DEA Issues ‘Final Order’ Rejecting Private Production Of Cannabis For FDA-Approved Research

[Editor’s note: This post is excerpted from this week’s forthcoming NORML weekly media advisory. To have NORML’s media alerts and legislative advisories delivered straight to your in-box, sign up here. To watch NORML’s weekly video summary of the week’s top stories, click here.] The United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has issued its final order rejecting a ruling from the agency’s own Administrative Law Judge finding that it would be ‘in the public interest’ to grant the University of Massachusetts a license to grow marijuana for federally regulated research.
The rejection preserves the monopoly held by National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) on the supply of marijuana for Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-regulated research. In 2010, a spokesperson for the agency told the New York Times, “We generally do not fund research focused on the potential beneficial medical effects of marijuana.”
In 2007, after extensive hearings, DEA Judge Mary Ellen Bittner opined in favor of allowing a researcher at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst legal permission to cultivate marijuana for use in FDA-approved clinical trials.
She determined: “I conclude that granting Respondent’s application would not be inconsistent with the Single Convention, that there would be minimal risk of diversion of marijuana resulting from Respondent’s registration, that there is currently an inadequate supply of marijuana available for research purposes, that competition in the provision of marijuana for such purposes is inadequate, and that Respondent has complied with applicable laws and has never been convicted of any violation of any law pertaining to controlled substances. I therefore find that Respondent’s registration to cultivate marijuana would be in the public interest.
DEA director Michele Leonhart initially set aside Judge Bittner’s ruling in 2009.
The agency’s ruling may be appealed in the First Circuit US Court of Appeals.
In July, the DEA denied a nine-year-old petition seeking to initiate hearings regarding the federal classification of cannabis as a schedule I controlled substance, stating in part, “[T]here are no adequate and well-controlled studies proving efficacy.”

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  2. When will the DEA have its “Operation Fast and Furious” and get put on the Nation’s shit-list. Leonhart and her cronies just don’t seem that smart so the only reason they haven’t tripped over their own feet is that they don’t take risks. How can we resolve that? What skeletons do they have in their closet that even Joe the Plumber will not be able to write off?

  3. This all makes perfect sense. Why would the DEA allow research to be done with marijuana? The research would prove what everyone knows. When the truth comes out the laws would HAVE to change. A POX on the DEA. Write your representatives. If they don’t answer you the way you would approve vote them out. This has been going on Years and years….

  4. Its come to the point where voting someone out takes too long. We need a quicker way. Like INSTANTLY. I wonder how that can be accomplished? Where there is a will, there is a way.

  5. There is a great 90 minutes show oh History Channel today titled “Marijuana: A Chronic History”.
    It’s actually truthful. Millions of Americans will get an education, and the cops I’m sure will just get angry.

  6. Excuse me for asking, but I’m wondering if there is any research on the obliteration of the cannabis plant in the world and the health of birds??? Cannabis used to grow all over America and provide what I always thought and heard was excellent nutrition. It’s obvious the bird populations are at a record low… could it be they are malnourished? Or is the absence of cannabis seeds for birds a good thing, in that, if birds eat cannabis seeds, they get high, fly higher and higher out into space and fly into the Sun. Does anyone know? Is there a chance our government could pursue research on the loss of cannabis seed to birds and whether that is a good thing or a bad thing??? While I’m asking, what about the effects of the loss of cannabis for deer, moose, bears, and other herbivores? Maybe Sarah Palin, being a nature enthusiast knows the answer. I wonder if GreenPeace might volunteer to blockade destruction of the cannabis plant until research has been done on this issue. I’m totally serious! Cannabis is for the birds, the wildlife and the people. Andour government spits in God’s eyes and tramples and burns his gifts.
    Maybe Michelle Bachman was right, and ALL the natural disasters of the past 75 years are a message to Washington? My cats like catnip – that must be a BAD thing… they seem to be hooked? Why is my government, the DEA not doing something about catnip… just because my cat on drugs doesn’t murder me in my sleep doesn’t mean catnip should be legal. If they like it as much as they appear to like it, like birds used to enjoy the seeds, then there must be something really bad about catnip too. Maybe my cats should be arrested and jailed, and me too for supplying them. Gosh, I really need guidance… I better ask the Empress Leonhart!!! The DEA knows what’s best for all of us. Drink up people and smoke your tobacco – neither requires FDA Approval. In fact, speaking of plants and herbs we use in our daily life – what plants require FDA approval? Does my birdseed require FDA approval? Does my cat’s catnip require FDA approval? Does a dog’s bone require FDA approval?
    Why does cannabis require FDA or DEA approval???
    It doesn’t! We live in a fantasy land where hysteria from the Depression Era of the 1930’s infected the federal government. They have a mental disorder for which there is seemingly no cure. They suffer from delusions, paranoia, anger issues and control issues. They refuse to listen to their own judges, nor do they seek therapy. They are abusive, enjoy pain and inflicting pain. They enjoy destruction of the environment and death to wildlife. They would rather shoot wolves and wild horses from helicopters than manage the natural resources for these animals to survive. They would deny cannabis seeds to birds.
    The federal government is sick. And we it’s victims. Is there a law against abuse by our government?
    Answer: NO! Live with it, or Die. It’s the New Hampshire Way! Time the rest of the country accepts it. Welcome to the MACHINE…

  7. What about their ‘monopoly’ clause? i.e. fair business practices being protected by megolithic corporations… their excuse would probably be ‘we’re not a corporation we’re the government,’ which of course is a lie, because pot is the hingepin in their ‘war on (some) drugs to fund the CIA with covert money for operations they don’t have to justify because they paid for it with drug money. Because the drug cartels OWN the US government. Read it’s not a war on (some) drugs it’s a war on minority habits to replace outlawed slave labor with prison labor.

  8. I keep hearing stuff like,, ‘when the truth comes out’
    the truth is out but we have a dictatorship in Washington that doesn’t give a dam about any people, because they are dictators.. this ant freedom how I was taught in Public School.

  9. Welcome to the NEW WORLD ORDER OF FEDERALISM AND MARIJUANA PROHIBITION. The 21ST CENTURY INQUISITORS are starting to feel the fear of medical marijuana and the the will of the people for marijuana to be legal. Their TROJAN HORSE IS STARTING TO BUCK and eventually the WALL WILL COME DOWN, THE BARBARIANS ARE AT THE GATE.

  10. Man, after all we’ve seen and been through I didn’t realize that anyone was still operating under the illusion that the DEA cares even a little what’s actually in the public’s best interest…

  11. Marijuana can be sold in health stores without FDA approval if it wasn’t labeled a drug. As long as marijuana was not labeled as a drug and never had any mention of diseases for it’s use on the label it could have probably been sold in a health store. Because marijuana is labeled as a drug it requires FDA approval as only a drug can cure illnesses. If it wasn’t labeled a drug the DEA would probably still step in and get states to ban it if it was sold in a health store because it could be smoked and get you high.
    In health stores they sell supplements/herbs that are not recognized/approved as a drug by the FDA. They can’t mention anything about helping against cancer or other types of diseases because only a drug can do that. If they mention anything about diseases on their herb labels then the FDA will step in and pull it for not being approved by the FDA as a drug.

  12. Just left a Veteran’s Hospital where I was treated for a heart attack, every single person in that facility, from the patients, nurses, and doctors were in favor of medical marijuana. We put on the uniform it seems to help people in other countries fight oppression, word of warning to this Gov, and the DEA! Stop arresting Americans for using Medical Marijuana, you’re oppression of our citizens utilizing a medicine to help themselves is gathering cultured attention.

  13. There’s a lot of chatter about “REVOLUTION.” The only revolution that is going on right now [is] the revolution in our own heads. It has not reached our fists yet – and – may never reach our fists. This is because life is 50/50 – which is to say – “There’s as many against [as] there are for.” When you think about the “power and the money” that backs prohibition – the revolution that’s going on in one’s head becomes mush – and at best – a mind game that one perpetrates on one’s self – as our brain turns into water and runs out our ears.
    The truth of the matter is – we the people are opposing the intentions of the new world order [an Orwellian Society – 1984]. As we sit on our asses and complain about what is or will be – without thought to that which is exactly the way it is well planned – we convince ourselves that “GOVERNMENT DOESN’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT WHAT WE THINK OR SAY.” Well duh! That is the “TRUTH” – and – the more we complain – the more they laugh their asses off with glee. The more lip service we supply – the more they feel victory. So what’s the answer? The answer is as it’s always been since the beginning of time, “OFF YOU ASS AND ON YOUR FEET – YOUR BOOTS WERE MADE FOR WALKIN’ – AND – THAT’S JUST WHAT THEY’LL DO” – and – as we damn well know in our hearts and minds “NOTHING HAPPENS – UNLESS – YOU MAKE IT HAPPEN.” Fortunately we can make anything happen.

  14. Ron Paul for President!! He’s the citizens only hope!
    [Editor’s note: Why not Tinkerbell or the Jolly Green Giant? Because they have a better chance than too-old-to-be-president and too libertarian Ron Paul. He is not only not the only hope, he has no hope of winning the GOP nomination, and even if he did (pause for laughter), the US is not libertarian, no matter what some cannabis activists delusional believe and he would get crushed by a sitting president.
    Psychologists warn against ‘projection’, where individuals project onto a person, or, case at hand, a political candidate their desires (or in your word ‘hope’) that they are something they’re not. Ron Paul is a great man, the most famous voice in modern American politics for libertarianism and an effective Congressman from his conservative district in TX. But none of this translates into him being able to win the GOP nomination and certainly not in a general election to be president.]

  15. We have to target the DEA it’self and make ther jobs extict by showing the public that they mislead the citizens for the propagations of employment.

  16. @ #67 – “Herbs and the FDA”:
    I understand what you are saying, but there are few criteria to back up claims that the FDA, the DEA or the DOJ can prohibit sale of cannabis herb in Health Food stores. There is the argument that one can get high from cannabis and therefore it should be regulated, and in our present case strictly banned, but technically that is probably unconstitutional as one can get high on several legal substances which are not banned, many not restricted.
    Cannabis is not technically a drug until it is synthesized, or it’s drug-related properties are chemically extracted in a lab. Of course, according to the DEA there are NO Drug Related components in cannabis, no medical value whatsoever, even though the federal government owns a patent claiming otherwise.
    So any medicinal value to date is unsubstantiated. Much like Ginseng, echinacea, St. John’s wort, White Willow bark, Valerian, Kava, Strawberry leaves, ginger, maca root, wormwood, rosehips, etc, etc… all can be sold in health food stores as you say as long as no medicinal value is described. Which is rather contrary to the facts as those same herbs show up in drug-stores in a variety of products claiming to aid in such and such.
    Cannabis, ie, marijuana is not a drug as it has no proven scientifically available US data proving it is a drug. Therefore, it is just another plant, that people believe has medicinal qualities.
    The FDA nor DEA has any jurisdiction over such claims making cannabis a drug, even if some people claim it gets them high, which also has no scientific basis in reality.
    I can write a book and claim it has all sorts of mystical, magical, medical properties, but until it is proven, it’s just my words in a book.
    To harass US citizens and subject them to legal peril is unconstitutional, as any sentence issued would not fit the crime – a crime which is based on the fantasy belief that cannabis gets one high, and constitutes a danger to society, when no valid US studies verify that claim by either the federal or state governments.
    Cannabis has the fundamental right to be sold in Health Food stores, and used by American Citizens. Extracts or synthesized drugs made from cannabis don’t, but since no value of such can be derived from cannabis that is not an issue.
    There is no proof, scientifically or otherwise that sale of cannabis constitutes a danger to society. With regards to claims that it is addictive, I’d like to see the proof? Tobacco surely is narcotic and addictive, but legal too. Same with alcohol. So what kind of addiction does a plant with no recognized medicinal (as in drug) value have in the sense that it constitutes it as an addictive drug? Any drug-like claims, claims of intoxicating effects, claims of it as a medicinal manufactured drug simply do not exist.
    It is a natural plant that can grow wild and is as fairly old native plant in North America. If the FDA or DEA wishing to claim otherwise, they must prove scientifically that cannabis in it’s natural form is a drug, and that it constitutes and imminent and obvious hazard to human consumption. Something they haven’t done, and based on thousands of currently recognized world studies they can’t.
    Conclusion… sell it in Health Food stores, get the taxes, and don’t make claims it cures or alleviates anything. End of story.

  17. To #73, exactly it should just be sold in a health store. Then they don’t need to go through the long process of how to label it and how to sell it. It would be a lot less complicated.
    They can put a age restriction on it if they want and maybe some simple instructions on it like not driving after consuming it, etc.
    People can decide what reasons they want to use it for at their own risk.

  18. its completely wrong, i like that someone admits to it being further wrong that the dea tells us what to believe when we’re the ones paying for them. Or that the gov’t says they wont consider mj because it has no uses but then wont grant anyone the ability study it on top of rejecting years upon years of research that completely dispels all the bs myths about the plant. why? so they can make more money off of other products that cannabis would replace as well as all the drug companies that would go outta business due to their lack of need if cannabis is legalized…… its how the rich stay rich, and the poor stay poor, still think its better to just complain over the internet, why not orchestrate something to show your beliefs? when this country was founded our goal was to make sure that our gov’t doesnt rule us again like britian was trying to. but do to the success of that and the overall peace of the american people over the years we’ve grown complacent. We let rights and freedoms slip through our fingers.. so long as it doesn’t affect our home life… our comfort……I PRUPOSE A BOYCOTT. the owner of starbucks thinks its a good idea to do so. hes not paying a dime to any political parties until they can agree on how to take care of the us and put the american people first over there silly pride and stature … get the idea, our govt isnt a group of polititians but a bunch of international, powerful, businessmen. So hit them where it hurts .. their pockets, that will get their attention. WE pay for ALL things government. The money is from our tax dollars… that they hound ur for if ur off by a lil bit. The military, the post office, the people hired to fix our roads, teachers, transit systems, disaster relief, all that WE pay for, AND WE are requesting our client “the federal government” to use an idea we’ve thought of to help the overall country and they blatantly ignore it. so IF WE ARENT GETTING WHAT WE PAY FOR THEN WHY PAY? i say boycott govt services and or political campaighns until we as the united states people are actually heard.

  19. I will still support Ron Paul as he has the brains to get this country back on track and bring common sense to the table. If he gets enough votes or not I can still say I support someone I see intelligant enough to run the country!
    It’s sad to say that someone like Sarah Palin is capable or should we say stupid enough to become president and the American people are stupid enough to vote for her!
    Obama was just more of the same, just another politician!
    Democrat or Republican, the mainstream candidates with a chance to win are going to continue with the same old agendas while blaming each other for the continuing problems at hand!

  20. so lookit the problem is going to be that trying to say that there is no way it doesnt cure anything, and they havent been able to prove it doesnt, so they choke hold the flow of it in this country…break it down for ya. you know, maybe they want this, meth, coke, etc. illegal to have a reason to have such a strong police presence through out the country. theres a much larger problem going on here. and Paul, there wasnt anything wrong with my removed post! ive seen blatant other posts that made it that have nothing to do with the subject, whereas my post was a realistic approach on the situation as a whole. unless of course it was too truthful and needed to be removed for my safety sake, which i appreciate. =^-.-^=

  21. [Editor’s note: Why not Tinkerbell or the Jolly Green Giant? Because they have a better chance than too-old-to-be-president and too libertarian Ron Paul. He is not only not the only hope, he has no hope of winning the GOP nomination, and even if he did (pause for laughter), the US is not libertarian, no matter what some cannabis activists delusional believe and he would get crushed by a sitting president.
    btw voting for either Garfield the Cat and atleast 3 other fictional characters on the local election has resulted in me not getting a voter ballot the last 3 times theyve done them. all 3 times, there was atleast 4 other registered voters, and they all got theres. lmao. nothing else to add.

  22. Why do we put up with this stupid shit Vote them out plane and simple. We have alot more power than most think if we vote. Let these pinko comi fags stand in the unemployment line. We need to send a loud message to D.C. Leonhart is a butt licker and if Obama had a set of balls in his boxers he would fire this dumb ass.

  23. Given the choice, Obama or Ron Paul, who would you vote for? Simple question, Mr editor.
    [Editor’s note: Neither.]

  24. The White House has a new program where anyone can start a petition on for any issue we think should be addressed. A subject is supposed to be reviewed once it gets 5,000 signatures in a months time. IF this works and the petitions are TRUELY going to be looked at and acted on, the massive support for stopping Marijuana Prohibition will be undeniable.
    [Paul Armentano responds: NORML is aware of this newly announced White House online forum. We have a petition question already drafted and will be alerting NORML constituents once the forum is officially open.]

  25. our government knows EVERYTHING about cannabis already…what a crock of shit. boy, they are really grabbin at straws about this awesome herb. i know they will drag this thing out until many of us are dead. im just wondering how we can at least get saliva testing used at work instead of hair or piss testing…such an invasion of privacy..god, i miss the herb…peace to you all..

  26. I wonder if Israel is looking for immigrants. They just made the opposite determination at the federal level.
    Ron Paul 2012

  27. #82:
    Great idea – pursuing the petition route… however, we all know after 100,000 votes to decriminalize cannabis the government response will most likely be, “The federal government doesn’t debate, negotiate, or consider legalization of drugs. Period. Prescription drug abuse is a serious problem in this country, and it is the DEA who is charged with enforcing a well established and successful policy with regards to substance abuse”!
    They might go on to say… “The goal at the White House is to consider petitions on jobs, oil drilling, nuclear energy, abortion, gun rights, tax cuts for the wealthy… important issues that have solutions.”
    The GOOD NEWS is, the 100,000+ signatures to legalize cannabis will be noticed, the bad news is we’ll probably see how we’re still treated like adolescents, and be subject to some sort of Presidential joke about how too many people in the US have too much free time, and are unaware of the dangers of drug abuse.
    Still, just as the DEA has dug itself deep into a dung-pit with by prohibiting all research to conclusively prove any of it’s claims, the White House will only show – and I really hope I’m wrong – how it’s simply more of the same old politics… “make the PEOPLE think they’re important, and it’ll pacify them through the next election.
    Well, so sorry Mr. President, the Cannabis Spring is HERE and NOW!!!

  28. Vote Ron Paul 2012? to end the FEDERAL GOVERNMENTS’ 40 YEAR LONG UNSUCCESSFUL WAR on the people’s freedom of choice to consume substances (The end of the War on Drugs).
    Ron Paul to audit the fed. Ron Paul to default the Constitution.? Ron Paul to end the “Patriot” Act. Ron Paul to end the private bankers’ “Federal” Reserve and the power for them to print currency (UNCONSTITUTIONAL).
    Ron Paul to end warantless spying on American citizens, like you and I
    Ron Paul to restore the people’s rights!!!
    [Editor’s note: is it not too bad that 1) a president can’t end the war on drugs all by themselves (have you ever heard of Congress?) and 2) Ron Paul will never win the GOP nomination and will never be elected president in a general election.
    Is it not time for Ron Paul sycophants to embrace the political reality that he is not going to be elected president and that America’s two major parties are not going to nominate a libertarian candidate anytime soon…who will then go on to get crushed in the general election?]

  29. we could have 300 million votes yes for legalizing cannabis and the government would still ignore us. We outnumber them. Its already legal if you smoke it. Screw their laws. We live by our own. If they come o knocking blow some smoke in their face, maybe they will come around.

  30. It escapes me – why people call it an “unsuccessful war.” The reality is -it’s still illegal – isn’t it? Sounds pretty successful to me. What is unsuccessful is our attempts to legalize it – and – even though we’re gaining on them in this war – the “power still has the power” to crush us with its might. Now here’s the bottom line – take it or leave it – “The only way to make it happen is with a display of our might – that is to say – in their face with bodies – a formal choose off – a peaceful but rude display of power on our part. It’s time to march on the prohib – but – only the prohib. We now know who our friends are – and – we know who our enemies are. It’s time to defeat our enemies of the people. We have now passed the line drawn in the sand. There are now more of us for total legalization – and 3/4ths of us for medical use. If that’s not a good start – I don’t know what is. If that don’t get you up off your asses and on your feet – I don’t know what will. DO IT!

  31. I just finished reading all the comments posted above. Listen folks – nobody is going to do anything to resolve this disgraceful situation because a vast majority of the population doesn’t consume cannabis and really doesn’t care about what the politicians do or don’t do. So the best way around it is to keep working to make it legal medically in more and more states. Once 50% or more of them have MMJ laws on the books the public will start to come to its senses.

  32. 92. Jman
    “You happen to be absolutely correct.” We stick’em – where we [can] stick’em. We go after their Achilles heel. Medical use is far ahead of recreational use. We should be bringing every last ounce of pressure we can muster against them with medical use. This will bring us that much closer to recreational use.

  33. It’s certainly true that a president can’t end the war on drugs by him/herself, but he/she could at least take positive steps like not appointing another cop as “drug czar” or not appointing a rabid anti-cannabis zealot like Michelle Leonhart as head of the DEA. Obama has consistently been on the wrong side of the drug war issue. It has cost him support among those who helped put him there. All he had to do was take small steps in the right direction but, of course, that assumes that he is not a staunch prohibitionist himself. Also, I may be wrong here, but I believe that drugs can be reclassified under the CSA without an act of congress. I believe that the Justice Department has the authority to do so.

  34. In my Communion today – the DEA will be in my prayers. I will ask God for one thing – “GET THIS FUCKIN’ MONKEY OFF MY BACK.”

  35. @Road Runner… meep, meep… the truth is, since the DEA adamantly rejects all medical use for cannabis, and rejects all studies and research to support medical benefits for cannabis, medical activism is the least likely means to end prohibition. What could end prohibition is simply our Constitution. Since the DEA has refused to research medical and/or other uses of cannabis, it has no data to support it’s current long-lasting stance that cannabis is a menace to society. Just as there was insufficient proof to charge Casey Anthony with 1st degree murder or her child, the same applies to the DEA. There is insufficient proof to torture millions of Americans with cannabis prohibition, which makes it unconstitutional for them to continue to do so. There is no legitimate crime when proof of a harm to society or individual is absent.
    The good news is we all know there are medicinal benefits to cannabis, but that is simply a fact not yet thoroughly researched as the federal government pretty much has it’s head in the sand. But the truth cannot remain ignored for much longer. I simply doubt a medical approach to legalization and sanity for cannabis will work… it requires the DEA to admit they are wrong, something they will never do. Where we need to push is that prohibition is unconstitutional as there is no proof of a crime if there are no victims based on the crime as it it is currently written.
    To Jayman: The Attorney general, Eric Holder has the power to decriminalize cannabis. And I believe, since Pres. Jimmy Carter already did so once in 1976, that the President does too. Obama is taking the wrong side here and it will bite him in the ass. No question he has pissed off the very people who voted him into office. The only problem is a typical one, those seeking to replace him, with the exception of Ron Paul and Gary Johnson, and maybe Huntsman, are by far much scarier than Obama. Which means, we can voice our opinion in the primaries by voting for Ron Paul, but ultimately, we can probably expect to vote either for Obama again, Rick Perry, or Romney. Not a pretty choice.
    So back to the basics… prohibition of cannabis, the laws and penalties are unconstitutional. A government cannot sustain cannabis prohibition with severe penalties without proof that a serious harm to society exists, and there is no proof, as the DEA refuses to allow research that could prove harm or good… without evidence, the laws are void. The Constitution wins. And if President Obama had any balls and really did want to win reelection, he would realize that basic truth.
    Reefer Madness is now and always has been based on myth… not reality. And We the People have been paying taxes to support the myth… and support penalties that far exceed any crime as there is no crime other than the myth that cannabis is crime, which it’s not, except on paper in the minds of politicians who have been able to magically make us believe they are tough on crime when in fact they are tough on enforcing shadow boxing.
    The Cannabis Spring is here! Stop the Hurt!

  36. 97. BobKat
    The problem with this government is “It doesn’t know how to mind its own fuckin’ business” – and – even if it did I seriously doubt it would do a good job of it. It’s all bla bla bla – yaba yaba yaba. The real truth of the matter is – “We the people don’t give a shit what the government says- or – how they feel about it – we’re going to do it – no matter what” – and – fuck’em if they can’t take a joke.” You’re absolutely right! It is a Constitutional matter. It’s the Establishment Clause in the First Amendment of the Constitution – and – “The free exercise thereof.” Personally – I’m ready, willing, and able to stand my ground against government’S burdening my religion which proscribes any law prohibiting religious use. And – “THAT’S THAT.

  37. Obviously this is a direct result of the willful dumbing of available, legitimate, publicly accepted knowledge/research. The DEA and ONDCP, both of which aren’t run by medical professionals, are well aware of the efficacy of endocannabinoid agonists and antagonists (to activate or block activation of the system through cannabinoids [e.g. cannabis]). Currently, of all the synthetic chemicals available, the natural cannabinoids in cannabis are among the safest, most non-toxic substances for humans to consume on the entire planet. Furthermore, we literally could safe lives just by diverting some alcohol and tobacco use to responsible cannabis use.
    As for the issue of the presidency, it does look as though the future holds bright for Obama’s re-election (per analytical data provided by Allan Lichtman), so unfortunately an election of someone [like Ron Paul] as liberal on cannabis won’t happen this time. But the publicity for his campaign is vital to public debate in general (not just cannabis, but many other issues that he debates).

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