Latest White House Drug Strategy Report Affirms Our Government Has Virtually No Interest In Actually Studying Marijuana

The White House yesterday, with little fanfare, issued its annual (and long overdue) 2011 National Drug Control Strategy report.
As usual, the White House’s official justification for the ongoing multigenerational drug war was light on facts and heavy on rhetoric, particularly as it pertained to the federal government’s fixation with criminalizing cannabis. Here are just a few examples (all of which are excerpted from a section of the report, entitled ironically enough, ‘The Facts About Marijuana‘) of your government on pot.

[C]onfusing messages being conveyed by the entertainment industry, media, proponents of ‘medical’ marijuana, and political campaigns to legalize all marijuana use perpetuate the false notion that marijuana use is harmless and aim to establish commercial access to the drug. This significantly diminishes efforts to keep our young people drug free and hampers the struggle of those recovering from addiction.”
Marijuana and other illicit drugs are addictive and unsafe. … The science, though still evolving in terms of long-term consequences, is clear: marijuana use is harmful. Independent from the so called ‘gateway effect’ — marijuana on its own is associated with addiction, respiratory and mental illness, poor motor performance, and cognitive impairment, among other negative effects.”
“The Administration steadfastly opposes drug legalization. Legalization runs counter to a public health approach to drug control because it would increase the availability of drugs, reduce their price, undermine prevention activities, hinder recovery support efforts, and pose a significant health and safety risk to all Americans, especially our youth.”

You get the idea.
Of course, none of these allegations represent anything new for this (or previous) administrations, and NORML has responded in detail to most of the Drug Czar’s claims previously. I did, however, take notice of this particular paragraph in the report, which appears under the title ‘Medical’ Marijuana.’

“In the United States, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has approved 109 researchers to perform bona fide research with marijuana, marijuana extracts, and marijuana derivatives such as cannabidiol and cannabinol. Studies include evaluation of abuse potential, physical/psychological effects, adverse effects, therapeutic potential, and detection. Fourteen researchers are approved to conduct research with smoked marijuana on human subjects.”

Only in an environment of absolute criminal prohibition can the administration imply, with a straight face, that allowing a grand total of 14 legally permitted scientists to study a substance consumed by tens of millions of Americans for therapeutic and/or recreational purposes is somehow to be construed as ‘progress.’ That total doesn’t even legally allow for one scientist per medical marijuana state to actively assess how cannabis is impacting that state’s patient population.
Moreover, this acknowledgment comes from the very same administration that on Friday flat out rejected the notion of even allowing hearings on the question of marijuana’s schedule I classification because, in their opinion, “there are no adequate and well-controlled studies proving efficacy.” Of course, with only a dozen or so scientists in the whole county even permitted to interact with pot and humans can there be any wonder why such studies aren’t more prevalent?
(By the way, remember the results last year of the series of FDA-approved ‘gold standard’ clinical trials assessing the safety and efficacy of inhaled cannabis in severely ill patients? Apparently neither does the DEA. Nor are they aware of these ‘well-controlled’ studies of medical cannabis. Or these.)
Interestingly, according to the DEA’s 2010 white paper on cannabis (no longer online), last year there were a total of 18 scientists licensed by the government to work with marijuana in a clinical setting. Perhaps next year there will only be ten. If the DEA and NIDA have there way perhaps by 2013 there will be zero.
As for the other 95 US scientists legally authorized by the federal government to assess the efficacy of ‘marijuana extracts and marijuana derivatives’ in animals, most of them were here last week — at the annual meeting of the International Cannabinoid Research Society. But even these ‘chosen few’ acknowledge that their work has next to no influence on the very administration that authorizes it.

Marijuana Researchers Meet At Pheasant Run
Researchers from around the world studying the effects of marijuana and exploring possible medical uses meet each year to compare notes and share their findings
About 250 scientists from around the world have gathered this weekend at Pheasant Run Resort sitting through seminars titled “Endocannabinoid Signaling in Periimplantation Biology,” and “Cannabinoids and HIV Pathogenicity,” to name a few, for the 21st Annual Symposium of the International Cannabinoid Research Society.
ICRS members meet once a year to compare notes on research studying how cannabinoids, compounds from the cannabis plant (more commonly known as marijuana) or from the brain called endocannabinoids, affect the body and how it functions.
While most attendees are scientists, many are graduate students or training scientists as well as physicians interested in learning how these chemicals might be useful in treating human disease.
“We are all around the world working on our own projects,” said Cecilia Hillard, ICRS executive director, professor of pharmacology and director of the Neuroscience Research Center at the Medical College of Wisconsin.
“That’s why it’s so wonderful for us to get together once a year so we can really share things that we learn,” she said.
For example, she said someone may be studying how bone is formed, and she is studying how the brain works.
“I learn a lot by learning how the bone is formed, and they learn about how neurons work,” Hillard said. “It’s really a lot of what we call a ‘cross-fertilization’ of ideas.”
While the society is not political, Hillard says the type of research that is done on the controversial topic of medical and personal use of marijuana is nonetheless important.
“We’re carrying out scientific investigations trying to understand what these molecules do,” Hillard said. “What we try to contribute to the debate is the reality.”
She said scientific investigation is done in a very neutral way, trying to understand what these molecules do.
“The mass appeal is, ‘is there a good use for this in the treatment of human disease?'” Hillard said. “Most of us really have a passion for looking at these molecules because there is a lot of potential for treatment of human disease.”
The findings of this research are published in scientific journals so that the information is available to anyone. She said sometimes “you have no idea the impact your work is having.” Hillard said part of the mission of the ICRS is to educate the public.
“I wish the politicians would (look at the data) but I don’t think they do,” she said.

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  1. The government lies to us about cannabis and ignores the facts. Instead of complaining about it…how about we all pick a day and display some civil disobedience. We go to a public place and light up, lets clog the criminal system with non violent weed smokers. Make it impossible for them to keep us locked up. This government will never listen to us, as long as they can point to their “facts” the people who don’t smoke will believe them.Nothing is working, we try and try…but they never listen. So let choose to ignore them.

  2. @#40
    Why am I not surprised that prohibitionists resort to innuendo when describing forcibly abducting citizens and “re-educating” them? Are not enough lives being lost due to the failed war on drugs, both legal and illegal? How much blood needs to be shed/spilled for you to see this isn’t going away and that taking a NO/ZERO tolerance stance on this issue (positive utilization/effects of cannabis), which is based on no opposing facts since the study of the substance is “unavailable/uncertain”, isn’t winning you any respect/admiration from the populace. No facts to justify/substantiate this baseless attack on a community that loves/respects/honors others and life and we’re the ones who should be fearful? I don’t believe it is us that needs to be afraid. We’re just easy targets. Attempting to instill fear won’t save you from the death, destruction and misery that you perpetrate.

  3. The only “bona fide” research is allowed by big brother.
    109 = 14
    War is peace.
    Freedom is slavery.
    Ignorance is strength.

  4. A few facts that have been distorted over the past 70 years:
    George Washington, and the colonies grew and depended on hemp, not marijuana. There were extracts of cannabis sold by pharmacies without prescriptions until the 1930’s. Doctors recommended use of cannabis extracts for many maladies. It was listed in the US Pharmacopedia until 1940. Those who used cannabis in it’s plant form called it ganja in the country. In Mexico they called it marihuana. At no time was it formally called a “drug”, until 1971 when Nixon created the DEA, and passage of the Controlled Substances Act was passed.Yes, it had been given many names from Bogeyman lore like the “Killer Weed”, and “Reefers” but all that was for dramatic effect.
    The problem really started when drugs like LSD, cocaine, heroin, and amphetamines became popular in the 60’s, along with a parallel interest in the use of cannabis occurred. During the 1970’s two important things happened… 1) Nixon wrapped all the illegal substances up into one “neat” package and called them Drugs. 2) Cannabis culture was born, independent in many cases from those other substances.A culture war ensued in which the government created the myth that cannabis was the “gateway drug” to hard drugs as cannabis was too weak to satisfy the governments theory that druggies needed harder and harder drugs to “get high”. The cannabis culture on the other hand realized cannabis by itself was very beneficial, and this idea was opposite that of the federal government.
    At the same time the dangers of tobacco and alcohol were becoming more and more apparent, and to control that economically disastrous truth, cannabis prohibition was pushed harder and harder and became the poster child for what was wrong with society.
    Cannabis itself is not a “DRUG”, anymore than any other naturally growing plant is a “DRUG”. But when society began to believe in the propaganda, called transference, the cannabis culture began to respond with the idea of “medical marijuana”, thus sealing our current fate. We now have two plants, both called marijuana, which is an historical oxymoron, one is a drug for sick people, the other a safe recreational drug, but neither are really “drugs”, though many potential “drugs” are possible from the cannabis plant, just like many thousands of other plants have the potential for medicines, many going extinct daily.
    Drugs are chemical compounds synthesized and/or manufactured from plants in a laboratory. Big Pharma makes drugs. God gave us plants.

  5. I want to add… the recent skirmishes introducing products like K2 as “legal pot”, are in fact non-cannabis plants infused with chemicals manufactured in a lab based on a chemist’s knowledge of cannabis molecules. Not being a chemist I don’t quite understand how it’s done, but those chemicals are probably the closest we’ll ever get to the “drug” that the DEA claims to be cannabis.They are manufactured in a laboratory, unlike cannabis that grows in the dirt courtesy of Nature.
    one product is a manufactured “drug”, the other grows naturally. The most damaging weapon in the fed’s arsenal in the War on Drugs is to claim growing a plant is a manufacturing process. I’m sorry, but I’m not God! I am only able to plant a seed God gave me. If it grows, it’s a miracle. The government destroy thousands of tons of miracles every year. We are expected to thank them? To believe they are saving our lives?
    Fact is, cannabis is not a drug!!!

  6. For years and years the Federal government has blocked research into marijuna. The whole world is testing it now so the truth will come out. Marijuana is a benign HERB. The plant is useful for medicine and thousands of other uses. To not use marijuana is a travesty.

  7. They play Catch 22 with the whole thing. Take for instance back when medical marijuana first came into being, all the naysayers went “How can smoking be healthy?” Ok, so people starting making marijuana foods. Now the same naysayers are saying “How can this be medicine when they’re making pizzas with it?” So, you see, to these people, unless it’s in a pill, to them, it isn’t “medicine”. Add to that states that have reluctantly allowed medical marijuana (like Arizona) will still bust patients for having “drug paraphenelia”; i.e. tools with which to smoke it or weigh it out for dosage.
    For thousands of years, medicines have been herbal remedies. Leaves, roots, bark, and seeds steeped in teas and tinctures. But this is no longer recognized as “medicine”. Medicine has been reduced to pills. People buy into this nonsense because they can go to a doctor and get opiates with very litle effort. Strain a muscle at work, and the clinic your employer sends you to will give you hydrocodone. Only 15 years ago, what you’d get was motrin. But now, it’s straight to the opiates. This country does have a drug problem—-and it’s all completely legal and you get a prescription for them.

  8. This issue is no longer up to the government. Its up to the people of the Constitution, to those who strive for higher consciousness, equality for all, and most of all the compassionate. Cannabis the forbidden medicine that can aid or be the solution to suffering from psychological,physical or spirituals ills. If you are an American and choose to shut your mouth about this issue no matter what ugly face of Prohibition raises its head, then I think their is one less voice for the truth. Truth is what we are all after. Cannabis allowed you to BE…being in the moment…forgetting the past, and future and embracing all joys of the here and now. These leaders are not visionaries for the American people they are tyrants for greed and all the dark shadows of the ego or false illusion. Cannabis must be legalized its no longer an option we must EVOLVE!!!!! Cannabis, amongst other natural mind altering substances (“vine of the soul”),etc. Please prohibitionists allow freedom to ring for all……black,white,all races, young, old, gay straight, we are all equal…we all must realize this within our own consciousness. Equality, equality, equality!!!!!!!! All is one!!!!!!!!! Blessings on you Marc Emery! you are my hero! Do not allow that bug to overtake you!!!!!!

  9. Meanwhile, the youth of America can now walk into select minit-marts and legally purchase imitation pot labeled as “incense” for about $2/gram. This is becoming bigger business every day. Our government & society addicts over half the population to prescription drugs and wonders why there is a drug problem ? They created it! What an individual consumes is their own business. It should only become criminal when an actual “crime” occurs… As an earlier poster said – If its so bad, consumption alone should be punishment enough, right?

  10. We are the new Nazi Germany our government is just hiding there injustices behind “public good and safety” instead of radical philosophical/religious views and personal gain. Hitler pushed just a little to far and was very open about his abuses. Our government chose to attack a specific culture they viewed as a threat rather than a race. They did a fine job at masking this attack using public health and safety which should be under medical jurisdiction instead of law enforcement. This has caused our police forces and organizations like the DEA to attract some of the same type of people that would have willingly signed up for the Nazi Gestapo. This has made it much harder for people in law enforcement that want the best for people. I live in a small town that shares police with a neighboring town and my girlfriend’s dad is one of those cops. He could not even arrest a person that admitted to stomping in the windshield of my car because she is a snitch for meth labs. It is not my place to judge someone who chooses to take ANY substance into their body no matter what the consequences for them are. If you choose to take a dangerous substance whether it be meth or drinking gasoline that is your choice. I can recommend you not do it but I should not be able to force you not to. But it is my place to defend my family and my possessions regardless of who they are. Unfortunately anyone who is a good snitch can get away with almost anything and that is the true threat to public safety. It is the honorable people that won’t tell on their friends and family that end up spending time in jail while thieves and violent criminals walk the streets.
    Ron Paul may be the last hope to keep the U.S.from complete fascism.
    Gamertag: wbs 101
    Feel free to send me a message

  11. The fact that they can tell these lies with confidence is proof how much money has been spent on propaganda.
    The vast majority of Americans have been fooled, and those of us who know the awful truth look like fools to them.
    How do you fight people who can print money?

  12. CDXX Communion for 07.14.11
    To my Genesist Brethren
    HONOR – SCRUPLES – CONSCIENCE – You won’t find that in the Luciferian Party.
    BRETHREN”S STATEMENT: As Americans – it seems – all of our enemies are in the federal government! – who’s tentacles reach all the way down to our local governments – through the infusion of federal money.
    COMMENT: If – there were no such thing as marijuana – never heard of – don’t exist – the DEA would not diminish its funding – for its war on drugs. So! – it can’t be loss of service or income that’s the issue. The bad guys are still the bad guys – and – are still out there. Why would the outcome change? In all reality – there would be more bad guys pushin’ harder drugs.
    SOLUTION: You could lay off marijuana – and – get better pay and support by chasing the guys you’re supposed to be chasing. Too few care about the prohibition of hard drugs – but – everyone cares about the prohibition of cannabis – and – in the Genesist Faith – the denial of our Sacrament, our Faith, and our “Free expression thereof.”

  13. We seem to have forgotten the fact that the Progressives (isn’t that an oxymoron?) are the people who gave us prohibition in the first place — both the prohibition of hemp and alcohol. Yet, the same people who desire legalization of hemp are also the same people who support today’s Progressives — like Barack Obama, a former pot smoker and Nancy Pelosi, an alcohol producer (wine). Strange, isn’t it?
    Hemp prohibition is unconstitutional. I would like the resident “Constitutional Scholar” sitting in the Oval Office to point out the constitutional amendment criminalizing hemp the way the 18th Amendment criminalized alcohol. Hemp use is protected under the very first amendment to the Constitution: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”
    Think that statement is a stretch? Not if you are a Jew or a Christian. All one needs do is read the Bible — first book, first chapter. Genesis 1:29 “And God said, ‘See, I have given you every herb that yields seed which is on the face of all the earth. and every tree whose fruit yields seed; to you it shall be for food.'” God made our food our medicine on the sixth day of Creation, the government has no right to interfer with God’s gift to mankind without a constitutional amnedment approved by a 2/3 vote of both houses of Congress AND the approval of 3/4 of the state legislatures. It amazes me that no one bothers to call the government on their blatantly unconstitutional violation of the 1st Amendment.

  14. @WBS 101:
    You said it well! Hitler, elected Chancellor in 1924 with 30% of the vote ran on a pledge just as you described. You’re also correct about the mental health vs law enforcement aspect of use of substances. Unless an actual thread is imminent or in progress, which smoking weed at home is not 99% of the time, (1% for the drunk waving a joint and a handgun at the same time).
    Cannabis users are a specific sub-culture – a large sub-culture of society, like Homosexuals, junk-food-junkies, chocolate addicts, caffeine cravers, and tea-partiers. To discriminate and lock these people up is wrong. If they’re not hurting anyone and they’re adults, either let them be or recommend they see a therapist.
    What has happened in this country the past 40+ years is very wrong and Constitutionally Un-American. That anyone in this country would condone the persecution of a legitimate sub-culture is criminal. Since cannabis is a plant safe to use by an adult individual in the majority of cases (as opposed to the dangers of using poison ivy, for example), for food or smoke, it is in essence, in my opinion, a genocide.
    The United nations has already made a statement that current prohibitions pertaining to current drug policy must change. But my government stood against that call. My gov’t doesn’t want to tax the wealthy 2% of our population either… they’d rather cut social security, unemployment benefits, assistance for the needy, and end Planned Parenthood, under the guise it promotes abortion (which is not true).
    It’s time politics gets out from the crotch of special interests, and represents the people. With CA voting 47% to legalize cannabis, that to me is significant, especially considering Hitler got elected by only 30% of the popular vote.
    Think about it…
    Stop The Hurt!

  15. Tasha, you said a mouthful.
    And I would add that I read some scholars believe marijuana was specifically mentioned (and used) in the Bible. It was called “fragrant reed”.
    And if it really was marijuana, it was one of the ingredients in the anointing oil, which would mean that Jesus himself was anointed with it.
    But I think the most powerful argument is the one you made. Marijuana was designed by God to be food and Medicine. Which would explain why humans have used it thusly for all history.
    Well, until recently when it was “discovered” to be so dangerous that wars must be fought against it! At all cost! Forever!

  16. Holy Smokes. The DEA and DOJ should come out with a new war plan. Say,by “we’ve got this new plan that WE came up with. We suggest that we allow Marijuana to be no longer an illegal substance and thereby, we can put the cartels out of business by allowing people to grow their own or buy it at a retail store for much less and also collect a new tax revenue stream.” This way they can save face and look like the smartest guys in Washington.
    The Rev.sLeezy

  17. Do we really not have sufficient material to prove that the benefits outweight the consequences? Maybe I’m wrong, but I think it’s extremely difficult for scientists to do studies on marijuana.

  18. If the feds default on our obigations August 1st. Does the DEA dissovle? Do all the federally funded drug tasks forces dissolve? What will all those out of work cops do? F the police.

  19. Our Govt has shown a great deal of interest in making themselves very rich at the expense of others. The sad fact seems to be that marijuana prohibition helps them to do just that in many ways. Hillary Clinton said we can’t legalize it because there’s too much money in it. I’ve always wondered if that comment (being way too honest) seriously upset members of the Obama Administration.

  20. Hi Ll, the “war” on cannabis started as a war against migrating Mexicans and Mexican pushers. That is why cannabis and hemp got tagged with the Mexican slur — marijuana. Going as far back as 1897, the Mexicans were blamed for smuggling cannabis into the country for the purpose of smoking the plant in order to get high (prior to that, Americans got their cannabis in over the counter medications) — Daily Northwestern – Oshkosh, Wisconsin Dec 6, 1897 pp8] “Smuggling the mariguana” — and the “war” was on within 10 years — Chillicothe Constitution – Chillicothe, Missouri Aug. 20, 1907 (pg.4) “War On Mexico Weed.” Progressives in California started the criminalization of cannabis — LOS ANGELES EXAMINER: Sept 9, 1914 (pg.1) “Mexican Drug Vendor Gets A Stiff Sentence” — Oxnard Courier – Oxnard, California Nov. 23, 1917 (pg.1) “Mexican Drug Cache Unearthed.” It didn’t help that Mexican criminals blamed their heinous crimes on cannabis addiction — DENVER POST: – Colorado April. 16, 1929 (pg.2) – Fiend Slayer Caught in Nebraska; Mexican confesses torture of American boy,” and sub-headed “Prisoner admits to officer he is Marihuana Addict” — or that Mexican pushers were targeting American teens as customers — TULSA TRIBUNE: Sept. 9, 1929 (pg.3)- “Mexican Arrested here for selling Marihuana Plants”(Home of a Mexican hot-tamale salesman, recently arrested, was a dope den for boys and girls of high-school age). Of course, Mexico’s war of retaliation on America (for their loss of territory in the mid 19th century) through drug pushing didn’t help, either. For insight on that part of the issue read: Drug Lord – The Life and Death of a Mexican Kingpin, by Terrence M. Poppa.

  21. CDXX Communion of 07.15.11
    To my Genestst brethren.
    Question: What does one say to another who has “no conscience?”
    Answer: About the same thing one would say to another with a closed mind – “absofuckinlutely nothing!” What would it matter to that individual anyway?
    The enemy [in] America is far more dangerous than anywhere on the planet. Everything that the feds do is an attack on the Constitution. They attack our Constitution, our state sovereignty, and the middle class. “We are 50 individual nations with immutable sovereign rights.” We only give the feds limited power – which they smother with arbitrary power. We must cage this government like the wild animal it is. The American people are looking for security – and – all that we are getting from this government is kaos. But then – kaos is their modus operandi [divide and conquer]. Kaos incites anarchy. In the councils of government – we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted and insidious influence, whether sought or unsought. The potential for a disastrous rise in misplaced power now exists and will prevail. What we must avoid at all costs is to lose faith in humanity. “Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean is dirty, the ocean does not become dirty [Gandhi].”
    “The agenda of all secret societies is to rule the masses and make them slaves.” Today’s protagonist is the aristocracy [Gods of the modern world]. They claim that we must be helped – we must be protected – “in spite of ourselves” – and – they are the only ones that can do that. “They use our patriotism against us” – and – make us think that for our own interest – for our own security of our own nation – that we have to subject ourselves to all the secrecy they impose on us. The very word secrecy is repugnant in a free society. That may work on the mind controlled slave they are trying to make us into – but – they forget who we are – Americans. We are not the “surplus population” they regard us as – which they are about to find out. There are them [the aristocrat] – and – there are us [We the People]. It’s a class war – pure and simple.

  22. 65. Tasha 123
    Do I hear an echo from a Genesist brethren? I’m sure that you would enjoy the following passages as well. “Keep the Faith – Defend the Garden.”
    Genesis I:11,12.
    Genesis I:29,30,31.
    Genesis IX:3.
    Ezekiel [The Prophet] XXXIV:29,30,31.
    Exodus XXX:22-29.

  23. P.S. to 72
    The anti-Christ is infringing on God’s intellectual property [Manna]. Government has “no divine right” to prohibit our Sacrament – neither do they have a Constitutional right to do the same. To them – there is no God or Constitution.

  24. The president spent years planning his accent to the throne. Writing a book and pandering to the media and groups that could help him. He promised truth and freedom for the people. That there would be a new way of dealing with old problems. None of what he had wrote or said has come to be so far. In the next year as the presidential elections near he will have to revert back to his kinder gentler alter ego. There will be tidbits doled out to groups and communities to gain their votes. The Cannabis community has to speak loud so that he sees us and understands that we vote. And see what the president bribes us with for our vote. Right and wrong has no place in politics voting blocks do though.

  25. A closed mind cannot be influenced by new information. The learning process has been stopped. A closed mind gathers….nothing.
    No amount of newly discovered information will change the closed minds of these “learned individuals” who perpetuate all the old “official” fantasies about pot. Arguing with them about the realities of the situation must be like trying to teach a parking meter to play the piccolo—it can’t hear a word you say.

  26. The ONLY people that are against marijuana either haven’t experienced the benefits of this innocent plant or their paycheck requires it to remain illegal.

  27. 79. C Lloyd
    You’re on the money. We must give these “lighter than air heads” something they can take a picture of. A picture is worth a thousand words. As long as they only have to hear us – they’re prepared for that – but – if they have to see us – that’s a different story. Physical presence will make them move of their soap box.

  28. If you think that the Constitution is going to protect you – take another guess – you’re going to have to protect it – if you want it to protect you. Your freedom is contained in the Constitution – and – nowhere else. Defend the Garden – or – live on your knees!

  29. @#74 TASHA 123:
    Thank-you! Finally someone else who knows history!I first learned about the Mexican/marijuana history from the History Channel’s ‘Hooked on Drugs’, cr2000, documentary. Since I have collected dictionaries and encyclopedias from prior to the mid-1930s, I know for a fact marijuana was not listed… we called it ganja, which we should do again, as that is the historical and proper name for cannabis in America.
    That “Reefer Madness” started because of a cultural and immigrate war against Mexico and immigrants from Mexico is important in understanding how the prohibition of ganja started… that the immigration issue between the US and Mexico continues unabated in 2011 with US building WALLS… is significant and tragic. We have little problems with our neighbors to the north, Canada, so why then the issues with Mexico??? To have made cannabis the pariah of the problem is sad… and unjust that it gets caught in the cross-fire.
    It is not right that a political assault to Mexican immigration problems that led southern states to demand a solution in the 1930’s, which led to cannabis prohibition and a multitude of fantastical fictions on the plant, continues to haunt US today… perpetuation of a lie based on fantasy because of disagreements with Mexico is no reason to persecute and punish millions of non-violent, peace-loving Americans everyday, for years now.
    I have read some of the Shaffer Commissions – 1972 report on marijuana and it’s interesting, but I note problems with it’s summaries. One is it mentions only a reference to India’s Pharmacopedia, when in fact cannabis – and I have the book, the US Pharmacopedia lists cannabis as well, to 1940.
    It also suggests that although moderate to heavy users of cannabis show a average to above average intelligence, they tend towards their own sub-group and/or unconventional careers… of course they tend to their own subgroups – who else can they trust? As for unconventional careers? What’s wrong with that??? As long as a person is a participatory member of society, whether factory worker, janitor, artist, what does it matter that cannabis users tend towards unconventional jobs?
    The essential fact here is that cannabis prohibition is based on a prejudice with roots that go back a hundred years, and it’s time to end a war on American soil that puts good, honest Americans at risk of laws that have no basis in reality. Cannabis has been used safely for several thousand years, and to be alive now, where cannabis is considered more dangerous than alcohol or tobacco is a joke with serious ramifications.
    The DEA should, right now, correct a serious injustice and recognize that cannabis is not the dangerous drug it’s pro-porting it to be, and by doing so it could become a respected federal authority on those drugs that are truly dangerous. Currently, the DEA is a joke… and as a result, respect for law enforcement and public safety has been a joke for more than 50 years. Is this the way the DEA of the 21st Century wants itself to be known as? A joke???
    Don’t want to research the medicinal benefits of cannabis, fine. But accept, cannabis is safer than alcohol and tobacco. It may actually promote peace and public safety. That sure seems to be the facts as I have seen them for the past 50 years.
    Stop The Hurt!

  30. Unless an acceptable candidate challenges Obama for 2012 Presidential election, I will vote for a Green Party Candidate. Democrats cannot win the Presidency without winning in California.
    We already have Two Political Parties that support Legalization of Marijuana (Green & Libertarian). Republicans and Democrats are completely controlled by Lobbyist. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce funnels monies to all of our Legislators for the Official Government work that they do. Our Legislators put that money, taken from Lobbyist, in their own Coffers rather than into the Government Treasury. Therefore, Republicans and Democrats are “On the Take”, and under control by Lobbyist. Obama “Milks” the big-money “Special Interest” (Pharmaceuticals, Alcohol, Chamber of Commerce, &, et al.), by “Talking-The-Talk”, rather than “Walking the Walk”.

  31. CDXX Communion for 07.17.11
    To my brethren of the Genesiist Faith
    The Luciferian Party has pierced the skin of our Constitution one thousand times – and now – We the People are bleeding to death from a thousand cuts. By doing so – they have become an utter shame and complete disgrace to We the People and our individual nation states. Genesists don’t mean to upset these Luciferians – but – they will never, ever see our vote again – if there is “such a thing” as a vote in the future. I’d just as soon vote for a pot-smoking monkey – because – it would be smarter than a xyster Luciferian.
    Wait until you’re declared a “thought criminal” – and – the “thought police” come to arrest you – and – haul you off – never to be seen again – if you can’t pass the matrix test. How does one man assert power over another? You make him suffer. Luciferians [are] making us suffer. There is “three spirits” that Luciferians will never over-power – regardless of how much power the assert – the “Spirit of Man” – the “Spirit of God” – and most especially – the “American Spirit.” God Bless America – and – the Americans she propagates.
    It’s time to stand up with people of “all religions” who also have faith in God’s Sacrament. The truth has no agenda – and – sooner or later it will expose all the evil and its lies. Stand in God’s fire of truth. Good and evil now stand face to face – toe to toe. 3141 Genesist colonies are not emotional nomads – which they have tried so hard to turn us into – we know where we stand – against evil – in whatever shape or form it takes! The greatest trick Lucifer ever pulled off was making us believe he doesn’t exist – when in fact he is alive and well in the Luciferian Party.

  32. Why should this goverment look in to cannabis, they make a ton of money off the backs of people that like to light up and not that much on drunks and their drinking. Just smell the air and you are arrested!

  33. The government has ‘no interest’ in doing anything right anymore. This is bigger then cannabis. Much much bigger. You Americans gonna let your leaders sell what’s left of your freedom to the highest bidder, or are you gonna stand up and fight?

  34. @ 85. Midori: You are better off voting for the Libertarians than the Greens. The Greens are nothing but a sub-set of the Progressives. Nanny-state politicians will stomp on your rights when ever they find it convenient and Greens are nanny-staters — just like Pelosi and Obama.

  35. CDXX Communion for 07.18.11
    To my brethren of the Genesist Faith
    Genesists believe that God [created] Manna in Genesis I:11,12. Do you?
    God said – It was so – The herb yielding seed – God saw that it was very good.
    11. And God said, let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after its kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth, and it was so. 12. And the earth brought forth grass, and the herb yielding seed after its kind, and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in itself, after its kind; and God saw that it was good
    Establishment Clause.
    “Without exemption (circumscription – qualification) no person(s) shall make any law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”
    Today’s Thanksgiving.
    Lord of both body and mind – we appreciate life and all that you have provided within it. We thank you for our existence and the radiance of life; the quintessence of the greatness in this life, and the richness of humanity and truth, the pure concentrated essence of anything, the most perfect manifestation of a quality or thing. There but for your grace go we.
    The Bible [any Bible] – the Supreme Law of Creation – and – the Constitution – the Supreme Law of the Land – are the only to references I require.

  36. @ 84. BobKat: The DEA was born because Tricky Dick wanted to take drug control away from the CIA. There’s big money in the illicit drug trade and Nixon wanted to get control over it for himself.
    You remember a couple of years ago, right before the market crash, US banks were working to help “the unbanked” Mexican illegal aliens launder their illegally-gotten gains and started opening bank accounts for them without the necessary documents. They also set up banking outlets in Mexico called casas de cambio (I think that was what they called them). Anyway, it was found that these “casa” banks were laundering billions of narco-cartel dollars. Wachovia’s London branch was laundering approx. 120 BILLION dollars per year. That’s 120 BILLION dollars coming out of the US economy and into the Mexican economy. And, narco-dollars were the lion’s share of the bankers’ liquidity at the time. When the scandal broke, the banks were forced to discontinue their “casas” experiment. Within a month the liquidity crisis hit and the whole world economy came crashing down.
    It would seem that narco-dollars “makes the world go ’round.” You might want to search for the article, “Narco Dollars for Beginners” by Catherine Austin-Fitz and then you will see why cannabis won’t be made legal any time soon — not only is there big money in the drug trade itself, there is also a big pile of money in the law enforcement angle as well.
    Heck, in liberal California, the initiative to legalize cannabis went down in flames — the Mexicans wanted to keep the trade illegal — if cannabis was legalized in California the Mexican cartels and their California-born associates would lose out on billions of dollars.
    As with all things, follow the money. We are under assult from all sides — from Big Pharma to the Mexican Mafia.

  37. I am surprised you missed the most stunning quote of all from the “Strategy” report: the Addiction Specialist from Colorado who dredged up the Smear of Last Resort: that medical marijuana providers are “clearly targeting” young people with their advertising.
    (I hope all you anti-tobacco activists out there are proud to see that your favorite incendiary allegation can be put to multiple purposes)
    In fact, the report blames medical marijuana for increasing pot use by children, based on the assertion that pot use among the young increases whenever fear of the drug’s “dangers” decreases. It seems that referring to pot as medicine causes fear of the drug to decrease.
    The report, which devotes several pages to slamming medical marijuana and the states that passed medical marijuana laws — which are described as “poorly drafted,” a “mess” and the product of “political campaigns,” — flatly declares that marijuana is “not medicine,” has no medicinal value in its natural form, that those who claim otherwise are guilty of “bad science,” that the only reliable medicines are those approved by the all-knowing FDA, that smoking any drug is dangerous in and of itself, and that marijuana is illegal everywhere in the United States except for federally-sponsored research programs.
    Indeed, throughout the report, whenever the word “medical” appears next to the word “marijuana,” the word “medical” is surrounded by scare quotes.
    Nowhere does the report address those who report beneficial effects from marijuana use.

  38. @ 93. Slothrop 36: As I am too busy to read the government’s latest propaganda “report” and you seem to have bothered reading it, I have one question for you.
    Did the “report” mention the US government’s very own patent (#6,630,507) held by the Department of Health and Human Services for a Cannabis-based medicine for degenerative diseases? My bet is that they didn’t mention this inconvenient little truth.

  39. @#92, Tasha123:
    I have some research to do, thanks!I thought hip-waders would be enough to deal with this issue(s), but I see I’m going to need an under-mud diving yet to be invented source of oxygen to continue the task at hand.Or do i mean, how deep does the shit go???

  40. What about the 130,000+ people who die in the US each year from taking perscription drugs as directed by their doctor? Why are these drugs legal and pot smokers get slammed on the ground by law enforcement? How dumb do they think we are?

  41. I’m very angry (but not surprised) that our government LIED to the American people to prohibit cannabis in the first place to serve the interests of a few wealthy (greedy?) people. I’m even more upset that the lies continue. I believe the government is more interested in supporting the big tobacco, alcohol, and pharma industries (and their MONEY). I oftentimes feel our government considers average citizens nothing more than tax paying robots – God forbid we get old and sick!

  42. I suffer from an extremely painful spinal injury. I have to take up to 240 mg’s. of Oxycontin daily. Sure would like to know how this is better for me than cannabis. I see 4 Dr.s as often as monthly and all of them say the marijuana would be safer for me and probably would help me more.

  43. Please forgive me for posting twice. As a young man in the sixties I watched appx. ten percent of our population gain rights that were grudgingly given. It was the civil rights act. This was accomplished by becoming in essence single issue voters. The polls show that over fifty percent of our population favors drug reform. If ten percent can have an effect like they did, think what a majority could accomplish. I recognize that there are so many important issues at present that it almost seems foolish to put a weed at the forefront of your agenda but more than that is at stake. Our “land of the free” has the highest incarceration rate in the world, and 80percent of this is for marijuana crimes. These laws have created a climate of fear that has actually invaded our homes. Instead of supporting our law enforcement we fear it. We have lost our respect for our government officials. They are aware of the foolishness of their position, but they feel as trapped as we do. Opposing reform keeps them employed and their families fed. I would like to think that there are enough other problems to occupy their time that they would still be necessary without this issue as a primary focus. If we don’t band together and force reform it will never happen. As I said forgive me for posting twice. I won’t bother you again.

  44. I’ve had 2 Doctor’s in my past who have known about my marijuana use. Neither of them really cared much. Obviously, they are educated people who respect science. I changed Dr’s in the past year. My new Dr. does not know of my marijuana use, but at age 55, I am told that I am in excellent health! I do not expect this would be the case if I was in prison like so many other people caught up in this insanity that is caused primarily by ignorant politicians and the DEA. Learning the truth about cannabis would not further their corrupt agenda.

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