Obama Is Asked To Defend His Administration's Opposition To Medical Cannabis — He Can't

[Update! A slightly edited version of this commentary, entitled ‘If Obama can’t articulate his position on marijuana, why won’t he reconsider it?’, is is now online at The Hill.com’s Congress blog here. Please review and leave your feedback for members of Congress and their staff here.]
Regardless of one’s opinion of President Obama as a political figure, it is hard to deny his skill as an eloquent orator. So it is notable, even newsworthy, when the Commander-in-Chief is publicly at a loss for words.
Such was the case yesterday at a Presidential Town hall in Cannon Falls, Minnesota when a flustered, tongue-tied Obama attempted in vain to explain why his administration continues to oppose efforts to allow for the legal use of cannabis as a doctor-recommended medicine.

Confused? Perhaps this transcript will help to better articulate the President’s position:

Audience member: “If you can’t legalize marijuana, why can’t we just legalize medical marijuana, to help the people that need it?”
Obama: “Well, you know, a lot of states are making decisions about medical marijuana. As a controlled substance, the issue then is, you know, is it being prescribed by a doctor, as opposed to, you know — well — — I’ll — I’ll — I’ll — I’ll leave it at that.”

And leave it at that he did.
It is curious that President Obama — someone who is use to speaking extemporaneously in public — could not articulate one single legitimate reason (nor could his former Press Secretary) why his administration believes in continuing the federal ban on marijuana, including the use of medical marijuana for ill patients. Obama’s failure to communicate becomes even more surprising when one considers that within just the past few weeks, high-profile members of the Obama administration have publicly put forward several alleged ‘justifications’ for why the federal government ought to be in the business of denying medical marijuana to sick people.
For instance, the White House’s 2011 National Drug Control Strategy, released in July, devoted an entire section to rebuffing the notion of cannabis’ use as a legitimate therapy, stating:

Marijuana and other drugs are addictive and unsafe, especially for use by young people. Unfortunately, efforts to “medicalize” marijuana have widened the public acceptance and availability of the drug.
There is no substitute for the scientific approval process employed by the FDA. For a drug to be made available to the public as medicine, the FDA requires rigorous research followed by tests for safety and efficacy. Only then can a substance be classified as medicine and prescribed by qualified health care professionals to patients.
In the wake of state and local laws that permit distribution of “medical” marijuana, dozens of localities have been left to grapple with poorly written laws that bypass the FDA process and allow marijuana to be used as a so-called medicine. … Outside the context of federally approved research, the use and distribution of marijuana is prohibited in the United States.

In addition, less than one-month ago, Obama’s hand-picked DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart formally denied a nine-year-old petition calling on the agency to initiate hearings to reassess the present classification of marijuana as a schedule I controlled substance without any ‘accepted medical use in treatment.’ Leonhart’s justification, as stated in in the July 8, 2011 edition of the Federal Register:

[Cannabis possesses] a high potential for abuse; … no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States; … [and] lacks accepted safety for use under medical supervision. … [T]here are no adequate and well-controlled studies proving its efficacy; the drug is not accepted by qualified experts. … At this time, the known risks of marijuana use have not been shown to be outweighed by specific benefits in well-controlled clinical trials that scientifically evaluate safety and efficacy.

So if the Obama administration is willing to make such allegations in writing, then why is the President afraid to own up to and repeat these claims in public? Likely because he, like a majority of Americans, are aware that there isn’t a shred of scientific support for the administration’s ‘Flat Earth’ position.
So if the President of the United States can’t publicly articulate why we continue to arrest over one-half million Americans each year for possessing marijuana, then why are we as a nation continuing to engage in this destructive and illogical policy?

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  1. John Walters says:
    August 18, 2011 6:25 a..m.
    Don Says: August 17th, 2011 at 9:10 am
    His Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, has already spoken the words that President Obama doesn’t want to say. She says that there is too much money in marijuana prohibition to make it legal!!!”
    Don, please cite source/citation of this alleged quote.
    How about the source being hers and your mouth! What! Do you think – people don’t hear what you say. “Please site the source” – as if you didn’t know. Go hatch an alleged egg!

  2. Paul Armentano responds: “Unfortunately, Michele Leonhart is doing precisely what her job expects and requires her to do, and that is the bigger problem.”
    You’re absolutely correct – but – she takes “precisely” to new heights and meaning. Anybody can “over due” their job – but – Michelle has lost the meaning of humanity in “over doing” hers. Could we at least consider the merits of what she does?

  3. i see the waves of revolt coming to the USA, whats happening in the middle east and europe will be coming this way. i believe that the now congress and senate should be abolished and start the government with new people who will reflect the will of the people and their constitution
    [Editor’s note: Get a grip here as NORML’s efforts are directed to cannabis legalization…not world ‘revolt’ and abolishing governments.]

  4. To all of you idiots who think Obama will do ANYTHING but the status quo when it comes to marijuana “STOP LYING TO YOURSELVES”!!! Obama is bought and paid for by the same people who want to continue to harass, arrest, prosecute and imprison people like you!!! The only candidate who wants to end the drug war is Ron Paul! If that is what you’d like a president to do for us, then you need to vote for him. Any other candidate suddenly claiming to be against the drug war is LYING TO YOU, AND HAS NO INTENTION OF ENDING THE DRUG WAR!!!

  5. We could let Obama realize that he will lose the liberal left vote to Ron Paul, because Ron Paul has the sense to realize the military budget needs severe cuts and that US goverenment could receive valuable and needed revenue from the taxation of marijuana while denying such huge amounts of money to criminal organizations such as the ones which are currently ravaging Mexico. Legalize marihuana and criminal gangs will lose 95% of their revenue source, and they will go bankrupt instead of a government which truly respects individual liberty.
    Yet US Government has lost respect for individual liberty and human civil rights, and therefore is now threatened with extinction and collapse.
    Such is the deserved fate of those who espouse hypocrisy.
    The US risks losing everyuthing out of its love of greed and perceived need to suck up to capitalistic interests.
    The issue of taxing the rich is not of any true concern to those of us who are more intereted in undoing ridiculous US legislation which is doing more harm than good.
    It is sad that Obama may lose some of the critical left vote to a Republican such as Ron Paul, and such neglect of this critical support base in preference to seeking the vote of those who are not truly sensitive to bad laws, but rather vote on how sexy the latest campaign gibbersih sounded in spite of the common sense that the given campaign promises are as shallow as a mudpuddle.
    We saw no massive military cuts in spending since Obama has assumed the presidency, but instead only acceleration of military spending and adventures while failing to abandon certain poicies created by Mr Bush by keeping Guantanamo open, accelerating usage of drones, and not standing up to the Republicans and insisting on cuts to military spending.
    Both Obama’s strongest supporters and the Republicans recognize Obama’s critical weaknesses.We shold remind that the mice who smoke marihuana may actually be the needed friend that the US lion needs in order to survive.
    Give them their civil rights nad allow them liberty and perhaps US liberty wuill also be preserved.
    Presently, US Governemnt is actually bankrupt and in need of any help iit may obtain instead of making the beloved sons of America into criminals because we exercise our God given liberty to smoke what the hell we want in spite of the harrassment and abuse of John Law.
    Could be a low turnout of the poor and massive turnout of the rich in 2012, since the poor will realize that neither side can help them, nor is willing to actually do what is needed…so why waste the time to vote. Either candidate will be a massive disappointment.
    We need to observe what the Obama administration actually does, in spite of what is said in well orchestrated speeches.

  6. To have any chance of making serious progress with reform/repeal of cannabis prohibition and the drug war, one has to deal the realities of the American political landscape. To the folks raging against Obama, he’s frustrating as hell but compared to what? No libertarian Republican who might do something more positive has any chance of being nominated, none at all. Ron Paul will never be the party nominee, ever. No likely Republican nominee is going to be even slightly open to legalization and far more likely to promote escalating the drug war. It’s Democrats-frustrating and disappointing but potential exists, compared to Republicans-corporate fascist law and order culture warriors who are more closely allied with prison for profit than most Democrats.
    Voting Obama out for Romney or Perry on this issue is insane! Those guys get in and things will go backwards on this. Most Republicans, given a choice between libertarian legalization or pot is bad, pot is illegal, only Commie liberals smoke dope, throw’em in jail, choose to take the second position. We have only a choice between bad and horrendously bad.
    Does anybody really think Romney or Perry or Bachman is more likely than Obama to end pot prohibition, seriously? It was Nixon who really upped the drug war in order to get those pot head anti war hippies tossed in jail. Reagan was the same way. The real power brokers of the party are NOT favorably inclined to our goal.
    At least in a second term without re-election to worry about, Obama might start allowing things to move in the right direction and be more willing to talk about it. We’ve been working on him steadily, just the fact that he couldn’t bring himself to lie is real progress. Anybody think any of the Republicans will choke on lying about this? Or speak out in favor of legalization medical or otherwise?

  7. President Obama is walking the tightrope of trying to get elected. On the one hand he knows from personal experience that marijuna is a benign herb. He doesn’t want to piss off the prohibitionists. He doesn’t want to piss of the millions of marijuana users. The problem with this is he ends up pleasing nobody. I like Ron Paul’s stand on the issue of drugs and wars. I am voting for Ron Paiul.

  8. i consumed for 32 yrs.my job of 34 trs started drug testing an, being responsible, i stopped consuming. during the 32 yrs, i quit many times for different , personal reasons.it was my choice and, i had no problem doing it. altho, i missed it at times, i had no issue in ceasing. i dont see any way of addiction. and, i enjoy cannabis very much. i find it a utility as well as a bit of comfort after a tore up day in the shop or hell, on the good days as well.i dont find it a crutch at all. i would much rather consume cannabis then firewater. i come from a alcohol damaged family and, wont do that to my family. cannabis promots peace and contentment.i have a family that shows just that.
    im writing this because i am hoping that we are not preaching to the quire..i tell people all the time to go to norml and learn about why we consume, as well as its benefits , before they decide yay or nay.those people need to know the kind of buzz that can be had from natures medicne according to its type. it allows my mind to ‘seem’ to slow down just a tad while promoting a feeling of well being.and,is motavating as well.i havent talked to one person that hasent told me that their creative side was opened after a couple tasty belts from the vaporizer.and, it doesnt take alot either. instead of us bitchin about the wrong,maybe we should infuse it with ALL the good the non users dont know…, try writing about your responsible comsumption and what it does for you.i have written letters to supposed important people with, no reasonable response.so, if this forum is not the quire hall, someone who was directed to this site may get an idea why we wish to consume cannabis. because it is enjoyable and much safer then anything else and, they wont get tired of reading the negative side.how else can they know cept if we all tell them. they may walk away sayin, that stuff isnt so baaadd, they should just legalize it and, wallaaa,another member for the green side…peace to you all..

  9. To Mr. Obama:
    Your war against your own citizens is as criminal as that of the Egyptian president’s. I hope to see you following in his footsteps. Effective sociopaths are charming manipulators with no shame or remorse.
    Sick people around the globe

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  11. People, the elections are rigged. You will remember my words when you see who they select to be president in 2012. Our elections are as false as those of Iran. The Iranian people had the courage to admit this to themselves, which is why they had demonstrations. We march to the polls are select the so-called “lesser of two evils”; i.e choose between two pre-selected puppets who will carry out the policies of their corporate and military puppetmasters. Wall Street and the Pentagon have a joint rulership. Eisenhower wanred us of this in his Farewell Address.
    [Editor’s note: Please take your unfounded conspiracy theories elsewhere as US elections are not rigged and to compare the US to Iran is both stupid and anti-American. American’s have the politicians they elect….which can be a problem, because many Americans elect fools as their representatives…]

  12. I think Obama was deliberately playing dumb to demonstrate that he doesn’t call the shots, especially when it comes to cannabis. It is not like he can say so out loud, so he has to communicate this in other ways. One way is to deliberately show that his handlers hasn’t told him what to say yet. I’ll bet they are p*ssed at him by now. He just “kind of, sort of” gave the whole thing away.

  13. So, the government says “Marijuana has no medical use”.
    Neither does beer, whiskey, or cigarettes (all of which one can demonstrate are addictive and cause poor health). Why does pot need to cure illness anyway? I like pot, just because, that is what works for me. Whiskey makes me ill and cigarettes make me nauseous. Since I first tried pot 26 years ago I haven’t used any other inebrient. Wouldn’t even consider something stronger–read hard drugs. People, plant seeds of freedom and grow pure love at home. Peace:)

  14. CLAIM RELIGIOUS USE – That makes it a Constitutional issue. WHAT! You don’t believe in a higher source? Well! You’re on your own. Good luck. If you really want to know what the Genesist Faith is all about – “your very own Bible will explain it all in Genesis I:1 through Genesis III:24.” This Faith is already included in your religion whatever you have chosen it to be.

  15. is anyone as tired as i am about Goverments hypocritical view of medical marijuana. how long do we the people have to put up being lied to everyday on this issue. folks it’s time for a march on our state capitals. hell it’s time to organize a march on washington. uncle sam isn’t listening. we can’t let them think that what their doing is exceptable.

  16. Regarding #97: Thanks, Don for following up. Although we all love “Radical Russ” as well NORML, not a good source for what you are assigning Her Thighness, aka Hillary Cartoon. Indeed, were she to have said such a thing she would probably be correct and for the first time in my life (other than predicting Obambi would be a disaster as a candidate for POTUS) I would agree with her as I am among those opposing legalization (which only brings further government controls) and instead favor simple decriminalization. But she would be correct in saying that perhaps there is so much money in illegal “drugs” as well the potential of legalization/government regulation that the most simple, freedom loving answer to it all is decrimalization.
    Thanks again for the link.
    Yours In Freedom, I Remain:
    John “Wonk” Walters

  17. Keep playing that clip – it speaks volumes. If the answer is obvious why can’t he say it – if there is no good reason why can’t he just refuse to speak rather than getting in a mess. At least he has the decency to falter and stammer rather than spouting lies – that’s something anyway.

  18. As soon as Obama took office the people who REALLY control things took him to an office and told him that marijuana is NOT to be legalized. End of story! They made it clear that they had put him in office and that they could take him out of office if he didn’t do what they wanted.

  19. LMAO Sceintific approval by the FDA?! The FDA legalized Aspartame even though the science and nobel-scientists said “NO DON’T DO IT!” and we’re going to trust them with telling the truth about Marijuana? LMAO!

  20. So sad that our great orator of a President is at a loss for words to defend his own inhumane and unjust policy of keeping the “safest therapeutically active substance” on Earth illegal. Maybe Obama didn’t get the memo: THC cures cancer! A United States government study proved it multiple times! So how’s that for an “accepted medical use?”
    Obama on MMJ: “Well, you know, a lot of states are making decisions about medical marijuana. As a controlled substance, the issue then is, you know, is it being prescribed by a doctor, as opposed to, you know — well — – I’ll — I’ll — I’ll — I’ll leave it at that.”
    Ron Paul on MMJ: “I would absolutely never use the Federal government to enforce the law against anyone using marijuana”
    So who are you gonna vote for??
    [Editor’s note: 1) THC does not cure cancer. To say it does is to exaggerate wildly based on the current science and can mislead people to make unfortunate health choices. 2) if you’re a single issue voter, then voting for a libertarian leaning Republican like Paul might be an option. However the problems are two fold here as Paul will never win the GOP nomination and/or the general election (he is too old and too radical) and single advocacy voting is foolish.
    Would you vote for a pro cannabis candidate who wanted to also pollute the environment, or make war with others for no cause or issue orders for military rule just because they also support cannabis law reform? Is cannabis law reform the most important thing facing the nation? Even NORML knows that’s not true…
    Isn’t the world a little too complicated and complex to decide who to vote just because you hope they support the one thing that you may obsess over?]

  21. There just two choices at the national level of American politics. A Democrat or a Republican. No national level Republican, approved and backed by the real power brokers of the party and allowed to capture the nomination, is going change anything regarding pot prohibition or the drug war. NOTHING. PERIOD. The libertarians are small faction and will not prevail when push comes to shove. Ron Paul is old and perceived as a loose cannon by those that control the big money. He is already being pushed aside and ignored by them.
    Don’t be frustrated so much by Obama as by the deep and extremely persistent stigma that remains so firmly attached to using cannabis and the idea of “getting high”. Legacy 19th century Christian core values of hard work and clear headed responsibility still pervade the mainstream of this country despite the legal alcohol use exception. Millions of Americans have been indoctrinated that any use of any substance other alcohol is suspect, and immoral. That’s changing but it remains deeply imbedded. The mainstream media adheres to it and nearly all politicians, being as risk averse as they are, simply aren’t willing to push against it.
    Believe it or not, Obama represents the best hope for positive movement in the Executive there’s been since Jimmy Carter. If that makes your jaw drop, just consider who on the Republican side who has any chance of being the nominee could be counted upon to be better. Yeah, there isn’t one. Only two Republicans have come out for reform, Paul and Johnson. Neither one will be the nominee. Like, NO WAY EVER. So voting Republican in 2012, if this is your top issue is totally crazy, should the Republican win, watch out, they WILL NOT be our friend.
    If you doubt that take a look at the committee chairs who have the power to move HR 2306 forward, Smith and Upton. They refuse to even consider it all. THAT is the real Republican position on the issue. Expect A LOT more of that if you vote against Obama.
    [Editor’s note: While NORML is a non-partisan organization, your analysis of the current national politics is both accurate and tethered to reality. Well done!]

  22. after Obamas new immigration policy, i see now that he’s in an election season, maybe he’d rather loose i toe at a time as it relates to the issue of immigration today. my point is Obama is if anyway as a decision maker. personally we may come to a reasonable conclusion on marijuana prohibition but not under Obama.

  23. RON PAUL is the only person ruining for president who will actively try to remove federal prohibition of marijuana. Everyone should register republican and make this a reality in 2012!!!!!!

  24. I remember when he was running for president and the issue of smoking pot came up..he said “i did it…and i inhaled…that was the point”. People cheered. We all thought that finally we would have a MAN who was everything Bush WASNT. Now to watch him stammer and choke when a YOUNG WOMAN asks him an HONEST QUESTION, and the WAY he did it (looked down, looked away) said WAY more than anything he actually said. Interpretattion-“folks, I ran on a campaign of CHANGE, and when I got in the White House, these rich crackers jumped me and let me know real fast how it was gonna be. So you see, folks, thanks for your vote, and I really enjoyed being the first black president…but to be honest, I really dont run the country…the special interests do. My nuts are in a jar”.
    This one little thing shows me more than ANYTHING ELSE, EVER, that in order to set this country straight, its going to take a major overhaul in the way its run. Im sick of living in a country where the top one percent owns 99% of everything, and then being told how FREE i am…BULL SHIIIIIT!!!! If there is ANY country…and I mean ANY…that has BETTER living conditions, better quality of life, and more freedom for its citizens (and there are MANY) than ours, then its time to take down the flag and start calling ourselves something else…because where IM LIVING looks NOTHING like the place my family and ancestors shed blood (both their own and others)so that we could be FREE!!!
    Obama (and yes I said Obama…not MR. President)…youre a fucking spineless CLONE of your predecessor. (Im so ashamed of my country i could vomit).
    By the way..the crowd should have said “no, we ARENT leaving it at that”…or booed his ass until he either answered or left…that young lady that asked the question had more balls than the rest of the people there put together…

  25. NORML editor: While i can understand your views and perhaps you are having a bit of a panic with the turmoil of todays uncertainty..stock market anxiety – Global rioting in the streets.
    The fact remains that human beings(homo saphiens) Should not be in a cage for smoking a hemp plant that is as natural and beneficial as any other plant on this earth, that we have adapted to or that has adapted to us. Cannabis receptors withstanding.
    What is going on here (with cannabis)is reflective of what is happening on a larger scale.. -Restricting Resources-Monopolising Resources-Patenting Resources- all for the huge gain of a select few and to the detriment of every body else on this planet.-
    This is downright wrong and immoral and should not be restricted to party lines…
    To be fair, Democrats have used the “marijuana card” to their favor,
    Clinton with : “I smoked but i didn’t inhale” Obama’s “i inhaled but that was the point”. Nontheless…very effective and deliberate…Clinton got a lot of milage from that line during the early 90s with MTVs “Rock the Vote”.
    However in reality, their wasn’t(isn’t) that much of a difference between the two “parties” I remember Bush junior and senior both promising to ‘outlaw abortions’ just another empty promise… to manipulate their right- wing constituency . Never happened.

  26. MR. editor, per my comment #104,i figured that you would’ve known that at the center core of any revolt or abolishing of the govt along with the republican and democrat partys, it will be MARIJUANA. once the people of the united states get tired of the lies that keep coming out of washington, what do you suppose will happen, the people will never trust the govt again, the great united states will have a history of lies, this is why MARIJUANA has to be nothing but lies from the govt and will cont to be that way unitl the american people take control of our GOD givin rights along with our constitutional rights. GOD BLESSED MARIJUANA
    [Editor’s note: Cannabis law reform is not part of any political revolutions or popular revolts in the US….how can it be when less than 15% of the population uses cannabis?]

  27. I am think Ron Paul just might be the one, if this goverment dosen’t get in the way. No one wants to give Ron Paul a voice, this goverment is all over any one that is not Ron Paul.That women who won the straw poll, dosen’t have a chance. Never heard of her.Don’t want her. Some one with the voice to make a change in their goverment and so far no one is it, except Ron Paul!!! At least he has the ball to speak out against this nazi goverment.
    [Editor’s note: Again, Ron Paul will not win the GOP nomination and could never win a general election in the United States. Also, he is too old to be an effective president. Cannabis law reformers should stop wasting their breath, time and money wrongly projecting Ron Paul as a viable GOP nominee or a general election presidential candidate.]

  28. Jeanne, it also makes me wonder why Ron Paul somehow is our only choice for cannabis legalization. He is also a radical deregulator and privatizer, from what I understand.

  29. Place a red nose over sized shoes and extra large trousers with suspenders on every politician.Encluding obama. This is where I stand on neurotic,parinoid ,sexually frustrated, warmongering bozos that run this country.{Into the ground}.

  30. Hello Obama Admin ., Hello rON PaUUuL {!!} AUuHh !!@!!
    first , did each Ron Paul supporter use capital letters
    to express their despite for Obama , did 3 of them with
    little letters typo and are there 4 dark skin tone with
    fault tolerant about housing foreign effect associates
    voting Clown Suit Porky Pig . , . as it seems to me om
    Ron Paul campaign is dealing Capital letter bud , typo
    bud and something interesting called dark housing bud .
    [The cannabis equivalent seems to be support designed]
    second , “Ma ri Jua na” is illegal . Queen Elizabeth in
    the 15th Century tried “New World” bud and thought it’s
    awful and began the term ‘loco weed’ and Banned It . 🙂
    Cannabis is not banned by Elizabethan One Hundred Year
    Counsel on Effects of Manna and Futural Recreate _\|/_
    though , the [‘M word’] itself is illegal and banned so
    “loco weed” won’t be prevalent as confused with manna ~
    pot . , . known to us as cannabis . You cannot legally
    procure nor retain possession of “M word” if you are a
    citizen or visiting foreign illuminare as M Word itself
    is illegal and not proper cannabis manna pot . _\|/_ /
    third , did Obama offer the US Policy on Health will be
    when offered by powers that being Shadow Confederacy ,.
    denied as the role of those powers who want to control:
    The White House Policy on Health , the United States @
    Social Group.s {such as Skull and Bones} , n corporate
    monies written in the Houghton Mifflin definition about
    Pres i dent :@: valued counterfeit~ing acquisition seen
    as a “failed attempt” known to ‘begin shadow control’ *
    on a sense concerning Corporate Republic .|. as liberal
    setting on Republican multi-ticket shows Ron Paul isn’t
    Shadow Government Houghton Mifflin Counterfeit Republic
    en ways he’s a decent liberal ‘independent’ though he’s
    not accepted by Social Groups such as the false order :
    Confederate Bureaucracy trying to ‘puppet’ Presidential
    thought on Health such as who with ego thought they run
    State Department Policy on Govern~A Control Republic~en
    Domain on Thought to begin Monetary Fund~ing Shadow$ing
    Actual State Department Role Provided Founding Fathers:
    support to begin the actual proper provision and role :
    Democratic Oath and State Accord Among Manna and Men .,
    fourth , you people know Green Cross : medical cannabis
    will be based on the West Coast Accord with medicinal :
    Value to Begin Respect on Promise the Manna Plant may ~
    be authorized by Powers Being Govern to naturopathic N
    virtuous care by provider and the term ‘caregiver’ OK +
    Green Smoke will be TriCameral Allotted Midwest Accord
    cannabis not “m word” pre-rolled joints and legally @!
    smoked “bong s” known as Cannabis Industry Procurement.
    fifth {and I ask you allow this statement as written} :
    Obama is the best hope for tea party and manna~pot and
    we have option to try to allow Ron Paul to his whim to
    try and be affected {sigh} about State Department with
    setting about Shadow Govern and Control Confederacy .,.
    OR you can allow Obama Admin to begin National Ethical
    Basis to Promote His Available Power at Office and now
    begin his actual mission with next International Money
    and International Monetary Fund~ing US Health _\|/_ @!!
    Regard to begin , not M Word , not Ron Paul AuUR{!!}Gh,
    though cannabis ecology {2}:^!@!IMF[2*] known as ecom0n
    and available with the Peace Afforded at Libya with the
    Power of Peace and Newer Solace about IMF Director Anew
    Free Thought to Begin Ecological Peace and CannabisLaw.
    NORML . This will be all I want to say . Please allow
    as written without conspiraty nor insult . Thanks Again
    😀 🙂
    Bryan ~ cannabis activist and Green Smoke _\|/_ / INDU2

  31. I have to ask If President Obama has been sent legitimate documentation on the subject matter in question allowing for a qualified justification strategy?

  32. well president obama…..i am tired of hearing your excuses, and lies too, about medical marijuana. your back stabbing has just cost you my vote, and many more from my friends and family. We have had enought of your leadership, if you can call it that,,,Bob77

  33. Defend marijuana, he can’t even stop smoking those stinking cigeretts! He has alot more to defend, his next election, if he wants to stay President, if not good-by, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Did everyone [it seems like most] have to actually try
    to insult Obama Admin . The difference I see between:
    Tea Party and Tea Partiers , is the Tea Party are now
    ready for a change to new “form of government” and om
    the Republican [Tea] Partiers seem more interested on
    premise the insult of Obama~bashing makes some angry~
    sounding on bud . Will this have been a good example
    of the so called ‘ma ri jua na’ you want legal .|. Hm
    if the powers and foundation of government supporting
    Ron Paul as the effort similar to the way ‘compassion
    was unfounded’ represent another Republican control ~
    with powers of govern and bureaucrat swaying the mind
    with those who would be “staunch support” to berate n
    talk down the best President at Democracy in recent *
    years . , . will the “verily continued” sense we are:
    To Respect Races , Colors and Creeds and we all want
    to be activist and protest minded at times though if
    the IMF planned by Shadow Govern Republic begin Anew
    Maximum PayOut for FEMA [Federal Emergency Management
    Agency] for so called Acts of God and Global Warming
    Payment . , . and the supposed ‘natural’ Virginia om
    earthquake {shake} cracked the Interior of the D. C.
    Washington Monument ,. what kind~a American “bashes”
    the Ways of the Founding Fathers as Republic[en] om
    thought to bother the Foundation of Peace and Manna
    anyway . . . yer ways [buds] says you have to insult
    Obama [Admin] . {sigh} I support cannabis ecology .,
    Thanks and good luck to American Promise . Bryan (*)

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