Citizen Advocacy 101 For Marijuana Legalization: Speak Your Mind

It is very hard to imagine that Cannabis Prohibition could have ever lasted as long as it has–75 years in America–if there were:

1) The Internet…and it’s ability to allow citizens to directly communicate, sometimes en mass, at lightening speed and at little-to-no-cost (as compared to say the pre-Internet era where the capital start up costs and regulatory entanglements to reach the masses for TV, radio and newspapers were prohibitively high except for the most well-to-do).

2) Brave and forward-looking citizens like Frank Mattioli, from western New York, posting personal videos to major media outlets like CNN, articulately and passionately advocating for major changes in America’s failed Cannabis Prohibition.

As there is far, far more cannabis smoke in Americans’ closets these days than sex (including gay sex), the easy analogy to the gay rights movement’s success of ‘coming out of the closet’ should not be loss at all by the cannabis law reform movement.

Currently, 50% of the US population favor legalizing cannabis (75% support medical access). These days one of the major questions asked repeatedly of NORML by reporters, columnists and editorial boards is ‘not if, but when will cannabis finally become legal in America?’

Nate Silver at the New York Times estimates that the politically crucible number of sixty percent public support for legalizing cannabis will likely occur in the next ten years.

I don’t see how this is not possible, certainly if more and more cannabis consumers and lovers of freedom, like Frank Mattioli, continue to speak their mind and vote their conscience.

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  1. Let us all hope so! That I could be arrested for smoking a plant I grew myself is amazing!

  2. For many cannabis users, it is a very difficult choice to come out of the virtual closet since it can negatively affect their lives in many ways even more serious than gays face. I, as do many of you, know many many people who secretly use but would never admit it publicly , or even consider joining or donating to NORML, out of fear of loss of their jobs, or their security clearance, or even worse, fear of going to prison.

    I believe that IF we, as a nation, could be allowed to vote on whether or not to continue this expensive totally failed prohibition, it would end very decisively! Only the fools and those greedy bastards that choose profit over morality would vote to continue prohibition. Considering how many internet blogs I’ve perused, there is no doubt in my mind that We The People want this stupid war to end.

    Yes, thanks to the power of the internet, the truth is out there and I’m very sure our so-called leaders in Washington know it. They’re not stupid. They are just extremely self-serving and care little for us.

    There is also no doubt in my mind that Obama intentionally misled us regarding his stance on this issue in order to get our vote and it really disgusts me!

  3. i stronhly support the side of legallizing marajuana it is a practical item that should be legalized sold and taxxed

  4. I for one believe marijuana has long past been due to become relegalized. Most people forgot that not too long ago marijuana was legal. This stereotype of what a “stoner” is has completely changed from the early 1900s due to false advertisement and false assumptions. As a cannibus user, I don’t use to get “high” and to sit around all day burning brain cells. But as a utility to help bring out inner thoughts and to clear ones mind. To prepare for what today has to offer me and to focus on whatever important tasks or goals I need to complete. Although my usage is only habitual I support the medical usage as well. Marijuana, has an ample amount of usages from agriculture to clothing. We, as Americans need to take a stand for what’s right and open our eyes to the bigger picture. RE-legalizing marijuana not for the “burnout, stoners” but for the mature citizens who understand its effects and know how to control oneself in a mature manner.

  5. Only 60% in 10 years? Honestly, just from what I personally have observed, it seems like public opinion is rolling along faster than that.

    The only people I seem to run into anymore that don’t believe marijuana should be legal are old (usually 65+) people, who, strangely enough, also seem to be the only people who still refer to cannabis as ‘dope’. Anyone else who isn’t still lost in the days of reefer madness generally understands dope as a reference to heroin, or sometimes methamphetamine. Weed isn’t ‘dope’.

    But even people around my mother’s age (mid 50s) are getting into the whole legalization thing, and surprisingly enough many are even really rather zealous about it. On top of that television/media seems to be embracing legalization far more readily. Before gay rights/marriage was the issue they focused more heavily on (seriously, how many shows with fictional characters don’t have a gay dude somewhere in there?). Now justice system reform and legalization as a consequence is sneaking its way in.

    Anyways, my point is that pro-legalization sentiments seem to be spreading at a good rate (that’s why I believe there’s been the recent backlash against medical/marijuana users; those with a vested interest know full well that they’re losing their grip on people), so I think 60% in 10 years is a somewhat conservative estimate.

  6. Yes indeed It is very hard to imagine that Cannabis Prohibition could have ever lasted as long as it has–75 years in America but it is more difficult to understand that the same prohibition is still in effect despite the discovery of the human endocannabinoid system.Homo sapiens prefer fuel for your car rather than fuel for your brain.Evolution is a slow process indeed.

  7. The lawful rights of all Americans needs to be respected, prohibition is not. Why haven’t we the people sued the government and won? Schedule 1 is a unlawful corrupt lie. Our US government uses it for medical purposes ,so why is this allowed? People making money on prohibition, both sides? I want to sue the federal government for their lies

  8. I think 10 years is a bit slower than it will really happen. Just in the last week with Jimmy Kimmel calling out the predident on weed then the next day on his show singer/actress Vanessa Williams told a story about smoking pot and how her mom keeps her old pipe. When people see the people they look up to saying it they will lose the fear of speaking up too. At least I really hope that’s what happens. I’m still waiting on Obama’s legitimate debate though. A pre written statement that doesn’t apply to the issue isn’t what we want.

  9. hey unmentioned….your right on spot my friend….ive been preachin this very tune for years…a GREAT utility as well as a creation of a balanced life. use a little…gain a bunch! i dont ‘party’ like in the early days. it was a staple of every day life before my employer of 35 years decided to hair test.i have consumed all the years i have wqorked there with no issues because of it. i dont waste a great buzz during working hours but, in the solace of my humble abode. people need to here the truth about the people who make great use of cannabis….peace to you all….burn a little for me!

  10. I personally want to thank anybody in a position to speak freely about there use ofand support for mj. I do try to educate my family and friends but I would definetly lose my job if i told my boss so therefore i am a closet case when it comes to work. I can’t wait for the day when i can be a truely free american.

  11. In my experience people who think you smoke weed tend to blame it for anything that goes wrong with efforts you are involved in, both at work and at home. They also seem to think you must be using it all the time, as if it were nicotine or something.

    Marijuana is great for making music and making love and stopping by the woods on a snowy evening. It is ineffective in programming a computer or doing your taxes.

  12. I had not heard about the guy who was forgotten in a cell for 5 days by the DEA.

    My god!

    You have to ask yourself, what is the DEA smoking?

  13. Keep running the economy into the ground!

    Starve the budgets of government at all levels to cause the public to pressure politicians into going for the revenue from legalized cannabis.

    Britain is in a double-dip recession, and the Netherlands is going to bar foreigners from the coffeeshops. They’ve already started in Limburg, a province, and the German customers are protesting in the streets. The police are doing stops on the highways and trains on both sides of the border. Onno Hoes is threatening to close down the ones that won’t cooperate. The respective police from the different countries are coordinating, but the real question is how long they are willing to pay the costs of all the increased law enforcement, mainly salaries and benefits, at this level. Can they sustain it? This is a serious instance of Blink/Who’s Going to Blink First. Will the cannabis prohibition resistance be able to sustain or increase their actions so that the LEOs give up? Or, will the Law Enforcement Organizations simply become too expensive after a certain duration/period of time?

    The balloon effect will occur, and bulges of supply and nuisance problems and ancillary crimes associated with cannabis being illegal ought to make Germany, Belgium, and later Britain in 2013 be under pressure to legalize/lighten up. $$$ Money $$$ Pink Floyd – Britain should be proactive and legalize before the weedpass hits the rest of the country. Yo Britain, who’s got military style weapons in your nation? The IRA? Nice bit of funding you could hand over to them from the illegal cannabis market there, huh…not something you really wanna do, I’ll bet. It’s your decision to take, of course.

    An Anglo-American word to WHO and the UN to change the global language against it to now allow it is substantial. Get as many of the UN Security Council members on board as possible.

    The Beat Goes On


    Sonny & Cher

  14. Can you believe people are talking about losing their jobs over a discussion! Remember Freedom of Speech?…

  15. Don’t think that it is only lethargic administrative lethargy that has opposed the re-legalization, or at least decriminalization, of cannabis. Powerful vested interests are not comprised of only crony corporate interests, but also certain labor unions such as LEO & prison guards, who hold an especially powerful influence upon California politics.

    Cannabis is a harmless innocent plant that has been made illicit without it’s “day in court”, a victim as real as any USA citizen under the jack-boot of authoritarian kleptocratic technocrats. The continuation of cannabis prohibition is as good a bell-weather of the status of the USA’s fascistic police state as any continued suppression of citizens’ enumerated rights.

  16. Friends,

    I just created a petition: State of Texas: Leagalize Marijuana for 18+ older, because I care deeply about this very important issue.

    I’m trying to collect 100 signatures, and I could really use your help.

    To read more about what I’m trying to do and to sign my petition, click here:

    It’ll just take a minute!

    Once you’re done, please ask your friends to sign the petition as well. Grassroots movements succeed because people like you are willing to spread the word!


  17. I wished I would have kept some of my references about the early 1990’s when the federal government wanted to go to the extreme on cannabis prohibition. Some of those laws did pass. That is how the DEA got its commando approach on fighting pot. Laws that didn’t pass was those that make it illegal to talk or think about marijuana. Another one that didn’t pass was the new marijuana fungicide that would make the cannabis plant extinct world wide. Newt Gingrich at the time who was speaker of the house, wanted to have a mandatory death sentence for those who smuggle marijuana into the U.S.A.
    The world of prohibition really sucked.

  18. “Citizen Advocacy 101″…
    Aside from some editorial errors, most likely because this HAS gone on for way too long… very appropriate post.

    A lot of PEOPLE are afraid, very afraid of of speaking, thinking or accepting we’ve been duped, and we have a right to speak.

    It’s a shame really the internet made, or will make truth perfectly clear – that no, cannabis is not benign, as the ONDCP likes to say, but then, it’s not extraordinarily dangerous either! Not nearly as dangerous as so called alternatives, which are nothing like cannabis to begin with.

    But the Propaganda parade continues and spews out noxious confetti. The White House continues the old charade and refuses to budge. However in the letter from the White House, hope, as Gil Kerlikowski, Director of the ONDCP, says “they only want to help”.

    Hi job is to lie, you know that, and he claims the NIH, the “largest Research facility in the world” is trying to find ways to safely use cannabis. It almost makes one want to cry… until one snaps to and remembers it’s a lie.

    And that is the Federal Government we have, and have had over 75 years, and given the lies and deceit, I don’t see that changing anytime soon. The Federal Government wants to monopolize cannabis, dish out favors to big pharma. That is what the ONDCP means by “we’d like to help”.

    What Americans need to understand is no, we’re not “free”, but then we’ve got rights, and unless you outright threaten to kill someone, sell illegal substances from your website, or claim “Everyone Must Get Stoned”, you’ll be arrested; or in the case of Bob Dylan, would be given the American Medal of Freedom.

    Way to go Bob!!!

  19. Medical-marijuana policy in long-term-care facilities across Colorado is hazy at best.

    From state law and patients’ rights to federal law and liabilities,regulations on how marijuana may be used by nursing-home residents who suffer from eight specific medical conditions —set out in a 2000 state constitutional amendment legalizing the use of medical pot —run the gamut.

    For every facility that would discuss the matter,about a half-dozen declined,saying the topic was too controversial. The push and pull among federal,state and local regulation —possession of pot and distribution of it are crimes under federal law —has some long-term-care facilities playing it safe.

    QP Health Care Services,which operates 25 facilities in Colorado,does not allow medicinal marijuana because of feared consequences.

    “We follow federal law on that because these are Title 19 homes,which are Medicare-certified,” QP Health Care spokeswoman Nancy Schwalm said.

    Policy could change

    Times,however,are changing dramatically, and should more potential clients request to use the medication,policy could change,she said. “The senior population is growing larger because of the baby boomers,so we would be open to the idea.”

    North Star Rehabilitation and Care Community in Denver has taken a zero-tolerance stance, and because the topic has come up with potential residents,the community advises on the issue during the admissions process.

    The marijuana would have to be administered by nurses,said North Star help-information manager Kathy Szabo. “It is a liability issue,so we decided against allowing it.”

    Less than 7 miles away,Sunrise at Cherry Creek permits medical marijuana and handles it like any medication. The only stipulation is that medical marijuana has to be ingested in a pill form or,in some cases,baked into food, said senior executive director Reema Chugh.

    As with other controlled substances,nurses at the facility distribute medical marijuana.

    “It is treated like any other narcotic,” Chugh said.

    Emeritus Senior Living —which has 478 communities nationwide,including five in Colorado —has a systemwide policy that follows state laws governing the use of medical marijuana,spokeswoman Karen Lucas said.

    Residents must self-administer the drug,and only in their rooms,Lucas said.

    “The key word is resident’s choice,” Lucas said. “We will support whatever that may be.”

    Sonny Smith,59,a Boulder nursing-home resident,is grateful he can use medical marijuana where he lives. “It meant that I didn’t have to lie or leave the premises to use it. It is a huge inconvenience to leave, especially to take your own medicine.”

    For various aliments,Smith takes numerous medications,which make him sick to his stomach unless he is able to smoke,he said.

    Smith’s nursing home has a patio area where residents may smoke either cigarettes or medical marijuana. “I come out and take a few puffs when it is needed,” he said. “I am mindful of others and find an area to myself.”

    Attorney Fred Miles has represented local and national long-term-care facilities concerning the issue and regularly gives a presentation titled “Are Nursing Homes Going to Pot?”

    Until more clarity comes from the federal level on the matter,Miles said,most organizations will base policy on their use of Medicare and Medicaid funding.

    “When I advise facilities,I share with them the ‘don’t ask,don’t tell’ policy,” Miles said.

    While some have taken a stand on the issue, others said they will address the topic when it finally comes up at their location.

    Following state law

    Parkplace Denver is one of those facilities, which,when time comes for a decision,will follow state law,said director Paul Chinchilla. “If a doctor prescribes it,we would protect the patient’s rights.”

    Sheryl Thompson,president of Assured Assisted Living,said the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment gave an advisory committee meeting on medical marijuana four years ago.

    “All assisted-living locations were told there were no regulations against it,as long as it was no more than an ounce in possession and from a physician’s prescription,” she said.

    Hospices,too,varied on what was allowed for those undergoing pain management.

    The Denver Hospice allows patients to administer medical marijuana to themselves.

    “If it’s part of the patient’s medical regimen as ordered by the patient’s own physician,the patient may continue to self-administer medical marijuana,” said spokeswoman Lynn Bronikowski. “Our staff does not provide nor administer medical marijuana in any form.”

    Melody Stanton,administrator for Family Hospice of Boulder,said the organization has no specific policy on the issue. “We neither condone nor condemn the usage of it.”

    Colorado Dispensary Services general manager Jill Lamoureuxwas not surprised many facilities were mum. She said they are in a tough spot,balancing their feelings with the law.

    “Nursing homes have a conflict of conscience,” she said. “On the one hand,they want to help those in pain,but on the other hand,they fear what the government might do.”

    Denver Drug Enforcement Administration spokesman Robert Turner said long-term-care facilities are not necessarily part of the the federal agency’s “bigger picture.”

    “We do not target sick people,” Turner said. “Never have and,as far as I can say,never will,unless they were involved with major trafficking.”

  20. 5 nanograms, what I thought this was Killed? I just don’t get it. Zero tolerance is not the answer,what’s wrong with these people? Let’s already end this senseless prohibition law. All tell you if I was running for President, I’d be all over this. Talk about getting some votes. Corrupt people with no morality, only greed, money and war.

  21. Actually, Marijuana did have its day in court, it won and the DEA said we don’t care.

    Which is why I don’t understand why the DEA itself hasn’t been stripped of it authority and liquidated. What is with this DEA that they don’t have to listen to what judges tell them?

  22. I’m new to this site and I didn’t even read the article, but I have a very important point to make and NORML seems like a great place to do it. I support the legalization of ALL drugs. I’ve heard all the reasons why marijuana should be legal and I agree whole-heartedly, but to me none of that amounts to anything compared to this question: Why should drugs be illegal? In other words, prompting those who favor the status quo to be the ones to defend their point of view. I cannot elaborate too much here, but I can and will do so at my site. I understand that it’s hard enough getting weed RElegalized and my proposal by comparison seems impossible, but this point needs to be understood.

  23. 2012 Global Ganja Gathering Million Marijuana March 5.5.12

    The 64 nations are listed in alphabetical order:
    Angola. Argentina. Australia. Austria. Belarus. Belgium. Bermuda. Brazil. Bulgaria. Cambodia. Canada. Cape Verde. Chile. Colombia. Costa Rica. Croatia. Cyprus. Czech Republic. Denmark. Ecuador. Finland. France. Germany. Greece. Guyana. Hungary. Iceland. Indonesia. Ireland. Israel. Italy. Jamaica. Japan. Lithuania. Luxembourg. Malta. Mexico. Moldova. Nepal. Netherlands. New Zealand. Norway. Peru. Philippines. Poland. Portugal. Puerto Rico. Romania. Russia. Serbia. Slovakia. Slovenia. South Africa. Spain. Sweden. Switzerland. Trinidad and Tobago. Turkey. Ukraine. United Kingdom. United States of America. Uruguay. Venezuela. Vietnam

    2012 Global Ganja Gathering

    There is NO closet. One doesn’t have to testify under oath to prove a damn thing. The entire Ganjawar is a bogus, money making sham. As if no one is going to know your thoughts or speculate on your actions anyway. They probably know or suspect a thousand different bigoted ways. Listen to Marley or have a dancing bear sticker on a window. Just to advocate is going to get a portion of the population educated on ignorance believing what they’ve been taught. Which is the same as doing what your told. They seem to get comfort from big brother. Dung Worriers are fear based creatures. I believe prohibition in various forms at various times throughout history. Dries up the bodies Cannabinoid transmitters and receptors. Makes balancing the body, regulating the systems, retarded. Thinking becomes a chore and tis easier to follow orders than thimk. Having something that gives pleasure or relieves stress… re-creates back to where we once belonged. DEAth Mongers and Merchant’s preach that thinking is not prudent at this juncture. Just Say No.

    “Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe.”
    ~ Frederick Douglass

    Face it, we live in a partially Fascist place even with the paperwork on our side, we’re dealing with illiterates. Who are being led by multinational corporatists with no allegiance to this or any other country. With the World Banksters and Wallmart St. outsourcing tinkle downs and off shoring responsibility in Cayman Island Tax Dodging Sanctuaries. Gutting the middle class with disposable labor and eliminating local homegrown Hemp and Ganja competition by legislation. Such vile unscrupulous means are mandated to the BiCzar. 90 million pounds of abortion causing poisons sprayed onto the US cotton crop while organic Hemp is outlawed for family farmers. Half the crude oil we use is imported, farmers veggie oil or Hemp fiber could compete with the polyfibers. As 32 countries growing are proving. Free trade for anyone but the US? Or Mexico that could supplement incomes and a staple to curtail crossing borders for cheap scab wages and hassles. Even the wild ditchweed used to pad the statistics to show for their billion bucks eradicating the heathern devil weed. From Monsanto profits on “improved” agent orange and fungus. Scam of numbers with humans attached. Despicable. Spraying Ditchweed Could Devastate Game Bird Populations What is the message to the kids? Lie, cheat any means to the end. What is reality? Prohibition Profiteers. The majority of prohibitionists profit on the drug war, and that is their only motive. POLICING FOR PROFIT Grow up America.

    Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
    Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
    Everybody knows that the war is over
    Everybody knows the good guys lost
    Everybody knows the fight was fixed
    The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
    That’s how it goes. Everybody knows.
    ~ Leonard Cohen

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  24. The politicians better get on board with us or get out of the way. As we all know cannabis isnt going anywhere. I personally have made peace with God and lost 30 lbs along the way this year. Nay sayers don’t even realize the help that cannabis provides when u can harness the power of your mind and put it to “Good” use. Most peoples minds would be blown if i told them the truth. The gov has told its lies well. Nobody has any clue.

  25. I for one have been a canabis or pot smoker for about 2 years now im 17 years old and seriously if the retarded government wants to keep up its “Charades” and keep pumping more and more into the brains of are children that are in the 5th and 6th grade. And just saying that its one of the worst drugs out there. shouldent that be the parents dicision??? Not the schools or the governments…

  26. If are government thinks that it can control everyone then what kinda country is this?? It all sounds like a dictator ship to me! but hell im only 17 ive been smoking for about 2 years now and i think that marijuana is perfectly fine. there is nothing wrong with it at all its actualy better then alchol i mean least you know what your doing when your high but hell if your drunk and dont remember anything thats better???

  27. Kind of scary when Mr.Obama and Cong. Rep. Marco Rubio agree that cannabis should remain illegal.Just the fact that they agree on any thing goes against the grain of politics.
    Makes you wounder who is pulling the strings or paying the bills.

  28. to cris….
    safety in my opinion would apply as to why all drugs should not be legalized. safety for the people around you when you have no idea what your doing. also, seems that addiction would be another issue as, who would pay for all of peoples drug addiction meetings because they have lost the ability to control themselves….how many people do you know that could support a heroin habit and work every day and pay your friggen bills before it ate your brain away. then, someone else would have to take care of them. none of these things seem to happen where cannabis is concerned. no offence to you my friend. i personally believe our country would really fall apart if all drugs were to be legalized.i have done my share of the ‘other’ stuff in the early days and found cannabis to work the best for those around me as well as myself. peace to you my friend.

  29. this is a cool video! thanks for sharing. I will also be posting this on my blog where we discuss mostly WA state politics and vegan/organic sustainable gardening practices! stay lifted!

  30. Hey Zuke,

    I’m your mother’s age and I’ve been for legalization since before you were even an egg cell!!

    I think it’s high time for a smoke-in on Capital Hill, and I think it’s up to youse young-uns to get on that thar Facebook thingamajiggie and do one of those flash mob things. Somebody set a date okay?

  31. You’re wondering how the cannabis prohibition could have lasted for 70 years?

    If you wanted to make some item, or substance “illegal” or “against the law,” thereby making it a crime to possess it….

    Change the terminology, e.g., call the substance which is known to every one as a part of life (hemp), by a different name, a foreign word, that are emotion provoking to xenophobes (marijuana), and label an old crop staple as a foreign threat.

    Pass a tax stamp act where stamps issued by govt must be issued to legally grow hemp. Yet no stamps were given out and *no stamps were ever meant to be given out.* This allowed for the arrest of people for growing a plant, for the first time in world history.

    There were relatively few arrests up until 1971 when Nixon passed the Controlled Substances Act out of greed and hatred, and the drug war started, and the arbitrary scheduling system of drugs labeled “controlled substances.” The scheduling system has nothing to do with safety of the substances, but has ONLY to do with the severity of the punishment doled out if you’re caught in violation of the privacy-invading, pretend parenting, drug laws which claim to protect you…even if they have to arrest you and imprison you. Think how unjust this is. It’s crap. Nixon’s crap.

    How could the insanity last 70 years?

    By making the punishments absurdly harsh, stigmatizing, and fear-inducing that they’re more like the punishments received by violent offenders like rapists and wife beaters. Then Lie openly on TV with public service announcements. Teach children the DARE model–that mommy and daddy will love them if they don’t do drugs, otherwise they’re “bad” and won’t be loved.

    Dr. Lester Grinspoon, Harvard Professor Emeritus, summed up the statement about *when* and not *if* the prohibition will end.

    “It has to end. Because you cannot sustain a lie forever.”

    Prohibition is a lie itself. And so it must be defended by lies. The lies recur in every discussion or justification to continue prohibition. Take any statement from the DEA or prohibition sympathizing politician/official and “find the lie,” “find the appeal to fear fallacy (claims of danger),” “find the inferred claim that the govt is trying to protect people.”

    media/propaganda campaigns summarily state something like “you will definitely ruin your life if you try/use this drug, it’s that dangerous that we are trying to tell you to help you, etc”

  32. Moderator, please correct spelling error; misspelled.. posted
    [and delete this message] Thanks

  33. I’m 57 years old & just want to say LEGALIZE MARIJUANA already! This is so frustrating and ridiculous! It infuriates me that alcohol is a rite of passage and pot is still illegal. I’ve seen what alcohol and hard drugs can do in my day..LEGALIZE MARIJUANA NOW!!

  34. “When they took the 4th Amendment, I was quiet because I didn’t deal drugs. When they took the 5th Amendment, I was quiet because I wasn’t a criminal. When they took the 2nd Amendment, I was quiet because I didn’t own a gun. Now they’ve taken the 1st Amendment, and I can say nothing about it.” – author unknown

  35. The government is so afraid of the science. Science will prove how benign the cannabis plant truly is. You cannot overdose on it, it helps many symptoms of illness, and makes people just plain feel good. That’s a real crime, and let’s put people in jail for that. 100 years from now people will look back on us and think “what a bunch of idiots!!” that’s what I think about the drug war now. How stupid can people be?

  36. Quit voting for anyone that doesn’t publicly support Medical Marijuana. Put the MMJ issue right in the public’s face every time the opportunity arises, until the public is sick and tired of hearing complaints day in and day out about Marijuana. If you write for television, begin inserting dialog between actors to expand the public awareness of just how many people DO USE cannabis (i.e; NYPD 22, had positive dialog between two rookie cops about the publics; MJ use). Let the audience see that admitting MJ use publicly is better for all of us as a group. See you all tomorrow at 4:20 p.m. at the DEA headquarters at 4560 Viewridge Ave. Coming south on I-15 exit at Balboa Ave/Tierrasanta Blvd. then (turn right) onto Balboa Ave. Then take the (first right) onto Viewridge Ave. The taxpayer’s hold the lease to the DEA Building that we located for them. It hangs above a ravine. Look for a long beige building on your left, with a large group of people holding up “DEA.L” signs.

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