It’s Time for Obama to Have His “Marijuana Moment”

The internet was ablaze yesterday with talk of President Obama’s youthful pot use. Which is odd, considering the only thing atypical about Obama’s high school years is how common and relatable they seem.

Recent polling has shown support for marijuana legalization growing exponentially. Just this month, 56% of people responded in favor of legalization in a survey from Rasmussen Reports, with only 36% opposed. This is just the latest in a continuing trend of polling data demonstrating majority support for regulating cannabis. In October 2011, a Gallup poll had 50% support amongst those polled. Ending the war on cannabis consumers is no longer a political liability, it is a political possibility. President Obama should use this opening to embrace reforming our country’s marijuana laws and encourage Congress to pass laws to facilitate ending the arrest of 850,000 American citizens a year.

It is time for Barack to get in touch with his inner “Barry” and advocate for ending this country’s war against responsible adults who choose to consume cannabis. The majority of this country is waiting for your opinion to “evolve” on this issue, this could be your chance.

We encourage you to make your voice heard as an American voter and let the White House know this is an issue you consider to be of importance in this election. It is time those in Washington realize supporting rational reforms to our country’s marijuana laws can win them support at the ballot box.

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  1. Dave, that is probably why Ron is not going to be elected. However, did you see the debates, where all the other contenders spent more of their time being forced to say things like, “Well is Dr. Paul is correct… But…”

    Dr. Paul is not nutty. He really is the best person out of those running from the two major parties. Straight up, Clinton and Bush II were nutty psychopathic liars; I suppose someone that isn’t crazy seems odd to us now… Ron Paul doesn’t do bait ‘n switch which is what we usually get. If that makes a person nuts, I’ll for for nuts each time.

  2. I think if the MJers could demonstrate that we will consolidate our vote around one preferred candidate that would really help. I was thinking there should be a website (and associated phone apps), something like or .org and it would have x number of members that pledge to vote for whatever candidate is chosen by a consensus of the subscribers. Then maybe the politicians will see the combined number as something to pay attention to. If so, JACKPOT!

  3. Will the real Obama please stand up? O wait, he did and he smacked us down like little roaches SO WHY ARE YOU VOTING FOR HIM AGAIN? Vote anything, vote your conscience, Hell, I might not even vote at all this year.

  4. Did you ever feel like Charlie Brown getting ready to kick that football and then Lucy (Obama) pulls it back just when you’re getting ready to boot it. ARRRHoG!!!

  5. I never understood that line. The point was to inhale. That was the point.
    Barack Obama, When asked, “Unlike other presidents, did you inhale?

  6. @Galileo Galilei – I am pretty sure that both Romney and Obama remember perfectly well the events that have recently become public knowledge. Obama actually acknowledges it and I think he’s secretly proud of his behavior!

    As for Romney, he knows what he did is pathetic and cruel and therefore simply says he doesn’t remember. IF he really doesn’t remember perhaps it is because the incident involving the brutal haircut was simply one of many many mean things he did back then…

  7. If theres any chance of legalization it sure wont happen if Romney is president.> DONT VOTE FOR ROMNEY.

  8. He said he was going to legalize it five years ago on his campaign trail, then as soon as he got into office, just went on a rampage, raping the world and our Constitution, fuck that guy

  9. If Obama come’s from a radical background. Why didn’t he legalise to stick it to the man. Cannabis is illegal by it being safe low cost competition. Cannabis is a multi Trillion dollar crop. idk

  10. I haven’t voted for years because I really didn’t see any change in the politicians from 1 to another until President Obama. I actually thought that we had elected a down-to-earth democrat. I apparently was wrong because he has let the power and responsibility of the office corrupt him as it has so many other presidents. Mr. Obama has clearly forgotten his roots and his younger days in favor of being one of the good old boys club. Honestly I expected more than that from him. He has not only been on the smoking end of this issue, but he has seen first-hand what happens when your family is arrested for a minuscule amount of cannabis no matter what the circumstance. Surely he hasn’t forgotten all of the inner-city youths he ran across when he was helping people rebuild communities that were just trying to survive. Some did turn to selling illegal substances. If cannabis was legal for medical use, these same youths could have jobs that they not only could sustain, but love and would be able to hold down those jobs even with certain disabilities because there are a few disabilities that cannabis not only helps greatly with the symptoms but can render that person “normal” by today’s society with the right strain and dosage. There are several “chronic” illnesses that cannabis will, if not cure, alleviate the symptoms of. It has even been proven to cure some types of cancer! Mr. Obama has also forgotten that his campaign is only as good as the word he kept in his tenure as president. If he didn’t even attempt to keep all of his promises the first term, what incentive would we, the people, have to elect him again? I, for 1, have had enough of the lies and shiesty behavior. At least Mitt Romney is openly saying he doesn’t believe in legalizing cannabis.

  11. Obama and every policy maker should read the book “Marijuana Gateway to Health: How Cannabis Protects Us from Cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease” and come into the 21st Century and throw the discredited reefer madness laws out. Marijuana’s cannabinoids fight cancer and protect the brain from dementia and alcohol poisoning.

  12. If you want politicians to listen to the will of the people you have to speak the language they understand. Money and votes they understand. Logic and compassion, not so much.
    I know it’s ancient history to most of you youngster, so buy a history book and look up the last two major party nominees to endorse marijuana legalization. I’ll get you started. George McGovern in 72, and Jimmy Carter in 76. Remember what happened to them. And it’s not like the U.S. has gotten more liberal since then. In 72 Nixon proposed Universal Health Care and in 1980 Newt Gingrich advocated Medical Marijuana.
    Remember when Obama wanted to do a televised address to school children encouraging them to stay in school and work hard. In Arkansas many school districts allowed parents to keep their precious little ones home that day so as no to hear such radical subversion. I’m not making this up.
    Can you imagine what the Republican backlash would be if he were to even in the most abstract sense mention legalizing Marijuana. Obama embacing Marijuana legalization would knock the whole movement back 70 years. If you want to change the law you first have to change Congress. When you have about 60% percent of congress willing to pass such a Bill, then you elect a President who would sign such a Bill. In the present congress support for Marijuana legalization is about 1%. Again you can’t smoke your dope and vote for one too.

  13. No mater what The Big”O” has realized or wants to do the bureau-rats won’t let him do anything until next year. They told him four years ago his first bills will only pass if approved by the rich elite.

  14. “56% of people responded in favor of legalization in a survey from Rasmussen Reports, with only 36% opposed.”

    100% of American Genesists want our Sacrament legalized, with no opposition. Ya think prohibitionists are going to believe that? No! – they will deny it – because – they have no logical defense for it. The more untruths that are said about Manna – on the spot – the more knowledgeable people are setting the record straight before they leave the table. Education – the truth – and a good defense is working quite well.

  15. Romney believes his magic morman underwear protect him from knives and guns doods, he is CRAZY! Well crazier then the other guy I guess. They both believe in the invisible man in the sky, but I do suspect Obama is an athiest, which would make him a closet sane person who knows how to use their brain to do basic reasoning, but I digress.

  16. I just saw a few minutes of a show called Marijuana Inc on MSNBC, and they showed people working and paying taxes in the marijuana market, just like with any other commodity.

    Then they interview the police, and they talk about the house fires caused by indoor grow and violence. WELL, isn’t that the direct result of Prohibition?!

    How many people grow coffee in their homes? How many people break into homes looking to steal coffee? How many people are murdered over coffee? None, none, and none. But if they made it illegal to posess and use coffee, the price would skyrocket, and all of these things would happen. Then the police would say the exact same things about coffee.

    Prohibition IS the problem. Of course, the police can’t see it. They’re paid not to see it.

  17. President B. O., End the hypocracy. If your ass had been busted, you’d be shinning shoes!! Free god’s herb.

  18. If Obama don”t do as his bosses say to do…..Think about it, the man can only do as he is told to do. he has bosses and we are not his boss. if thy say jump, Obama will say how high . he has no power at all. Don”t you think his dream is to do something good for his race? sure it is. or should i say was. the only CHANGE i see, is the change the 1% did to obama.just think what thy had to tell him to make him be a SLAVE to them. talk wont get you far now days, it is time for ACTION. SKYRIDER.

  19. @A Concerned American Citizen – What’s your point and purpose? Are you trying to discourage us from attempting to right a very obvious wrong in this country?

    I believe that these posts are monitored and that, at least some of, this information makes it’s way to key decision makers. Unfortunately, I also believe that some of those decision makers are members of the DEA and they look for ways to use our comments against us and our beliefs…

    Still, I encourage all of you to show courage and to continue this fight, but not just here on this site but on every blog you come across. Make mention of the attrocities committed in this war against cannabis consumers every chance you get.

  20. i believe that obama could have had intentions to bring about change concerning cannabis legalization…i also thhink their is a greater power in office an, that people, is MONEY! big business runs this country people!and barry cannot stand up to president can…including ron paul…it has to be all of us to make this be willing to bet, if all of you were to feel the STING of drug testing…..more people would be steppin out on this thing….c’mon is so frustrating to here people who can still work and consume the remedy sitting on their asses while the folks like me that must refrain from the comfort of the remedy in order to keep a reasonable job cannot do enough at any level to find change…we all have to step out in order for change to occur…..those who feel that only the president is going to change all of this is grossly ignorant!! i have done more in three the years ive been hair tested then in all the other 32 years as a cannabis consumer.unfortunatly, that is what it took for me to relize that i must TRY to make a difference…write your letters, get the correct information from norml and start telling people about the good in cannabis..BUY THE BOOK marijuana is safer and read it, copy exerpts and post them everywhere…like, at friggen work or the mall, or the g/ friggen something…dammit….peace to you all..

  21. How fucking stupid. Dam norml your really reaching for articles. NO obamas not gona do shit for marijuana. Barry was a different person then now hes a scab. I hung out with a guy 90s who nice as hell and always hooked good pot. NOW hes a goddam cop busting potheads with vengence. Its a powertrip prohibition is to the government.

  22. Like this article a lot. NormL, should tak it a step further. I, as one who doesn’t communicate my views well, and finds it hard to even write this post. I admit to being lazy, and feel disenfranchised by our governments from federal to local.i own up to being lazy, but help us to help you, help us. Get it? The only organization I’ve even appemted to join / help was yours. I have contacted the local normL to see what I can do to help. Because I feel so strongly about this cause. But I have not had any response. Why? I can’t contribute financially, maybe that’s why they disregarded me? I don’t know. But you can have my voice, as minuscule as that may be.

    NormaL would further it’s/our cause to provide a form letter that each of us could print / email and sign (snail mail is better, I’ve been told) and send off to our representatives. When our voices finally become louder than the one whispering constantly in the ears of our representatives. then and only then the true voice of will be heard., and not the voice of some big corporate lobbyist. It will be deafening.

  23. Wow how lazy am I . I just found your form letter.
    I encourage everyone to send mutibles off the every representative. Get your friends and family to do it too.

  24. Doctors smoke it nurses smoke it… judges smoke it even the lawyer too… so you got to legalize it and don’t criticize it legalize it and i’ll advertize it.

  25. Yeah Obama i was a highschool stoner too. But at least i never (crapped ) on my cannabis community. We know you remember! when it comes to your old age later on in life, what will you choose for pain relief?

  26. Keep running the economy into the ground until cannabis is legalized.

    The de-funding of at least federal prohibition in MMJ had better be in the automatic cuts that take effect in January 2013. It’s a way to piss on Romney’s parade before he gets into office if he even gets elected. It’s damn shame Obama isn’t going for the revenue grab now so that the market can avoid double dip turmoil. If he did that and saved Syria, he might have a better chance of getting re-elected as Joe Public doesn’t like to change presidents during wartime.

    Thank the Eye of Dangma!

  27. How is it that Obama never got addicted on cannabis enough to go to get help ? and still did well in school?

  28. More than anything I just want some kind of response from Mr Obama to the fact that over half of the country supports full legalization and around 75% in favor of medical use. We have tried petitions, letters, twitter, facebook, email, protests, and the worse is that it was the top issue by far in his “we are the people” website where he wanted to answer the questions we asked. If I remember that the thousands of peoples voices who voted for that were taken off the site due to it “offending people”. He even made a negative comment about what it says about the people online. Another time there was a general response which whta he said included alcohol to make things sound bad. And the latest was when Jimmy Kimmel got serious and asked the question to just be laughed off.

  29. And now we find out he did it just as much as most regular users while he wants to lock us up for doing the same. And I’m sure he won’t even comment on why it was ok for him to do it but not everyone else. Can’t say it causes long term harm since he became President. But if he were to ever have been caught smoking years ago he wouldn’t have even made it through college. Sorry for going on but it is very frustrating.

  30. You all should take a look at the Libertarian candidate for president – former governor of New Mexico – Gary Johnson. He openly is calling for legalization of cannabis, and is running on many other sensible posiitions. Although I don’t think he can win, it is my hope that voting for a third party will send a message to the republicans and democrats that the American people are sick of all the corruption and misrepresentation! Big Pharma is in bed with Obama, the police unions want the work of arresting for possession, and alcohol companies force his hand in the medicinal marijuana raids!

  31. Or alternatively I think it would make sense to establish an online letter of intent not to re-elect anyone who will not make drug reform a first priority. An executive order regarding MMJ or drug policy reform could be attained if everyone who otherwise supported Obama or any other candidate resolved to vote for an someone else or not at all unless real steps were taken on one of the most important issues of our times. PS Learn from history. Prohibition doesn’t work.

  32. The worst President ever..knows full well from much use that cannabis is harmless. Yet has no problem seeing people sent to prison where they are raped and killed..that is if the DEA or a cop doesn’t kill you first..Thumbs UP for Penn Julette he hit it on the head..catch his Obama rant on Youtube.

  33. Marijuana is also a preventive just by low usage. A joint a day keeps the doctor , dea, etc away. Health problems are evident where cannabis has been unavailable as well. This is why diseases will be on the rise and uncontrolable in the population. Cannabis was created for many reasons as a benefit for all who need or want treatment for many illnesses. Oh and stop fighting God on this because if it was bad God would have never created cannabis and you opposed would be better people. People need cannabis not prohibition restraint on it.

  34. If I remember correctly, Obama was the first president who strongly used the Internet for his election campaign. He promised the people change and was eventually elected, especially by those people from the Internet.

    Then when he asked those people what change they actually want, they answered with an overwhelming voice and plenty of times that they want MJ legalized. It was mostly the Number 1 top answer whenever he asked.

    So what was his answer? Not only did he ignore the question several times. He also laughed it off and even called the people on the Internet crazy!

    Does he really think, the people on the Internet who helped him to become president are different people from those who ask him again and again with an overwhelming voice to legalize MJ?

    I think it’s really time to show him a number! Someone needs to get a website up where people can sign up and let Obama know that legalizing MJ is a main reason to vote for him. Maybe he’s going to use it as a last chance if he’s going to lose the election…

  35. I think we should be talking about Gary Johnson. The libertarian party is a good voting block of people who support ending prohibition. That’s what we’re here to do. Does Norml endorse him or Obama?

  36. Obama is smart, but he is a pussy. That is all it comes down to. He is better than George and Bill, but he is too entrented with that stupid “blacks are criminals, and weed helps make them so” bullshit. He says it is time for something new, but he’s not ready for it. Weird, huh?

    Barry, are you trying to waste our votes?

  37. @Piz – Making statements like “Although I don’t think he can win…” could be part of the reason that Ron Paul didn’t win the Republican nomination. I fear that many people will read that and decide that a vote for that person would be wasted (I refer to the millions of sheeples out there – the ones that don’t really think for themselves).

    That said, I agree with you that voting for Gary Johnson, whether he wins or not, will hopefully send a message to the Democrats and Republicans that we are tired of their BS and want for them to get on board for our (the People of America) agenda instead of continuing to pursue their own selfish interests.

    One further thought is that I am absolutely disgusted with President Obama’s current views on the subject! If I only had Romney and Obama to choose from to be our next president, it would be Obama. But, those are NOT our only choices – wise up everyone!

  38. Has anyone ever thought of having an organized peaceful civil protest whereby users light up in front of or in federal buildings throughout the country? Imagine trying to jail all those people?

  39. obama is just gonna lie through his teeth again like he did the last time. anyone who votes for obama again has got to be stupid. i dont care who gets offended.

  40. The statement from Bilbray (R) “Supports MJ Spray” 5-30-12 changes the game, and because it’s a republican wagon (built better) everyone in Washington is going to jump on it and say they invented the idea, when 6 months ago you couldn’t get opinion-one from Bilbray on the positive for MMJ – and his daughter Briana medicates and advocates.

    Not one leading candidate had expressed any positive opinion about MJ and while not a B.O. supporter, if it weren’t for Obama, we wouldn’t have been able to have the MMJ network foundation established in California, before he had to flip on the issue. Thanks big-time for the former. 🙂
    Imo, having the MJ spray recognized by the republican hardliners sends a clear message to Ma & Pa in Burnt Stump, USA, (totally targeted now) who have no television or radio, or to the devote religious (who until yesterday, felt that using MMJ was getting Jesus high too! – that now,finally for sure, the Federal Government has attached it’s Seal of Approval of the organic ingredients within Marijuana, and it’s OK to ingest – and “By Golly, I’m going to go out and get a “script” and try that MMJ out for my chronic constipation”.

    That’s a WIN.

    Let the free market begin !

  41. “As you may know, the Rohrabacher amendment to H.R. 5326 would prohibit the Department of Justice from using federal funds to prevent the implementation of state laws authorizing the use of medical marijuana. Currently, 16 states and the District of Columbia have passed laws allowing the use of marijuana for the treatment of diseases from cancer to AIDS.

    Under current law, marijuana is considered a Schedule I narcotic meaning that its cultivation, use, or possession is a federal crime. The Supreme Court of the United States has established Congress’s constitutional authority to enact the existing federal prohibition on marijuana, but “principles of federalism” prevent the federal government from mandating that the states actively support or participate in enforcing federal law. Under the “Supremacy Clause”, state laws that conflict with federal law are “generally” preempted and therefore void.

    Some of the concerns with using marijuana for medical use are: 1. Its organic nature makes proper dosage a “guess”, and must be smoked which is harmful to the patients lungs. As a result, I am working to encourage the Food and Drug Administration to approve a drug currently available in Europe and Canada that distributes a real cannabis extract through a spray which addresses the very real concerns that have been raised. To this end, I have introduced H.R. 5334 with Congresswoman Diana Degette (D-CO), which would expedite the development and review of new drugs which affect people with cancer and AIDS among other diseases.” 5-30-12

  42. Not since the ill-fated days of “Camelot” in the early 1960’s,and the Kennedy’s, have we seen such a dynamic-duo of President and Attorney General 1-2 punch.
    The obama/Holder Dick-swingin regime is old hat..These TWO RACIST MORONS are RUINING OUR COUNTRY-If you don’t believe me, READ the Federal Register..( It’s the “log-book” of the govt. In it, you will see laws passsed-SIGNATORY Mr. Holder-To SUPPRESS VOTES, De-List people from the voter rolls. It’s not only a Republican thing, anymore. Cannabis IS THE LYNCHPIN ISSUE of the WAR ON AMERICANS, MASS INCARCERATION AND THE WAR ON OUR CIVIL RIGHTS..
    Anyone hear how THAT worked out?

  43. I just don’t understand. mexican drug lords number one export is marijuanna to this country. They are making millions & millions, and we can’t stop it
    They are even growing millions of dollars of this product in our own state parks.???
    Our government, and our rights are lost
    Ron Paul is the only person who I heard make any sense.

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