HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup Raided in Amsterdam

Early this morning, Dutch authorities raided the HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam.  UPDATE from HIGH TIMES Magazine:

According to representatives for HIGH TIMES magazine, sponsors of the 24th Annual Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, the event will continue tonight with a scheduled concert at the Melkweg concert hall (Lijnbaansgracht 234), followed by a full day of the expo (including voting) at the Borchland (Borchlandweg) on Thursday, the final day of the competition. An additional voting station will be set up starting at 2PM on Thursday at the Melkweg, which will remain open until the beginning of the official Cannabis Cup awards ceremony at 8PM. (read more)

According to the East Bay Express:

…police in Amsterdam are in the process of raiding the 24th annual High Times Cannabis Cup Expo. Possession of marijuana has been decriminalized in the Netherlands. But according to tweets on the scene, “everyone will have their buds confiscated, but no one will be charged or fined. This is the first time this has happened in 24 years.”

We broke the news on NORML SHOW LIVE this morning and spoke with Tim Martin of John Doe Radio, who has been in contact with numerous attendees in Amsterdam, including Scott from Rare Dankness Seeds, who called in live to the show (listen here).  According to Scott, much of the Dutch concern is over the concentrates – butane hash oil, for instance – that is considered a “hard drug” in Holland.

“They herded everybody toward one exit, like you’re getting on a ski lift at Vail… then one by one they had about 40 cops there for a little talk and search… People were dropping grams and grams of hash on the ground… baggies littering the floor… people were smoking it if you had it because you weren’t rolling out with it!”

According to Scott there has been one arrest of a vendor who was caught with a lot of “shake” (leaves and stems) which, according to Dutch law, are to be immediately disposed of.  Other reports indicate that there were checks of individuals to ensure they weren’t violating the 5-gram personal possession limit and checks of vendors for compliance with the 500-gram vendor possession limit.
It should be noted that none of this is precipitated by any change in Dutch law.  These limits on personal and vendor possession, disposal of trimmings, and prohibitions on cannabis concentrates have existed throughout the 24-year history of the Cannabis Cup.
What has changed is a new, more conservative government in the Netherlands that seeks to “send a message” about cannabis use.  They began with the closing of border coffee shops to all but Dutch, Belgian, and German passport holders, claiming that “foreign drug tourism” was leading to a host of social ills.

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  1. I highly doubt that the Amsterdam Officials want to outlaw Marijuana for tourists. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize millions are made off tourism. And why do we want to visit Amsterdam? They have hundreds of cafes that sell marijuana. That is the ONLY reason I’d travel there.
    The U.S. DEA has a tremendous amount of power. Their influence spreads worldwide and they will continue to push the prohibition on marijuana until the bitter end.
    Other countries flat out legalizing Marijuana is a serious slam to the U.S. Federal Government’s “War on Drugs”.
    Someone earlier said it right when they mentioned the U.S. Federal Government having to face years of lies. They have dug a hole so deep there is absolutely no way to save face.
    A lot of people talk about the money that could be made off legalizing and taxing the sale of marijuana. However there is a lot more money to be made by keeping it illegal.
    Look up “Wackenhut”. You can actually invest money in the company. And how does your investment gain interest? Simple. The more people going to prison mean more prisons being built. They have to hire more guards, and ultimately receive more money each year out of the state budget.
    Remember that the billionaires running these private prison sectors have some pretty big connections with U.S. Politicians. Hence there are some serious big wigs who lobby for the owners of Wackenhut. They lobby for longer and harsher sentences on more menial crimes.
    You also have individuals who have built (or plan to build) their career on the war against marijuana.
    It is downright criminal to ruin people’s lives because they chose to enjoy a virtually harmless substance.
    To sum things up I want to state my 2 cents on “Legalization”. This “red tape” is complete nonsense. It needs to be treated like alcohol or tobacco. In other words (like brewing beer) I should be able to grow a few plants for personal consumption. And that’s without putting my name on a list, needing to get a permit or placing zip ties around a plant. It’s no one’s business whether I use marijuana or not.
    I can only hope we all stay strong and continue to fight for the legalization of marijuana. I’m frankly tired of my Fundamental Rights being stomped on.

  2. Fight back – hit the Dutch where it hurts. Boycott Netherlands manufactured products! Don’t buy any Phillips electrical or electronic products! Don’t drink Heineken beer! Don’t buy any diamond jewelry this Christmas!If they want a fight, their bank accounts will come out bruised.Let all their citizens feel the impact of the mismanagement of the conservative government that stole the last election. Just like in the USA.

  3. Dear God, Grant Norml, and We the people ask of your favor, Let your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. What you planted before people were thought of for their healing, food, and resources such as paper, clothes, plastics, milk, food, 100% oils, soaps, lotions, etc, from one plant has cause much controversy with the ones who have stolen it all, and the have not’s. What we are asking about is for you to intervene in the whole matter concerning Hemp/Marijuana. Show yourself in this matter, as you did in the U.S.patent, show yourself in our behalf, the peoples behalf in this situation, that needs to be very clear on both sides. So that FEAR can be eliminated from every person on the face of this planet, who are going through. CRUSH THE LIES, give us the TRUTH! the poison of our minds (prohibition) stops HERE! NOW!
    We want to occupy wall-streets around the globe and kick them to the curb! JUSTICE will PREVAIL in this LAND of Good and Plenty! Milk and Honey!
    We as the people all around the world unite in one common cause to be the force to reconciled with!
    Bless all those at NORML.org, we love you for what you are doing for everybody. Strengthen their minds, strategies, laws, and activism in our favor! Show us your love for this movement to correct the wrongness done to your people.
    In Yahoshua Name Amen!!!

  4. Glad I went in 96… had a blast, everyone from california’s medical industry was there partying it up because of such a wonderfull sense of pride for prop 215.Had me a hooker after every meal, and a hookah after every hooker.

  5. Los Angeles — Norman Smith, who has been fighting cancer for two years, needs a new liver. He was placed on the transplant list at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center last year but doctors removed him in February because he was using medical marijuana and failed to show up for a drug test.
    To get back on the list, Smith, 63, has to spend six months avoiding medical marijuana, submitting to random drug tests and undergoing counseling. Meanwhile, he is still undergoing chemotherapy and radiation for the cancer, which recently returned after being in remission.
    Smith asked Cedars-Sinai last week to reconsider and reinstate him now.
    “It’s frustrating,” he said from his home in Playa del Rey. “I have inoperable cancer. If I don’t get a transplant, the candle’s lit and it’s a short fuse.”
    Any delay could mean the “difference between life and death,”.

  6. This is good! Now all of you fuckers who let off of trying to legalize here just because you could afford to go there and smoke, will have to get back to the drawing board and work on legalizing it here again! I know some of you will just go to Portugal, but how long until it happens there too? People forget that Portugal hasn’t had a really effective system for the last decade or so. When people there get sick of their government being so ineffectual, they will elect some right-wing totalitarian regime to straighten their country out.
    The funniest part about the Netherlands, is that they won’t/havn’t reduced the size of their government, or the scope of services they provide. I predict that within 2 years they will go through a MASSIVE BUDGETARY SHORT-FALL, due to the largest contributor to their GDP having been made illegal(ie cannabis-tourism)!!! Then they will have some REAL “social-ills” to contend with!

  7. That is nuts!! Well i guess i go to mexico. Legal to possess small amounts of all drugs. May be the EU will disband. One county will see the light and allow the tourist to flow into their county.

  8. #1
    The global elitist hypocrites are at it again, using any excuse, made up “law” , Orwellian tactics, all to crush freedoms. This is why we Occupy Occupy Occupy Occupy.
    Agreed occupy the police that take part in these raids

  9. Dear Norman Smith,
    YOU have the power inside of you to heal yourself with the help of the marijuana plant; **something your have already experienced!
    Most people don’t know that this medicine has the greatest potential to help heal you as long as you stay positive about your overall health, and the divine relationship between Marijuana, you, and Jesus Christ!
    satan, knew exactly what the Tree of Life was all about, he has to see to it that sure his own people get to use it too!
    The Hemp/Marijuana plant is divine in nature, period!
    All the properties of this plant were made and meant for Human and Divine connection, consumption, Healing, and meet resourceful needs; like having Jehushua/Jesus meet your needs in the form of a plant!
    They can’t stand anything in connection with the Divine Laws of Life; and will stop at nothing to reek havoc to get rid of this plant “for the people protection.” The same as they did Jesus(get rid of Him). He heals everything!
    In the end the very ones that cause this effect will suffer, and have to use this plant probably themselves more then we do in the long run. Trust me they USE this plant maybe not for the same reason we do, for a much more Sinister use! Will be their own UNDOING!!! This is what is wrong with them!
    You can Meditate (go inside)and ask the Lord to rewrite your record inside the LAW’s of Life in Meshiach Yeshua. Rom 8:1, 2.
    The rich and powerful can’t and will not go to God for anything, they believe that they are god; when they want to relax they fire up a joint have a glass of $300-Hennessy on the side!
    Call the kettle BLACKED OUT even WHITE WASHED or Both!

  10. I am deeply saddened by the reformation laws for tourists in Amsterdam. It has been my dream to visit, and would have loved to attend the cannabis cup.
    There are no more social ills brought by cannabis use than the average football game (far fewer I’d say!) and to lump them in with the rest of drug culture is crazy.

  11. I was in the lobby, waiting to use the bathroom to drain my bladder, thank the Gods of Heineken.
    They searched the person in front of me going into the bathroom which made me want to get out of the line, but as the Pigs were standing a few feet from and me I didn’t want to attract undue attention I continued to stand in line. Then they then said no more bathroom use, just as I was going to be searched. Then they told us to leave the lobby and they were searching us at the door, I was about 7th in that line and still wanting to get out of that line too, for obvious reasons. Finally an officer came by and said let them go, (since they had thousands of people contained inside),
    The bus driver outside said his boss said not more bus service but they relented and took the 20 of us or so that luckily were in the lobby to the nearest train station instead. I was a bit c0oncerned as people were smoking in the buss and we were followed by two police vans, I asked the driver, “You said train station not police station, right?’
    Hairy scary stuff, but what the hey is was pretty exciting to NOT GET CAUGHT, my new hippy name is Lucky Pisser (oh and thank you Gods of Heineken)!

  12. Did you notice the article said CONSERVATIVES? Right there is the problem, as well in USA and elsewhere. The US CONSERVATIVES have in fact taken trips to Amsterdam and riled up the CONSERVATIVES their with religious reasons for banning cannabis. They are the ones who riled up the Dutch Conservatives and bullied them into taking actions. The US Conservatives are at the root of this and the Amsterdam Conservatives are on the front line of the US World war on cannabis. Please be aware of this insidious US Conservative world war on your country and expose their Conservative Propaganda.

  13. Harry J Anslinger sold his lies around the world. He may be the single greatest con man in history.

  14. Talk about a set up!! Sounds like the Government needs some cash so they confiscate everyone’s buds, sell them on the streets and wahla, money for the police department to buy more guns! Sounds too simple doesn’t it?! Too bad this happens daily all over the world. They sure got some sweet, strong medicine when they took mine on November 9! 🙁
    @Galileo Galiliei, yes, Harry Anslinger…the greatest con man in history!

  15. I hate to say this, but y’all are being more of a problem than a solution right now. First off, let me preface this by saying that I am a Republican, and I support the legalization of marijuana in the USA. However, thinking that an ‘occupy’ solution is best is simply moronic. Get off your asses and actually contribute to this nation. I have also seen many pleas to “abolish the controlled substances act of 1970.” How in the hell do any of you think this cold be a good idea. There are valid reasons MANY of the drugs on that list are illegal, and don’t give me any of that “my body, my choice” bullshit. There are others in this world outside of your liberal, hippy existence that WILL be adversely affected by the legalization of things like heroin, meth, pcp, etc. (things that ARE deadly, unlike marijuana).
    If you want to see change, you need to be proactive, logical, and not expect everything to change overnight. And there is nothing this country hates more than a bunch of protesters who never had the drive to do anything substantial in the first place. We need to show Washington that marijuana does not rot your brain, and that you can still be a high-functioning (pun intended, get it??) member of society.

  16. #68, While I agree that folks need to be contributing; I really have my doubts about people fearing marijuana. It is just an excuse to expand governmental powers. Even the police know it should be legal, they still enjoy being able to use their power to harass and arrest innocent folks.
    Take a look at LEAP, these folks only develop their morals after retiring from their corrupted War on Drugs. No one said the Controlled Substance Act has to be enforced using this racist, dumb, wasteful, scape-goating War on Drugs; except for the folks in the Executive Branch. So let me get this right, if you’re part of the Executive Branch you’re not allowed to be an effective tool in the War on Drugs because good ideas aren’t allowed. Just stupid ones. These individual are only “allowed” to think of good policies after they are out of office/power. Is this some kind of sick joke on us? Why are we paying for this crap???

  17. comment #11 is the exact reason why it is still illegal, if we did this with every issue we would still have slaves serving us sparkling water in bars here in the states. I think we havnt gotten in the faces enough of those “in power” and i use that term loosely. I know its true that the hidden agendas of few make the choices of most restricted, but the more i hear that the more i think well why isnt anyone doing anything. Americans have been and are too afraid of the government. Just remember “The people should not be afraid of their government, the government should be afraid of its people.” We are the true 99%!!!

  18. This is another prime example of how far the coruption of the US government reaches. The fedz havent just declared war on drugs, they have declared war on people, lives, freedom and gods creation. I for one am answering by declaring war on the united states government. They can no longer destroy peoples lives over a plant that has grown long before this country ever existed. People are starving in this world, shit, in this country and they spend billions to fight a plant that god made. Shame on you US gov. You all will burn for your injustices.

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