NASCAR Again Shows Bias Against Marijuana By Suspending Driver Who Legally Uses Medical Cannabis

The recent and unfortunate suspension of Ronnie Hults, a NASCAR driver from Colorado who is a lawful medical cannabis patient—along with the recent rejection of a NASCAR car sponsored by Cannabis Planet— would seem to affirm a clear bias that the auto racing organization has against cannabis and cannabis consumers.
And this from an organization like NASCAR….with its well established roots in the illegal trafficking of untaxed alcohol (i.e., Moonshine) post-Prohibition in America’s southeastern states; a major promoter of tobacco products for decades; and current major billboard for the pharmaceutical industry to promote their drugs.
There appears to be no allegations of Mr. Hults driving while under the influence of medical cannabis and as NLC member from Denver Warren Edson wryly observes: ‘What’s the problem here, all these guys have to do is turn left?’

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  1. If NASCAR drivers were popping pain pills provided by their doctors it would be okay. If the guy took a pain pill the night before a race it would probably still be in his system even if he’s not under the influence. The same can be said about marijuana. If THC is in your blood but your not high then your not under the influence!
    They would know if he was racing stoned, he wouldn’t be driving his car 160-200 mph, he would probably be going 20 MPH around the track!
    Beer companies are in with NASCAR and prohibition of alcohol helped create NASCAR.
    Also ironic how beer which many people drive under the influence of and get into bad accidents, the beer companies help sponsor a sport involving driving!
    I will stick with watching Skip Barber’s race car sport of high end sports cars flying down straights and going through left and right hand corners. Lot more fun to watch!

  2. I wouldn’t watch NASCAR because it’s really stupid, but now I’m totally not going to watch it because the organization is supported by hypocritical retards who clearly don’t represent the America I support, a free one.

  3. Lot of talk against NASCAR here. Everyone speaking against NASCAR forget it’s a sport?
    All sports are against any kind of drug use. Look it up.

  4. Thinking about it I believe you would do more good e-mailing Nascar and telling them you support marijuana and will not support NASCAR policies. If you stop going then they will just fill the seats with someone else.

  5. I think you hit the nail on the head with the comment re a billboard for the pharmaceutical industry. Big pharmas absolutely do not want public discourse on MMJ. The thing that pisses me off is the end run the drug companies are doing around marijuana’s Schedule I status by dissecting the cannabinoids. These drugs will cure nothing and make them an obscene amount of money. America, land of the free, home of the buck!

  6. I was a hugh NSCR fan back in the days when it was Winston
    and it was the good ole boy sport now they have gone to far, I am glad i stopped watching an going to them yrs ago. “NASCAR” needs to be knocked of it perch an shown it is not to big as they think

  7. how many people are killed everyday by the and budweiser? both of those corporations have cars…

  8. What the hell is the point of allowing people to use medical marijuana but not protecting their livelihood?
    How do cannabis users show the world that they are not to be fucked with?

  9. They would probably start turning right instead of left. Besides someone must make brownie points.

  10. 55. Readerup
    Talk about missing the point. It’s about loss of freedom and who controls who. If you don’t get that – you need to take another lap or head for the pits.

  11. If Marijuana or Cannabis was legalized in this country we have less stress and happier citizens… Never has anyone over dosed on pot never has anyone caused an accident on pot (only, no other substance) never has anyone committed a murder on pot. Hey NASCAR get a reality check. Think about it!!!!
    I for one am sick and god damn tired of you efin Republicans opening your ignorant intentional on purpose ill-informed uneducated regulated mouths and hearing crap fall out. If you have never smoked pot before don’t give your opinion, you make yourselves look a right ARSE!!! Why don’t you find the end of the world and fall off… Do us all a favor… Vote YES for Legal POT….!!!!!!!!!!
    It grows on Earth, you know the place that GOD created. Are you telling me that you think you know what’s better for us than our own creator??????

  12. Hey GOD did you hear the one where the mere mortals down here think they know what’s best for us over your opinion? Yeah it’s called mankind, you know the ones you goofed on when you made them…
    If it grows on GOD’S EARTH than it is not illegal… Get over yourselves, you out of control trying to control it all humans.

  13. nascar also random drug tests 90 people every week at race track,even tho theres been a driver killed.crew members have been crew members have killed other people all drinking an driving from race track.nothing but hipocrits

  14. Some smart lawyer will probably take NASCAR to court ….
    ” Making it’s move is the Cheech & Chong NORMAL car. A modified diesel running on hemp oil that uses an advanced cooling system the uses recycled urine from NASCARS pee in the cup program …

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