Tremendous PBS Video Explains Why Medical Cannabis Works — And How Big Pharma Is Planning To Cash In On It

PBS is to be commended for producing this excellent video summarizing the science behind the use of cannabis as a medicine.
Want to know why cannabis is effective at treating multiple symptoms and conditions? Watch this video. Want to know how cannabinoids selectively target and kill cancer cells? Watch this video. Want to know how many patents Big Pharma has taken out on cannabis-derived synthetic drugs? Watch this video.
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  1. You know whats despicably hilarious? Federal, reefer-madness influenced lawmakers will always continue to say “Im sorry, but there is just no scientific evidence that marijuana has any medical benefits.” Basically, as long as it isn’t the FDA, it isn’t legitimate. What a load of crap.

  2. I’ve thought this for many years but now I’m going to share it with everyone.If you’ve ever had a job where random drug testing was implemented against your will and for no other reason than for the government to let everyone out there know that they were going to control us by threatening us with our livelyhoods and freedom as far as that goes.I mean it’s great to be free and not locked up, but without your job and no money it’s not too good either. Anyway,I’ve always thought this about Ronald Regan because he was the one that implemented these random drug testing laws in the late eighties.But as far as that goes, I think every politician that has violated our constitutional rights should have an eternal urinal placed above their tomb or a piss cup on their grave so that “we the people” can keep a regular stream for them so they never run dry.Yeah that’s what I think they deserve so people never forget what they put people of this great country through.And for what? They’ve always been mean spirited and just plain wrong all along, but look what they’ve put this country through.I’ve never been so full of hate in my life, the disdain I feel for these self rightous assholes.Now after seeing this video, I think it’s well time for some payback! It’s just so hard to phathom what lengths they have stooped to, to destroy people’s lives. I don’t think you want to know what I’d really like to do…and I’m not a violent person by no means.

  3. I love the hypocrisy “that’s not how we do things– who cares if the oligarchy will block marijuana forever? if that’s what our masters decide then that’s what we must do–”
    The idea of critical thinking & civil disobedience has been completely removed from most people’s mindsets these days…. weakness thy name is law

  4. My only serious issue with the video is at the end when the doctor wants to keep it in the FDA etc. Which either is a ruse, or he is politically ignorant, the fact that he finds how cannabis works “suspect” like its still the new kid on the block is suspect in itself
    [Paul Armentano responds: Eric Voth’s talking point that plant cannabis must go through the FDA to be considered a legitimate therapy is a phony argument and he is well aware of this. The FDA exists to determine whether patented products from private companies can be brought to market. Since the present law forbids any legal private manufacturers of cannabis to exist, there remains no entity available to conduct the sort of research and development necessary to trigger an FDA review. Thus, until the scheduling of cannabis changes, the FDA will never be an arbiter of marijuana as a medicine.]

  5. Voth is a complete idiot. He obviously has a stake in keeping pot underground. “Addiction Specialist”

  6. What’s sad is…..that even if I showed this video to some people(stubborn people), in my family; they would still refuse to change their minds about the “devils” weed. Extremely sad when folks let proud/ignorant opinions trump actual science

  7. Michigan lawmakers just passed a law making medical marijuana dispensaries ILLEGAL….what can be done about this??

  8. So reformers, How does it feel to have your MM stratagy hijacked by Big Pharma? Ya’ll pushed the medical side hard because a)it was the right thing to do for the sick who could be helped by this plant and b)ya thought it would bring recreational legality closer. Now it looks like they are using that to their advantage.
    Funny how that idiot can say with a straight face that a cannabinoid cocktail is somehow more dangerous than a synthetic cocktail just because Big Pharma managed to get them through the FDA process while weed has never killed anyone.

  9. Obviously this doctor is getting paid vacations and all sorts of other things from pharmaceutical companies thats the one an only reason hes saying that cures using marijuana is “suspect”.

  10. It’s pretty darn obvious that poor ole’ Dr. Eric Voth has a stake in the pharmaceutical business and is not making a dime dispensing recommendations for medical cannabis to state such ridiculousness .

  11. Said it for years…when the gov’t figures out how to make as much money legally (as they make having it illeagal;police,prison) they will make it legal. Follow the money trail…

  12. Does anyone here not understand that the Republic has fallen? The usa has been, for several years now, a plutocratic dictatorship. Certainly you realize by now that obama was a trojan horse? I suspect ron paul is the same. But don’t let that stop you from voting for him. When he is safely in office and he does the same 180 that obama did, surely then you will know who really owns and controls this country. It ain’t you!

  13. Excellent, I agree we should be on street corners passing out DVD’s with this program on them.

  14. PhD stands for physicians helping to deceive. It’s why I don’t go to the doctor unless my life is on the line.
    Let people decide what works for them. I’m sick of this doctoral tyranny over my body.

  15. I have EPILEPSY and I totally agree with this! I am so ready for the government to get out of my life and live by the US Constitution. I used to have so many seizures that my life was unlivable, and now I hardly ever have a seizure. I have fewer as time goes on due to our dear plant! I am basically cured and if I can cure myself without somebody else making money off of my illness, then I AM HERE doing it!!! Thank you PBS. It’s about time someone with such great influence finally came out in blatant view.

  16. BIG PHARMA wants to remove just a couple of elements from Marijuana so that ONLY their product/strain with elements removed will be legal for medicine—- Anyone tested to have the REMOVED ELEMENTS(NATURAL GROWN MARIJUANA) in their system will be considered to have an illegal substance in their system and be arrested. This is what the Republican Controlled BIG PHARMA has planned for Medical Marijuana.

  17. pappy; just out of curiousity – If you dont vote for Ron Paul, who is a better choice? I honestly don’t believe he is a ” trojan horse”..he is the only choice I can see to get this country turned around..that doesn’t mean he won’t hit serious opposition from everywhere if he is elected and tries to do what he says he would, but I really do not see him doing the 180 as BO has…

  18. Voth and his ilk are too fucking stupid to figure out how it works scientifically, so nobody can legally use it, according to them. The fact that marijuana works is irrelevant. What a bunch of fucking assholes!
    I would go with the doctors who say to use it before they have figured out how it works because it works. Of course, something that pharma develops that actually kills cancer would obviously be more effective if it is a cure. As a cancer survivor and one who constantly worries about “the condition” and as an informed and well-educated person, I am for complete legalization for medical, recreational and industrial use.
    Fuck you, Voth, and the horse you road in on! If you had cancer or some of these other medical conditions that marijuana treats, you’d be using it to medicate, too!
    It’s always different when it’s you and not somebody else!
    Voth, fuck you!

  19. It’s simple really, no pharmaceutical product, or concoction, currently can meet the same efficacy cannabis provides in its raw, organic plant-matter form. And also they want money, which is really the only thing both hurting and helping the innovation of extracting the benefits of cannabis for medicine.

  20. I work at a Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Colorado. This PBS special brought us in a 4th stage cancer patient who wants to try medical marijuana. She found out about its’ benefits from this PBS special!! Awesome- thankful for great coverage. Lets’ keep healing the sick out there.

  21. @Joe Nickelsack
    I feel the exact hatred and disgust you do mate. Your idea is a very good one and I would be first in line to piss on them.

  22. These fuckers have known about the Medical benefits of Marijuana for quite some time. They have been trying to hide the facts by calling marijuana THE EVIL WEED!!! Now that the FACTS are getting out and they can no longer stop the masses,—— They are now trying to find a way to produce it and alter it so that ONLY THEY can PROFIT from its legal production. They will remove a chemical or two and declare the removed chemicals as deadly or un-safe, and then they will BAN that removed chemical and make it illegal. Of coarse that chemical will be a chemical found in ALL Marijuana strains in their natural grown forms. Therefore ALL Marijuana Strains will be illegal—While their chemical removed/altered strain and ONLY THEIRS will be legal.

  23. I don’t want ANY MAN MADE/ALTERED Medicine/POISON BULLSHIT. I want 100% GOD MADE MEDICINE!!! Chances are —These fuckers would knowingly add chemicals that are known to cause cancer—Then claim later that the marijuana must be causing cancer. Accept NO MAN MADE ALTERED SUBSTITUTES!!! DEMAND 100% PURE GOD MADE MEDICAL MARIJUANA!!!

  24. # 10: what you are experiencing is the “masterpiece in brainwashing” cannabis prohibition has become.

  25. The Dr. with the dissenting opinion on marijuana says that we should wait until the single cannabinoid that treats the symptoms are discovered. This is NOT because he is concerned for the safety of the patient. That is a cover. He is fully aware, however, that if scientists are able to single out a certain cannabinoid, then Big Pharma can create a patent for it, thus raking in HUGE amounts of money for them. Big Pharma is not allowed to patent a natural plant. That is the ONLY reason. He even says to keep the progress of research within the confines of “the FDA,” the same group that is currently promoting raids on raw food vendors.
    Not only does this create a money-making scenario for not you and not me, but this undermines the balance and natural safety of marijuana as a whole. Think about cocaine compared to the coca leaf. If it weren’t illegal cocaine would be patented. Cocaine is an extremely imbalanced isotope extract of the coca leaf, thus causing damaging effects on the human body. Coca leaves, however, are used as health supplement that can be used for both constipation AND diarrhea, because it contains both compounds that are necessary to each type of relief, and the human body understands how to use these properly. Cocaine only creates increased metabolization (not necessarily diarrhea, but it creates unnecessary bowel movements). The singling out of a specific cannabinoid, without the rest to balance the effects out, would actually pose more of a possibility of greater health risks then what that Dr. is saying.

  26. ‘Big Pharma’ isn’t gonna mess with my cronnic! I got my seeds and I plan to keep my weed organic. As long as we have organic plants we won’t be forced into buying pills and food from a select few sources holding a monopoly on the market. F’k Monsanto and f’k Pfizer and f’k the people in the government who support it.
    I hate the Dr. Eric Voth. He’s clearly bias because he is the chairmen of the institute on global drug policy.He said he wants to keep cannabis in the FDA. People have smoked cannabis for hundreds of years before the FDA or the USA was formed. He thinks that only people who are like him should even be aloud to touch it. Why dose he treat others like children? Maybe he’s a child, a selfish child.

  27. isn’t working anymore either which is disturbing. No telling whats going on their. Hopefully they just forgot to pay their bill.

  28. fuck the goverment i had cancer surgery and its my life not thers so i am useing pot that helps me and all the pills was just killing me faster,the all mitey doller is the onley reason its no legail.i live in ky and its not alowad here so they say but they can kiss my ass and if they put me in jail they will feed me and be out over 2 hunderd thousand a year on bull shit medican that dont help me.

  29. and yet,,,a pharmaceutical company,,,has Sativex being tested now by the FDA,,and how are their laws and drug classifications going to continue marijuana as a schedule 1 drug if Sativex does pass FDA testing?
    Since G&W Pharmaceutical is a subsidiary of Bayer,,,I am sure congress is working some sort of special exemption for them,,,because anyone with a bottle if Sativex,,if tested is going to show it to be marijuana,,since it is
    hemp oil

  30. Marijuana should be legal for anyone to grow and use for any reason even if it is to relax after work or for illness; the best way to slow teen usage and the price, profit.
    As for the issue of violence it is the higher price and use with alcohol that is the problem.
    Nobody should be in jail due to this weed & the one thing I missed was The Hearst Connection as he used his newspapers to set the ground for perhaps 500 million people being arrested, thousands killed in raids plus trafficking.
    Decades have passed before people became organized well enough to start to reverse this travesty, this says something about our government and society and it ain`t pretty!

  31. Recently, the Fresno County Board of Supervisors passed a complete ban on MMJ dispensaries as well as cultivation. It will take effect in the next month with all collectives confined to areas on the Freeway 99 corridor.
    Shortly before the meeting, where 4 of 5 Supervisors voted for the ban, I sent the website to my own supervisor. I also downloaded and printed a media package from the Americans for Safe Access website and sent to her. I followed up with an email regarding a sample ordinance included in the ASA material as a starting point.
    She contacted me via telephone the day before the vote to explain, they “had to get something on the books.” And they proceeded with the ban. The 15 dispensaries will sue the County and cost taxpayers dollars we can ill afford to pour down a litigious black hole.

  32. Marijuana is a God given sacred, medicinal herb…and is a Miracle given to us by God. Those who don’t believe in Miracles don’t believe in God either. Big Pharma is the real “Drug Cartel”. “FDA approved” is something I am wary of. I am more comfortable with alternative medicines, natural remedies like Marijuana
    and Homeopathy and other herbs. Marijuana has never killed anyone. A lot of FDA chemical drugs do kill people, or the medicine they give you for one thing, like your heart, for example, destroys your kidneys then you have double trouble and dialysis in addition to the original problem.

  33. In reply/comment to Will’s posting of Aug 25,424pm. I second that opinion which is why Obamacare has to be repealed. Government approved health insurance is gov’t approved healthcare and if you want a Religious exemption, you have to be a member of a gov’t approved church. Sound’s like tyranny to me.

  34. We need to dismantle BIG PHARMA. BIG PHARMA is has no supervision. They make up their own rules as they go along and proceeed with impunity. How in the world were they allowed to get away with marking up their prices for drugs to the tune of 550,000%?????
    Can anyone explain to me why just any company can’t mark up profits hundreds of thousands of times larger than any mafia or drug kingpin, but BIG PHARMA can???

  35. The cost of medical treatment is breaking this country. Medical treatment – ALL medical treatment should be FREE. I have an inalienable right to LIFE. LIFE cant happen without health. Health cant happen if you have no money. THAT IS CRIMINAL!!!! But if I have cannabis, I can prevent so many diseases and relieve the pain I already suffer from and cannabis can do that for FREE.
    The way I see it now, folks, you have to KILL BIG PHARMA before they kill you.

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