Barry Obama Loved Marijuana, President Obama Now Locks People Up For It

[Editor’s note: The infamous Chinese animators at New Media Animation (NMA) poke some good fun at America’s first known cannabis connoisseur president,  ‘Barry’ Obama. Watch animation here.]

New insight into the early life of Barack Obama has been recently made available in the form of excerpts from the forthcoming biography, “Barack Obama: The Story.” Apparently young Barry Obama, like countless of his contemporaries, enjoyed partaking in the use of marijuana. The president even was a trendsetter amongst his peers:

As a member of the Choom Gang, Barry Obama was known for starting a few pot-smoking trends. The first was called “TA,” short for “total absorption.”

Along with TA, Barry popularized the concept of “roof hits”: when they were chooming in the car all the windows had to be rolled up so no smoke blew out and went to waste; when the pot was gone, they tilted their heads back and sucked in the last bit of smoke from the ceiling.

He also was unafraid to go against proper smoking protocol:

Barry also had a knack for interceptions. When a joint was making the rounds, he often elbowed his way in, out of turn, shouted “Intercepted!,” and took an extra hit. No one seemed to mind.

What is clear from these anecdotes is that not only did Barry Obama try cannabis, but he was what many would refer to as a recreational user, a “stoner” if you will. Which begs the question, when exactly did Barry Obama, who participated in three foot bong hitting contests, become President Barack Obama, who laughs off the issue at town hall meetings, oversees the annual arrest of 850,000 Americans for marijuana violations, and ramps up the war against medical marijuana to new heights?

It is time the President says publicly what he already knows personally: Responsible marijuana use should not be a crime and it is time we put an end to the war on cannabis consumers.

Read more marijuana related excerpts here.

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  1. Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton advocated decriminalization after their presidency. Apparantly Barack Obama advocated lots of pot long before his presidency. What a hypocrite. What’s wrong with the guy, and why would he not pardon everyone and anyone arrested for any pot related action? On his first day in office, let alone now!

  2. @Ron Paul I voted for you. I was a registered democrat and had to use a provisional ballot so I could vote for you. I had to keep telling the election volunteers “I want to vote for Ron Paul” they had to look in a book to find out how to let me vote for you. This got me wondering how many other democrats who wanted to vote for you, who did not push enough, to insist on voting for you. There are 2 other democrats I know this happened to, a cab driver and his friend; they told me that they turned them away and they could not vote or you because they were registered democrats. They were not aware of the provisional ballot. Why hasn’t anyone addressed this obvious glitch in our voting system? My 2 friends were very upset when I told them about the provisional ballot. they wanted to vote for you too.
    I love you, you are the only honest, sensible choice we have. I am getting very scared for my country; with these knuckle-heads running it. You are the only one I want for my president.

  3. @Monica how dare you tell Ron Paul to shut the hell up! You shut the hell up. You are and idiot.

  4. Obama promised “change we can believe in.”

    He didn’t say, “Oh, I mean SOME change, IF it doesn’t hurt me politically, WHEN I decide to get around to it.”

    He’s had four years to show he keeps his word. He hasn’t – not in the least aspect.

    We’re still at war in the Middle East, we’re still conducting a war on marijuana consumers, and the corporations/wealthy are still calling the shots.

    Anyone who thinks Obama will suddenly change after being elected again is just deluding themselves.

    Governor Gary Johnson is clearly the best presidential candidate. Not only did he save New Mexico from financial ruin, we was the primary force behind the implementation of that state’s medical marijuana program.

    Even more importantly, Johnson is that rarest of politicians. He speaks the truth. What he says he will do, he does. It’s clear his primary concern is the well-being of EVERYONE.

    Johnson says:

    >>>”The parallels between drug policy today and Prohibition in the 1920’s are obvious, as are the lessons our nation learned. Prohibition was repealed because it made matters worse. Today, no one is trying to sell our kids bathtub gin in the schoolyard and micro-breweries aren’t protecting their turf with machine guns. It’s time to apply that thinking to marijuana. By making it a legal, regulated product, availability can be restricted, under-age use curtailed, enforcement/court/incarceration costs reduced, and the profit removed from a massive underground and criminal economy.

    By managing marijuana like alcohol and tobacco – regulating, taxing and enforcing its lawful use – America will be better off. The billions saved on marijuana interdiction, along with the billions captured as legal revenue, can be redirected against the individuals committing real crimes against society.”

    Gary Johnson really IS the change you can believe in.

  5. To me Obama is about as much a stoner as Judas Iscariot was a Christian. It sickens me that Obama knowingly locks up thousands of people every year for a crime he was guilty of. And also, intercepting joints is a dick move and not surprising from a man as selfish and arrogant as Obama.

    Furthermore, his administration’s raids are flat-out unconstitutional. The federal government has no right to intervene with intrastate trade and for someone who studied Constitutional Law, it means he’s aware of the law and blatantly ignores it. Further proof Obama is an evil man.

    Obama or Romney this election? No, thank you, I’ll vote for Gary Johnson or Ron Paul(already got my vote in the NY primary)

  6. As a person, I think Obama is a great man. He inspired a lot of people, including myself, the first time; and the people who voted for him believed him when he said he was going to end the wars, and torture, and create “Change” in America. This dream lasted for about a year and it seemed we had gotten little change; and instead of bringing peace by ending these wars of aggression he has continued and even increased the wars. He has been more effective than Bush in the war on terror to now include the American people, who now legally can be treated as enemy combatants. And we all know on this board how Obama has destroyed medical marijuana. A lot of people want to say as a President he has been a disaster. Some might say that Obama makes Bush Jr. look like an “amature.” But has he really failed the people?


    Berry had all these great ideas for the country and had a great plan for Washington before he became President. Once he got in he was briefed on the dire situation facing the country. Berry at first didn’t want to give it up for the fat cat bankers; but once he got in he was briefed on how important these major banks are to economic stability and price creation, that he had to get into bed with them and bail them out. Not only that, but Berry learned that he could not end the wars because if he did, it would crash the dollar because it would lose reserves currency status with oil countries going with an alternative currency. The world would worship this new oil money and dump the dollar. So Obama saved America by not ending the wars so that we would not have to pay $12.00 a gallon for gas or $27.00 a loaf of bread, when nobody had jobs because of the banking messes. O-man kept the country together by looking like a liar to the people wanting peace and change; yet he had to do it or we would be living in a Mad Max movie right now.
    When Berry O. got to heath care he found that big pharma wanted him to do something about the emerging medical marijuana dispensary retail market that is strong competition for their dangerous products. In order to get the deal done Berry had to bend his promise of ‘change and science’ and go after the marijuana industry to get these big pharma parasites to go along with health care reform. But Berry has done his best to protect the patient by not busting them, just shutting down the open retail shops. When the marijuana community says that Obama is the worst, Berry feels hurt because he has allowed all the medical people to grow their own without interference. In Berry’s mind, he is a marijuana hero and has created landmark health care reform to boot. He thinks voting for him is a no brainer.

  7. Recreational use is occasional or weekends, barry osama was clearly a very,very heavy user from what i am being led to believe in this article. In the 70s & 80s the low potency of pot made it very easy to smoke an ounce of pot a day between a few friends, every day. And i assure you all that pot smoking was not the only drug he used heavily.

  8. Hi.
    When Ron R made the war on terrorism act he put pot under the same law thats why its not legal today. they on the right refuse to change it because it would chop there heads off

  9. Ron Paul is in it to win it. He is picking up mass amounts of delegates (so far the last I heard was the majority of 11 states, where the dust is finally starting to settle in states like Iowa, the first few states that voted), that the MSM fails to report. I wonder if it has to do with the people who heavily fund the media, AKA the special interest corporations, wallstreeters, and private bankers, who also heavily fund the establishment as well and are BANKRUPTING us.

    Ron Paul has been 30+ year consistant, and voting according to the Constitution. You know, that one document that our country was founded upon and that EVERY politician has sworn an oath to defend and protect, from foreign AND domestic ‘terrorists’? I put that in quotes because the government likes to throw that word around loosely nowadays. He has voted against every bailout, every tax increase, and every Congressional pay increase, every time. He refuses to accept his Congressional Pension because he believes it would be immoral, and he refuses to accept his military pension as well because he says that the military helped him become a DOCTOR. Who by the way, never accepted medicare/medicaid from a patient, has worked as a physician before and after the government got involved in healthcare, he routinely lowered fees, and even worked for free for those without healthcare, a lot of them being minorities.

    Don’t be fooled, there’s no difference between Obama and Romney. They have much of the same views – from warefare to welfare. The main difference between them style. They are both in support of bailouts, higher taxes, bigger government, pro-empire building, and more spending. Ron Paul is the only one fighting for We the People! He is not in it for the money, and his background/lifestyle will show you that. In order to judge a candidate you must look at what they have done throughout their ENTIRE lives. He is a modern day founding father. Also, didn’t the media say that Reagan was dangerous and unelectable as well? Do some in-depth research for a change!

    I’m a ff/emt, and I personally do campaigning for Dr. Paul all over my state. My whole department supports Ron Paul. I find more Paul supporters than any other supporters. I only seen Ron Paul signs out and about, I’ve seen a couple Santorum signs, and no Romney or Obama signs yet. Paul has rallies comprising of thousands and thousands of people, whereas Mitt Romney can barely get 200. Look up youtube videos between their rallies.

  10. Under Obama care it is legal just read it but he will have to change the war on terror act that the ron r did when he was there. The right will not let change because it is the fed gov that is not able to change it until he is in office again. Thats the bottom line

  11. I hate these deceivers’ that say “oh that was back in college” or ‘That was what we did in the 70s”.. like the gap in time is an sufficient excuse for their metamorphosis into their present day justifications

    .Another bullshit line is…”The pot is so much stronger now than it was back then” …Not Hawaiian..tropical weed has always been potent, probably just as strong as today’s indoor hydro, if not more.

    Hawaii, is where Obama grew up and had these ‘nostalgic teen age experiences’ from these book excerpts) right?..

    must have been nice.

  12. The face of a real terrorist. The one who has arrested and ruined the lives of many. The hypocrite who told us that he would not interfere with state laws who could regulate their own laws on medicinal cannabis. If you read my page, there is a story about a drug paraphernalia raid in Idaho, which terrorized a young baby and a 12 year old OVER TOBACCO RELATED merchandise (advertised as water pipes) and Cannabis Literature (which makes you think what happened to freedom of speech and expression)? And another story where the DEA FORGOT a 24 year old UCSD student in A HOLDING CELL of a DEA building for FIVE DAYS, forced to drink his own urine for survival, almost committing suicide. The irony of that story is the victim found METHAMPHETAMINE in the cell.???? SHARE THIS STORY TO SAVE AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I’m pretty sure I would have liked Barry Obama back in the day. It’s hard for me to imagine that person becoming the person he is now. Personally, I intend to vote for Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate, unless Barrack, at a minimum, throws us a bone; like saying he’d like to see it legalized for adult use. Even if he can’t do it all by himself, I need to know he is on the correct side of this issue!

    I wonder how his old stoner friends feel about him now.

  14. Its funny how people say that Obama didnt do anything in the four years that he been in office. Obama is trying to correct the fuck up that Bush has done to US for the 8years that he was in office.

  15. we need for one thing , to grow more support for the truth about cannabis folks…..what about you tube? why couldnt individuals make a short diddy on you tube explaining the REAL deal with regular users such
    as ourselves?respectfully done,something the older folks could even appreciate, not to be stoned off our little asses and crackin ignorance but, honest otherwise, law abiding, family life/ work every day, pay our taxes and generally being responsible in this life.why couldnt we flood you tube with these vids… many people in this country STILL think cannabis consumers are a bunch of low life couch potatoes without a job….how many of you folks think you would loose your jobs if you did expose yourself to this?…is this a bad idea? someone bite…dammit…..we cannot depend on a president.he is but one man…we are many….someone say something……

  16. I have been waiting for this article to show up. Now getting this story to the main stream media – THAT will really be something!

  17. Maybe Obama is letting his hardline position on cannabis sway more support for its legalisation. Then if he gets in again and the % of support gets better he might just admit that the laws are wrong
    Can’t show any support now cause the reps would fry him on it.

  18. Obama will legalize weed on Dec. 20, 2012.

    The world will end Dec 21, 2012.


  19. Sometimes as President…one must change the ‘Honey Do List’…hells bells I’d had really liked for that DEA to be sending agents into an early retirement. Just think…if those Birthers and Tea Partiers had just been spirited away by Space Aliens and the Teapot Partiers had lobbyists on K Street…’What a wonderful world this would be!’ Take Care…smok’em if you have them! ;)))

  20. This story actually makes me sick. this guy, who prior to this all coming out” i believed was maybe a casual smoker, and to now find out he was just like any of us and still stands behind these laws that incarcerate our youth in droves…..I”m disgusted. I”m really disgusted by all this. what an actual hypocrite, I don’t care. I”m a democrat, but this is far too much for me. I will not vote for him again.

  21. Since we are doing maybes…maybe he is protecting his family…marijuana is only big business if it is illegal and maybe that means that Hollywood is correct when they show organized crime and governments in bed with each other.

    Gary Johnson is a self made millionaire…he is single…he climbs mountains…
    …he appears to be a fearless (climbs mountains) man whose family cannot be threatened (doesn’t have one) who also does not appear to be a bought and paid for political riser (self made w/o cashing in the bonds Daddy got), (no ties to Chicago mob money).
    Yep, voting for Gary Johnson…hope he wins and the PAC’s end up with nothing to show for all of their spending (money that could have been used to create jobs…guess that’s what those tax breaks for the wealthy are really doing).

    Gary Johnson 2012

  22. What alternative candidates can my Colorado house hold vote for? I know my mom is voting Mit because “She is mad” about medicinal herb being taken away (Protest vote) My Dad is voting for his dog “Princess” but I don’t want my vote to be waisted as I just turned 18. Do you just wright in Ron Paul or Schooby do or your cats name? I might vote green party, whats the guys name?

  23. Perhaps it is time for a “SMOKE-OUT” at the Whitehouse, or at least as close as we can get to it.

  24. Jeedi you are a moron your “alternate explanation” of obama’s presidency is total BS, a joke…

    so much in fact makes me think that was meant AS a joke…

  25. All I can say is get the feds to make it legal for the Vets and the rest will fall in place for the states to do what they need to do. That will change things.

  26. To win the argument, we have to draw other societal parallels to the prohibition era but discuss them in arenas not related to cannabis, like draw a parallel to that era with this decade so it seems obvious to people what to do to solve many of our problems. Like how we did with FDR recently, or tried to, just do for the pres of that time.

  27. obama is a truly evil, hippocritical failure as a person and as a president. he has taken our country down a slippery slope to ruin. only ron paul has a chance to save it. he is planning on bringing our troops home and letting states decide for themselve what their MJ policy will be. 850 thousand people go to prison every year for non-violent MJ offences. look at all those families being disrupted! for what? so big pharma can get richer? moms, dads, sisters, brothers,where the hell is the outrage? if every one of you affected family members would flood the congress and senate and failure-in chief with letters evertime a loved one was incaerated for pot, maybe they would take notice! or, if we got thousands to march on the white house WHILE SMOKING POT, maybe that would get things changed in our favor. they sure cant arrest us all…..
    what it all boils down to is, they arent going to change our stupid pot laws willingly- its gonna take some forceful persuasion. or, just elect ron paul, and if your state dont want legal pot, vote with your feet.


    [Editor’s note: Please, no ALL CAPS!]

  29. If its not the alien cover ups its weed cover ups! LEGALIZE! Be honest with ourselves before its to late.

  30. Rushy – Obama has foulded up everything he touches. I WILL NOT leave him alone. He needs to be called out on all the crap he’s pulled, starting with raiding medical marijuana dispenceries.

  31. Why won’t President Obama support our Right To ‘Choom’ like he did? He sold us out for campaign donations. He’s two faced. Vote for Ron Paul.

  32. I never understood that line. The point was to inhale. That was the point.
    Barack Obama, When asked, “Unlike other presidents, did you inhale?

    What a politician being a hypocrite? They all wind up being the same. The money gets to them everytime.

  33. this is an obvious way to show he was cool with pot, he know he has to finally take a side and no longer ride te fence inorder to win 4 more years. it’s all about winning again in the first 4 years of presidency, If you vote for him again he’ll be able to make some bigger changes such a legalizing gay marriage and lifting weed prohibition. he has to ride the fence the first 4 years. and he’s not going to just come out and make his beliefs known like you would if you were president because he wants the whole range of democrats to vote for him not just the extremes, it’s a very delicate dance. but once he’s sealed for another 4 he’s gonna go out with a bang. if he was more outspoken in the first 4 and tried to legalize weed it would have made him extreme voted out and undone in the next 4 years. and he’s spent the first 4 cleaning up bush’s CEO raping. give him 4 more and you’ll see. out with a bang Barry. “INTERCEPTION”

  34. and I mainly want it legalized because paranoid high friends SUCK and take all the fun out of it, which is why I want it legalized vote Sam 2012

  35. Criminals in power. Its obvious that hyporite criminals are in power and will seek to enslave the human race.

  36. hilarious.alcohol users sit on the gateway substance,then point at pot and say “there it is. there’s the gateway, over there” my God,talk about peeing on my leg and telling me it’s raining. unfortunately,this is what flies. everyone seems to buy it. one sorry situation!

  37. Mike May 27,2012 12:18 pm

    “Why won’t President Obama support our Right To ‘Choom’ like he did?”

    Because he has direct orders not to do so. Being a perfect puppet – all bets are off. Like the Judge said to the jury – “Disregard that statement.”

  38. Wow, there is way too much arguing and negitvity in all of these comments. You know, considering this is the website of an organization that advocates for the responsible use of cannabis, one would think that the idividuals posting comments here would be more peaceful and open-minded.

  39. Why is it that some of the best presidents used cannabis and the ones that are opposed to it are really fucking up on everything? should’nt it be the other way around? ( marijuana mind enhancer). And Missouri is not a show-me state for they have not a backbone to show. So sad. Well, i’ve got one if you need to see what one looks like!

  40. It is ridiculous that marijuana is illegal. It is the world’s safest drug, it cannot and will not kill you. It’s good, fun, and very beneficial. I have depression, but not when I have a nice bag o bud. Legalizing it would create millions of jobs. We’d need millions to grow it transport it sell it, inspect it. Plus we’d need people to make the bowls and bongs and the cookies and brownies. It would keep millions out of jail a year, saving more money. Taxing it would yield BILLIONS of dollars. God created it and it isn’t as though he didn’t know we were going to smoke it. And if you don’t believe in God that’s all the more reason to legalize it cause we need to be enjoying ourselves during this stay on this planet as much as possible. Basically the evil leaders of this country don’t feel good and they don’t want us to, either. DEA for example would just be out of a job if we got some justice in this country. We need to end as much suffering as we can. Legalizing pot would do wonders in that area. And I think people, plants, and animals have souls and God loves their souls. That means that God loves pot! 🙂

  41. Nick says:
    “Wow, there is way too much arguing and negitvity in all of these comments. You know, considering this is the website of an organization that advocates for the responsible use of cannabis, one would think that the idividuals posting comments here would be more peaceful and open-minded”.

    I call it passion, where dealing with “forces” that are destructive animalistic and barbaric that want to put humans in a cage over a plant.

    How do you want people to deal with something that sinister and negative in a “peaceful and open minded way” without mirroring and reflecting the negativity and destruction that we are up against?.

    Your expectations of how the bloggers should behave are naive or idealistic at its best…anger- disbeleif and sarcasm are par for the course.

  42. I find it very upsetting that President Obama, Clinton (though he said he did not inhale it) Bush and many more are hypocrites doing drugs in their days but yet my husband who is Canadian who had three counts of possession back in the 70’s is not allowed to come to live with me in the U.S. and the rest of his family. We have done all we know but they have rejected him living here. When I said something about them doing it to the government they said well your husband is not a U.S. citizen so for those who are born here and do drugs especially if you are a government official it’s o.k. but for those outside the country and the regular folks here it isn’t. You cannot expect something from another and not do it yourself! It is high time the government is held to some type of responsibility! And it is high time we demand laws that do not hurt the people but help them- for the people and by the people was what it was supposed to be but WE have let them take over everything and nothing is good for us anymore it’s good for them!

  43. Obama is a hypocrite for locking up citizens for something he LOVED to do in high school and college. Medical Marijuana should be legal in all 50 states, not just a few smart states.

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