Butte, CA Snatches Children from Marijuana Patients


At 8am on the morning of September 29, 2011, the Butte Interagency Narcotic Task Force (BINTF) forced entry into the home of Daisy Bram and her husband Jayme Walsh. Law enforcement officers arrested the couple and working jointly with Child Protective Services, seized their children — including their 3-week-old suckling newborn, Zeus, who was violently ripped from his mother’s arms.   He and his 15-month-old brother, Thor, were snatched and placed in a stranger’s home. Neither of these nursing babies had ever been away from their parents.


Three weeks prior, on September 7, 2011, after a summer of watching sheriff’s helicopters fly over the area, two Butte County Sheriff’s deputies trespassed onto a clearly marked private road, maneuvered around a locked/gated driveway, and onto the property of Daisy and Jayme’s remote home on a mountain in Concow, California. They were there for a “compliance check”.

[A “compliance check” is a convenient excuse created by local county law enforcement used solely for the purpose of unlawfully obtaining access to private homes to investigate legal medicinal cannabis gardens for potential arrest and prosecution.]

During this “compliance check” police assured Daisy’s husband that “…everything looks okay… good luck with the baby.” The necessary and appropriate valid medical paperwork was and is in order.

The couple has since been charged with eight class A felonies, six relating to cannabis and two charges of child abuse). After a preliminary hearing, at which Jayme Walsh represented himself and Bram, they had the good fortune of retaining attorneys Michael Levinsohn and Jen Reeder.   The child related charges, and one cannabis related charge were dismissed, leaving five remaining criminal cannabis charges. One of the most disturbing factors in this nightmare is that there has never been any attempt by prosecutors to verify the validity of their status as qualified patients in the state of California.  Both Walsh and Bram have legal state-recognized recommendations for medical marijuana.

UPDATE [3/13/12] – Butte County Assistant District Attorney, Jeff Greeson, re-filed felony child abuse and misdemeanor child endangerment charges, against Daisy Bram (www.freemybabies.org). Daisy and her husband Jayme Walsh are medical cannabis patients in Butte County.  Their 3 week old and 15 month-old children were taken and held by Butte County CPS for more than four months, following the parents arrest for cannabis.

Tamara Lujan, NORML Women’s Alliance Community Leader for Butte County issued the following statement:

“Considering the felony and misdemeanor charges were dropped, and are now being re-filed after public outcry and the filing for a Grand Jury Investigation, we can come to no other conclusion except this is a retaliatory measure, from the Butte County DA’s office.”

The outrage over this incident has driven several local residents to come forward with similar complaints regarding the misconduct of the BINTF and Child Services Division of Butte County (which leads all of California’s large counties in the percentage rate of permanent removal of children from parents).  As a result, the NORML Women’s Alliance has filed an official request for an investigation by the Grand Jury in Butte County (including a financial audit).  On Friday March 9th, the NWA, along with Butte County residents, put forward a complaint to the Grand Jury of Butte requesting an investigation into the County Children Services Division for the agency’s perceived and widespread misconduct.  The findings in the people’s request include numerous testimonials from directly affected persons, submitted herein via the GRAND JURY COMPLAINT FORMS, which specify various and detailed claims of CSD misdeeds.

To see the full press click here.

“We thank the Grand Jury for its time, consideration and diligence in pursing our request. Only when government agencies have proper oversight can we as a community rest assured that corruption, abuse and other misdeeds are kept in check and deterred. Together We the People of Butte County and the Grand Jury can make these necessary strides of investigation and oversight to ensure all Butte families are truly served well, and are safe and secure at home.” – Tamara Lujan (NWA Butte County Community Leader)

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  1. This is an outrage, best wishes to Daisy Bram and Jayme Walsh. Listen up people, we (Americans) are in a fight for our liberty. Please check out http://www.ronpaul.com and lets get our country back on track. Mr. Paul wants to end the war on drugs and bring the United States constitution back to America.

  2. Can not believe that law enforcement put this family and children through this.I dont know how them officers sleep at night takeing them peoples children like that.They could of went about it in a diffrent manner.They was not in possesion of meth,crack or cocaine or heroine.Just a plant that can do no harm to nobody.We are Americans why cant we be treated like it.What next go to jail for growing tomatoes.

  3. That’s…disgusting.

    There’s no other way to put it.

    Then again, I find myself saying that a lot when examining our war on drugs.

    The worst part about these situations is that the agencies don’t give a shit about the children. They’re just tools they use to harm and intimidate people who dare defy said agencies and their will.

    Of course, like the criminal thugs they are, now they’re saying “What, you’re gonna make a stink? You’re gonna try to get us in trouble? Yeah, well we’re gonna make you pay then. We’re gonna show everyone that when we want something, they better just bend over and take it or they’ll be sorry…”

    It’s unfathomable that these are the same people who are supposed to be protecting and serving us.

    It’s absolutely disgusting.

  4. When most “felons in possession” are arrested, the felon is removed. Also, where was the gun? Hadn’t this actually been noted then during the “compliance check”? So did the state go to the feds or visa versa?

    This is precisely why we need laws based on actual harms rather than speculation, manipulation and/or greed.

  5. Americans have to stop terrorizing the world with THEIR current drug laws and policies. Come on America who’s fooling who.

  6. We don’t have true freedom when a government can rip a family apart like this. This is shameful. How can anyone do something like this? They are no friend of mine.

  7. Wtf. Are we living in communist Russia. I mean the cops had no right to tresspass without proper court ordered warrent. Best of luck to this family.

  8. F**ing ridiculous! I can’t even watch/listen to the whole video. It makes me sick. How dare they take that woman’s children from her! This is America, right? Legalize marijuana and give that woman back her children right now!

  9. Dirty pool Butte County that’s dirty pool. Sounds like they need a new local government change. America WAKE UP!!!!! This could happen to you!!!

  10. Uneccessary. Unconstitutional. Unthinkable.
    Even if there was sufficient cause for arrests, to protect the safety of the children. By these actions those children have likely been severely traumatized, damaged, terrified. Those children are going to need psychiatric help, perhaps for years to come. There is clearly a less harmful way to do things. All of that harm done could have been avoided.

  11. I’m still bothered on why Butte County Assistant District Attorney, Jeff Greeson is being so obsessed in taking the children away from their mother?

  12. Unless there was immediate danger to the lives of those children, this is barbaric. Totally ignorant. Completely undue. Most sane and healthy people would call that “kidnapping”. If you take a look at the long-term and severe psychological problems that result from a person experiencing this type of violence (kidnapping), you will easily understand why this should not ever be allowed. And any and all Americans have a duty to ensure that this does not happen, and if it does, it is not tolerated for one instant. Line-up a few psychiatrists to testify to that in a lawsuit, and Daisy and Jaymee will never have to worry about money again. This absolutely must be put to an end.

    Someone tell me there is a charity that I can donate to, to help them set a precedent by winning a loud and public lawsuit.

    I truly hope that you Jaymee and Daisy and your children are somewhere safe and warm and being loved.

  13. What heinous actions on the part of Law Enforcement. “Double Jeopardy” is the name of the game they are trying to play with Daisy. My prayers go out to these young people and their beautiful little boys!

  14. I am Daisy. It was my innocent nursing babies, Thor & Zeus that were ripped from my arms.
    As always I am disappointed that some folks didn’t confirm a few facts before speculating and drawing conclusions.
    When you become a medical cannabis patient in Ca, YOU DO NOT CONSENT to “compliance checks”. This is Simply NOT TRUE. Unfortunately, we didn’t know that; and when they came, we thought we had nothing to hide anyways.
    Jayme’s felony conviction was in 1999. He has had nothing more than a speeding ticket since 2006. The “Felon in Possession of Ammunition” charge was for a single shotgun shell found outside somewhere..that belonged to our landlord. The DA’s office quickly realized this charge would not stick and it was dropped before Jayme was even arraigned.
    Although we were charged with “possession for sales”, we were not. Absolutely no evidence of such was ever found,whatsoever. You ask “how many times before the police had to come there” NEVER. We lived a quiet, simple, peaceful life, no television, no violence & no weapons/ammunition. The 1st exposure to violence, guns, and terror that my children ever witnessed and experienced was the morning they invaded our home. My older son, Thor watched from the window while they laughed and took photos as they chopped our small, LEGAL cannabis garden. He didn’t know what to think of the men in masks and fatigues who pointed high-powered assault rifles at him and his family.
    For clarification, questions, or anything else, PLEASE contact me as I will be More than happy to assist in your understanding of the Police State in which we live.
    Love, Light & Blessings to All of those sending warm support..it sustains us.

  15. I can’t see how a plant is more harmful than a gun men come with guns to take a plant they deem harmful. Society you should be shamed, why do you take from and not give back? Don’t you know this will be your demise?

  16. the facist reich wing will not stop until they force peaceful people to get guns an retaliate because thats what they want!

  17. I feel you people, but YOU are the PEOPLE, YOU have the POWER!!! do something about it.
    I don’t live in US, and by God i’m so happy about it, you say u’re free? no your not, YOU ARE FREE TO DO AS YOUR ARE COMMANDED TO.
    In my country i am free, police must go through much trouble to enter my house without my approval, they have to posses powerful evidence for a court to allow them in my house.
    Sometimes i feel sorry for american people because Constitutional Rights are always broken by the authority that should enforce it.
    YES, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA no looks much alike NATZI Germany.

  18. I’m no dr or scientist but is nursing babies a good idea if your smoking marijuana..its in your blood stream which in. turn would be in your breast milk…can’t be good for babies, they must sleep and nurse alot…

  19. Those cops and child protection service members should be brought up on felony level child abuse charges for what they have done to those poor children.

  20. It was very hard for me to listen further than 45 seconds of sound.

    The first thought I had was, “this is what a police state sounds like”.

    I let a minute or two go by and listened again but only for a few seconds.

    It was almost like my soul by passed my ego and screamed, “what is this”?

    Daisy writes, “Please contact me as I will be More than happy to assist in your understanding of the Police State in which we live”.

    That’s exactly what it appears to me…a POLICE STATE.

  21. I’ve read many accounts where police stand around laughing about the results of their work or laughing while doing their work.

    When you laugh at or while doing evil, isnt that a sign of psychopathy?

  22. More and more we live in a Police state, where corporations can do what they want and the average person, tax payer gets screwed and this is from the democrat and repug parties, corporate run govt. is fascism and like it or not that is the reality

  23. How appropriate Butte Interagency Narcotic Task Force just what you would expect from a bunch of asses. I hate these people especially after reading Daisy’s comment. I hope they get what is coming to them messing with sick medical marijuana patients. Maybe one day they will be very sick and I hope someone tortures them while they are ill. I have no sympathy for them.

  24. To Bob
    When you read this story that is what you have to say? What the police did was far more damaging to the children that small amounts of THC in the mothers breastmilk. I would love to see one study that has shown that cannabis is damaging to the baby when used by pregnant or nursing mothers. “Can’t be good for babies” please do some research before repeating such propaganda.

  25. It is interesting that a constitutionally allowed plant can have police allowed. In case they have not noticed the Congress passed state constitutions with notes of Cannabis in the constitutions. This make Cannabis from the 10th Amendment a right of the People. The police thus have no jurisdiction in ones raising of this plant whatsoever. They should be arrested for treason against the Constitution if this happens again and tried in Common Law Courts under the 7th Amendment on civil rights violations.

  26. I am Tamara Lujan of the NORML Womens Alliance Butte County. I would have responded earlier but I am in the hospital now, as I type this. Jayme’s felon was something stupid he did as a 19 year old in 1999. I think he has had a traffic ticket since then. The felon with a gun charge was nothing but a lie. The police found an empty shot gun shell out on the property Daisy and Jayme had just moved into 2 months before! As for compliance checks they are NOT the law. I repeat THEY ARE NOT LAW. Do not let anyone on your property without a warrant. The police are using compliance checks to gather info and then come back with a warrant. Even NORML legals said NO compliance checks….Thank you of your support to Daisy and her family. Green Blessings ~ Tamara Lujan

  27. In answer to breast feeding… There are very few studies on breastfeeding and cannabis. The few out there were done during the refeer madness stage. However, the largest study in the world on breastfeeding and cannbis is being introduced in Denmark in Aug. Is shows NO ill effects to the child. Before the milk reaches the baby there are thousands of ways it is filtered. But the bigger question is if the mother is a medical cannabis patient would you prefer opiates? oxy? CA did a study in 2008 on pregnancy and cannabis. There own report showed NO differance in newborn weight, scores, motor ability ect. Between those of cannbis using mothers and non cannabis mothers

  28. kids are taking and selling perscription oxycotin (cocaine) in grade schools. many kids been hospitalized or died from legal synthetics.and it would take several pages too list all the things alcohol has done to society. dea aint asking drug stores how they put enuf drugs on the street to make children drug dealers. the reich wing have made this country fasicts all in the name of god. they should OUTLAW RELIGON!! an legalize drugs

  29. This is absolutely disgusting. Those police officers should be fired. They should be ashamed to call themselves police officers. They should be ashamed to call themselves HUMAN! I don’t understand how these fuckers can take children away from their mother simply because of a plant being grown on their property. And a newborn baby too! It’s these “police officers” that should be imprisoned. Our country NEEDS to change NOW. We NEED to END the CORRUPTION!

  30. California – so near (to a sensible attitude towards cannabis) yet so far (this story). Possibly the worst story of victimisation we have seen for some time.

    To the person worried about breast feeding – there are probably no other alternative (‘legal’) drugs that could be used whilst breast feeding. Even if the child was exposed to cannabis it would be non toxic and non addictive so no real harm would be done.That is the whole point – it is a safe medicine compared to what the pharmaceutical industry has to offer for serious medical conditions.

    My sympathies to the family – hopefully the courts will see sense and stop this happening again.

  31. I say, suck it up! Until, or if they ever legalize it, don’t have it in your home! Besides, what kind of mother are you smoking pot and breast feeding anyway? Might as well hand the kid a joint to smoke, regardless of it being medicinal. I’m a smoker myself, but there’s a time and place for everything.I don’t think that they went about it the right way. Your children shouldn’t of been taken away, but you should still pay the consequences of smokin it while breastfeeding cause that’s pretty much child abuse right there. The poor baby should have a half decent chance at life without you fuckin it up. I sincerely hope you get your kids back and truly think about your babies health in the future……. Peace out!

  32. This just made me so mad, hearing the video and everything about this article. we need a revolution.

  33. With so much support for Cannabis, and the obviously broken/delusional/ignorant/murdurous govt which still supports decades old, ignorant, racist lies and propaganda, why aren’t we doing anything about it? The longer prohibition continues, and the reasons why – the more ridiculous it gets! In my eyes, the govt (which is the result of the masses support) is responsible for –
    EVERY nonviolent drug offenders life that’s ruined, and what they go through in prison
    ALL the deaths that continue to tally due to the war on drugs
    This system responsible for anyone who had to resort to the black market and had something unfortunate happen to them as well as any deaths in the black market
    This system is responsible for ALL the tax payer money wasted in fighting an obviously failing war

    This system is responsible for ALL the pain and suffering that MILLIONS had to go through because they couldn’t get a safe and natural alternative to help their ailments

    The current structure is responsible for ALL of the people who became addicted top prescription drugs because they couldn’t get access to cannabis

    The establishment is responsible for the DEATHS of ALL the people who’s lives cannabis COULD HAVE SAVED

    The establishment is responsible for the deaths of unarmed, nonviolent citizens (and pets) during drugs raids

    The establishment is responsible for all propaganda filled human beings who walk around with ignorant, distorted views of one of the most benign substances on earth

    The establishment is responsible for not allowing the hemp industry to flourish to keep profits in other polluting and corrupt industries like OIL

    Denying hemp also stopped all the possibilities of all hemp products which could replace so many wasteful and polluting products we use today

    Lastly, establishment policies (which in a way are supported by the public through continuing to vote for the nonsense called politics) are responsible for future incidents where all the things I mentioned will continue to happen!

    How many lives would this add up to? How much money squandered? How many families ruined, and children displaced? It is truly disturbing the damage that cannabis prohibition alone has done to society!

    With 20,000 studies on cannabis, no deaths directly related to cannabis, and a govt that is in cahoots with big pharma/alcohol/tobacco, and refuses any findings or studies on cannabis, it’s very CLEAR WHAT WE NEED TO DO! This list doesn’t include all the other ways maintaining political and monetary systems harm the ENTIRE PLANET! Nonviolent, civil disobedience and mass nonparticipation is in order NOW! Let 2012 be the year we kick this shit off!!! Stop looking within the system for solutions!!! If you continue to promote a politician, think throwing money at the issue, or anything the current elite classes use to operate society, you may as well just give up.

    The establishment is not in any way here for your best interests. It makes zero sense to keep trying to do the same shit over and over within a system that is meant to suppress the masses through a wide variety of methods – its literally insane! Look anywhere in history – the values and “beliefs” of the public are based around the interests of the dominant class of the period. Right now we are dominated by a small 1% of the population due to the interests they have, and legal & economic structures they keep in place. So when you try to use their system to get something changed, one can see how we’ve been stuck for decades in a state of institutional classism. Laws are written to protect elite interests. When the people become educated, stand together, and discontinue support of harmful, contrived institutions, we will then begin taking steps towards civilization. Even the 1% are human beings – maybe some of them can wake up too. But, if the people CANNOT come together on common ground, recognize the root/core issues, and unite across the planet in a way never before seen in history, everyone may as well stop all forms of activism now.

  34. wtf im tired of shit like this an they want us to care about cops…Sick! my stomach turn as i listen to this but will the government listen do they care???? arm up my mary people its time.

  35. Paradigm Shift 2012

    Just reading what you wrote lifted .02% weight off my shoulders. Everything right there said it.

    I couldn’t add anything more to it other than screw the U.S. Government, I damn them all to hell.

  36. why don’t they arrest molesters, felons who commit horrid crimes against humanity, and leave none violent people alone with a citation if it illegal what they were doing? I used to live in Chico… and know the wrath of the sheriff’s department and Chico PD. And that was in the ’60s when life was illegal.

  37. Abraham Lincoln a self-educated frontiersman said that Prohibition strikes a blow to the principles OUR government was founded on.

    So who is more dangerous to the United States, Daisy or the Prohibitionist and his co-hearts the politicians?

    This is the frontier time to educate.

  38. This story is so sad, that I almost cried (which is saying a lot for me, cause I’m a jerk), you know I used to believe that people were motivated by the place their heart led them to. Thus they couldn’t be “wrong” because they were just mis-guided,trying to make the world a better place, just confused by what methods would really do that. But then I read something like this and I think it’s hard to make the world a better place if your heart is from Hell. Breastfeeding is natural and healthy, it is such a good option that you can donate or receive it should something happen to the mom at birth, but now Daisy has to live with knowing that Zeus (cool name) was deprived. And why? Because of ass-clowns. For shame CPS. For shame.

  39. This makes me mad……..

    I am so tired of this crap….It makes me want to fight back…Why are we such pussys when it comes to standing up for our rights? Why do we sit around and watch this shit happen. All we do is talk…Talking is getting us no where…..I would be more then happy to be on the front line of this……I’m fed up….

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