And Then There Were Three: Oregon to Vote on Marijuana Legalization in November

The Oregon secretary of state’s office completed the legalization trifecta this afternoon when they announced the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act of 2012 (OCTA) officially qualified for the November ballot. Oregon now joins Washington and Colorado on the list of states whose voters will have the opportunity to end cannabis prohibition this fall.

Supporters ended up turning in 88,887 valid signatures, slightly over 1,000 more than required for qualification. The initiative will appear on the Oregon ballot as “Measure 80.” According to the campaign, Measure 80 would “regulate cannabis (marijuana) for adults 21 years of age and older, with commercial sales only through state-licensed stores. Ninety percent of tax revenue, estimated at more than $140 million annually, would go to the state’s battered general fund. Seven percent of tax proceeds would go toward funding drug treatment programs, and much of the remaining revenue would be directed toward kickstarting and promoting Oregon’s hemp food, fiber and bio-fuel industries.”

A June 2012 survey from Public Policy Polling showed Oregonian’s were split on the issue. 43% responded that they believed marijuana should be made legal, 46% believed it should remain illegal, and 11% were undecided.

You can read more about Measure 80 at the campaign’s website or through their Facebook page. NORML will keep you updated as the campaign moves forward and expect more in-depth coverage on the initiative to follow shortly.

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  1. This measure would legalize possession and small-scale home growing for adults, which I support. However, it would also give the state a monopoly over the legal marijuana business, just as they already have with liquor. This is a really bad model. It needs to remain in the private sector. Now here’s the kicker: the Federal government will absolutely not allow the State of Oregon to sell, regulate and tax pot. Period. As they have in Colorado and California, the Feds will threaten to press Federal drug trafficking charges against our state officials, and that will be the end of that. Hopefully the legalization of possession and growing will still survive Fed and court challenges, but the state government will not be getting into the pot business any time soon.

  2. Oh Oregon, I knew you loved me! And it’s about G*dd!mn*ed m%th&r f*ck!ng time we have a thriving hemp business in this pathetic country. We spend millions and millions on hemp imports when we could be creating jobs enough to fill the industry and earn those millions and millions. Looks like in Oregon this will be as close as it was in California a few years back so try not to get too excited.

  3. OMG! If this should pass, Oregon would shortly become the first State to fully recover economically, especially if they manage to pass legislation to create their own State central bank (like North Dakota’s). The Federal Reserve & Wall Street banksters will not like that development.

    That would put Oregon on the top of my short list of immigration destinations. California is too full of authoritarian globalist Democrats posing as populists.

  4. I have faith that Oregon can pull off what California didn’t…if not; then hopefully, one of the other two states will and then go down in history as the first state to legalize.

    I also hope there will not be any vote tampering going on; which happens very regularly to Eastern US voters…our ballots get tossed, our recently deceased still manage to somehow vote, or vote counters invalidating votes by marking yes and no etc.

    Those are a few fine examples, of why the Eastern US seems to be backwards; it’s not the citizens it’s corruption.

    I have a feeling that’s what happened in California; on prop 19 it was infiltrated and rigged…I mean how can the federal government police every citizen in the whole state for recreational use? That’s right they can’t; but they can manage the funds to squeeze the throats of medical marijuana dispensaries operating under state law; so that’s what they do.

    It is disturbing that state and city law enforcement continue to aid the DOJ,and IRS in these raids.

    The first state to legalize recreational use will; get credit for being the first state and state that ended the War on cannabis…simply because the federal government cannot police a whole states citizenry.

    The federal agencies would have to enlist the local police to help…but that’s how things already operate and have been operating for 70ish years, so that part isn’t new. Prosecuting citizens for recreational use; that have not broken any state laws would be. So then what?

  5. the survey proves that it will not pass this time around… people have their heads filled with too much propaganda there still…

    i say this only because as of a couple of weeks ago, the majority still rules in favor of keeping it illegal…

    might want to go to a state that has a chance of passing, like michigan or colorado…

  6. I wish texans would see it that way as a person who suffers from chrones disease I go through a lot of pain but dnt go to doctor becuz of the pills..I believe god put cannabis on this earth for a natural pain killer not pills.I rather go to my garden a pick a bud instead of pharmacy to get pills

  7. NORML says : Oregon now joins Washington and Colorado on the list of states whose voters will have the opportunity to END cannabis prohibition this fall .
    Reply : Cannabis prohibition will never end as long it’s up to the Fed’s & people like Haag .

  8. Is it worth buying some land in Oregon just in case it passes? Short of striking oil I can’t think of anything else that will boost property and land values as much as this. Just think what an old warehouse could do if you kitted it out for growing cannabis or a few hundred acres of land (with the right strain planted of course).

    Good luck – the world is holding it’s breath !

  9. The Federal Govt will not allow this. They will use guns and violence if necessary. Are you all prepared to defend yourselves against this?

  10. This is AWESOME news!!! I hope ALL 3 States PASS!!! Once one State shows success and profits, other States will follow!!!

  11. I am more inclined to think that right around election time some news network will report on some supposed horrible crime somewhere perpetrated by someone under the influence of cannabis, which will be total bullshit…or maybe the dumbass ‘required by law to be a liar’ drug czar will make an appearance and claim a bunch of crap about marijuana being a poison to peddle some influence to anyone that still has respect for the law. Seriously, I wish I had the funds and connections to compile all the research findings going on right now about how some CBD in cannabis regulates and helps temper the central nervous system and triggers autophagy in cancer cells and tumors, then hire a bunch of lawyers to sue the shit out of the government for conspiring to keep Americans ill with carcinogenic products left and right. Plus Romney is a bitch.

  12. When non-violent peace loving people will longer be subjugated to brutallity and incarceration we as a people will be one step closer to being an intelligent race

  13. This is the time for all to join Oregon and end the insanity! Tell all I said to stay away from strong drink for it is not for the body. Leave my garden alone and your crops may prevail.

  14. For those of you that say it won’t pass: you’re defeated until you believe.

    For those of you who say the federal government will not let it stand: when it does pass the Feds will have to back down, with some precedent, because states’ rights stand over federal dictations for the good of the people of that state.

    The oppressed only succeed because together they stand and say “this is our will”. It is not easy and we know that. Ask a person of color, a woman, ask any person who is thought first as being whatever makes them different, who fights to be treated and perceived as a person first.

    The challenge in this election is for everyone who knows someone who benefits from cannabis, everyone who takes cannabis, everyone who can gain by the production of a raw material that gives our beleaguered state and nation jobs and revenue that will help the people to do what they can and ought to do; gather all of these people and empower them to stand up and say this is a good law, it does not have a downside, have all of these people stand up and say, “I believe that we should all vote Yes on Prop 80!”

    I might add: I wrote this before my first cup of coffee, so you know this issue has me pumped up 😉

  15. I hope to see the day when all states are smart enough to make cannabis legal. I no longer suffer 24 hours a day because of cannabis, but I worry that zealots will not see things my way.

  16. Where is California in this? I thought maybe they’d be trying it a second time around. Paul Armentano is California on this list or not?

    [Editor’s note: Not. No legalization ballot initiative effort in CA qualified for the 2012 ballot.]

  17. The survey is the previous report is false. The majority does favor legalization, even the cops and the district attorney. Pot shops operate illegally because the cops have their hands full with other crimes and frankly, they don’t cause any trouble or problems.

    This state has one industry rapidly in decline. It’s lumber. Sadly, most of the forests have been destroyed in the past 30 to 40 years. Look at satalite images each decade and you will see what’s been destroyed in the Pacific Northwest. All in the name of toilet paper. Hemp manufacturing products (it’s renewable and can make everything and is an essential source of nutrition in our diets!) is the ONLY thing that can ever pull our economy out of the gutter and put our country in the lead once again by simply GOING GREEN! Spread the word, share the knowledge, be part of the Hemp Revolution, get the bill passed in November, measure 80 go Oregon!

  18. Should be noted that the polling done only represented 34% of people being 18-45 who overwhelmingly supported legalization (double digit margin avg) and folks over 65 were represented 8% more than the census numbers would suggest…

  19. One by one they will fall in line. Then the Feds have no choice.
    Its supposed to be Government for the people by the people. Not the other way around.

  20. Doesn’t look like Oregon will pass it by vote (according to the numbers), but three states…three (3). The more states that have it on their ballot, the better the odds of one of them actually succeeding. It’ll only take one…just one (1). Once that happens, the rest will go down as well. It was the same struggle with medical MJ, and now look at how many have it.

  21. If people are not educated, they need to be. Out in the boonies, up in the hills even under a rock. Cannabis has carried this taboo name with it since the 1930’s. People need to know why the prohibition was started in the first place……..and they need to know the real truth and benefits of this God given plant. “:{D

  22. I believe that everybody in every state who supports this cause should rally to it. We all need to work together to make this an effective process. I can’t even begin to describe how much more productive we as a nation would be if people were allowed to grow their own medicine, create their own fibers, papers, and textiles. Cleaner air, more durable clothing and such. Wake up people, it’s not all about getting high. It’s about a new world, and we have long since fucked this one up.

  23. F**k yea. KMK said freedom will we legalization on day. Been blowing blunts like a mother f***er. Got at least one more to blow today.

  24. F**k yea. KMK said freedom will have legalization one day. Been blowing blunts like a mother f***er. Got at least one more to blow today. Yea high right now and I can’t spell. Everyday is a party baby. $ or no $ you got to find a way. Peace out

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