Federal Government Announces Escalation Of Its War On Cannabis

“This is not an idle threat. … What we’re trying to do is send a message as broadly as possible. … We are serious about enforcing federal law. … We are not just talking about it, but we are doing something about it. … Prosecuting marijuana cases is a higher priority now.”
–statements of the US Attorneys for the four federal districts in California
We’ve seen this coming for some time, but today the gloves officially came off. No more memos filled with false promises; no more phony pledges to respect states rights, no more giggles. Like a caged animal backed into a corner, the federal government is snarling and spitting back. It has no other way to defend its morally bankrupt policy except through a show of strength and intimidation.

California’s Top Federal Law Enforcement Officials Announce Enforcement Actions Against State’s Widespread and Illegal Marijuana Industry
via the US Department of Justice, Eastern District of California
SACRAMENTO, Calif.: October 7, 2011 – The four California-based United States Attorneys today announced coordinated enforcement actions targeting the illegal operations of the commercial marijuana industry in California.
The statewide enforcement effort is aimed at curtailing the large, for-profit marijuana industry that has developed since the passage of California’s Proposition 215 in 1996.
… While the four United States Attorneys have tailored enforcement actions to the specific problems in their own districts, the statewide enforcement efforts fall into three main categories:
· Civil forfeiture lawsuits against properties involved in drug trafficking activity, which includes, in some cases, marijuana sales in violation of local ordinances;
· Letters of warning to the owners and lienholders of properties where illegal marijuana sales are taking place; and
· Criminal cases targeting commercial marijuana activities, including arrests over the past two weeks in cases filed in federal courts in Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento and Fresno.
The enforcement actions being announced today are the result of the four United States Attorneys working with federal law enforcement partners and local officials across California to combat commercial marijuana activities that are having the most significant impacts in communities.
“The actions taken today in California by our U.S. Attorneys and their law enforcement partners are consistent with the Department’s commitment to enforcing existing federal laws, including the Controlled Substances Act (CSA), in all states,” said Deputy Attorney General James Cole.
… Laura E. Duffy, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of California, commented: “The California marijuana industry is not about providing medicine to the sick. It’s a pervasive for-profit industry that violates federal law. In addition to damaging our environment, this industry is creating significant negative consequences, in California and throughout the nation. As the number one marijuana producing state in the country, California is exporting not just marijuana but all the serious repercussions that come with it, including significant public safety issues and perhaps irreparable harm to our youth.”
Melinda Haag, the United States Attorney for the Northern District of California, said: “Marijuana stores operating in proximity to schools, parks, and other areas where children are present send the wrong message to those in our society who are the most impressionable. In addition, the huge profits generated by these stores, and the value of their inventory, present a danger that the stores will become a magnet for crime, which jeopardizes the safety of nearby children. Although our initial efforts in the Northern District focus on only certain marijuana stores, we will almost certainly be taking action against others. None are immune from action by the federal government.
Dozens of letters have been sent over the past few days to the owners and lienholders of properties where commercial marijuana stores and grows are located. In the Southern and Eastern Districts, the owners of buildings where marijuana stores operate have received letters warning that they risk losing their property and money derived from renting the space used for marijuana sales. In the Central District, … prosecutors have sent letters to property owners in selected cities where officials have requested federal assistance, and they plan to continue their enforcement actions in other cities as well. In the Northern District, owners and lienholders of marijuana stores operating near schools and other locations where children congregate have been warned that their operations are subject to enhanced penalties and that real property involved in the operations is subject to seizure and forfeiture to the United States.
… The statewide coordinated enforcement actions were announced this morning at a press conference in Sacramento.

It has been apparent for some time now that the Obama Administration is escalating its efforts to both crack down on existing above ground, medical cannabis operations in states like California, as well as to thwart the establishments of similar operations in additional states.
So why these stepped up efforts now? The answer ought to be self-evident. The intention of these and other recent, well-publicized threats by the Obama administration is to stifle the development of a viable legal cannabis distribution industry, even in states that have enacted legislation to allow for such an industry.
During today’s conference, all four US Attorneys affirmed that their intent is not to target individual, state-compliant medical cannabis consumers per se, but to emphasize that the Department of Justice is opposed to the regulated commerce of medical cannabis. That’s because once this industry has legitimized itself to the public and local lawmakers in California, Colorado, and elsewhere, then voters will become accustomed to safe, secure, well-run businesses that deliver consistent, reliable, tested cannabis products. They’ll appreciate the way well-regulated medical dispensaries revitalize sagging economies, provide jobs, and contribute taxes to budget-starved localities. They’ll realize all the years of scaremongering by the government about what would happen if marijuana were legal, even for sick people, was nothing but hysterical propaganda. And the voting public will eventually ask: ‘Why we don’t just legalize cannabis for everyone in a similarly responsible manner?’
And that is a question this administration has consistently indicated that the President is unable or unwilling to answer.

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  1. Funny that the useless federal government won’t enforce their laws and protect our borders but they can pick and choose which laws they want to enforce by going after med. mj as if theres a horrible problem with it.
    What about the violence pouring over our borders a$$holes(gov) Why don’t you stop letting the cartels bring drugs in and giving them weapons and profiting off poisoning and jailing our people? Why don’t you stop letting your greedy friends send our jobs to China and others if you really care about the “children”?
    There is a plot to destroy America by design here people. If we get rid of the federal reserve(those who hijacked this country in 1913) we will have our country back from the puppet masters that control our polititions and make laws that serve us, not them and their friends! All this is happening as a war against us(and a distraction), as we close in on the banks/wall st./& the fed. reserve we’re not stupid! WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK “NOW”!!!!
    As for those who are in controll, your days are numbered, so keep indoctrinating the illegals you let come in, and keep manipulating our schools and collages with propaganda cause we will counter it with truth. Justice will be ours, the 99% that have no say in our country are gonna force their say on you by getting rid of your self serving rich greedy assess! A big F U from the American people!
    Somebody who gives a shit about this country

  2. Our government (if that’s what we call it now) is falling to pieces! We have got to take control of what is constitutionally OURS. It is not the right of the federal government to do what they’re doing. They just need to read what our founding fathers put into words and then find out that Americans are now starting to self-educate. Welcome back 1969! 🙂

  3. As someone who truly cares about America and wants only the best for my country, I am once again saddened that our Federal Govt has decided to continue to “Make War Not Love”.
    I’m starting to understand how the war-mongers think. I’ve been watching a TV show called “Bully Beatdown” on MTV. When they interview these bullies and show how they think and act toward their victims, I have come to realize that it is exactly how some of the top powers in our Federal Govt apparently think.

  4. Lone Ranger-Looks bad Tonto. Tonto-What now Kemosahbee?? Lone Ranger-Lets ride and settle this once and for all. FREE THE WEED

  5. In California we have a population of marijuana users that could be studied for the dire consequences that are supposed to occur from regular use of not-your-grandfather’s-marijuana. Are these folks suffering from increased rates of cancer, schizophrenia, traffic fatalities, and listless, unproductive lives, etc.? Why not take a look and see if the harms that our government insists must be there are actually there?

  6. Seems in 2008 that NORML pushed pretty hard for this Obama guy or am I confused..
    [Editor’s Note: You’re confused as NORML is non-partisan and has not endorsed a presidential candidate since 1976.]

  7. Editor: I don’t see anyone deifying Ron Paul. He is the only major candidate who’s anti-prohibition. He may have little chance of winning and you may disagree with his other policies, but if drug policy is a big issue for you, who would you vote for for president?
    Why can’t we have reform without majority support in Congress? The President has authority over the DEA and DOJ and enforcement policies can be changed as we see with the current crackdown.
    Yes, we need to get reformers elected to Congress. We need to get them in as many positions of power as possible in all three branches of government.
    [Editor’s note: Ron Paul is not the only GOP candidate who supports cannabis law reform….he is joined by other currently unpopular GOP candidates Gary Johnson and Fred Karger. The DOJ and DEA are not controlled by the president, they’re government bureaucracies that were created by Congress. If the president wanted to get rid of or seriously reform the DEA and DOJ, Congress can pass laws that overrule the executive branch (and the courts will affirm the primacy of Congress, not the Executive branch).
    The reality is Congress created Cannabis Prohibition and they are the ones that have to amend the laws, not the President.]

  8. it seems the feds are only going after the people who can’t fight back, so if the feds are so right about their cause they should also seize any tax revenues collected by the states, since the states are in violation of federal law

  9. Schopenhauer:
    “Every truth passes through three stages before it is recognized In the first it is ridiculed, in the second it is opposed, in the third it is regarded as self-evident”
    This seems bad, but we are almost out… them reacting this way is actually a bit of relief because it means we are near the tipping point.

  10. You know– you can say Ron Paul can’t get elected but if HERMAN CAIN wins the nomination and we have Obama vs Cain and Ron Paul stepped in…. not to say America is racist, but America will pick him in that situation.
    [Editor’s note: Both your scenarios are fanciful at best as Cain is a very unlikely GOP nominee (Do you really think GOP voters in SC, GA, WV, MS, AL, LA, etc…are going to vote for Cain as their presidential nominee?) and the idea of Paul re-entering the race as an Independent that could garner a majority vote in the general election–because he is white–is ridiculous.]

  11. There is “Occupy Wallstreet.” There is “End the Fed.” Get ready for “Occupy the DEA, DOJ and the White House!”
    The time is now to stand up for what is right!
    And to the Editor: How dare you paint Ron Paul as “certainly one that has no chance of being elected president.” Who does NORML support for 2012 then? There is NO OTHER CANDIDATE. Ron Paul is HUGE with the Liberty movement (forget marijuana supporters) and he may very well surprise everyone in 2012. We all need to band together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    RON PAUL 2012!
    [Editor’s note: What planet do you live on that makes you believe that a candidate who is NEVER in the top tier of other candidates can both win the GOP nomination and the general election against a sitting president? Again, there are other unpopular GOP candidates who support cannabis legalization–Gary Johnson and Fred Karger–but they’re candidacies are currently as feckless as Paul’s.
    You may want America to be a libertarian country that elects Libertarians, but, the country self-evidently is not a Libertarian country.
    Rather than delusionally hope for a Libertarian president in a non-libertarian country, the cannabis reformers who embrace libertarianism should instead roll up their sleeves and start the long and hard work of electing libertarian political candidates to local and state policy-making offices.
    In America, politics bubble upwards, not trickle down from the top…]

  12. Sounds like a perfect time to point out Ron Paul regularly puts up bills to legalize cannabis and has pledged to pardon anyone convicted of federal Marijuana charges if elected.
    [Editor’s note: Talk about ‘pointing out’….How have those Paul bills done? Paul has such little political pull in a GOP-controlled Congress that his bills can’t even get a subcommittee hearing. How many bills in his long career in Congress has Paul been credited for passing? Unfortunately, Paul is not a very productive legislator and his bills generally have gone no where…sort of like his hopes of ever being nominated to be the GOP standard bearer for president and winning in a general election.]

  13. Obviously, we will all be at the occupy wall street protest to show our discontent and disgust with our government and Obama on this issue and all of the other issues. See ya’ll there.

  14. Editor says, “The reality is Congress created Cannabis Prohibition and they are the ones that have to amend the laws, not the President.”
    Yes, but the president sets the tone. If the president worked toward cannabis reform, many in Congress would come out of the closet and support. We see the tone Obama is setting, and it has gotten the whole Fed on a witch hunt. I doubt that this witch hunt would be happening if Obama was a staunch supporter of cannabis reform. So what were you saying about the president?
    [Editor’s note: Sure…a president has the bully pulpit…but that is it. Congress drives the lawmaking in America and your projection that “many”, a majority of the members of Congress, would go from being supporters of Cannabis Prohibition to supporting legalization because of who the president happens to be is truly not based in today’s political reality.
    Of the 535 members of the US Congress and Senate…according to NORML’s lobbying efforts, only 5-10 members of Congress (and no one in the Senate) support legalizing cannabis. To pass a bill in the House 218 members have to approve the legislation.
    Cannabis law reformers have much more hard work to do to increase the number of supportive members of Congress from 10 to 218….]

  15. @105 MikeNY – If California does that half of America would want to become Californian’s. The major problem with that, aside from a huge population problem, is that there are major earthquakes predicted for that State’s future…
    What would be better is if America just cuts itself in half. Half would be those of us that believe in freedom and are capable of thinking outside the box our Govt tries to stifle our thoughts in; and that certainly includes our right to use cannabis. The other half could be the nanny-state that does what the Govt tells them to do; and what the Govt tells them to think.
    But better still is if we could only get leaders that truly believe in the American way, listen to the will people, and make decisions based on the good of the country instead of what will give them more power and money. We need leaders like Gary Johnson, Paul Armentano, and Bill Richardson (the former Gov of New Mexico).
    Yes, I did say Paul Armentano! Sir, I’d vote for you to be our President in a heartbeat over any of the current offerings!

  16. To Comments #94, 95, 96…
    Especially #94, Kate Glenn, kudos for a well written response!
    #95… Agreed the War on Cannabis is Fascists in nature, very much reminiscent of Hitler’s Germany in the 1930’s, and here’s why. We all know the facts the federal government are using to validate cannabis prohibition are baseless, unscientific, guided by and enforced based on decades of lies, deceit, and Unconstitutional policy. We know our Congress as a majority believes cannabis prohibition is a “save the children” stand, which somehow WE all know is also baseless and not true – if it were true, alcohol and tobacco would be right in there with cannabis, and it’s not. So they’re deluded into believing that the fact that alcohol and tobacco being legal provides those drugs with a scientific basis for acceptability, and in fact, Constitutional protections to advertise such drugs, and the slap in the face is Pres. Obama flouting beers at the White House as proper, which it’s not, as drugs on the job we tell young people is wrong. Yet there he is, drinking beer on the job!
    As to a Syrian type resistance to the DEA, I rather doubt it will accomplish anything. As #96 said, the Pres. would not hesitate to launch drone-strikes against civilians attacking the DEA. You can bet there’d be snipers on the roof-tops, and SWAT teams on the ground with automatic weapons. It would be a bloodbath, and for what? To prove our government is no better that that of Syria??? We already know that. The entire 20th Century was a buildup of laws and regulations to ensure the federal government controls all facets of society, all businesses, what is freedom and what is not.
    The US Constitution is not the basis for our democracy any longer. It hasn’t been for decades. The protests during the 1960’s, the civilian deaths at Kent State, the March on Wall street, all were and are digested by the establishment, and propaganda is released to drug the American public into feelings of shame and guilt.
    The fact is – you will believe, the ONDCP is GOOD, the ACLU is BAD; that cannabis/marijuana is a danger to our society and especially youth; that alcohol and tobacco use is a legal enterprise that will not be threatened, or amended, and that eradicating the use of cannabis in this country will proceed without hesitation, without Congressional opposition, and that anyone not in a position of power will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Of that there is no negotiation. No matter how many Americans voice opposition to the War on Drugs, it will be ignored by the federal government as they have already established irrefutable policies with regards to “recreational/medicinal plants”.
    Yes, this is bad news, but the truth shall set you free. We need to understand the federal government has shown zero interest in addressing the concerns of Americans opposed to the current status quo, and chose our actions wisely. Despite the impossibility of the situation, one fact remains unchanged: as Bob Dylan sang: “The Times they are a’changing…” All things change, even the immutable, pig-headedness of the federal government.
    The Viet Nam war did finally end. McCarthyism did end. Women’s rights and Civil Rights did become a reality and all this despite impossible odds to change the status quo.
    There is hope… but violence is not hope… violence is being initiated by the federal government in the form of raids, seizures, incarcerations, the destruction of families for their principals. Let the government hang itself, as there appears to be no stopping the War Machine, and the War Machine against American civilians in pursuit of Constitution Happiness will be it’s undoing. The March on Wall-Street is only the begging of the American Spring.
    Have faith, laws against cannabis are not just, right, nor scientific. To be arrested and incarcerated for peaceful use of the cannabis plant is a miscarriage of justice. The penalties and consequences may be severe, and not befitting the crime, which makes it unconstitutional, but here in NH as Senator Kelly Ayotte was quite to point out in a speech of hers, NH has a motto it lives by and believes in: “Live Free or Die”. Which means, hurt no one, live free, and let the feds arrest us and destroy our youth… in the end, we will have crashed the prison system, we will have harmed no one, and although half of all Mexicans will be dead as a result of this War, eventually, commonsense will prevail, and the laws will change.
    I’ll be dead by then, no doubt, but at least I’ll die knowing my pursuit of my right to Live Free or Die will benefit future generations. The War Machine will burn itself out eventually, the robots will turn on their makers, and the “Meek will inherit the Earth”.

  17. If the President has nio authority over the DOJ or DEA, who is responsible for the increased enforcement?

  18. “Of the 535 members of the US Congress and Senate…according to NORML’s lobbying efforts, only 5-10 members of Congress (and no one in the Senate) support legalizing cannabis”
    One has to wonder if our Govt could possible be more out of touch with it’s citizens than the current bunch of losers!

  19. The attorney general is nominated by the president of the United States and takes office after confirmation by the United States Senate. He or she serves at the pleasure of the president and can be removed by the president at any time

  20. So if Obama is attacked in the debates next year for not enforcing the law(CSA) he can say “I don’t contol the DOJ or DEA” ?
    I think this is a political move by Obama. He doesn’t care about cannabis users. Are you going to vote for Romney simply because of this increased enforcement effort?

  21. On 4/20, all stoners unite and March on your nearest federal building, courthouse, etc. Bring the Country to its fucking knees!!! They constantly attack the people, its time to fight back.

  22. Paul Armentano is correct about congress, though it would be helpful if the president appointed rational people to head the DEA and maybe someone like Norm Stamper as ra the Drug Czar.
    So really, would it not be more logical to just vote for every libertarian on the ticket next time around? If it becomes obvious that a third party vote will be the norm until the major party candidates get a clue, it will make a difference.

  23. We seem to be moving toward a day when one cannot get arrested for MJ possission. That’s right CANNOT GET ARRESTED. Arrest, trial, incarceration all cost money, and we don’t have enough anymore. Good news, NO. What will replace it will be even worse. Getting caught with weed or a failed drug test will result in haveing your name added to a national list of official second, maybe third class citizenship. Registered MJ offenders will be denied, the vote, driving privledges, employment, housing, mortgages, health care, 2nd amendment as well as the other 9 amendments (yes there are 9 others), and a list that will grow with each election. A non arrestable MJ infraction will drop your credit 300 points, show up at the emergency room with a heart attack, we’ll see you as soon as you piss test negative for MJ, maybe 6 months, hang in there.
    I hope everyone tivo’d the Ken Burns Prohibition documentary. I think it was great. There was no need to mention MJ prohibition because the parrallel was obvious. Go back and watch the 2nd hour of the first episode again and again. A couple of quotes about the Anti saloon leages tactics in passing Prohibition.
    1. He ( pres of anti saloon league ) didn’t need a majority, he didn’t need 51% he only needed a margin, that 10% that can sway an election.
    2. Anti Saloon league pres speaking – “The anti saloon league is not in politics as a party, nor are we trying to abolish vice, gambling, horse racing, etc… The gold standard, free silver, free trade and currency reform ( Big issues in 1900) do not concern us in the least.”
    My own thinking on single issue voting has been forced to evolve. I agree with NORML that MJ reform is hardly our most pressing problem in 2012. Most of us have very real political passions on other issues. Half of us care a lot about having a living planet, heath care for all, and the declining middle class. The other half care a lot about well, the opposite of everything the first half wants. Unfortunatly political victory in this counrty goes to the single minded. As long as we stay on the present course the Republicans will paint us as modern day witches, and Obama will continue the, lets agree to disagree on MJ while working together on other things.
    And that’s where I think Obama is at. 1. He doesn’t like wedge issues and wishes we would just go away. 2. He ( as well as most Republicans ) know all those old talking points are bullshit, any sane person does. He also knows there’s no payoff( and a lot of pain) in being for MJ reform. I think Obama’s biggest nightmare is that Gary Johnson runs as an independent third candidate with MJ as his sole issue. No talk about letting the uninsuered die, No talk about the planet not being polluted enough, No talk about the poor millionaires being persicuted. Just one issue that will siphon off that 5-10 % of the otherwise Democratic voters that he NEEDS to be re-elected. No he’s not going to win in any scenerio, he knows that. If Gary Johnson were to do that, and really what does he have to lose, the Republican establishment has treated him like, well a pot smoker, he could do more for MJ reform and for that matter ensure the Republicans win in 2012. Which do not doubt for a minute the next Republican Administration will initiate a new ” reign of terror on MJ”. But although they’ll never admit it, they (politicians of both parties) will all know, KNOW, that while 40% of their natural constituancy is against legel weed, elections are won by 50% or more, and that last 10% of legel weed voters (maybe we should adopt the terms WETS and DRYS, I know it doesn’t apply to something that is smoked rather than drunk, but it is a classic reference that everyone would recognize) are not to be antagonized.

  24. # 119:
    My whole fucking life I have been lied to about cannabis. My father fought in the Battle of The Bulge so I coud be free. I am not free. Therefore I will fight, like my father, for my freedom, and in the same way the enemy fights me.

  25. So very many of these unreasonable measures by the federal bacon are about simple personal greed and job security. Those in “power” cannot resist the easy opportunity to APPEAR to be fighting the “good” fight. They believe it is a battle with no down side for them because, what can proponents of safe access do?
    Vote.. that has proven irrelevant.
    Defend ourselves and our property.. Impossible! The bacon wields VAST and devastating power, LETHAL power that they seem almost anxious to unleash against Americans pursuing liberty and happiness.
    Should we wait for “Occupy” to eventually trickle down and help us in our specific injustice? I think not!
    The problem with “Occupy” or even some suggested similar actions specific to safe access is the scale required to make a difference. You need literally thousands of same minded individuals TAKING ACTION to even be noticed by any of the bacon.
    “Civil disobedience” needs to be more than a bunch of decent folks standing around in the “town square” to be effective so..
    Here is the twist on “Occupy” I suggest for OUR cause.
    What would be the result of 100 automobiles “stalling” in close proximity on major commuter bottlenecks on interstate freeways at morning rush hour in almost any large city in the US? -I don’t think it is illegal to have car trouble-
    The resulting traffic jams would last for hours, SURELY garner unprecedented media attention..
    “Today’s top news story…”
    and cost tens to hundreds of millions of dollars in “lost productivity”.
    Maybe the bacon would think twice before violating our right of access to meds if this happened every time they did.
    I am not going to stand around in a “peace rally” style protest because it won’t help in my lifetime but I WOULD happily not be able to get my vehicle restarted if I accidentally stalled in traffic near a hundred or more of my “friends” who did the same.

  26. Editor says, “What planet do you live on that makes you believe that a candidate who is NEVER in the top tier of other candidates can both win the GOP nomination and the general election against a sitting president? Again, there are other unpopular GOP candidates who support cannabis legalization–Gary Johnson and Fred Karger–but they’re candidacies are currently as feckless as Paul’s.”
    No sir, what planet do you live on. Ron Paul is a top tier candidate; he continues to win straws poles and comes in the top three in the debates. It is the “whore media” that is deliberately burying Paul in the news. Please see John Stewart video on YouTube. So in the mainstream Paul is a joke; but in the alternative media circles, like RT, Ron Paul is GOD. Gary Johnson and Fred Karger are not even in the same league as Ron Paul, who are you kidding.
    Talk show host Alex Jones, who is probably the leading alternative media outlet is striking huge blows against Rick Perry right now; and because of this guy’s power and usually spot-on political expertise and world economic understanding, may very well finish Perry for 2012. And the mainstream media is so afraid of this Alex Jones that that won’t even mention his name.
    And guess who this uber popular underground guy is pushing for 2012? Ron Paul! NORML can just play in the mainstream arena and be missing the bigger piece of the pie by not also embracing the alternative, or it can really put up a bigger fight. The mainstream media and their mainstream candidates are gonna get broadsided by the people who want truth instead of corporate whore media agenda propaganda.
    I would suggest that NORML team up with Alex Jones and be guest speakers on his very popular radio and internet TV shows. Success for the people will come when they team up with other like minded people to create even larger, more powerful groups.

  27. What I would really like to see, is the state police in CA. arrest DEA agents and the US Attorney General in CA. for violating CA. state’s right to govern themselves, and violating CA. citizenry their civil rights! Will CA. law enforcement and Governor simply submit to the federal governments bullying? Do they have any balls? Serve and Protect? Does that mean anything? If the DOJ and DEA, and ATF want CA. to submit and beg for mercy? I suppose we will find out if CA. and elected representatives of the people, or cowards!

  28. Editor…You might see NORML as ending with prohibition, but maybe not. I think reform will be needed after prohibition. God knows how long we are going to live with drugs and plants, but I don’t think traditional Homo sapians are going to disappear for a while.
    And, Jeedi- Please, let Ron Paul be the RNC nominee so that I can vote for Obama. Ron Paul would serve my agenda well (I’m pretty much a liberal as of current)

  29. Is the U.S. purposefully making Mexico unstable? Between Operation Fast & Furious, and the ramped up war on Cannabis, that will most assuredly lead to more violence in Mexico involving the Drug Cartels. It seems like the U.S. is attempting to destabilize Mexico for some reason…really strange news.

  30. Ron Paul 2012, he will legalize marijuana on a federal level. He wants states to handle what drugs they prohibit, they federal government has no business dictating what we do with our personal lives, in his own words.

  31. We need to construct a think tank. Come up with a fool-proof plan that changes the status quo quickly and painlessly. Sure, it seems silly, but a bunch of intelligent minds brainstorming about this could yield some pretty interesting, and possibly useful plans that will solve this problem once and for all. Some sort of viral marketing, or synchronized world wide movement orchestrated through a widely-used social networking platform (Just examples, mind you). The Egyptians fought back when things got desperate..and they utilized technology and grass-roots willpower to make dramatic changes within their government within in a short amount of time. These regular protests we try never seem to get anywhere. We need dramatic, widespread, peaceful realization of the truth about marijuana. I’m sure there’s a way.

  32. What is Obama’s plan? Suck at leadership so much that we kick him to the curb? Solidify a larger public percentage for legalization? Let all the Nazis in our government have one last hurrah busting pot heads; before they have to start working again? Where’s the change when the plan is to abuse us again???

  33. Jeedi is right. Dr. Ron Paul is the only viable candidate who is on the right side of this issue.
    Broaden your scope NORML! Form broader alliances to reform Congress and the White House!

  34. This CAN BE the last gasp of marijuana prohibition if we want it that way! Stand up for your rights people.

    Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas, my home state) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lamar_S._Smith was instrumental in kill the Paul-Frank Bill and has introduced the new GLOBAL “War on Drugs” bill…
    He was endorsed by none other than Ron Paul… think about it. Ron admits he’s never smoked. He would leave it up to the states to make drug policy and has said nothing of granting a pardon to all non-violent offenders…
    Gov. Gary Johnson has been an advocate for legalization since the time he was a Governor. The media is blocking him at every turn. The proof is now black and white with the latest debate coming up. It’s theme is supposed to be the economy. Gov. Johnson has the best economic record of ANY candidate bar none. Yet, he is excluded. He out polls several other candidates and delivered the most memorable line of the last debate. Well here’s the rules they set up:
    1) Received measurable popular support in a range of national polls. (Johnson qualifies)
    2) Campaign reported at least half a million dollars raised in its FEC filing through the 2011 second quarter reporting period. (Johnson doesn’t qualify, but neither does Perry and he’s invited)
    3) Is a legally qualified candidate for the Republican nomination for president. (Johnson qualifies)
    4) Participated in at least three nationally televised Republican presidential debates during the 2012 election cycle. (This ONLY and specifically excludes Gov. Johnson)

  36. One more thing, I will be filing and official formal complaint with the FEC if Perry is on stage as that means all objectivity just went out the window as is required by Federal election regulations. The left-wing media is scared of Johnson gaining traction, because Obama wouldn’t stand a chance. The right is scared because he doesn’t represent their typical social right wing holier than thou attitude.

  37. Did most of you not see this coming? I tried to convince dozens of myopic small growers and collective operators who were voting against prop 19 that if it were defeated the feds and the state would use that to go after medical marijuana with a vengeance!!!! Be careful what you wish for and actions have consequences!!!! Maybe next time it comes up for a vote you guys won’t be as shortsighted and foolish and vote against your own interests. Time to grow up and learn more about history and politics. Sorry if I’ve offended any of you, but I’m 62 and have been funding you guys for over 40 years!!!! Catch my drift – those are my dollars from my hard work that went to support you guys all these years!!!! Thanks a lot for screwing up the best chance to date to defeat the prohibitionists!!!!

  38. Close down the clubs? Then put what there? They are already great tax paying businesses. Bottom line is people are going to do what they want. So give the people what they want. If your laying in your death bed and have tried every medicine know to “cure” your ailment and find something that works. You’d be a fool not to medicate yourself with it. I’ve seen multiple sclerosis patients suffer far to long.

  39. To hell with Obama and his administration if he gets another term we should all just move to Canada.
    Ron Paul 2012 he won’t stand for this shit

  40. It’s ironic that it’s a conservatively favored government that acts opposite its own supposed principles of government getting smaller, and cutting spending, yet they seem to have no problem finding the money to fund these acts of oppression of law abiding american citizens. I’m starting to think about moving to Canada.

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