NASCAR Again Shows Bias Against Marijuana By Suspending Driver Who Legally Uses Medical Cannabis

The recent and unfortunate suspension of Ronnie Hults, a NASCAR driver from Colorado who is a lawful medical cannabis patient—along with the recent rejection of a NASCAR car sponsored by Cannabis Planet— would seem to affirm a clear bias that the auto racing organization has against cannabis and cannabis consumers.
And this from an organization like NASCAR….with its well established roots in the illegal trafficking of untaxed alcohol (i.e., Moonshine) post-Prohibition in America’s southeastern states; a major promoter of tobacco products for decades; and current major billboard for the pharmaceutical industry to promote their drugs.
There appears to be no allegations of Mr. Hults driving while under the influence of medical cannabis and as NLC member from Denver Warren Edson wryly observes: ‘What’s the problem here, all these guys have to do is turn left?’

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  1. what a joke….im talking about nascar…anyone who is interested in this car racing is a moron….i guess its fun to engage in a past time that produces excessive noise and pollution….trashy people if you ask me….

  2. This makes me glad I hate Nascar but if I did watch it or buy their video games this would be enough to make me boycott them. We need to start shunning the companies that pull crap like this but we mike have to become self sufficient because it seems almost all the companies these days have this attitude.

  3. Our patient rights are slowly being taken from us. It is time to GET INVOLVED! Flood NASCAR with emails. Join Americans For Safe Access!
    [Editor’s note: Join ASA?? Instead, join NORML as we support cannabis law reform for healthy cannabis consumers and hemp enthusiasts too! NORML supports ending all cannabis related arrests –not just for citizens who claim to need cannabis for medical purposes.]

  4. The reason they wont allow it is big pharma is a major sponsor of nascar that they are extremely anti weed because they want you doing THEIR drugs. The drug companies are also the biggest supporter of the war on drugs which is why weed is not legal. They would rather pump you full of proprietary liver damaging and addictive chemicals because they cannot be made by the public and they make trillions of dollars.

  5. I just can not belive you stoped the man for driveing a raise car for the reason of pot.I will never go to a nascar rase again for you doing this unless you let him keep driveing that car,david from ky

  6. Sad, why are they doing this? I would bet more than half of the nascar fan base smokes weed too lol

  7. Its time we ask the good ol boys to stop supporting NASCAR and stay away from the tracks. Stop buying their goods and start ignoring them on their weekend races. Turn the channel, dont go to the track. Help us out here a little.

  8. Wow.. If he is an alcoholic would that be against the rules? Oh by the way, check out the news article at the top..a few ppl calling him ignorant, yet they label cannabis as a demon drug. I’m not sure how much of this crap I can take anymore lol

  9. nascar sucks even more than i thought it did. Their image as a bunch of ignorant fucks is now even more solidified in my mind. A boycott is needed for those hypocritical fools. Bunch of DEA dick suckers.

  10. Redneck inbred morons.
    [Editor’s note: NASCAR’s execs maybe misdirected, but it is overly harsh to portray them as “Redneck inbred morons”. Ouch!]

  11. Yea, Imagine that; Oh, Nascar has become SELF RIGHTOUS DUDE! WHAT HIPOCRITS!! What about all the beer drinking and smoking and tity showing going on at Nascar???

  12. Oh, but it’s perfectly OK if we plaster BUDWEISER all over the cars? Alcohol causes close to 50% of traffic accidents (the one thing they do a lot), half of all violent teen deaths, 80% of college rapes, and so much other shit. A society can be defined by the substances they use…err abuse. Stop the bias and discrimination! A pot smoker will never die from pot! This is exactly why teen deaths are so high from alcohol. But they wouldn’t be from pot!

  13. This is horrible. Yeah MMJ isn’t federally legal yet, but why should NASCAR care as long as he isn’t medicated while racing? Yeah, you can advertise for Viagra, Zoloft, etc, but you can’t advertise for an organic alternative to those?

  14. If this car was allowed in NASCAR I might actually watch that boring sport, if you can call sitting in a car for a million hours going in a circle a sport.

  15. Until our “leaders” realize <=I truly believe they do but they don't want average people benefiting from it= what NORML and many other activists, here and around the globe, have been saying about cannabis' positive properties and commence to educate, regulate and implement it within our culture then the hypocrisy that prohibitionists and organizations display towards cannabis is one only of convenience and nothing substantial. +EDUCATE+ -INDOCTRINATE-. The real question is when are we going to have and (H)ONEST, (O)PEN and (T)RUTHFUL discussion on the topic of cannabis?

  16. The ignorance with which otherwise educated and intelligent people condemn marijuana use out of hand is indicative of the results of seventy years of intense lying propaganda. Even when a state has capitulated and allowed the will of its voters to put medical marijuana into use, the State will put on a second face and deny medicinal marijuana use to anyone over whom they have the leverage to do so.
    In Washington State, which permits medical marijuana to be used, a Medicaid patient being prescribed opiods for pain can be permanently cut off from their painkillers if they fail a urine test for pot. It doesn’t matter to the state if that patient has complied with all the laws concerning medical marijuana use or not—they are still persecuted! Even in the case where the opiod is not being abused, it’s taken from them because of the urine test. How can a State lawmaking body permit with one hand and deny with the other? Simple—it’s a case of world-class hypocrisy, combined with a certain amount of vestigial hatred and the mental residue of all those pathetic lies. We are at the mercy of Neanderthals.

  17. And to think of the other illicit drugs the drivers do and are still driving. And then the ones that actually drive under influence!!!

  18. Well hell! That’s an easy one – probably the easiest one to deal with. If you don’t know the power of boycott – here’s the best place to discover it’s effectiveness. If they don’t want us – “piss on them” – we don’t want them.
    Boycott NASCAR and anyone that has anything to do with them. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  19. I say bring on the cali kind kind 500. I quite watching nascar because most of the teams have to be politacly correct. Nascar was born out of prohibition. Hello people every right that god and our founding fathers gave us is being stripped away. Simply bullshit. And the only way this ridicious war on a plant that has been on this planet since the dawn of mankind and when we the people stand up and say no more!!!! I know I do, thats why johnny law loves me so much 🙂

  20. NASCAR probably doesn’t want Hults to drive because the weed might make him too cautious and he might drive like a grandma. They would rather have alcohol fueled, “whisky bottle, brand new car, oak tree you’re in my way” mentalities out on the track….
    In case you haven’t heard this – Banks in Colorado are forcing marijuana dispensaries to close their accounts? Huh? I guess the Banks are afraid the Feds will punish them for money laundering or some other flimsy excuse.
    Will this madness ever end? I think I need to move.

  21. Not at all surprising considering most involved in NASCAR are plagued with ignorance, but it is ironic that most of the fans smoke weed. They don’t even go to watch the races; they go to get drunk & high….ain’t no party like a white trash party 😛

  22. Well this sucks, I was planning on buying the new NASCAR game for PS3 and going to the next race in Texas.. On the plus side, now I can sell my tickets and money that was going to be spent at the track to donate to NORML! My NASCAR boycott is in full swing now and all my colleagues are aware..

  23. Most likely someone complained that he may have an unfair advantage… Everyone knows the enhanced experience/outlook/reality that may be possible in sports – Just ask Mr. Phelps, or most any X-Games participant…

  24. Another reason why NASCAR is loosing so much of it audience. The ratings have reduced greatly over the last five years. Their refusal to address the growing national acceptance of marijuana (I can give a hoot about med marijuana..BS) will only add to that reduction of viewers. Combine the prior with the growing lack of interesting drivers; things are not looking good for old NASCAR.

  25. Well,the one good thing i can say about NASCAR is that they have their Corperate Indorsements on their cars for full Transperancy.
    I think this is a good idea and i would like to see this with our Politicians
    as well..Let’s make it mandatory from now on:) that all Politicians wear their Corperate Sponscership on some visible part of their clothing,like Military insignia for a soldier.instead of a badge of honor they could proudly wear names like: PFIZER-MERK-MONTSANTO-BOEING or other influential companies on their lapels with pride honor and dignity:(

  26. Being a fan of the Sport (and NOT an inbred-corn hole…really?) NASCAR has an obligation to stick to the rules in makes for it’s sanctioning body. That being said, they DO have the capacity to LEARN new and changing times. How about we EDUCATE them rather then cast them off? Even if it’s a decade before they do anything, can you imagine the day when NORML is on the decks of a race car, with a 100,000 watching live, and another million at home? EVERY WEEKEND?? Come guys. We know better… Lets show them the truth people !

  27. It’s all about the PROFITS! If Marijuana was legalized, every Pharmacy in the America would lose PROFITS!!! Every FOR PROFIT PRIVATE OWNED PRISON would lose PROFITS! Who OWNS almost every Pharmacy in America?—-Republicans! Who OWNS almost every PRIVATE FOR PROFIT PRISON in America?—–Republicans! Who OWNS most of the big companies in America like NASCAR? —-Republicans! I am not at all surprised to see Republican owned Big Business NASCAR standing up against Medical Marijuana. If the Republicans take the White House in 2012—you will see a REVERSAL of every Medical Marijuana Law that has been put in place—FASTER THAN YOU EVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE! If I was a Republican President and I wanted to shut down Medical Marijuana like the Republican Presidential candidates have said they will do, — then make no doubt about it–I could shut it down quickly!!! First I would give the States a one week warning that I was coming to their State. Then I would send in agents one State at a time and swarm the entire State and make arrests in record numbers. We’re talking real arrests here, not make believe. People going to prison for 15 to 20 years as fast as I could prosecute them through the system and I would have an EXPRESS LANE set up in advance of the Raids so they could all get maximum sentences allowed as fast as possible. Many would fold upon just the threat of my coming to the State, then after a few dozen arrests and people being shown in the local newspapers and online going to prison for 20 years for REAL!!! Then everyone else would fold. I would do this to every State that has Medical Marijuana Laws ass quickly as possible. Then I would swing immediately into a State wide Ground operation and arrest every person caught growing. I would put troops in every town and make arrests at an alarming rate never seen before. Each arrest would quickly be followed by prosecution and imprisonment of the MAXIMUM sentence allowed!!! This is real people with State Medical Marijuana Cards going to Prison for a very long time and it’s ALL FOR REAL!!! I would make certain to get ALL THE TOP DOGS such as anyone with ties to places such as NORML–HIGH TIMES–Employees ect ect. I would have a secret bonus on their heads on the down low. Within a week of making MEDICAL MARIJUANA CARD HOLDER arrests FOR REAL, and putting them ALL in Prison for 20 years, I would take a break and send message to each State that they have one week to take down their plants and get rid of them or face further arrests in the States. Then the rest of the card holders would start pulling up their plants left and right to avoid serious arrest. I would then post a message of rewards in substantial amounts to anyone giving information as to the location and arrest of anyone still growing. I would circulate this message all across the States. Those who stuck it out will now fold there growing operations. I would then after the one week off that I promised the States, move in with any leads that I have as to who is still growing and I would give the rewards as promised. Once this message of arrests got out, then that would pretty much take it back to nothing but hard core drug dealers left on the streets. And the SAD PART— IT ONLY TOOK ME 6 MONTHS TO GET TO THIS POINT!!! Every arrest made would be according to existing Federal Laws already on the books so absolutely no policy change would be needed before getting started, so I could get started on DAY ONE!!! Every Medical Marijuana grow in America has officially been Eradicated!!! I just fulfilled my #1 Presidential Campaign Promise to my AMERICAN REPUBLICANS who elected me to office just as I PROMISED I would do!!! The Republicans Stand up with me and cheer while the Medical Marijuana needy sit in pain!!! Job well done!!! Now to put some Laws in place to make sure this Medical Marijuana nonsense can NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!!! —So there you have it NORML and NORML PEEPS!!! NOW GO VOTE REPUBLICAN 2012 and you may end up seeing your worst nightmares come true!!!—– As for RON PAUL and GARY JOHNSON–they are just a Republican Horse and Pony Show— they haven’t got a snowballs chance in hell of making it through the REAL Republican voters. So, please don’t yell RON PAUL or GARY JOHNSON, because the Republican Party would NEVER EVER EVER Vote either of them through. EVER!!! You can look for George Bush’s Evil Twin RICK PERRY or Medical Marijuana Reversal crusader promise candidate MITT ROMNEY as the likely Republican choice–then expect a VP to match their Medical Marijuana Reversal agenda. Marijuana needs 4 more years to become established. OBAMA may not be the greatest President— BUT!!!! It could be a WHOLE LOT WORST for the Marijuana Movement!!! Who you Bash Today can prove to be your fruits of tomorrow. Careful what you wish 4!!!

  28. To begin with Dale (JR) is Gay That need to be told to these Gas sucking fumes (D-A).Not that i care if some one is gay or not.Then there need to be a study to fine out why all these driver talk like some one cuts there Nuts off. I use to love watching N.A.S.Car.But being a cycles as in bicycling. I love real sport racing.

  29. People from the south who are against marijuana will most likely always be againt marijuana, especially the rich snobby republican like southerners. You tell them the truth about weed and they won’t believe you for one second. It reminds me of that one episode of Family Guy where they are going to Texas and Brian mentions texans are stubburn like a mule, and then they show some guy arguing with a mule. Still think marijuana is on its way of becoming legal and maybe that will kill the taboo.

  30. 27. Robert
    The banks are the feds. The banks are the feds. The banks are the feds. There I’ve said it three times. The third time is a charm. We live by the “Golden Rule” – he who’s got the gold rules. Know who your enemy is.

  31. 35. Mountaihigh50
    “NASCAR: Non-Athletic Sport.”
    Don’t you mean Non-Athletic Supporter [as in jock strap].

  32. 36. CuzzinKenny
    You can only see – if you open your eyes. You can only hear – if you unplug your ears. You can only smell – if you stop stepping in your own shit. They’ve sold out to their sponsors.

  33. Marijuana users are many. We should all band together to boycott any organization or business that decides to do the ignorant thing; which of course is to discriminate against us! My new attitude about NASCAR is “who needs em”! By the way, everyone reading this should also stop shopping at Wal Mart since they fired a really good employee for using prescribed cannabis – the friggin’ jerks!

  34. Wow, a sport made famous from bootlegging rejects a marijuana sponsorship, doesn’t shock me at all. We all know alcohol is completely harmless and that is why Budweiser has sponsorship. YEAH FREAKING RIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a recovering alcoholic and can’t even go to a simple baseball game or hell even turn on the tv because of all the ridiculous propaganda. Just like not being able to make cigarettes sound cool anymore, but they are allowed to make beer and liquor sound cool???? WTF??? I am moving to Cananda. I think everyone should move out of this country and just show them what happends when there is nobody left to buy their crap.

  35. Y’all ever hear of Marijuana Moonshine? That’s what us Hillbilly southern rednecks drink way back down here in the woods, don’t ya know.Hell we cook it up (Bud) just like the corn and it is some of the finest smoothest tast’in shine to ever come out of Alabama.Hell we can even fuel our cars with it! It’ll make Y’all Squeal!!! Y’all got some real purty mouths out there…

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