we just want to be a more efficient country and people, but that will not happen until the ridiculousness of a “drug war” have ended. We will NEVER move on from the subject until it’s legalized.

  18. It really is SAD that co-sponsors of HB2306 have to say “recreational use is wrong”. There is absolutely no proof of that, in fact, the opposite is/has much compelling truth. There is such a thing as “self-fulfilling prophecy”, and that is why we who know that cannabis is safer and actually beneficial are labeled as “potheads” and will continue to be so. This is not the truth, but this is the self fulfilled prophecy they believe and create in their own minds. Likewise they are blind to the damage alcohol and tobacco does to our society, and blind to the idea of an alternative that that promotes peace.
    Fact is, cannabis users in this country are too peace-loving, and rarely does a crime of violence involve cannabis, where often alcohol is used in crimes of violence. In addition, alcohol prohibition was ended in part because users of alcohol tend towards violent behavior, especially when told they can’t use it. This is not the case with cannabis users… we sit back and are content with what we get, when we get it, even if it comes from violent cartels, but our conscience bothers us and we’d like to end the supply from the cartels, but our gov’t won’t let that happen.
    Our gov’t is responsible for the damage and 40,000+ deaths in Mexico due to cannabis prohibition, given that God, our God gave us the plants of the earth. This is what makes prohibition of cannabis an act of terrorism on the part of our gov’t, in that a war against Americans who benefit from cannabis has been waged against us for 40+ years. Many are locked up, or have criminal histories solely as a result of this prejudicial war, and our lives have been either lost or shackled as a result.
    This is not right. It is not Just. It is not Constitutionally legal.
    When I used cannabis for the first time around age 19 it saved my life! I was out of HS, in college going nowhere fast. I had only feelings of hate and resentment inside of me, having been abused and bullied for much of my life until then. I was asocial and I’m sure I’d have either become a serial murderer or committed suicide because life meant nothing to me. Until I experienced the effects of cannabis…
    The immediate effect was self-awareness. The awareness of life, the world, and nature. It was a 180 degree turn, a turn that led me to love people, love education, and respect nature. It saved my life. In the beginning the effects of cannabis were profound, but over time it became mearly a relaxant. It helped me at the end of the day to reflect and to meditate. The alternatives weren’t really alternatives, by that I mean both alcohol and tobacco were drugs with unpleasant side-effects. But they were legal and cannabis was not. By age 50 the law caught up to me, and I was to old to find anyone willing to sell me cannabis, so I succumbed to the status quo – I smoke a pack of cigarettes a day and around 6 drinks. I’m back to where life means little to me and I just want to die. It’s been 6 years feeling like that. Ever since I have not been able to use a little cannabis each day after work.
    The gov’t would say I need drugs to deal with my problems… well I take their drugs, their anti-depressants, anti-anxiety medications, and I went through years of psychotherapy. The truth is, cannabis is something my body needs, and although for others their own bodies manufacture the THC component necessary for survival, my body does not. But that’s not what’s important, what’s important is cannabis IS NOT a danger to society, the prohibition and laws against it’s use are a danger to society.
    The DEA is assigned the job of providing science based protections to society when it comes to drugs. It has proved itself blatantly irresponsible when considering cannabis, as cannabis itself is not per-se a drug, but rather a plant with naturally occurring healing and non-intoxicant psychoactive properties. These properties lead to relaxation, meditation, creativity and an awareness that is pro-environmental. Users are not generally violent, they don’t exceed limits that endanger society, they tend to promote peace and prosperity.
    But all this is irrelevant as my gov’t uses cannabis as a scapegoat for all that is wrong in society… claiming prohibition of cannabis is necessary to ensure public safety, when in fact, prohibition ensures citizens will do exactly the opposite. By demonizing cannabis, they encourage use of the very substances, and mindset that guarantees violence and disharmony.
    I’m afraid a new revolution is inevitable, simply because the government is out of touch with reality and more focused on special-interest corporations and myths that they simply cannot let go of or choose not to. One need only reflect on the damage alcohol and tobacco does to society and the lack of damage cannabis causes and any 6th grader could point out the difference is grossly apparent.
    We are fighting a lost cause. We may have the slogan “In God We Trust” on our money, but our gov’t does not trust in God… it trusts only in perpetuating lies, and pork that feeds it’s own bloated belly.
    It’s time, we Americans treat cannabis use like spitting on the sidewalk… in that, spitting once landed us in jail, just as cannabis use does today.
    As Bob Dylan sang – “Everyone must get stoned…”… when we all have criminal records for spitting on the sidewalk and our jails and prisons are busting at the seams, as they already are, cannabis use will become a blue law, one that is ignored. Too bad it has to go that way, but our gov’t is too self-righteous and anal to see the very truth in front of their nose.
    The DEA has no business being involved in regulating cannabis. It is a plant that God gave us. Use it and prosper. God gave use all a middle finger… use that as well. There really appears to be no other solution to the destruction prohibition of cannabis is causing to us, our neighbors to the south, and the world.
    Death by DEA… bring it on and shout NIXON as you go down!!!
    Like the Arab Spring, witness now Cannabis Spring. Within a year I expect based on memos from the DOJ and recent rulings by the DEA that CA growers will be rounded up and imprisoned for life. The War on Drugs is real. And the federal government has no intention to end it. A war on American soil by our federal gov’t is Unconstitutional, but it would appear the gov’t no longer abides by the Constitution.
    The motto in NH is “Live Free or Die”. Death is more honorable than slavery, which is what we are – slaves to a system that has rotted. Slaves to laws that are unjust and not based on science. Slaves to the whims of the elite.

  19. I didn’t think NORML was going to publish my article in my last post regarding what is happening in, Santa Barbara .The point is there is corruption in The City of Santa Barbara exactly like corruption in this Country .
    It’s corrupted politicians who are being funded & bribed with huge amounts of money to keep Marijuana classified as a schedule 1 – drug irregardless of what’s right and what the people want .

  20. It seems to me that this petition is receiving about 1 signature per minute. Seems like a good sign to me. But I couldn’t tell you the last time any politico listened to the population.

  21. My American Genesists Brethren – 3141
    Question: How do you deal with a closed mind?
    Answer: You don’t.
    Question: Now what?
    Answer: Get away from the closed mind – fast!
    Question: Why?
    Answer: The closed mind will “effect you” to the point of violence. You’ll see the closed mind as something that desperately needs the shit kicked out of it. It’s the only thing you haven’t tried. What you will realize very quickly is – “you don’t have enough kick.” Besides – it’s “not appropriate” to attack a diseased organ. You would be “more effective “ painting rubbish.
    Question: Why should we be infected with their insanity?
    Answer: We shouldn’t.
    Question: So! what should we do?
    Answer: Don’t worry about them – they will be the 10% left behind – if they’ve not already. It’s the top 5% that’s going to be the only opposition – the top 5% that says what goes – “right now.”
    Question: What should we bear in mind?
    Answer: “Unique – as individuals – we live our lives – and – comprehend our existence – within our minds – at the level of our awareness. As I think – so shall it be. Wherever I go – there I am. It’s my mind that makes it so – it’s my conscience that I answer to.”
    Good CDXX Communion.

  22. guys the bill will not pass. the lobbyists, and politicians simply will not let it. it is sad that our government is this corrupt now.

  23. Ok so we should accept federal as “cannon” and never question it Reich? I live in AZ. and did not get a card and am glad cause I can envision obama showing how tough he can be and locking up a Million+ People over night and they should all be easy cheep prosecutions since they did sign legal paperers state that they will be braking Cannon federal Law. obama has broken every promise, can we trust him? Should we be checking the republican who claim to be for ending the drug war? we NeEd to VOTE, be informed and be ready to bring an end to this drug war at all any nonviolent means available. they want to spend $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ on a war against us there own country men’n woman? whan the dust is settled if are not not recognized/respected then it will be time to give them a war and brake the country(or at least threaten to) via the legal system. Just imagine all 80 or 90 million “druggies” demanding that the feds ether enforce the law or Chang the law.
    1. set a date.
    2.get partition going and negotiations make sure they
    understand whats gana happen.
    3.as the date approaches start turning our selves in
    increasing larger groups.
    4.If the fed stand on there Cannon Law then they can
    keep us all in prison where can be obstinate and
    completely useless, costing them 100’s of billions
    of dollars year and still trying to mop up the last
    of us. This will cause the country to fold, none of
    really want this.
    In summery its all up to us, the country can not afford this war any longer and our “leaders” are not seeing the damage the war is rendering. We need Hemp and we need MMJ, to be aloud to use marijuana responsibly and recreational drug use need to properly controlled so that those chose to hurt them selves can get help getting out of it.
    Or we can all Raise our right hands to the Reich and accept Cannon Law.

  24. The simple answer is to block these two men’s proposed legislation in other subcomittees. That said, this won’t happen without political will and most politicians wrongly believe loosing up cannabis prohibition is a career damaging.
    The feds follow the states. States ban things then at some point the tide will force the fed to act. The tide must continue to pushed in the direction of liberalization not repression.
    Remember people are fighting against years of government propoganda that says those who even take a drug are doomed to a life a despair. It is a flawed approach as life does not exist in the land of complete black and white.

  25. BobKat,
    I just read your post . I didn’t want to rub in the ” God ” thing ( religion ) since most people are turned off by the subject but since you mentioned it first you hit the nail right on the head and that’s exactly why corruption, lies, dishonesty & greed is not only bringing California down to its knees but it will be the reason this Country will fall unless we repent as a Nation .

  26. While for the most part I do not disagree with what you said Bobkat, I hope Lincoln was correct:
    “The best way to get a bad law repealed is to enforce it strictly.” Abraham Lincoln
    I guess I’m just an optimist and I pray to the FSM that Obama is crazy like a fox and is giving the DEA enough rope to hang themselves (he HAS to see the change in public opinion).

  27. Keep the signatures coming everyone! After I signed, there were 5,210 people on the petition. I have to believe that NORML.org sees more traffic than that on any given day, so all you slackers out there who have yet to sign the petition need to get on it!

  28. 24. BobKat
    “Our federal gov’t is Unconstitutional, but it would appear the gov’t no longer abides by the Constitution.”
    The 2012 Prophecy is no joke. If one doesn’t believe that – it will only be 15 months before reality strikes. The world as we know it will be non-existent. It’s just a damned good thing that their global warming bullshit didn’t make it to the hearts and minds of Americans. Check out the mural at the new Denver Airport.

  29. When the ‘legal’ drugs cause symptoms that are worse than the disease, it is time to try something else! Not to mention the lawsuits is brings out. Why not organic medicines? Stop the pharmas from producing regulated drugs that are causing birth defects, brain damage and countless other side effects! They are only getting rich w/no consequences.Time for MAJOR change in the way we think about drugs.

  30. @24 – I too find it strange, interesting, and bothersome in the extreme that anyone would think that recreational use is wrong. If someone does something, enjoys it, and no one or no thing is hurt by it how could it possibly be wrong? Anyone who thinks this way is so different from me as to be a different species; a lower kind…

  31. Unless you vote in one of these fellows districts..why should they listen to you? Put pressure on your own state politicians to in act change, they need your vote. The feds receive to much money and power to ever do anything for us..Note how pro Obama was until he got the power..Pressure,donate,preach..Just know that we the people will have to carry the water on all issues of liberty..

  32. the fed’s should prove cannabis is bad. after 25 years of using cannabis i have found nothing wrong with it.

  33. Use of cannabis simply is not an issue for the DEA, since it recognizes no medical value, the value is in the heart of the recreational and spiritual user. By default, since the DEA can’t prove cannabis is a drug, they can’t prove it’s harmful. Their own decision voids their involvement in the use of cannabis.
    The FDA does not see cannabis as a drug either, or else like tobacco they would be addressing it.
    Cannabis is an herb, a plant… the FDA nor the DEA has a right to regulate a plant with no medically recognized value nor harm. The fact that cannabis is listed as a Schedule One Drug by the DEA is an oxymoron… if you benefit from use of cannabis that’s a good thing as the DEA does not see that it’s possible to have any drug-like effects on the human body.
    It’s like the pope insisting the earth is flat, when he knows it’s not. Not to say the pope or the DEA won’t fight and incarceration and cause death to millions by the time they’re done trying to make us believe lies; but that is life… the world is fraught with dangers and demented leaders making those who are different suffer.
    We still do have our First Amendment rights… lets use them to fight injustice. $0 years after the creation of the DEA it’s obvious they are popes proclaiming lies and subjecting the populous to a reign of terror… welcome to the Inquisition, 2011.
    “Live Free or Die”…
    Stop the Hurt!!!

  34. 34. TRUTH DOCTOR
    “I didn’t want to rub in the ” God ” thing ( religion ) since most people are turned off by the subject.”
    I find it comical – that some [5% of the world] who don’t believe can bash the other 95% who do believe – when in fact it’s none of their business – but – it does have a familiar ring to it – when considering who wants to rule the world. I’d say – if you don’t believe – just walk on by – nobody is “FORCING YOU TO BELIEVE IN ANYTHING” – not yet anyway. When you say – “most people” – I assume you mean “YOU.” Any way – “Your reality is yours.” Just remember – “We’re on the same side here.”

  35. I wanted to share this with everyone so you can see how dumb Texas polital leaders are. I got a response back from Texas Rep. who is clearly against reform. This guy shows what he knows about the subject at hand. He is still in the 1930’s. I encourage everyone in this voting district to vote this idiot out.
    July 1, 2011
    Mr. Chris Swanson
    Dear Mr. Swanson:
    Thank you for contacting me regarding the use of medical marijuana. I understand and appreciate your views on this issue, and I value this opportunity to respond to you.
    There currently is an ongoing debate over the effectiveness of marijuana as a medicine to treat medical conditions such as glaucoma. However, this is a good example of more effective medicines already available such as six classes of drugs and multiple surgical techniques that are available to treat glaucoma. Smoked marijuana also has been shown to cause a variety of health problems including cancer, respiratory problems, increased heart rate, loss of motor skills, and it can impair the immune system by impairing the ability of T-cells to fight off infections.
    The DEA supports research into the safety and efficacy of THC (the major psychoactive component of marijuana,) and such studies are ongoing, supported by grants from the National Institute on Drug Abuse. As a result, a synthetic THC drug, Marinol, has been available to the public since 1985. The Food and Drug Administration has determined that Marinol is safe, effective, and has therapeutic benefits for use as a treatment for nausea associated with cancer therapy, and does not produce the harmful health effects associated with smoking marijuana. Marijuana in its current form as a drug is dangerously addictive and poses significant health threats to users. I am opposed to any efforts to legalize marijuana as it may lead to use of harder drugs.
    Once again, thank you for contacting me. For more information on my views and legislation, please visit my congressional website at cuellar.house.gov. Please do not hesitate to share your views with me regarding this or any other matter in the future.
    Henry Cuellar, Ph.D.
    U.S. Congressman
    28th District of Texas

  36. 20. Dustin Higgins
    Love it or leave it Dustin – but – if you stay – fight the ones who make you feel this way.

  37. 47. Chris
    I wonder if Cuellar kisses his mother with that lying ass mouth. I’m starting to wonder if Texas voters aren’t the problem. Smith and Cuellar were voted in – now vote their plethoricaly dumb asses out.

  38. Two men? It depends on TWO men? You have that, and then you have the opinions of millions of Americans. The Federal Government is a joke. I will enjoy watching them collapse under the weight of their own lies, and tyranny. What does history teach us fellas? It teaches us that liars, munipulators and thieves don’t last. Unfortunetely they get to terrorize people for a while, but ultimately, they fail. Every single time. It gets better. The higher you rise into power, the farther you fall. When they fall, no one will be there to catch them, and they shall recieve no sympathy. People are waking up. The future is ours. even if they bad guys don’t know it yet. It’s called karma, what comes around goes around. It’s universal law and it NEVER fails.

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