Why is the Obama Administration Suddenly Fixated on Stomping out Medical Pot?

At the same time public support for marijuana legalization reached record highs, Obama shifted from one time medicinal cannabis sympathizer to White House weed-whacker.

NORML’s Deputy Director Paul Armentano writes a critical assessment of the current administration’s preoccupation with interfering in state marijuana reform efforts on AlterNet:

Broken promises are nothing new in Washington, DC. Yet even by the Beltway’s jaded standards, President Obama’s role reversal from one time medicinal cannabis sympathizer to White House weed-whacker is remarkable.

Indeed, the man who once pledged on the campaign trail that he was “not going to be using Justice Department resources to try to circumvent state laws on this issue,” has – since taking the Presidential oaths of office – done virtually everything in his administration’s power to do precisely that. Yet he’s taken these steps at the very time that a record number of Americans, including 57 percent of democrats and a whopping 69 percent of self-described liberals, endorse doing just the opposite. Nonetheless, in recent months, the Obama administration – via a virtual alphabet soup of federal agencies – has launched an unprecedented series of attacks against medical cannabis patients, providers, and in some cases even their advocates.

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  1. one of the big reasons pot is illegal is because our goverment said it makes black men rape white women. Kinda ironic that the first black president that says he smoke alot of pot. That said he supported our state rights… That wrote the memo to stop prosecuting medical patients and shops…

    He ignored all pot questions on you tube.

    Man, he has no backbone, just strings of a puppeteer controlling him.

  2. i think we need a modern sons of liberty deal going on. you know the feds are goin to far i see a Nazi Germany america in the future and that’s sad Thomas Jefferson said “the people shouldn’t be afraid of its government the government should be afraid of its people”

  3. Obama’s shift against medical marijuana merely proves to me that no one in government can do what they want. They have to ride with the current or they are out of the boat. Will he be elected again? By the look of the republican circus going on, probably. I like Ron Paul too, but is it wise to “throw your vote away”? Jesus, anyone can see Romney would look more like a fish flipping over on the shore if he were president. Vote for Obama.

  4. if mj becme legal big oil would go under not to metion dupont,catipillar. we could make a bio-diesl, plastic bags that would be biodegrable, blue jeans that would last 10 years, we would never have to cut down another tree, we could make a fiber board that would be fire retardent and termite retardent, sell this to the insurance companies

  5. The only reason marijuana won’t be legalized is because it would replace much profit from big pharmaceutical companies. And by legalizing industrial hemp would replace diesel fuel with biodiesel, anything plastic related, the lumber industry, the cotton industry and so much more. The Federal government is losing there stronghold. We need to set up a nationwide protest soon if the Federal government continues to be a dictatorship instead of representing the people’s interests. It’s already been shown that the majority of people want drug reform.

  6. Obama would not be able to get him some if he support marijuana reform.
    Obama supporters are not doing so well here.

    Was it because the second term myth has been busted when Obama appointed Michele Leonhart as the DEA head administrator?

    Ron Paul is getting an impressive amount of votes and there is a very good reason for that.

    Good work people!

  7. I agree with comment 1 and 2 comment #3 your an idiot for not wanting to vote for Ron Paul because it is “throwing your vote away” I would rather through my vote away than just vote for another big business puppet. I would rather my vote go to someone who is not going to win that vote for a winner that is just going to continue to screw the American people and be bought out by pharma and oil companies. Wanting to vote for “the winner” is how the media is convincing you to vote and elect a certain person they want to win. Are people’s self-esteem so low that they must vote for the winner even if there is another candidate that is better?

  8. Hi. I hope you had a Happy Valentine’s Day :-*

    [M word] is illegal . It’s illegal because the
    DEA former BON , War on Drugs Law of Cannabis~
    Prohibition uses the KeyWord “Mari Jua Na” the
    keyword for prohibited ” Dangerous Drug ” with
    Schedule I or II [1 or 2] saying it’s too then
    powerful to be accepted with pharmacopia formr
    cocaine and medicinal narcotic powder . Modern
    narcotics are cut with powders and chemistry :
    To Be the Cartel Likeness About Reefer Madden$
    so the reefer madness during B.O.N. says it is
    known as ‘reefer’ so “loco weed” is dangerous.

    OK[+] ., Compassion was a “last ditch effort”:
    to begin medical m~word legality with the huh:
    Dutch product known as cannabe .:. as Durban ,
    Kalima [even very mezcal lite] and Shiva Caps;
    are illegal form of natural {organic} cannabis
    so it’s the uhm Nazima offered grant to begin:
    [hoo dang] [potent ganjiy] “ma ri jua na” with
    the thought “it’s a last ditch effort to save$
    a proper thought on cannabis legal smokin~ pot
    as the way to show all ganjiy weed is druggen”
    so Compassion with foreign effect wasn’t GooD.

    If Compassion West Coast Green Cross isn’t the
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    what will Compassion 2 reference to Cannabis *
    be after the “last ditch effort to smoke bong”
    if the new ‘foreign plan.s’ are to defame Anew
    Cannabis Legally Smoked with state constituted
    referral to happy {smiling} organize[ing] newr
    canvass counsel as Cannabis Happy Legal States
    reguard as committed to Constitution Amended :
    [uh] reason to begin so much [m word] [M Word]
    “ma ri JOOWA na” oops .,. they mean cannabis .
    . . revere{ing} to compassion 2 problem with a
    comment Obama for good reason is [high and] um
    avoiding the loophole of last ditch 2 begin !*
    State Constitution ‘Cannabis’ LoopHole[ing] ,.
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    Himself , or Republic Technocratic Office with
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    Office of Money Basis and War Dept(2) Peace.n.

    So he’s got the President’s Right to not be on
    National Occupied Regard to deal with loophole
    compassion ([2]) and he may be what he is : ::
    dark skin tone , Harvard lawyer , and USLeader
    and consider it’s a scam is “rite on” so WHAT$
    his actual [ “agenda” ] ruling on _\|/_Health:
    I’d say he’s the most progressive President we
    have in Modern Times [given Truman and almost^
    Kennedy being nice to Occupena thoughts POTUS]
    so why does he have to take your improper call
    to bother with “new last ditch deal progress$”
    . . !! . . wouldn’t you rather have cannabis!!
    legal .!!. It’s a Lawyer AND President thought
    so I will Re:B0b replete my blog . . and hope$
    you don’t get fully set off about this , as um
    rite on or more ignorant .rant about Ron Paul.

    Thanks . and .,.humor . . what would Ron Paul*
    do about foreign advise when he’s high on {uh}
    “m word” . If every word rang true . Hooray !!
    .and if you are ignrnt about Obama Admin . . .
    he’s awesome and I’m a lil bigotus sounding .,
    so vote if you want to and thanks of you will#
    support Midwest Tea Party and if you’ve got 🙂
    free money worth anything .,. support NORML at
    monthly pledge to help non profit charitious :
    as NORML Foundation big spenders offer enough.
    THO{ugh} some people actually respect non prft
    and will thank you for having any 1% wealth .,
    if you can help out !!@ it’s a happy thought .

    [don’t bankrupt others at personal expense$,.]

    Thanks and Hooray and please allow as written.

    OK Peace NORML and ecology* . Bryan _\|/_ /Bb2

  9. If these idiots would only listen to themselves when they say “Ron Paul is unelectable….”

    Oh yeah?


    You elected George Bush!!! ANYONE is electable!!!

  10. voting for obama was the biggest mistake of my life. gas has never been higher, jobs = nonexistent, marijuana is still illegal. the republicans look like clowns, again but thanks to this 2 party/option system…still not voting for obaMAO

  11. i also voted for obama and wish i hadnt so this year ill be writing in either tommy chong or pee-wee herman.

    obama is a liar and traitor to americans subjected to his weed war.

  12. It’s because he’s trying to get the conservative vote, the plant is perfectly harmless, but they’ll continue to criminalize it and sell the resulting arrests to kids by saying “look at these people, they’re being arrested so they must be horrible people”.

    With conservatives making as much as they are through criminalization, it’s the Obama administration’s way of saying “hey, re-elect me and I’ll make sure that you stay rich”. Big paper, tobacco, oil, plastics, and fabrics to name a few, make ungodly ammount of money through criminalization of hemp AND it’s relatives.

    With hemp alone we could make renewable fuel, clothing, disposable containers, and food from a plant that resiliently grows in any environment.

    This money-mongering must stop if we as a species are to stop this self-abuse.

  13. Obama is a lying turd and I would vote for Charles Manson before I vote for Oshitball. People need and are dying and in pain because his black ass lied and turned against medical marijuana. I hope his whole family gets cancer, I wanna hear what he thinks about it then. Fucking lying piece of shit.

  14. the war on drugs is being pursued out of ignorance as well as greed. people that have never used marijuana are terrified because of the lies the government has said about this plant. the big name companies would go down by having their products replaced with hemp or medicinal marijuana. they could try to tax it, but since you can grow it virtually anywhere, they are affraid that we would just grow our own and they still couldnt make as much money on it as they do criminalizing it. look at all the money they make from arresting us, jailing us, fines, probation, dea charges, lawyers. the list goes on and on. we just need to stick together and keep voicing our opinions on the matter and educating the ignorant.

  15. Do you see now ? .can you see it”s all just a SCAM. FIND THE WORST MAN TO RUN on the REP side so you just have to vote for OBAMA. Do you think your vote matters? of corse not. Time for voting is over.it”s time to fight and take back OUR U.S.A. GO TO WALL=MART buy guns and ammo. your going to need them stay reddy 24-7. SKYRIDER.

  16. I have seen some really good comments on here. I particularly liked what WBS 101, Alex Toast, and Crystal had to say. By the way Crystal, we also need to think about the fact that most people would probablly NOT grow their own weed if they could buy it legally. It would be too much trouble to grow if you could just go to the convenience store and pick up a joint or two for 5 bucks each. They would definitely make record profits from it!

    EVERYONE KEEP UP THE FIGHT! Seek out those non-believers and MAKE them listen to the arguments for and against weed. And don’t let them pull that “but it’s illegal..” junk on you. It was also illegal for women to vote. It was illegal for blacks to learn to read. It was illegal to drink alcohol. All this was so, until people stood up to the government and demanded to be heard.

    Remember: People should not be afraid of the government, Government should be afraid of the people!”

  17. I too voted for Obama like most of your readers, in hopes that he would help the cause.”change” W.T.F. no Obama vote here in 2012 SEEYAOBAMA

  18. Obama is a Liar? Really? Could have knocked me over with a feather… This presidency is lining up to be the worse one in modern history… It’s so bad that Obama telling the truth is a news story… Anyone who still believes the lies coming out of the imposters mouth needs to seek help and quickly… Obama was a media creation and you fell for it… Please don’t make that same mistake again, for the good of our country.

  19. I believe the bottom line here is President Obama sold us out simply to help his own re-election bid… He is proving to be a man without principle, without values other than to himself and a person no longer to be trusted… While he has the feds closing up shops wholesale his wife Michelle is spending tens of millions of dollars on her selfish vacations while drinking top shelf BOOZE on the taxpayers dime… How do you spell Hypocrite Michelle?

  20. Please don’t vote for Obama. Vote for anyone else, just don’t vote for Obama. Our Country can’t handle 4 more years of Obama, it’s never been more important than now to vote! Take your Country back before it’s too late.

  21. Ol’ JW, many cures and treatments using cannabis require very large quantities – as much as a pound. I have skin cancer that can be treated with Hash Oil, but it would probably take about a pound. So, yes, I would grow it. Smoking $5 joints is not going to help me at all. Smoking is a very inefficient use of cannabis. It might help with KEMO and some other things, but Hash Oil is by far the most efficient way to go for many health problems.

    As for other comments, yes, Obama has made himself into a bald faced liar. He is a traitor to the American people. Cannabis is a solution to many problems in the US and he is ignoring that fact – therin feeding the problems. My vote is going with Ron Paul. I saw somebody made a comment about Ron Paul smoking while in office. Maybe it is time we have such a thing. It might help our politicians and law makers think with wider minds. Remember that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson smoked. Look what they did for the country! We are in a similar situation now as it was back in the 1700’s. We must free ourselves from this horrible oppression. I’m tired of having anal retentive puppets in office.

    The true enemies to this country include those who do not support cannabis law reform because, by rejecting the benefits offered by cannabis, they are rejecting a solution to many polution issues, dependance on foriegn oil, destruction of forests, poor health care, our faultering farms, and even the unemployment situation. By rejecting these reforms they are, in essence, supporting all these problems and THAT makes them traitors in a very real way. Please, let’s get these traitors out of office – starting at the top.

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