Marijuana Questions Passed Over During Obama Q&A

Last night, President Obama took to Google+ and responded to the questions submitted to him from the general public. Despite accounting for a majority of the top questions, the moderator never asked Obama about marijuana legalization and the president certainly didn’t volunteer any comment of his own volition.

It is immensely disappointing that, yet again, the administration has declined the opportunity to discuss the very serious issue of ending marijuana prohibition in this country. For the ninth time, the White House has solicited the American people for direct input on the issues they cared about, and then, when the resulting answers called overwhelmingly for marijuana law reform, President Obama ignored the will of the American. Over half of the country now supports regulating and taxing marijuana; we can only hope that during the general election the issue is addressed with the respect and urgency it demands. (Alternet)

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  1. You got the proof or not. Time to ask(sue) about crimes against humanity and treason. Let the light shine.

  2. I have been looking all day for a “News site” to print this and yet, no one has the gall to get involved. Why is this not a “News” topic people? Do we even count, if the majority is ignored about this, what else are they sweeping under the rug?

    [Paul Armentano responds: Obama’s ducking of the marijuana question in yesterday’s interview actually received quite a bit of attention from the mainstream press. Go to googlenews and type in “Obama marijuana question” for a sampling:
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  3. If someone were to release a nice letter everyone can print out and get everyone to mail in to the white house on the same day is an excellent idea. I know I have 5 people in my house willing to sign a letter to the president. Im sure they would go through all of them and discard what they don’t want to hear but I think its worth a try.

    [Paul Armentano responds: NORML already has made pre-written letters to the White House available here:

  4. Marijuana was victimized by Randolph Hurst, to crush the hemp industry in favor of DuPont’s Nylon. We all know how rich they have gotten.

    Since then, countless United States Citizens, and many others, have had their lives ruined by the pointless illegalization of Marijuana.

    Prisons are overcrowded with people that have committed no real crime. Lawyers, Courts, The Prison System, and others all profit on these unjust laws. Our Government is actually profiting on our misery.

    Criminalizing Marijuana has played a major role in the creation, and enrichment of drug cartels that threaten the highest levels of government in Mexico. There has been enormous amounts of taxpayers’ money wasted, with no effect other than to create havoc.

    No rationalization you can come up with even comes close to defending the continuation of this travesty.

    This country hired you to make things right, and for the most part, I recognize that you have worked very hard to do just that.

    Legalization of Marijuana is one wrong you have chosen not to correct.

    Please stand up for the citizens who continue to be hurt every day by these senseless laws.

    P.S. I would be happy to help you to create a fair and equitable package to provide optimal benefit to the American People.

  5. I am a legal licensed state of california mm caregiver with all valid paperwork along with my valid $166 a year state issued id card and i must tell people this.

    My 82 year old ww2/korean war vet grandfather which i have his caregiver photo paperwork on my wall proudly vaporizes for glaucoma issues. I actually gave him my old iolite which he loves! The goosebumps that i get when he tells me that he can see! Very powerful stuff!! My mother has type 2 diabetes(not considered genetic) from excessive alcohol consumption and i am a caregiver for her too and proudly have her paperwork displayed too. She eats sugar free cookies only and we make them together. She doesent drink nearly at all anymore!! She just wants to relax. This is true tear jerking stuff i must tell you.

    It’s coming and it’s coming soon people. After 3 years you realize that all it is is pollen extraction from a wonderful fascinating plant that can’t kill you ever. It’s not glamorous anymore. It’s just a very, very unique plant.

  6. Obama has been most likely threatened by the .gov mafia to not support marijuana in any way. If he says anything positive, he’s gonna be in the target cross hairs to be assassinated. That’s why he’s a chicken shit to side with it. Got to look at the big picture. there are no puppet strings to pull for him to support. right barrack?

  7. OF course he pass over it. And pleas be for every one start putting in place to read facts on wed. save us from the low level in put we see on here all the time. And if u really think he would talk about cannabis. Then u believe in any thing

  8. It’s so twisted you folks will never learn it’s a money making system we don’t need any tax on the plant, or legal permission time to stand up for what u believe in it’s a plant drop a seed grow your own if enough people revolt change will happen

  9. Well, keep your heads up and keep voting….lol
    You have gotten far with your voting huh?

    Romney is not winnning this election. Obama isnt either. EVERY person I have talked to voted for Ron Paul in the Iowa Caucus. The votes are rigged. They are screwing us over by telling us HOW the election is going to end up so that we wont be upset when Paul loses. THIS IS BULLSHIT.


    Thomas Jefferson said that the US government would need to be “reformated” after 200 years of power. NOW IS THAT TIME.

  10. When our Govt refuses to listen to, or even discuss, what the people the Govt represents, it is not a democracy – it is a dictatorship!

    I’m about 99% sure that if our Govt would be totally honest about marijuana with the public and then let us vote on legalization it would be legal!

  11. Come November, ignore Obama and vote for a minority party candidate. It won’t matter who wins between the Demos and the GOP to us who are in favor of legalization.

    When 2016’s campaign comes along, it will be a wide open field for the Demos and if the GOP loses in 2012, also for them. We’ll not be ignored by all the candidates then! Some will support us, some will oppose us but none will ignore us as Obama has done.

    Until then, vote for ballot measures involving marijuana and vote for candidates who truly do support personal freedoms all across the board, not just one or two.


  12. I am hoping Ron Paul addresses this because it shows clearly that Obama is listening to people and is worried about his own life if he supports the legalization. There are some rich ass people in both of Obamas ears its a shame but its too obvious!

  13. Ron and Rand Paul 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Marijuana is illegal because “they” don’t like what we stand for; our philosophies. Well every American citizen that uses the Internet and computers can thank the 60s counterculture movement and pot smoking.

  15. “Prudence … will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

    THOMAS JEFFERSON, Declaration of Independence

  16. mj will not be legalized by the government only by a a vote of the american people…. im sorry the alcohol and prescription drug companies own this country and the government. they decide what gets legalized. why would these companies want pot legal? are you kidding! the alcohol business will lose tons of money because there are alot of people who would rather smoke pot than drink to get “Away”. they will fight to keep it illegal. And the prescription drug companies know that people would rather use a plant than some man made side effect pill. The government knows and obama knows all of this. trust me. the thing is you and i are nothing. oil companies, pill companies, corporations own this country. toooo bad. i want it legal as bad as everyone else. waste of time and money. ALSO this ron paul business… if he won what would happen? NOTHING. he signs the bill he doesnt make them. congress is not going to approve any bill legalizing it… the president doesnt do anything except sign off.

  17. Ron Paul is experiencing the Ralph Nader syndrome. State and local chapters need to send these questions to the media, youtube, message boards, ect. letting the government know this debate will be publicized one way or another.

  18. Well I say we vote obama out just to show the next
    one we are serious for this cause.
    Best to push in your state for reform, ohio has 2 amendments
    approved for november election for mmj.
    Maybe when we get half of the states on mmj the fed will
    take notice.

  19. #2 Joe
    Where have you been? All the most powerful companies have a lot to lose from this plant. Pharma because you can’t patent a plant and everyone can grow it. When they try to make it into pills it doesn’t work the same. The oil companies, timber companies, plastic companies, alcohol companies, private prison industry, courts, lawyers, and this would also affect the people and businesses linked to these guys (for example prison wardens and people that specialize in building prisons). This is just a few of the major people it would affect if you want to know more look into the companies and people that donate to causes of keeping marijuana and medical marijuana illegal it is eye opening. Prohibition is started by greed and sustained by greed and keeping people ignorant. Make everyone think that God hates drugs and drug users they are all going to hell so lets make their life here on earth a taste of what they are going to get later. It has been the perfect form of brainwashing to turn us against each other when almost every form of religion says the same thing help and care for each other. Prohibition is hate and is no different than racism and segregation. I find it very scary how easy it is for the government to turn our fellow man against us making them willing to kidnap us, torture us, or even kill us.

  20. On topic I think our government wants to censor the internet so bad. They can’t stand all the freedom and true free speech it burns their ears because they see there is nothing nice said about them not that there is any thing nice to say unless we are talking about Dr. Paul of course

  21. I don’t get why everyone assumes Ron Paul would get cannabis legalized. He won’t. I wish it were that easy but it’s not. Plus, he would never get elected.

  22. The “market will end up deciding” once the “government gets out of the way” . Its funny that if the National (data) polling looked this way on any other issue (including going to war) the congress would be all over getting this passed… An american tragedy that will be over come by local citizens!

  23. Romney mentioned in his Florida victory speech that if elected he would slash government spending. In 2013 cuts will happen automatically anyway because the so-called supercommittee couldn’t reach a consensus. Way to take credit there, Mitt.

    Will he let the military budget be cut? It must be great to be in Congress and know which companies are going to be awarded federal contracts, then get some of their stock before the share price goes up after Congress approves the money. On Wall Street that would be insider trading and illegal. But, I hear it’s perfectly legal for politicians to get rich doing that sort of thing. Sorry, Marth Stewart!

    The more the feds cut, the more the states and local governments will have to pick up the difference, and the more in need and in favor of the jobs and revenues from cannabis there will be.

    Keep running the economy into the ground until cannabis is legalized, Mitt!

  24. The KING OF THE WHITE HOUSE has spoken and the MONARCHY of his loyal subjects of MARIJUANA PROHIBITION are behind him with a no-brainer mentality of puppet strings being pulled. They even violate their own rights under rights the CONSTITUTIOIN of freedom of speach with censorship in the the White House. The WILL OF the PEOPLE is being heard and being tossed out just like our voting power. We don’t need another KING OF THE WHITE HOUSE, we need a PRESIDENT in 2012 and that’s RON PAUL. As for the other three running, we might as well call them the THREE STOOGES for FEDERALISTIC POWER.

  25. the problem is that obama is scarred for his well’ being, as well as for his familys well’ being, and the fact that his two top adviser are right wing republicans,

  26. So why don’t we just ignore the law completely and see how many people they can throw in jail?

    Eventually they will be forced to stop arresting people

  27. yes defiantly pharmaceutical lobbyist are squashing any hope of HR2306 or any legalization of marijuana!

  28. guys, its like this. ron paul never said he would legalize the weed. he wants to get the federal government out of the enforcement biz, let the states decide their own mj laws. federal government would only be enforcing inter-state commerce, and our borders.
    as far as ron paul goes, who says he’s not electable? you gonna believe everything you hear on a tv, or you gonna make up your mind that he IS electable, and do everything you can to educate yourselves and others about one of the few honest politicians we have left? do your own research! go on youtube, type him in, listen to what he has to say. THEN decide if hes “electable”…
    do you guys want the same kind of greedy, money and power-grabbing government that we have had for a hundred years, or do you want your freedom, your liberty, your God-given RIGHTS back that have been stolen from us by the ruling elite?

    government is the problem….
    ron paul is the solution….


  29. @ WBS 101: Surely there is enough money and technology for the big companies to buy their share of the pot market. I’m sure plenty of stoners would love to get inspired and make weed drinks, weed cars, weed biodiesel, and weed medicine that can be patented for money.

  30. I have a California MMC from a back surgery I had. I was off work for two weeks and was required to take a back to work drug screen and physical. I was fired for coming up positive for Medical Marijuana after 11 plus years with the company. 7 months later still unable to find another job and am great pain because I refuse to take the opiets and am unable to take the marijuana for fear of failing a pre employment drug screen. So even though its legal in California its not reconized by the employers. Just not right!

  31. Just sent this message to everyone I could hoping I will get someone to listen.

    My name is Darryl and I have been on a Mission since 1995 when one day I heard someone say over the CB Radio, “Man Made Whiskey, God Made Pot. Who Do You Trust?”
    Then not long after that day I was talking to a Friend told me about Genesis 1:29 where the Bible says, “And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of the earth, and every tree, in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for a meat.”
    And I thought how can anyone say “In God We Trust” and not believe what it says right there in Black and White. Isn’t Marijuana a Seed Bearing Herb? Where is our Freedom of Religion?
    I have been in over 15 accidents in my life and the last 4 should have killed me. But because of the Laws we have in place, I feel I am doing wrong unto God everyday because I need a Plant that he gives me the help and relief I need with my pain so I don’t have to take other Script Drugs that when you take them to long you become dependent on.
    Now I’ve heard every excuse about how smoking Marijuana is bad for your health and I can agree with them but if you read over in Isaiah 18: 4-5 it says in verse 4 “For so the Lord said unto me, I will take my rest, and I will consider in my dwelling-place like a clear heat upon herbs, and like a cloud of dew in the heat of the harvest. Verse 5 For afore the harvest when the bud is perfect, and the sour grape is ripening in the flower, he shall both cut the sprigs with pruning hooks, and take away and cut down the branches.” That to me is the burning of a herb to relax after a hard days work in my home. But I still like to refer to Genesis 1:29 where it says “to be used as a Meat.” because I don’t see smoking to excess as a good thing but in moderation and eating Marijuana one could have some pain relief. But then Isaiah does say heat upon a herb and a cloud of dew and when the bud is perfect, sounds like a smoke filled room to me. Then to take away and cut down the branches is where we would use the rest of the plant for it’s fibers.
    Genesis 1:29 does say we should be eating Marijuana for it too is a seed bearing herb and I know I have picked many of the pesky lil’ seed out in my days. I know there are so many ways to cook with Marijuana and I tell people when I die and go to Heaven I don’t see any reason why I couldn’t have a Brownie with God for he was it’s Creator and said it was Good in Gen. 1:31. Cooking is not just limited to brownies but brownies are one of the ways to enjoy Marijuana as a Meat.
    As I said before I have been in over 15 accidents in my Life and I suffer from so much pain and the benefits are so needed and as God said when he looked back at what he had done that day Gen 1:31 and seen it was Good. How can Man take away something that God gave us and say In God We Trust.
    Genesis 1:29 doesn’t say all seed bearing herbs except the one that make you feel better. And I say, if Marijuana should be Illegal then why not make the Apple or the Mustard Green Illegal also, just to name a couple others. Don’t they both bear seed?
    I know more people have died because of the War On Drugs then if there had never been a War On Drugs or more like a War on the People. Tell me why so many people today want to see a End to Prohibition than ever before and so few are doing anything where it counts to make it Legal and give us back our God Given Rights. I feel if people knew more of the TRUTHS and not the LIES that they have been shovel fed over the years, Prohibition would have never gotten off the ground and would have never been around as long as it has.
    Tell me how that if we are a Government for the People by the People and more people now then ever want to End Prohibition but yet we still can’t get what someone labeled as drugs, legalized. Sounds more like a Police State to me then, For the People, By the People.
    Not only are we Doing the World a Disfavor, We are Destroying the Earth as we Knew it because it’s not the same today, by not doing the RIGHT thing. Our Government needs to Educate themselves on the Benefits of growing (Hemp) or Marijuana, for they are not the same. Since one is for medicine and other has so many uses I won’t start naming them, Take a look at on Facebook, but both need to be legal for each has their purpose and lets not forget the TAXES can’t not have that. Uncle Sam for sure wants his.
    And with the Green Thing everyone is talking about these days a PLANT that GOD gave us to use would make something as simple as cleaner air to breath (I know I wouldn’t mind some cleaner air) because it would replace the trees we cut down every day and would be making cleaner air also with the trees we would not harvesting.
    We need to rethink our Laws for our Government writes and rewrites Laws everyday and wants us to follow them to the T, but God only gave us 10 and we fail them daily, some more then others and some not everyday but we all fail some time or another. Imagine how many people would be in Jail if God put us behind bars for breaking his Laws. So tell me how anyone can expect others to follow the Laws of the Land and we can’t even do the 10 God gave us. Now I’m not one that goes around everyday, trying to see what law I can break today (Gods or Mans) for I am a Law abiding Citizen that lives with a lot of pain.
    I haven’t even started to mention the Drug Dealers that are dealing Drugs to our kids in our Schools everyday. Because it’s easier to get drugs in school today then it is to get Cigarettes and Alcohol on the streets. I was watching’ a Video that L.E.A.P. put out (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) and they say you can give a kid 50 bucks and tell them to go into the school to get any kind of drug and they will be back in 5 minutes or less with a hand full of what ever it was they told them to get. Now I’m no Police Officer but shouldn’t we want someone who is checking ID’s and keeping the Drugs outta the hands of our kids instead of a dealer who doesn’t care Who They Sale Drugs To. Kinna Scary huh?
    I could go on and on about the why’s because I am a Y man but if we don’t do something soon to change the Laws we won’t be here for many more years because this Ol’ Earth is gonna do what it has to do to survive. Just think it’s simple as when God seen it was Good what he had done and you could do the same when you look back. It’s the RIGHT THING TO DO.
    You can reach me at I’m just a simple man that cares what happens. I hate to see people die everyday because nobody wants to be the one who put a foot forward to stop the madness. I hope this help someone to open others eyes to see we need a change because what we have now is not working.

  32. Marijuana’s medical efficacy and its relative harmlessness form an ‘inconvenient’ truth to the prohibitionists.

    Mr. Obama is a shrewd politician who’s team has made the decision that any stance viewed as ‘pro-marijuana’ will provide ammunition to the prohibitionists on the Republican side.

    I don’t want anyone running the country who thinks anthropogenic climate change is just a ‘theory’, but Obama sure makes it tough not to just sit out the next election.

  33. We are the 11% – and will receive even less respect than the 1%

    Pollen oil cures cancer – and as such is a real threat to national security – the american way of life i.e. to profit from other people(‘s misery). The average cancer “treatment” (they don’t give a damb if it cures) is over $300,000 per person. Can you imagine all the lost jobs and lost profits if it became legal to grow the cure in your back yard for pennies a pound? Politicians and powers that be would loose face

  34. Why can’t we just get pass the B S and get it on the ballot once and for all! We all know that anyone in office is not about to give an honest and, legitemate answer.

  35. Here’ the question I submitted to Google+.
    Dear President Obama, I have been a Marijauna smoker for 35 years and like nearly half of pot smokers am a conervative Republican. Unfortunatly Mitt thinks MJ is worse than Heroin, Cocaine, and Meth, and Newt (who I really really like on every other issue, especially that moon thing) wants to have me beheaded, drawn and quartered, then burned IF still alive. So unfortunaly I can’t vote for Newt or Mitt, and I’m certainly, absolutely, not going to vote for a Muslim, Kenyan, Socialist, God Hating, Flag Burning, Communist Nazi like yourself, ( no offense). So I don’t get to vote this election and It’s all your fault. (For President I mean, Of course I’ll still be voting a straight Republican ticket for Senate, House, Govenor on down to dog catcher because I want to fight to the death against your Illeagle, unconstitutional, Marxist, freedom hating big gov’t agenda.)
    Sorry for the Rambling, I’m a little high right now. My Question is Sir. Won’t you please legalize Marijuana before the next election so I can vote against you and the horse you rode in on.

  36. Has anyone ever thought, that maybe….just MAYBE he doesn’t want the first black president of the united states to be the one who legalizes canibis? Can you imagine how the ultra-right would run with that stereotype? maybe he’s just thinking of the next black president not having to deal with that point of attack. He’s thinking “Let the next guy deal with that, I’m just trying to make it out alive!”

  37. What a bunch of schmucks we Americans are.We never learn. The government isn’t going to listen to us until we REVOLT like they did in Egypt.

  38. I understand the anger against Obama on this issue. I’ve expressed it myself in these discussions, but sitting out the election over this would be a huge mistake. Obama can’t afford to look pro- cannabis at all right now. Take a look at the way he is portrayed by the Republicans now. They have created an entire person that bears little relationship to him and his policies. I’m sure they would love to add to their portrayal of him that he wants all children to be given marijuana by their unionized, do nothing teachers at school. I don’t like his cannaibs policies at all, especially the clamp down on medical marijuana in Cali and other states, but the idea of Mitt or Newt in the Whitehouse should scare every one of us enough to persuade us to hold our noses and vote for Obama! Don’t forget that Newt once advocated the death penalty for anyone importing marijuana, and Romney doesn’t believe marijuana has any medical uses at all. Either of these guys would be disasterous for the country in many other ways as well.

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