President Obama’s YouTube Forum deems marijuana legalization questions “inappropriate”

NOTE: If you feel marijuana legalization was an entirely “appropriate” topic for debate, tweet your dissatisfaction of the White House’s censoring of NORML’s YouTube question by tweeting them using #WHchat and @WhiteHouse.

“Pres. Obama, what is inappropriate about saving billions and not arresting nonviolent american citizens for marijuana? #WHChat @WhiteHouse”

– E. Altieri, Comm. Coordinator

As of 7pm Pacific, I checked the page to see how many votes our question received in President Obama’s latest YouTube Forum.  The good news?  Our question, “With over 850,000 Americans arrested in 2010, for marijuana charges alone, and tens of billions of tax dollars being spent locking up non-violent marijuana users, isn’t it time we regulate and tax marijuana?” received 4,023 votes, making it one of the most popular submissions to the forum.

The bad news?  See for yourself:

“The submission has been removed because people believe it is inappropriate.”  Hmm, well, who are these people?  The question got 241 “thumbs down” votes from viewers, was that it?  I notice that of the 615 questions submitted that asked about “With over 850,000 Americans arrested in 2010” in the text, some still remain with 28 “thumbs down” and others are removed with as few as three, so it doesn’t seem like “people” refers to viewers or the public, does it?

Who are these people, President Obama?  They’re not the people out here who keep making marijuana legalization the number one topic of these online forums.  They’re not the millions whose lives are impacted by a marijuana arrest; the tokers and their families who lose jobs, houses, kids, freedom, assets, respect, security, and peace of mind because of marijuana prohibition.

Sadly, I think these people are actually just one person… a guy who smoked weed (and snorted coke) back in the day as a teenager in Hawaii and was damn lucky he didn’t get caught or today he’d be Barry the Drug Criminal.

In 2010, these were the Top 100 questions for President Obama, and they ALL dealt with marijuana legalization

( On Tuesday, January 24, 2012 at 9:00 p.m. ET, President Obama will speak to the nation in his annual State of the Union address.Starting today, you can ask President Obama the questions that are on your mind about the direction of the country and vote on others that you think should be asked. He’ll answer several of your top-voted questions during a special interview, which will take place on January 30, live from the White House. A selection of people who submit questions will also be invited to join a Google+ Hangout live with the President during the interview.

The deadline to submit is January 28 at midnight ET so submit your question now.

Here we go again.  How many times will President Obama ask the American people for their questions on national policy, how many times will we resoundingly call for marijuana legalization, and how will he diminish, mock, or ignore our concerns this time?

  1. We petitioned him to legalize marijuana in September 2011, the number one petition;
  2. We Twittered him to legalize marijuana in July 2011, making up one out of eight questions asked;
  3. We asked him via YouTube video in January 2011, with LEAP’s question the number one video;
  4. We asked him via Ideas for Change in March 2010, with legalization again the number one question;
  5. We lobbied him via Citizen’s Briefing Book in May 2009, with the number one idea being legalization;
  6. We asked him via Open for Questions II in March 2009, where he mocked the number one idea of legalization helping the economy;
  7. We asked him via Open for Questions I in January 2009, where legalization topped most categories of questions;
  8. We asked him via in December 2008, where legalization was again number one and a dozen of the top fifty questions.

Maybe the ninth time is the charm?  Once again in this “ask the people” exercise the most popular questions deal with legalization of marijuana*.

Here’s the official National NORML question:

Here’s my entry:

* Though this time, we may get beaten by SOPA, PIPA, and NDAA questions… which wouldn’t bother me a bit.  A free and open internet, threatened by SOPA and PIPA, is crucial to spreading the message of marijuana law reform.  NDAA is an abomination that allows the president to declare citizens “enemy combatants” and lock them up indefinitely without charge, without trial, and without rights.  We’re big fans of the First and Fourth Amendments here and these acts are counter to the spirit and Constitution of America.

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  1. Ron Paul’s ideas are NOT radical at all… you people just don’t really seem to get it…

    His idea’s were the SAME ideas this country was founded on… His idea’s are the SAME ones that OUR forefathers created to prevent Big Government from getting a strangle-hold on the people.

    The ideas that are radical?!

    The ideas that are radical are thinking it’s ok for us to put nukes everywhere; tell other countries and cultures how to live (or they will be killed;) tell our citizens they are worthless and their opinions mean nothing because they have no money, etc…

    These “radical ideas” were created by corrupt; selfish; horrible politicians; corporations and “law enforcement.”

    These radical ideas that the police do not have to legally protect us?!?!? why are they getting a paycheck then with TAXPAYERS DOLLARS if they do not legally have to protect us?

    How is a corporation the same as a living, breathing human-being?!?!?!

    It’s these “radical” and illogical ideas and corruption that got us into this mess…

    Ron Paul’s (our forefather’s) idea’s are what we need to get back to if the PEOPLE are to survive… and i said PEOPLE, not corporate lackeys or lobbyists…


  2. I think it is great that people are speaking up it will all work out eventually, if we keep speaking up. Marjuana became illegal for business reasons. It is a plant that has healing properties. Humans need to be able to learn how to use what they can easily grow to self-medicate instead of pay high prices for health care. People have to be willing to learn good ways to care for themselves so as not to bring the cost of health higher. I think with a certification/safety type certificate that all plants should be made legal. People need to learn to help themselves more. People cannot afford these health prices. More education will aid in people not abusing what they can grow naturally and with little cost. They have been found to help mental problems as well where as the ones that are currently available cause more problems and are dangerous/to fatal. We have too many laws that put people into jail, it has gotten out of hand and unproductive for creating a healthy society. Big changes need to happen to help not only the earth but our people. We deserve to be able to grow our own medicine. Just because something can be abused is NOT a valid reason to say we cannot use it nor does it make sense to put someone in a jail cell and ruin their life for it. It is ridiculous. People can learn with support, education, and trial and error how to self-medicate for as many health issues or relaxation issues they have without the high cost of health care or only having unhealthy medicines available to them.

  3. For the people who say RON PAUl accomplishes NOTHING. It’s because he’s the ONE filing bills to legalize marijuana.

    RON PAUL 2012!!!!

  4. Whatever happened to tar and feather brigades? Everytime these corrupt, big pharma teat-suckling swine show their pretentious, money stuffed asses; we tar and feather!

    I would laugh so hard I’d have a seizure if I saw that on CNN.

  5. I’m convinced that the marijuana laws won’t be changed for a very long time. Obama has clearly stated that he is NOT in favor of legalizing marijuana, and he has proven that he’s not in favor of medicinal marijuana through his crackdown. And now, the only republican candidate that is in favor of reforming the laws is Ron Paul, and god knows he won’t get elected (Don’t get me wrong, I like Dr. Paul, but the majority of America doesn’t). I’m hoping for election 2016?

  6. What a bunch of intestinal debris!
    But what do you expect from a polititrickster? They are just spewing senseless rhetoric to protect the big money of big pharma. Big government and big corporations means a smaller individual.
    We still must fight the forces of this terrible inversion no matter How long it takes!

  7. I’m pretty pissed off about the censorship, which is itself inappropriate. Our issue already gets ignored enough!

    Help bump up my question as well: “President Obama, what can I do to help end the suffering of the one percent of Americans that are arrested every four years for possession of marijuana. Thank you for your time”

    Just search “One Percent Marijuana” and it’s the only one that shows up! Vote it up and if you want check out my youtube for the video.

  8. Jarrett says, “…he only republican candidate that is in favor of reforming the laws is Ron Paul, and god knows he won’t get elected (Don’t get me wrong, I like Dr. Paul, but the majority of America doesn’t).”

    You are wrong my friend, Ron Paul has an excellent chance of getting elected. The media telling people he can’t win is a psychological operation (PSY-OP) to protect establishment interests.

    For the love of Creation, DO NOT FALL FOR THEIR BULLSHIT! Vote Ron Paul 2012!

  9. Being in the Hoosier state, having some of the toughest laws on the books, I’ve seen my share of destroyed lives and corrupt officers of the law.
    For the pres to request questions from an internet discussion forum and not take a legalization question is absurd. Who does he think he would be talking to?

  10. I truly want Ron Paul as our candidate, but with him running as a republican(which he is not)he will not get the nomination. Maybe he’ll stay in the race as a write in or Libertatian. If his name is on my ballot I’m voting for Paul.

  11. Yeah, we can’t have an (H)onest (O)pen and (T)ruthful conversation as to the one sided rhetoric that is the prohibition of cannabis. And the beat goes on. Everything else is fair game? Bigots. Are you not prepared for this discussion? Or can you not back up your worthless diatribes with more lies/propaganda/innuendo cause no one, with a brain that is, believes it anymore and you know it? Best way to avoid it is to not talk about it at all and let people think whatever they want. Sit on it and spin. Wow, gutless and spineless. You know, I think I did hear of snakes that could speak but I think that it was a metaphor describing a creation made in his likeness. What a great example to set “leaders”. The best way to get by something is to just avoid it? I guess that’s ok for politicians who peddle to the will of corporations that care nothing of the existence of others. It’s all about $$$$$. The rest is mute to existentialism. We can’t have dialogue pertaining to a substance that kills NO ONE, HELLO? NO ONE!, and has a plethora of uses in almost every conceivable product known to god forsaken man? If man did not create it then it is not good, pure or just? WTF is this you narcissistic demigods? If we as a populace can’t be told the truth about cannabis and utilize it’s properties to the fullest then I’m sorry people but I don’t see how you think that we would be told the truth about ANYTHING unless of course it’s dealing with maximizing utility for the elite. Prohibs response. Theirs much more important things to consider and talk about. So you say. Really? If cannabis isn’t that big of a deal why can’t we get this done and move on to a much more important topic? Answer if you can feds/elites. I won’t hold my breath cause you have no rebuttal unless its the atypical for the norm and typical for the elite response of do as I say and not as I do. Again, setting a great example “leaders”. All politicians are the same. Blinded by their own ambitions or those of others. They’d say and do just about anything to get there. What are you so afraid of? Just tell us and allow us to understand. Again, I won’t hold my breath. My how things change and yet they stay the same. The wheel in the sky keeps on turning.

  12. It is so terribly sad that we live in a country that lies to the world that they are democratic or should tell others how to do things. This country is fast turning into a very very bad place to live along with the world turning into a very bad place to be. The ignorance of obama because the pain his ignorance is causing us and the other brainwashed and washing folks like him, is destroying mankind and the planet earth. Probably the only reason why humans evolved at all was the use of medicine that came from the earth. It is medicine our brains function sometimes better with it, it can heal us, to act like humans cannot use plants to medicate themselves as we see fit just because some people will be ridiculous to themselves is SO Fucking stupid. IT IS OUTrageous. AND AND if they are that stupid, then hello does it surprise you that THEY do other things that are totally STUPID. They think they know what they are doing to the point that they can’t learn nothing, they are brainwashed by church or some other fear factor like the nazis did, that is why people end up calling them nazi’s they act just as ignorant or stupid or vile or violent or jail damaging ignorant and vile human beings. YUK YUK YUK YUK. OBAMA DOES NOT care or understand how to care that human beings in america want to medicate themselves as they see fit. HE LIKES control and MONEY and power. HE talks about it ALL the time. HE spends all the time, HE doesnt talk about how to actually stop inflation or things to cost less or health care including mental to be more at people learning how to medicate themselves as much as they can instead of big bills and unhealthy drugs???? MONEY HONEY, not freedom, not evolving, not intelligent, but making money, competition etc all the shit that will not matter when people keep up this stupid chaos destroy themselves and the earth for good. THAT is what will happen and it is right around the fricken corner, LOOK around, the whales beach, the wars and nuclear poison shit all over, the constant violence, rape etc. THEY aren’t solving anything yet they keep lying to us all like they are so smart and do what they say. They keep making things worst and worst and worst. the earth is getting worst and worst and worst. While they say oh yeah compete in science and math, what earth will we be living on when all their ignorance, wars,imprisonment, rapes, etc kills us all.

  13. truly, although I already will never vote for obama again, when you all said the man calls talking about a plant inappropriate, you better believe his eric holden is writing down all our numbers to see if we smoke marijuana. HOW stupid and what a waste of money YUK when I look at these ignorant men, It is so hard to not say YUK and to have compassion for their obvious destruction of freedom and what is good for the world. They are scarey sick individuals that belong in a healing mental institution because they are NOT good for us and they are hurting people. IT is a mental illness, but if you work for the government, that mental illness is deemed legal. I bet you Obama thought he was smarter than he really is along with most of them because they have the power to invade privacy and judge people. When they don’t see half of what alot of people see. I know many people see the reality that so many governments are really clinically insane including the “illegal ones” if you hurt someone it is a mental illness or yourself it is a mental illness. They not only hurt others, the advertise it like it is the norm and what we are all fighting for self medication and freedom and to not be stalked by crazy religious fanatics with prison cells where they don’t even try to help people just destroy their lives. IF they can’t see that human beings have the potential to be healers instead of destroyers, wow. Weird to teach children that governments can bomb and destroy lands, homes, people, but you should always be nice to people. Does it make sense?????NO and do they see anything clear. They are living in fear of chaos when they are the ones causing it. People can grow, people can NOT be violent, people can learn to use plants in a balanced way, Is anyone teaching anyone to do that, and again if someone wants the consequence of over using something, they know the consequence, i wouldn’t wish it on anyone, but really, just because some people will use too much sugar in a brownie, then, they are going to put them in an abusive jail cell as if it is a bad thing because THEY don’t want us to do what we want with plants. Plants that are healing. But they will shove fatal drugs down mental patients throat that are fatal in a heartbeat. That is how STupid Obama’s behavior and how NOt insightful or good for anyone he is. But again, I don’t think he really sees that, he is like brainwashed, or just hasn’t lived, and may lie too much which always screws up people. He seems kind of unhealthy in communication at times, which means he is running from something inside himself. Perhaps his own prison cell, not sure.

  14. Some leaders … the hypocrisy in these politicians … money grubbing fools … they are so unaware of the spirit of the age and the people … THAT IS WHAT IS INAPPROPRIATE HERE … more than half now accept and want to legalize and control! YOU CANNOT CHANGE THE INEVITABLE …

  15. a world without clean air, pretty soon the hole will get bigger and all life will slowly die, that is what Obama is proposing along with all his policies to stop self medication so our bills are not high, we are healthier, and enjoy life to the fullest. Hemp will help the world and so would marijuana and the other plants. We like sugar too what are they going to do take that away too cause too much causes diabeties. however that word is spelled.

  16. seriously, people need to say NO to Obama, and Support Ron Paul and don’t even bother telling Obama and his other psychologically challenged eric holden how you feel cause they are EXTREMEist for control peoples minds. They don’t really care about the truth or that they are totally wrong. They want their way at democracies expense. So telling them anything will not do anything but give them a reason to invade your privacy and use us somehow for their sick benefit.

  17. Congress is where marijuana will be legalized. The legislative branch, not the executive branch. So, fix your members of Congress.
    Start with Lamar Smith who is preventing HB2306-Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act, from even receiving a hearing.

  18. I agree what Jeedi says:

    January 26, 2012 at 9:06 pm

    “…….. Ron Paul has an excellent chance of getting elected. The media telling people he can’t win is a psychological operation (PSY-OP) to protect establishment interests.

    For the love of Creation, DO NOT FALL FOR THEIR BULLSHIT! Vote Ron Paul 2012!”
    Now what the other Joel says:

    There are good NORML people in Florida even though it is infested with organized crime, voting fraud, and a “piss boy” for a Governor.

    we go on these sites, we become members, we make youtube videos (me too soon), its in our movies, in our tv shows, our music..but nobody cares.. we must do something, we have to, the Federal Government is now just treating us like complete idiots, and unless we do something, they will be right..its not just about Marijuana, its the FBI tapping into facebook, its SOPA, PIPA, and NDAA too.. what have we become? On Marijuana, we fight the wrong battle, yes medically it would be great, but it shouldn’t be all we can say we have to crawl before we can walk,but they will say “see, you wanted it medically, now thats not enough, because its a bad drug” and follow it up with unproven data..i want it out right it, i don’t mind, help make America beautiful again, help make us a Worldly power make our dollar what it used to be.. we allow programs like Weed Wars come on because we think its a good light shed on our cause..than look at the people they portrayed..yes a few actual suffering, but than older hippy women taking off for 420, giving away free gifts for 420, old jamican men talking about weed,or an old man who wants to try weed, but has to chose between it and his family..none of which i have a problem with as a smoker..but it gives them fuel for their fire when people say its for medical reasons..and they say its just to get high, and how Californias system is a joke..than you have the owner..who at one point fought for it legalized, now just wants it medically, goes on O’reily and says he only smokes at night before bed for his pain, than allows the show to show him smoking many times during the day, or stopping to get 3 weed baked goods before a speech, or show employees who eat weed goods while working, and can’t even ring up a customer right, forgetting what the customer asked, or a spotlight on an employee who stole to support his pill problem and have him say ” its the only thing that helps with the pain” when your a tv show is trying to show the benefits of weed medically…it was a set up in my mind, to further make medical marijuana look like a joke..than keep saying over and over how the year before sales were at 21million, making it look like an even further medical joke..knowing the next closest place made like 3-4 mill… sorry i had to tired of seeing this mess..when we argue, stop allowing people to cut us off when we compare it to prescription drugs, by saying..”thats not what we are talking about”..because we are..Marijuana is safer than any pill.. we need to fight with facts and stop them when they dont present facts back.. if you make a video, site your sources..when you speak a your source..and don’t allow anyone to speak a fact back without knowing it to be fact..we learned this in show that we are smarter than they think.. Please people..please… i want to start a rally of sorts,a national protest like occupy and a big concert to get our word out, if your with me email me at … lets stand up and be heard!

  20. one more thing…

    {NDAA is an abomination that allows the president to declare citizens “enemy combatants” and lock them up indefinitely without charge, without trial, and without rights}

    i rememeber seeing on a tv show and reading about like 15 camps being built around America, with playgrounds and living areas behind fences with barbed wire..saying they looked like concentration camps…i wonder if thats what these are for…gov officials wouldn’t comment when they did they story.. just food for thought, wait till they start killing us “enemy combatants” off for no reason also… reminds me of some other times in history…hmmm

  21. I’d like to apologize for some of my earlier comments, one of those days. They were directed at those who decided to silence the voice of our cause. Idk it just drives me nuts sometimes seeing this continue. I respect my president and I always will. I don’t see him like I see others. I want to believe in him so badly and I don’t want to give up on him. He’s always being pulled apart from the opposition and I truly believe that he understands. I know I’m a dumbazz for believing that, I don’t care that’s how I feel. I know it doesn’t mean much but I do still believe in you BO, please help us get this done. Good day.

  22. i jus dnt get it i guess the government thinks that they can stop weed from growing its done by nature alone its a god bearing seed nobody can stop it freom growing except god and when that happens every body in the world will stop breathing

  23. I knew Ron Paul was right on the war on drugs (fear selling criminal business), but I would not have voted for him four years ago, because I thought the war against terrorism was serious. When Obama signed the bill NDAA, I got the doubt. What is common in both is that the remedy is more frightening than the problem supposed to be solved.
    The election looks now like the choice between gangsters and the constitutional hope in freedom and america. I am European. I wish I could vote (for Ron Paul). We are all concerned.

  24. Until we can show, in a public way, that we have a large number of supporters, then we will continue to be ignored.

    Someday, somebody will figure out a way to organize our resistance. Until then expect more of the same.

    Legal like alcohol.

  25. I have to say that I voted obama with the hope he would do a different job then his predicessors. Wow what a disappointment. I see he uses any chance he can to up the polls. Numbers were down. Bang,osama is dead. Impressive? Considering george jr. Couldn’t get him for years. Did the cia get better all of a sudden?you see,geo needed him alive,to keep his war going. Obama needed him dead to help his popularity.
    That means our leaders will kill for their agendas. We all know they will lie.

  26. Governments are the problem…world wide. They make laws to rule by..not laws to live by.

  27. Wow, that’s low. In my mind though what’s almost as bad as the fact that they censored the question is that they then pretend like they had no part in that, that “people” thought the question was inappropriate…if they’re gonna censor a question, then at least maybe they should have the balls to come out and do it rather than hide behind pretense. Or did they finally figure out just how many people don’t want to hear bullshit or mockery in response to the topic anymore?

    On a slightly separate note, I definitely don’t blame barack obama any more than anyone in elected office. The fact is that most of these people, including obama, are playing politics. That’s what politicians do. If you DON’T play politics, you don’t get into office. Period.

    That would be the reason why people like ron paul, people who go against the grain and seek to turn over the general status quo, never actually get into office. In Paul’s case he would be difficult to bend to the parties will or agenda (or anyone’s will or agenda for that matter); he’s already a fairly rich guy, he’s older, and he’s a rare breed that is trying to get into politics for the reason that people originally did when our country was young (because he legitimately wants what’s best for the country and for people…or at least that’s how it seems)…so basically he’s not nearly ‘malleable’ enough. Therefore, without party support, he won’t make it.

    That’s the issue; to get into politics you have to be able to be swayed in the way that the ‘big guys’ want. If you set out saying that you’re going to crush crooked big businesses, crooked legislation and crooked politicians and turn Washington on its head, and actually look like you’re going to do that and aren’t just all talk, all those with an interest in keeping things just how crooked they are will do everything to make sure that person doesn’t get elected…and unfortunately, usually the very reason for that is because said people are really the ones who are in charge and don’t want that to change. Ultimately, unless something is done outside politics that never will change. People like Obama are just doing what politicians do, since these days they have to be crooked and pander to the right people by definition or else they won’t make it.

  28. NORML should sue the government for censorship. If you can’t have Freedom of the Press about cannabis legalization, what good is the freedom?

  29. you know, Google, the owner of YouTube, donates a lot of money to the Obama Campaign. I wonder if this has anything to do with the censorship going on these days…

  30. On my last reply on January 27, 2012 3:01p.m.,
    I would like to make an apology to the present governor of Florida, Rick Scott, when I said, “….and a “piss boy” for a Governor”. I really meant the former governor Charlie Crist who wants to have people of Florida urine examined for any traces of marijuana.
    I thought Charlie Crist was still the governor. (I’m not from Florida).
    In Texas we are still stuck with Governor Rick Perry. (Texas politics are still very Bushy)

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