Oklahoma Mom Sentenced to 12 Years In Prison For $30 Worth Of Weed May Get Parole!

“A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history” -Gandhi 

Patricia Spottedcrow, a mother and first time offender from Oklahoma, was originally sentenced to 12 years behind bars for selling $30 worth of marijuana. For months, the NORML Women’s Alliance, and other organizations have been bringing attention to one of the most egregious cases of the war on drugs in recent history.  After several outreach campaigns to local law enforcement and elected officials, and especially a strong grassroots effort spearheading my outraged mothers and reformers alike, the Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board have recommended early parole for Spottedcrow. While this is a small victory in the battle against marijuana prohibition, it is significant in showing that grassroots efforts trult can make a significant difference in the lives of those adversely impacted by the government’s war on drugs.

OKLAHOMA CITY – Grassroots support may evolve into early parole for a Kingfisher mother who was handed a strict prison sentence for a first-time offense of selling $31 worth of marijuana.

After her story was published in the Tulsa World’s series on Women in Prison in 2011, a groundswell of support emerged. In October, a Kingfisher County judge reduced her sentence by four years.

Spottedcrow’s advocates expressed concern for possible racial bias, disparate sentences for drug crimes, Oklahoma’s No. 1 female incarceration rate per capita and the effects on children growing up with incarcerated parents.

Because children were in Spottedcrow’s home when she was arrested, a charge of possession of a dangerous substance in the presence of a minor was added. Her mother, Delita Starr, was also charged with the crime but was given a 30-year suspended sentence so she could care for Spottedcrow’s four children while their mother was incarcerated.

Board member Marc Dreyer, senior pastor at Tulsa’s Memorial Baptist Church, was instrumental in getting Spottedcrow’s case early consideration.

He said he requested to meet Spottedcrow while visiting Eddie Warrior Correctional Center in Taft a few months ago, after reading about her case in the Tulsa World.

“Based on quantity of drugs involved and the desperation of her situation at the time, it was my view that she ought to have consideration by the board for parole, as there were some extenuating circumstances,” Dreyer said. He requested that her case be moved to the board’s April hearing.

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The NORML Women’s Alliance would like to thank everyone who took the time to make their voice heard against this injustice.  Together, we will prevail. Support the NORML Women’s Alliance with a donation by clicking the link below:

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  1. it is time for the decriminalise drugs. this is a unecessary loss of human dignity and life. thisis law enforcement being a bully not delivering justice. no child has ever been abused or inflicted becasue they saw some amrijauanna. what is our governemtn so afriad of? totally ignorant. embarrssing to be alive and live int his coutry at this time in history. people think we are so modern but the truth is we are livingin one of the most barabaric times in history of humanity nothing has really changed, we are still neaderthals but with fancy stuff.

  2. wtf 12 years for 30$ worth damn wtf are they thinking going over kill on her sentence like that even i knwo 30$ worth isnt really worth sell if its all ya got. lets all show our support fr this woman

  3. This is ridiculous. Marijuana should just be legalized already so people’s lives stopped being ruined.

  4. Every so often you get a glimpse of just how truly monstrous the drug war really is.

  5. this is unreal, a herb that will not hurt anyone and she got 12 years????? But his aunt has been living off the goverment for years and she is not legal here in the USA. What the hell?????

  6. How is it, in a court of law, all parties (the police, the judges and even the defense attorneys) can agree, abusing marijuana users is a useful public policy?

    Can we gamble and buy hookers at church too? Seems about the same level of “civility” to me…

  7. That is crazy. It is a God given plant. She should be released. This is insane. I don’t think a judge or prosecutor should be allowed to pass sentences like these without knowing what time is. All judges and prosecutors should have a mandatory three months lockup to see what time is.

  8. I think this is absolutely ridiculous!! I know people who have committed murder and got much less time!! I’m completely disgusted by what they’ve done and pretty much speechless!!!

  9. This kind of shit wouldn’t happen if Ron Paul wins the 2012 election. Vote for what you know to be right and just.

  10. I totally fail to see why marijuana is even considerdd a “dangerous drug” to begin with. Vicodine, and all of the drugs in the Codine family of drugs are much more dangerous than Marijuana has ever been because they can cause organ damage just like Ibuprophen can if taken over a long period of time, yet Marijuana has never caused any organ damage or failure even over long term heavy use.
    I believe that marijuana should be reclassified and removed from the class of dangerous drugs list altogether.

  11. Not only was she busted with a few grams of Oklahoma hemp leaf,on top of that, she is an American Indian and a female mother of four.

    “Book em Danno”

    I mean, “Free em Danno”

    Fun Fact: did you know that (cannabis) hemp seeds have the highest amino-acid and fatty -acid profiles in the plant kingdom, as well as containing globulin:an essential protein for human development and maintenence, hardly a “dangerous substance–more like a beneficial one….Just sayin!

  12. Soon gamblers will be able to legally gamble online. I think that is far worst than someone sent to prison for that long for marijuana. Now the state has to pay for her upkeep & pay for her kids who no doubt will receive assistance. What good does it do society to put this woman in prison? Laws need to be changed and not have automatic sentences for marijuana.

  13. The priorities in this country with the war on drugs. It’s got to end. A old friend of mind had her home invaded and was raped at gunpoint. The guy got a 6 year sentence. It’s absured.

  14. As a long distance driver and a person who is friends with several Native Americans, I can tell you that Oklahoma is seriously prejudiced against native peoples. The fact that she was a woman and a poor woman meant they could lock her away for six times as long as they would have for a white man who commits murder. That’s just the way it is in the good’ol state of Oklahoma…

  15. O happy fucking day……..paroled for possessing a harmless fucking plant – when she shouldn’t have been jailed in the first fucking place.

  16. It all boils down to the Antiquated laws, because MJ is still classifeid as a Schedule #1 Narcotic, so the punishments will be the same as if you got caught with Cocain or a pain pill, the laws need to be updated and in some cases thrown out.

  17. This starts at the fed level, DEA agents wanting more jobs and pension money from taxpayers, and over zealous undereducated law enforcement that need authoritative power to support their otherwise low self esteem. Economists say legalization separates mmj from other hard drugs, reducing crime, saving 3B in costs, taxed like booze, bring in 6B dollars. Is this too hard to understand? Tell me their is somebody that will stop this senseless attack on the people of what is supposed to be a compassionate country.

  18. Update: and now that I have alerted all cannabis media about this censorship of the term “marijuana legalization”, all my posts on the msn forum regarding such were removed by the moderators.

    Folks welcome to the United Police States of America.

  19. It’s sad that this is the reality of the drug war & people still give me looks when I tell them it’s crimes against humanity.

    She lost 12 years of her life over a plant the government valued at $30…if that’s not a crime against humanity…

  20. I wrote to Mr. Obama about this over a year ago. Surprise, I never got any response…

    In my opinion, the judge that handed out this harsh sentence should be the person doing prison time!!!

  21. Yeah that is absolutely shocking there are people murdering people and we are wasting time worrying about 30$ worth of marijuana its shocking!

  22. I live in Green River Wyoming, I am 50 years old. On the 19th of this month my home was raided by DCI. They brought Homeland Security with them and blocked off the entire street. The went door to door frightening my neighbors by telling them there were “deadly mold spores” on my pot plants. When they came to the door I offered to let them in and take them right to the small closet my 2′ tall pot plants were in. Instead they vented my home for an hour then put on Hazmat suits to carry out ten 2′ tall plants that were in between 2 and 6 weeks into flowering, two 6″ tall plants in vegetation and I think five 2″ tall clones. I was also growing lettuce, tomatoes and squash. I had no scales, no sign of distribution what so ever. I had approximately 1/2 ounce of dried and two containers full of roaches. The grow was designed to produce no more the 1 1/2 ounce to 2 ounces every 3 to 4 weeks. I usually had smoke everything and started on the roaches by the time the next two plants were dried and cured, making it so I never had more than 2 ounces of smoke-able medical marijuana at any one time in my home.

    There were approximately 35 people involved in the raid. As I said they had DCI and Homeland Security, the DEA, the Fire Department, the Sheriffs Office and Local Green River PD. They brought in two Tractor trailers full of equipment. I would say a rough but fair estimate of the cost of the operation was $100,000. They charged me with misdemeanor cultivation but felony possession because they weigh the immature plants along with your dried smoke-able medicine.

    I have Hepatitis C, constant nausea and diarrhea from the hep C and Sepsis that I got from anitbiotics when I got ecoli in 2005 and muscles spasms and tremors that cause my head to shake uncontrollably due to a stoke like “episode” I had in 2008 that left me with a crushing constant migraine and a facial tic also. I didn’t make these up so I could smoke, I was in the hospital for weeks with ecoli, my testicles swelled to the size of grapefruit and I was rushed to LDS Hospital in SLC. As for the “episode”, I was in Sydney Montana Cardiac Care unit for three day before being transported to Sweetwater Memorial and then the Utah heart Clinic. I was unaware that marijuana would alleviate the symptoms until a few years ago. I made the choice then that the risk was worth it since I had no quality of life to speak of.

    I understand I broke the law and my only hope is that I can get the felony possession reduced to misdemeanor possession, but I was fired the minute they found out so I have no money to buy a lawyer and I fear that since so much money was spent and such a big production was made out of it that they will look silly if they don’t send me to prison.

    I do not drink alcohol, I don’t do drugs, I don’t sell the medicine I grow, I don’t smoke cigarettes, or use caffeine or nicotine in any form, I eat right and exercise daily. I am not a drug addict.

    They destroyed my life and I don’t know where to turn for help. I am afraid they are going to try and take my home, I was unaware they coud do that without a distribution charge but I was recently informed otherwise.

    They still haven’t finished finalizing the charges yet, there was a test tube full those “7 meal mints” that they thought were drugs that they sent to have analyzed. I bonded out but never put in a plea. I know if I take a court appointed attorney in I will certainly go to jail and I would not make it in there, not in my condition, the stress would kill me.

    Any advice you can offer would be helpful.

  23. …….Didn’t OK pass a law last year providing the death penalty for anyone making Hashish? Yes, they did…….Barbarians ! ! Just……Friggin’ Barbarians.

  24. Hello the issue is how can the government say there with god when they take away his plant. The simple matter of the fact is alcohol , cigarette’s, pills and toxic fumes top every death out there if that’s legal and an amazing beautiful plant marijuana/hemp which has no death tolls is not, how is that even logical. Furthermore the gateway drug is prohibition so by not legalizing it, those who go against legalizing are creating the drug problem. If it was legal then people would not have to go to dealers where they would be introduced to new drugs creating the “gateway affect” look at all the benefits of the plant if you think the government will lose control you are wrong we must stop toxic fuels and we must reap the fruits of nature on these natural herbs, we must make the change before we do enough damage where we destroy our beautiful land and earth. Why are non toxic fuels not allowed? How can the government and certain others not see the natural non toxic way to live is the best way to use resources, you are simple going against nature and god by not saving our planet as long as possible your destroying it with your pollution and prohibition on plants!!!!!!

  25. the government is afraid of people growing their own that’s why they won’t make it legal there afraid they would lose money and not all the pot is taxable this is not entirely true if they made it illegal to grow but legal to buy they could tax it there you go you greedy mother nature suckers that’s how you do it pay for advanced equipment on tracking non government grow opps and make it legal to buy for fuel, medicines, and all of the amazing uses such as the nutrients from the seeds themselves and the amazing other benefits that have already been proved and used but PLEASE CREATE A NON TOXIC LEGAL USE OF FUEL AND HEMP/MARIJUANA MEDICINES!!!!

  26. the goverment is always gowing to do what they want because we are scared of them rich ass wipes run this country and just to show every body what i mean Ran paul is not gowing to win this election the rich ass wipe will win another bush.i am only hopefull because of what a man said once an old ass wipe dies every day and a young man turns 18 every day thats how america is gowing to change young people are the only chance for america to change its laws

  27. Ron Paul for 2012, the man who wants to end the pointless incarceration of thousands, and has this zany idea of returning our government to it’s proper role, to protect the liberties of the people.

  28. What a shame…This plant is mother natures gift… This woman should not be punished at all …But 30years… lets break her out…

  29. Hay,Kelly
    long time no anything.i know it’s been forever but i just got a computer.I’ve talked on and off with sergio.when he’s not in mexico.Any way,i did a big number on myself and me and my better half(Jamie)are thinking of moving to lower michigan.it would be great to speek to you about a few things.looking forward to hearing from you. sincerily
    william giblin


  30. Ok so she broke the law as have many others but when have you ever heard of anyone getting 12 years for posessing or selling marijuana much less $31 worth! This is outragous! Why did she get more time than whatever the normal sentence be? Even if it is a no tolorance state, she would not have been sentenced to 12 yrs!! 12 yrs in prison people!!! Do you realize what that means!! Where is our government now and why is this kind of treatment being tolerated! This is the United States of America and this is a good example of how our government has gone wrong!! How can they just sit back knowing that this has happpened! I would understand had she been put in treatment and done community service as well as parenting classes but this scares me to think that our own government is treating one of our citizens as if her life had no value!!!!! Is this what kind of punishment we should expect in the future? I cannot even imaging if this were to happen to one of my children!!!

  31. I also wanted to say “Get this women out of jail” For Godssake punishment is understandable but this is not punishment. I can only hope that this women gets out of prison and is somehow able to sue the state that imposed this sentence even though no amount of money would even compenstate for the damage done to her and her family. I believed in our country “The United States of America” but if she doesn’t get out of prison I well lose my respect for my country because that would mean that we could no longer could count on our countrymen to do what is right!

  32. Watch “A norml life” on Netflix”. It might educate you on why weed needs to be decriminalized and legalized. Drug companies would lose a lot of business if the world would wake up and realize weed is what we have been searching for when it comes to medical miracles! Do you know weed kills cancer cells? Get away from the taboo on weed. It is not a gate way drug. It is about the closest natural thing we have here on earth to a cure all God provided PLANT. Fight the drug companies and advocate for legalization!

  33. this is crazy My best friend lost her son he was shot point blank and the man who shot him was out of jail in less than 2 yrs,are you kidding me,this has just got me dumb founded WTF is wrong with the system I think they all must be on DRUGS

  34. what is upseting is bars are illegal but you cant drink and drive paraphnalia is illegal but there are shops to buy it even the glass pipes for hard dope and we stand up and vote but our votes are doing us no good the votes are to give us our rights..our rights are to remain silent..because they are our judge it seems that they forgot gods the judge..its all about money and control. no matter if we do take a stand that is what causes war….

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