Oaksterdam’s Richard Lee speaks out on federal raids of his university and home

On today’s episode of NORML SHOW LIVE we spoke live with Richard Lee, founder of Oaksterdam University.  Click this link to hear the interview.

Richard told me he’s doing as well as can be expected when federal agents violate your home and business.  He tells us the nature of the federal warrants that were served Monday in early morning raids.

Richard was “treated well” by the authorities – “they didn’t even break anything,” he told us – and he was not arrested, though that possibility still exists.

Most remarkably, Richard expressed an optimistic view that these actions will galvanize the public opinion even more in our favor for ending this tragic medical marijuana crackdown.

Richard reminded us that juries cannot be punished for their verdicts and urged everyone to work hard to get on jury duty so we can begin to dismantle the prosecution of prohibition.

In closing, he lamented the IRS tax charges being used against him and others in the cannabis industry.  “They can’t have it both ways,” he complained about the government’s claim he owes taxes on something that is illegal.  “No taxation without legalization!”

Join with Richard Lee and NORML in demanding an end to federal raids.  Make President Obama keep his campaign pledge to not devote federal resources to prosecuting medical marijuana providers that are in compliance with state law.

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  1. Brando says:
    We also need an Arkansas NORML chapter, duh the natural state , damn again open your eyes people , it’s ok though, I guess either way , legal or not im gonna keep on smoking

    We have an Arkansas NORML chapter it just hasn’t been updated in a long time

  2. Richard Lee was providing education about how to grow, & learning the legal aspects of our mmj laws. He has done nothing wrong & has paid his taxes. This whole “crackdown” is a bunch of BS. I remember hearing a DEA agent on a show documenting marijuana, & he said that “we don’t go after the cancer patients”. But I see raiding dispenserys as doing just that.

  3. When going to court and swearing on a bible open the bible up to the very first book: Genesis 1:11, 12, 13, 29, 30, 31. Even GOD himself says it is good. Now what is the goernment’s problem?

  4. I have a request for you Russ do you know where to find statistics on how many children are taken away from their parents each year for marijuana charges and pregnant moms failing drug tests at the hospital? I would also like to see statistics on how many underage kids are incarcerated for marijuana and drug charges and how many kids are without parents because they are in jail for marijuana charges. I would then like to find out the percentage of these children become illegal drug users compared to the general population. I think you should post some statistics like these permanently on your websight so anyone can get them. I am tired of hearing the excuse that it must stay illegal for kids safety when it is really harming children and I think this would be a great argument against the “it’s for the children and public safety” that most prohibitionists use as the main reason to criminalize cannabis.

  5. Hey! This notice has been up here for a full day and no questions or comments? Did I mention how clean, potent, and economical DEA Kif is? $10.00 a gram. With an extra gasp-intake of a smooth hit, this batch tastes like roses. What’s happening in San Diego County is that the DEA is legalizing cannabis “the federal way”. Basically stripping the profit margins from cannabis by offering $50. 1/8 oz. and $340. ounces of top shelf. Grant it the DEA top shelf cannabis is trichromy, but also fragile. After 2 weeks in a closed jar, all the bouquet evaporates and the flowers will easily crush to powder. The canab is still potent, but has no aroma at all. So, is the federal gov. experimenting with hybritiz-ing? Possibly, the Fed has pretty deep pockets. But for sure, NORML has to go and check San Diego’s canab scene out. Behind the scene. This is fun.

  6. I agree, the IRS should not be collecting taxes on something our government deems as illegal. If they want the taxes they should legalize, regulate THEN tax cannabis. What they are doing now is corrupt and unethical.

  7. Kirk Perry,

    That Kif that you are describing could be a Mexican strain.Fresh Mexican can be very nice..a euphoric uplifting effect. And i hear( i read) that the cartels are using Dutch genetics now, i hope that doesn’t interfere with the older land- race strains.

    Anyways, sounds like you got yourself a good deal!

  8. More exacting, this batch of DEA kif has a cedar aroma and a rose aftertaste. Very similar to Bekaa Valley blond (pollen) Lebanese particle structure w/o the adhesive content needed for lasting compression of a malable “piece”. The DEA grains fall apart, but leave little ash – a “pencil eraser” amount is almost too much and wasteful. Imo, the vaporizing contraptions and crack-torch skillet operations are all fad. Cannabis etiquette is slow evolving (we have to get through the “contraption” phase first, but hardly anyone smokes a joint in their vehicle today. Not the seasoned cannaber, and we know it.)Imo, the DEA is “leagalizing” cannabis in an undermining dictation way. L.A. was too big to get a handle on, but San Diego was perfect for a test lab. The DEA is hybrid-ing out the ammonia and cyanide from cannabis photosynthesis? Their (as shown) Kif is part of that progress. Since America is an infant cannabis country that has no linkable cannabis culture to the past (other than the pharmaceutical companies from the late 1800’s), it’s necessary to go way-back into the past and find out where 5,000 yrs. of cannabis mechanic’s use has boiled down to. To what?…The very basics of cannabis my friends; dry weather sieved cannabis plants, collected resin glands, a long (cooling) 2-piece kif pipe and an ample supply of small, one-hit, disposable (goes back to earth) clay bowls that fit on the end of the hollow stick. Pure Kif. The DEA has a plan. Keep fighting for legalization or prescriptive rights, I will too, but keep in mind what’s going on in San Diego County and adjust your direction accordingly. The DEA’s plan is good for the patient, but for the grower? I believe the DEA will strip the profits from private commercial growers, but now the crystal ball is clouding over. “Somethings going on” behind the cannabis scene while we’re fighting for our civil right of use.

  9. And I’ll end by saying, that the last time (March) I was in the DEA Pot Shop, there was a 5 x 7″ card taped to the wall behind the counter that in a few words basically said, “Weed is a gift from Nature. Beer is a man-made concoction.”
    (that demands gobs of heat to cook, during the “warting” process, and gobs of waste-mash to dispose of later on.”

  10. I think if Richard or another prominent advocate organized a “sit in” or “smoke in” at federal buildings across the country on certain days – just like the civil rights leaders used to do, this would force the government’s hand and bring this important issue to a head. What’s sad is that I think it’s coming to the point where people are afraid to even speak out – and they are making Richard an example.

  11. If everyone in America stopped doing any kind of illegal drugs for one year, the government would go broke.All law enforcement would lose massive overtime. The private prison system would possibly fail as a business. They couldn’t afford to continue paying police when there was no (crime?) Hey, what the heck, I’ll do it if everyone else does ! One year to see them have to spend time on real crime ?

  12. Richard, come to Colorado. We’re almost as nice as Cali and definitely nicer weather than Oakland, not as rainy, and no earthquakes.

  13. I wish they would Jus legalize med maryjane.I’m a chronic pain paitient & on all kinds of addicting prescribed legally & here in Florida 6 ppl die every 20 mins of legal prescribed drug overdoses.When have u ever heard of maryjane killing someone? Go ahead I’ll wait for you to answer. U can’t!!!

  14. I’m baffled the bust him for not paying taxes on something that’s illegal and can’t be taxed…That’s our USA

  15. That’s brilliant!

    The IRS has specific tax rates on nearly everything. Just what exactly does the IRS tax code say is the tax rates on cannabis? I’d like to see an IRS lawyer answer that under oath.

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