Twenty Three Million Marijuana Arrests Since 1937: We Reap What We Sow

We reap what we sow….
On the verge of a three night PBS documentary series on the abject failure of Alcohol Prohibition (one of the taglines for the documentary is ‘a look back to when a law made America lawless’) an email from a victim of the modern prohibition that has totally failed affirms the obvious: Cannabis Prohibition must end. We must stop arresting, prosecuting, incarcerating ,drug testing, labeling for life and causing great physical, mental and economic harm to citizens who choose to use cannabis for relaxation or as a therapeutic agent.
NORML receives dozens and dozens of emails, letters and phone calls DAILY from citizens experiencing the waste, cruelty and ineffectiveness of Cannabis Prohibition vis-a-vis the criminal justice system. Of course, with over 850,000 cannabis-related arrests per year (with nearly 90% of the arrests for possession-only) there is a never ending reservoir of citizen-government horror stories that the organization can highlight.
Want to know what can happen to you or your children during modern America’s Cannabis Prohibition era if caught with a mere trace of cannabis?
Please find below an extremely well written email received by NORML last night by a young woman in Kentucky who has unfortunately experienced the lancet’s tip of Cannabis Prohibition. I respect her intelligence, moxie and recognition that what her own government did to her was wrong and that the policies have to change to stop what really has become nothing more than citizen abuse by Prohibition-loving law enforcement agencies. Regrettably, elected policy makers continue to not respect the general population’s desire for degrees of cannabis law reforms:
According to most national polling today, approximately 75% of the population favors medical access to cannabis; 73% support decriminalizing; and 45% support legalizing it like alcohol.
With clear public support increasing every year for substantive cannabis law reforms, when will politicians start listening more to their bosses—the voting public—than from the Prohibition-loving law enforcement agencies that created Cannabis Prohibition in the 1930s and who today vigorously defend an antiquated policy that causes more harm than good?
Is it not shortsighted to the point of reckless that the producers and consumers of alcohol and tobacco products do not also recognize what kind of hurt from the government is coming down the pike for them too—using the same force of law and legal precedent established to rationalize 74 years of Cannabis Prohibition—once their products enter into the government’s crosshairs of political incorrectness?

—— Forwarded Message
From: Brittany M.
Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2011 17:42:03 -0400
To: <>
Subject: PLEASE READ! Why I Support NORML!

Hello, fellow good-doers.  Since recently discovering NORML via internet research, I have become elated to realize that there is a group of serious people ready to make serious change regarding marijuana laws.  I am a citizen of Elliott County, Kentucky-an extremely small town in northeaster KY.  I believe that an abundance of citizens stand to gain a whole lot from your organization, if they can all be made aware of its existence.  Kentucky’s ridiculous marijuana laws have caused me so much turmoil and pain that I couldn’t resist contacting you PERSONALLY to tell you my story.
I am seventeen years old now, but not in high school.  It’s not because I’m lazy or a drop-out, but because I graduated two years early, as a sophomore.  Not only have I always maintained straight-A’s, but I was accepted into Morehead State University at only sixteen years of age!  I had everyone’s support, and I was far beyond excited to finally be academically challenged.  My life had done a complete 180 at this point, because it wasn’t too long prior that I was in shambles…
I suffer from anxiety and major depression.  When I was thirteen, I attempted suicide and began my journey into the world of psychiatric “help”.  I was medicated with Zoloft, Trazadone, and at least five other anti-anxiety/antidepressants that I can’t recall the names of.  Some of them made my hair fall out, while others caused me to sweat and shake uncontrollably.  All of them required a two-week period of adjustment upon starting, during which I would vomit more than I care to speak of.  Nowadays, I am prescribed to take two Prozac capsules every single day, and I may very well have to take them for the rest of my living days.  But, admittedly, marijuana helped me overcome the side effects that were crippling me. My first day on campus, in January of 2011, was the best I’ve had.  For the first time in a long time, I felt normal. I went to class, I met a boy, and everyone wanted to be my friend.  The next day, it was time for me to move into my dorm room.  I arrived well before my classes would begin, but I would never make it to class that day.  An anonymous tip had been called in to the campus police department that I was a “pot head”.  I had a debilitating anxiety attack while I watched three uniformed police officers tear through all of my belongings, throwing them aside as if they were garbage, and never once asking me, “What is wrong?”, or, “What are these medications for?”.  Minutes later I was whisked away, bad-mouthed by the Dean of Students (who had just been commending me on my ACT score of 30), and told that I was to leave and could not return until the Fall of 2013, a whole year after my original class, who I had long since surpassed, would graduate and move on.
In August, after months and months of torture-seeing everyone else being happy and college-bound-and being tied up in Kentucky’s legal system, I had my final court date.  I was administered a supervised drug test, for which I passed all but THC, and sentenced to 7 days in Boyd Regional Juvenile Detention Center in Ashland, KY  I am fully aware that it is meant to be a punishment and not a vacation, but the facility was filthy and very poorly maintained.  I witnessed two staff members mocking a much younger boy who was obviously mentally handicapped.  I was forced to drink from a glass that had insects and dirt festering in the bottom.  On top of all of this, my mother was provided with paperwork stating that I was to be placed on a mandatory orientation that would last for 48 hours, which I was unaware of until I came home.  However, within the facility, we were told that orientation was no less than four days.
I rested very well on night number four, having finally spoken to my family.  However, the next day I awoke to a brand-spanking-new, and very rigorous exercise regimen, introduced to us by a male employee who I was seeing on this day for the very first time.  During this regimen, I had an anxiety attack and everyone was asked to return to their cells while I was left to the floor, gasping for air and being closely watched, but otherwise unattended.  We ate our breakfast in the festering cesspool of a cafeteria, and then a female worker led us, not to our block, but to the gymnasium for more exercise.  Sometime during this activity, I began to feel weak, and weird.  Something totally foreign came over me, and I was scared.  I raised my hand, and waited to be called on, as was protocol, and quickly informed the staff member that I thought something was really wrong.  She simply replied that if I were to vomit, I would be cleaning it myself, and told me to run six laps for speaking out.  I’m not completely clear about what happened after that, other than that I hit the concrete floor, hard.
I awoke much later, in a daze, and projectile vomiting ensued.  I was loaded into an ambulance, accompanied by the female worker who continuously asked me if I had medical insurance.  I was far too shaken, scared, and sick to pay her much attention at the time.  Here I was puking into a bag that the ambulance attendant provided me, and she wanted to know about my insurance policy?  I was whisked out of the ambulance and into the ER, with shackles around my feet.  All I could think about was my mother, and so I asked if she had been called.  She had not.  I noted a nearby clock on the wall of my hospital room read 9:45.  I was scanned, poked, prodded, and MRI-ed for what felt like an eternity, until they finally informed me that I had suffered an acute heart attack and may also have mitral valve prolapse (MVP), a heart condition that caused me synocopal episodes, and that I would need to be back the next day for more tests.

Still too weak to walk, I was wheeled in a wheelchair to the front door, where BOTH the female and male staff members from BRJDC were waiting with big smiles and a bag of fast food for me.  Still, they were curious about my insurance  My family has zero income, and so I explained to them that I have a medical card provided to me by the state.  We pulled back into the facility, and I was put in a holding cell instead of my regular room.  I tossed and turned and listened to muffled voices from behind the door, until finally an unfamiliar staff member came to me with a box of my clothes, and announced to me that I was going home.
I ran to my mother and hugged her.  I was seeing sunshine for the first time in five or six days.  It felt like a miracle.  In the car, I saw that it was 3:15.  I asked my mother why she didn’t come to the hospital, and she told me that she had only just been called, and rushed right over.  She had no idea what had happened to me.  Our brief reunion was devastated in the following weeks with doctors and tests, hospitals and neurologists, who finally put me on two new medicines that I will, once again, most likely have to be on for the rest of my life.
BUT MY QUESTION TO YOU IS THIS…how much marijuana was I arrested with that caused me all this turmoil?  Back in January, back on campus, back in the campus PD…they weighed the crumpled cellophane from my pocket and the digital scale read 0.2 grams.

My college career, my mental stability, and above all else, my health, have been irreversibly damaged.  I feel as though NORML can make sure that nothing like this happens to anyone in a situation similar to mine ever again.  I wouldn’t wish this travesty on any mother and daughter, and I know that you would not either.
Thank you for listening,
Brittany M.

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  1. Perfect comment. I dont think i can add anything of use to that at all. Prime example of whats wrong with America, prisons , Juvys..the whole fucking thing is absurd..

  2. God bless you Brittany. Im sorry this bullshit happened to a wonderful person such as yourself. Keep your head high babe, everything will be ok. This next bowl is for you!

  3. Brittany, I sit here in tears after reading your story. I am 52 with 2 daughters @ UF. I know how hard they had worked in high school just to get into UF. You seem like a highly motivated young woman, that could do anything she wants. Smoking herb for whatever reason should be allowed. I have smoked for over 40 years, and had to deal with all of the stigma’s, like your lazy(have had my own business for 35 years) or that’s criminal(so is driving faster than the posted speed) if you burn. Look around you and tell me what is worst, letting a family get torn apart and a life almost destroyed, from smoking or our Government inflicting so much pain and suffering, just because you were trying to help your condition.
    You are young enough to over come this and move on! JUST BE MORE CAUTIOUS THIS TIME!
    Good luck to you, & god bless.

  4. This is not right. I am so sorry Brittany for the hell you had to endure. it can’t be easy to deal with this.
    Legally, is there anything that we can do about the people who did this to her? NORML if you can e-mail me and let me know if there is anyway of taking this issue head-on, it would be much appreciated.

  5. That poor girl! 0.2 grams? and she was an honor student and early graduate? Total craziness, our world is upside down. Shame on Kentucky and shame on the snitch. I am so sorry for you Brittany and for your family to have to go thru that. I can see what dangerous threat you are to society (sarcasm). Just remember that when you are a voting adult and if my generation cannot muster the polical will to correct this travesty of justice then your generation will have to pick up the fight to free the Blessed Herb. However I pray for reason to somehow be bestowed upon our leaders to listen to the voice of the people and NOT the $$ of Big Pharma, or others with a interest in keeping cannabis illegal. Hang Tough, We will prevail!

  6. This girl had so much potential…taken away for. 2 grams. It amazes and disgusts me that all these people involved from the cops to the dean, judge, corrections officers, administrators, doctors, journalists, etc could express such indifference to another human being. For what? You know why this country is so screwed up? Because we have destroyed the lives of the best and brightest we have to offer humanity so all that is left is a bunch of hypocritical dillholes to perpetuate atrocities like this.

  7. This letter does explain the horrors of American concentration camps. What is she being punished for?
    How would our federal government respond to this letter compared to the letters sent by Joyce Nalepka during the 1980’s?

  8. This tears me apart, knowing that things like this happen. I’m almost speechless. This poor girl… I really do hope she is alright.

  9. United States president Obama like to use the names of young students who went through hardships and struggles of prejudice and hatred in America. Would president Obama use the name Brittany M. in his speech?

  10. This brave chick has far more patience than me. I woulda knocked a couple fuckers out had they been treating me like that. But there is definitely hope because one day when the old fucks who are responsible for this flawed policy are rotting in their nursing homes we will be the generation who ends this stupid policy.

  11. The major difference between Alcohol prohibition and Marijuana prohibition —- LOCATION! Alcohol prohibition violence took place mostly in America, while Marijuana prohibition violence is taking place mostly in Mexico. Americans only feel the reality of death and destruction when it’s in their own neighborhoods. Why do you think America hasn’t stopped the drugs from coming in from Mexico yet??? Because we can’t? Get real!!! There is a well thought out reason for not stopping the Mexican drug trade—-> It keeps the violence in Mexico! Out of sight, out of mind. If we really stopped the flow of drugs from Mexico—-Then the violence would start up in America overnight. If that kind of violence came to America–America would demand it to be legalized to stop the violence—Just like Alcohol!!! If the violence in Mexico was at the same level in America–Marijuana would have been legalized a long time ago. Mexico is being used as Americas hidden murdering grounds.

  12. This is a horrible thing that should not have happened. This girl seems like an amazing person whose young life was pretty much ruined because the judicial system sucks. I really hope things change for this country for the better! There is much more going on in the world that is way worse than pot that people are getting away with.

  13. “But what about the children.”
    Yes, what about them. Please return sanity to our laws and freedoms for the sake of future generations.

  14. Wow. What a great country we live in, slavery, 10 million native Americans killed, CIA commits thousands of crimes, this, alcohol prohibition creating anarchy, Cannabi Prohibition. This makes me feel sick to be an American in this.. Country. I love the US don’t get me wrong but this is just disgusting and pathetic, we are better than that.

  15. Gosh, Brittany. That’s terrible. Sometimes I think that people who support prohibition of marijuana will never see just how evil and ignorant they appear.

  16. This story is a travesty and a reason prohibition must end. No one should have to go through what this girl did, over .2 grams mind you. Politicians need to seriously WAKE UP and see that prohibition is causing more harm than good. It is a failed policy that must end.

  17. After reading the letter,, it just made me sad that our own citizens would treat a fellow human being in this way.
    The college should be shut down for civil rights violations according to the Constitution of the United States of America.
    The college should be sued and all damages recovered in a cash settlement for at least 10 million,, pain and suffering, cruel and unusual punishment and many other clear violations.
    This whole ordeal isn’t the America I was taught about in PUBLIC school back in 1965.

  18. Dear Patients:
    Until our citizens understand that ‘body snatch’n is a very profitable enterprise for small towns in America, they will forever be befuddled as to why we continue to incarcerate millions of our citizens from our larger cities for partaking in such a quite obviously safe and healthy past time.
    It was George Bush I that first went on a prison building spree across small town America, the base of right wing wacko Republican politics.
    This building initiative created jobs in ‘x-urbia’ and other small town locations throughout the USA.
    After building all of these now privately run institutions, of course the Cannabis culture population of America (30 million Americans) became easy prey to fill up the now vacant prison premises, all at the USA taxpayer expense!
    Let’s face it…Cannabis culture people are pacifists!
    And, what low hanging fruit they make for caustic, right wing wacko Republican forces!
    It is EVERY American’s solemn duty to eradicate such forces from our country politically.
    Those who huband power only to exert pharmaceutical dominance over our entire population of citizens need to be eradicated politically from our presence.
    Rise up America, and defend yourself!
    As our forefathers eradicated the NAZI’s from Germany during World War II, so we must eradicate politically those who would otherwise dominate our livelihoods straight into extinction.
    Robert Hempaz, PhD. Trichometry™
    Citizens For The Re-Election of President Barack O’Bama
    Citizens For The Continued Gutting Of Al-Qaeda Power

  19. It’s too bad there isn’t a website where people can go and write thier experiences with all the different police departments, and thier episodes with marijuana. I know that some of the cops, think they are playing God with people’s lives! We’re HUMAN BEINGS for God’s sake!When someone gets drunk, and pukes all over the squad car, and swears like a sailor, they just throw them in a cell and wait for them to sober up.Sleep it off! With pot, it’s a different story. Take away that person’s kid’s,his car, kill his dog,hold a gun on the,”druggie”, and and get thrown into jail as soon as possible, making sure mind you, that they depleat your savings account, by having to hire lawyers, who are ready to help partake in your life savings! What is wrong with this picture?

  20. This is a very sad story that very well could have ending very badly. I can not beleive your mother did not stop this from happening. And I would look into a legal action or two. Why do you think they let you go home? They knew the way you were treated was a violation of your rights. These Aholes say what they do is for the best of the kids, I say this is complete bull shit, that is designed to fill the banks of the rich.

  21. Thank you for sharing Brittany’s message with us. It’s infuriating such a bright young individual who was already suffering from anxiety and depression was subjected to that kind of treatment. This is a highlight example of the blind nature of prohibition; despite all her academic and intellectual success that had no intention of faltering, it was the confiscation of a plant she had used to help her stay above the debilitating waters of her anxiety and depression that cost her everything. How does this make any logical sense?
    I urge every reader of her letter to continue to show support for and pass along NORML’s petition on the We the People petition site. With nearly twice the signatures of several of the top petitions, it’s time the government fully came to understand how Americans feel about cannabis, and how harmful the current laws are on individuals who would have otherwise enriched the country. Brittany, thank you for the letter. It will not go unnoticed.

  22. Your’s is a terrible story but, sadly, only one of many. I’ve come be be very ashamed and angry at our Govt in the last several years. Instead of showing compassion, common sense, and intelligence regarding cannabis users, they have become evermore militant and seem to have adopted a show-no-mercy mentality. As an ex-marine, I have to tell you that knowing what I now know, I would not have served this Govt! I love America but I have come to hate some of the big wig politicians running it. I know they’re not all like that, there are a few good ones like Barney Frank, Gary Johnson, and Ron Paul; but apparently the ones that are actually making the decisions are about as bad as bad gets! That means people like John Boehner for sure. That means people like Mitt Romney, and Rick Perry. These are men who would like to continue the status quo. As for Obama, he thinks we are silly and funny for wanting to end prohibition and all the harm that goes with it. I still find this unbelievable considering he used to enjoy cannabis himself, and prior to becoming our President stated that he believed it should be de-criminalized!
    I just want to encourage everyone reading my words to start spreading the word to vote out these fools. I want all of you to start spreading the truth in every blog out there until the uneducated portion of our population finally gets it.
    Like Brittany, not everyone reads the NORML blogs. So, like myself, find ways to insert marijuana prohibition into all the blogs out there even though it originally may have had nothing to do with it. Let’s get noticed – BIG TIME!!!

  23. I feel you, I too have suffered the travesties of prohibition. A year and a half ago, I was arrested in Douglas County, CO for cocaine possession and placed on probation (I also was charged w/ Marijuana Possession). I don’t even like cocaine, I just made a mistake, but that’s aside the point. I suffer from chronic migraines and even though I have letters from five doctors stating that it is the only medication that they have found to treat my headaches, the courts forbid me from using mmj while on probation. I have to deal with a lot of pain and as such last year I went through some serious issues with painkiller addiction, since I wasn’t allowed to use my medication. When allowed to smoke, I rarely even have migraines and if I do I only require a small amount of weed to make it go away. No other medication has ever done that, none of the dozens that my doctors have tried. The painkillers only dulled the pain and didn’t do me any good. I went into rehab and have been clean from pk’s for 9 months, all while having no real treatment for my headaches. I just have to lay there in the dark and try to wish the pain away… like that’s gonna happen. The amount of emotional and physical pain I have had to endure due to prohibition is endless, seeing as how this is just one of the times prohibition has affected me.

  24. Brittany, I am speechless. I cried after reading your story.
    I served 2 tours of duty in Vietnam and I take my freedom very seriously. Having previously lived in Ohio I am familiar with the Draconian drug(and Marijuana) laws in both Kentucky and Ohio. Reprehensible is too mild a word.Your story is severe and, unfortunately, becoming all too common these days. Since 1937 and, more recently, since Nixon’s “war” there has been NO justice.
    Even now, the “Feds” forget WE the people pay their salaries and unless they represent our collective interests-they need to look for other work.
    I now reside in a state where medical Cannabis legal with my physician’s approval.
    God bless you and keep you and your Mom.

  25. Thats unbelivable and I completely agree nothing of the sort should have ever been done. With such a small amount of marijuana you shouldn’t have even gotten a court date, maybe at most a slap on the wrist fine. Jail however is rediculous. The mistreatment that you and everyone else around you recieved in that center is tentamount to abuse and way beyond crossing the line since after the first vomitting incident they should have gotten you checked out with the medic. What happened to you is beyond tragic, it’s down right cruel.

  26. The number is absolutely appalling.
    What an amazingly successful prohibition it’s been, too!
    Law enforcement brought in more money from all the pot busts than the government shelled out, and usage is down …
    Wait for it.
    Wait for the moment.
    Ah, no, it’s the other way around. Shit! We sure could use all that money they fuckin’ pissed away all those years right now!

  27. Stay positive Brit. One day we will be able to choose whats best for our bodys rather than some scum bag Drug Czar. In the meantime, watch your back, enroll in community college, and hopefully, you may be one of those leaders changing things for the better in the future. Good luck!

  28. Truly disgusting. Am I such a naive individual to think that our (American) government is an establishment for the people by the people? Maybe it(our government) is, and maybe most of us are too well convinced that political rhetoric poised against Cannabis is truth rather than fiction. I truly feel ashamed to live in a democratic society where those individuals who have the most power over the most people are also the individuals who are the most disconnected from their constituents. This story is sad and frightening and my good will goes out to this girl, who will no doubt be successful in life. Its up to us to see truth in the face of lies, and compassion in the face of hatred.

  29. Brittany, your story moved me to – once again! – write my senators and congressmen, my mayor and city council members, my governor, my corrections officials and my president to beg that this idiotic prohibition be removed once and for all. I pray for blessings and healing for you, and I pray that you are no longer harassed, bullied and made to feel ashamed and like an outlaw, an outcast. You are obviously a very bright young person, and it is young people like you who will one day be in the positions of authority like those I just mentioned. Use your youth to your advantage. May the spirits guide you and guard you. Thank you for sharing your story.

  30. Now that she’s not in school we can pay for an Illegal alien to fill her void as always, at cost to all of us!

  31. Tragic! Absolutely Tragic!! Our govt is absolutely corrupt.
    What I would do in your position- Print and Mail (Certified) your story, in all of its detail, to every acting politician on the books!! Then Mail it (Certified) to every major News and Media outlet in the country.
    Its bound to get at least some attention.
    I feel your pain too. I have had to abstain for the last 3 months to flip the script and pwn some job interviews and the subsequent drug screens. I have for the first time EVER suffered from anxiety, insomnia, and panic attacks- though not to the degree of which you speak.
    Re-Fucking-diculous that our greedy and corrupt govt puts dirty-ass money ahead of the welfare and benefit of a large % of its most productive, benevolent, ingenuitive, and intelluctual (Second Class) citizens.

  32. You know I’m starting to see what this prohibition is all about – it’s a bully law. It allows people to bully other people who don’t respect a law even when it’s wayward and unfair.
    I think that NORML or MPP or both should take Brittany’s story and bring it to the media’s attention. With The Ken Burns Prohibition doc coming up and our response to the White House petition in place a lot of heads are starting to turn to this issue. Let people who are not aware of the incredible amount harm occuring see firsthand how easily lives can be ruined because no one in power has the courage to stand up and say or do anything.

  33. As long as there is MARIJUANA PROHIBITION the 21ST CENTURY INQUISITORS will continue on with the UNICORNIZATION of AMERIKA. It’s not the will of the people anymore but the will of FEDERALISM and BIG BROTHER and the NEW WORLD ORDER with the ORWELLIAN MENTALITY. They say birds of feather flock together and we land up with the Vultures picking our bones clean of our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. As the NEW MOTHER NATURE spreads across our country we are shot down by the FDA approved drugs which are synthetic in nature but not natural. What will it take for BIG PHARMA and the the FDA and its cronie FEDERALISTIC GOVERNMENT POWER to understand the will of the people? Another UNICORN created and another brick added on to the wall of MARIJUANA PROHIBITION.

  34. Dear Brittany,
    First of all, you have my deepest sympathy for what you’ve had to endure at the hands of blatant ignorance. Second, you keep your chin up and don’t let those bastards get to you. This has brought tears to my eyes thinking of how senseless this is. Nobody deserves to be treated like you were.
    However, I can assure you that we as a people who recognize the true benefits of medical cannabis shall prevail. Just remember that. WE WILL prevail. You hang in there little lady. And never give up the fight. 🙂
    All the best,
    Dr. G

  35. i just now found out about this site through a comment in a youtube video, & i’m thankful for the tip off. by reading this finely composed and rather eloquent article, i feel everso more inclined to take a stand to support this community. personally, its never been much of a big deal to me whether or not pot gets legalized, or even decriminalized, for i’ve never come close to getting caught with it. but i come from nearly a splitting image of brittany (i have severe anxiety, depression, i’m in hs & college, live in a small town, etc), so it scares & disgusts me to know that she had to go through this whole ridiculously gross fiasco. it is simply appalling. i don’t know what else to say. i’m barely religous but my prayers are with you all. for anyone and everyone who has ever gone through any kind of prosecution or persecution for such a harmless, healing drug.

  36. Brittany, you sweet darling young woman and American. I am so sorry that you experienced the worst of American legal systems and attitudes. Know you are a treasure to many and your intellengence and moxie can be used to expose further the legal shames of our Justice System. You have the support of thousands of Norml members, feel that strength. Continue to learn and grow……….Camille Fie L.I.N.Y.

  37. How many times did the jailers ask about health insurance?
    From the hospital to a holding cell then released.
    Was it emphathy that set her loose?
    No it was fear. Fear of being sued if she died in their hands, and fear of having to pay out for her hospitalizations, medicines and outsourced doctors.
    She was mistreated at the beginning, in the middle and at the end.
    She became a libility.

  38. Remove Marijuana from the Schedule 1 list of drugs in the Controlled Substances Act
    Marijuana is currently classified as a Schedule 1 drug in the Controlled Substances Act, a category reserved for drugs which have “no currently accepted medical use”. Marijuana has known medical uses and therefore should not be classified as a Schedule 1 substance. The federal government should “accept” marijuana’s known medical uses and remove it from the Schedule 1 list of drugs.

  39. I am eagerly waiting for their response to that petition. We want legalization but we have to attack America’s Berlin Wall from every direction.
    Hit them high,,hit them low,,make them wince with every blow.

  40. Brittany’s experience is not the exception, it’s the rule in contentedly ignorant Eastern Kentucky. Police in those hillbilly hamlets have little concern for individual rights, and from the letter it appears that she has ample evidence for a major lawsuit. How a police force can compel vigorous exercise without a medical examination first is a mystery to me. That she and her family are penniless highlights and underscores how the poor (and people of color too – the entire thing is disgusting) do not ever get equal protection under the law.
    Almost as disturbing are the ignorance-based and ideologically biased actions of the Dean of Students, who by title alone should be a scholar, executing his judgment and authority with decisions and policies grounded in both science and respect for individual rights. Sadly, his own ideological biases preclude anything other than his moral judgment and scorn, and he too can now bear the burden of knowing he condoned, aided and encouraged the ruination of another person’s life. Hard to know someone’s spiritual belief systems, but if he typifies many in Kentucky, he will have to answer to a higher authority some day about his calloused attitudes and the consequences of them.
    I hope Brittany is able to find exceptional counsel who will take up this hideous travesty of justice and make those ignorant hillbillies pay dearly for their behavior. I hope Brittany’s life will get back on track; that it will be long, prosperous, and filled with the hope and aspirations everyone is entitled to. I hope she will continue seeking higher education and learning. And I hope, above all else, that she gets out of that worthless place, and finds some place to live where clearer thinking prevails and she can pursue the life, liberty and happiness accorded to all of us in the Preamble.

  41. The real CRAZY part is in Kentucky you can have up to 8 ounces and up to 5 plants and all you are supposed to get is a misdemeanor? That part of any state law is written for people who can afford a decent lawyer! Since this person was not financially able to do such a thing America loves to make an example out of the lest fortunate. Just like they use POOR neighborhoods as the poster child for why YOU shouldn’t use drugs.

  42. As supporter of Barack Obama even before the Democratic Primaries, I am appalled at the way he has handled serious inquiries about the Cannabis prohibition.
    I wonder if he would laugh st a question if it was prefaced with this story. We’d like to believe reason could persuade the prohibitionists but it hasn’t because they never have listened to reason. It will be stories like this that will change things. Brittany is not alone. They can’t refute what happened to Brittany is wrong. Nothing else can be said of it.
    Stay strong Brittany. I’m an 18 and I suffer from anxiety and depression. it’s the only thing that alleviates a persistent feeling of despair I have. I’ve had to deal with being in a very motivated academic environment and having the stigmas of Cannabis associated with me.

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