Drug Czar's Office To NORML: 'We Can't Legalize Marijuana Because Some People Abuse Prescription Drugs!' Wait, Huh?

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”
— Mahatma Gandhi
What can I say? I’m flattered. David Mineta, deputy director for demand reduction in the Office of National Drug Control Policy, has taken time to publicly respond to little ol’ me. I wonder if they pronounce ‘Armentano’ phonetically at the Drug Czar’s office?
The back story: Last week NORML Board member Paul Kuhn and I published a guest commentary in Nashville’s largest daily newspaper, The Tennessean, opining in favor of H.R. 2306, the ‘Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2011. Here’s an excerpt:

Marijuana legalization bill offers safer alternative
via The Tennessean
We know tobacco is the leading cause of death in America, contributing to 400,000 deaths each year. So it’s hardly any wonder the FDA will require the placement of prominent warning labels. Alcohol is the third-leading cause of death in America. The World Health Organization reported earlier this year that “alcohol causes nearly 4 percent of deaths worldwide, more than AIDS, tuberculosis or violence.”
… What about marijuana? With every other drug from Advil and alcohol to Zantac, a correct dose is effective, but too high a dose kills the patient. No dose of marijuana is capable of causing a fatal overdose.
… And unlike alcohol and tobacco, adverse effects of even heavy cannabis use are minimal. There is no epidemiological evidence in any country, after scores of studies and centuries of use by tens of millions of people, that marijuana smokers have a shorter life expectancy than non-smokers.
… They don’t become violent at sports events or beat their spouses and children. They don’t get heart disease, cancer, brain damage or any other deadly illness at a higher rate than those who abstain. In fact, a pair of studies conducted by Kaiser Permanente found that marijuana use, even long-term, was not associated with elevated levels of mortality or incidences of cancer, including types of cancers associated with tobacco smoking.
… America is on a path to allow adults to choose a safer alternative to tobacco and alcohol. And create more tax revenue and more jobs in Tennessee. And more freedom.

Apparently quite a few people read our editorial, including some folks at the Drug Czar’s office. And it must have gotten under their skin because today the White House responded with this.

Movement for legalized marijuana ignores dangers
via The Tennessean
Proponents of marijuana legalization often argue it will do everything from fixing our economy to ending violent crime (“Marijuana legalization bill offers safer alternative,” Tennessee Voices, Aug. 15). Yet, the science is clear: Marijuana use is not a benign drug and it is harmful to public health and safety.
… Would marijuana legalization make Tennessee healthier or safer? One needs to look no further than Tennessee’s current painful experience with prescription drug abuse. In Tennessee, prescription drugs are legal, regulated, and taxed — and yet rates of the abuse of pain relievers in the state exceed the national average by more than 10 percent.
Nationally, someone dies from an unintentional drug overdose — driven in large part by prescription drug abuse — on average every 19 minutes. What would America look like if we had just as many people using marijuana as we currently have smoking cigarettes, abusing alcohol, and abusing prescription drugs?

The classic ‘bait-and-switch’ goes on and on, but you get the idea. But I’m not sure the Drug Czar’s office does. After all, if their logic above had even a hint of consistency then they would be arguing for the criminal prohibition of cigarettes, alcohol, and prescription drugs. And lots of other things.
Yet when it comes to Americans’ use of substances like tobacco, booze, and prescription drugs — substances that pose far greater dangers to health than does cannabis — the White House recognizes that prohibition is not the answer: regulation and education are. So why does the Drug Czar’s office fail to apply this same common-sense principle to pot? Perhaps it has something to do with the federal requirement requiring the office to lie about legalization.
Finally, as to the specific question: ‘What would America look like if we had just as many people using marijuana as are presently using tobacco, alcohol, and prescription medications?’ Well, what does America look like today? After all, the federal government imposed criminal prohibition over 70 years ago; yet today that very same federal government admits that over one out of ten Americans admit to having using cannabis in the past year. Among those age 18 to 25, almost half admit to consuming cannabis recently!
The question isn’t ‘What if Americans consumed marijuana?’ The reality is that tens of millions of Americans have and do consume marijuana. Most do so privately and responsibly. Legalizing cannabis simply acknowledges this reality and seeks to regulate the behavior appropriately. In a free society, why would even consider doing differently?

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  1. They’ve been lying to themselves so long they actually beleive their lies, not! They are a bunch of crooks, selfish in the sandbox,deceitful at best,what’s worse than a greedy Republican that can’t have his way? Richard Nixon and Ronald Regan sure know.The greedy are out to destroy the middle class and this is just another blatant mechanism in their lets rule the world mentality.Like they say,tell one lie, then you have to keep on lying to cover up the last, well sooner or in our case later, the more idiotic their lies become.They’ve turned the workplace(what’s left of it in this country)into a Police state. Never in the history of mankind have we had to give up and turn over our personal bodies to even be considered for employment.What ever happened to, can the person do the job or can’t he.Now it’s, does this person have marijuana in his or her system or don’t they.And no wonder our country’s in an economic collapse.They planned it that way.Millions of jobs shipped abroad,foreigners brought in by the corporations,stagnant and collapsed wages,and drug testing that is nothing more than a corporate lockout on the American worker.I’d say their corrupt scheme has worked out just fine ,for them…

  2. Umm, I’m actually starting to think that perhaps he isn’t lying. Rather, some ultra conservative folks seem to be afflicted with some sort of logic impairment; or rather this impairment get expressed this way in some people. They hear it right, but somehow think/process it backward, like a logic reversal… Or some form of dyslexia. I mean that argument makes so little sense; it is the product of someone who’s thought processes aren’t working like they should be.
    All the data they provide actually supports marijuana legalization, while supports making other dangerous drugs illegal. They say, ‘Someone OD’s on prescription drugs every 19 minutes.’ And these ashmoles plan on not doing their jobs which is protecting us from these
    dangerous drugs that they are completely aware of; but rather somehow interpret that their mission should be to continue to harass marijuana users.
    Huh??? Please DEA, Drug Czar and Whitehouse; explain it to US(A) again, but without the brain-dead logic reversal this time. Can you do it? Or should we just laugh at you guys and vote for someone who might actually care about us? You are very close to being fired. You are preventing the end of this drug filled country by letting all kinds of dangerous drugs on the legal market. You let companies lace cigarettes with all kinds of crap, but then babble about the dangers of laced marijuana. Get real and get the damn laced cigarettes out of the stores if you care about people. Cigarettes should contain nothing except tobacco. Or do you somehow believe you’re already on the job protecting us from dangerous materials by arresting marijuana users?
    Is this the plan? Arrest them for marijuana before they get to a 7-11 and buy chemically laced cancer inducing cigarettes or stop by a pharmacy and buy some numbing death pills–it makes sense, but only if you’re mentally impaired.

  3. “Yet, the science is clear: Marijuana use is not a benign drug and it is harmful to public health and safety.”
    SCIENCE??? What Science?? The federal government won’t allow testing of cannabis, so what science are they talking about?
    BUSTED AGAIN!!!!!!!

  4. Prohibition has been one lie after the other right from the very beginning in 1937 when Anslinger said pot would make black men rape your white daughters. It’s total bullshit from the get go. The war on pot is ILLEGITIMATE. It’s JIM CROWE all over again.

  5. The Drug Czar’s position on this issue, and their response, is so stupid as to be totally laughable! I admit to having used marijuana recreationally now for 40 years. I challenge the Drug Czar himself to a contest that would test both of us physically and mentally. Let’s see who wins if he has the balls top accept! I’m not holding my breath…
    What would such a contest really interesting is if he was to consume his favorite recreational substance, alcohol, and I consume mine, then let the contest begin. He’d have no chance 🙂

  6. This “drug war” needs to end, enough is enough!! Why is it that there is hard evidence that this government is involved in black market of the drug trade and they are not investigated and prosecuted?? That to me is the main reason why they keep them illegal, for their own personal gain!! Why are Americans so naive??

  7. typical.. the saddest part about this is that im wondering how many other politicians are legally forced to cover up something for special interest groups.. Seriously with this shit? maybe we should rip up the tax act of 1937 and the other laws that interfier with my god given rights.. im tired of this shit..Our voices are laughed at by ignorence and mob mentality conservatives who think everything is bad and the government like mommy and daddy should tell you what you can and can’t have..WHO THE FUCK are they to tell me and you what we can and can’t do?!? No.. Why would someone lie to u if they are trying to help you?! They aren’t here to help and heal us people simply they are protecting special interest.. Only ONE HUGE PROBLEM..Mass media of people don’t see through the smoke screen thats fogging our government and politicians and infecting everyone like a virus to side with “the responsible ones” when really they are just zombies following the leader all the way up to secret societies and special interest.. I want to know what happened with the lawsuit that i believe norml had on the government for delaying for so long..Why isn’t that lawsuit in the media so that people can see how they are being manipulated by puppets.

  8. “What would America look like if we had just as many people using marijuana as we currently have smoking cigarettes, abusing alcohol, and abusing prescription drugs?”
    I’d like to answer that question. That portion of the population that is using marijuana instead of the other substances would be the most healthy and productive part of America!!!

  9. What is really scary is the fact that our government knows what the truth is about the saftey of MJ vs other substances. They want it kept illegal because so many of them have a stake in the privitized prisons that just love getting a hold of nonviolent marijuana users. Easy money for them. Also the paychecks for the DEA,ATf,etc that make a living ruining peoples lives in the name of the “Marijuana is Illegal” law.

  10. people you must realize our government is the biggest drug dealer may i say the DEA the CIA AND HOMELAND SECURITY . THEY HAVE NOT STOPPED PROBLEM THEY ARE THE PROBLEM.

  11. I was watching a History Channel production on the Salem Witch Trials (Netflix) recently and was struck by how similar that dark spell in our history is to our current war on some drugs, especially marijuana. Indeed, in this country, all things cannabis are irrationally suppressed.
    The biggest difference is that in Salem the hysteria lasted less than a year before calmer heads prevailed and the people came to their senses, but not before many villagers were executed. In the case of the irrational fear of cannabis, that has not happened and every year hundreds of thousands of citizens are arrested and otherwise persecuted for any contact, no matter how slight, with the demon marijuana.
    Polls indicate that the blatant silliness of the ONDCP and DEA is becoming clear to more and more everyday people. Their own statements are the best ammunition against them. It is simply astounding that these officials remain blind to their absurd reasoning.

  12. we should be clear though, some cannabis users do also engage in domestic abuse/violence, it is possible to have an accident whist intoxicated, some people do have issues with dependancy, it is not a benign drug. None of these however are reasons why there should not be regulated access and decriminalisation, I just think we should be a little more compromising in the rhetoric we use.
    we do need to start to understand the concerns of officials and address their problems one by one in rational debate and speak in tearms of what we are ‘for’ rather than what we are ‘against’.
    We need to be honest about a graduated scale of harm for all drugs. Prescription opiate based medication is in a totally different league of harm than cannabis. I dont think it is a credible argument to extol cannabis as a substitute for harder drugs as really that implies that habitual drug use of some kind is inevitable in all adults which it is not. People should be free to use all drugs responsibly.
    The most powerful argument is that safe access breaks the link between cannabis and more harmful drugs such as cocaine and heroin which may be sold along side cannabis by illicit dealers. also that a regulated market would facilitate access to social and health services and reduce the violence that comes with the illicit trading.

  13. I just read all the comments…. Good stuff. I had to laugh a few times.
    So what are we going to do about this? I want to see this nonsense end. I want to see ALL drugs regulated. Telling someone what they can and cant do with their OWN body is essentially telling someone that you own their body. The body is a prison for your mind here in the USA. Its cool to race cars, fight in the UFC, and eat at mcdonalds. BUT NO NO NO! You cannot touch that joint!
    Welcome to the movement people. Its a new era. Time to end the bullshit.

  14. But, but, but…..Marijuana is deadly so says BIG alcohol & we’re pumping money into Prop. 19 to make sure it stays illegal . After all, it’s a ” safety issue “………..
    The soul singer’s family says toxicology tests show there were no illegal drugs in her system when she died.
    They say the tests showed “alcohol was present,” but said it hasn’t yet been determined if it played a role in the singer’s death last month.
    Previously, The Sun reported that her family believed she was killed not by drugs, but by quitting alcohol cold turkey.
    They believe the singer’s decision to lay off alcohol completely for three weeks was a lethal “shock” for her tiny body, a source told the paper. Her family believe she was killed by a seizure because her tiny frame could not cope with such a dramatic withdrawal.
    “Abstinence gave her body such a fright they thought it was eventually the cause of her death .”

  15. People in America abuse everything from over the counter drugs to even fast food. Its no wonder why the country is in such bad shape. The reality is that adding one more substance, which is literally harmless, in fact, useful, won’t really change the public’s health. Many people consume cannabis daily and yet not a single fatality from it. It needs to be legal and regulated if we want to keep the youth away from it. Its the right thing to do.

  16. Looks like they are starting to ramble. That’s a good sign they are getting weak. These poor suckers are just doing there job. They know the truth. It’s the big shot corprations in the back rooms that are worried about loosing there investments. They force there polices and make it look like it’s government decision.

  17. As TheOracle said, Taoist-like patience is needed, flow around the rock of prohibition, eroding it little by little.
    So True.

  18. what a crock from the Govt as usual…
    they cant come up with an ACTUAL reason to keep it under prohibition is their issue..so they make things up instead..they are never to be trusted…they are in it for their own gain which is only 575 people in the way…not that many. I say overgrow the govt.
    they do what they want why cant we ? cannabis is not a drug you can OD on with the exception of someone that has not had much experience and all that will do is make them a little disoriented at the most..
    this is all a bunch of crap from the govt..where going to do what we keep doing anyway..
    and if we go to jail over it well then I guess it just makes them look worse every time someone goes to jail over a joint.
    this is idiotic and makes me sick that we could have a great help and healing plant good medicine that wont kill you for using it but they do not have OUR best interest at heart…obviously. and our current liar in office prob. smokes too..didnt he say he did and supported it too at the beginning of his campaign ?
    now backtracks. I say FIRE them…they do not work for us, they work for themselves..meanwhile our country is feeling the effects of middle management gone bad in the oval office.

  19. The system has taken the human out of human being and by proxy and for profit, they have pigeonholed everyone into the same mold and collective mind.
    When Big government and the corrupt nature of corporate intstitutions that beckon the more expansive beauracracy and takes a stranglehold the individual becomes smaller and less and merely a being.
    This is the essense of their corporate morality and mortal sins.
    Ray DiPasquale

  20. hopefully the earthquake just shook some sense into those hypocritical money grubbing Washington baffoons.

  21. Wikipedia: {Drug Czar is an informal name for the person who directs drug-control propaganda in the United States, following the U.S. use of the ‘czar’ term. The ‘drug czar’ title was first published in a 1982 news story by United Press International which reported that “Senators… voted 62–34 to establish a ‘drug czar’ who would have overall responsibility for U.S. drug policy.”[1] Since then, several ad hoc executive positions in both the United States and United Kingdom have been established which have been subsequently referred to in this manner.
    In his first interview since being confirmed to head the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy with the Washington Post, Gil Kerlikowske said the bellicose analogy was a barrier to dealing with the nation’s drug issues.
    “Regardless of how you try to explain to people it’s a ‘war on drugs’ or a ‘war on a product,’ people see a war as a war on them,” he said. “We’re not at war with people in this country.” (See War, Psycholinguistics)}
    He is a lier. He is paid to be a lier. Our government lies, cheats, steals, murders, all the while having a strait face. Our government has too much power if they are able to do what they want, when they want, no matter right or wrong, no matter if the constitution gives them the power or not, and with no consequence.

  22. Does the Federal Government have any idea how much harm cannabis prohibition is having on our society? Do they remember McCarthyism? Jim Crow? The religious wars in Colonial America, the Witch Trials and atrocities? Do they know why the Temperance Society was created in the 1830’s – because alcohol abuse by men was so savage, and it took almost 75 years to ban alcohol, because it was dangerous. How easy it was to revoke a Constitutional Amendment with good merit?
    I’m with others here posting… if the Fed insists on promoting this failed war on drugs, largely against cannabis, and largely funding murderous, terrorist cartels; given that both alcohol and tobacco fit the criteria for a Schedule One Controlled Substance, that we should immediately make illegal the possession, use, and paraphernalia associated with those “drugs”. Until we work out the truth, and find ways to truly regulate the dangerous substances, as compared to the less dangerous substances.
    The laws prohibiting and making criminals out of cannabis users and passive growers is severe, and if the federal government doesn’t know what harm these crimes have been to people than they too are guilty of a crime… “failure to serve and protect!”
    Prohibition is NOT protecting anyone… it’s harming everyone!!!

  23. I find no currently accepted use for the Federal Government, other than to wage war, spend our money, and trample on our Constitution and unalienable human rights

  24. They make to much money on prescription drugs,privatley owned prisons and get huge kick backs from them all,They would just loose to much money on me where i had cancer surgery if i could grow my own medican in ky,I would not need the 6 different pills that my dr, has me hooked on thats killing me..It’s all about the money and for the life of me it burns my ass that i can not grow a few plants in ky to help me live a better life.fuck the goverment dont ever vote for no one that will not let us have ower weed,weed heals and pills kill

  25. More bureaucratic autopilot. People in career positions in DC care mostly about covering their asses, so nothing will impede the advancement of their careers. Bureaucracies are dense hierarchies. That means everyone is always aware that someone important might be watching. Even the slightest deviation from the established program could mean a missed promotion. Policy issues from high up and that makes nearly everyone a functionary. The bigger the policy decision, the fewer people are allowed to even think about it, nevermind change it. Prohibition is rooted in DC like a 300 year old oak tree. It’s going to take a VERY significant effort to uproot it.

  26. Why am I not surprised by this response? Oh yeah… it’s because we already know the truth and they(the Czars) continue to lie and go on like blithering fools thinking they know what’s best for us. No wonder they named them Czars. Because only a communist would have this “menace of marijuana” mentality. Hooray for the USSA! 😛

  27. The time has come for the people to march in the streets of Washington D.C. in non-violent protests of marijuana prohibition and the drug war.
    This seems to be the only way to change the Draconian drug laws (unless we want to wait another 20 years for it to MAYBE change).
    Any ideas?
    With enough people (million?) protesters could clog the streets and bring D.C. to a stand still. It would have to be very organized with a supply chain for food and water and such so that protesters can stay indefinitely in the streets and bring our so-called Democracy to its knees. And someone would have to be nominated leader/spokesman. Everyone would have to be on the same page, so-to-speak, united with the same goals in mind so the oppressors couldn’t find a crack to capitalize on.
    I would do it myself but I am tied to a dialysis machine 3 days a week (TRS).
    Any takers?

  28. “Would marijuana legalization make Tennessee healthier or safer?”
    Keeping their plethorically dumb and lying ass out of politics would. I guess these yo hos weren’t paying attention to mom and dad when the honesty lessons were being taught. I’ll wager that there isn’t a boy scout in the bunch.

  29. If you listen to one word of what they say – you let them “think” they have an audience. Let their words fall on deaf ears. It’s time to ignore them and become indifferent to their BS. Just vote in 2012 – without all the hoopla.

  30. So who is going to go ahead and organize this million man march on Washington DC?
    HEY, they have Med Cannabis there too, right? HUH?! Can someone please explain how the very place were all this oppression is originating can have Med Cannabis?
    April 20, 2012, lets smoke out DC…they cant arrest all of us…assuming there is a million people there toking it up during a speech and setting similar to Dr. king’s “I Have A Dream…”
    we the sheeple need to stand up to this bully.
    [Paul Armentano responds: Because the District of Columbia and Congress are two separate entities. Washington, DC has a local medical cannabis law (which, to date, has not yet been implemented), because a majority of voters of DC placed it on the ballot and passed it — similar to how various other states, including California, enacted medical marijuana legal protections. The DC City Council recently passed rules and regulations to put the nascent law in place, and they possess the legal authority to do so.]

  31. We Know the Problem, here is the solution:
    VOTE for RON PAUL 2012 (for all freedom, not just cannbis).
    Throw away the TV (aka Propaganda Machine), and go do SOMETHING…ANYTHING instead of soaking up what Big Brother want’s you to; then advocate the same to those who can’t seem to figure out how to think for themselves.
    Oh, and wake up to the idea that INCOME TAX, of any sort, IS SLAVERY. Sales tax? Fine. Tariff’s? Fine. ANY tax OTHER than that which punishes you for making your own money? Fine. Income tax only exists so that we don’t question the legitimacy of the “Federal Reserve Note.” THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A NEED FOR IT ACCORDING TO THE WAY THE GOVT HAS ALWAYS OPERATED, OPERATES TODAY, AND WILL CONTINUE TO OPERATE.
    [Editor’s note: Ron Paul will never be elected president (he can’t even come close to winning the GOP nomination, let alone in a general election), so how can he and his anti-federal reservism possibly be the solution?]

  32. I disagree with the editor. Ron Paul has more support than ever.
    [Editor’s note: Ron Paul is too old and too libertarian to win the GOP nomination…and he will never win a general election in a country that is not libertarian. If you support Ron Paul for president you might as well as try to elect a fairy godmother or a magical pixie to be president. They actually might possess a better chance!]

  33. Those interested in getting this issue to finally ‘tip’ should read (or read again, as it were) Malcolm Gladwell’s ‘The Tipping Point’, and then begin thinking of ways to connect the Connectors, Mavens and Salesmen of their community. Those in power, those with the money to lose at stake lose, will never succumb to what amounts to their own pink slip. So it must be the citizenry, at a grass roots level, that forces the changes in law. But the hurdle is finding those Connectors, Mavens and Salespeople. Maybe you are one of the three from the book. Maybe not. But everyone should read it, and use the ideas in that book to help tip this issue for their states, and for the nation as a whole.
    Best of luck to all and keep up the good fight, Paul, et al…

  34. Kin said, “You hit the nail on the head until the last sentence,we are no longer a free society,and everyone knows that pot extends your life,makes you happy,takes away stress, makes you love your brothers and sisters, these things are far from what your goverment wants.The system wants you to die early,hate each other,and take sides,because without sides no one makes money.”
    I agree with all of it…except I would change the last 7 words to, “because with out sides, the government has nothing to legitimize its existence (and by extension, our oppression in the form of little things like the PATRIOT ACT, INCOME TAX, PROHIBITION to name a few).” Because WE (the sheeple) would make our OWN money.
    An ounce of weed is worth 60 bucks or thereabouts….so everyone can participate in there own private economy of scale (the more money you need to pay bills and eat and ect., the more you grow…)…bad news for NWO types. The only free market IS the black market.

  35. Quit bashing REPUBLICANS and DEMOCRATS….I am tired of seeing all the free publicity we keep giving them.
    Instead, figure out that they are two sides of the same oppressive coin, and DON’T VOTE FOR THEM…there, everyone can be happy, conservatives, liberals, greens, libertarians, oh, and lets not forget the group I belong to: AMERICAN CITIZENS.

  36. MAYBE Americans would loose weight, exercise and give back to their community, unlike NOW, were just full of fat, lethargic, unmotivated and dull consumers, you make me SAD America

  37. Typical diversion tactics.
    He knows the our proposal holds no fallacies, so he just sidesteps and blabbers about nothing. Typical Capitol Hill bullshit.

  38. recently discharged and waiting for same to happen from another painmanag.clinic due to my use of weed.58yrs.of age and still have to answer for my 45 years of use.every month I am given 120 15mg.oxy and 120 30mg er morphine and after one warning will be discharged if found dirty for ilicit drugs.Diabetic for 37 years I suffer with painful nerve damage plus constant nausa due to hepC.Whats a Md.M.F.to do?

  39. Let’s see… it begins with the fact that around 50% of Americans believe cannabis prohibition is wrong. It continues with all the states with current laws decriminalizing cannabis. It continues with a mob of dysfunctional politicians, as became more than obvious when the Tea-Party Republicans brought this country to a near mid-night debt default. It goes on with a respectable US Congressman, Ron Paul, seeking the Republican nomination with a rightist voice proclaiming he “could never succeed… too libertarian!”
    Let’s instead embrace Gov. Rick Perry of TX, a religious fanatic who has dreams of turning the White House into a fringe Evangelical theocracy. We will have our own “Moral Authority”, and “Morality Police”. We will read the Bible everyday at noon for half an hour, or be subject to arrest. We will attend church, those deemed appropriate by the religious czar.
    Now explain to me the difference between Congressman Ron Paul and Gov. Rick Perry???
    I’m already forced to pee in a cup to get a job, subject to criminal arrest for use of several God-Given herbs with therapeutic value to me; paying income taxes and lucky as hell to still be employed, but at a rate of taxation that is significantly higher than what the wealthy hedgefund manager makes – millions in a day and less taxes than me! And my government “Health Ministry” tells me they “can’t legalize ‘marijuana’ because…” for unrelated problems such as prescription drug abuse, alcoholism, tobacco related deaths, etc.
    And “marijuana” hasn’t “ever been studied” for safety. Yet apparently “studied enough” to proclaim “it has no known medical value and a high risk of abuse”. They might as well admit it “causes madness”! Which it doesn’t, but that’s not their point. Their point is – We can’t legalize marijuana because it’s illegal”.
    Well how the Hell did the 18th Amendment to the US Constitution get repealed so QUICKLY through the 21st Amendment? In a mere 10 years?
    The 18th Amendment had something substantial backing it’s passage – alcohol is truthfully toxic to the human body. Tobacco is also toxic, being as nicotine is a neural-toxin, a powerful neural-toxin.
    The 21st Amendment was passed because the federal government was broke. They needed tax revenue. The 18th Amendment was repealed because supporters of prohibition were not concerned about public safety – there were serious reasons for the public to fear alcohol use (which must be manufactured – unless you like rotten fruit). Yet it was repealed without as much as a hiccup!
    There are no – zero – scientific or medical studies to place natural, unprocessed cannabis as a danger to individuals or society. There is some concern that certain people may develop schizophrenia after use, but no proof cannabis caused the disease, but rather, may have brought a predisposition for it earlier, rather than later in life. If you ask me, I’d rather find out early in life, and would like my chance to seek psychiatric help rather than be subject to arrest if such is true. It’s a
    human condition, we are not all made the same. Why arrest the schizophrenic and not the alcoholic, or tobacco addict? Tobacco use and diseases cost this country billions of dollars every year, and people die by the millions.
    Cannabis use… it’s criminal status and prohibition overloads the legal system, alienates millions of peaceful people, kills literally no one by it’s casual use, and funds, due to prohibition, terrorist cartels in Mexico and around the world. I pay taxes that support this War on Drugs, on cannabis. Conscientious Objector status per chance – but No…
    I’m 57… I remember vividly the Viet Nam protests, and how wrong that war was. The War on Drugs is no different. Only it’s gone on far too long!
    My first solution is immediate prohibition of addictive substances, or substances with no proven medical value like coffee, alcohol, tobacco, catnip, Cream of Wheat cereal, Wonder Bread (if it’s still around), Twinkies, and Doritos, fast food, etc.
    My second choice, agreeing to an April 20, 2012 “Walk and Toke on Washington” is unfortunately not my favorite hope. With the deadly consequences in Syria for peaceful protest, and the bloodbath that followed, I have little doubt our own government would consider us terrorist, influenced by Iran, and drop a nuke on us. Those left alive would be quickly imprisoned in Guantanamo… for life.
    As a result, upon careful consideration of our options, I believe, Henry David Thoreau and his Civil Disobedience is our only prayer. I live in NH… “Live Free or Die”, which translates as, “if you’re not hurting anyone and you benefit from it, do it.” That means, Buy your seeds online from countries where it’s legal, grow your own, and face the fact you could be arrested. But at least you’re living free. Elect Rick Perry and you can expect a life sentence for use of cannabis – not fair, he didn’t say it, but it doesn’t say in the Bible you can use cannabis, it simple says, “God gave to us to plants of the Earth…”, but from a Republican perspective, “what the Hell does that mean? That I won’t be getting that check daily from Big Pharma???
    Hell, I’m Gov.Rick Perry, and I will be President as God speaks to me and told me so! As for Pres. Obama, I hate to say it, but you had your chance and you blew it.
    Vote Ron Paul, even if “he can’t win”… which is a crock of crap.

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