Barry Obama Loved Marijuana, President Obama Now Locks People Up For It

[Editor’s note: The infamous Chinese animators at New Media Animation (NMA) poke some good fun at America’s first known cannabis connoisseur president,  ‘Barry’ Obama. Watch animation here.]

New insight into the early life of Barack Obama has been recently made available in the form of excerpts from the forthcoming biography, “Barack Obama: The Story.” Apparently young Barry Obama, like countless of his contemporaries, enjoyed partaking in the use of marijuana. The president even was a trendsetter amongst his peers:

As a member of the Choom Gang, Barry Obama was known for starting a few pot-smoking trends. The first was called “TA,” short for “total absorption.”

Along with TA, Barry popularized the concept of “roof hits”: when they were chooming in the car all the windows had to be rolled up so no smoke blew out and went to waste; when the pot was gone, they tilted their heads back and sucked in the last bit of smoke from the ceiling.

He also was unafraid to go against proper smoking protocol:

Barry also had a knack for interceptions. When a joint was making the rounds, he often elbowed his way in, out of turn, shouted “Intercepted!,” and took an extra hit. No one seemed to mind.

What is clear from these anecdotes is that not only did Barry Obama try cannabis, but he was what many would refer to as a recreational user, a “stoner” if you will. Which begs the question, when exactly did Barry Obama, who participated in three foot bong hitting contests, become President Barack Obama, who laughs off the issue at town hall meetings, oversees the annual arrest of 850,000 Americans for marijuana violations, and ramps up the war against medical marijuana to new heights?

It is time the President says publicly what he already knows personally: Responsible marijuana use should not be a crime and it is time we put an end to the war on cannabis consumers.

Read more marijuana related excerpts here.

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  1. I think President Obama would love to be the President who legalizes marijuana if he believed it were politically feasible. It’s up to us to make the environment one in where being pro marijuana legalization is not only politically possible but a political necessity.


    The worst thing we can do is sit at home and let Romney win (and nominate more far right wing judges.) This is not going to be a war we win this year… we need to be smart and look at the long term repercussions of what we do.

  2. I wish Barack would let his inner Barry out. After reading this story, I like him even more. I’ve always thought he is more human than Romney and this story makes him even more human. I love it!

  3. @ “Obama 2012” ….really? “politically feasible” …how is it not? Oh, because the dirty politicians dont want to throw up the white flag and admit to being wrong. Why shouldnt we just let Romney win? Look at Obamas policies, and look at Romneys, they are identical. I mean, they are both backed by the same Goldman Sachs money…

    we need to stop electing frauds and, yes, look at the long term repercussions of what we do by electing these frauds into office.

    doesnt anyone like Liberty anymore?

  4. @ barbara – “more human”? is that how you pick your president?? stop watching foxnews and cnn.

  5. I think Obama 2010 is right. He’s not ramping up anything of the sort; he simply can’t legalize marijuana because of the ignorance of the American people and Congress. He simply laughs about it because it is somewhat of a comical idea. When the current young generation becomes the rulers of America, weed will be legal. It’s just going to take some time.

  6. ” After reading this story, I like him even more. ”
    Even though he fully authorizes tossing people in jail and ruining their businesses over the same thing?

    “if he believed it were politically feasible.”
    Marijuana legalization is politically feasible. About 56% of Americans favor legalization.

    I’ll be writing in/voting for Ron Paul in November no matter what. He’s the only candidate that has consistently been in favor of the legalization of marijuana. Even since the ’80s.

  7. Well of course the president was an avid pot smoker. I guarantee that atleast 60% of the country was an avid pot smoker at one time or another. And of course he won’t address it publicly, its an election year and with all the “conservatives” that are in running for offices, it looks like it’d be a politcal flush down the toilet for him to address it. Corporate donors and big $$ donors would potentially drop out yada yada yada…just sayin that’s prolly the thinking behind the avoidance to the issue. I’m not a party person or anything but if romney gets the rep nomination, then im voting obama because if we get highly “conservative” people on the hill, marijuana reform will be impossible. we need a candidate who is non partisan…a candidate who uses logic rather than faith and financial influence to make law-like decisions. what sucks is i would LOVE to run for prez as an independant, solely for the opportunity to stop bickering in congress and in global relations talks. it is baloney that big wigs that get the most people to give them the most money based on their faith(s)(no offense to anyone) can get into office but the average american joe who actually has GOOD ideas and solutions to the country’s problems doesnt have a shot to get into office. whats worse is that even the average american joe with good ideas can’t express them to their representatives for serious consideration. you receive a dear john automated response that comes with a big middle finger and a big “f@#& you, we dont really care about what you think cause we’re out for ourselves.”
    Haha cmon NORML, pick me if you wanna help sponser a candidate for the US prez 🙂 i’ll help marijuana law reform and fairness, no problem and i’ll do it by being, gonna shock ya, HONEST!
    –Hettie G.

  8. The major difference between Obama and the scores of people incarcerated for marijuana “crimes” is Obama never got caught. Had he gotten arrested and been incarcerated for his youthful marijuana use, it’s safe to say he probably wouldn’t be president today. How many promising young students’ dreams have to be destroyed by having a drug conviction on their records before this nation and its so called leaders wake up to how destructive and utterly absurd out marijuana laws are?

  9. The headline (as well as the premise of this article) is misleading since the president has little control over the existing policies and activities of law enforcement. Obama himself doesn’t actively perpetuate and enforce prohibition of marijuana, he has merely done nothing to speak out in favor of repealing the war on weed. He is capable of doing it, but it would likely cost him the election if he addresses the issue before his second term is confirmed. He probably also just wants to get the more important legislation (like healthcare, education and economic reform) done first before something as arguably frivolous as “freeing Mary Jane.” =)

    [Paul Armentano responds: “He is capable of doing it, but it would likely cost him the election if he addresses the issue before his second term is confirmed.” And you substantiate this belief how? According to the most recent nationwide Msson-Dixon poll, 74 percent of respondents – including 67 percent of self-identified Republicans – believe that the Obama administration should “respect the medical marijuana laws” in those states that have legalized its use, cultivation, and distribution. According to this week’s nationwide Rasmussen Poll, nearly six out of ten American voters believe that the personal use of marijuana should no longer be a criminal offense, and 56 percent of Americans say that the substance ought to be legalized like alcohol. So why would anyone think that Obama speaking in favor of marijuana law reform would decrease his support? Doing so would actually put his position in line with the public’s existing sentiment.]

  10. What would actually get him to respond about this issue. He has completely ignored everything we have tried so far. So seriously, WHAT DO WE HAVE TO DO TO GET HIS ATTENTION?

  11. I really think we need a good explanation from Obama as to how much better his life would be today if him and the rest of the Choom gang were rounded up and prosecuted to the full extent of federal and state law for their actions.Which begs the question, what state was he in during all these “crimes?”

  12. Ron Paul supports legalization, he is actually winning several hundred delegates, no to Obomney. Ron Paul 2012! Vote for liberty. Destroy the establishment.

  13. @Obama2012, I love the way you think and I agree completely…..BUT the problem is the money, the people with the money will never let marijuana become legal because they make too much money on all the poison/medicine they create. Marijuana could be almost free, we could grow it ourselves, BUT how will the people with the money make money then? Move to a friendly state! Yes we have to be smart and keep working on it but honestly, I dont see the Goldman Sachs of the world ever letting it be legal. If you want to know the truth check out

  14. Obama went beyond being a hypocrite when he appointed Michele Leonhart as DEA head administrator.

    There is no hope for Obama’s second term redemption when he has already sold his soul to organized crime’s support in big government.

    Care about your freedom and liberty and not the federal government’s. VOTE!

  15. Ok, Heshrialites, all we need to do is have all the MJ users pool their money into 1 lobby fund, put a positive spin on it/show the harm having it illegal does, and we’ll buy off the politicians favor like all the other special interests/lobbiers do. For one month, everyone just buy the cheapest MJ, send in the difference, and we’re funded!

  16. Obama could see to it that cannabis prohibition is a victim of the automatic cuts that are effective in January 2013. He would need to get the party line on it, and he’d have to get John Boehner to let it happen in his party.


    All of you apologists need to get your heads out of your asses! This doesn’t humanize Obama or make him “More like us”. It’s just another disgusting example of hypocrisy and underscores the reality of authoritarianism in our country; Those with power, both political & financial, write the rules but are never beholden to them.

  18. Will you Ron Paul idiots get a clue. It ain’t gonna happen!!!

    OK, sure Barry was a stoner….little rerason for his dismal running of the Country or his reelection…

  19. When did the president get the power to ignore the Senate and the House of Representatives and do as he will???
    Raise and lower gas prices…

  20. ^^^ I think that is exactly right Obama has already shown he is not nice to the “medical marijuana” industry. Its one thing to keep it status quo but we know him to be the worst President on medical marijuana since Bush Sr.

    Also polls already show that support for some sort of marijuana legislation is above the 50% mark nation wide. While we currently have 17 and the District of Columbia (or capital) with some fore medical marijuana legislation on the books.

  21. well most of us norml (haha, normal lol) people of course see he could/would benefit by outwardly supporting marijuana as well as ending the war on drugs, but political people want to mind the p’s and q’s about everything in fear of damaging their campaign. I think the real argument to be made for marijuana reform shouldn’t begin with medicinal marijuana(while that is a good place to start), because then you have your nay-sayers that throw out claims the people who are prescribed marijuana for illnesses “can be diagnosed with “silly” symptoms just to receive it” i.e. migranes,pain, etc…anythign that can be “fixed” with over the counter meds. i think a better vantage point would be from an economic standpoint for full legalization. everyone is mad about the economy. it affects everyone and everyone uses it as a reason to some problem/issue they have run into at one time or another. perhaps trying for full legalization with economic basis would get us further. i.e. chepaer paper products, less soil erosion, alternative fuel/energy resources, faster renewability(grow time), job creation(trucking, cultivation, research, etc) taxable permits to grow/cultivate for home and/or business use, overcrowded prison decline to allocate more of the state/fed funds collected from taxes to pay for other state/fed problems, crime decrease(less $$spent) and not to mention the taxation on the product itself…i think if you really want to try and make the powers that be’s ear perk a little bit, start talkin $$ and how much they can save and how much they could accrue through taxes, etc. start sending the fiscal argument and pull up potential #’s and it will get more attention across the country…

  22. when i speak about marijuana law reform and regulation amongst my peers, i always begin with one statement…
    “If the government would just legalize and regulate marijuana, we could -literally- GROW ourselves(USA) out of debt!”

  23. When Obama was a young man he was not accepting money from Big Rx and the alcohol lobby. Now that he is, he has to do their bidding.

    Gary Johnson/Jim Grey 2012!

  24. Obama has not made any effort to curb the arrests of marijuana users (seemingly, even in spite of his ‘states can moderate their own medicinal laws’ crap’

    And, while we can all agree with a fellow toker-
    to know that, not only was he doing ‘a little blow’ (which many of us, personally, understand is not the same thing as mj),
    he has sat idly by while hundreds of thousands of lives were negatively impacted by laws prohibiting something that he probably does still.

    Even if we take as a given that he has cleaned up his act-
    he knows FOR CERTAIN that many lives are affected
    – court costs
    – lost jobs and prospects
    – lives in Mexico where the REAL ‘drug war’tm is fought

    I am sick of the man-
    and like many I had HOPES at the start-
    but that CHANGED when I saw his priorities-
    – the self
    – not the nation

    One of the two political powerhouses (Rom or O) need to step up, as Ron Paul did
    and end this mess-
    and they need to mark all ‘possession / distribution’ crimes, where the SOLE infraction is marijuana, as CLEARED.

    and get this nation in recovery.

    Marijuana has killed ZERO
    prohibition has killed MANY, not to mention incarceration.


    I call BULLSHIT.

  25. decriminalization sounds far better than legalizing / taxing. If the government taxed then state / city would tax it+retail markup. …a pack of joints would cost more than a les Paul or a masa boogie stack.

    Medicine should be free.

  26. To Lessbiased: Ignorance of the American public is exactly how this traiterous two faced idiot became POTUS. Wake up and get a clue…

  27. If Obama wanted to, he could leagalize cannabis right now with an executive order.

    Given that 56% of American’s want cannabis legalized, I beleive this is proof that he only does things that are only in HIS best interests instead of the country’s citizens.

    Obama or Romney? We are sooooo screwed no matter what.

  28. I Barry was all for-it? We would be on the corner;smokin a Fat-Ol-Boma:-}-‘No more “SPLEAF!”

  29. Be patriotic support our troops ask Why our family of soldiers are committing suicide at a rate that has never been seen. PTSD! Our government supports Prohibition on a plant called Marijuana. I support alternate medicines for our family of soldiers 100%.

  30. Don’t like medical, how about legalize it like alcohol ,yes so we can protect big pharma and keep up the fascade marijuana is a drug, F*ckin sellouts everywhere ;(

  31. In response to “When the current young generation becomes the rulers of America, weed will be legal” let me assure you that is not very likely. I’ve been waiting 45 years for “the next generation” to make it legal…and we are no closer than now than then.

  32. you all have it wrong… he wont legalize it because the drug companies wont let him… And because he’s an asshole generally overall… Big Pharm wants to keep people hooked on opiates, so pot cant be legal… its that simple

  33. One comment said …”when the young generation rules the country,marijuana will be legalized…” or something close to that. I hope it wont take that long. I’d like to supplement my retirement in some way, growing for a collective, or opening a dispensary, something. I’ve got about ten more years. So hurry up young folks!

  34. This is all fake and is to get us stoners to vote for Obama. There is no proof. The joints in his hands look like cigarettes. I think it’s all propaganda.

  35. blah blah pot not being legal has nothing to do with drug companies. it has do do with the fact that a lot of prisons would be closeing and visa and master card who run a great deal of them dont want that.

  36. Marijuana won’t be legalized until we end the tyranny in Washington… The DEA is our “in” when it comes to invading other countries with our political ideas and beliefs… We went to Canada to lock up Marc Emery because he patented/sold seed while being an active participant in Marijuana legislation reform… He was a threat to their reign… Wake up people… Don’t let the Obamney Bank of the World win again… Demand a change in leadership and see it through… We’d all be bowing to Queen Elizabeth right now if our founders had given up this easily…

  37. Money makes the President, Money makes a hypocrite. Feeling ashamed that I voted for him but damn proud I didn’t vote for the other.

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