President Obama: End Your War on Cannabis Patients

Over the past several months, the Federal government escalated its war against medical marijuana to previously unseen heights. The Drug War machine kicked into high gear starting in October when the IRS began applying an obscure part of the US tax code, meant to target drug cartels, against medical dispensaries in attempts to shut them down. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms joined in the fight when it issued a heavy handed one page memo to every gun and ammunition dealer nationwide informing them that they must, by law, deny sales to lawful medical cannabis patients. 

The hammer really fell when the US Attorneys for the four federal districts in California formally announced a crackdown on medical marijuana dispensing operations and began issuing memos threatening operators and landlords of these properties. Threats were even waged against news publications who ran advertisements for medical marijuana businesses. All of this in an environment where over 70% of Americans support medical use of cannabis, the country’s largest physicians group endorsed full legalization, and at least four governors are petitioning the DEA to reclassify marijuana based on overwhelming evidence of its medicinal value. Unfortunately, It doesn’t appear an end is in sight as new threats of intervention are looming in Colorado. 

That is why today, in cooperation with other reform organizations, NORML is encouraging you to contact President Obama and tell him to end his administrations war on cannabis patients.  Click here to use NORML’s Take Action Center to directly email the below letter to the White House and tell President Obama to stand by his promise to not interfere with state medical marijuana laws.

Dear President Obama:
I urge you to end your war on medical marijuana patients. More than 70 percent of Americans are in favor of legal medical marijuana. 16 states and the District of Columbia have passed medical marijuana legislation.
At least four governors are petitioning the DEA to reclassify marijuana based on overwhelming evidence that it has medicinal value. While this reclassification is pending, your Administration should respect — not attack –state medical marijuana laws that provide patients with safe and reliable access to this medicine.
Given the fiscal crisis our country finds itself in, it doesn’t make sense to waste federal tax dollars and law enforcement resources interfering with state medical marijuana laws.

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  1. Dear President Obama:
    I urge you to end your war on medical marijuana patients. More than 70 percent of Americans are in favor of legal medical marijuana. 16 states and the District of Columbia have passed medical marijuana legislation.
    At least four governors are petitioning the DEA to reclassify marijuana based on overwhelming evidence that it has medicinal value. While this reclassification is pending, your Administration should respect — not attack –state medical marijuana laws that provide patients with safe and reliable access to this medicine.

  2. I can’t decide which e-mail to send the President. Help me decide, let me know what think.
    1. Dear Mr. President, please legalize Marijuana, or else I’ll e-mail you again and again until you do. You can’t just delete my e-mails as soon as you see the word Marijuana because,,,, you just can’t.
    2. Dear Mr. President, please legalize Marijuana soon so I can go back to voting for Republicans. (actually saw this one in the comment section awile back, one of my all time favorites.)

  3. fishcreekbob is absolutely correct in stating this upcoming year may be the last chance. At least for us to try and do this properly. Congress has been holding hearings to try and censor the internet. If you think once they get this new legislation passed, and they will, that they won’t shut down any objectionable website because of its content, check your head. If they don’t like your opinion they will shut you down. What happened to Richard Nixon, the President who started the War on Drugs? The President who held a formal inquiry into marijuana but didn’t like the results? He got impeached, but his civil war remained. Did you know that in the 1800s the very same government that poisons your heads with propaganda required U.S. farmers to grow hemp? Dig deeper.

  4. Hi . The laws pertinent to DEA thought on promise~n the
    Cartel Justice system referred to guns and dangerous uh
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    thought of “Foreign Import” as mis-written to contain :
    the law on cannabis as affected DEA keyword ma ri juana
    did not specify the ruling of cannabis proper quality ,
    as the sense of cannabis.ta Cartel Guns and “Medicine”:
    make the deal of mystical “armament solute” seem like a
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    Begin Running Guns Drugs and Money ask the imposing MM+
    group who want “Right to Bear Arms” with med. mj smokin
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    Drug Running ask the DHS [Homie Sec.ur] to support Anew
    Trust of Dealing Prohibited Money Making Med “MJ” . . .
    What’s the Cartel Law .|. Does it apply to cannabis .|.
    Did “m word” become a dangerous drug for being a keywrd
    and did the Schedule say it’s criminal because it’s the
    keyword “ma ri jua na” . , . how about cannabis .,. its
    definition isn’t the same in Merriam Webster as Houghtn
    Mifflin . . . neither is the definition for Pres i dent
    as Houghton Mifflin dictionary says Office of Republic,
    and Merriam Webster says Office of Democratic Leader .,
    Is [M Word] Illegal .|. Yes , it’s the keyword for then
    B.O.N. Law now D.E.A. law on Dangerous Drug max pay out
    so I wonder [in same statement] is cannabis illegal .,.
    as it can be changed to Schedule of Baleful Narcotic ,.
    though it’s not legal in Federal Law to do so . . , . .
    So , Is Cannabis Illegal and is “M word” legal at all ,
    Also , stop raggin on Obama , it’s not him lipservicing
    Republic Bureau of Drugs and Money , it’s them saying :
    “He Can Be Pronounced as Supporting Prohibition Agenda”
    so whatever .,. why would you want GOP Republic with on
    premise of Shadow Govern idots like Cheneh controlling:
    The Role of Future Liberal Free Will and Technocratic.a
    Thought of the Offer to Begin FEMA Payment of “Ecology”
    as forein rite wing ‘ecology’ means Natural Disaster uh
    Maximum Payment of Money Saving in “Warren Commodities”
    and thas not what I want .,. I want Peace and Pot Amen.
    😀 😀
    My Apology about the ignorance and greed denying b log.
    Please accept as written . Thanks and Hooray . _\|/_ /~

  5. Of course they are now going to go after states for their approval of mmj and the opening of pharmacys. Now that they have decided to fund the opening of their newly built federal prison in Berlin NH, they now need to fill it to justify its existance.

  6. I think cannabis could have saved Heath Ledger died from an accidental “toxic combination of prescription drugs”.
    He wasn’t getting enough sleep and his mind was racing,
    if marijuana was legal his doctor could have prescribe
    him some cannabis.It’s all your fault Obama you killed
    a great actor.

  7. So we can’t have or do anything, no house,tent,blanket or even jobs? does anyone remember what happens next? WE WIN!

  8. Without shaking the rafters too much: how many of the very sincere people who have posted in response to this “blog” and Obambi’s war on mj/mmj will post that they not only voted for this Manchurian candidate’s “Hope and Change” mantra, but really thought since he’s half-a-brother he would really have the balls to change our nation’s executive policy, if not be willing to follow legislative lead on decrim and sign it as POTUS? Really people: bash Newt, bash conservatives, bash Republicans, but first and foremost, bash yourself for voting for this sinister person.

  9. This war against medical marijuana shows who the enemies are. DEA, ATF, IRS, and the US attorneys are just a bunch of thugs. All that tokers want is to be left alone and not have to go to the black market. This petition to Obama is pointless because he is part of the problem. Might as well petition the wolves to increase security of the chicken farms… it’s not going to happen.

  10. Please read Jack Herer’s “The Emperor Wears No Clothes.” The book is loaded with useful information. Through knowledge, we can help shed light on the truth.

  11. Hello . Nixon wanted to begin Health Pot to alleviate a
    problem with Vietnam Era “depression of waning soldier”
    and State Dept. Republic Council on Drug Money disallow
    ed it . Harry S. Truman wanted to prevent Nuclear Era.s
    problem with Rhodes’ Making of the Atomic Bomb and then
    State Foreign Affiliate became ready to begin Nuclear.i
    Age of Advanced Modernite Technocratic Technical Advnce
    so Truman told State Dept. to use hydrogen light mass :
    higher range and area on Nagasaki and Hiroshima . While
    it “ended the war with surrender” it made the beginning
    uh the Nuclear Age debateable as money and Power or the
    Peace of Mind to Allow Truman Accord with Energy Policy
    Allowing Alternate Appeal to Factory and Munition . . .
    Harry S. Truman , the way I hear it .,. learned to be a
    respect leader of learning first guru meditation and on
    Promise~n a guru introduced him to cannabis for smoking
    and in this way he way enlightened to begin the prenote
    on Era of Psychedelic and Music .,. known as PeaceNLove
    though this is full hearsay .,. it’s a good thought . .
    Obama isn’t giving ‘lipservice’ when he asks to Step Up
    to Cannabis Laws in case of medicinal pot . The State n
    Republic Offices of War on Drugs change his stance with
    the role of prohibition money as propaganda to doubt !!
    positive thought leader .,. and it sounds like he can’t
    offer National Legality [Nation Legal _\|/_] until Anew
    Caucus of Republic[en] Voting Standard stop giving the:
    Money of Payroll Tax Evasion to Themselves and Rely the
    Role of Money Basis to Understand a Rule of Higher Sums
    to the Caucus Primary Who Will Allow Actual Leader Anew
    Best Option to Peace and Modern Health without problems
    on basis the role of Manna and Men will be either : The
    Peace of Mind to Be Modern Cannabis Health or lipsrvc.s
    to Make the Option of Technocratic Greed Advnce.s with:
    The Sense of Manna or Money as prevailing Modern Nature
    and the thoughts of Title of Government will be online*
    to be reviewed as Holiday Peaceful , or , censored with
    the prevention of Free Will by~Partisan Govt Control.,.
    It’s A Thought .,. not a complaint . NORML , please OK*
    allow this as written and see it’s not dishonest debate
    to the power of reasonable government and HolidayPeace.
    🙂 Thanks . Bryan , Midwest former activist , ecology*

  12. I think it’s pretty clear by now that Obama doesn’t care what We The People want. He has had plenty of opportunity to protect cannabis patients and has failed to do so. His pick for head of the DEA is a slap in the face.
    Let’s stop begging him to leave terminally ill people alone and start focusing on making sure he doesn’t win the presidency again.
    Presidential candidate Ron Paul will abolish the DEA and legalize drugs if elected. His record shows he has voted to uphold the Constitution throughout his entire career. He is winning in Iowa and is gaining an enormous amount of momentum. If we truly hope to end the war on drugs and get rid of the DEA then vote for Ron Paul.

  13. I’m a POW of the war on marijuana. I’m 50 years old, living with hep C for about 30 years. All the meds the doctors give will distroy my liver. i don’t drink or smoke tobbaco. Mr. Obama you drink and smoke tobacco, did you know that will KILL you. You also make you own beer. I use marijuana for my meds. Why is our goverment so afraid of marijuana. I’ve never committed a crime in my life, not even a parking ticket. Now my life is being destoyed by our goverment. We have lost our jobs, my son will be droping out of college, losing our home. Now i’m labled a criminal for life. Impossible to find a job. We will be homeless very soon. My only crime is marijuana. I’m sure i’ll be in jail soon, guess i won’t need a home. But my family does! I believe my death is the only way out for me or living poor and homelss. PLEASE SAVE MY LIFE, MR, Obama.

  14. This war against medical marijuana shows who the enemies are. DEA, ATF, IRS, and the US attorneys are just a bunch of thugs. All that tokers want is to be left alone and not have to go to the black market. This petition to Obama is pointless because he is part of the problem. Might as well petition the wolves to increase security of the chicken farms… it’s not going to happen.I am a soldier that served my time in Iraq and was injured,Drs. want to put me on narcotics to relieve the pain i’m in but I told the Drs. I don’t want to injure my liver or kidneys and marijuana eases the pain(degenerative disc disease,degenerative arthritus,metal plat in foot pins in both shoulders,deveated septum)

  15. Wow read this!, look how worse the drug violence with the Mexican Cartels has increase to the highness level that the Mexican police can’t keep up with it much and many small towns police are scared and don’t want to be part of it because they will retaliate right back on them. You know why this is on a high increase of violence, MARIJUANA!, YES MARIJUANA! Soon the FBI and DEA can’t keep up with it because If they arrest more Mexicans for selling marijuana in the USA to get prosecuted it will increase to the highness level of wasting millions to billions of tax payer dollars No do we really want that. I bet you that the Mexican
    President will meet with Obama begging him to end the Drug war for good. Wake the hell up Congress and President reality is stepping in like never before, the pigs are about to fly!!

  16. Yeah Ron Paul has a plan to end the war on drugs. As President, Paul would also pardon all non-violent drug offenders.

  17. Everyone should blast this out to facebook and everything social! This message needs to bombard the White House until they start to actually represent the people and value that the majority of Americans want marijuana to be decriminalized. WE NEED TO START MAKING MOVES ON GETTING OUR VOICE HEARD! Do as much as you can! If you want to follow me on facebook, I post recent and relevant information on all cannabis topics! Search me as Captain Cannabis, or my link is…..

  18. Don’t be mean, go Green
    Question: How do you feel about a Black American President?
    It would not matter to me if he were Green, just so he is not Mean and goes Green by:
    1. Installing Grow Rooms in the White House and changing its name to the Green House.
    2. Changing the DEA (drug enforcement agency) into a Drug Education Agency.
    3. Apologizing on behalf of the American people to the world for the governments unholy war on the precious cannabis plant and those who use it, by creating a a nonprofit “CCWPDC” agency, and implementing its agenda.
    * The “CCWPDC” agency is the Control Center for Worldwide Proliferation and Distribution of Cannabis.

  19. Why don’t we form a rally and march on the steps of the White House, the women’s right’s activist did and sure as heck got their way, so stoners grab your bongs, pipes, rillo’s, and jay’s and let’s smoke until they arrest every last one of us! I’m sick and tired of being scared for smoking bud, I smoke to escape my depression and thoughts of suicide and Mr. Obama you expect me to pop a pill to “cope” with my depression, I don’t freaking think so! I will never take any synthetic, man- made pill because those are physically addicting and kill people, more teens die from prescribed medication than any other drug! Talk about a war on drugs, you’re fighting the wrong people here! Mr. Obama I hope you sincerely understand that you are putting more people’s lives at risk than ever before, will you be remembered as the President who legalized marijuana or threw every depressed teen, every cancer patient who copes with their illness, and every freaking “pothead,” as we are commonly and loosely referred to, in jail?! Sounds like a great way to end your Presidency, hope you enjoyed the power, I wish you had done what you promised; change. Oh wait, you did… P.S. I read this… and thought I should re-post. I’m a POW of the war on marijuana. I’m 50 years old, living with hep C for about 30 years. All the meds the doctors give will distroy my liver. i don’t drink or smoke tobbaco. Mr. Obama you drink and smoke tobacco, did you know that will KILL you. You also make you own beer. I use marijuana for my meds. Why is our goverment so afraid of marijuana. I’ve never committed a crime in my life, not even a parking ticket. Now my life is being destoyed by our goverment. We have lost our jobs, my son will be droping out of college, losing our home. Now i’m labled a criminal for life. Impossible to find a job. We will be homeless very soon. My only crime is marijuana. I’m sure i’ll be in jail soon, guess i won’t need a home. But my family does! I believe my death is the only way out for me or living poor and homelss. PLEASE SAVE MY LIFE, MR, Obama.

  20. You’ll let all those greedy banksters off the hook for their crimes and reward them with bailouts, but ccccrack down hard on pot-smoking sick people. How could I call this a free and just country?

  21. Cannabis Culture
    Theology, Humor, & Cannabis test positive for THC.
    Cannabis is God’s medicine for relief of stress, anxiety, depression and living in New Jersey.
    Cannabis is excelent for medication, therapy, meditation, and prayer, eliminating the need for multiple visits to the doctor’s office and church. This could be why there is such a fierce resistance to its use. I can only conclude with “holy hemp, that’s good smoke”. Thank you Jesus.
    God gave the herb (cannabis) for the service of man. psalm 104:14 Also called the herb bearing seed. genesis 1:11
    Why was I laughing?
    That smoke was so good I forgot why I was laughing and couldn’t stop, cause I couldn’t remember why I was laughing, which I needed to do in order to stop.
    I finally remembered why I was laughing. I was laughing at these fools who set out to eradicate God’s cannabis plant from the earth and persecuted those who used it, their folly being exceeded only by their guilt. When it is all over men will mock them and laugh at their utter foolishness, because they were not able to finish what they started and are fit to be eradicated, except they repent and find mercy, because there is a storm blowing in from eternity called judgement, that will overflow with righteousness and sweep away the refuge of lies. psalm 52:6-7 Isaiah 28:17
    The most valuable plant on the planet for production of textiles, medicines, food, fuel, and other products has been banned as poison, and use of it a criminal act. An outrage of epic
    proportions, a colossal blunder and a blight on human behavior, which will not be forgotton, teaching us how to avoid this great evil (prohibition) in the future and judge those wicked men who brought it upon us.

  22. OCDSF, the acronym for operating a controlled dangerous substance facility. In this instance for the manufacture of cannabis.
    To OPERATE or maintain a cannabis manufacturing facility, you would have to create the plant, which God has already done.
    Cannabis is not a CONTROLLED substance, it is banned. Control is not an option.
    Cannabis is not a DANGEROUS substance, it is benign and beneficial for those who appreciate its use.
    Cannabis is an excellent SUBSTANCE for medication, therapy, meditation, and prayer, providing physical and spiritual benefits.
    A FACILITY is a place where research and/or takes place.
    A garden is a place where plants (including cannabis) can flourish and grow.
    In reality, the goverment is guilty of multiple OCDSF violations by creating criminals with unjust drug laws through prohibition, resulting in the on going seven atrocities, or abominations in the sight of God.
    1. Ordinary citizens are criminals for the use of a medical herb, given by God for the service of man. (gen; 1:11, ps; 104:14)
    2. Locking people up, separating spouses, leaving children without parents, mixing violent felons and sexual predators with
    non violent non criminal targets of an unrighteous criminal justice system.
    3. Using prohibition to finance (at the taxpayers expense) the criminal (not righteous) justice system, expanding its power to create a police state.
    4. Making a business out of incarceration (merchandising in the souls of men Rev – 18:13) by building prisons, court rooms, administrative offices and other facilities, creating construction and DOC jobs, plus positions for judges, prosecutors, public defenders, parole and probation officers. Then, increasing police power and presence to insure the efficiency of a police state economy enforceing prohibition.
    5. The malicious evil genius of outlawing a substance that is enjoyable, beneficial, and sanctioned by God, violating the freedom of worship guaranteed by the constitution as well as the liberty to use cannabis for medication, therapy, meditation, and prayer.
    6. The poison fruits of the government’s insane drug enforcement policies (local, state, and federal) ARE:
    A. Respect for authority is replaced with fear and contempt. When the righteous are in authority the people rejoice, when the wicked bear rule they mourn. (prov-29:2) When the wicked rise, men hide themselves: But when they perish the righteous increase. (prov-28:28)
    B. Creation of a black market where supply, demand, and are controlled by the principles of prohibition, which are lies, deceit, advarice, and greed.
    C. Corruption and criminal activity runs rampant with no end in sight. Law enforcement is forced to oppress their neighbors, subjected to dangerous situations, tempted to bribary, theft, to be partial in judgment, etc.. Citizens are subject to drug tests to qualify for employment, unlawful searches, always suspect, living under constant scrutiny of probable cause, where respect, honesty, and integrity are rare commodities, and if prohibition never ends, will not be found at all.
    7. Finally, the enormous amount of money, resources and non productive human energy (man power) spent on prohibition, would be enough to solve the national debt, poverty, education, and unemployment problems combined.
    Section A
    Who are these bullies and cowards that created unjust laws to enforce cannabis prohibition and the war on drugs? It is iniquity to pervert judgment with unjust laws. Psalm 94:20
    Section B
    Why? For what ungodly reasons did these crimmials persue this disastrous course of action?
    Section C
    How do we resist this insane, unlawful assault on our persons by these unrighteous wicked men who through lies, deceit, avarice and greed force prohibition on their fellow citizens?
    Section A:
    The evil doer’s responsible for this carnage Are:
    1. Harry Anslinger – Drug enforcement administration chief and all subsequent drug czar’s.
    2. Dupont corporation’s petro chemicals industry with their family, friends, and cohorts.
    3. William Randolf Hearst’s timber and paper industry with their family, friends, and cohorts.
    4. Billy Graham, who was featured in Hearst newspapers to strengthen support for prohibition by declaring illegal drugs sorcery according to scripture (his interpretation) and use of them punished with an eternity in hell.
    5. American presidents who have never considered that prohibition is an insult to decent intelligent people, and a national disgrace. A mockery of freedom where liberty is myth, and zero tolerance rules.
    6. The status quo maintained by the media and and their constituents (thoes in power, the rulers of the darkness of this world or age), never showing the real reason why everything ls falling apart. Eph-6:12
    7. The American people who sat by and did nothing while wicked men made unjust laws to oppress them. The most valuable plant the world has ever known for production of textiles, medicines, food, and fuel has been banned as poison, and use of it a criminal act.
    Section B:
    The ungodly reasons why ARE;
    1, Harry Anslinger’s lust for power and his unholy alliance with DuPont and Hearst corporate business interest’s, by outlawing hemp in favor of petro chemicals and timber for paper industries.
    2&3. The Dupont and Hearst influence on Harry to somehow convince congress, using whatever deception necessary, to pass into law their diabolical scheme.
    4. Billy Graham’s role was to get people into church where they would be taught that sorcery in the scriptures were illegal drugs, and use of them justified the government’s prohibition policies and the war on drugs.
    5. The American presidents: Not one American president has ever done anything to put an end to this despicable war on drugs, for the ungodly fear of not pleasing their constituency (those who put and keep them in (their) power).
    6. The prohibition mind set (media controlled status quo) that thinks drug laws are fair and any use is abuse, embracing partnership for drug free america propaganda and goverment zero tolerance policies as legitimate.
    7. Do American’s really think that what is going on is right, or is it too late for a wake up call. Let’s hope to God it is not, because if there is still hope, we can (with God’s favor) turn things around and recover ourselves from our apathy, neglect of truth, the statutes of liberty (scriptures), and a healthy fear of God, which brings stability and peace of mind.
    Section C;
    Where do we go from here? What can we do to protect ourselves? How can we win this war (we did not start) and obtain peace and tranquility?
    EXPOSURE is the one and only thing prohibitionist’s fear, because it shows them up for what they are, and can, and will bring them down.
    JESUS said, everyone that does evil hates the light and does not come to the light lest his deeds should be reproved (exposed). Everyone that does what is right, comes to the light, that it may be seen that what they do is approved of God. John-3:20 & 21
    Any and all wars waged upon lies and deceit are lost from the beginning, its just a matter of time. A lying tougue is for a moment, the lip of truth abides forever. Prov-12:19
    Exposing the real criminals:
    Harry Anslinger said in his yellow dog news that if the Frankinstein monster were to meet the Marijuana monster the Frankinstein monster would drop dead of fright, and that Marijuana was the assassin of youth. The reason the Frankinstein monster never met the Marijuana monster is because he never met Harry, the real Marijuana monster and the assassin of our youth, prohibition being the proof, the bitter fruits of his (and his friends) war on cannabis and other drugs labeled as narcotics.
    Big business conspired with the goverment to eliminate competition from the Hemp industry which threatened DuPont’s petro-chemical, and William Randolf Hearst’s timber for paper industries, plus the more sinister aspects of forced compliance with unjust anti-cannabis and other drug laws, the formation of a police state.
    Religion is in bed with the government gaining tax exempt and non profit status favors as rewards for supporting prohibition. Hearst newspapers promoted Billy Graham and temperance preachers who gathered americans into churches where they taught them that the word pharmakeia (medication) in the book of revelation (18:23) translated as sorceries was directly related to the use of illegal drugs (sorcery meaning to poison with medication). Actuality, the word understood as a metaphor in a symbolic book (as it should be) would mean that false teaching was sorcery, not the literal use of medication.
    Our presidents and their impact on the evils of prohibition:
    1, Ronald Regan said that smoking one marijuana cigarette would be like standing at ground zero when an atom bomb went off.
    2. Richard Nixon said if you smoke marijuana you deserve to die. See Larry King live interview with Henry Kissinger. He also said he would put an end to drug abuse, when he really meant any use.
    3. George Bush said if you smoke marijuana you are aiding and abetting terrorism.
    4. Bill Clinton said he didn’t inhale.
    5. Jimmy Carter said that punishment for use of a substance should not be more detrimental than the use of the substance itself and did nothng to alleviate the situation, showing that the prohibitionist cartel is more formidable than presidential power.
    6. All other presidents during the tenure of prohibition have done nothing but maintain the status quo, leaving the goverment created drug problem in the hands of the DEA.
    7. All of the above goes to the credibility of our goverment and religious leaders, who have led us down the garden path of disaster through prohibition.
    How to Fight to the Finish, and Win.
    What we can and must do is eliminate the prohibitionist mind set, and set our mind on a future where liberty is a reality and the right intelligent choice is our heritage.
    1. Learn to think for yourself.
    2. Trust no one, not even yourself, test everything to measure its worth. He that trusts his own heart is a fool, whoever walks wisely will be delivered. Prov-28:26
    3. Seek to mind your own business, because if you are minding someone else’s, you are now neglecting your own.
    4. Maintain an attitude of constant awareness towards those that would malign your life style and bring you into subjection to them.
    5. Keep yourself under the discipline of a healthy, spiritual, fruitful lifestyle.
    6. Cultivate friendships with like minded people, and spread the cannabis culture.
    7. Seek a relationship with God (through his son Jesus) without which all of the above would be futile. John 3:16
    If we all applied the counsel given above, the truth would spread like a prairie fire burning up these wicked men and their ungodly agender. The system is goliath and fit for destruction, that is why I am taking him down. He is a bully and a coward and has four brothers. I am going after them next. If you want some of the action, its your’s, otherwise I’ll do it myself, because if God is for me, who can be against me? No one can, Amen.
    Former stealth fighter,
    Member of an IS crew,
    Your brother in truth
    and love. Art Buist
    * IS means Invincible Spirit

  23. Does anyone know why Cannabis is illegal? I have no clue. I was watching the union, and this bald guy was arguing with some idiot about the legal status of Cannabis ( and completely wrecked him). I dont know why they made Cannabis illegal in the first place, but is there actually any hope of Cannabis becoming legal ( i don’t think its going to happen sadly, and its due to the fact that the people of this country are uneducated about the truth of Cannabis). You NORML guys should save up some money from your donations, and broadcast a commerical or show for supporting full scale legalization. i dont know politics very well, but there has to be a way to get some substantial momentum in the movement for legalization.
    [Paul Armentano responds: Cannabis is illegal largely because too few Americans have chosen to get involved in the political efforts seeking its liberalization.]

  24. Horse Sense
    Believing cannabis to be the poison our government says it is, is like believing
    that rolling in fresh horse manure cures cancer. However, rolling cannabis and smoking out every day could, which is not only good horse sense, but perfect sense.
    PS: Banning cannabis makes our
    government a horse’s ass.
    The punk loves skunk.
    The truth is:
    It smells good.
    It tastes good.
    It makes you feel good.
    It is good for you.
    Is that why cannabis is illegal?
    Government’s reply:
    Yes it is! What are you going to do about it punk?
    Grow and smoke skunk and share it with my punk friends.
    A letter to Santa
    Dear Santa,
    please bring enough cannabis for mommy and daddy so they won’t be stressed out and fight and argue with each other (and others) next year.
    Thank you.
    Love, Mary Jane.
    PS: Don’t forget the
    rolling papers.
    Note: Mary Jane will be disappointed when the Cannabis does not arrive, poor child. The up side to her disappointment is the realization that Santa is really Satan misspelled and the jolly old elf is the devil himself. Cheer up Mary Jane, cause we do not have to rely on false hopes like Santa and the government to obtain God’s gifts. Mommy and daddy can grow their own and Mary Jane will have fun and be glad to help.

  25. “President Obama: End Your War on Cannabis Patients.”
    Erik Altieri, NORML Communications Coordinator
    “Erik Altieri, NORML Communications Coordinator even though you voted for me once and would probably do it again please don’t think I give a crap about you or your crummy blog because I’m a Nobel Peace Prize, POTUS, once cocaine sniffing, pot smoking mutha who could care less about you or anyone who supports NORML or reads this re-hashed blog because I got mine.”
    Love & Peace: Obambi

  26. I have grown tired of hiding behind screen names. My name will be public soon enough anyway because I have become one more of the twenty million or so victims of this obscenity we have come to know as the war on drugs.
    In August of last year I was indicted by the federal government for 1. Manufacture of a controlled substance 2. Distribution of a controlled substance 3. Running a drug related establishment. A superceding indictment for further manufacture at my home has since been filed, as well as a gun enhancement for possession of most of a disassembled gun nobody in his right mind would EVER attempt to fire.
    All semblance of constitutional protection has since been stripped away and I have acquired a “federal probation officer” to whom I am forced to report once a week. I am forbidden the lawfully approved medication on which I depend for a variety of purposes and must prove my abstinence three times a month through urinalysis. I can, however, seek relief from these symptoms using any number of substances proven to be toxic to humans but approved by the department of (justice?).I have yet to meet with any of the department of (justice?)s’ physicians.
    Most recently I was ordered by the federal Magistrate to undergo “drug abuse assessment” at the same place where I go for the urinalysis. The woman there said “The best solution I can recommend for your drug problem is for you to get a good lawyer”. The report submitted to the court said “No services required”. (no rehab)
    The very fact that I DON’T DO DRUGS is the reason that I am forced to suffer PRIOR to any possible conviction. I’m 57 years old and I feel like I have aged 40 years in three months. THESE PEOPLE ARE INSANE!!!
    Jerry W Laberdee
    Medical Herb Providers
    Spokane Washington
    “I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take this anymore”
    F@#K THE FEDS!
    Jerry W Laberdee for Governor

  27. The war on “certain drugs” will continue in earnest. Logic and common sense have no place in the prohibitionist mindset. I agree with paul’s comment, not enough people are out in favor of re-legalization and speaking up. But it’s illegal and that can be a career and yes life wrecker. Its the people who have no fear of that, that are to blame. So many famous people, celebrites, atheletes and actors smoke herb. And yet they, for the most part, do little to push the MJ agenda. We need to push for a NATIONAL REFERENDUM on the FEDERAL ballot, either yes or no… do you support re legalizing. Obama has been a lousy President for the movement, so many times he has side skirted the issue and kept the status quo intact. I am hoping that Ron Paul will make some headway but he really has no chance to succeed with some of his baggage. We are still moving forward, this will be a long, hard fought battle. Stil, we must perservere. We will win!

  28. I don’t understand how the government can justify making a plant that grows naturally on its own illegal. I can’t smoke because I drive for a living but can see the stupidity of pot being illegal, especially when it has so many positive things that it is capable of. Watching documentaries it seems that the people that are against it are basing their decision on false information. Everybody always goes back to “it’s the gateway drug”. They seem to me to be stuck in their ways and because they heard this several times from another uneducated person it must be true. I wish that the president would step up, be a man and admit how ridiculous this whole war on marijuana really is. We are supposed to be free in this country, why do I feel like our freedom is constantly getting less and less? What happened to a wrong is a wrong and a right is a right? People suffering everyday and being forced to live under the thumb of the “legal” drug companies, that’s extortion! I want to choose how I live, and if it doesn’t effect anybody else and makes me happier, then I should have the RIGHT, the FREEDOM, to do so. After all, isn’t that what America stands for?

  29. For the answer to why Marijuana is illegal, I have come up with a logical explanation, but that explain is very flawed logic.
    Marijuana is illegal because it is immoral and it is immoral because it is illegal.
    In the philosophy of logic this is known as a circular argument because it constantly makes the loop. The only way to break the loop is to remove the status of it being illegal, which is something that can only be done by the people of the great nation. Sadly, the demands of life, encourage by the corporations, keep the American people at a distance that allows for the few to control the many, when it should be a country with the few serving and protecting the many. I believe that is what our founding fathers envisioned for future generations, but that did not happen.
    Give Americans the freedoms entitled in the constitution. Stand together and VOTE for the candidates that seek to serve the populus instead of the individual.

  30. Political Views: If I would be President, Governor, own my house, or whatever, I would be Legal Marijuana!
    I tell you that Marijuana Poster, It said…
    1-Cannabis and hemp are the same. “Marijuana” was the Mexican name given to cannbis.
    2-Cannabis was first cultivated in China around 4000 B.C.
    3-The original drafts of the Deciaration of Indipendence were written on hemp paper.
    4-One acre of hemp will produce as much paper as four acres of trees.
    5-Hemp is a source of fiber for cloth and cordage for rope. The Hemp fiber is localed inside the long stem of plant.
    6-George Washington and Thomas John grew hemp. George Washington, the first President of the States,declared: “Make the most of the hemp seed. Sow it everything”.
    7-Hemp seed is nature’s perfect food. The oil from hemp seeds has the highest percentage of essential fatty acids and the lowest percentage of satured fats.
    8-Sterilized hemp seed is commonly sold as bird seed.
    9-Rolling papers, like Bambu, made from hemp paper.
    10-In 1937, the Marijuana Tax Stamp Act prohibited the use, sale and cultivation of hemp/marijuana in the United State.
    11-Five years later, during the World War ll, the U. S. Deptartment of Agriculture released the film “Hemp For Victory”, which encouragd Amerian farmers to grow hemp for the war effort.
    12-Hemp is cultivated all over the world. Today, China, Korea, Italy, Hungay, Russia and France are among the countries that grow hemp for fiber, paper, and other products.
    13-Cannabis is classified as a schedule 1 drug by the Food and Drug Administration. Designated as a narcotic, it cannot be prescribed by physicians to patients.
    14-In 1988, the DEA’s own administrative law judge cesconcluded that “marijuana is one of the safest, therapeutically active aubstances known to man”.
    15-Cannabis can be used as medicine to treat nausea, pain and muscle spasms. It alleviates symptoms of glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, AIDS, migraines and other debilitating ailments.
    16-Thirty-five states have passed legislation permitting medical use of marijuana.
    17-Twelve Americans receive prescibed marijuana from the U.S. government.
    18-More than 400,000 Americans are arrested each ye ar on marijuana charges.
    19-More than 400,000 Americans die from diseases related to cigarette smoking each year. More than 150,000 Americans die of alcohol abuse each year.
    That’s why It should be Legalize…
    Thanks, Mark

  31. Great fact file points Mark. I have a couple of remarks that I think are novel and of interest to all who care about this issue:
    1.) Why did the US government apply for, and receive a US patent (6630507)for Cannabinoids? According to the patent filing, cannabinoids like those in Marijuana, have been found to have antioxidant properties, unrelated to NMDA receptor antagonism.
    “This new found property makes cannabinoids useful in the treatment and prophylaxis of wide variety of oxidation associated diseases, such as ischemic, age-related, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. The cannabinoids are found to have particular application as neuroprotectants, for example in limiting neurological damage following ischemic insults, such as stroke and trauma, or in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and HIV dementia.”
    As it pertains to the inclusion of Marijuana on DEA Schedule I, three requirements must be met and it is the second requirement for Schedule I status that is germane to my argument:
    “The drug or other substance has no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States”
    The logical fallacy of our government’s position is that on one hand, they are saying that Marijuana has no medical use. Yet the government itself has applied for and received a US patent for medical use of components within the Marijuana plant. Specifically, these are non-psychoactive components (CBD, CBN) but it seems odd dosen’t it to maintain this position that there is no accepted medical use? Why is this not a topic of contention?
    2.) The American Medical Association itself has appealed to the DEA to have marijuana rescheduled, but it still has not been addressed and this charade continues as the DEA apparently is more in control of medicine than the eminent medical authority in the nation.
    3.) Finally, I am curious why nobody has caught on to this question. The government and prohibitionists in general are quick to point out the “dangers” of marijuana.
    We have NORML to fight for our rights to be free to responsibly use cannabis.
    Since marijuana is always lumped in with harder drugs tell me why is there no:
    -NORCL-National Organization to Reform Cocaine Laws
    -NORHL-National Organization to Reform Heroin Laws
    -NORPL-National Organization to Reform Psilocybin Laws
    Sounds like a silly argument but it is curious that we have an organization that works diligently to reform Marijuana use but no substantial one for any other drugs?
    Are Heroin and Cocaine users more apathetic than Marijuana users in seeking legalization?
    Doesn’t that run contrary to the prohibitionist view that Marijuana users are apathetic?
    Why are re-legalization supporters so adamant in their support of responsible Marijuana use when no other recreational drugs elicit such support?
    And why is more emphasis placed on Marijuana prohibition than any other drug, when all the scientific research is contrary to this approach?
    Food for thought!
    One more nugget of wisdom from former President Carter:
    “Penalties against possession of a drug should not be more damaging to an individual than the use of the drug itself.”
    That quote is in a nutshell the basis of harm reduction. It seems our policies on Marijuana are actually having the opposite effect. Why would the government continue on this course of actually increasing the harm of Marijuana to society instead of seeking a real solution to the problem?
    Many more thoughts coming from me on this subject. It is clear to me that President Obama has no conscience about this issue and I heartily implore all those who support the cause to vote against him in the upcoming election.

  32. NORML if you are listening, get me a job there and I will be the biggest and best advocate you have ever imagined! I have spent years of personal research and study of the issue from fundamental and philosophical counterpoints. Grill me, I can do it!

  33. It isn’t bad enough that the president & the entire government in DC has tromped all over states laws that want to STOP THE INSANITY of the useless drug wars against Americans-it’s even worse that the LEGAL drugs that patients are prescribed are highly overpriced AND unavailable. With the stoke of a pen by the governor of Florida-this noncompassionate fool made the already hard life of a patient suffering in intractable pain EVEN HARDER. And once again-legitimate patients pay the price for lousy governmental regulation & interference into our formerly privileged private doctor-patient relationships. That our rights are stripped more every day is despicable! Doctors HAVE GOT to stand up for us as well. I’m damned tired of seeing them just buckle & slink away-leaving us out on a limb.

  34. To be short and sweet the prohibition is not only wrong it is a crime against the people of this nation. A nation that is built for the people by the people and founded with the intentions to give its citizens the respect and privalage of freedoms we deserve and are entitled to as Americans and human beings. A life in the persuit of happiness and prosperity. Why then is there no representation taken seriously on an issue that is so supported by the majority even of the American people. Not only will decriminalization of canibus create jobs for thousands if not more Americans but it is a safe alternative to many perscription drugs that cause harmfull side effects not only to those who take them but can effect our children. It can even be used in clothing, rope, and cooking. So the time has come to stand up for smokers and patients by the citizens and our representatives. Thank you

  35. –==::RON PAUL 2012::==–
    The “president” said he wouldn’t allow this, and yet it happins. “They” are threatened by this medacine because it can replace so many expensive synthetic drugs.
    ALSO, they want to control you and let you know who is boss.
    YOUTUBE: MONEY MASTERS and watch the whole thing. After you understand how the system works vote RON PAUL!! HE WILL END THE DRUG WAR

  36. It is ok to admit you are wrong. All the people that will be freed will not hold it against you. This so called war needs to end. It all hinges on the pride of you in the federal government. Admit you are wrong. The drug war is a senior now, it has not worked, it will not work no matter how many dollars and countless lives you have wasted. Now is the time to retire the drug war. The federal government can be wrong, its ok to own up to your mistakes. eigthy years of the same results means it is time to say ” I’m sorry we were wrong, it is time for something new”. I do not use cannabis legal or illegal so this is not a stoner’s rant. i just know when something is wrong it is time to move on to a new angle.

  37. While major corporations have managed to get their federal tax bills down to zero, the IRS has determined that pot clinics can’t deduct salaries, rent, the cost of bud or other operating expenses on their tax returns. If a business can’t deduct those expenses, its tax bill almost always winds up exceeding even its profits.
    I can’t help but wonder what would happen if ALL drug companies in the USA were told that there were no deductions for those expenses!
    I would love to see someone with a big bank roll file a law suit with the Feds to change weed to a schedule 2 or 3! Let the DEA defend their position in open court! I find it hard to believe that the government is asking us to believe that crack and heroin are as harmful as weed.

  38. Seems like state and local governments are trying to force medical marijuana patients back into the arms of big pharmaceuticals and the liquor industry! How is marijuana worse than opiates or booze? But the government has to protect us from the evil cannabis.
    Great e-book on medical marijuana: MARIJUANA – Guide to Buying, Growing, Harvesting, and Making Medical Marijuana Oil and Delicious Candies to Treat Pain and Ailments by Mary Bendis, Second Edition. This book has great recipes for easy marijuana oil, delicious Cannabis Chocolates, and tasty Dragon Teeth Mints!

  39. Politicians are too busy trying to impress their voters. Hope they can pass a law protecting medical marijuana users. There should be a clear law supporting Medicinal Cannabis patients and protecting them from violating the law.

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