BREAKING NEWS: Colorado’s Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act Qualifies for 2012 Ballot

Residents of Colorado will have the opportunity to vote in favor of ending marijuana prohibition this November. Today, the “Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act” was approved for the ballot by Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler. With this confirmation, Colorado now joins Washington as one of two states where measures specific to legalizing cannabis will appear on the electoral ballot.

Backers of the initiative had previously turned in over 160,000 signatures. However, the Secretary of State’s office on February 3 responded that petitioners still needed an additional 2,500 valid signatures from registered voters to place the initiative on the ballot. On February 17th, the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol submitted an additional 14,000 signatures, well in excess of what was required to meet that threshold. Today’s approval from the state cements their placement on this fall’s ballot.

The Colorado initiative seeks to allow for the limited possession and cultivation of cannabis by adults age 21 and over. The measure would further amend state law to establish regulations governing the commercial production and distribution of marijuana by licensed retailers.

The measure is supported by a broad coalition of reform organizations, including NORML, the American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado, SAFER, Sensible Colorado, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP), the Drug Policy Alliance, and the Marijuana Policy Project.

“This is a very exciting prospect for marijuana law reform advocates,” states Erik Altieri, NORML’s Communications Coordinator, “Coloradans have already set the example for how to properly implement a state medical marijuana program and now they have the opportunity to lead the country yet again by being the first to end cannabis prohibition in their state. With their state pride and frontier mentality, the Centennial State stands a great chance of being the first state to declare an end to the war on cannabis consumers.”

Since its inception, the 2012 Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol has been comprised of a broad-based coalition of state and national organizations that includes NORML. The NORML Board of Directors is expected to publicly endorse the initiative shortly.

More information on the initiative can be found at the campaign’s webpage here and on their Facebook here.

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  1. something as big as it actually being legalized there is no way the gov would allow it. they would rig it. to much is at stake to risk it getting enough votes.

  2. Man I’m excited! I think this time around we have an exceptional chance. Numbers talk, this state has been showing a substantial amount of tax revenue with medicinal marijuana. Colorado has projected, if legalized,annual sales would generate $10 million respectively IN TAX REVINUES ALONE! Can’t wait to see what happens in November

  3. I know where I’m going on my next big vacation….If this passes Colorado should anticipate its tourism to ramp up in the coming years

  4. This is great, not only is this one of the first steps towards full legalization but this proves that the state have the power to make the decisions like this to legitimize a harmless plant.

  5. ive become so pessimistic about our shit government that, i will believe it when i see you really think the one percent(high dolla elite) who run our country will go for this…they stand to lose too much.i live in fla and, our pill pushin governor will never do it.but folks…do i wish it could happen…peace to you all..

  6. Great job. One step forward by some hardworking visionaries. 420 freedom for all. I tweeted this good news. #taoswire

  7. Damn, should of took that job in Colorado when I had the chance. Big props to all who helped get this initiative on the ballot. It give me some hope that the entirety of the human race isn’t completely screwed.

  8. Es una buena noticia y ademas sensata. Queria comentar una noticia sobre un ayuntamiento de Cataluña (Spain) que quiere cultivar cannabis para una asociación canabica. Si os pasais por el blog comentamos la noticia y hay un link de un periodico local. Todo esta en catalan y el blog es muy reciente.
    Saludos y despenalización del cannabis.

  9. This is the step in the right direction.. But we also need a separate movement that is stronger and more powerful to get Prohibition ended on a federal level. And that all victimless criminals related to Marijuana should be excused and cleared off their records. If we want stuff like this, we’ll need someone like Ron Paul leading the country as well as people like him in Congress.

  10. first fuck all who thing it will not pass this is what we need it starts will colorado but will end with the US legalizing every one in colorado vote for it in november the government will see how much money it will make and then legalize for every one

  11. Even if Colorado passes this, the Federal government will claim ultimate authority about this.

  12. The government can only so so much, the awareness of marijuana is growing exponentially. The only way for the government to control us entirely is by military force (God forbid >.>) we’ll get there one way or another, it has to start somewhere! Props to Colorado! 😀

  13. Gee, I wonder what caused so many petition signatures to be rejected? I wonder what’s the criteria for a valid signature?

    I really hope this passes and starts a tidal wave of controversy in the media especially before the 2012 presidential elections. I wonder if this is going to become a major talking point for the candidates? Very interesting to see how this turns out.

  14. I wonder how many signatures would be needed to get this on the national ballot to end pot prohibition?

    [Editor’s note: There are no such things as national ballots or referendum. The only national vote is the president/vice presidential elections every four years.

    Approximately twenty two states allow for direct voter initiatives.]

  15. This is how it should be. Did anyone else have the feeling marijuana laws are like repeating history? And alcohol is even worse for you too… i never understood it. All im saying is if this happens, it better spread over the U.S. soon, preferably in PA haa

  16. oh, it may pass and that would be awesome….but, our government will continue to beat the dead horse…..they will find another diversion…..

  17. At heart, I’m all for decriminalization and legalization; we should all be free to ingest whatever chemicals we choose so long as we do not hurt others while under the influence. I am very concerned though that companies like Pfizer, if it is nationally legalized for medicinal purposes, and RJ Reynolds/Phillip Morris, if it is nationally legalized for recreational purposes, will patent it. Did you know that it is illegal to grow your own tobacco? The big tobacco companies now own the plant and are free to alter it as they wish to make it more addictive, less medicinal, and more dangerous and you are not allowed to grow your own plant to maintain the healthier genetic varieties. I’m really frightened they’re going to steal cannabis from us and turn it into something dangerous and disgusting and continue to get richer and richer off of us; my understanding is that they’ve already bought acres and acres and acres of land in California’s emerald triangle and are just sitting and waiting for it be legalized so they can begin production. It’s so sad that I have to feel so torn about this issue…

  18. You are about to see what kind of government we have. WATCH THE TRUTH COME OUT. And when thay say, just say NO. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO? this will be fun to see. SKYRIDER.

  19. if either and hopefully both states get this passed and after they and the rest of America sees the tax dollars this will generate as well as save on incarcerating/imprisoning people over nothing, I think we may see several states jump on board, I hope in my Lifetime to see it legal nation wide as it should be, both for medical reasons and recreational, as a recreational drug there has been 0 deaths recorded caused by marijuana, EVER, can you say the same for alcohol?

  20. MS and FL only allow ballot initiative
    constitutional amendments, not statutes.<— does this mean MS can or can't have one of these petitions?

  21. If EVERYONE votes this shit could happen. then everyone would move to CO. Then other states would follow the leader and legalize. WIN

  22. The public has been fed pure lies about cannabis for the past 80 years via the media The public needs to become educated as to what’s real & what isn’t real about cannabis instead of illogical, fictitious, & superstitious notions The prohibition of cannabis is a cruel & oppressive miscarriage of American Justice!

  23. For all those thinking that this is an impossibility, take note that we already have three cities in which it is legal to carry an ounce or less here in Colorado. Even in the more conservative Colorado Springs, where I live, the police are pretty lax about persecuting on the grounds of pot use. They have to worry a lot more about the cokeheads and meth-heads, who actually do commit crimes.

    If you live in Colorado, get out there and VOTE when this comes around! I know I will be.

  24. I live in IN. and would love fot this to pass in CO. lead other states into listening to the people that live in them. Stop the underground market and the violence that accompanys it.

  25. this is great of course it wont pass but it shows that there is a chance thats coming soon for this BS proabition to end tho that doesnt mean we shouldnt just lay back and not vote dear colorado get out vote on this and make it heard

  26. I think the trend is clear. Eventually legalization will be the order of the day. We’ve had three Presidents who smoked it (whether they admitted it). Clinton, “W”, and Obama.

    Almost everyone who was a teenager after 1972 was exposed to it. That means the majority has smoked it, or knew people who smoked it.

    In another ten years, pretty much everyone who is alive will fall into that category.

    The forces opposed to legalization are shrinking every single day.

    Legalization is coming.

  27. The mafia annd cartels control the drug market. Prop 19 hehe in Ca failed due tothe wholesale price plunge, and thefed threat of no money to the state. As A Hawaii property owner, i am losing a million a year, no one can fix this nightmare.MAYBE BY 2020!!!!!

  28. what a waste of money to jail 777,000 people daily!~Dupoint , alcohol, prescription , drugs, and tobbacco aqre the real other reasons~ Why would the feds wantt the price to drop to 500 a pound of killer green bud~

  29. i spoke to my governer , here in ca , jerry brown about it, he is really ‘old school’ .I spoke to my senator , barbara boxer about it , she is against it . I spoke to my other senator, fienstien about it , she is for more prisons~against it too. I spoke to my local rep , BABRA LEE < SHE IS FOR IT < AS WELL AS OAKLAND I quess thats why i live here and not HAWAII!~ ONE DAY!

  30. how does the gov of colorado feel about it/?One state like nevada , Henry HYDES state needs to stand up to the fed and say , enough is enough , WE DO NOT WANT YOUR FED MONEY!

  31. War on Drugs AND a war over drugs. I must say in my 50 years of being a user and not a criminal I never expected this stupidity. Should not have let this change guy fool me though. Let the repubs have it; Im not voting. Honestly, we used to smoke all over nyc, in the parks, our homes pretty much any place. Nobody cared. All gone to shit there, Colorado you can be our hope for a better tomorrow. Move it up!!!!!

  32. Towards the sun says he won’t vote at all, but hopes it will pass. Well, I encourage you to vote; for marijuana, for legislators and representatives, for judges, and clerks. Lest we die having no effort given, let us be the ones to make it clear at every election what we stand up for. Those who are unable to stand, who need this medicine, most likely would agree with me. we got the vote by the ballot box, for women, and we got Prop 215 frothe ballot box. Don’t throw it away. Further, if you don’t vote, we will have a zealot in the oval office. if you think Obama is a pawn, a traitor, a man with two tounges, think again about why you vote, not for a man or a woman, but to further the democratic process. We have not reached a stalemate. we are at a crescendo. We are so close to the top of the mountain. Soon, we will see the other side, and we will know the vision of MLK and Harvey Milk. Vote. Someone’s life may depend upon it. last, consider how those four jjudges in California came to power, and then, figure out how we can change this. These are not four Obama appointees, or are they? Please tell.

  33. I was born and raised in Colorado and i see that Marijuana is not a problem. I support it being legalized. Yes some people can be stupid with marijuana and get into a car accident but there has never been and overdose by marijuana, you cant say that about liquor. I don’t like to drink liquor that much and i don’t like the taste of cigarettes plus they kill people all over the world. POWER TO THE PEOPLE. I think if the legalization of marijuana passes the federal government should not get a single penny in taxes because they still view it as “illegal”, why should all our hard work make them a profit. But if they were to use the taxes to fight Meth, Crack, Coke, and other harmful drugs then it would be fine. I want to start a business to provide our state with industrial hemp and take the money from the oil and lumber companies to give it to the people. “the Government should be afraid of the people” not “the people afraid of the government”.

  34. If it gets the vote from the people and the bitch ass gov overules it, im movin to amsterdamn

  35. Stupid! If it passes, 2012 will be my last trip to Co. Let’s see, 80% of males arrested for ANYTHING in the US were on drugs. Oh, and in Ca you can’t tell the diff between legal and cartel grown MJ. So say hi to the drug cartels in Co, just like CA.

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