Wired Magazine: Check the Map. Are You Paying Too Much For Your Marijuana?

The September issue of Wired Magazine, working with FloatingSheep, has published a non-peer reviewed report and heat map of the United States demonstrating the current cost to purchase one ounce of cannabis, along with some interesting analysis regarding the disconnect between cannabis prices and state penalties.

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  1. I live in Florida, with the worst penalties (and politicians), but hey I’m getting a pretty good deal! I always thought $60 for an eighth (of the ‘good stuff’) was kinda steep, but I’m paying less green for green. And I’m a huge fan of Wired, just as much here. Thanks!

  2. I think all the BS about legalizing will have to come to an end soon. If for anything just to save a few lives south of the border.

  3. you guys have it all wrong, up here in fargo the average price for an ounce is about 400 and thats only because it is really high grade weed. i mean really high grade

  4. i don’t trust their intelligence anymore, the Government has done too much lying to believe. we thought our Government meant well but after further review. they’ve been lying for years about the effectiveness of the drug. they grow marijuana themselves and others, they sell it to major drug makers. yet they expect us to remain quiet and take it on the chin. folks i feel a hell no coming on.

  5. Weed in Philly is $120 an ounce for schwag. Its $400 an ounce for half assed “skunk” in New York.
    Of course the price of weed is too fucking high!!!
    Weed shoud be no more than 10 bucks an ounce for White Widow quality.

  6. If we all start smoking publicly tomorrow they will not arrest us and the rest of the population will see that it is us who have the power.

  7. I don’t care where you are. You are most definitely paying too much for your weed. The legal status of it makes it cost too much and makes living with something less harmful than aspirin a real chore. In Soviet America We execute certain consumers for fun! Muhahahah!

  8. Everyone is paying too much. It a multitude of ways. Aside from that however…
    I’ve thought quite a bit about the real price pot would be if were as legal as beer and wine. I made that comparison because, that level of regulation is about the best, most liberal level one can reasonably hope for. I entered the trade in the late 70s and was a full time participant in CA for 30 years. So I can claim to know what I’m talking about.
    While there’s a lot to explain about how i got to my conclusions, it’s too much to detail here. suffice to say that when it comes to dried flower product, large scale commercially produced, and including reasonable functional excise taxes, I would say an oz at Trader Joes or Costco would run about $5 to $10. The plant is too easy to grow and too prolific to say anything higher. We’re talking full legal, including Federal. Before the connoisseurs object wildly, boutique hand made production, once branded, marketed and supported with “expert ratings” might command at least $20 and maybe even $40 or $50 per oz. depending on how supply/demand ends up working out per product.
    Prices any higher would not fully dis-incentivize a black market and that’s about as low as they could be given that some will demand prices be as high as possible to discourage abuse, like they do with tobacco now. Modern agriculture techniques and production could probably produce pretty decent product once all economies of scale and technology were fully utilized for even less but that would create other problems. Same with if it could be imported from low cost labor nations such as Mexico or China.
    So, who isn’t paying too much?

  9. @Ned, #13: Completely agree. Very good weed can be grown very cheaply in large outdoor fields. Hell, I’ve grown very nice plants in my yard for virtually nothing. Tobacco, from what I’ve read, is more difficult, more fussy to grow and process than cannabis, and a pack of 20 tobacco joints is still less than $10, all taxes included…and it’s a highly addictive poison!

  10. I can pay $400 tops on just about any strain which is available. I used to drive to a Collective in Sunland in which I could get a much fresher ounce, in a dank sticky high trichomed state on its buds, for as low as $310 an hour and a half drive. However in the Mojave Desert we have two dispensaries & one delivery agency of which sales anything fresh and hydroponics for $400 minimum. However on occassion one can find a organically grown special in the form of ounces for as low as $200, and that is what we should be paying for top end hydroponics. If dispensaries are charging you more than $200 an ounce for fresh hydroponic gooey buds, then it is indeed NOT a true Collective/Coop, which is for non-profit sales to patients not customers.Alot of these shops deserve to be closed for the profit margin they are making cash hand over fist at a disabled for life persons small disabiity check. Do they not know it is for diabled persons who have medical conditions that NEED this medicine, so we can live a fair life without the everyday pains, in lieu of most everyone around here just wanting to get legally high & stoned. So of course the cost is prohibitive, & the state needs to do something about this. Any dispensary gouging the public on the costs of TRUE Collective meds, would not ever cost a member $400 an ounce for hydroponics. NeVER. If you do your in it for profit & do not meet the original compassionate usage act and should be shut down for business.

  11. 60 a quarter here in NW PA (skunk)only thing is cant smoke it..3 randoms in 3 mnths..i have no criminal record..no driving record..been with the same woman 27 yrs 4 grown well ajusted kids..2 engineers and an operating engineer heavy equipment operator, and my daughter..still to be determined..none of them drink..always paid my bills..they take more in taxes out of me per week than most people make in this area per week..why cant i have my rights..i thought this was the country of the “Free and Brave” Let us start a list of assholes ..judges..cops..political shitheads..probation officers..urine lab employees..etc..and take them all out to the middle of libea and fill them full of holes..this is bullshit people..this has got to change..”We the People ” !! Any one here got a job i can have where they will keep their nose out of my ass give me a shout..I want to live !!

  12. I said I live in the middle of the MOJAVE which is a big DESERT!! It is very very hard to find a location in this desert where one can grow outdoors organically. I once was able to grow exactly 40 very healthy plants in 1975, in what was once a Almond Orchard. Since then, the Almond Orchards & Peach Orchards are gone. So now when I try to grow outdoors, I get chipmunks which eat my crop. If its not chipmunks eating thru screen of any type even under the ground to guard my plants, the kangaroo mice will eat thru the screens. The critters we have in this desert will eat anything green. Do you know what its like to have over 100 cottontails in your front yard? It is impossible to grow outdoors here due to animals, pests, such as mites, aphids, squirrels love cannabis too. My last plants tho’ I used Organic Bug Spray, did nothing to stop thorp mites from eating my Kushmars in 2 days once they began to bud out. So we turn indoors, and what happens. First one has to be able to afford a very expensive electricity bill to use up to 1,000 watts to 600 watts of juice. The problems of heat outdoors, is it gets so hot without some shade, of which there is none, the sun alone burns our plants.Winter becomes a bigger problem as its so friggin cold, one has no choice but to try and grow indoors. Yet the costs of a person living on disability, yes, I don’t want my meds just to get high, I need them to take care of my medical conditions which prevent me from working, and not being able to work, keeps me in the group of impoverished, who can’t work because they need to smoke cannabis. Anyway, try setting up a semi hydryponics systems where you use at least just the lighting, & it becomes a financial problem just as much as if I go to the dispensaries, and pay $400 a ounce. Someone else mentioned, “don’t do the underground thing”, I’m not, I have my license to grow and smoke for medicinal compassionate acts. But where the heck is the compassion from these fat cats ripping us off with outrageous prices, this is supposed to be “NON-PROFIT” I have yet to see but only one or two true non profit Collectives or Dispensaries in all of Los Angeles. Most Collectives don’t even give me a break when I show them my disability cards. So yes, if I can’t grow it due to environmental causes. I can’t afford to move either to a more plant friendly growers environment outside this damn desert. Plus I can’t afford the cost of running the lights necessary to grow for my own use. Yes the name of the game IS self sufficiency and Lord knows I’ve tried and tried to no avail, due to this harsh growing envrionment. I’d rather go back to a black market than pay the prices we pay these days. I’d rather it be not legalized as the government will become our supplier, and look how much a pack of cigarettes cost, Cannabis would be even more expensive if legalized, so the govt. can get their tax dollars at our expense. Yes, it was alot cheaper when it was illegal, and the black market was well organized & green flew, money & cannabis, flew out of the hands of growers, sellers & smokers. We were at our height in CA. at that time. Now, this all sucks for cost which is prohibitive, and growing cost which is also prohibitive. Has anyone gone into a hydropnics store to see how many thousands of dollars you are going to need to make a true “clean room, with positive filtered air flow”. Forget it……..even growers here are greedy. Those who do have the money to create clean rooms that are well filtered by air, entrance, ensulated & even climate controlled, are paying alot of money on electricity, then wanting to sell to the highest paying dispensary. Yet where is the Comapssion to the compassionate use act of 1996? I don’t see it, all I see is $$$ signs, and greed. We the public are flat out being ripped off. Especially when we are unable to grow our own.

  13. Isn’t the real story that all the law is corrupted by treason.
    Cannabis laws make competition and free enterprise illegal.
    Deny first defence medicine is crimes against humanity.

  14. 4. Charlie Says:
    August 30th, 2011 at 2:56 pm
    I agree with you Charlie, I can’t see the map either. Nancy Lee Garrett

  15. One very important thing I forgot to mention about my crop of 40 very health plants, grown organically in my garden in Quartz Hill, CA. in the western end of the Mojave Desert, is the instrumental key factor enabling my product to grow, was the shade of the Almond Orchards. My plants got the exact amount of pure sun they needed, yet got just the right amount of shade they required. If one were to try and grow a plant in this desert without sufficient conditions, the sun alone would burn one’s crop. What I forgot to mention, is, those Almond & Peach Orchards of the 70s, are now all residential tracts. It is easier to grow in a residential tract outdoors, than out in the middle of the desert where I live. One doesn’t have all the critters in town as one does in the rural Mojave. Yet there are still problems in trying to grow organically outdoors in key areas of this desert, regardless of where one lives & tries to harvest a crop. I was lucky in the 70s. Now 30 yrs. later, all of those great growing plots for cannabis have been concreted & paved over, for high end mortgage housing, due to the semi-mountainous views. Even alfalfa which used to grow more abundantly in this Valley than the San Joaquin or Central Valley, or anywhere in all of CA. Has taken a major hit, to population infringement on their farms, to a point, the farmers cannot promise a good yield, due to thousands of rabbits. One has to own a ranch of 100,000 acres or more, to guarantee they indeed have enough of a crop, (subtracting what they will normally lose to the bunnies, & squirrels, chipmunks, etc. Now alfalfa growing is a thing of the past. This Valley also used to be the number one location which produced the most Barley for Anaheiuser Busch aka Budweiser. Due to the high loss rate from desert critters, as well as the lack of water, the water tables have dropped from 200 feet to 1,000 feet for a irrigation well. While the cost to tap into the Sierra Nevada aquaduct is expensive & prohibitive as well. So bye bye to Budweiser using this area for growing barley. Such would be the same route any major grower would stumble on the same sets of problems. You should Google for pictures on the California Golden Poppies, which are a wild gorgeous flower that blooms after each spring rainfall. Yet even our wildflowers are only 1/10th the acreage coverage they used to be, due to droughts as well, as sheepherders unknowingly & illegally tramping their sheep herds thru these fields, which have almost destroyed them as a whole, leaving behind instead little patches here and there, when the poppies used to span a good 20 miles long by 30 miles wide. Now we may see them in a mile square areas, if we are lucky. Development has literally created a problem for growing organically. Like I said, the last time I was in a hydroponic shop, I would of had to of spent a minimum of $4 grand on all of the ballasts, lights, air filtration systems, as well as the proper insulation, and another 4K for a shed building, which I could use to create a climate controlled environment, yet, I of all the growers I know it took all of them an initial 6-10 thousand dollar downpayment on equipment & sheds, to begin a green house, or comparable growers bldg. in which mice will still try to eat thru & do at times eat thru the wood, yet that problem can be contained. It’s when you go out & buy a brand new bag of coconut soil, and find out its full of thorp mite eggs or aphid eggs, that manifests its roaring mess, right when your plants bud. The government, will not allow for a 50 dollar ounce, unless the quality if as bad as Mexican organic brick crap! Top end hydro growers would all be put out of business, which would create a vast amount of unemployment & shortage of cannabis. While the government has already shown their lack of care in the quality of the product they grew at one of the Universities of Mississippi, when they were growing cannabis for a 1960s medical trial on persons with cancer & a few other conditions. As the amount of people who began early in the trials, and experiments, only a few users remained by the mid 70s, and they all reported the Government was undersupplying them, and also all of the sudden the quality of the medicinal cannabis went from good senseimeilla to seed filled bags of garbage, basically male plants. I’ve grown cannabis in CA., AZ., LA. TX., & GA, succesfully. I must say tho’ the quality of the dirt and ground in the Gulf states is very extremely poor compared to California’s rich volcanic soils. Thus a southern gulf yield we would call delta mud weed, as it tasted just like mud. Whereas good CA. cannabis always has a unique piney smell & is very tarry with trichomes, something one rarely saw or felt in cannabis grown in and around the Gulf Coast states.
    So the basic facts here are. The cannabis plant is very hearty and can grow in many conditions which most plants cannot thrive on. Yet cannabis is a sun worshiper, but not at 120 degrees all day long with out relief via shade. Many parasites also exist in the south that do not exist in other states. Many parasites & critters exists in the Mojave desert that do not give life in Los Angeles, the perfect climate for cannabis production growth. While many ex farmland paradises have fallen the way of drought, over population of rodents, locusts, you name it. But the biggest problem we all as cannabis smokers face today is the greed of what is supposed to be non-profit Collectives. Greed, drives money & product is the medium for greed. Of the 900 some southern california Collectives, I have found approx. 5 percent of the Collectives truly work within a reasonable coop environment. While the other 95% claim to follow coop regualtions but do not, with their odd ways of trying to claim they are collectives. Such as you grow a plant give it to us, we will sell it, and give you nothing for it, nada. All you get is the right to belong to our outlandishly priced Collective, where an ounce of Kushmar O.G. cost $560 an ounce. Now is that overpaying, your damn right it is. Some other collectives will buy your product with a small token of cash, which doesn’t even cover one’s growing costs of foods & coconut soil, or hydro foods & lights. One Collective others should look to for becoming fully compliant in CA. is a Collective called the Farmacy, which is the only place I have been to, which takes into account my disabilities, and low income do to my disabilities and works with me to ensure my medicine supply can last the month until I get paid again. Even then I have to drive 90 miles one way to get there. With gas at $4 a gallon, its still not profitable for me to drive to L.A. always. CA. needs to develop and adopt a system more in line with Oregon’s. Grower’s when I can find one who will sell to me, sell to me at half or less what a Collective will sell it for. So they are doubling the costs they pay for their product, to sale it at double what they paid for it. While its people like you and me who get screwed over. Yet, growers are reluctant to sale to the public as our legal system didn’t quit cover that area as thoroughly as it should of. Buying directly from growers is the only method & way I have found to make my needs for this medicine worthwhile within reasonable costs. I cannot foresee the government if we voted to legalize cannabis, selling a pack of joints for the same costs as a pack of tobacco. Not when the average price for a joint is $5, for one joint. Some sale handrolled small joints for as little as $3, yet they are half the size of the rolling machine joints which sell for $5 to $10 a joint. Even at 5$ a joint, that is still $100 for a pack of cannabis cigarette packed like joints.
    Yes, Yes and Yes, we the medical users and those in need of use of cannabis are being ripped off. Period. End of story. Yes! in a big way. It’s only decriminalized for some who have the capital to start a dispensary or growing area, to become fat cats. While the needy still need, and get no breaks, at the expense of greedy profiteers. In that respect, I’d almost like to see it legalized, because as you know it would then be regulated by the government, who seems to screw up everything they touch. for that reason alone I voted against legalization, as it is true, their are hundreds of thousands of under age smokers in CA. The age should be dropped to 18 as well, to use cannabis. While licenses for use are given out, almost as if its a given, if all you do is show up, say you suffer from such and such problems and pay the doctor. That is the key, pay the doctor. Many doctors do not even send for the records of their patients. I can say in all faith the Doctors I use to obtain my license to smoke, do and have commanded my records, and see the medications I normally take, for a wide varitey of physical ailments, leaving me wheelchair bound, and unable to work on a full time basis, while no one will accept any applicant who shows up positive for a cannabis screen urinalysis. We in need, are stuck in a double jeopary catch 22. We pay outrageous prices for our meds. We cannot get jobs by using a herbal remedy that is supposed to be ok for us to use, as long as we don’t use it at work. Yet even if we use it only when off of work, then our drug screening fails us. We amongst the unemployed & disabled, on a limited income, with an outrageous cost for our cannabis meds, at the mercy of profiteers, what is the difference b/t a profiteer dispensary & a racketeer mafia? I don’t see much other than the mafia is probably alot better organized.

  16. If you want to read the picture, right-click on it and open it in a new tab. Or, you can keep enlarging the page until you read it. The resolution for it doesn’t make it incomprehensible when enlarged.

  17. Is Obama’s new We the People online petition for the most popular really going to lead to legalization? He totally dismissed cannabis legalization and skirts the issue all the time. I don’t have to vote for him, and I’m hoping the Democrats will run someone in the primary against him. Any decent Dem could win, unless the Republicans put up a better candidate I could vote for such as Gary Johnson. Libertarians have a good platform position, but are unlikely to get elected because they like to talk about the founding fathers, and that scares minorities and old people into thinking they have sinister motives to roll back civil rights and to privatize Social Security, for example.
    So if marijuana legalization makes it big on Obama’s new online petitition site, will he still take our votes for granted and ignore us?

  18. Anyone who doesn’t believe in this country [swear an oath of allegiance to] and its Constitution [uphold] is a traitor. That’s right! you heard me correctly – “A TRAITOR.” Get on the next deportation bus and get the hell out of here – you’re not welcome here anymore. If you’ve got anything to say about that – tell it to someone who gives a shit. Now! why don’t you just leave – nobody likes you anyway.

  19. Now that everything is illegal and we seem to need a gaurdian so we don’t hurt ourselves. Be sure the alcohol and tobacco are off shelf as well. Do one ,do all or it’s going to hell-fast.

  20. Manna [Food from God] is our Sacrament.
    Received [with] thanksgiving – Manna is a divine benevolence – God’s sign of that which is sacred – a visible form of God’s invisible grace – a religious rite that confers special grace. In CDXX Communion a Genesist’s individual eternal spirit embraces the Spirit of God – “within” – the individual eternal spirit of the essence reaching out to receive the spirit of the Source – “a ceaseless flow of divine energy – Equilibrium of the Soul – from the Source to our individual self.” Everything that is given to us by God is good – very good. God’s attributes are immutable. God has given us all things. Whatever God has given endures forever; nothing can be added to it, nor anything taken away from it. God has made it so.
    The green herb/Manna/food/meat is regarded as a gift from God, and eating sacred. God’s Sacrament, this blessed plant, being an organic Sacrament in the form of nature. Manna is a significant part of a Genesist’s everyday religious life. Genesists have an intrinsic relationship with our Sacrament. By honoring Manna as our Sacrament, by keeping God’s statutes, Genesists enjoy the ordinances of our Faith. Genesists believe in, honor, and obey God’s will, word and blessing.

  21. Today is Sunday – and – for those who will attend to their religion – “What God hath given – only God can take away.” Let your freedom be the greatest part of this day.

  22. In the case of #35, lets not go to far to the right or else we will be in the ditch. Manna my lord, is this what we use to fulfill our sacrament of breaking bread? No its sharing a joint! It’s a weed, which does make good herbs for brownies & other edibles, but it has no base as manna buddy, that’s the wheat, the bread. A Weed. In this case of I believe in everything, nothing is sacred, or I believe in nothing, everything is sacred. It’s still a weed no matter how you look at it. Although that doesn’t mean its medicinal qualities aren’t worth using for medicine that literally works. Yet its still a weed. If it comes from God, then it must be a sacred weed, eh? So does everything else then, as well as the existence of evil. One begets the other in a pagan current world. Since that is basically your assumption, translated. I guess arsenic should be consumed too? It grows and was put on this earth by God too, why then is it not manna? Come on, were trying to have a serious discussion here, and this is not a debate over the existence of God, or what is good or bad, its nothing more than how do you feel about the prices you pay for medical cannabis. That’s all.

  23. It’s a GATEWAY DRUG … ?
    A law that puts Bubble Gum in the same bucket, sold only on the black market .. and guess what, it becomes a gateway, or is the LAW that becomes the gateway?
    Put milk, bread, etc, they all become gateway items when the only place you can get them is from the guy selling dangerous illegal items.
    The law would then be equally concerning and wrong.
    The Government of laws regarding ‘Bubble Gum’, Milk, etc., would not be trusted, and one can be expected to believe Methadone, heroin, cocaine, etc, are probably not harmful either, if you were young and did’t know better. Lie to me once, everything you say after that must be a lie too.
    Pot is the least harmful if and when compared to alcohol or cigarettes, or riding behind a Bus spewing black clouds of exhaust, where does it end, and who has the right to decide ?
    Only sell Ice Cream in ‘ Strip Bars ‘ and watch as the kids find yet another gateway and get sucked into sexual abuse and hard drugs. Is it the Ice Cream that is the gateway, or is it the law.
    The government created a gateway when they placed a
    harmless plant in with Hard drugs, just as it would
    be if they put ‘Bubble Gum or Ice Cream’ in only the black market with some dangerous people.
    Ron Paul has proven he would change all this crap.

  24. I’m as serious as a heart attack.
    Here’s a thought – “WHAT IF” – everybody demanded that they be paid in C-Dollars [backed by cannabis] instead of green backs [backed by a promise to pay]?

  25. If you dumbasses are banning everything , don’t forget the tobacco and alcohol. These kill too! nevermind the tourist money. Told you prohibition is killing all, including the dea. Your interference in peoples private lives is the problem. Since prohibition is a failer why is it still here? too stupid to figure it out? or is it money? power? If it is , you have traded your very soul for these and are not useful to America period.

  26. Idiots stop naming all the prices of weed in your areas you pay what you pay unless you grow indo. Smoking cannabis has become a social and economic issue that has come to the media forefront i do not generally agree with media but in this case it is a weed smokers friend. don’t smoke in public that just gives politicians reasons to bitch about children being exposed to it, stay inside when smoking, do not smoke and drive and for now keep things on the down low, eventually we will get our way.
    burn one.

  27. 37. Robert
    You need to do your homework Robert – you’re lacking a great deal of historical information. First of all – cannabis is a whole food – and – is a gift from God – a Sacrament[bread made with cannabis]. Secondly – cannabis is not a weed – it’s an “honest to God herb.” A weed is what prohibs like to call it. Last – YES – God put everything on this earth – including you – and – YES – everything [is] sacred – including you. If you don’t believe that – I respect your choice – but – I would also expect you to respect the choice of others who do believe. As far as left or right and ditches are concerned – POLITICS HAS NO PLACE IN RELIGION – and – religion has not place in politics. Your crack about going too far right leads me to believe that you are a lefty, that you are secular, and you’re piking a fight. If I’m wrong – I apologize – but – if I’m right – “TEND YOU’RE OWN BISCUITS – or better yet – KOFF”! Cannabis is a weed – “What a joke.”

  28. @20. Robert
    You’re probobly getting Montana weed – which sold for $200 retail (Billings) before repeal. It’s likely that price hasn’t changed a whole lot since. MT Marijuana is extremely high grade.

  29. @20. Robert
    You’re probobly getting Montana weed – which sold for $200 retail (Billings) before repeal. It’s likely that price hasn’t changed a whole lot since. MT Marijuana is extremely high grade.

  30. Thank you all for your input. Anything could be possible here. Road Runner, what I meant is manna is typically a bread, or a flour product which can be made into bread, fused with cannabis. But I have never been able to make bread from cannabis alone, without the flour, & that was my point only. I am not & did not plan on picking any fights, in this forum of NORML members who I respect each and everyone of. I mentioned I have been and am a Middle of the Roader, which there are alot less people who are truly MOR, than those who claim to be, while they speak differently. I live in CA. A majority liberal state, that alone doesn’t make me liberal. I’ve gone both ways & even independent when we so often have no candidates for an office, who are educated or worthy enough to hold that office. The reason I made the remark about right wing extremist, is because in this liberal state of CA. I see more extreme perveted right wing points of views in our newpapers and local Los Angeles news. Of which honestly I see only Keith Olberman slamming on Conservatives, and I see a whole 24 hour line up of Fox News O’Reilly idiots, who would blame any disaster on a Liberal regardless of the truth at stake. These are the types of extremist who play with a loaded deck and gun, unfairly against their enemies. I have no enemies, because I don’t normally judge others, except on rare occassion when I’ve just had enough of a slanted view that is not whole. I have voted on both sides in my 59 years as a registered voter. The 2 main parties are both so turned around backwards, the fundamental differences that orignally defined a conservative from a liberal are rarely taken into account. That is, we have liberal conservatives, we have conservative liberals, we have extremists on both sides, and we have independent parties and such others who call themselves other things. Peace be with you. I hope you didn’t feel I was picking on you personally. I wasn’t. I thought at first you were taken a zealous path, without knowing your background, which you did a good job clarifying. Yes, I do know everything around me is sacred, and this has always been my outlook on life. Is all life sentient is sacred. Everything I see around me, a rock, a flower is sacred. Even a deathly car accident has a sacredness to it. God is everywhere. I’m just tired of this whole social movement of persons versus persons when our only true relationship to each other, that is me to you, and me to everyone else in this world, and as well your own relationship to all mankind should also be the same sacred sight. Which is, so many many people think this life has some special thing for them to do or be or commit themselves to, all the time while going along blind to the fact, we all share one thing in common in this life, and that is our goals should all be the same with one aspect, and that is each and everyone of us are here to help each other. If that is all another person can do in their lifetime, then they have accomplished their job in my eyes.
    I just simply become somewhat uncomfortable when I feel a extremist remark has been made. I have no time for an extremist of anything. However I must say I pegged you incorrectly, as I thought you would be one who would say Religion belongs in Politics! So it thrills me to hear otherwise. This whole issue of seperation of Church & State is such an old worn out arguement of which so many extremist fundamentalist believe I need to believe in everything they believe in or else I’m going to their hell. That is a bold statement on your part, and sets you apart, which is what I was searching for. You didn’t come across real clearly as being a hard core right winger. But obviously giving all this more in depth thought, anyone who spends time here, & gives of their time to NORML & has since its inception, cannot be bad at all. At least most persons I’ve met who support NORML have an very open mind. So thank you for that, and if you thought I was picking a fight, you couldn’t of been any further from the truth, I was just flushing out the rabbits, as we say here in the desert. Peace be with you all. And again thanks, my apologies if I have inconvenienced or angered anybody. Such was never my intent.

  31. its all about money if it was legal, people in the government would lose there jobs.. they dont give a fuck about you and me all they care about is when there getting a raise and going on vacation

  32. 45. Robert
    No sir – it is I who owe you an apology – please accept it. You are absolutely right – we are – and – should all be friends in this common cause. God knows we have enough enemies. I think we all agree – after reading and hearing most of the crap prohibs spew – it makes us – well! – touchy to say the least – and – reactive to say the most. This f’n heat and rolling black outs we’ve just experienced doesn’t help our temperament either. Once again – please accept my apology. I’ve made many friends here – and – some enemies – even friends from the opposite camp. I certainly don’t think you were picking on me personally – because – I have huge shoulders – plus you have a protectable right to do so – and I would fight to my death to protect that right. In fact – after reading you – I feel that we are, in fact, carbon copies – only I’m 73 living in San Diego – but – born and raised in L.A. [a Dorsey High grad]. The only thing I took issue with [rightfully so] is cannabis is definitely not a weed – that’s a tag the prohibs have laid upon it to disgrace it. Also – it is a Sacrament – whether in or out of bread. It’s a complete whole food and the most nutritional food known to man – all by itself. In fact – “Manna” defined means “Food from God.” Frankly my man – “I think you are a Genesist and don’t realize it. [Genesis I:1 through III:24 with distinction in Genesis I:29, 30, 31 in any monotheistic bible]. Whatever religion you have chosen contains the Genesist Faith. Therefore if you are Christian for example – you are a Christian Genesist – and – likewise with all other monotheistic religions. If you do not claim a religion – that is also respected by Genesists. If not the Fatherhood of God [then] the Brotherhood of man is a fundamental tenet of the Genesist Faith. God does not cast out any of his children. Some like to separate – but – in the end all paths lead back to the same God. I didn’t mean to lay a sermon on your ass – I just meant to define a Genesist. “I am an American Genesist” – and – damned proud of my Faith, my country, and my Constitution – and I will fight and die for all three.
    Warm regards,
    Road Runner
    God Bless America

  33. 45. Robert Sacrament as a Food
    “Let the food be thy medicine, and the medicine thy food.”
    Hemp Nutrition – Natures Super Food. In the Genesist Faith’s penchant [propensity] to free our Sacrament from the prohibition that falsely imprisons it, we should not neglect to claim the superior benefits from hemp food – the most nutritionally complete food source in the world. Hemp is legal – it’s legal in any form. Hemp [God’s gift to his Creation as Sacrament] has been an organic food [that which grows naturally from the ground] since the beginning of time – The Sixth Day. Hemp, if not the first, was one of the first, plants to be cultivated by mankind, and present-day areas of wild growth have resulted from plants escaping from prehistoric cultivation. More recently, since the early 1990’s, shelled hemp seeds have been used as a foodstuffs, including, baked goods, snacks, breakfast cereals, beverages, frozen desserts, tofu, even cheese! Hemp is highly nutritious. From a nutritional standpoint the hemp seed is highly desirable.
    The Geneist Faith promotes Hemp Therapy as a vibrant and essential part of a highly nutritional dietary program. In addition to its nutritional value, the Genesist Faith promotes physical wellness, by maintaining a concentrated program of exercise [both aerobic and resistance]. Diet and exercise go hand in hand, and are essential to well being.

  34. Look, the biggest point I see of the map is that everybody is smoking it. Trees, weed, regs, dro, whatever you call it, it is still MARIJUANA. Whether you grow your own, or buy it from the guy with sagging pants the fact remains your a smoker. Now if the dealers of today are as hardcore as the anti-prohibitionists of the prohibition era that would be war. But it’s Marijuana, something smoked that calms the savage beast within, something that relaxes the body, and it’s not a MAN made chemical. Yes God is perfect, man is not. Man made alcohol, God made POT!!
    Yes, I have the t-shirt. The only way we as individuals can ever get what we want is to stop voting for the same types of politicians. We need to put real people in our offices. Start locally. Do you know someone that has really good ideas besides building more schools that could get your city back on track, someone who belives that the illegality of marijuana is unjustified? That yes I should have the right to choose… MY BODY…MY CHOICE. Find out at your local city hall what you need to do to get that person on the ballot, then hustle your ass off to get them the VOTES! All it will take to change is it needs to start with us the individuals who believe that we do have the right to CHOOSE. If we really do live in a democratic nation, and not some twisted Marxist regime,
    then really get out there, and not just on 4/20. Everyday hand out 50 fliers that say “Marijuana needs to be decriminialized.” Tell 50 strangers at the local grocery store how it’s not right that they can choose what wine to have with dinner, but because my choice for an after dinner smoke is illegal. I can go to jail, lose my family, my job. Municipialties are just smaller versions of Washington. If you want change make it happen. Look to the 60’s of make love not war.
    Why outside of the fact that it is not considered a white drug is it illegal. Because if it were legalized, the government would have to really account
    for every penny they spend on the drug war.It’s time for a change and we can only do it as one voice, does this make me a traitor to my country or just some one who’s tired of big brother watching and controling everything I do?

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