Feds To Legal Medical Marijuana Patients: You Don't Have Second Amendment Rights. Period.

The federal government, notably under the current administration, continues to paint itself into a corner politically speaking regarding Mr. Obama’s pre-election promises to ‘fix the problem with medical marijuana’.
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) issued a memorandum on September 21 to all gun dealers in the United States for the expressed purpose of informing them that they MUST discriminate against lawful medical cannabis patients and DENY them their Second Amendment right to buy and possess a firearm for hunting and/or personal protection.

The feds newest ‘clarifying’ memo regarding medical cannabis (proceeding the 2009 Ogden and 2011 Cole memos) is notable because members of NORML’s Legal Committee recently have been successfully challenging local and state law enforcement officials who’ve chosen to discriminate against lawful medical cannabis patients by denying them permits for a concealed weapon.
Why is it OK and does it make any sense at all for lawful medical patients who are prescribed powerful painkillers and sedatives to be able to enjoy their Second Amendment rights and responsibilities, but medical cannabis patients who want to hunt or have self-protection in their homes are overtly discriminated against by our own federal government?
This new ATF memo will provide an interesting test to see if the National Rifle Association really does support citizens’ rights to bear arms.

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  1. Go get yourself a guy from the bar, give hime a bottle of Jack. Smoke a little for yourself, arm both parties and see who fires first? If your’e the one smoking, ” DUCK & COVER”

  2. @151 Doug – Seriously, you’re deluding yourself if you think for even a second that our Fed Govt doesn’t already know this. Their purpose is not unlike Hitler’s war against the jews only in this case it happens to be those of us that choose to use cannabis.
    Anyone out there disagree with my conclusion?

  3. Don #152, no I don’t disagree. This is becoming a form of genocide; and the plan is kill off the marijuana culture and ruin the life of anyone associated with it. They want to take away my job, my kids, my license to drive, my guns and put me in prison; effectively ending my life without actually killing me.
    What did they do to the Jew in Germany? First they took away some of their rights. Then they had them all register. They were turned into second class citizens and they took their arms. Then they took away their property and their money. Next was to start slaving them in corporate, private and state run companies. Then they built concentration camps storing all these criminals workers. We all know what came next.
    Where are we on this path to fascism insanity? Actually pretty far down the path… This giant prison population is nearly the same thing. People are being slaved while some corporation or private institution makes a windfall at the public’s expense. What is happening to my country??? Treating pot heads almost like child rapists–WTF?????????????

  4. IF the NRA doesn’t get involved in this we’ll know they are really just a strong-arm of the conservative right and NOT a firearm rights association. This is the dumbest law and is completely unconstitutional. It violates the 2nd amendment and the Americans with Disabilities act. If the NRA doesn’t get involved in this I’ll lose what little respect I had for them.

  5. Imagine, some of the framers of our Constitution like Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington who gave us the 2nd Amendment, along with all the others under this butt brain ATF memo could no longer own a firearm. What about all the Armed Guards, FBI agents, CIA agents, ATF agents, and Police Officers who amitted to having tried, or used marijuana. Even our current President who admitted to using marijuana, along with George Bush, and many other legislators, lets take away their rights too. All that has to be done is for the DEA to re-schedule medical marijuana period. Just like the 2 year study by DEA Admin Law Judge’s Finding of Fact ruling in 1988 indicated, but was overturned in weeks buy Corruption, and the Father, of the recreational marijuana using Son, George Bush Jr, who according to the “law”, can no longer use his 2nd Amendment Rights. Hey ATF!, George Washington would tell you, and you’re bosses, along with the DEA to shove that memo where the sun don’t shine.

  6. It is real Simple!!!
    * Drug Enforcement Agency +
    * Internal Revenue Service +
    * Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms +
    * All backed by the Department of Justice
    * Equals = millions of FELONs that Can Not “VOTE”
    **You, Your Family, Your Friends**
    Never Forget!!! May4.org

  7. 145 “non-American”
    After you kiss my ass you can blow your brains out – that ought to do it for you.

  8. Just becoz yer too big a wuss to “hang” with us homies in the street to get yer weed don’t mean they can take yer guns away. Of course, you could always just buy your guns illegaly.
    The Mederal Government Policy Institute

  9. Ex-President George Bush Jr. admitted in a taped interview that he utilized recreational marijuana. Ex-President George Bush Jr. was seen shooting guns on his ranch, there is video footage of him doing so. Ex-President Bush under the Substance Act 21 USC 802 is in violation of Federal law, should be arrested, and given under sentencing guidelines 5 to 10 years in prison for violation of said Federal Law. The evidence is in plain view, I rest my case!

  10. Let me make sure I understand. The Federal government, comprised of people who took a sworn oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United states, are using the threat of violence backed with deadly violence to deny Constitutionally guaranteed freedom and liberty of American citizens who use a medically specified treatment that has been used as such since at least the dawn of recorded history on this planet. These same public serveants do not seem to have a problem selling guns to people who buy booze by the case. Nor do they seem to have a problem with gun selling to people with prescriptions for morphine, barbituates or a host of other mind altering substances. And to top it off, we are all forced to pay to fund this stupidity. This is just another example of the hypocritical, illogical, un-Godly and un-Constitutional stupidity of those we have allowed to enslave us. I wonder what it would be like to live in a free country, even for only one day, just to see what it would be like.

  11. @162 – In spite of our ancestors calling America “The Land of the Free”, this country has never been truly free; at least not for all citizens! We can only hope that someday we will have more freedom than we currently have. Unfortunately, what seems to be happening at the highest levels of our Govt is that they are slowly but surely exerting ever more control over all of us.

  12. An Update from Arizona: The ATF loses control and arms the most violent criminals in the hemisphere with 2000 high powered weapons. Over 200 deaths have been connected with those weapons on both sides of the border, so far. Arizona sheriffs recommend that ATF agents should be arrested for accessory to murder charges and the feds promote those involved. The DEA and the feds go after the medical marijuana dispensaries that are the only real competition to the cartels except for perhaps Marc Emery, a Canadian who sold seeds to patients wishing to grow medical cannabis. They put him in federal prison. Arizona sheriffs catch a drug smuggler with a large quantity of drugs about three weeks ago and give him to the feds. The feds release him for lack of evidence and send him back to Mexico. He is arrested today (Nov 1) with 1500 lbs. of heroin, again by the sheriffs in Arizona. This is the feds catch and release program but it only works if you are an illegal alien who is caught with large amounts of drugs.
    We arm the cartels. We shut down their competition. We release them when they enter our country with drugs and the DEA makes some asinine statement about there being a larger mission. What specifically is that mission? If you were Chapo Guzman, head of the Sinaloa cartel, what more could you ask the feds to do to support his operation?
    That’s right. Let’s disarm the medical marijuana patients…

  13. My reading of the Law suggests to me that even Cancer Patients or People, prescribed Pain, Sleep or Anxiety Meds by their doctors are prohibited from Owning Firearms. I don’t know where the commenters above find exceptions for Pain Med RX Recipients. The wording of the Federal Laws, & Calif State Law, doesn’t differentiate between Prescribed or Non-Prescribed use of Controlled Substances. Unless this is vaguely written by Accident. Imagine if my interpretation of how these laws are written is Correct. It would mean Millions and Millions of people who use prescribed medications, like Ambien or Codeine or Valium, as prescribed by their Physician, would be guilty of Felonies. It is also widely known that Illegal Steroid Use is Rampant in Law Enforcement Agencies, Police & Fire Departments. That would also make owning a firearm a Felony. We are living on a Prison Planet, indeed.

  14. i dont think it is fair at all that we lose our right to bear arms because of a medical condition. regardless if people like the fact that people have a medical marijuana card or not. some people have to have marijuana for medical use but hunt deer duck geese or whatever,so now they have a card to deal with pain or whatever for every day liveing but cant do every day liveing anymore because you took ther right to hunt. what about diabetics,you still let them drink alchohl. what about bars. its illegal to drink and drive but yet you contiue to let bars stay open,how do people get home from bars? think about it.

  15. So if you dont register with the state..Because you can choose to or not.. Right? How do the ATF know you have the card? Do you just ask on the paper? Pee test? Or the they get you meadical records? How do they get to know… Is there a big list with everyones name on it and they are just waiting for a smoker to try to buy a guy??

  16. How come the federal government can accept tax revenue form the medical marijuana facilities and then threaten to shut down the medical marijuana business? This is pure hypocrisy and someone must be accountable for this travesty of justice.

  17. I dont care what the feds say.. its our 2 amendment right so im buying a gun rather they like it or not.. Fuc% them.. im protecting myself and my family at all cost….

  18. I am allowed my second ammendment rights even if i am a medical marijuana card holder. So if you are prescribed oxicotten then maybe they should take you your constitutional rights away too. How ridiculous is our government becoming and the people who chose to kill their livers and get addicted to class 1 meds , I choose to do what my doctor says is best for me in dealing with my cancer and liver disease.

  19. vote for a stupid republican who stand for the rich and take from the middle class hard workers and tell our daughters to return to using a hanger to have an abortion. this is America and all the republicans want to do is take all your rights away. so i will at least vito one of you damn republicans vote out when i vote for obama. you republicans messed things up for 8 plus years and he is expected to fix it in 4, use your brain please.

  20. you guys miss the point. the feds have to start somewhere. you were just first. don’t worry, they’ll soon be taking guns from prescription drug users, people who drink, smoke, vote, drive cars, eat, crap, etc. the honor of being first falls to wife beaters, now you. vote all you like, it won’t matter. the chinese are coming to take over as repaymeny of our debt and they don’t like the idea of americans having guns so we will all be disarmed first. welcome to amerika. those of you who voted for obama, pat yourselves on the back as this could not have been possible without you. good luck people. you’re going to need it, especially where many of you are going.

  21. You feds got it backwards. For it is you who don’t have the God given right to control anyones rights. And besides you people can’t even help yourselves on this matter, period! Checked the evidence room lately? this is way too big for you and so is God. PERIOD!!! You are failing as you are supposed to.

  22. you have no rights. the govt already has gun registration in place. everytime you buy a gun from a store this info is kept on file and with a click of the mouse the atf gets the info. feds can and will do as they please as long as the american public stands there and lets them do it. we have only ourselves to blame because instead of paying attention we spend our time watching television, playing video games, and going to watch our favorite team play. one thing the feds will not do is interfere with sports as the stadiums serve not only to distract but in the event martial law does come the stadiums will be first to house people obama has rounded up. this is not a new thing as south american dictators have used sports stadiums for years to house their political prisoners. personally, i think alcohol is the most dangerous of all drugs as drinking and driving kill thousands every year. i never knew a pot head who beat up his wife, starved his kids, or hit someone just because he was high on grass. however, feds needed an excuse to violate the fourth amendment and drugs were a good excuse. drug use in itself is only as good or bad as those who imbibe. unfortunately, like christians, gun owners, property owner, one bad apple from a group means a govt system designed to target not just the bad but all those under the particular group classification. as far as taking away your gun rights this is a flagrant violation by the federal govt as the only way they can take your rights is when you have been tried and convicted for a felony. with these issues it allows the police state to avoid getting warrants, etc.

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