If There Were Ever A Pro-Marijuana Video To Go Viral, This Is It

By George Rohrbacher, NORML Board of Directors, medical marijuana patient
In the decade that I’ve been on NORML’s board, I’ve worked with scores of bright, accomplished and passionate advocates for ending America’s 74-years of marijuana prohibition. Like never before, these voices are building into a chorus calling for the end of this cruel prohibition, whose penalties are suffered most by the poor, the young and people of color. This disastrous prohibition has led to the arrest of over 22 million Americans on marijuana charges since 1965.
Last week, dripping with irony, at the very same time the Obama Administration was stiffing the American public’s most popular action petition (for marijuana legalization) and was declaring all-out war on medical marijuana through the DOJ, IRS, etc., at this very same moment in history, we saw the huge verification of the success of NORML’s steady approach, the fruit of decades of work changing public opinion on subject of pot legalization. FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE 1969, WHEN GALLUP POLLS STARTED ASKING THE QUESTION—50% OF AMERICANS NOW BELIEVE MARIJUANA SHOULD BE LEGAL!!
Reflecting on achieving this auspicious milestone of public opinion, MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell gives America the very best 4 min. on marijuana legalization we have ever heard. He asks the question, how public opinion could have grown to 50%, while support in the US Senate for legalization still stays at 0%. How, he asks, can America’s politicians, law enforcement and judges callously stand by while millions of young lives are wrecked by marijuana prohibition?

O’Donnell, formerly chief of Staff for the Senate Finance Committee, has gone toe-to-toe with the movers and shakers in government many times before. But this time, on the subject of marijuana legalization, O’Donnell does some of his finest work. With arguments as razor-sharp as a battle axe, he relentlessly chops away at the system that gives us marijuana prohibition and enforced by alcohol-sodden public officials stewing in hypocrisy. O’Donnell’s piece should be linked to all marijuana-related communications you send out in the coming year, sent to everyone on your email list, every single public official.
Please, help this piece go VIRAL, where it belongs!

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  1. @wash-voter I disagree when I was a teenager getting alcohol was easier then getting weed trust me I did both regularly. There are no kids against the legalization for this reason so stop being rude.

  2. Just think of the repercussions if, you all sent these posts to your congressman instead of wating them talking to each other.
    Takes the same or even less effort to email the hypocrites.

  3. The government makes more money keeping marijuana illegal than they would if it were legal and taxed. Google it, I’m not going to explain it here when others already have better than I can. Perhaps when the next generation is in office we’ll see some changes.

  4. He speaks with power and authority.
    I have to rant a little:
    The next best thing marijuana reformists can do would be to move completely away from the web advertisements that feature scantily clad women posing in pornographic positions. That sends the wrong message. There are a lot of people who believe, albeit falsely, that marijuana is some sort of weird, maniacal aphrodisiac. It is mostly certain NOT!
    Please, please, whoever you may be (and I’m not pointing the finger at NORML), please seriously rethink your advertisements, and who you associate with, like, for instance, that old playboy. He and his ilk NEED TO GO before I give anymore of my financial support to this cause because THAT’S the underlying reason why so many people have wrongly believed for decades now that cannabis is a dangerous drug.

  5. Been Smokin weed for about 10 years every day. I am about to turn 24 and have reoccurring flair ups in my mouth, where my mouth turns red and hurts. DONT FORGET PEOPLE SMOKING ANYTHING IS BAD FOR YOU!! if u are sitting there reading this getting high, thinking your not doing your body harm, you better be vaporizing. Talked to dentist today (not real appointment b/c insurance will go up if i go to my real dentist or physician and tell them I smoke weed.) and he mentioned MOUTH CANCER.. Hope not!!

  6. This all goes to prove the farce of freedom in the USA. Politicians are in fear of voicing the oppinion of the people on pot, becouse of our millitary machine we have become in the USA. Everyone is living in fear of the MAN or GOVT as it were. Some time in the future a country, probably France, because they don’t have us troops on there soil. Will stand up and get off the American Tit. They will here the voice of the people, and listen. I think it is ironic they gave us the statue of liberty.

  7. @Shitbird —
    I hope not for you as well. Thank you for posting. Could you please keep us updated on your diagnosis/recovery?

  8. While I do agree with many of the points brought to light, I have to say that I disagree with the approach from a basis of changing public opinion.
    Yes, Alcohol is a legal inebriating substance, however the issues with its use are well publicized and in many circles just as feared as Marijuana. Pointing to the downfalls of alcohol and saying, “Weed should get a chance, too!” Doesn’t do anything but paint a far too simple picture of the issue.
    The message of legalization should be represented with a pragmatic look at potential benefits AND potential hazards with well-reasoned legislation in direct answer to available medical and social information. Arguments such as this one, while impassioned and certainly gratifying to see, serves as its own message of hypocrisy: By describing another inebriating substance in such blunt and (at many times) plainly disapproving language, Mr O’Donnell has succeeded in painting the same sort of one-sided, black-and-white picture that would be decried as propaganda were it to come from the opposition.
    We need to change how information is presented, not use the methods we claim to detest when it serves our own benefit.

  9. @ Explicit Sarcasm, sticking strictly to what Mr. O’Donnell said (vs. the comments here), I must applaud him for not falling into the trap many reformers have, i.e. the vilification of alcohol. Reformers who vilify alcohol are walking right into the trap the Prohibitionists want them in. Personally I did not get a single tiny hint from his impassioned editorial he is condemning alcohol or it’s use.
    But perhaps this is where we agree, many reformers do condemn alcohol, and later ask ~ “do we want alcohol prohibition again?” fortunately most people say, “no.” But I think these reformers are neglecting to notice there are lots of people, and very monied people (foundations), who definitely want to see alcohol use criminalized again. “Squeezed out” of societal use as Darth Walters has said.
    Ok, I just watched his video again, I’ve only seen it 3 or 4 times. He does say that cannabis is a “much much” healthier choice.
    That alcohol AND marijuana have well documented health benefits should not be disputed. That both have the potential to cause problems is also true (as does water, as does sugar, as does potato chips, …). But most reasonable people, and I’m taking this to include you since you sound so reasonable :-), would agree that it’s much easier to overdo it with alcohol than pot.
    But I must defend O’Donnell, he doesn’t speak ill of, or condemn, alcohol one bit. Personally I like alcohol. I hate drinking too much, and for me “too much” is much less than being drunk, I really hate being drunk.
    Perhaps part of the information you’d like presented is that it’s much more difficult to gauge one’s level of “high” with alcohol than with cannabis? I.e. it’s much easier to be cocky and over-confident while “high” on alcohol than pot. I’m quite sure I’ve said this before, and I know I’ve read it many times on the net.

  10. They are the Gods and Canabis is the forbidden fruit. After all it would be disastrous for the economy. Can one imagine 1/2 of all prison employe, cops, lawyers, Judges, etc… on welfare.

  11. no one has ever died from the pot. dead from stupid, yes, but is wasnt the pot, it was the low spark of highheeled boys!!

  12. Marijuana should be legalized-no doubt. My sons smoke every day, and they would rather smoke than drink alcohol, which gives them headaches and hangovers, but pot does not. Everyone in this country should have the legal right to grow their own pot, in their own gardens as it has certain uses. It is a freaking plant for goodness sakes. It should be no ones’ business what we do in the privacy of our own homes, especially not the governments.

  13. Jim, presidents don’t make the laws. It’s Congress, OK? But thanks for your little two cents’ worth.

  14. There is no moral excuse for taking away financial aid from pot smokers while allowing rapists and those convicted of assault into universities as though this makes perfect sense. In my town, they’ve been releasing rapists early to deal with the intake of potheads. This is not about public safety. This is about public control. Marijuana has killed ZERO people to date. Every year, prescription drugs kill over 25,000 people. Tobacco kills over 450,000 every year. If you’re so scared of people getting ‘high,’ you better outlaw adrenaline (including pranks and theme parks) and spirituality, too. Those have both been proven to induce ‘intoxicating’ effects.

  15. Federal Govt should leave Marijuana laws and regulations to the states. Each State should decide laws and regulations for itself. Keep the taxes, graft and corruption where they belong. State, town, and city governments is where the political payoffs should go. We would all be smoking big fat doobies in a hot new york minute should that come to pass.

  16. It is a great news story, and I fully agree with the alcohol being more dangerous notion. It is a fact that marijuana is safer, has never, EVER caused an O.D. and one can imbibe it in a slew of way, not just smoking. What they need to focus on also is prescription drugs and OTC drugs that can be even more dangerous. I say treat it just like alcohol, sold by licensed “stores” 21 and over, if you are DUI then you face the same penalties as alcohol. I mean, really who cares what you do in your free time if it doesn’t hurt anyone else?
    Trouble is the drug cartels have their hand in politics and legalization would destroy their market. Don’t be stupid and think otherwise. It’s the same with tobacco, alcohol and pharmaceutical companies too, they’ve got a huge money sign tightly wrapped around Government’s neck, so don’t get your hopes up. Best we can hope for is decriminalization.

  17. The fed.s are addicted to the $$$$$ which can only be generated by keeping the price of marijuana at artificially high prices . The fed.s also enjoy a great utility in having an easy reason to arrest tokers, not the least of which is to keep a steady business in rehab centers . ;/)

  18. Oh yea marijuana turned me gay! It should stay illegal because I hate being gay in this country!

  19. I’ve never done any kind of substance to get me high and I’ve only drank a few times in my life to get buzzed or plastered. I get high on life though… in a very real way: I have bipolar disorder. If I want to get high, I take a day OFF my medication and enjoy a little mania. I’m responsible about it though. I plan it out.
    So, that being said, just because I don’t drink or get high doesn’t mean that people around me who do are any more crazy than I am. I say stop the war on drugs and let the people govern themselves. Just so they are doing it responsibly (i.e. not drinking AND driving) I don’t think there’s a problem.
    Remember during the prohibition years? There were scandals left and right! And not because the moonshiners were privately and illegally serving the public by bootlegging, but more dangerously because the government was abusing their powers to confiscate what was rightfully the individual brewer’s.
    Just my two cents.

  20. While I do understand medical marijuana I cannot condone unregulated use. Just like alcohol, few deaths would be caused by actual consumption (more with alcohol that marijuana) but so many more would be caused by marijuana if it were legalised. Marijuana can cause psychosis, even in first time users or those who have had no issues for x long, it can cause accidents like alcohol can, and as already posted here can cause various issues depending on the path of consumption such as cancers from smoking it. If you all believe that you have no issues from smoking pot, take some time off the stuff and think about your life. If you don’t see some improvements from quitting for a significant portion of time you need to think about why you started smoking it in the first place, what you’re getting high to try and get away from and deal with that instead of running away from it.
    In response to another comment posted, but yes I would rather the rapists in jail than people using pot, but why are you umming and ahhing about the law? If it is illegal (which you all act as though you know) why are you doing it in the first place? You may not be intending to hurt anyone but one day you probably will, and no not to the same degree but you’re flirting with incarceration the entire time and willing to throw your life away over some plant? Again, you need to sort out your life if a high is worth the known risk of jail time.
    To Jeremy, you must realise with staying away from substances like marijuana and alcohol, that they can increase the risks of bipolar episodes? Which, if people were able to smoke down the street like they can cigarettes, you may have a manic episode triggered just trying to get home from work? Second hand smoke is real in both marijuana and tobacco, and can be very very quick. I have walked home from the train station and people in the underpass have been smoking pot, and I’ve come home and needed to put myself to bed for two days to get back my sanity.
    Please guys, think about all of this.

  21. Screw the current rank of politicians, time to take over the primaries and get a new lot in who will listen to the people. It is as easy as that, you really want change, then the only place to do it is in the primaries.

  22. Sam, It didn’t work, go back to bed. I have produced thousands of wonderful objects and achieved thousands of valuable goals (some of which were quite a stretch)while having hundreds of thousands of “hits” of cannabis. Although “God” supposedly said that all “he” created was good,humans have singled out this and a few other plants for persecution. Perhaps you could take some serious time off from your fear and angst related to what others do, long enough to understand why you took those positions in the first place. I’m sure that we can all think of dozens, if not hundreds of times that alcohol has negatively affected our lives and those of our loved ones. Other than your claim that second hand smoke put you to bed for two days to regain your sanity, I have not heard of any adverse affect of pot. Prohibition, yes, not the pot. If we are to believe your story, it begs us to ask a serious question, “How’s your reality doing lately?” My heart goes out to you if you really are that fragile that the essence of a burning weed could put you over the edge like that.
    concerned for your welfare, Tony C. Saladino

  23. If we cna get medicinal marijuna legalised,it will have to be regualted plain and simple.There will have to also be restrictions out into place as to who is elegable and who isn’t.If we can achieve this it will open the door to make the VA’s prescibe it to disabled vets such as myself

  24. Mistake #1 in this video… The United States is NOT a democracy, we are a REPUBLIC… Mob rule is dangerous. Look up the difference between these two systems sometime when you’re high.

  25. The fact that 50% of the general public supports legalization and yet there is still 0% Senate support really just goes to show that the government is not listening to the people. Per usual. As for judges and stuff being on welfare, while legalizing pot may reduce the need for those particular callings it would also create a new job source and a new US commerce. Just sayin…

  26. @Sam In your post on January 5th, you identified yourself as one of the people in this country that shouldn’t be allowed to vote because of your overall stupidity.

  27. If the U.S. made Marijuana legal they could tax it so high it would eventually bring our economy back to normal, but they never will because the Cartel pays congress millions of dollars to not legalize so they can make millions off of it by selling it illegally because it will always be in high demand.

  28. RE: Sam says:
    January 5, 2012 at 11:59 am
    I do not think you are knowledgeable about the dynamics of marijuana high – The marijuana high can vary with other factors affecting the matter , but generally , marijuana use causes a temporary state of meditation and reduced inhibition , thus resulting in one having thoughts outside the normal range , mostly of the more humane sort and also more creative . After the marijuana effects wear off , one is no worse for the experience , IMHO , better for it . At the moment , I’m perfectly straight , but almost every evening I have a few tokes of premium bud . It makes for a couple of hours of increased physical and mental energy . It causes me to be more philosophical and intensifies the sensation of other things like conversation and entertainment . While high , I also am more thankful about good things in life . The night light / shadows and other natural phenomena are more apparent . In summary , marijuana use temporarily alters one’s mental state , (mostly for the better) and one usually benefits from the experience even after the effects of the high wear off . The war against several tens of millions of U.S. citizens is far worse than all the marijuana use . Even if people could absolutely be stopped from using cannabis , IMHO , many would move on to more dangerous substances , consider Whitney Houston’s recent death . If all she had done was use marijuana , she would still be quite alive .
    I enjoyed reading all the comments .
    High five to all ! ;/)

  29. RE: Cosmo says:
    February 13, 2012 at 4:57 pm
    🙁 Oh goodness ! It saddens me to hear that your liver was damaged by “legal stuff” .

  30. I’m not gonna argue. All I’m saying is that i got pulled over for speeding got a ticket and busted for possession in california. All I did was pay $65 to go to a substance abuse class and got both charges dismissed. Stop arguing and move to California.

  31. @Anonymous
    I agree, the gov’t spends millions, scratch that, BILLIONS of taxpayers money each year funding the “War on Drugs”. However, most of this money is going towards that (and probably into fat cats pockets) instead of back into the communities. Regulating and taxing the product instead of spending money getting rid of it just makes sense to me. Apparently the government likes to limit how much common sense it uses.

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