Rep. Barney Frank Educates George Will and Paul Ryan on Marijuana Legalization

Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA), the primary sponsor of HR 2306: The Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2011, appeared on ‘This Week with Christiane Amanpour’ on ABC with fellow guests George Will of the Washington Post and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI).
The conversation found its way to marijuana legalization which led to Barney Frank calling out the hypocrisy of most of his conservative colleagues.
“It’s a great embarrassment to the conservatives,” said Frank, “They want to tell people who they can have sex with. Come on, all this is big government! Who can I have sex with? Who can I marry? What can I read? What can I smoke? You guys, on the whole — not all of you — but the conservatives are the ones who intrude on personal liberty there.”
The debate got heated between Frank and George Will. “I mean, personal liberty, if someone wants to smoke marijuana who’s an adult, why do you want to make them go to jail?” Frank questioned.
“I need to know more about whether it’s a gateway drug to other drugs, I need to know how you’re going to regulate it,” George Will replied.
“Anything is a gateway to anything,” Representative Frank shot back, “That’s the slippery slope argument which is a very anti-libertarian argument. The fact that if somebody is doing something that’s not in itself wrong, that it might lead later on to something else then stop the something else. Don’t lock them up for smoking marijuana.”
Will defended himself claiming, “What you’re calling a cop-out, I’m calling a quest for information.”
“How long’s it going to last, George?” Frank asked, “We’ve been doing this for decades.”
Watch the clip below:

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  1. Barney Franks, thank you! for making the fight for Marijuana that much more to fight for. If, WE don’t stand-up for our rights, liberity and the pursuit of happiness we will fall for Anything!

  2. Maybe we should all get together and bribe Congress for legalization together as a whole we have more money than any corporation does maybe we should start throwing money at the legalization movement it should all be done to show the spirit of the good ol American freedom pot prohibition isn’t about a drug its about power until we show we the people have all the financial power Congress will never listen so lets boycott big pharm if possible and alcohol and we need a big corporation behind us like oil, tobacco, or agricultural companies like Dupont or Monsanto. To help fund this movement cuz money walks and shit talks

  3. How about some leaders who are “Fiscally Conservative, and Socially Tolerant?”

  4. Libbies want to take away various freedoms. So do conservatives. Only the Libertarians seem to offer a pro-freedom outlook but the folks in this country don’t care enough about ALL freedoms to line up with them. No guns! No weed! No religious symbols on public property! No gays in the military or getting married! No smoking! Everyone just wants to gore the other person’s ox instead of saving ALL the oxen.
    I just want to be free. LEGALIZE ADULTHOOD.

  5. If I fart is that a gateway to sh-tting in my pants ? . Really it’s way over time for this to end , I did 13 months but in 1979 and 1980 for 3 oz. what a waste

  6. Frank is Right but don’t trust him they got pics of barney cross dressin up at bohemian grove

  7. The “gateway” effect is a fallacy. Studies from the University of New Hampshire and Pittsburgh have been done that deflate the prohibitionists favorite propaganda tool.

  8. George Will is a weasel. Marijuana has been used by humanity for over 10,000 years, if it caused serious problems they would be very apparent by now.
    George Will should just admit he thinks its okay for the government to control our lives. we need big brother to tell us who to fear, what to eat, what to smoke and what to think.
    George Will is a proxy for big brother. What was your price George? What did it cost to buy George Will’s intellectual integrity?

  9. I smoked pot for years. though I dont get stonned any more and Im very happy being on the natural it is high time that pot is made legal. I wrote about my stonned life in my book Health Food or Heroin. You can google reviews of my book on Amazon. During my pot smoking years the danger to me wasnt the marijuana smoking, the danger was getting arrested for doing a totally non violent activity. Booze legal,cigs lega. both deadly. Politicians who have at one time or another smoked pot stand up and say stop filling our prisons with pot smokers. The main character in my book health food Or heroinwas constantly at risk of having his life messed up because of the idiotic marijuana laws. Jon Nardelli

  10. Why is it that in the 60’s people smoked pot every day and all day long and a lot of those people became ceo’s and presidents of corporations, bankers ect… ect… I can see where pot is bad for a person. NOT

  11. Yeah there are many more reasons to end prohibition than just letting people smoke Marijuana. It would be an economic boon to our nation by creating entirely new industries.
    It seems Obama won’t do much of anything for us regarding this issue. But Ron Paul has a plan to end the war on drugs. As President, he would also pardon all non-violent drug offenders.

  12. Ha, Obama said the whole federal prosecution of Medical Marijuana patients would end as well, all politicians are liars. I dont care what party they are from, what the say will change, or what wont change, it shall always be the same…out of our control. No matter what political party they are from, majority of everyone in the government is a Free Mason, which has strong ties to the Illuminati, which is what actually makes the world decisions,.

  13. Why is it that no one will acknowledge the fact that marijuana is only a “gateway drug” because it forces those who want to purchase weed to also have contact with dealers who sell cocaine, heroin and other dangerous drugs. These “coke” dealers hang out at the weed dealers’ houses to offer free samples to young people in hopes of recruiting new customers. That is the only way weed is a “gateway” drug. There are so many beneficial medical uses that are being overlooked. When will people wake up and remove it from the same catagory as heroin so that it can at least be tested for the good and the bad effects?

  14. Hello . Happy New Year . OK Well , Obama isn’t
    liked by Shadow Government as he’s the best uh
    progressive leader at personal ideals since hm
    before Nixon . Alot of people have reason to :
    Not Like Truman . State Dept was going to drop
    a major pre nuclear device on Japan and Truman
    made it a wide range hydrogen Kro device ([2])
    so we could have started the nuclear power and
    armageddon embezzle back then and Harry Truman
    prevented it . What’s so GaH about Obama Admin
    as I don’t agree he’s giving lipservice .,. so
    the powers of background government are trying
    to control the Presidency . Yes , it’s been on
    Skull n Bones schedule of maintaining power at
    United States Society of Control for 200 years
    and if the President is a spokesman without !!
    the sense of full National Control , who runs:
    The Backtalk and Naysay at Office of Control ,
    if President is US Leader and State Dept are a
    form of pre DHS opposition to free will .,. uh
    who is so egoist they are convinced they run a
    National Supa Govt Policy on American Rights .
    Give it thought . Obama is kinda our American
    Rights President . Not to backtalk ignorance ,
    though is Ron Paul actually certified to free
    the drug ‘prisoners’ and what will be the next
    controlling policy on preventing Free Will and
    Presidential Summary of Democratic Oath . . .
    The USA is a Democracy . Houghton Mifflin says
    in the dictionary of same publisher , defined:
    Pres i dent : Government of Republic Office ,.
    Thereby , GOP . George Washington founded this
    nation , the United States of America as Manna
    and Men of Democratic Oath . It’s a Democracy.
    When you want to smoke a bud and say a “coded”
    statement about bashing Obama and the scripted
    comment on voting for Ron Paul [ARGH] you are
    not supporting Democracy anyway . You are then
    trying to support a fanciful commentary about:
    Freeing the Prisoners of the Drug War and the
    liberal thoughts on supposed Free Will . . . .
    When you listen to Ron Paul talk about his own
    opinions .,. does it sound like supposed free
    will on apportion to the people’s choices and
    thoughts of Freeing America Again .|. I don’t
    ask you say yes or no , I ask you listen to a
    decent Independent {sigh} [GOP] full liberal .
    You want free thought . Ya , me too . Are you
    sure Ron Paul can run the United States given
    all the backwash Shadow Govern offers for the
    Almighty Dollar they don’t deserve , given a
    power of sinister regard who won’t run the US
    for the People by the People , though start a
    series of wars and ruin privacy and embezzle ,
    as it’s the USA’s money so who’s it going to :
    “When You Steal It for personal gain ignoring
    the rites of Manna and Men as ideal n virtue”
    etcetera . , . and I know this sounds like a
    Ron Paul statement . It kinda is he is known
    to say it . . could you listen to it and see
    he’s a liberal mind and speaks for liberality
    though if you’re bashing Obama , what kind of
    flub would Ron Paul be against Shadow Govern.
    Barney Frank I like . He’s a peaceful comedy
    in his own rite to begin free will _\|/_ pot.
    Do you have to know it as “m word” ‘ma ri jua
    na’ as it’s the keyword of drug enforcement .
    Almighty Dollar accorded by Founding Fathers ,
    or plain and simple more greed , less mature .
    I wonder on January 1st , who gets their uhm
    disability today . . are you disabled .|. 🙂
    or is it like playing with a throw away Fuji
    camera you can take a picture of your cousin
    and add to the trash . My thought is OK learn
    to recycle . Save the Planet . OR get your uh
    almitey greed and oh so sore disability and :
    Be Happy With Playing with Dollars Like they
    are Poker Cards . Aww a Hamilton , that feels
    good … ah Jackson he’s my friend . . . 😀
    childish . Anyway , Happy New Year good folks
    and a blessed and GOOD 2012 to all y’all . . .
    Please allow as written . Thanks and Hooray !!
    Bryan , former activist . Workin at home !@!*

  15. Today in Utah there was 5 officer’s injured and 1 killed serving a search warrent for a few cannabis plants being grown at a ex-
    iraqi veterans house. The gun battle insude through the nieghborhood. The gentelman that was arrested survived. He was growing his plants for treatment for PTSD from the the war. When is Utah going to get the hint that there is Medicine a medicine that is not a pain killer. As we lead the nation in pain killer abuse. Get the clue! we need our medicine! Canabis is a blessing not a problem. If this guy was in Co or Ca everthing would be fine. They would be with there family’s. This is insane! Not to say that was the best course of action. That’s what our gov trained him to do. Then hate on him because he decides canabis is his cure!

  16. The GOP is in some type of time-warp back to the Anslinger days. He would be proud of their ignorance and prohibitionist propaganda. That and the fact that they want to control everything you do in your personal life.
    Come to think of though aren’t Kerlikowski and the president Democrats? They are spewing some of this also. Maybe the ignorance projects from both sides of the house. Time for a new one.

  17. As i got older, i turned back to very low amounts of weed because of a variety health issues, mainly irritable bowel syndrom. I can say that weed cured my ibs but had the added impact of helping me through some very stressful professional challenges where i could not sleep. In addition, it also greatly relieved a muscular tension from stress. All for pennies. The threat of weed is that people are discovering we do not need the doctor or the pharmacutical companies.

  18. While the politicians say what they say to get elected, do they distinguish between what’s coming from Mexico compared to American-grown pot? I am visualizing a bumper sticker: Boycott Blood Pot, Buy American

  19. I have been disabled since 2009 with a # of diagnosis ranging fron degenerative joint disease, fibromyalgia, ptsd with depression. And I didn’t list them ALL!! The DR’s have honestly tried me on numerous medications from nerve pills, pain pills, anti-anxiety pills……you see where I’m going with this… NOTHING, and I do literaly mean not one perscription the DR’s tried, ONE good smoke and it’s amazing how much better I am. No pain, no anxiety, no more being a bitch to my family. I get off the couch and can do my household chores with ease. I was in nursing over 30 years and never believed a NATURAL plant was the answer for me!! Hell yes!! Legalize it…at least for medical use.

  20. Politicians should exercise their power to help their people.Medical marijuana would be harmful if not taken properly.Rules should be set clearly.Local marijuana dispensaries should also be provided for patients to conveniently get treated.

  21. Politicians are too busy trying to impress their voters. Hope they can pass a law protecting medical marijuana users. There should be a clear law supporting Medicinal Cannabis patients and protecting them from violating the law. Through this Local Medical Marijuana Dispensaries can be freely accessed by them.

  22. Despite the different opinions about using medicinal cannabis for treatment, people with serious ailments can testify that it relieved them from the painful and debilitating symptoms and provide them a functional life.

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