Next Sunday Nationwide: Pot Prohibition Parlor Parties

Update: Checkout the HuffingtonPost’s interactive map regarding information about Alcohol Prohibition in conjunction with the upcoming PBS documentary debuting this Sunday night, ‘Prohibition’.
Have you made plans yet to host or attend a ‘Pot Prohibition Parlor Party’ next Sunday night? Have you been in touch with one of the nearly 200 NORML chapters in America about your desire to get involved with these much needed law reforms?
Why convene such controversial parties?
Because on Sunday, October 2nd, the Public Broadcast Corporation will air the most recent American history documentary from Ken Burns called ‘Prohibition’.
Also, and probably not by coincidence, October 2 marks the 74-year anniversary of America’s longest, most expensive and constitutional-twisting prohibition…Cannabis Prohibition!
This most recent examination of a slice of American history by Mr. Burns is the single best opportunity in years for the general public to understand the folly and expense of Cannabis Prohibition (the only educational documentary that can top this one about the tremendous failure of Alcohol Prohibition would be…a Ken Burns documentary on the history–and absurdity–of Cannabis Prohibition).
Invite some good friends, family and co-workers to get together next weekend to watch the first installment in the three part series. Afterward, when lobbying your local, state and federal elected policymakers to reform cannabis laws, ask them if they watched the Burns documentary.

If they say ‘yes’….ask them if they support continuing another 74 years of Cannabis Prohibition in America.
If they say ‘no’, get them the documentary to watch, follow up and ask them to end Cannabis Prohibition by establishing logical law reforms such that cannabis is as legal and taxed as other adult products like alcohol, tobacco and caffeine.
Ask them to respect the Constitution, the free market, personal autonomy and the right for self-preservation.

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  1. My thought for the decade,,,have to limit them,,because moderation is the key to all dangerous substances.
    If the prohibs would start up petitions to ramp up the WOD, increase the penalties for cannabis,,strike down all mmj laws,,etc
    We could have a nationwide vote going on before our eyes.

  2. #4 Tiny Dix “This is your America …”
    (sorry in advance for the longish rant) — THIS is America Today:
    George Orwell was correct about the rise to power of the national security surveillance police state — he just got the date wrong (1984) and the type of socialism engendered. The form of Government we now have is crony corporate socialism, a corrupt monopolistic form of capitalism, instead of ‘1984’s quasi-egalitarian ‘oligarchical collectivism’.
    Promotion of contrived divisive social issues distracts the masses from the Class War they are losing. “Divide & conquer” is a tactic successfully used throughout history by ruling Tyrants. “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the Flag and carrying a Cross,” claimed Sinclair Lewis.
    US Fascism has arrived; for evidence look no further than the Tea Party Express, and the Right Wing Authoritarians who comprise the bulk of politicians in Both Lame Stream Political Parties. Real “Jobs Creation Legislation” is a tough political battle, but reauthorization of the draconian US PATRIOT Act got an easy pass. Welcome to ‘1984’!
    “Ignorance is strength.” (‘1984’)
    () ‘Proles’ have no political awareness beyond their struggle for survival. That is The Party’s Greatest Strength in Maintaining Power.
    “Freedom is slavery.” (‘1984’)
    () Freedom is Not Hierarchical. Cannabis Use Promotes Thinking & Individualism, All Now Criminal. Neo-Feudalism Requires Hierarchy. Equality between Classes confers no special status to Wealth.
    “War is peace.” (‘1984’)
    () Perpetual War is Exactly like Perpetual Peace, only Better (for US). Perpetual War consumes US Resources that might otherwise be used to Raise the status of the Masses, anathema to Neo-Feudal Hierarchy.
    The DEA, the DOJ, and the ONDCP truly believe that Field Marshall Goebbels was correct — “…if you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth…” and “the bigger the lie, the easier people will believe it.” He was a Fascist, as well.
    Their ‘True’ Lies:
    () Cannabis is a dangerous highly addictive narcotic hallucinogen susceptible to abuse, therefore deserved of Schedule 1 classification.
    () Smoked Cannabis causes Cancer, Brain Damage, Apathy, Violence, Rape of White Women, and Civil Disobedience.
    () Wachovia (TBTF) did Not commit Criminal Acts as an on-going Criminal Enterprise when it laundered $378.4 Billion of drug money.
    () Only prescription drugs from pharmaceutical companies can be legal — homeopathic / herbal medicine is illegal ‘witchcraft’.
    () The Euphoria that Cannabis can produce in its’ ‘abusers’ is an undesirable side effect unseen in any Big Pharma Prescription Drugs.
    () Cannabis is not agricultural, is not a plant, is not an herb — it’s a ‘manufactured’ illicit narcotic drug.
    () Cannabis is an illicit narcotic drug because US Says it is, and US has ‘undeniable scientific proof’ that You are not allowed to refute.
    () “They hate US for our ‘freedom’ |V| We hate US for our ‘slavery’”
    () Cannabis users, and peace activists, are now ‘domestic terrorists’.
    () Monopoly Capitalism IS The Only Efficient Form of Government.
    “There’s too much money in it (Cannabis) for it to ever be made legal.”
    – Secretary of State H.R. Clinton –
    “The decriminalization, or re-legalization, of Cannabis is not in my vocabulary” – President B.H. Obama –
    “You fucking retarded progressive idiots need to be drug tested if you don’t fall in line and vote for Obama.”
    – Rahm Emmanuel, 2010 –
    “Never let a good crisis go to waste; if you can’t find one, then create it.”
    – Rahm Emmanuel, 2009 (un-redacted) –
    “He who controls the past, controls the future.”
    “He who controls the present, controls the past.” (‘1984’)
    () Indian Hemp, aka Cannabis, has never in all history ever had any medical benefit.
    () Besides as medicine, Cannabis / Indian Hemp has also never been used for rope, canvas, clothing, paper, food, or fuel.
    () No government-funded scientific study has ever concluded that Cannabis is harmless — the Siler Report, La Guardia Report, Le Dain Report, and Shafer Report are all fictional, and never happened.
    () At no point in history was it ever illegal to refuse to grow Indian Hemp / Cannabis, nor has it ever been used to pay government taxes.
    () George Washington, Father of our Country, never grew Cannabis or Hemp.
    () Thomas Jefferson, Author of our Constitution, never grew Cannabis or Hemp.
    () No successful athletes, artists, musicians, writers, scientists, or politicians have ever been Cannabis users.
    () US does not Torture; ‘Enhanced Interrogation’ isn’t Torture.
    () US has never engaged in Terrorism, False Flag Terrorism, or Domestic Terrorism to forward specific policy agendas.
    () US has always been the ‘victim’; ‘Blowback’ doesn’t exist.
    () There is No Evidence that US government agencies have ever been directly involved in the illicit narcotic drug trade, from the Boxer Rebellions to Iran-Contra to today’s Af/Pak conflict. There are no news reports & photos of US Marines guarding Afghani poppy fields from ‘Prohibitionist’ Taliban — that … Never Happened!
    That history has been replaced by the DEA, DOJ, and ONDCP. No other version of history is valid or exists, down that ‘Memory Hole’. Proponents of Cannabis cannot Prove to US that Cannabis is a harmless but useful plant with medicinal value that deserves to be re-legalized. The US controls the only valid Drug Testing Source, Money, and Authorization required to perform new domestic scientific studies of Cannabis, and US forbids that. Foreign scientific studies whose results would disprove the DEA, DOJ, and ONDCP Party Line are not US Authorized, and therefore can be dismissed by US as ‘junk’ science.
    Espousal of Alternate Realities that don’t comply with Big Brother’s Corporate Party Line are Thought Crimes, punishable by imprisonment or death. “Two plus two equals five”, because US and the Corporatist Lame Stream Media says it does. By all appearances, ‘1984’ has truly arrived. The ‘War on (Some) Drugs’ and the ‘War on People (esp. Minorities)’ is only the most blatant and egregious example to illustrate that rise to Totalitarian Tyranny of Big Brother’s Kleptocracy. US is so proud of US — We the People, not so much …
    “Marijuana, in its natural form, is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man.”
    – DEA Administrative Law Judge Francis Young, 1994 –
    “When the legal side effects of a substance cause more harm to a person than the side effects of the substance itself, we have an injustice!”
    – Jimmy Carter –
    “But are there not many Fascists in your country?”
    “There are many who do not know they are Fascists, but will find it out when the time comes.”
    — Ernest Hemingway, “For Whom the Bell Tolls” –
    Short of revolution at the ballot box, there is little hope for Cannabis Re-Legalization. The US has a plethora of Politicians, a dearth of Statesmen. Vote knowledgeably and responsibly — the overlap of policy agendas between the Neo-Liberal Democratic Party and the Neo-Conservative Republican Party is tremendous; vote USA Green Party in 2012!
    “Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people. To destroy this invisible government, to befoul this unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics is the first task of statesmanship.”
    – Theodore Roosevelt –
    I rest my case, that ‘1984’ and Fascism have arrived in the US.
    (Now, where is my ‘Guy Fawkes’ mask … ?)
    BTW: A great read “” by another Libertarian Socialist, David Malmo-Levine.

  3. I’m sad to say that the Petition to Grant a Full Pardon to all those arrested for marijuana only related offenses isn’t getting the attention it deserves. While I’ve seen a dramatic flux of people rushing to sign the Regulate and Tax in a Manner similar to Alcohol petition (and am very happy to see the number rise greatly every time I look in on it), I’d like to see more people standing up for the folks who have put there lives and liberty on the line for the cause. After all, SOMEONE HAD TO GROW THAT BEAUTIFUL HERB YOU’RE ENJOYING AND NOW THEY NEED US. To those of you who have taken the time to add your name, I’m very grateful. Thank you for understanding you have a civic duty and doing that duty in true patriotic fashion. For those of you still sitting on your hands I’d like to remind you that NEVER in the history of our nation has it been so SIMPLE and EASY to make your voice heard. So stand up and take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity.
    Please take a moment to follow this link and sign the petition which requests that all those arrested for marijuana only related offenses to be granted a full pardon. In addition to releasing those currently incarcerated, this would also reinstate the rights lost by those with previous convictions, such as the right to vote. Here’s the link: Thanks for your support.
    In addition, there is also a petition on the site which calls to Allow Industrial Hemp to AGAIN be grown in the U.S. This, too, is a very important issue within the legalization movement and approaches the subject from a perspective entirely separate from the medical/recreational aspect. Please also take a moment to add your name to show your support.
    Again, thank you for standing up and doing your part. After all, a government of the people, for the people, and by the people only works if the people work it. Signing a petition is a dramatic far cry from the long marches and bloody battles our ancestors had to endure to gain the freedoms we (used to) enjoy. If you’re too lazy to exert such little effort for liberty then you don’t deserve it!

  4. David762,
    Some in your itemized lists sound like something the Christian Reconstructionists/Dominionist would agree to.
    Or, like former President Nixon (initiator of DEA) said about starting the ‘war on drugs’, “we got to scare them”.
    We are out gunned, out armied, out everything in this round about 1984.

  5. We should make this out to be a program that should be viewed and discussed by the entire country, it is costing us abtou 50 billions dollars a year. I dont think thats too much to ask of the whole country, thats much not much heavy lifting for you, not asking you to take a bullet.
    All we’re asking you to do is pay attention to the 3 part series and then discuss it openly as a Live PBS show. Colleges should be all over this, and should make it an issue that can no longer be ignored. Remember, we’re talking about $50 Billion dollars That could and should be college loan dollars instead of law enforcement dollars.
    Its important. Sombody that has a Facebook account should be running with it sort of make it a “Prohibition Mad Dash Week, the time for honesty.

  6. @7 Greg – I signed the petition and also believe it should get plenty of attention by people who believe in justice and freedom!. The primary reason I am involved in trying to get marijuana legal is because of this kind of damage. Personally, I have never been busted and could probably stay hidden in my personal affairs until I die but I care greatly about the injustice suffered by others!
    This is a petition we should all sign.

  7. I signed all the MJ petitions. I also created a petition to close 50% of our overseas military bases and bring those people home. Sadly I know noone so I only have 3 votes! is the address, please vote. We The People website.

  8. hey smoked up greetings to all , is there going to be a lplace in baltimore ,maryland. or the stae at all for this protest day? id apreciate any info on whethere there is or not an if so where at. thnxs and stay up in smoke !!!!!

  9. massvocals states the government wants to control ya best thing you can do is refuse to pay taxes and own nothing have no bank accounts and take everything you can its war for liberty form the beast who is now no longer a republic form of government Fight with your heart and mind wired together

  10. I feelm very strongly about the legalization of marijuana. It should be legal. people need to educate themselves about marijuana. I have been smoking for 35 years and I thank my God for this miricle plant. Why should I be forced to take a perscription medication that can potenially KILL ME or cause me great problems both physically and mentally and is PROVEN to be HIGHLY addictive, when I can simply smoke or eat marijuana and not worry about all the side effects of legal drugs. The only side effect of using marijuana is possible arrest, but for me the benefits outweigh the risks…..side bar…Obama wants to creat jobs….well here you go…..export businesses, mom and pop coffee shops, factory’s ETC. Create revenue? taxation. won’t you be surprised (those of you who oppose) when marijuana becomes legal and you find who’s been using all along!!!

  11. There’s something going on here for sure. Some people have to be getting rich from these policies. Many nations have been forced to toe the line on this because of US pressure. You can bet relations with Portugal must be pretty frosty right now. What kills me is a suspicion that many politicians are no doubt snorting, popping, and smoking the good stuff while locking us up for the same thing.
    Petitions might raise awareness on this issue but I don’t hope for a second that they will accomplish anything else. If 51% of the people voted to reform these insane policies, math would be re-worked to show that democracy is actually 52%.
    Buy some T5s and phuk em all. I made a hydro rig out of empty cat litter buckets and a $20 fountain pump. Problem solved.

  12. And by the way I blew my first refer 33 years ago but oddly enough I didn’t escalate to heroin and wind up on the street. I must be one of the 99.99% lucky ones I guess.

  13. #10 NagaSadhu
    Unfortunately, my itemized list isn’t something I made up. I have merely collated and regurgitated the Prohibitionist / Kleptocrat / PtB ‘talking points’ while drawing starkly plain parallels with George Orwell’s dystopian novel ‘1984’.
    And yes, We the People have been overpowered and outgunned, both in the public forum and what passes for public policy. We the People are ‘Too Small To Matter’ compared to the wealth and the political power that that buys.
    We need to organize massive nationwide general strikes, boycott of those corporations that promulgate the status quo, and a general awakening to the real struggle involved when we go into that voting booth — in short, an American ‘Arab Awakening’.
    But I am not hopeful — that got spent like a drunken sailor on Obama’s ‘hopey – changey’ fake progressivism … don’t listen to his honey-sweet populist campaign words , look at his deeds.

  14. Caught Ken Burns on Countdown last night. Sadly his take on MJ prohibition is lackluster and he equates cannabis legalization as possibly dangerous using meth and coke in the same breath. Of course we hope it will encourage our cause showing that prohibiting anything is “dangerous” to freedom.

  15. Modern-day Prohibition is actually more restrictive than the one in the 1920s: neither the 18th Amendment nor the Volstead Act forbid home-brewing, or individual possession, of alcohol. Only sale or interstate transportation was made criminal. Congress back then was smart enough to know that restrictions like we have today on marijuana would require massive expansion of police powers and be unenforceable.
    That’s why the Justice Department confirms we’ve seized 10 million cannabis plants domestically in the U.S. and arrested an American citizen every 19 seconds — mostly for mere possession.
    Let’s go BACK to the LIBERAL days of Prohibition and allow adults to possess and consume marijuana for their individual use.

  16. Ken Burns is SO 1990s.
    That said, I find it ironic that alcohol ended up being re-legalized while weed was made illegal. Alcohol is a pretty powerfull substance. I’ve tried a lot of drugs over the years, but I’ve never had the experience of laying on the ground while the world was spinning above me, thinking that I would fly off the planet (wonder where you end up if you let go?) like I’ve had on alcohol.
    Heroine is interesting. It’s made into a tar that has to be cut with, guess what?, alcohol. You then inject this drug into your vein. Strangly enough, the after-effects of Heroine are much like alcohol, sickness, vomitting, thinking you could die. Wonder if injecting trace amounts of alcohol into your bloodstream does this?
    Lastly, who the hell are the people that say smoking weed is RELAXING. I haven’t been able to relax on weed since I was 17. And “they” just keep making it stronger! We need a NEW WEED, a plant that DOES relax you with LITTLE halucenagenic properties. A plant that is SMALL, and EASY TO GROW.
    Let’s search the planet looking for this plant. I know it’s out there!

  17. Re 21,
    Hello David762, you make many good points regarding Orwell, Obama. etc.
    However, I have to tell you, I’m always a bit suspicous of someone who initially sounds objective, then proceeds to provide one-sided examples (liberterian, in this case, but also a bit GOPer-like.)
    You gave examples of Obama’s hypocrisy and idiocy on this subject, as well as Clinton’s, and well you should. But, curiously, you provided no examples from the right. Those of us old enough certainly recall Nixon’s war on drugs. And Reagan was certainly no friend of the pot smoker. (Who can forget Nancy’s “just say no” campaign?)
    And then when you end your last post with Sarah Palin’s classic “hopey-changey” quote, I have to suspect that you’re right there in her corner. Funny thing, tho, I sure don’t recall anything about MJ legalization coming from Sister Sara.
    And, of course, while you duly (and correctly) point out the govt’s evil role in all of this, you surprisingly–or perhaps predictably–say nothing about the corporations’ role, as if big tobacco and the alcohol industry are not involved. Another apologist for the corporate right wing?
    You’re undoubtedly speaking to those libertarian/conservatives with whom you’re in abject agreement on this and other subjects; but you’ll rarely catch the ear (or even support) of those who do call ourselves progressives, especially with phrases like “fake progressivism” and “honey-sweet populist”. We on the left know what Obama has and hasn’t done for the MJ movement, I promise you. Condescending statements won’t move us any closer to your point of view.
    Still, we’re both brothers for the cause on this issue, and in that respect I’m in full agreement with you.

  18. @ 25 Longtime Puffer
    Mea culpa.
    Of course, the Neo-Liberal Democrats don’t deserve any greater blame than the Neo-Con Republicans in regard to either Prohibition 2.0, or the rise of the Corporate State / Police State or the Perpetual War Economy that has evolved. Both are to blame, and historically it has been the Monopolistic Big Business interests that the Republicans have promulgated. Today, both Parties curry the favor, and the campaign cash, of the Crony
    Corporatists over the best interests of Average Citizens.
    Bill Maher once stated that today’s Democratic Party has shifted to the Right of the Republican Party of 60 years ago, while the Republican Party has shifted into the Insane Asylum of Far Right Ideology. I am inclined to agree. And watching only short out-takes of the Republican Presidential Debate that took place in Florida recently fully confirmed for me what misanthropic sociopathic fascists the Republican Party engages as their ‘best & brightest’ candidates. America has become an insane asylum, and the ‘patients’ are running this country.
    There are very few politicians of either Lame Stream Political Party that would, for instance, vote against the re-authorization of the US PATRIOT Act, and vote for the re-legalization of Cannabis. I can pretty much count those politicians on the fingers of both hands. None have any hope of winning the Corporate-sponsored ‘beauty contest’ that is our Presidential Primaries. The Monopoly Corporations control the Lame Stream Media, effectively control the vetting process of Both Political Parties, and basically have the final say on who our Candidates will be — Tweedle-dee versus Tweedle-dum.
    If you would have bothered to read my earlier post here (#6 David762) which preceded the response (#21 David762) which you addressed, you would not have made the accusation that I might be an apologist for the corporate right wing. I would appreciate your taking a few minutes to read that earlier post, and make your own apology, if you’ve got the honesty.
    Good day to you, sir or madam.

  19. What time does it air?
    [Editor’s note: In most time sections of the country the documentary airs Oct. 2, 3 and 4 @ 8PM. Check local listings…]

  20. RE 26
    Hello David762,
    I do offer my own apology. I raced through some of your examples, alas, and slowing down, now do note your offerings.
    As I said earlier, you did make some good points. It was the quotes that stood out in my mind when I replied earlier. And I also agree with what you say about the two parties. It’s a sad day indeed when you have one party that is conservative and the other that is ultra-conservative. Many Dems are in the hip-pockets of their lobbyist masters, just as are most, if not all, GOPers.
    I remain in the Democratic Party, but am closer to leaving it than at anytime in the last 20 years. (I did become an independent for several years in the 1980s, but missed voting in the primaries.) We’ll see what happens in the next couple of years.
    But getting back to my original point, it is refreshing to see that you understand big business is every bit as culpable in MJ prohibition as is govt. Many on these boards don’t seem (or are unwilling) to grasp that.
    Best wishes

  21. # 29 Longtime Puffer
    Thank you for taking the time to read my earlier post, and your honesty in making an apology. Apology gratefully accepted!
    I grew up in the 1960’s, so I have seen many things that ‘our’ government has done that I don’t agree with. My parents were Right-wing Republicans who, having participated in WW2, wore blinders regarding the outcome of that War. The German Nazis lost, but the Fascists won — that’s my assessment.
    I have remained a life-long Independent, Libertarian Socialist really, and have often voted for Democratic candidates, frequently for independent Leftist candidates, and never for a Republican candidate (well except for a rare moderate
    Republican in an ‘Open Primary’ State, just to screw up the enemy’s roster.) I voted for Obama in 2008, knowing from his voting record in the US Senate that he was not an ideal Democratic candidate. I was, however, expecting some ‘Leftward Shift’ in USA domestic and foreign policy — not an extension of Bush_43.
    What I failed to take into consideration was the extent to which this country’s Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Rule of Law have been compromised by the Monopolistic Capitalist Kleptocracy. Short of either a revolution at the ballot box or the utter collapse of the economy, I see little hope for the end of the USA’s Mercantile Neo-Colonial Empire that has been propped up by the Perpetual War Machine.
    Supporting a 3rd Party Candidate may be our only solution. In the Soviet Union, citizens could vote ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to a particular candidate. In our Kleptocracy, citizens are given the false illusion of choice between a captive (D) or a captive (R) candidate, like Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum, ‘two peas from the same pod’.
    Peace be unto you.

  22. There’s a red party and a blue party. The problem is – the gray party [the color of a shadow] has infiltrated both parties until you can’t slip a dime between them. The truth of the matter is – America “HAS” been taken over by the gray party – of which we will be advised of in 2012 – not that the gray party doesn’t presently and blatantly announces who they are and what their objective is – they do – just ask them – they’ll proudly tell you. So it comes down to this – if you believe in a republic with a Constitution – you’re a Constitutional conservative and a patriotic American. If you believe in a one world empire and new world order – you’re a surf to the Illuminati. Myself – I just ordered my Joesph McCarthy T-shirt. O.K. Puff – take your shot – I’m ready. The thing is – I will listen to Puff and respect what he has to say – but – I’m still going to wear my T-shirt.

  23. Hey David,
    You’re welcome. I also agree about your comment about a third party. I actually wish we had several parties in the national process. The more views and choices the better. But I think the big two have gamed the system to such a degree that it’s very difficult for any other party to make a serious challenge–for now!
    I say for now, because I have always been of the belief that nothing remains the same forever (even the sun one day will “stop rising in the east, tho that’s a long way off, lol).
    I also grew up during the ’60s and early ’70s. Tho my parents were Dems & libs (especially my mom). My dad, ex-military, did vote for Nixon in ’68–cuz the Tricky One said he’d get us out of Viet Nam. Just months after that election, my dad told me he’d made a mistake, and never voted GOP again.
    I myself have grown increasingly disillusioned with the Dem Party, and I’ve let them know that with calls, emails, etc. Like I said in my earlier post, we’ll see what happens.
    Best, LTP
    BTW, MM, you have every right to wear your Joe McCarthy t-shirt–it IS a free country after all, right? LOL. I will spare you my opinion on him, tho. Best, LTP (PS, I don’t know if you saw my earlier post to you on another thread–I had to work long hours in Sept and didn’t have a chance to get to the computer–anyway, take care!)

  24. The first time I smoked pot, it was given to me by a Jewish girl, in a Afro-american neighborhood in 1963; I was thirteen yrs old, at that time I did not understand why she did this, it was just for fun. I’m glad she did introduce me to it, I would like to thank her for it!
    Today, I find it very hard to get the Herb I love so much because it has helped me through some very ruff times @ 18 yrs, I was in a rear-end collision, where I encountered a neck injury; 1975 I was in a freak metro-bus accident which left me with a jammed spinal cord, which lead me to surgery 30 yrs later in 2000 to remove the L5. Talk about pain 1- 10 ratio I was 20+!
    I always had to use the black market to get marijuana, I getting to old to run from the law, LOL! now there is none out here except what is used by the rich, or go to jail trying to grow your own. Marijuana should have been legalized even back then, for my personal medication and for All who needed it back then and now.
    Today to many of our youth have suffered imprisonment trying to be an entrepreneur, enduring inhuman treatment for a plant that saves the physical, spiritual, and mental lives of the people and it is from mother earth,(Modern-day Shamans) and we, the common people can not have access to the best of her yields across the board this is unacceptable!
    What has come of the nations rich, and people ruling in government, have they become the blood sucking dracula of the world when it comes to the marijuana! We don’t want their pill pushing Dr’s to give us 1 shot for many, 1 pill for many other problems we don’t need. Doctors have to look up your symptoms for the right pill, check for drug reactions, some don’t care, and they give it to you anyway. Take this pill for this and it gives you 15-25 different side effects which lead to other pills, surgery or death; just to keep you coming back!
    When are we going to stop letting the real dope pushers “Governments pharmaceuticals co.” continue to ruin our lives!!!
    Become the people of the mother natures earth who takes care of her own. Who needs a gov’t killing machine that is killing it’s own people and the people in the world abroad. Kill the machine! We created it, and now it does not respond to our needs anymore, but it expects us to OBEY IT! Does this sound like an old movie in the twilight zone…people please wake up!

  25. 38 Puff
    You may have noticed – but – my posts have been few and far between. I’m working on another domain which has nothing to do with cannabis – and – has everything to do with the nostalgia of the Fabulous Fifties. We have 2,450 members on the site [a small society]. We try very hard to stay away from politics and religion. All 2,450 of us – and – thousands more grew up in one place [a famous drive-in restaurant in Southern California]. It just eats up every bit of my time – gladly so. BTW – Eisenhower called Nixon to his dying bedside and told him “how to” end the war in Nam. Tricky Dick then used that as a bargaining tool to get elected [after the 5th Ave. Compact with David and Nelson Rockefeller]. Nixon couldn’t get elected dog catcher in California. You have changed your thoughts on politics – I can see that – but – stick to your guns my friend. Warm regards to you and yours.

  26. MM, re 44,
    Thanks for the warm words. I have changed my political thoughts, it’s true, a few times. But the core always remains the same.
    Best to you too, and hope to talk with you again in the future. Best of luck, LTP
    And toke one for me!

  27. Hey there, Regine, re 42
    Sorry to hear of your story. I only hope that you can cope with the pain–a pain I can’t imagine.
    I used to go through people at work to score, but it’s just too risky. I don’t want to jeopardize them or myself. So, I usually go thru a younger family member now. But, sometimes it seems as if it takes forever to hear from him. Alas, such are our times.
    Best wishes

  28. 47. Hey Puff
    If you ever get back to Amsterdam – poke me from there and tell how things have changed.
    Warm regards,

  29. Hey Longtime Puffer, Howdy! Sometimes the pain makes the wait bare-able for better grades of Marijuana to come this way. My last pain was like that earthquake and that hurricane that cut through here! I know I can turn that pain into passion when it comes to this legislation being passed. Just to think of the Joy and Freedom we will all experience!

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