Israeli Government Officially Recognizes The Therapeutic Value Of Cannabis — Pot Production And Distribution To Begin January 2012

The Israeli government this week formally acknowledged the therapeutic utility of cannabis and announced newly amended guidelines governing the state-sponsored production and distribution of medical cannabis to Israeli patients.
A prepared statement posted Monday on the website of office of the Israeli Prime Minister stated: “The Cabinet today approved arrangements and supervision regarding the supply of cannabis for medical and research uses. This is in recognition that the medical use of cannabis is necessary in certain cases. The Health Ministry will – in coordination with the Israel Police and the Israel Anti-Drug Authority – oversee the foregoing and will also be responsible for supplies from imports and local cultivation.”
According to Israeli news reports, approximately 6,000 Israeli patients are supplied with locally grown cannabis as part of a limited government program. This week’s announcement indicates that government officials intend to expand the program to more patients and centralize the drug’s cultivation. “[T]here are predictions that doctor and patient satisfaction is so high that the number could reach 40,000 in 2016,” The Jerusalem Post reported.
The Israeli Ministry of Health is expected to oversee the production of marijuana in January 2012.
Similar government-sponsored medical marijuana programs are also active in Canada and the Netherlands.
By contrast, in July the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) formally denied a nine-year-old petition calling on the agency to initiate hearings to reassess the present classification of marijuana as a schedule I controlled substance, stating in the July 8, 2011 edition of the Federal Register that cannabis has “a high potential for abuse; … no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States; … [and] lacks accepted safety for use under medical supervision.”

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  1. Another great step for mankind. Now if we can wean the DEA off their “money maker” attitude towards marijuana and get American politicians to wake up we will have peace in this country

  2. The Israeli government always has the best interests of its people in mind whenever it does anything. Their government has always been quick to adopt the use of anything that was recognized as performing a useful function. Also, they are not afraid of world opinion—in Israel, a spade is a spade is a spade. Too bad the United States Government can’t get its head out of its ass long enough to realize that. We will be the last country on earth to legalize pot because of the government’s boneheaded arrogance and the idiotic international stance America takes on the subject. Ignorance is rampant! We will never run out of that.

  3. Israel has a plan because they are in control of their own lives. Plans are for those who are in control of their own lives. They recognize marijuana and its uses as a good thing ( a gift from GOD ).

  4. Wonder how they could put fake weed and fake zanbars and fake coke on the market but can’t put the most researched and sucessful drug ever in the hands of people that need it! Big Drug companys should see an investment opertunity not a threat. Democracy is Shot to hell!

  5. Has the american government stated their opinion on this news? From what i can tell, if i didnt know about this wonderful website i wouldn’t know about this at all. I have seen no news coverage about this decision made by the israeli government. This needs more attention.

  6. Remember the memorable words of President Nixon (to Bob ?)?
    “You know, it’s a funny thing, every one of the bastards that are out for legalizing marijuana are Jewish. What the Christ is the matter with the Jews, Bob? What is the matter with them? I suppose it is because most of them are psychiatrists.”
    Statement (26 May 1971) as quoted in Newsweek (27 May 2004)

  7. This is a strange continuation certain people getting rights over others. i don’t support the state of israel, the funding in US taxpayer dollars, and the threat of terrorism due to israels occupation.
    glad they get to smoke their cake and eat it too. Mods dont like comments about Zionism?

  8. Israel recently completed a study that said Cannabis can be used to successfully treat PTSD. Meanwhile, America founders in the Neo Dark Age and goes backwards instead of forward. America will not authorize medical studies of medical Cannabis. Also, too many doctors are afraid to ask to study it because of the possible impact to their career.
    I recently read an article on the medical corps of the Roman Army during the days of Ancient Rome. They were able to save up to 80% to 90% of their wounded soldiers that reached a field hospital. They also had medical techniques and medicines that got forgotten in the Dark Ages. The Romans goal was to save as many soldiers as possible and nothing—-nothing—-was allowed to stand in the way of that. No religious taboo, no law, no bias was allowed to interfere with saving lives. Any new medical discovery was used immediately if it was successful. They never let any religious taboo or law interfere with research. Now, contrast that to 21st century America where religious superstition does not allow proper stem cell research, medical cannabis, and adequate dispensation of the “morning after” pill. America is not the “bright city on the hill” as ol’ Ronnie Reagan said. We are the dark, dirty, superstitious Medieval village, foundering in ignorance and burning people at the stake.

  9. its not about the government ..its about big bussiness.. Alcohol tobacco big pharma … they run the show..and if if its legallized ..they will all loose billions…

  10. 60. Nixon was a stooge. He was a puppet – bought and paid for by David and Nelson at the 5th Avenue Compact. Tricky Dick said – shaking his little jitter bug head “I’m no crook.” Not only a crook but our long national nightmare. And – China was in the bag before Tricky Dick went there. That was just a photo shoot.

  11. 60. Paul
    Nixon: “What the Christ [himself a Jew] is the matter with the Jews?” Tell me about the rabbits George!
    “I suspect – many of them are newly converted Republicans that voted for you – but – have since recognized their mistake.” Too bad ya got a little too big for your britches – and – they set ya up like bowling pins and Oswald. That little piece of missing tape didn’t mean shit- Butterfield was tapping you from the basement – down there with the rest of the “plumbers.”
    If you think there’s something wrong with them – then – there’s something wrong with them. If you think there’s nothing wrong with them – there’s nothing wrong with them. The answer lies in “your” mind.

  12. The DEA is a wicked out of control monster. Motivated not by logic, science, or religion, but by money and greed. They do not care about humanity. They have no respect for human life, they kill people or throw them in prison over inocent little weed. Cannabis has never hurt anyone. Pure lunacey motivated by big money. The good news is millions of people are sick and tired of the DEA and things are going to change. They will be downsized, because nobody wants to pay for their retarded policy anymore except ignorant, misinformed people. Educated people will not stand for the waste, fraud and abuse of our government resources anymore. The drug zar and president Obama are puppets and need to be fired asap. Please do not vote for Obama and Bush’s drug zar in the presidential election. Why is the DEA wasting money and valuable resources on cannibis instead of focussing their attention on the real problems? Like the out of control distribution of narcotics. Thousands die and more prostitute, steal,and destroys lives just to get there hands on that little pill. The drug zar did mention they need to focus more on the narcotics cause it does seem to be a problem, what an idiot. Fire him please! This type of greed is destryoing our country. Peace and love will make our economy strong, not war and greed. We need to educate not descriminate. We the people have the power.

  13. Hilary was absolutely correct – “It won’t be legalized – there’s too much money in it.” They’re already making more off/from its illegality than they would if they legalized it.

  14. @ 22 & 59 – Walt Whitman wrote several homoerotic poems – these are called the “Calamus Poems” – due to the Greek myth I recounted. Here is one.
    Sorry, but I love philosophy and poetry. I think I’ll go smoke up a cannabus dream now.

  15. Our government probably have the DEA in Israel to check out the situtation and come up with some kind of POLITICAL or FEDERAL BLACKMAIL against their country on marijuana decisions. BIG BROTHER and FEDERALISM going beyond our borders with the message we are the American Taliban of Drugs.

  16. I still don’t understand how OUR Government can have Patents on “Medically benificial” compounds found in Cannabis.and in the same breath say Cannabis has no medical value…Look up US Patent #6630507. see for yourself

  17. The Israelis run the USAs State Department, they run the Dept of Defense, they run the Dept of Homeland Security, and nearly every national politician kowtows to their puppet-master in the USA, AIPAC.
    If they ran the DHHS and the DEA, cannabis would already have been re-legalized in the USA. Perhaps if we increased the amount of foreign aid to Israel enough, they might consider taking over those government agencies as well.
    With the current status quo regarding both mainstream political parties here in the USA, such a fanciful concept is the ONLY way that the Feds will change MMJ laws … fascist bastards!
    [Editor’s note: Yah, yah, yah….sure…Jews run the world….please express your warped and antisemitic views some where else.]

  18. Didnt know there were so many Israeli hating Muslims trolling NORML. Good Job Israel, and its ok to take the distribution into the gov.’s hands. Atleast its a step in the right direction of legalization. Better than nothing at all. Its better off in the governments hands than untaxed drug dealers and gangs.

  19. Re:73
    Who needs to troll NORML with anti Israel comments
    when stuff like 75 “[…] ISRAEL-PALESTINAAmerican Jew was not allowed to enter Israel on suspicion of converting to Islam” is posted automatically?!
    The U$A must think it gets something for the billions it gives to Israhell each year?!

  20. If Henery Ford had his way there would not be an oil shortage, he built a car out of hemp, to be run on bio-diesel made from hemp.

  21. I have never used my V.A. benefits for a home or business. I’m inquiring as to whether I could gain a legal license of growing and distributing medical marijuana in Jerusalem, Israel and setting up a business there though I am an American citizen.
    Sincerely, Messianic Rabbi/Composer
    Richard LeMar Zadworny retired OS3UDT/SEALS Petty Office.

  22. Its not possible to open shop only a few people have been authorized to grow. And the Israeli govt didnt allow the growers to charge ANY fee. Unlike the CA govt it considered any exchange of money as drug dealing. It has since changed the law to allow for a processing fee of 400 shekels a month (roughly $100), but that is good for monthly supply which ranges based on the doctors Rx. Some people receive 120g/ month ( 4 joint/day 1 joint= 1g)

  23. Now that the government of Israel grows Cannabis for hospitals, it’s high time the USA, who backs Israel with military weapons, legalizes Cannabis throughout the USA to show the world that Cannabis heals all wounds.

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