President Obama: No To Decriminalization, Yes To More War On Some Drugs

Ironic kudos to Political Rhetoric graduate student ‘Steve’ from the University of Maryland for asking President Obama last Friday a spot on and searing rhetorical question from the Millennial generation about our country’s need to end the nation’s longest war…the failed war on some drugs.
Steve gets it. The audience gets it. According to all polling, in excess of 90% of U.S. citizens broadly believe the ‘war on drugs’ is a failure (75% support medical access to cannabis. 73% support decriminalizing adult possession for cannabis; and 46% support cannabis legalization outright).
When will the two major political parties and presidents—like Obama—get it?
According to polling last week, President Obama is quickly falling out of favor with the Millennial generation that helped sweep him to power in 2008. Lest President Obama forget who brought him to the dance, he might want to look at the clear discontent—across all party lines—with the way the federal government has been conducting drug warring, notably its full-throat perpetuation of antiquated and tax-draining Cannabis Prohibition policies.
Instead, he should deliver a clear message for supporting a system of legally controlling cannabis, rather than deny economic reality, waste taxpayers’ money and constantly face embarrassing questions about a failed public policy that has long festered in the public’s mind.
President Obama should endorse a ‘drug peace’ where cannabis is legally controlled like alcohol products; patients can access a safe and non-toxic naturally occurring medicine; and farmers, entrepreneurs and consumers in America can benefit from industrial hemp production.
President Obama, NORML and tens of millions of cannabis consumers and lovers of liberty ask you not to re-commit us to war against ‘weed’, but, instead, to re-think the leaf.

By David Edwards of Raw Story

President Barack Obama said Friday that the U.S. would not be ending its war on drugs under his watch.
“Much is being asked of our generation,” a doctoral student named Steve told the president at a town hall event in Maryland. “So, when are our economic perspectives going to be addressed? For example, when is the war on drugs in society going to be abandoned and be replaced by a more sophisticated and cost effective program of rehabilitation such as the one in Portugal?”
“I have stated repeatedly — and it’s actually reflected in our most recent statement by our office of drug policy — that we need to have an approach that emphasizes prevention, treatment, a public health model for reducing drug use in our country,” Obama said. “We’ve got to put more resources into that. We can’t simply focus on interdiction because, frankly, no matter how good of a job we’re doing when it comes to an interdiction approach, if there is high demand in this country for drugs, we are going to continue to see not only drug use but also the violence associated with the drug trade.”
After several minutes of explaining U.S. efforts to help Mexico fight transnational drug dealers, the president got to the point.
“Just to make sure that I’m actually answering your question, am I willing to pursue a decriminalization strategy as an approach? No.”
“But I am willing to make sure that we’re putting more resources on the treatment and prevention side,” Obama added.
Watch the video from MSNBC, broadcast July 22, 2011 here.

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    Potimism-[pot-uh-miz-uhm]- noun
    . The belief that marijuana will become legal no matter how unlikely it seems and there are positive ways around the excuses people give saying it can’t be legal.
    Tell your friends! Let’s make this viral!
    1. A disposition to look at the medical/financial benefits of marijuana and the good it will bring by making it legal.
    2. The belief it can be used responsibly like alcohol, except it’s much safer.
    3. Marijuana prohibition has overall failed and there are reasons it needs to be legal. Having more people vote yes on propositions that would make marijuana more available would help.
    4. To know that if it was sold in stores, weed would not be considered a” gateway drug” due to the fact that some dealers who sell marijuana also sell hard drugs like cocaine and heroin, making it an easy access to its use. This would also make it harder for minors to get it since there would be an age limit.
    5. To know the Reefer Madness generation was a time when people were brainwashed by the government to believe that marijuana has more negative side effects than it really does and that it leads to making bad decisions like murder, which is not true. The movie Reefer Madness, which exploits these untrue lies and was made for the purpose of having people oppose weed, has “Tell your children” in text at the end which sadly to say many have, leading to a chain of generations to believing it is worse than it really is. Thankfully this chain is weakening and more people are starting to realize the truth about weed.
    6. To know that alcohol is the driving force in a number of public and domestic disputes which can lower if more people smoked marijuana instead of drinking alcohol.
    7. That drug lords who operate marijuana rings can start their own legal business if marijuana became legal. (why not?)
    8. Knowing that it being illegal is causing violence to go up due to drug wars. This would go down significantly if the plant was legal.
    9. It had other uses such as oil and clothing.
    10. Our fore fathers, like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, grew marijuana and our last three presidents have smoked weed.
    Even though it seemd unlikely at times, I am still gonna believe that pot will be legal soon. If they just give it time to work out they can make it legal while big pharma and other companies still get a share.

  2. Obama failed. The FED has been failing and will continue to fail. Let these morons say what they want. The future is knocking at their door. They better get with the program or find a new planet to live on.

  3. Can’t wait to vote em out! I paid $$ to back his 08. HOPE posters were lies. More of the same. How sad.

  4. blame the big pharma companies, there keeping him from legalizing it to keep people buying their products

  5. President Obama – The number one choice of illegal dealers everywhere! Big Pharma loves him! The alcohol industry loves him!
    I feel a bit differently though…

  6. CDXX Communion of 07.24.11
    To my brethren of the Genesist Faith
    Establishment Clause.
    “Without exemption (circumscription – qualification) no person(s) shall make any law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”
    The Establishment of Religion.
    The Genesist Faith began on “The Sixth Day” of our creation – the day God gave us the gift of life and our Sacrament – “Manna.”. This makes it the oldest Faith in the history of mankind. “The Reformation” began in 1990. “Any monotheistic religion” contains the Genesist Faith [as] a “Distinctive Faith within that religion.” Man’s law is incidental to God’s Law – and – the “Establishment Clause” in the First Amendment of the Constitution supersedes any and all law that proscribes laws “prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” The “establishment” of religion can be of this very day – and – carry the full effect of the law as if it were day one – “The Sixth Day.”
    The free exercise thereof.
    Rastafarians and the Native American Church are not prohibited from their Sacraments. So then – it goes without saying – Genesists have that very same right – and – we do claim religious use – and – the “free exercise thereof.”
    Today’s Thanksgiving.
    Lord of both body and mind – We rest from our toil under the sun, and honor the seventh day with the sanctity of one’s chosen religion, denomination, or ism. We are thankful and secure in our religious identity.
    The Bible [any Bible] – the Supreme Law of Creation – and – the Constitution – the Supreme Law of the Land – are the only to references I require.

  7. With that no on decriminalization he finally lost me. He went back on his word. He has shown no spine in fighting for the rights of individuals in this country and has consistently caved to the status quo and the right wing.Where’s the misty eyed compassion,and listening now?I wrote jokes for you. FUCK YOU!

  8. So he said the word “decriminalization” before the election sometime in 2004? We all heard it right? Now it’s NO in 2011? Guess his meetings with big pharma changed hi$ mind $omehow? Now we know what kind of change he was after. BTW fuck you barry bullshit!

  9. That was not an acceptable answer Sir,
    The “War on Drugs” as it relates to marijuana is a fool’s errand. Legalizing marijuana would solve many current problems and actually create some benefits for the public good. Certainly the current way the government deals with this problem only prolongs the problem.
    Marijuana never should have been included on the list of dangerous drugs. Marijuana isn’t dangerous, and it isn’t a feeder drug. I believe the La Guardia Committee Report made a clear case on the harmlessness of marijuana and exposed the blatant propagandized lies. Everyone knows how wrongfully propagandized, distorted, and racially motivated the law enforcement efforts were in the America’s anti-marijuana campaign. Harry Anslinger was an ambitious, lying, and deceitful man with a bureaucrat’s interest in the slander and disinformation of marijuana. Other organized interests were against hemp as a resource: Logging wanted to capture the paper industry; cotton growers and synthetic cloth manufactures, such as DuPont, were also to blame for this inclusion while trying to eliminate hemp fiber competition. Today it is big pharma, liquor, tobacco, DEA & Justice Dept., & prison for profit companies protecting their rice bowls that keep up the ignorance of this war on cannabis.
    Legalizing marijuana would:
    -Cause the black market in marijuana to be gone, along with the violence related to it. You can’t beat that.
    -All of the marijuana money going south would stop, and remain here to be spent legally in our own economy. That is 60% of a cartel’s income. Losing that would be a serious blow to these groups.
    -Law enforcement, judicial, and incarceration expenditures of public funds for this would no longer be needed- Free the people.
    -The growing on and damaging of public lands would end, as people would rather grow it at home, ending the illegal cartels involvement.
    -People with medical needs would be able to seek some small comfort there.
    – (IMO) A decrease in drunk driving statistics would occur. People would soon realize that they enjoy marijuana more than the oncoming sickness of drinking, thus the non alcoholic would drink less, and be safer to the public concern overall.
    Another very important factor: Legalizing marijuana would allow for the acceptance of a large group of productive and responsible American citizens who only differ from everyone else in one intelligent way: they intuitively prefer thought stimulating marijuana to the dangerous sloppiness and oncoming sickness of drinking.
    Liquor lobbyists and the pharmaceutical companies would fight against legalization of marijuana for their self preservation reasons, as would the DEA. The DEA is a major recipient in the forfeiture of assets game, and they love the power they have, and they, along with the prison guards, and Wackenhut, want to remain fully staffed and budgeted.
    Let me stress that marijuana is safer and more enjoyable then liquor. Liquor companies know this, but do not want the public to adapt and adopt a safer smarter way. I’m no expert but, if people self medicated with marijuana wouldn’t that reduce the need for Zoloft and a dozen other mood drugs? Certainly there is little better with coming to grips with PTSD than the herbal remedy.
    The government’s issue is: Who will grow it and sell it? How do we manage it? How do we tax it? How can we monopolize it, diminish it‘s quality, and tax it for as much as we can get away with? Those are greedy selfish interests, and as usual the government should leave it alone and stop looking at things in that self serving manner. The government needs to stop playing omnipotent God. In most cases government regulation creates more problems than it solves.
    Some of this issue is a 10th Amendment issue relating to federal rights verses states rights, and the people’s rights. In California marijuana advocates were willing to let the government camel’s nose into the tent tempting them with tax revenue. Do you want your government in vice control for greed and profit? Letting the government into the equation is a mistake, because it is in their nature to monopolize at the people’s expense.
    I propose that American citizens, of legal age, be allowed to “grow their own”. If every citizen of age that desired could grow say 12 mature plants for personal use, then all illegal black markets would dry up. The surplus would cause marijuana to not have much monetary value.
    One economic plus for my proposal is that good citizens who enjoy marijuana are a smart proud group of sociable people and will invest money into growing supplies. Your average proud grower will invest a few hundred dollars, or more, in the domestic economy to be able to properly grow, and show off, their little crop. This expenditure times 22 million people and you have a major boost in our economy, instead of the current hemorrhage of funds going to illegal drug lords, and the ugliness that comes with that.
    In conclusion: the current way the government deals with marijuana only prolongs the problem. If profit is to be made a black market will always exist. It is high time Americans stood up for freedom and demanded these repressive marijuana laws be changed, ending decades of unjust persecution. Give marijuana back to the people and freedom and liberty itself will turn what was an ugly problem into a favorable outcome.
    I can not get on a soap box and argue the merit of other drugs, but as far as marijuana I will defend it and speak my peace as a freedom loving American.
    “Make the most of the Indian hemp seed, and sow it everywhere!”
    George Washington (1794)
    The Writings of George Washington, Volume 33, page 270 (Library of Congress)

  10. This Presiden is an Obamanation.
    This silver forked tongued yutz talks out of the side of his mouth – and – cant be trusted farther than ya could throw an elephant. I’ll tell you who I feel sorry for – those who voted for him. So many of them have huge regrets. All I can say is – fortunately – they will get another chance to make things right in 2012. In the meantime – I’m sorry for the embarrassment they must bear for making such a choice.

  11. A majority of Americans favor reform. I wish the polls would clearly show what the voters really want. Anyone who has studied statistics is aware that the formatting of the questions will control the data sets.The phraseology can easily skew the data to reflect the outcome desired. I believe that significantly more people want reform than the studies show. It’s starting to get late to truly get people organized before the next election. The primaries are starting and we have not even solidified ourselves into a cohesive block with an aimed and Agreed upon goal. The first thing we must do is find a viable candidate and bring him/her to the forefront of at least one of the parties. Just like a horse race, it doesn’t matter how fast your horse is if it’s not in the starting chute. Then everybody must vote!! The people who don’t want reform are praying that we get mad and just not vote. That’s why we end up with either a bad choice or a worse choice. If Mr. Obama refuses to do as the largest number of voters ( and we can be if we just do it) want then it will be time for him to go away. It’s got to be pretty neat to have all the big shots kissing his po-po and now it has gone to his head. LOL But seriously when our elected officials do not do as the people want it’s no longer a democracy, it’s tyranny. The reality is that the people who consider themselves elitist are very small in number. Pandering to such a small number of people and their special interests is not a good way to keep a job if all the people decide to be heard. Maybe it’s time for us take back the reins and take our country back. We can if we just do it.

  12. I’m not voting that lying jackass back into this office in 2012-and neither is anyone else I know. Funny thing is I voted for him-along with everyone else I know: based on his commonsense views of marijuana-His complete reversal in policy has already cost him the next election-and it’s only 2011! NEVER vote for an anti-marijuana official.

  13. 116. William
    “That’s why we end up with either a bad choice or a worse choice.”
    You nailed that one William
    “When you make bad choices – you live with the consequences.”
    “The reality is that the people who consider themselves elitist are very small in number.”
    The elitists are not so small a number – in fact – small or large – they rule the world – and – let’s not forget the want-to-be elitist power mongers.
    At any rate you nailed it!

  14. You are all crying vote for Ron Paul. I don’t see him as the answer. I watch politics all day. I do not believe that he is the answer. I agree with William. We need our own horse in the race. I think NORML needs to to become more involved in the process and vete a politician that truly would work FOR US. We need to get our own candidate in the race. After watching Mr. Paul’s performance in the debt crises and listening to him, I fail to see the attraction. He is toting the party line. He is not registered as a libertarian, and frankly, is just as bad as the others so far. This has been a perfect opportunity for him to come up with some original idea and to show his stand against big government and he folded.
    The majority of you are espousing change, but none of you are proposing any way of doing it. That has been the problem with getting anything accomplished as far as decrimilization or legalization. Everyone wants something done, but no one has a plan, or worse yet, votes. You all sit here and bitch, and go no further. Obviously not voting is the dumbest thing you can do. You must be proactive in this if you want to see things change in your lifetime. We’ve all signed enough petitions to kill a small forest.
    So, where do we go from here? The feds have sent letters to all states with med mj threatening to take legal action against anyone in government who supports it. In Arizona, it worked. We have voted in medical mj 3 times. We thought it was a go and now, her Highness, Ms. Brewer will not let the dispensaries open. So, we have circumvented this by opening co-ops, which are a loophole in the law. It is time to think outside the box. We must fight! We must find our own candidate to put on the ballot to work for us! There are approximately a dozen senators and congressmen up for re-election in 2011. VOTE! ASK QUESTIONS on where they stand on marijuana. BE INFORMED! If they don’t like it, tell them what is really going on and how many votes they will lose! Let them know that they work for us and if they want the job, this is what has to be!
    It is time to put down your bong and get active. Your “dude, save the bud” mentality changes to one of political activism. YOU are the only one that can save the bud. We have to remind Washington that the government is by the people, for the people. WE ARE THE PEOPLE! Now, quit reading this and go call your senator, congressman and representatives and them what to do!!!!!!!!

  15. wow this is completely idiotic. Now I know why a majority of the American population think that this is a failing country, because it is. If President Obama is seemingly that ignorant than there is definitely no reason he should be President.
    A President should be a person with a completely unbiased opinion and should try to see points of views from other people than besides himself.
    Most people should urge him to discontinue federal prohibition of marijuana it’s not that bad. It’s not even as bad as cigarettes and if President Obama truly cared about this country he’d see ending federal prohibition as an extremely good option to set this economy back on track!!!
    But no. Ignorance at its highest form.

  16. While we’re throwing punches – let’s see if we can duck this left jab – “Who allowed it to become big government/Big Brother – anyway?” Right! “We the People.” We must take responsibility for the results of “our actions.” So! We can change jeers to cheers by knocking them bums out in 2012. If that’s not a good idea – then – don’t get in the ring – because – we intend to hit them so hard – it will take a 2013 calender to figure out what day they came-to.

  17. You all get what you deserve for voting this piece of dogshit into office. Hands down one of the worst presidents ever.Nothing but a liar and Daly puppet.

  18. All we have here is preaching to the chore. Every one seems to say the say thing over and over. Until its not political suicide to say end the drug war we wont have peace

  19. It is not only the President we need to get out of office. After sending Lamar Smith my support of the hr2036 bill,, his response reminded me of the time schools were shoving “Reefer Madness” down our throats. We knew it was a lie then and it is still a lie. After school we smoked a joint and had a good laugh.I will be voting for Gary Johnson, after meeting him at our Normal walk in Texas. I just hope if he gets elected he doesn’t turn traitor too.

  20. Face facts.If you want serious muscle to vote pot IN, find out what team manipulated the vote to get George W. Bush elected President not once but twice. You NEED this crew.

  21. KISS [Keep it simple stupid]. The Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 has been declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. This means we of faith – especially Genesists – “stand our ground” on the Establishment Clause of the Constitution – and – the “free exercise thereof.” So! if one believes in God and God’s Sacrament – one has, and can claim, a religious use defense [by both the Bible and the Constitution]- if need be. Anybody who says otherwise is a enemy of the state – for they are violating the Constitution – and – we Genesists accept “government’s declaration of war against us.” REMEMBER – THEY DREW FIRST BLOOD. As I have repeated many times – “If enough of those of faith gather in His Name – He will lead us to victory.” May I also be remindful that the Kings have always feared the uprising of the people – and – with damned good reason.

  22. Let see increase drug enforcement on drugs.Is’nt that what the Feds have been doing all this time.And the jails are still overcrowed with the ridiculous sentencing guidelines. Has the flow of drugs slowed down? Can you still go out on the street and buy any drug you want? Where there is medical marijuana the teen use is down,does’nt that give a good indication that dicriminalization and legalization is the key to the drug problem in this country? Has any progress been made with this back woods thinking? Step up to the plate people.Come out of the woods with your hands up!

  23. Gary Johnson is pro legalization as well. And he’s not afraid to veto bills that will get us in more debt. Look what he did as governor in New Mexico. I will vote for whichever one wins: Gary Johnson or Ron Paul. Both pro legalization

  24. @ Arby well said! I live in a NO TOLERANCE state a roach could put you in jail for 3 year’s, first offense, medical or not as there’s no such thing. It’s US who have to fight the good fight for a natural medicine.

  25. see, You ppl think that the politicians care. they DONT care if they get re-elected. In the next few years (or weeks) of the decline of the US economy, they are WELL SET Up for themselves, with any and all drugs they want/ need for as long as they need and no need to worry about legalities. end of story. They dont care if youre happiness is there or if youre suicidal.
    They care not about the casualties of those who elected them. They dont care about the ones who elected them. THEY WILL ARREST THOSE WHO VOTED FOR THEM JUST SO THEY CANT VOTE AGAIN and LAUGH about it.
    It might be on the ballots, but the money it brongs in being ILLEGAL, they will not give in without a fight , even when (***** IF ******* ) you, me, WE THE POEPLE say one way or the other about somthing.
    So we could actuall have rallys and get the signature that we KNOW are WILLING and legit and have them counted by 10 witnesses, tell those same ppl wwho sign to VOTE YES on the ballot and get it over with.
    Treatment programs will not make the gov money. Prisons, kickbacks, corrupted judges, cops, entire judicial systems make the gov money.
    BEAT THAT, and we win it ALL BACK! Country, LAND, GRANDCHILDREN and all.

  26. 128. TeaserV
    Bush, Cheney, Obama, and Kerry are cousins – you can figure it out. They’re all related. If you saw Braveheart – you know that Edward Longshanks was the bad guy. Bush is a direct descendant of Edward Longshanks.

  27. Everyone acts surprised that Obama acts this way. Let’s start at the beginning. Obama was, and still is, an extremely corrupt politician. As a lawyer he defended thugs and organized crime, sued banks who wouldn’t give mortgages to people without jobs, and surrounded himself with domestic leftist terrorists.
    His campaign was not a grass roots movement. The pharmaceutical firms were upset at the Republicans for backing herbal supplements and vitamins and protecting them from labeling laws. They shifted their dollars to the Democrats and funded any democrat that had a chance at the presidency. Both Obama and Hilary made gave the same answers when asked about medicinal use. They both said they would support it when it could be put into a pill and prescribed. Obama speaks for the pharmaceutical firms. If the democrats can get away with true national health care, they will destroy medical marijuana by issuing medical licenses to only those that are against marijuana and are loyal to the pharms.
    They don’t care about you. They only care about your vote and the power their office brings them. The democrats in power are only concerned about control and power. They have become hubris enough to ignore the publics concerns and not susceptible to the will of the people. The ones that are pro marijuana are and the ones that are not are not.
    You must convince the republicans why legalization and reform is a conservative issue. It is about lowering spending on enforcement, raising revenue in sales, following the constitution and allowing States to have the rights they are supposed to be guaranteed, allowing doctors and citizens to be free of fear from an unconstitutional army being used to fight this illegal war.
    We have a good chance at convincing the republican party right now. The Libertarians have organized the tea party to put pressure on the republicans to do the right thing on the fiscal issues. We need to get our Libertarian brothers to rally the tea party around putting pressure on the republicans around this issue. Yes, republican leadership is concerned about money and power too, but they have a large group of working class citizens keeping a very close eye on them right now and are actually concerned about the will of the people because their voters are waking up and are fickle and don’t vote strict party lines or by skin color. They are voting on the voting history of the candidates.

  28. I am a pure realist. There’s no fantasy. Forget the party crap on this issue. Look! “one is either for it – or – against it” – it’s just that simple. If one is for it – yeah! If one is against it – there is a reason. What’s the reason? Here’s were the Devil is in the details. What’s the details? We must insist that those against it – REVEAL WHY THEY ARE AGAINST IT! Out comes the truth – and – we can deal with the truth. Prohibs can’t handle the truth. They will fall apart when the truth surfaces – IF – they don’t run from it first. The only answer we want to the question – for it or not – is yes or no. They can save the bullshit for someone who cares – which is a questionable 27%

  29. 97. Craig —- regarding term limits
    Now That is an idea I could stand behind, with my Money And my Vote. We have already imposed term limits on Presidents, but it took a Constitutional Amendment (22nd) to do so.
    President: under term limits, 2 terms == 8 years
    I would propose the following term limits for Congress:
    Senators: under term limits, 2 terms == 12 years
    Representatives: under term limits, 6 terms == 12 years
    And I would also propose term limits for all Federal judges, including especially the Supreme Court:
    Justices: under term limits, 1 term == 12 years.
    The terms of office for Supreme Court Justices (and Federal judges), like Senators, should be staggered so that only 1/3rd are subject to replacement during any single term of President. Other rules codified by legislation, or better still by Constitutional Amendment, should include the ability of recall by voter referendum instead of reliance upon Impeachment, as well as eliminating the outrageous retirement benefits package they have voted for themselves. We The People cannot rely upon the egalitarian empathy of our ruling political ‘elite’, so We must strip Them of their lavish benefits like health care and pensions that insulate them from the economic pain we regularly experience. (Look no further than our current state of access to quality medical care, or jobs programs, or the assault on the Social Security Trust Fund.)
    Our ruling political class ‘elite’ have been bought-off by special interests with far deeper pockets than any eclectic mix of citizens can muster to Our cause(s). This ‘elite’ are operating under the mistaken belief that having a huge campaign chest full of cash guarantees them their job as our political ‘leadership’. It doesn’t. It only guarantees them a loud public voice in the Lame Stream Media for their political campaign. There IS a difference, and We The People need to ‘educate’ them to that difference. Besides, many of us don’t want politicians as ’leaders’. We want them to abide by the wishes of the voters that put them in office to begin with — our votes and our agenda(s), not theirs or their corporate sponsors. Once upon a time, this country didn’t have professional politicians. Our government was run by regular citizens who interrupted their private lives to serve their country for a brief (comparatively speaking) period of time.
    ‘Desperate times call for desperate measures.’ We The People must act boldly to restore democracy and our constitutional republic while we can. Vote 3rd party on the ballot in 2012, and if there is no 3rd party option, then write-in a 3rd party candidate. Support IRV (Instant Run-Off Voting) legislation in your State, and by all means support a Constitutional Amendment that imposes term limits on our Congress-critters and Federal judges, including voter recall. These issues are imperative …

  30. ..The only time he may embrace sanity on this issue, is when he is in his final term. But, overall the pressure to the states to produce income may be the most direct route; This, not unlike the elections of 1932 where the war between ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ were held till FDR(wet) won the day.
    Support NORML and keep the argument crisp and the common sense in tow.

  31. folks, it doesn’t matter what our politician’s do. they do not speak for we the people anymore. there is an enormous chasm between the people of a nation and its government. any nation. i don’t know why we have all been duped into thinking we need these dweebs. don’t we all go to work, eat, sleep, screw, shop and whatever else without so much as a helping fart from the government? actually all they have done is steal our money and come back asking(by making an offer we can’t refuse) for more. if anything, they get in the way of our progress, education and medicine.
    they obviously ignore the fact that the majority of americans want legalization. they will forever ignore it as long as they get kickbacks from corporations that benefit from criminalization.
    what are you supposed to do with a whining toddler? ignore them? well that one goes both ways. they see us as whining toddlers. it’s time we treat them the same way.
    and law? pfft. that twists and bends so dern much it might as well be a twizzler. constitution? they aren’t using it anymore unless it suits the agenda. otherwise, pay pay pay and its amended.
    we can’t give our power away by electing these people. the power is with US. don’t expect these pink sock wearing yacht club members to know or feel anything about what we good people want or need.

  32. regardless of who’s president, we will always be controlled by the same people:
    – big pharmacy
    – the logging industry (hemp paper is easy to make)
    – big oil (Ford’s first car ran on hempanol)
    – the tobacco industry
    etc etc etc
    these are the people who fund the campaigns of BOTH parties. we still have the same owners, just a different puppet.
    vaporizing some kush = peaceful protest

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